*Currently, we are not taking any applications for the internship program.*

The intern pastor program’s goal is to raise up full-time ministers (local church pastors or worship leaders) who are Spirit-filled, balanced, and full of Christ-like character. The program involves studying full-time at a local seminary, serving at one of the New Philly campuses, and getting trained for various ministries. We are thankful that seminaries engage in raising up full-time ministers but we believe that the local church has forfeited for too long her important role in helping seminarians be the most effective ministers they can be.


  • Intensive training in full-time ministry with New Philadelphia’s multi-site church community.
  • Training and practice in prayer leading & preaching.
  • Provides a supportive & loving environment for one to develop his/her gifts.
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills via ministry teams and missions trips.
  • A scholarship of up to 6,000,000 krw for one year at Torch Trinity Graduate University toward an M.Div. degree. (Each year the applicant is given the opportunity to renew their scholarship until graduation.)
  • Intern pastors will be given the training and privilege to raise support to cover their living expenses.
  • Upon successful completion, opportunities may be given for full-time positions with New Philly or partner ministries.


  • Must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited undergraduate university.
  • Must have strong mastery of the English language.
  • Must have a full-time ministry call, preaching gifts, leadership gifts or worship leading gifts.
  • Must have minimal credit card debt and less than $30,000 in student loans.

Application Process

  1. Email internpastorapp@newphilly.cc with a paragraph explaining why you desire to apply.
  2. Applications distributed to those who qualify.
  3. Fill it out and send in an electronic copy of your application to internpastorapp@newphilly.cc by Oct 3.
  4. Those who pass the paper screening will be contacted for an interview.
  5. Those who pass the interview will be contacted separately before the public announcement.
  6. Apply for seminary in October**.
  7. The program begins Jan. 2017 with full-time hours at the New Philly office. (We can adjust start date. You will be allowed to start support raising one month prior to your start date.)
  8. Seminary classes begin March 2017 at Torch Trinity Graduate University.

** This is specific to intern pastors in Seoul. Intern pastors for different cities will follow the academic schedule of the local seminary that New Philly chooses.

Previous Graduates: Marcus Corpening (2009-2011), Myunghwa Choi (2009-2011), Jonathan Neufeld (2010-2011), David Ahn (2012-2015), Emily Suen (2012-2015), Anna Corpening (2014-2016), Jazzmin Duff (2015-2016), John Park (2015-2016).
Current Intern Pastors: Brock MacDonald (2015-present), David Ha (2016-present), Hannah Chong (2016-present), Mark Yu (2016-present), Emily Tregelles (2017-present), Kate Park (2017-present).

* If you have any questions, please inquire in the comments section below.



Emily preaching at New Philly Hillside (June 2014).

David Ahn leading worship for the Emmaus fall retreat (Nov 2013).

Marcus completed NP’s intern pastor program in Dec 2011. He now serves as the campus pastor at New Philly Itaewon.

Myunghwa completed NP’s intern pastor program in Dec 2011. She currently serves as a pastor at New Philly Hongdae.

Jon completed NP’s intern pastor program in Dec 2011. Here he is leading worship for a regional (AIM) Good Friday service in Seoul.


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