Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 5.48.21 PMFrom The Vision & Beyond

by David Wilkerson 1973

Economic Crash Coming
There is worldwide economic confusion just ahead. In my vision this is the clearest thing I have seen. Not only is the American Dollar headed for deep trouble, but so are all other world currencies. I see total economic confusion striking Europe first and then affecting Japan, the United States, Canada and all other nations shortly thereafter.

Everyone Will Be Affected
A recession of such magnitude that it will affect the lifestyle of nearly every wage earner in America and around the world.

Owners of Western Currency in Trouble
Countries that now control huge amounts of Western currency are going to be in very deep trouble also without a doubt, there are lean years ahead full of monetary confusion and despair. How soon is not clear, but it is not far away.

New World Monetary System
There will develop a call for revamping all world monetary systems into one uniform system. And even though the dollar will appear to be gaining strength just before the coming major recession, a new crisis will develop that will shake the entire financial world.

Economists Confused
The world‘s greatest economists will be at a loss to explain the confusion and an international crisis of fear will develop.

False Boom
A false economic boom will precede the recession but it will be short lived.

A Few Good Years to Prepare
The next few years will be among the most prosperous in the history of mankind. Sales will continue to break records and people will spend more than ever in modern history.


Uncontrolled Credit Debt
Credit debt will become nearly uncontrollable. I see, very clearly, just a few years of tremendous affluence and continued economic prosperity. Inflation, costs and wages will spiral higher and higher.

Bankruptcies of Major Corporations
I believe we are going to witness the bankruptcies of some of this nations major and most popular corporations. I see tremendous difficulty arising for credit corporations. There are going to be many people unable to pay off their heavy obligations to major credit card companies, causing near chaos. Thousands of small businesses will also be forced into bankruptcies.

Government Panic
The United States government is going to overreact to the confused economical developments. I see a flurry of near-panic decisions being made by various government agencies but these hasty efforts to shore up the economy will backfire.

Auto Industry Hit Hard
The auto industry is going to be hurt badly. Makers of recreational vehicles are going to get hit very hard.

Building Industry Setbacks
The building industry is going to face many setbacks. Housing starts will level off. There is a terrible squeeze coming to the building industry.

Gold Will Not Provide Security
The price of gold is going to rise astronomically but it will not be sustained over a long period of time neither silver nor gold will offer real security. Gold hoarders are going to get hurt badly. This is one of the most significant predictions in this book.

Suicide by Overdose
Economic setbacks and confusion will catch many unprepared for the consequences. Suicide will follow. Some very well-known people in the business world are going to commit suicide through overdoses of narcotics.



Confusion for the Positive Thinking Preachers
Great losses, confusion, and reverses will shatter the thinking processes of many well- meaning people who falsely believe that their successes and economic well-being are the result of their own positive thinking. Jesus Christ Himself was an advocate of right thinking. But many good men have become worshippers of the power of the mind.

The United States to Be Blamed
Although economic actions in Europe will trigger the coming recession, the United States will be blamed by most nations for what happens. France will become one of the most vicious anti-American nations in the world. Politicians and businessmen in Europe and Japan will place the blame on Washington and the American bankers.

Recovery From Recession
There may be a full recovery but the world economy will continue in confusion until the time of the Antichrist. There will come a time in the future when men will be obsessed with buying, selling, planting, marrying, and divorcing but it will be a time of false prosperity.

Drastic Weather Changes
The world is about to witness the beginnings of great sorrows brought about by history‘s most drastic weather changes, earthquakes, floods terrible calamities far surpassing anything ever yet witnessed.

Outbreaks of Epidemics
In the aftermath of famine, floods and earthquakes, mankind faces the threat of new epidemics. There will a major cholera epidemic sweeping through various underdeveloped countries. India and Pakistan face the threat of untold thousands dying from epidemic and starvation.

Famine is coming to the world in our generation and millions will die of starvation.

Depletion of Relief Funds
Relief and disaster funds will become nearly depleted. Insurance companies will face huge losses.



Triple-X-Rated Movies on TV After Midnight
Be warned. In the not-too-distant future, the most wicked, X-rated porno movies will be shown on select cable networks after midnight. People will pay to have these erotic movies piped directly into their living rooms. If left unguarded, little children can switch on a knob and be exposed to the vilest kind of sexual perversion. R-rated movies will be showing in prime time on network television. Porno movies on cable television will become so popular and so much in demand that the major networks will try to compete by showing films with as much sex and violence as they can show within legal limits.

Sex Education to Get In on the Act
Students will be told that homosexual love is normal and that sex acts between unmarried is desirable if each has a high regard for the other.

A Homosexual Epidemic
When society no longer rejects their sin as abnormal and fully accepts them and encourages them in their abnormality, and when the church no longer preaches against it as sin and consoles them in their sexual activities there no longer exist any hindering forces. The floodgates are open, and homosexuals are encouraged to continue in their sin. In my vision, I have seen these two roadblocks being swept away. You can expect more than one homosexual scandal in very high places. The homosexual community will become so militant and brazen that they will flaunt their sin on network talk shows very shortly.

A Falling Away
Moral standards among many church people will be shattered. Husband – and wife-swapping will be on the increase, and great numbers of young people will simply live together without getting married. A constant barrage of sex and nudity by all the media will vex the minds and souls of the most devout children of Christ. It will cause the love of many to grow cold. It will lead to carelessness and faithlessness. It will be the major cause of a great falling away. Those who stand against this flood of filth will be few, and they will be looked upon as out of step with an enlightened society and a more relevant church. Easy abortion, the pill, and a growing sexual permissiveness will contribute to a revolution of immorality.

A Last-Ditch Attempt to Deceive God‘s Chosen
The number one temptation for the last Christian will be prosperity. I see millions of Christians being deceived by prosperity. The last Christian is going to be afflicted by prosperity and tested by it more than through poverty. I see automobiles, clothes, motorcycles, and all kinds of materialism becoming a bigger hindrance to the Christian than drugs, sex, or alcohol. I see thousands of Christians attached to and obsessed by things. They are so wrapped up in materialism that they become lukewarm, blind, weak, and spiritually naked. Yet in the midst of all their materialism, they are miserable and totally dissatisfied.


An Increase of False Doctrines
Men will prefer false doctrines and new ideas rather than the truth of God‘s Holy Word. They will crowd around teachers who will give new thoughts and revelations. Men and women will turn to the prophecies and teachings of men rather than giving heed to the doctrines of truth. They will give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils.

“I hate my parents”
The number one problem in the future will be hatred of parents. The world is soon going to be shocked by thousands upon thousands of teenagers who confess, “I hate my parents.”

Sex Drug
I believe a new sex drug will be concocted and distributed by the black market to teenagers and students. It will break down moral restraint and lead thousands of teenagers into promiscuous sex activity.

A Spirit of Persecution Is Coming
I see an hour of persecution coming such as mankind has never before witnessed. An antichrist spirit will enter the hearts of certain men in high places, in government, and in the judicial system, causing these officials to engage in legal maneuvers designed to harass independent churches, missionaries, and ministers. There is already much evidence that this harassment has now started. I see a time coming when nearly all evangelical missionary projects, all religious radio and TV programming, and all incorporated missionary societies will be so closely monitored, questioned, and badgered that they will be cautious of expanding in any area.

The rise of a Super World Church
I see the formation of a super world church consisting of a union between liberal ecumenical Protestants and the Roman Catholic church joining politically hand in hand, creating one of the most powerful religious forces on earth.



Homosexuals and Lesbians Welcomed by super church
Homosexual and lesbian ministers will be ordained and given places of authority in this church union, and will be heralded as a new breed of pioneers introducing new concepts of love and evangelism. I see coming, in nearly every major city in the United States and around the world, homosexual and lesbian churches catering exclusively to the spiritual needs of their own kind, with full recognition and support from organized religion.

Persecution From Hollywood
Look for Hollywood to step up its attack against true religion with more expos-type movies. More and more moviemakers will attempt to debunk puritanical moral values. Gospel- preaching churches and ministers will come under special attack, while at the same time the occult and witchcraft will be glorified and sensationalized. TV comedy shows will become bolder and bolder in poking fun at Christ and true Christians.

The rise of a Supernatural Church
I see a great and supernatural union of all the true followers of Jesus Christ, bound together through the Holy Spirit and mutual confidence in Christ and His Word.

Persecution Through Taxation of Churches
There is coming an attempt to tax churches and church-related organizations. Atheistic forces, with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union, will push this matter all the way to the Supreme Court. A temporary setback will not stop them from pushing for Congressional action. A legal setback by the courts will not stop their long-range action. Church-related businesses will be taxed first. The IRS may, one day, become one of the most powerful weapons against the church.

Satan Ministers
There will be Satan evangelists, mostly young people who will actually preach about the power of Satan and who will zealously work at making converts. Ouija boards, tarot cards, horoscopes, and occult books will be passed around and devoured by young people seeking truth.

Killer Diseases
Jesus said that in these days of tribulation, Men‘s hearts will fail them for fear of watching what is happening upon the earth. In America, the number one killer disease is already heart failure. Medical authorities say venereal disease is no longer just an epidemic it is an uncontrollable pandemic of frightening proportions. Scientists warn of new strains of germs, viruses, and vermin that are resistant to poisons and chemicals and threaten to upset the balance of nature.



Burning Oil Fields
Before the great holocaust, there will be smaller holocausts. The oil fields of the Middle East will be ablaze, and the smoke will rise night and day as a warning of the greater holocaust yet to come. There will be bombs falling on oil fields, shipping docks and storage tanks.

Governmental Bankruptcy
New York City faces economic and social disaster. The sword of judgment hanging over the city will fall suddenly. Overnight, changes will happen, changes never before known to the American mind. Bankruptcy will happen. A temporary reprieve will falter. Short-range encouraging signs will be swallowed up in lightning-like events that will bring on bankruptcy. America‘s queen city will declare bankruptcy.

Rising Unemployment
What God did to the city of Jerusalem in the time of the prophet Zechariah, he will do again to the cities of America. When building the temple, the inhabitants were reminded what God did when judgment was upon them: There were no jobs, no wages, no security and crime was rampant. (Zechariah 8:10).



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