Theme: Christ in Me, the Hope of Glory
Number of Teams: 4
Number of Troops: 72

The summer of 2012 was our largest missions season yet – sending out over 70 sons and daughters into 4 different countries in Asia, along with a ministry trip to Australia by Pastors Christian and Erin! Each team returned with powerful testimonies of empowering the ministries in each country, along with reports of great signs and mighty wonders by God’s hand! Praise the Lord!

Country: Indonesia
City Visited: Medan
Dates: July 20-28, 2012
Team Leader: Solnae Park
Team Preachers: Myunghwa Choi
Team Members: 11
Focus: Revival and healing services
Country: Myanmar
City Visited: Yangon, Pyinoolwin
Dates: July 23-30, 2012
Team Leader: Lisa Kim
Team Preacher: Marcus Corpening
Team Members: 10
Focus: Revival services and school visits.
Country: Australia
City Visited: Sydney, Melbourne
Dates: July 23 – Aug 3, 2012
Team Leader: Tina Lee
Team Preacher: Christian & Erin Lee
Team Members: 14
Focus: FLM Conference and ECF leadership training.
Country: Japan
City Visited: Tokyo, Enoshima
Dates: July 27 – Aug 3, 2012
Team Leader: Megan Napier
Team Members: 14
Focus: Evangelism, prayer walks, and church visits.
Country: Thailand
City Visited: Bangkok, Chainat, Pattaya
Dates: July 26 – Aug 5, 2012
Team Leader: Anita Neufeld
Team Preacher: Jon Neufeld
Team Members: 16
Focus: Revival services, school visits, and village/church visits.

The Indonesia Team

The Myanmar Team

The Japan Team

The Thailand Team