It’s sad but many churches are plagued by a consumer mentality. As Kris Vallotton said, “We live in a culture that desires intimacy without responsibility, pleasure without covenant.”

At New Philly, we believe that intimacy belongs in covenant. Just as a covenant between man and wife makes way for deeper intimacy, we believe that you can be blessed by attending our church but only those who are in covenant with the house are given access to deeper intimacy.

Scripture says that the church is the family (oikeios) of God (Gal 6:10, Eph 2:19). And in any family, it’s important to know who’s in and who’s not. You can’t have a family of ambiguous members. A family can only be a family when they are able to clearly identify who’s a member. In the same way, you can’t have a church family if everyone just self-proclaims their membership through sporadic attendance. New Philly is a family and our membership, leadership, and sons from afar covenants provide a way for us to safely and meaningfully build a church family.

For those who attend a New Philly campus, we encourage people to take our membership class and join the New Philly family via our membership covenant.

For those who are not able to attend a New Philly campus (i.e., our church alumni, Emmaus alumni, podcast listeners) and cannot find covering in their local area, we have a sons from afar covenant for those who’d like to join or remain in the family.

If you’d like to serve at New Philly and be entrusted with authority, we require that those who are in authority be under authority via our leadership covenant. In order to be a leader though, you’ll have to complete NRTC (New Recruits Training Camp) which is our new leaders training.

Christianity is not just about believing in Christ but belonging to Him and to one another!

Our Leadership from three campuses at our annual Leadership Retreat in 2012!