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New Philadelphia is an English-speaking, multi-site church based out of Seoul, Korea. We are a Spirit-filled community with a fire for Jesus and a commitment to be salt and light in the metropolitan cities of Asia and Australia.

Statistics in both America and Korea report that we are losing the majority of the young people who grew up in church. Some call this a “silent exodus.” New Philly has a big heart to reach those who’ve been disillusioned with church and Christianity. We are finding out that many young people are actually very hungry for God. Their exit is not owed to disinterest but their impatience with dry, cultural Christianity and political in-fighting. Our heart is to build Spirit-filled ministries with strong leaders that can provide the substance of authentic spirituality and community that young people long for.

New Philly has a unique vision inspired from Ezekiel’s prophecy in chapter 37. Just as Ezekiel saw dry bones coming together and rising up to become the army of God, our vision is to prophesy over youth and young adults and see them raised up as an army of mighty warriors. We like to think of the church as a “warrior-bride,” beautifully dressed and waiting for her groom while putting the works of the devil under her feet (Luke 10:19; 1 John 3:8).

We are formerly the English ministry of a Korean church, Jeil Sungdo Presbyterian Church. We are greatly indebted to Jeil Sungdo and to the older generation for their prayers, love, and support. We honor them for their many sacrifices.

pc_pe croppedOur covenant communities are warm, diverse, and full of brotherly love! Come and worship with us. If you are new to Christianity, we invite you to come and spend time with us and see what the Christian faith is all about. We embrace people who grew up in church, had a bad experience with it, or who’ve never been to church at all.

Christian & Erin Lee
Lead Pastors of New Philadelphia Church

Pastor Christian preaching at a Sunday Service. Photo courtesy of Joel Kim (May 2015).

Pastor Erin preaching at a Sunday Service. Photo courtesy of Joel Kim (Oct 2015).