New Philly’s First Building

The new building will consist of the following six main elements: 1) main sanctuary, 2) overflow sanctuary, 3) classrooms, 4) office space, 5) conference and counseling rooms, 6) guest house. This page will be periodically updated with architectural blueprints as a professional narrows down our estimated costs and is thus subject to change.

01 Cover
02 Overview
03 Main Sanctuary
04 Overflow Sanctuary
05 Offices
06 Guest House

1. Main Sanctuary

The main sanctuary venue will be a multipurpose space. It will be used for New Philly Hongdae’s Sunday services, baptisms, leadership training, banquets, Seoul’s Joint Prayer Meeting, and AIM events (Association of International Ministries). We also plan to publicly rent out the venue for the performing arts.

2. Overflow Sanctuary

The overflow sanctuary will be a multipurpose space as well. We plan to make the space convertible from one large room to two. It will be used for New Philly’s house of prayer (K1 Prayer Tabernacle), Emmaus events, youth ministry events, praise practices, leadership training, Sunday Swim, NRTC, Membership Class, and as an overflow room for Sunday service. We plan to build quiet time mini-rooms around the corners of the overflow sanctuary so that people can have private devotions in these rooms throughout the week.

3. Classrooms

Classrooms will be used for our planned K1 Training School, youth and children’s programs, and Bible studies. One room will double up as a state of the art dance studio and if budget permits, we hope to build a separate room for music recordings.

4. Office Space

Our office space will host our New Philly staff, Emmaus staff, K1 staff, NPWM staff, and we hope to have an area where other non-profits in the city can rent office space at a reasonable rate.

5. Conference and Counseling Rooms

Conference rooms will be used for various staff and church leadership meetings. Counseling rooms will be used for New Philly’s healing and deliverance and counseling ministries.

6. Guest House

Our guest house will have VIP rooms which will be used for guest speakers, NPWM pastors, and key partners of New Philly who are visiting from out of town. We plan to make it family-friendly. The remainder of the guest house will be used as the living quarters for students of our K1 Training School. The guest house will have standard amenities like a laundromat, kitchenette, TV lounge, and study area.

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