Updated June 2016

When preaching a sermon that will be video broadcast to our multiple New Philly communities, please keep in mind the following:

Before and During the Sermon

  1. Clothing: Avoid wearing stripes or an all white shirt.
  2. Podium: Test out and optimize the podium height pre-service.
  3. Powerpoint Slides: If you have slides or photos to share during your sermon, be sure to deliver the ppt file to the Tech Team leader one hour before the service starts (via email or USB key). The team needs to test for compatibility and audio issues.
  4. Videos: You are welcome to show a video during your sermon but videos should be copyright-free. If a copyrighted video is used, there’s a good chance that the sermon will be flagged on YouTube and in some cases, the entire sermon can be blocked/muted. If you insist, we will go ahead and show it.
  5. Wireless mic: Make sure the mic is ‘on’ when you grab it. A subtle method for testing whether it is working is to blow air into it and listen for the sound.
  6. Mic tips: Hold the mic a hand’s distance from the mouth for optimal audio levels and to avoid pops. To prevent handling noise, do not rub your fingers on the mic while preaching. To prevent feedback, do not point the mic at the monitors (speakers on the stage floor) or cusp the grille/head of the mic in your hand.
  7. Inclusive language: Keep in mind that the listening audience in the room (and online) is very diverse. Some attend church faithfully, others sporadically, and a few don’t attend at all. Don’t unnecessarily alienate people because of their ethnicity, nationality, denomination, life-stage, profession, or spiritual walk. One practical example of this is that you avoid using Korean or any language other than English, unless you explain what is said.
  8. Poor persuasion: Avoid saying, “I guarantee you. I promise you.” These statements make your sermon less persuasive.

Closing the Sermon

  1. Closing: It’s important to end your sermon with a closing prayer lasting at least 45 seconds. The closing prayer gives enough time for the praise teams of each community to come up on stage while everyone’s eyes are closed.
  2. Altar Call: Keep in mind we’d like to limit altar calls to once a month so our service duration typically stays beneath 100 minutes. If you’d like to lead an altar call at the end of your sermon, skip the closing prayer and say, “I want to give people an opportunity to respond to today’s message” (praise team will take the stage when they hear this). And then articulate clearly what people are responding to. Duration should not go longer than two minutes. Do NOT make the altar call generic or vague. Then do a closing prayer for those who are responding or you can end with, “I want to ask the pastors and CG leaders at each campus to pray for those who are responding. Campus pastors, please take over from hereon.” Then the video will fade out.