Theme: Double Portion
Number of Teams: 4
Number of Troops: 54

The summer of 2011 was an amazing time of seeing God manifest His love for His people but also to receive a double portion of the prayers that were sown into the nations. Four teams were sent out; one to Australia, one to Bangladesh, another to Malaysia, and the last to Japan. All have come back with amazing testimonies of how God was working through them and in the nations!

Country: Bangladesh
City Visited: Jessore
Dates: Jul 25 to Aug 1, 2011
Team Leader: Caleb Lee
Team Preachers: Myunghwa Choi
Team Members: 13
Focus: Evangelistic crusades and village visits.

Country: Malaysia
City Visited: Borneo
Dates: Jul 18 – Jul 30, 2011
Team Leader: Mina Choi
Team Preacher: Marcus Corpening
Team Members: 15
Focus: Revival services, physical healings, and church/home visits.

Country: Japan
City Visited: Iwaki Prefecture, Tokyo
Dates: Jul 11 – Jul 19, 2011
Team Leader: Lydia Ra
Team Members: 12
Focus: Vision Trip, tsunami relief work, street evangelism and outreach.

Country: Australia
City Visited: Sydney
Dates: Jul 21 – Jul 30, 2011
Team Leader: Christian Lee
Team Members: 12
Focus: FLM’s Winter Conference.

The Bangladesh Team

The Malaysia Team

The Japan Team

The Australia Team