The vision of New Philadelphia is to raise up an army of mighty warriors. Every summer and winter, we send out teams to select countries in the NPWM network. NPWM stands for Native Partners for World Mission and is the missions arm of our mother church (Jeilsungdo Presbyterian). With partnerships in 19 countries with indigenous pastors, New Philly has the privilege of sending short-term teams to many nations, from major cities to remote villages and islands.

When missions projects are setup, many church members use their vacation days to serve on short-term missions trips. Although it puts a strain on our resources, every chance we get we send out the army to war against the powers of darkness and to advance the kingdom of God. We believe light belongs in darkness.



Missions 2017 Documentary – Chennai, India


Missions 2017 Documentary – Vietnam


Missions 2016 Documentary – Los Angeles, California, USA


Missions 2016 Documentary – Nepal


Missions 2015 – Japan