Core Values

If you want to know what New Philly is about, look no further than our core values! Our nine core values set the unique ethos of the church and serve as non-negotiables of our ministry.

#1 – Be Extravagant in Worship
Sermon by Christian Lee, September 12, 2010: mp3
Just like the woman who broke the alabaster jar over Jesus, we believe worship should be “wastefully” extravagant. Thus we host an environment where people pour out their hearts to God in song, prayer, and expressions of praise. We also believe that financial giving (2 Sam 24:24) is a beautiful aspect of worship. When we give, we give generously because we know we can never outgive God.

#2 – Freedom is for Everyone
Sermon by Christian Lee, September 26, 2010: mp3
We believe it is for freedom that Christ died on the Cross (Gal 5:1) and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2 Cor 3:17). Thus our ministries of healing and deliverance, discipleship, and accountability are all geared to get people free and keep them free. We also believe that Christ died to provide a benevolent freedom to all who are made in God’s image. Thus we also pursue justice causes such as ending human trafficking and poverty to see everyone breathe freedom.

#3 – Father the Fatherless
Sermon by Christian Lee, October 3, 2010: mp3
As Satan has targeted and damaged the family, we see multitudes of people today with an “orphan spirit.” We see grown adults behaving with no sense of responsibility or maturity and we believe the remedy is not mere Bible study but the love and investment of a spiritual father. When men and women are in covenant with a spiritual father, that’s when they are healed from the orphan spirit, come into sonship, and mature to a place where they can manifest the love of God the Father to others (Ps 68:5-6).

#4 – Be Faithful in Small Things
Sermon by Christian Lee, October 10, 2010: mp3
We believe faithfulness in small things prepares us for bigger assignments. Thus we encourage all our members to pursue greatness through servanthood (Matt 20:26).

#5 – The Anointing Flows from the Top Down
Sermon by Christian Lee, February 10, 2013: mp3
The anointing flows from the top down. This means simply that God has designed it so that blessings, covering, and supernatural grace are released into your life as you learn to submit to and honor your spiritual authorities. If you refuse to allow a spiritual leader to speak into your life, you are only keeping yourself from the graces God has ordained to help you grow and gain your breakthroughs.

#6 – Roll with the Punches
Sermon by Christian Lee, October 24, 2010: mp3
We believe in laying down good structure (plans, programs, schedules) but we believe that structure should always submit to spirit. Since the Holy Spirit is a lot like the wind and we can’t always predict what He’s going to do, we believe that flexibility and adaptability are key aspects of Christian faith.

#7 – Supernatural is Natural
Sermon by Christian Lee, March 4, 2012: mp3
The supernatural is natural to God. Since we are His people, healings, miracles, signs, and wonders should be natural to us as well. Everyone has a grid by which they see the world. Some are based on people’s lack of experience, we choose grids based on the standard of God’s word.

#8 – Contend for the Kingdom
Sermon by Christian Lee, November 21, 2010: mp3
Contending for the kingdom involves being thankful with what we’ve got but pressing in with hunger for more. We believe God desires to unleash more, whether it’s a greater measure of miracles, healing, favor, or justice. But to see more loosed from heaven onto the earth, a people must contend til they see the King’s dominion (kingdom) come. We teach our members never to stoop the word of God down to their lack of experience but rather to contend til their experience is aligned to the glorious promises of God’s word.

#9 – Dream Big
Sermon by Christian Lee, November 28, 2010: mp3
Scripture says no eye has seen nor ear heard what God has prepared for those who love him (I Cor. 2:9). Elsewhere it says that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20). Just like God told Abraham to count the stars of the sky, God is calling our generation to dream big and then to run the race with the heart of a champion (I Cor. 9:24) to gain a crown that will last forever.