We have a heart to support full-time ministers in prayer and in financial support. We believe that financial giving empowers both those who are “sent out” to serve and do the work of the ministry and also those who “send out” ministers, giving them the opportunity to partner with the Lord in this way.

  • Full-Time Support Raising Staff
  • Jerusalem Ministry
  • Full-Time Missionaries

If you desire to partner with any of our full-time ministers or missionaries, visit our support website at support.newphilly.cc.


Full-Time Support Raising Staff

On our staff we have a number of people who receive their income through support raising. They serve the house either full-time or part-time, giving their time, talents, and efforts here at New Philly.

Susy Park
K1 Prayer Tab Director

Michelle Kwak
K1 Prayer Tab Staff Member

John Park
Emmaus SNU Campus Director

Sarah Suh
Emmaus Yonsei U Campus Director

Emily Tregelles
Intern Pastor (Hongdae-Alpha), Korea U Campus Director

David Ha
Intern Pastor (Hongdae-Alpha)

Kate Park
Intern Pastor (Hongdae-Omega)

Brock MacDonald
Intern Pastor (Itaewon)

Mark Yu
Intern Pastor (Itaewon)

Hannah Chong
Intern Pastor (Sillim)

David Chong
Intern Pastor (Sydney)


Jerusalem Ministry

Jerusalem Ministry (jerusalemministry.org) is a Christian nonprofit organization that seeks to be God’s hands and feet to the fatherless – to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children. The ministry is based in Seoul, Korea and has begun its activities focused on its local community (its Jerusalem). Currently, Jee Lee and Mijeong Song serve full-time with Jerusalem Ministry, each living at an orphanage here in Seoul as missionaries.

Jee Lee

Mijeong Song


Full-Time Missionaries

We also support full-time missionaries who are ministering in various nations.

Bobby Oh
Bobby Oh is on full-time staff with Korea Campus Crusade for Christ. Currently, he serves college students in the Los Angeles area by leading an itinerant worship team called “Undignified”. He also helps reach college campuses with the gospel of Jesus Christ and serves on CCC’s executive teams.
Missionary Couple to Iran
New Philadelphia Church supports a married couple who have been working to evangelize and raise up prayer for the nation of Iran. Due to the security risks of putting their information online, we cannot disclose much about their ministry. Visit a New Philly campus to hear more about this missionary couple and how you can pray for them.
Missionary Couple to Turkey
Our missionary couple to Turkey have been sowing into the nation since 2007. They are both on full-time staff with Korea Campus Crusade for Christ and were trained at GCTC in Los Angeles. They have a doctorate in music and are reaching out to college students in Turkey. They reside in Turkey with their two daughters.