Theme: Do You Perceive It?
Number of Teams: 4
Number of Troops: 43

God moved in a new way this missions season. Our Cambodia and Bangladesh teams saw the preaching of the Gospel accompanied by salvations and greater levels of physical healing! Our Malaysia team ministered to longhouse tribes, releasing the presence of God in a powerfully organic way. The Lord is always doing a new thing in our midst- read how our teams were able to perceive it and release the fullness of it!

Country: Bangladesh
City Visited: Jessore District, Dhaka
Dates: Jan 28 – Feb 4, 2013
Team Leader: Tina Lee
Team Preacher: Marcus Corpening
Team Members: 11
Focus: Open air crusade services, revival services, school visits.

Country: Cambodia
City Visited: Kampot Province, Phnom Penh
Dates: Jan 28 – Feb 4, 2013
Team Leader: Sky Becker
Team Preacher: JM Becker
Team Members: 12
Focus: Revival services, house-to-house evangelism.

Country: Philippines
City Visited: Pampanga Province
Dates: Feb 1 – Feb 4, 2013
Team Leader: Jisu Choi
Team Preachers: Christian & Erin Lee
Team Members: 6
Focus: Revival services, village outreach.

Country: Malaysia
City Visited: Miri
Dates: Feb 4 – Feb 11, 2013
Team Leader: Eunice Ko
Team Preacher: Myunghwa Choi
Team Members: 14
Focus: Revival services, longhouse ministry, school visits.

The Bangladesh Team

The Cambodia Team

The Philippines Team

The Malaysia Team