Recap – Korea Campus Retreats

Each of the respective Korea campuses gathered together for a weekend of fellowship, teaching, worship and prayer.

Date: November 3-5 (Hongdae/Sillim), November 10-12 (Itaewon/Busan) 2017.
Location: Welli Hilli Resort (Hongdae), Chereville Hotel (Sillim/Itaewon), Eden Valley Resort (Busan).

NP Hongdae photos courtesy of:
Stella Lee
Valerie Ng
Hyejoo Lee
Audrey Tan Ngerong
Matthew Ko

NP Sillim photos courtesy of:
Hannah Chong

NP Itaewon photos courtesy of:
Anthony Martinez
Silvia Lee
Noble Orji
Andrew Contreras
Marcus Tsang

NP Busan photos courtesy of:
InAi Kang
Carol Lee

Members of the community gathered together for a time of powerful worship at the Hongdae retreat.

Welcoming people to the first session at the Sillim retreat.

Busan campus gathered together for a group picture.

A picture taken during games time at the Itaewon retreat.

The entire albums can be found on our Facebook and Flickr pages.

Hongdae Retreat

Itaewon Retreat

Busan Retreat

Sillim Retreat

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