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The Anointing Flows From the Top Down
Sunday, February 10, 2013
Sunday Service (Seaside Campus 3pm)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Psalm 133:1-2
Duration: 01:05:23
Our fifth core value, this message details how blessings, covering, and supernatural grace are released into your life as you learn to submit to and honor your spiritual authorities.


  1. Jasmin Agese says:

    I really love the structure and flow I see on New Philly and how it’s done paripasu with the anointing of the HolySpirit

  2. I got it. Respect and honor your pastors and leaders so you can get an anointing over your life. On a personal note, I <3 my community group leaders. Diana Suk and Chris Presad you ROCK! :)

  3. Joe Chung says:

    I completely understand the importance of “waxing on” and “waxing off” when my leaders instruct me to do so, but with my mind in the right place. I am determined NOT to rob myself of blessings, coverings, and supernatural graces.

    I must make sure that I don’t depend on my own understanding, but to position myself as a son, in submission and honor towards my Community Group leaders, spiritual parents, and ultimately, to God, that He has placed leaders to breath life into me. I am ready to receive!

    “Wax on, wax off.”

  4. Lydia Lim says:

    It’s important to honour someone superior to you not just in physical realm & we have to honour people that God has place above us. When people looking over you are blessed, you’ll be blessed through them as well. Therefore always pray for people who overlooks you because if they collapse, you won’t go far by yourself. I strongly believe in being faithful in small things & you’ll be given responsibility to bigger things. Though now we might be in a place where we’re doing things that’s not as “important” as they look, but believe that these are things that help us to build up and establish our foundations so that when we’re given responsibility over bigger things, we will be prepared & readied to do the things that’s delegated to us with excellency.

  5. I love how PC’s messages even with his off topic little excerpt. “Renew by the Holy Spirit,” be adaptable, missional and incarnational; aka Roll with the Punches!” What a great reminder of how we constantly need to be adapting to learn w/ our environment on how to reach the lost and grow in our relationship with Christ!

    Now on to the message! This message was packed with good stuff! “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” Gal 5:1 NASB This verse really spoke to me about the importance of not reverting to my old sinful nature. When I’ve allowed my self to revert to old thoughts or actions I always am convicted by the Holy Spirit; “Tony what are you doing? I have so much better planned for you!”

  6. Angela van Gorp says:

    I think what draws me to NP more than anything is that the clear model of this message is clearly seen at the church. Submission and honor to authority is seen as well as the visible manifestation of blessing and supernatural grace. I feel the way NP works is that they are honest in saying that not submitting to authority is only robbing yourself of inheritance. This makes NP not controlling but very attractive because you can see how the leaders have been blessed by submission- I don’t know if that makes sense. Hebrews 13:17 is really lived out well at NP.

  7. Caitlyn Kavan says:

    After listening to this sermon, the action of submission changed in my mind. When I first thought of submission, I did not think it was a good thing to submit to someone. In a way I thought that if someone did that, they were a slave to another person. After this sermon though, I learned that submission is not a bad thing when it comes to submitting to anointed authority. Submission is a choice; a choice to honor and respect someone in a position of authority. When there is no submission, there is chaos because people will do what they think is right and do what they want to do. Leaders are at the top and they are anointed by God to watch over you.

  8. The authority figures in my life right now, at New Philly, are there for me to submit to them–once I rebel against the concept of authority, I won’t be able to receive what God has in store for me in full! “OBEY THEM SO THAT THEIR WORK WILL BE A JOY, NOT A BURDEN.” When it brings JOY to leaders to serve us and love on us, it’s only for our own benefits! They are meant to make sure that we receive COVERING, and it’s only logical that so many blessings and grace comes through our submission. This is the way God designed it and commanded us to live! Obedience precedes understanding. This is a concept I need to constantly remind myself of–and that it’s in no way a mindless submission, but a FAITHFUL, intentional submission–because I am confident that God will pour out even more blessings into my life as a result.

  9. Saeko R says:

    What a wonderful message! I liked PC’s example about submitting the authority a lot: “Wax on, wax off” I don’t think that I have a problem submitting and honoring to do what the authority I am under told me to do, yet while I am submitting to it, I have a tendency to try to figure out what it means. I believe that it’s not a bad thing, but sometimes no matter how hard I try, I can’t figure it out and I end up starting feeling a bit uneasy, which is a little problem. I think in these times, I need to remind myself well that I don’t need to figure out everything soon and that my submission and obedience will bring understanding when the right time comes just like Mr. Miyagi revealed to Daniel son what he had been learning by wax on, wax off one day.

    There’s strong anointing flowing down in this house, and I am very happy and always excited to receive more of the anointing this house carries.

  10. Kristine Wong says:

    The main thing I liked about this sermon was PC explaining how people always want to come off as friends with the pastors first. And it’s true! I’m one of those people! This is because I never learned about sonship or servant-hood so I thought… isn’t it common sense that I should get to know and be friendly with the pastors at my church? I’m glad to be learning all these things now and have not really approached the pastors in this “friendly” way and learned things the hard way. But anyway… I’m excited to be under such great mature leaders who I can say are my spiritual father/mother and to be able to serve under them as a reserve leader. I’m not sure how the road is going to be… but I just know to stay faithful, be obedient, submissive, and lean not on my own understanding. Just like the karate kid… we are going to do things we don’t like and we can’t see how it’s teaching us. But as we stay faithful with small things and trust the leaders in the house… I know that they will steward us and “keep watch over our souls” as we go out to do what a mighty warrior is meant to do.

  11. James Song says:

    Think of a game of football. The point of the game is to take the ball forward (up) and score goals. The back 4 can pass the ball between them(horizontally) all they want, but it’s slow and you don’t expect to score a goal if you do that for 90 minutes. When you start passing the ball forward (up) to your midfielders and forwards, that’s when goals come.

    Take a cup of oil. Pour it out on a flat surface. It takes a long time for that oil to spread out across the table. But that oil coming straight out from the cup takes very little time. This is a literal example of the core value: The Anointing Flows from the Top Down.

    To step up into more influential positions, you have to stop trying to be friends (equals) to those in positions of leadership above you. By trying to make or see yourself as equals with leaders, all you are doing is making the field horizontal, which in turn only slows down your growth. If you want to be truly blessed, get UNDER leadership. Set up for yourself a vertical, top-down environment. The only natural thing that can happen is the oil the leaders have will fall down to you.

    We are not so stupid as to try to fight against gravity, so why fight against the natural flow?

  12. Turning movements into monuments. I know this wasn’t part of the main message, but I thought it was good to hear. I agree with that. We are constantly fighting complacency and comfort ability. So many churches latch on to an idea or concept, but it stops there. The truth is though that these inspired things and methods will soon be practiced as if the method is what brings salvation. I like tradition, but we can’t raise it up and give it highest priority.

    One thing that hit me was the difference between disciplining those who grew up around Christianity and those who have no experience. Those who grew up in the church have so many issues of pride and even new teachings are put into the mental constructs that have already been formed since young. They have to unlearn so many misconceptions first. Where as “This been there, done that” attitude can be detrimental to their growth. Those new to the church have fresh minds and a true infancy of faith that can be nurtured so well. (I’m not trying to put one group down. I grew up in the church, so I’m looking at the circumstances that affect my submission.)

    I don’t have problems submitting to others. I think I have down that well, but I think many times I will allow myself to measure the things my leaders are giving me with the knowledge I have acquired elsewhere. So beyond my submission, I need to give trust as well.

    Karate Kid. Love that movie.

  13. Submission of slavery or no submission at all… I think that a lot of people don’t know how and never learned how to submit, or properly submit. I know that I never had a good view of submission, and instead of submitting I would just submit to slavery. Wow. I am so happy to learn about submission and true honour and what that means. I always wanted to know what true honour and submission was, but didn’t know where to go to learn it. I used to just worship God on my own and never really wanted to have a church group (I always seemed to have bad experiences with Christians), but now I realize how important it is to have these groups, and a spiritual leader in my life. I want that type of life.

  14. Core Value #5- The Anointing Flows from the Top Down
    I think this is such an important teaching for all of us to receive so that we can position our hearts and change our perspectives to see that blessings, covering and supernatural grace are released into our lives as we learn to submit and honor our spiritual authorities.
    Loved how PC gave us such great revelation that certain breakthroughs in our lives are ordained to come through certain leaders placed in our lives, that it doesn’t have to be through PC and PE alone but through campus pastors or small group leaders. We need a continuos FLOW in our life, cannot solely rely on what we received years ago. We must also have a changed perspective to see that submitting, obeying and honoring our leaders will be of advantage to us! That it’s not just about them or blindly serving our leaders but we will grow from each experience as we learn to steward the small things in our lives.
    We must not lean on our own understanding for the sinful mind is hostile to God and submitting to a mind that hasn’t been renewed will be harmful for us and our growth.
    Although this may go against everything you have learned or experienced we must accept and trust that obedience precedes understanding, and that understanding will be unlocked as we obey in Faith!

  15. Christina Parchem says:

    Ironically, I think I learned more about being faithful in small things in this message. I have to learn to be ok with not having the full blue plan God has for my life. And just because I don’t know where I’m going next is no excuse to not be faithful wherever God has placed me now. And the best way to grow and get to the place God wants me to go next is to learn from the people and leaders around me now. I only recently became more open to finding out what I can learn from the people God has placed in my life and it has blessed me so much! You almost have no choice but to grow when you submit to a wise and anointed spiritual authority.

  16. Joyce Ku says:

    By flesh, I cry out against complete submission because it feels like I am giving up my right to freedom but in spirit, I cry out for solid guidance because its the way to freedom. This sermon really struck me with the notion, will my flesh ever be one accord with God’s laws? They always seem to be at odds. Even when I do submit to a leader, I am not always honoring them. My actions will mirror their counsel but my heart doesnt always do the same. I think theres a part of me that is dubious or my pride spikes up. Maybe its the years of pretending to honor my leaders that has me spent but when I started to attend Emmaus and New Philly there was a strong bent to wholly trust in my leaders and do it gladly. I think its seeing this atmosphere and culture of honoring the leaders that changed me. Its a whole new level we enter when we learn to submit and honor our leaders!

  17. This core value was the newest and biggest truth I learned this year though the s.g, sermons and experiencing how New Philly actually operates.

    Growing up liberally without father, I had no concept of honoring and submitting to anyone. I was full of pride. But I was like an orphan looking for something &someone to hold me. One day, I wished to be scolded by someone when I did something bad unknowingly to others.

    When God led me to New Philly and I was taught about sonship and this core value, ‘the anointing flows from the top down’, I fully accepted them and practiced them in church and into my life. I feel like my life is together and my future family will be able to in the right order.

  18. Kayla Black says:

    Submission, sonship, honour, all these things seem so closely linked together and I’m glad I’m learning more about it. It’s not a ‘blind’ submission, but a submission with discernment.

    Loving the Karate Kid example :) It’s reminded me to look at the things that I find boring or mundane that I’m doing everyday, and recognize that there is a purpose for it that is training me for the future. (Training me to be friends with my leaders, after I’ve matured and come to honour them properly!)

  19. AJ Cruz says:

    I’ve always had a problem with submission to authority. I’ve been hurt by leaders in the past and I’ve willfully refused to submit to any church authority because I’ve always been weary of being hurt again. In essence, I submitted to my own mind. In doing so I created a wall between God and myself.

    For the longest time I felt a struggle being intimate with God and the biggest reason was because I was all in my mind. I couldnt submit to Him and the authority He has placed over me. My mind was hostile towards God and couldnt trust anyone to tell me whats good for me thus I also submitted to a yoke of slavery.

    What I didnt know was that submission built character. Character for a spiritual life that requires a endurance to believe that God has something in store. However, I felt entitled because m mind was set on my own mind. I struggled with what I wasnt getting from God and in turn took offense to God. It was harder to honour Him and my leaders.

    The truth is the anointing really flows from the top down. We are to have a servant attitude towards the church while knowing we are sons. I’ve learned that breakthroughs don’t come solely from yourself. The majority comes from the leaders above you. Jesus set the pattern before us and we need to follow that pattern.

  20. Joyce Lee says:

    Submitting to authority doesn’t come easy to me and sometimes it bothers me that my personal breakthroughs, etc.. are so dependent on another person, and me submitting to that person. I think because expecting the body of Christ to actually be there for me is still so foreign, and because being vulnerable to a flawed human being is frightening, I have a hard time imagining myself thriving in this kind of relationship with those placed above me. I also tend to focus on leaders’ flaws, which prevents me from wholeheartedly submitting to their guidance.

    Also, submitting to a person that hurts me because they are bringing truth into my life, or simply because they are being insensitive, is so hard for me.

    Despite this resistance, I know it is right and that it will force me to learn forgiveness and honor, and suprisingly, while attending new philly, there are times where i find myself appreciating the rebuke. In those times, i feel guidance and direction rather than shame. at the end of the day, i feel love. and i realize that more than needing a friend who will agree with whatever i say or shy away from telling me the right thing, i need a father who is not afraid to say what’s right.

  21. Janice So Hyun Lim says:

    I didn’t have any problem with obeying and submitting to leaders when I was younger and more innocent. But as I grew up, I started to question many things including submission. The “why’s” started to fill up my mind and I began to struggle with submitting without understanding. I also became more skeptical and wanted to judge things independently. When PC revealed that that’s the mindset of Adam and Eve, through whom sin entered the world, I was like oh..snap.. If a leader says no, then it’s a NO! Why disobey and suffer the consequence? I shouldn’t resemble Adam and Eve, but Jesus who redeemed me and broke off the chain of sin.

    As long as the leader I’m submitting to is the one set by God, I can safely submit and have faith that the anointing will flow down to me. So the question I should ask is not “Should I submit to this leader?” because of course, I should submit to my authority, but it should be “Is this leader appointed and anointed by God?” If the answer is a yes, then I better submit and not miss out on the blessings that come from this leader. If the answer is a no, then I should carefully leave his leadership. However, I see that PC and PE are leaders appointed by God, and the rest of the leaders of NP are as well, so I am willing to submit to and honor them. I find it safe to obey their words and grow under their covering!

  22. Jennifer Mendez says:

    To begin, I absolutely loved the Karate Kid analogy! Slow but steady wins the race. You cannot just rush into anything. It takes time and obedience to learn and to perfect whatever it is that you are doing. I like how PC said “obedience proceeds understanding”. I had a similar situation with my leaders in where they were trying to counsel me about a certain situation and I could not grasp or understand why. I was submitting to my mind for a while until they suggested I search and pray; that was when understanding came. It was difficult to submit but it all worked in God’s favor and I was blessed in ways I could not imagine!

  23. Paul Moon says:

    Faith filled submission.
    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

    I love the way the leadership “hierarchy” is set at New Philadelphia Church. I honestly have not been to a church where I see such foundations laid out in a way that everyone is covered. I have been to too many churches that did not cover their leaders and leaders who went out without full covering from their church, with the “superman” mentality that nothing could touch them. I myself being one of them.

    However, this year is the first time I’ve been in a legit small group and so God has given me a fresh beginning and a new perspective. A time where I can learn to honor and receive the anointing’s that flow from the father of this house, to my small group leader, down to me.
    honor and learn from them.

  24. The anointing flows from the top down. I have to agree with Pastor Christian when he says that people who grew up in the church are harder to minister to and may have more resistance than someone who is new to Christ. I know from personal experience. But we need to submit to our authorities and respect and obey their requests, so that we can be blessed. This is a word for me!

  25. I really struggle with submitting to authority. In my mind, I want to think that people are only people, capable of making the same mistakes I do. I’ve realized, however, that the reason why I make so many of the same mistakes is because I reject the authority of others.

    This changed a couple of months ago after I joined a Roy’s small group. Roy’s genuine concern for my spiritual growth and for what’s going on in my life has caused me to develop a deeper respect for who he is. Over time, I have grown to respect his authority.

    Submitting to Roy’s authority, I was able to experience many changes in the way I perceive things. I became more sensitive to the teachings of the house.

    For many years, I was very callous. Though I went to church and heard of the Word of God, it didn’t really stick and manifest itself within my heart.

    Now that the Word is sticking and being applied within my life, I’ve experienced a radical change in how I view the world. I am much more positive than I had ever been and feel a bit more peace and joy because I have been released from the burden of trying to figure everything out on my own.

  26. Eunhye Cho says:

    what I didn’t know was we need to learn submitting our honor to our leaders first to be a leader because the anointing flows from the top down. Like PC said, if we want to have friendship with our pasters, we need to grow into maturity. Especially, I was hit when PC said we’ve got to learn sonship first! Yeah. True. Like Moses and Abraham, I need to learn being a servant first. I think a spiritual father is also a teacher. sometimes he can be really strict and also sometimes he can be generous. even though his instruction is hard, now I know it doesn’t mean he hates me but he loves me. now i’m in newphilly so i’m growing under PC and PE’s covering. I will summit my honor to them and wanna grow level of maturity.

  27. Ji In Kim says:

    This is the first church I’ve attended that I’ve been in a legitimate small group; and through our leader and memebers God has given me a fresh perspective. I really love how our church has a system for leaders; a strong foundation so I can receive the anointing’s that flow from the father of this house—-> to my small group leader—> and down to me.
    Learning to submit to their leadership was such a growing experience for me. This sermon was another reminder, that I am constantly guided to learn forgiveness and honor. PC: “obedience proceeds understanding”…. thus, blessing me with maturity and growth! ^^

  28. Abby Brokaw says:

    Great message, and it revealed some things to me about my own past behavior. I never thought I had an issue with submitting to authority. But for a long time during college, I distanced myself from my church body and, subsequently, the leadership who was placed over me. This started because of a hectic schedule, but continued during breaks and even after graduation. I was not in rebellion in the sense that I was going against what my spiritual Fathers were telling me to do, but rather I was choosing to not be around to hear it in the first place. I can really relate to the part where PC mentioned that people who grew up in the church often have a lot of pride issues. I felt as though I really didn’t need ongoing connection or accountability to any leadership, because I “felt spiritually stable” at the time, and had been receiving tons of wisdom from my parents from childhood. But, of course, I began to feel the effects of my independence. Even though I knew that there is no “backsliding” for those who are in Christ, I felt that I was not walking in maturity as I had previously been. Life as a free-agent was not filled with the same fruit or blessing or anointing as life submitted to and honoring the leadership placed over me.

    I have really been getting a lot of revelation lately that the “free-spirit” that I have identified with for many years is actually very anti-Christ. I don’t want to follow the pattern of Adam and Eve! I am excited again to learn from and submit to spiritual authority, to bless them and know that I will receive blessing from them as they are blessed. I want to grow in maturity much more rapidly than I ever could on my own, and I can definitely accept that I have so much to learn and receive from “the top.” :)

  29. I grew up in the church almost my entire life and I had many, many leaders above me. But I honestly confess, I never fully honored or submitted to their authority because I thought I knew what they knew simply because I grew up in the church. Thanks PC for this message of submission. Submission makes room for maturity! This season I’m definitely re-learning a lot of the things I thought I learned in the past and it’s very humbling. Seeing submission and servanthood in Emmaus and New Philly has greatly challenged me to really reflect back on how I use to mistreat my previous leaders. It is only through true submission that I will allow myself to freely receive the anointing that flows from the top. I have so much to learn.

  30. Heidi Anna Chae says:

    Submission under leadership with the heart attitude of honoring our leaders allow us to receive not only the covering we need as sons, but the blessings, promises, inheritance and anointing of what the leaders carry.

    It is important to sober ourselves in thinking that we are mature as soon as we become Christian, rather, we are at the start of a process of a renewed mind, therefore, there may be unintentional habitual ways of thinking which we may not be aware of. In those cases, it is important to keep ourselves ready to be corrected and rebuked by our leaders in whom we submit under because they keep “watch over our souls” like good shepherds, and lead us to walk in greater intimacy and truth. Rather than walking on thin lines by testing the “boundaries” ourselves – that is foolishness. Just like how PC said, “Obedience precedes understanding,” and in the word of God where Paul says to “trust in the Lord, and lean not on your own understanding…” This not only is submitting to the Lord and the leadership He has placed over us, but it is an honorable thing to do. In doing so, we as sons will/can walk with a “continual flow of blessing” in our lives. Hurray!!!

  31. Kim Anderson says:

    This message convicted me on the area of “Obedience precedes understanding:. There have been many times in my life when spiritual authorities or just anyone really, would tell me to do something and I did not understand and, therefore, I did not want to. I would not reject it in front of them but rather go and complain to others and try and figure things out rather than just doing what I am told and trusting them. I have confessed of these times and I am learning to walk things out with integrity and trust.

    One other area that effected me was when PC was commenting about the people that Pastor Robinson was bringing to the conference. He mentioned that there is a great spiritual lineage there. Within this idea that the anointing flows from the top down, how amazing is it when people have a strong lineage of Christians in their family and also in their spiritual family! The anointing that is flowing is strong! (Hoping that their lineage is strong!) I am thanking God for my strong lineage and looking to see how the anointing is flowing in my life through this.

  32. Mabel Chin says:

    When PC said that when you refuse to submit to your spiritual leader, you’re robbing yourself of maturity and breakthroughs. A year ago, I would have just thought that the spiritual leader that PC was referring to was either the head pastor or the elders of the church, but now I see that it can also refer to the campus pastors and the small group leader. When anointing flows from the top down, it doesn’t just go from the spiritual father to you, it goes to the leaders he has placed in your life as well. It all boils down to the fact that the head pastor has placed these leaders into their current position because they believe that they have what it takes to shepherd you. Denying that fact shows that you don’t trust the spiritual father’s judgement and you only trust your own, which is the same as summiting to your mind rather than the authority figure that has been placed to cover you. I also really liked the fact that PC said that obedience proceeds understanding and that when you obey you’ll understand the heart. Reminds me of my teenage years when a leader at my church told me to do something and I would always ask,” why should I? why can’t you do it yourself?” I couldn’t understand at the time that even though my leader was fully capable of doing the task they asked me to do, they asked me to do it cause it was going to build my character and a chance to grow in my maturity.

  33. Anastasia Tin says:

    I have never seen churches through all my life experience that is teaching so attentinally and carefully in a lot of details, about submitting! I have seen and heard lot’s of negative stories, that are happening in other churches, because of lack in teaching of submitting and honoring. Now I’m realizing more and more, hows it important. I remember one story that happen in one church how actually some leaders were laughing and making fun, of another leader that just started to serve in church and was washing the floor in the sanctuary and that leader got so hurted after all, by those people who kept laughing at him/her. I believe that submitting to elders is number one priority, but honoring each other among the leaders in church is important too. It’s so sad, that sometimes in some churches people are acting even worse, than people in public, that’s why I think that this sermon is so great to keep church in order and clarity.

  34. Carol Lee says:

    God’s blessings are like a river. There is no end for those blessings, every time is new and is abundant. God always want to bless me and one way He is doing that is through the leaders He is putting in my life. I need to submit to those leaders. First obeying and after that I will understand why. It is a weird sequence but that can show my real character. Submission is allowing the blessings from God to come to me. He wants to mold me and gives me His character. I’m only robbing myself when I refuse to submit to the leaders. Even though submission can be hard sometimes, the consequence is really worth it. I just need to have that in mind.

  35. Jihyun Roh says:

    I believe God gives us commands that we should keep because keeping His commands from is good for us. Likewise, submitting to spiritual authority which we believe is what God wants us to do is good for us. It gives you covering, blessings and supernatural grace. When you are in submission to your spiritual leader you are learning so much to be humble, mature and discipled so God can use you more greatly as a leader later on. I also like that we should submit to a spiritual authority with discernment, for we should never stop seeking God’s guidance when being in total submission to our leaders..

  36. what a great and clear teaching! Every time NPC leaders speak, they make clear some mystery, but not in an abstract, and foreign, distant way, but the everyday normal christian life is plainly laid out. I’ve seen this principal at work in my life for a long time. I was raised to honour leaders, and things seemed to alway go better for me, where as one of my siblings struggled to honour and has a had a harder time in life, but now that they are in a church and submitting to their spiritual leaders, they are doing better, and as they learn to submit to our dad and mom, they are less and less troubled. Listen to NPC – they make the spiritual things plain, simple, accessible, real, and exciting.

  37. Sophie James says:

    Submission and honour are so important in the body of Christ! I think so much of the time I want to understand before I submit, but obedience precedes understanding. Don’t lean on your own understanding, the understanding is going to come at the appointed time. I feel like in this season, this is a lesson that God is teaching me. Trust in him and follow him faithfully and he will make your paths straight.

  38. Pingping Kan Rogers says:

    Submission is the fruit of trust & faith in God’s grace, &wisdom. Therefore it’s sign of deep understanding & maturity. On the other hand, submission to authority is also the way to further growth& maturity.

  39. Tine Heenop says:

    Jesus Christ is the one and best example of how we need to submit under God the Father. Jesus set the pattern of submission for us, so following Jesus example of submitting under God the Father means submitting under our spiritual leaders and also people that God place in authorities in our work place over us. It’s not hard to submit to someone that is telling you what you want to hear, but wait till that leader tell you something that you don’t want to hear or really don’t want to submit to, that is when we need to step out in Faith and obedient towards God. Holy spirit took me in a deeper level of understanding what fruit, blessing and breakthrough there is when true submitting is establish! Having spiritual leader over me for the first time, I experience extreme growth and a deeper intimacy with Jesus. I can testify with that what pastor Christian said about God withholding the understanding because he called us first to obey… this is the honest truth, the moment when I learned to submit and obey, it was like heaven open up and God poured out a deeper understanding of everything to me! This doesn’t mean I have reach me pure maturity, I know there is still areas I need to mature and there is always room to grow deeper with Jesus and this will take place every time I take a step of faith of obedience to submit under the spiritual Leaders God place over me!

  40. I really love learning about Sonship and The anointing flowing from our Spiritual leaders and fathers through submission. I’ve seen it first hand on the mission trip to General Santos, how the anointing of the spiritual leaders of this house flows down to every member, and how that same anointing is on them as they minister out on the mission field. It is true that there is so much breakthrough to come through leaders, if only we submit. Our hearts really grow for the house as we serve and submit. Don’t try to hold your obedience captive until you understand, instead obey through faith, and submit and understanding will be released. This is not blind submission, but faith and trust.

  41. David Ha says:

    This sermon continues the theme of sonship, which is obviously not just a priority here at New Philly but mandatory. And I love it. Without meaningful, committed relationships with leaders in our lives, we won’t reap the blessings that are in the house. When we sow into a local church – our time, our gifts, our finances – then, and only then, are we able to sow the inheritance.

    Sometimes…okay most times I have trouble following instruction without first knowing the reason. I always have to ask “why?” Or sometimes I felt like I was being used for my gifts and abilities. I need to gather the faith to know that whoever is the set man over me will have my best interest in mind when ring directed, even if that means doing the dirty work.

    The anointing flows from the top down! If we sow into New Philly, we will reap the anointing of all the leaders over us, starting from our small group leaders all the way to our head pastor, Pastor Christian.

  42. Stephanie Grady says:

    Wow, there was so much wisdom flowing in this message. My life verses are Proverbs 3:5-6 and this message helped to add even more depth to them for me. “Obedience proceeds understanding’ and I am still learning the importance of this. I think in the past because of pride, it was humbling for me to have to admit I didn’t understand something. Then God graced me with a new mindset and taught me that I didn’t have to understand things on my own. That I had to just had turn to Him for my understanding and trust Him.
    The Kingdom of God is often described as on ‘upside down’ kingdom and that feels true to our logical minds. Logically we want to be friends with our leaders, but in reality that keeps us from experiencing the richness of spiritual sonship. I appreciate how New Philly is committed to seeing each of it’s members and leaders really grow and thrive. I want to be a Son who really sees it as a privilege to serve the house. I want to be a son whose heart grows and grows for this house because of the way I serve.

  43. Narai Bai says:

    Obedience precedes understanding. But we’re not talking about mindless submission here- I’ve been having a hard time with this concept, because I am used to just submitting before understanding, but out of a fear of punishment/disapproval. God has done a lot of healing in this area but I have to deal with the last small vestige of this thought pattern.

    I was so blessed by PB’s excitement and eagerness to bring other pastors to the retreat, because he wanted to show them what’s going on at New Philly and how God is moving. PC should definitely feel honored! That’s a big shift for me- to realize that fathers can and want to reveal what they’re doing to their sons, and want their sons to show them what’s going on :)

  44. David Hong says:

    Learning to honor and submit to the authority of our spiritual leaders is important for failing to do so only robs us of the blessings, covering, supernatural grace, maturity, and breakthroughs. I loved the distinction that PC made between faith-filled submission and mindless submission. We need to trust that God has appointed our spiritual leaders and that powerful anointing flows down to guide us and protect us from foolishness. It is crucial for our spiritual growth and maturity. “Obedience precedes understanding.” I am reminded of Proverbs 3:5-6 that we should not lean on our own understanding but trust in the Lord, and trust in those whom he has entrusted to rise up as spiritual leaders. We must learn to submit to, obey, and honor our spiritual leaders.

  45. InAi Kang says:

    submission in General has never been a problem for me. I think what got me stuck was submission to spiritual authorities. being in a different country from my mom she tends to worry a lot about my spiritual life and if the church I’m going to is a cult hahah and with a bad falling out with a past pastor there was a trust thing as well. also the concept of inheriting anything other than family traits was an uncommon idea as well. BUT now I know my true identity and fully receive me inheritance.

  46. Sean Norton says:

    Mmmm. I think, like Inai (Just cause its the most recent comment =P) I don’t find myself having trouble with authority. I feel like it’s generally easy for me to serve. Get me to lift heavy boxes, I don’t mind haha. But the point about submission of my mind (the point about hostile minds…) really stood out to me and wasn’t something I considered before…

    I’m generally a critical thinker, sometimes I overthink or think myself into circles. I’ve generally learned how to keep overthinking in check with the holy spirit and the word… but this sermon was freeing in that, I feel as if I can be free to ask questions to my spiritual authorities and small group leader knowing that they’re covering me, and they’re gonna keep me safe, even when I submit my mind, and let them into that part of my life.

    Now, this isn’t to say that I’m like a bouncy ball hitting the bumpers in a pinball machine with my thoughts all the time… but I like to ask challenging questions, and even in asking some questions that have stumped me into the past, my leaders right now have either given me answers, or pointed me in the right direction (generally to God or the word, haha) so that I could have answers and peace over my thoughts. It’s also given me freedom to not feel like I’m an idiot for asking questions as I try to understand things more deeply.

    I’m glad for the leaders over me who cover me, and it’s a blessing to be a part of a house where I can gladly submit to, and honor my leaders.

  47. John Lee says:

    Honoring and submitting to spiritual authority is one of the most important things I learned in New Philly. This sermon really clarified my understanding of being under authority. I was able to soak in core value the anointing flows from the top down through this message.

  48. Susanna Kim says:

    This sermon re-emphasized the teaching from the sermon “Who will shepherd your soul?” and my need to not only obey when I agree/understand the commands of my authorities but to obey even when I don’t understand them. I’m a very independent person and this independent spirit has affected my spiritual life as well. I’ve been realizing more and more that I’ve trusted my own personal/private revelations rather than trusting in the words of the the authority figures that God has appointed over me.
    I’m glad PC touched on the importance of honour as well. It’s easy for me to submit under authority but I need to ask “what is the attitude of my heart when I do so?”. I’m challenged to really search my heart and submit under my leaders in a faith-filled manner AND with a heart of true honour towards them.

    • Susanna Kim says:

      I like how PC preached a bit of “Kingdom Momentum” in the beginning of this sermon heheh!

  49. Della Collins says:

    • Through this sermon some things reminded me of lesson’s I’d learned, things were also confirmed, and I learned new things as well. Some lessons I was reminded of were that we need to submit to all our spiritual leaders, not just the main pastors. I was also reminded that spiritual leaders provide a covering for you and must give an account. Some things that were confirmed for me were core value 4, being faithful in the small things. I witnessed the lack of this core value at my last church. About the second month of me attending my last church, I basically became the leader/go to person for prayer meeting before service. The first month there were three faithful attendees- myself and two other people whose contracts ended and left within that month. After the two other faithful members left, it was not uncommon for me to me to be praying by myself, or with just one other member. This so grieved me because people were asked to do worship team, but all except one member of worship had never committed to coming to prayer meeting before service. This was no small church either, there were about 150 members. Yet to this day I cannot get over the fact that not even one quarter of those attended could commit themselves to this prayer meeting, which was not very early (10am). I think core value 4 would have really benefited my last church and the spiritual maturity of our members and those serving. Lastly , the new things that I learned are that obedience precedes understanding. How hard this is to submit to. It must be human nature to want to understand the why to everything we do. But it makes sense, we also raise kids this way. Favorite quote from this sermon: “Marriage is for keeps.” :)

  50. Bernadette Keating says:

    I really like how this message was left till last because I began to see and identify things I have learnt whilst listening to the previous five sermons, especially pertaining to sonship and creating a culture of honour.

    There was one really key blessing for me in this sermon when PC brought up the example of Moses, when Moses asked “Who am I, that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” He knew there were many things that did not make him many people’s idea of a leader. As PC said though, it was clear that the supernatural leadership if God was manifesting through him. Several times recently, as an introvert I’ve been wondering why God gave me a heart for leadership. Now, I can’t wait to be leader where people say, it’s definitely not her but Jesus in her – whew!

    I’m also thankful that as the leader of the house, PC took the time to explain why obedience matters and what it looks like, rather than just telling those beneath him that they must obey. I also really liked how it was put in the context of submission in the Bible: the church to Christ, wives to their husbands and Jesus, a man in submission.

    This sermon reminded of how blessed I have been by New Philly’s leadership already, instead of saying ‘let me judge for myself’ by submitting my situations and problems to leaders, it was so much more valuable and influential for me. I can feel myself maturing because of the anointing that is flowing down, and I’m excited for more to come.

  51. Donnae Shone says:

    The blessings of God are not meant to operate like a faucet, maybe a faulty one that can’t be turned off, but otherwise, no. One of the ways in which God’s blessings keep flowing is through submission to spiritual authority. I like the way PC says that neglecting to properly submit to spiritual authority will rob you of the breakthrough and maturity God has set aside for you, because this breakthrough and maturity will flow down from one/those in authority over you. They are ordained by God to release it into your life. What a shame it would be to miss out. I was blessed by the affirmation that New Philly is not looking for mindless, ignorant, blind followers but a thinking, warring army of sons who will submit and obey in faith, and allow for the understanding to be unlocked through this act of obedience.

  52. Daniel L. Kim says:

    Anointing flows from the top down! Throughout my first few months here at New Philly, I kept hearing this phrase but couldn’t really make sense of it. I KNEW that obeying was an important thing, but I just didn’t know why. Now, I have a very clear idea of both why and how I am supposed to obey. I believe God will multiply favor on your part if you submit to the authority of those anointed as well as divinely appointed, because it means that you are being patient with God’s perfect timing and understanding that it is in Him that you will succeed. Obviously, this is something that is very difficult for most people, even Christians, because by nature, we are impatient. We want to step into our calling NOW. We want to become worship leaders, pastors, superstar evangelists, NOW. However, should we go into battle with insufficient or no weaponry, even zeal is sometimes not enough to win the fight. You might see yourself becoming overwhelmed by the power of the enemy, because let’s face it, the devil is not exactly a weak, helpless dude. Thus, training through submission of authority is crucial in stepping out into your own calling, I believe, and I will make a point of trying to fight my impatient nature from this point on.

  53. Masande.G says:

    As we learn to submit and honor our spiritual leaders God releases his supernatural power into our lives. God is our inexhaustible source of blessing and submission allows us to receive from him. God is looking for a faith filled submission that leans not on my own understanding but on his word. Spiritual authority covers us and we need to honor those that cover us from our lead pastors to our SG/CG leaders who care for our hearts on a daily basis. Anointing flows from the top down!!!

  54. Sharon So says:

    I think his sermon was an extension of pastor benjamins sermon about identity and church. Because God manifests through the leaders of the House we need to first learn to submit to the leaders and honor them. It only makes sense for us to do so when we walk in sonship because anointing flows from the top and that’s how we will receive the blessings and grow spiritually. We need to recognize that and look forward to the growth we will experience when we come under the leadership of the leaders in the house.

  55. If I want to learn how to do karate, I probably won’t be fighting real opponents on day 1. No, there will be a time where I have to learn about the idea, heart and discipline behind karate first.

    In a similar way, submitting to a church and the set man in the house might seem a little strange at first, but this is all by God’s design. In many ways Jesus came to show us how to submit and relate to the father as a son.

    In message I learned about how to follow this pattern of submission and that it is done for my own good, because the blessings, wisdom, protection and breakthroughs are often locked up in the lineage that I’ve been grafted in. As I submit to my leaders (PC and people he appoints), blessings will flow like oil down to me.

    I have to learn to submit with a heart of honor that is not just an outer shell of submission. Sincere submission, while using your brain of course, is healthy.

    Thank you PC!

  56. Magdeline Goh Seen Hui says:

    Sometimes it is not easy for me to honor my leaders. I tend to disagree what the leaders said and thus sometimes it is hard to honor them. But I’m going to learn to humble down myself to submit and honor them at the same time because I know how important they are after hearing this sermon. By honoring and submitting to the spiritual authorities, the blessings, covering and supernatural grace will be released into my life. And as I learn how to submit to them, they will help me to renew my mind, they will guide me and teach me the ways of The Lord and I will grow under their authorities because they are ones that God has appointed to watch over me.

  57. Suzie Lee says:

    This message was powerful. Not only did it shift me from my past perspectives but it brought so much more clarity on the idea of submission and honoring our authorities. I had to reexamine my heart because there were things that I have been reluctant to tell my familia leader about but God appoints specific people in our lives for that certain breakthrough!!!! That’s so crazy. My familia leader is appointed so that the anointing she carries can be passed down to her sheep. Wow!!

    I loved the part where PC explained that not only does a spirit of rebellion rise up when we don’t honor our leaders but as well as a mind of futility against God. Wow. I also liked how PC reiterated the relationship we have with God. To be honest, growing up I seriously believed that Jesus was my homeboy! Foolishness!!!!! Now I’ve learned that I must earn that friendship and mature to have that kind of intimacy with not just my leaders but with God as well. This message presented that HONOR has so much weight than it seems and that the anointing REALLY does flow from the top down.

  58. Listening this preaching, I was thinking about my struggles I’m experiencing these day. In my mind. the biggest thinking harass me is “Your appearance is too old, not pretty, you will never be able to accept yourself and get peace.” I was painful because of this thought, for a long time. In a past sermon of PC, PC said there are three desires, “given by God, by myself, by Devil. “You have to make your appearance attractive to be happy and gain love from others”, I’ve followed this voice till now. this is voice of devil. And this is also my thought which was tied by them.
    But these days the depression is getting more severe. I told about this to my sister. she said this is a spiritual attack and fight especially before the Retreat. I wanted to accept the idea. But on the other hands, it was hard to accept. Because this painful emotion is so familiar with me and this is natural to me. But Last weekend. In church service, Although I couldn’t explain the reason why I felt like that, I fully realized that this obsessional thinking can be healed only by God. And Now and till now, I’m really desperate. So I could not help lying with my face down before God with tears. I could understand what my sister said. The only way to get free from this chain is to rely on God’s righteousness and covering and keep preying.
    And I asked My SG leader and one of the leaders to pray for me. They prayed for me and shared the truth from God. After that, Surprisingly the painful depression was getting fade. This experiences let me know that “The submission to God and follow his person” is not to give up something but to regain a peace and joy, restore my soul.

  59. Daniel Jin says:

    Growing up in the church, the one thing I always had trouble with was submitting to pastors who I don’t respect or think are not “good” at what they do. If their sermons lack power and relevance to me, and I feel like I’m just wasting my time, then I zone out and immediately start criticizing the church. But what New Philly and this core value teaches me is that its not about what you see in the flesh. The anointing flows through the church lineage, and as part of that spiritual family, I can take part in that. As I come to submit to authority through sonship, the anointing that goes all the way back to Pastor Daniels also flows through me. Knowing that truth, I realize there’s no point in focusing on all the little details about a pastors flaws or disagreement with their preaching style. Rather, as I grow in spiritual maturity and intimacy with the church, the greater that anointing will impact me.

  60. Ann Lee says:

    Coming from a Catholic church background, I didn’t understand this concept of having a spiritual leader over you and receiving covering. But I had a difficult time accepting that you need to submit to a leader/person of authority in order to have a relationship with Christ. In the beginning, I thought Christianity was only about a personal relationship between Christ and the individual. I had a hard time understanding why there needs to be a hierarchy within the church (as a military structure) and I was beginning to think it’s a form of favoritism between God and his people. But now that a year has passed I’m starting to understand this concept and I understand the imporatance of having a spiritual leader and receiving covering. It is a concept derived from the bible and I have personally been experiencing termendous growth with my spiritual leader. It’s true if you are not able to submit to a leader it is doubtful you will fully submit to God. The annointing does flow from the top down!

  61. Yii Koah Kien says:

    Apart from sonship, this is like another major teaching that I’ve received from New Philly. Yeah truly, God’s blessings never run out and that’s why we need to keep searching for covering because blessings come from submitting and honoring our spiritual leaders. I like and agree how it’s been said that we have to obey our leaders so that their work will be a joy, and also to obey them because they’re leaders specifically appointed by God to watch over us, to keep us away from decisions that are not based on wisdom and God’s will. Obey them with faith and patience, and on top of that honoring them as leaders by trusting their leadership because if we do that, we are trusting and submitting to God’s supernatural leadership.

  62. Natalie Cheung says:

    I have never seen the concept of submission to authority so emphasized in a church. It totally makes sense, and I’m so glad that New Philly focuses so much on that. I’ve always been a bit worried about fully giving myself to authority because (I think I previously mentioned in another sermon) I wasn’t confident that the leader would entirely be trustworthy because I questioned if his human nature can really be completely thrown away and if he can be a voice that manifests God’s. Having a leader that makes his covering/Spiritual father publicly known gives me reassurance that the authority given to him is one that is well watched and of the Lord Himself. “Men who must give an account” – that phrase is so reassuring, the responsibility a leader takes for his disciples guarantees that he is teaching them in the way of the Lord. I appreciate when PC says that it is also the responsibility of the leader to help discern whether certain new movements/churches are of God or a cult/keep up to date with modern thinking, because I often have get lost in understanding the balance of loving/accepting everyone around me and keeping to God’s commands. Anointing flows from the top down, I can see that the authority hierarchy here is really done out of love, for the benefit of us so we can fully receive the blessings and impartations God has in store for us.

  63. Kirstin Pak says:

    Honoring is sooo important and coming from a family that totally stresses the importance of honoring authorities, it makes me cringe when I see people completely disrespect leaders, family elders, or elders in general or any type of authority figure. I could not agree more with PC’s message and I am so happy that I am in a church that isn’t blind sided by the significance of honoring. Most of my life growing up, my family didn’t attend church regularly and would float around a lot, hopping from one church to the other, so I never got to experience much honor within a church. However, honoring within our family is extremely important and it is mainly because my mother is so sensitive to it. I think it helped to grow up in a family where honoring is essential in every day life because now that I am affiliated and part of a church community, it is not difficult for me to honor my leaders and I gladly do it! Honoring not only is beneficial for the leader that is receiving the honoring, but the person that is acting on honoring is also being blessed by their action! It’s a win-win situation that leave everyone feeling happy, blessed, loved and cared for!!!

  64. Bethany says:

    When we submit to our leaders, we are not only honoring them, but we are also honoring the Lord. And when we do this, we receive the inheritance, the promises and the anointing because of our submission. Thank you, Jesus!!

    In a culture where so many people do not honor their authorities is so troublesome not only in the natural realm, but it makes God very sad to see his people not submitting to their pastors, leaders in the house…etc. I can’t imagine not honoring my SG leader and just completely disregarding anything she says or takes what she speaks and teaches me into my daily life. Even my own mother and father, the BIble says that we are to must honor our parents and even though I don’t always do it with a full heart, I know how extremely important it is to not only submit to my own birth parents, but to also honor my spiritual mother and father of the church. Thank you, PE for a great message :)

  65. When I first met my current small group leader, I realized how young he is. He is barely six months older than I am. The thought did cross my mind that he was so young, what more could he be than just a friend? How much more could he teach me since our years of life our so similar? But boy, I was wrong. His level of maturity and spirituality are miles above me. I can clearly see he is anointed in more ways I can imagine. As I submitted to his authority, much blessing have come into my life. I realize that age really does not matter when it comes to those God put over us. I never knew how young Pastor Christian and Erin are until I heard from a member who has been at New Philly for years. We are of the same birth generation, but yet they are generations above me in Christ.

    I yearn to be discipled. I yearn to learn and receive anointing from the leaders of this house.

  66. Acting in obedience even though you may not fully understand what the Lord is trying to do through us is something I struggle with. I end up concocting in my own mind what the intentions might be and they always lean towards negative thoughts about my leaders or complaining. This message really solidified in my mind the fact that God calls me to obey in faith. My mind isn’t reliable or trustworthy but God and His ways/plan are.

    Submission and obedience in faith to the authority He has appointed over me, the people He has anointed, will not only benefit me but also allow me to unlock understanding as to God’s ways. Through that obedience and submission however, I can grow in maturity in my faith, and I can move through the roles that God has called me to in my life as a son, as a servant, and as a friend.

    I am excited to see how God challenges and grows me through this season of submission and obedience.

  67. Audrey Tan Ngerong says:

    For me, this whole concept of anointing flowing from top down is still rather new to me so there was so much that I have learnt from this sermon. Back in my church at my hometown, I had always found it difficult to submit to pastors/spiritual authorities because there was a tendency to lean towards my own understanding and that resulted in me setting up a wall around me which hardens my heart over time to receive blessings and teachings in full. But after listening to this message, God really revealed to me how obedience and submission to the leaders that God, Himself, has placed so specifically in my life actually releases blessings and covering over my life. It is also very important to not fall into the pattern of blind submission but to exercise faith-filled submission. Just like the Karate Kid analogy, sometimes God requires submission and obedience first from us, then understanding follows after it, so it really teaches me to have faith and to not lean to my own understanding anymore. I am still on the path of learning to submit to my familia leader and just letting God mature me through this season!

  68. Even when it comes to think about friendship, when one starts to feel too comfortable and take the other for granted, which is basically loosing one’s respect, the relationship becomes hard to keep between them. So it is absolutely true and quite obvious when it comes to one’s covenant life under the church rooftop, the relationship between one and the head pastor or one’s leader must reflect on that between one and Jesus. How can s/he ever get overflowing anointing power and blessing when holding small size of pot to receive? Submission can never be a loss but gain. God does not want us to spare our heart some to our leaders, but He wants the full.

  69. Vicky Lee says:

    The two things that really stood out to me in this sermon were: (1)honoring your spiritual authorities wherever God has placed you, and (2)“character is not birthed overnight”.

    At times, even though it may be overwhelmingly difficult and intolerable to submit to those you do not favor to be under submission to, God IS trying to teach and release in you His blessings THROUGH that particular person/leader. However, it is also necessary to pray and discern whether this is so. To me personally, this may have been one of the more stretching experiences I had to endure, especially since 2012. Thank God the season has come to a calm! hehe
    And yes, character is definitely NOT birthed overnight. It takes seasons of persevering work to be molded and compactly grounded – for the ideal character of course. The endurance eventually pays off though, because we become more and more Christ-like. That’s the character we need to aim to resemble and become! It may take a lifetime, but each step and escalation will be rewarding and gratifying for you and God (and everyone in your surrounding). 😀

  70. Jina Nam says:

    I feel like for me, the entire message comes clear when I put it in the analogy of us being a spiritual “family.” In our earthly family, we have our father, mother, us and our siblings. And when we are first born into the family, we are identified as sons and daughters of our parents. That’s the 1st step in both our natural and spiritual relations: as PC said, know who you are first, as a son. Then, when the sons mature and grow (or when they’re 12 and can “reach the sink”), they have the privilege to serve the house as a servant. When we grow to a certain age, because we are members of the family as children of our parents, we are given chores to do to serve the house. We don’t ask guests to do it, but we do it because it’s our house to take care of. That’s the same in our spiritual world: as sons, we listen to our spiritual parents and leaders and learn to serve the house. By doing so, we mature, humble ourselves and grow in intimacy with our families as well as we sow into the house and family. After this, the final stage is friendship. Like PC said, it’s not a birthright – even with our natural parents. It’s something that you earn and get as a result of maturity. When we, as children of our natural parents, finally grow as their sons and daughters, and having matured, we can relate to them, honor them, obey them, and have that trust, love and intimacy flowing in our relationship, then we can call them friends. We feel that united with them. It’s the same with our spiritual leaders and even God!

    Also just like we get blessed when our natural parents are blessed (ex. Raise, good health, etc), the same applies to our spiritual family. When our pastors and small group leaders get blessed, we inherit that from them as sons of God and the church. It’s amazing how the structure of the church, and even God’s kingdom, is that of a family. We can learn from our natural families and understand what our relations in the church are supposed to be like as well.

  71. Shin Young Park says:

    I had a lot of opportunity to do the small groups with leaders who are grown up, maybe already at like the professor level. So returning to a small group leader who is young and a ‘student’ level same as me was a new challenge. I know that God appoints the leaders, even the worldly leaders, with authorities that we must submit. “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God (Rom 13:1).” I believe it is a divine appointment that God has set and I have to wait patiently with ‘faith filled submission’. Even though there are some attacks in my thoughts and mind, I really want to learn how to honor my spiritual leader and learn from this, knowing that I have full access to the inheritance that flows from top down. I am very privilege to be in this powerful anointed house & family, Thank you!

  72. Janis Pok says:

    I think like it is for most people, submission is hard and sometimes even painful to carry out. I have the tendency to do the opposite of what people.tell me to do becauae I dont want to give them the pleasure of ordering me around. My attitude is very critical towards obedience, as i challenge it with questions like “why should i”, “who are they to tell me this and that” But After I came to NP ive heard alot about submitting to spiritual authority. I know its important and it’s the right thing, but it’s still hard for as to WHY it’s so important. But I know that God is not placing spiritual leaders to just tell us what to do and we obey like dogs, but to see that spiritual authority is established to bless us, not to harm us or make us miserable. When i joyfully submit, the anointing will flow from the top down. As i get discipled under the covering of NP, i hope.God will show me how blessed it is to submit to trustworthy leaders.

  73. Samuel Choi says:

    This message is very closely tied to many of the other teachings from NRTC and membership. In response to our submission, we get covering and blessing, which flows down. This teaching reminds me of the chapter in 21 Irrefutable Laws on the Lid. We can only go so far as our leaders take us. Leaders will always have a farther range of vision and in order to reap benefits from a leader, we need to learn to submit to them.

    The Karate Kid reference is used so much in sermons and for good reason. I think it really relates well to this teaching. We need to be faithful in the little things before we can take on bigger responsibilities.

  74. Suzie Im says:

    I’m really excited to come more into awareness and knowledge of this spiritual lineage that I am now a part of! We cannot be as arrogant as to think that, outside of God’s sending out and God’s calling, we can go out by ourselves. When there is submission to the appointed leaders of your local church, you are respecting the hierarchy that even Jesus, himself, was under submission to. Only when you are under the spirit of sonship, the blessings and anointing flow from the saints to us.
    Much of this sermon was a repeat of the first seminar PC gave for NRTC, but it was good to hear again. We go from son to servant to friend. There are few people who get to enjoy true friendship with God. That level of oneness is only through maturation.

  75. Julie Byun says:

    The message helped me grasp what the ‘anointing’ meant in core value 4. God gives so much more reveleation and blessings depending on the person’s level of spiritual maturity (i would think because the person would have more imtimacy with God and know/understand God more than a person who does not have as much maturity). But the person with less maturity can still access God’s message and heart through their spiritual leaders. The passing down of God’s blessings from the top down gives me the image of a water drop falling on to the mountain and rushing down through the mountain into a lake where many trees, animals can acess life through it. But to acess the anointing, we have to let our spiritual leaders do their thing, allow them to speak life over us by submitting to them.

  76. Grace Lim says:

    Hoooheeehyaah. There was so much conviction in my heart when PC said, “Obedience precedes understanding.” Oh… dang. I’m a thinker… processor… whatever you wanna call it, and because of this nature in me, for consequential decisions, I always try to understand things before I act. This message has encouraged me to trust my immediate spiritual authorities over me and to honor them no matter how much I don’t understand why I have to do a certain thing a certain way– to trust that they can see the greater picture and that they are preparing me for greater things ahead. By submitting to their authority, trusting them, and honoring them, I can tap into the anointing and the graces God has poured onto them! ^^ But then, it seems kinda selfish, that you would honor your leaders just so that you can receive more… but I guess that’s when it comes down to checking your heart? Hrm. But also, how do we know that everything your leader tells you to do is 100% for our good? Especially, when it conflicts your understanding and/or discernment? Is that when we just have to trust and have faith in God, since He reigns over both of us?? Hrm. I loved the river analogy… that the blessings of God for our lives should be like a river… and that God is the inexhaustible source of wisdom & life!

  77. Andres Park says:

    This sermon goes well with what Pastor Benjamin preached regarding the order of being a son, servant, and a friend. It takes a different level of maturity to understand and submit to leaders that you may at times not agree with. The important issue is to understand the heart behind the teachings and the commandments, and with that heart to pursue excellence in the eyes of God and leaders placed in one’s life. To be honest, I struggled with this message when I first arrived in New Philadelphia, mainly because I could not understand why God could not just do all that with the Holy Spirit that we have received. However, I believe that the answer may lie in that we are called to be the Church, one united body that knows how to love one another. In the view of pursue of excellence as Christians, it is relieving to understand that we are not doing it for ourselves but for the whole body, and for future disciples, which is a fine distinction between pride and love.

  78. Kanyanta says:

    What was new for me in this word was the concept of faith-filled understanding. The assertion that obedience precedes understanding. I generally understand the importance of honor. I learned so much about it from the “Identity and the Church” and “Set Man Doctrine” sermons. It challenges my view of relationships in the church and also ties in with what I learned in the “Journey of a Son” documentary.

  79. Karey Park says:

    Thought this was point was spot on: “Honoring your leaders goes a step above submission.” Jesus was missional to the Jewish culture, doing so by submitting to Jewish customs and traditions. This powerful example of submission is all I need to keep my rebellious and skeptical tendencies from robbing me of God-ordained breakthroughs that have been too slow in coming. The supernatural leadership of God is something we can take to heart. This is God’s leadership, though many times it doesn’t seem like it. It takes an imperfect leader, sometimes, to show that this is indeed the case. Seems like God does indeed have a tendency to favor the weak to shame the strong, and the foolish to shame the wise.

  80. Jamie Yoo says:

    Generally, we tend to require and need understanding before we are able to submit and obey our spiritual leaders. But biblical obedience and submission tells us that “obedience precedes understanding.” It’s not that we are called to be mindless in the way that we submit to the leaders God has placed in our lives; but rather, we are to have a posture that is faith-filled. Can I submit to my spiritual leaders with a faith-filled and obedient submission? It’s an exhortation to remember that understanding may not be established immediately, but it will follow. Our culture today teaches us to value individuality and autonomy, but biblical obedience teaches us to look to the shepherds and leaders whom God has placed over us, and to follow them so that their work may be of joy and not of burden. Obedience is for our own good; it is to enrich us and deepen our faith.

  81. Paul Yoo says:

    We live in a time and culture that despises and distrusts all authority. This is understandably so, as so many “authorities” across all sectors of society have been proven untrustworthy. Our postmodern world teaches us not to accept anything as an authority. All claims to absolute truth are merely power plays to take authority over us. There are so many supposed “truths” and “authorities”, but the ultimate authority is ME. I get to pick and choose what I want to believe. I get to determine how I live my life. And if someone wants to speak into my life, I will choose whether I give that person any weight.

    While there are many untrustworthy authorities out there, the solution is not to make ourselves the authority in every sphere of life, but to restore proper authority. The bible teaches us to submit to authority in all areas – authorities in government, authorities in the family, authorities in the church, and our ultimate authority which is God. This message is very timely in seeking to restore biblical authority in the church. God raises up people in positions of authority for the good of his church, and we need to remember that.

    At the same time, I think it’s also important to highlight what biblical submission looks like. In matters of biblical truth, it is good to be like the Bereans, who after hearing Paul’s messages, searched the Scriptures to see if those things were so. In matters of practice, submission means submitting even when you don’t have full understanding or agreement or have a different preference. If you find that you just can’t submit to a church’s authorities, then you shouldn’t cause a disturbance in the church, but quietly look for another church.

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