The vision of New Philly is very simple:

To raise up an army of mighty warriors from the valley of dry bones (Ezekiel 37).

This is what New Philly is all about. To raise up an army of mighty warriors. A people that are no longer slaves to fear but are walking in the spirit of sonship, bold and courageous, knowing who God is and who they are in God. Sons and daughters who carry authority and anointing. We believe the days of “playing church” are over. In the face of the enemy, our God is a “warrior” (Exodus 15:3) and He is raising up His people to be warriors (Ezekiel 37) as well. May God’s people rise up to possess the gate of our enemies (Genesis 22:17) as we await the return of Jesus, our Savior King, who will make all things new.

Worship at our 2012 Leadership Retreat. Photo taken by Jen Kim (Sept 2012).