2015 West Papua – Yii Koah Kien

Kingdom Authority

Throughout my 2 years at New Philadelphia Church, I have often heard the phrase “authority as sons and daughters of God.” Although the phrase was preached many times in different sermons by different pastors of my church, I had never been able to connect to it at a personal level, probably due to my lack of ministry experience. I did not understand what it truly meant that I, as a son of God, carry authority from Heaven. But now having served the Lord in the West Papua mission field, I know that I am a son, and I know that I have been called to do mighty things for His Kingdom.

This first mission trip was a bit different from what I had imagined. Instead of orphans or youths or the unsaved, my team started by sowing into church leaders and elders from the inland of West Papua. When we think of ministering to children or people with bondage, oftentimes we think of ministering out of a heart of love, compassion, and empathy. But when it comes to ministering to church leaders who have some ministry experience and clear goals for their disciples, I knew that I needed to minister with a greater level of authority.

There is a saying that when you are in the mission field, you get more sensitive towards the Holy Spirit and to the voice of the Lord. This is true. But as much as I could sense and hear from God with greater clarity, the voice of the enemy also got louder. The enemy knew that I was struggling with believing in the authority that I carry as a son of God. Therefore lies started to come my way that caused me to strive as I was praying for different people at altar calls, and also as I was praying for my team members as the team doctor.

But through God’s power and His goodness, He broke off the lies of the enemy. During one evening session, the team was teaching and ministering specifically about physical healing. Among the first few church leaders that I prayed for, one had knee problems and was not able to walk properly. I recalled what I learned from my missions training and contended and prayed for about 1 minute. And when I asked the church leader to check his knees again, the man was bending his knees like an athlete! I stared for a moment in awe and asked him to jump along with me. The man was jumping up and high and he was ready to run! While he was smiling and rejoicing in thanksgiving, I was also feeling so thankful. I was honored and humbled that God would move and bless His people powerfully through me. I finally began to grasp what it means to carrying authority when I pray and minister.

But little did I know that I was just scratching the surface.

On the last night of our ministry in West Papua, our team led a youth revival service at the church of our local ministry contact, Pastor Tandi’s. We got together and prayed before the revival service. We also broke off discouragement, as there were only about 10 students present when worship started. My heart was filled with so much excitement because I knew that whenever things do not go the way we would have expected, it means that God has a greater plan in store.


During worship, the first song we sang was about praising God’s goodness and laying down our lives at the feet of Jesus. I was so wrecked and ministered to by the Holy Spirit. I remembered that before I left for the trip, Pastor John-Michael, one of the lead pastors of my church campus, prayed and prophesied that God would put new clothes on me and lead me to take a big step forward. That was exactly what I felt as God’s Spirit was empowering me with greater authority. After worship, as I looked back at the seats, the number of students grew from 10 to about 60!

After Pastor David Ahn preached a message on God’s love and presence, we had an altar call to bless the students and also pray for them to experience the love and presence of God. During the altar call, there was a girl who was crying while she was receiving prayer from Pastor Tandi. Pastor David asked me to talk to Pastor Tandi and bring her into a separate small room. We brought her in and began to pray for the Father’s love to fill up the heart of His daughter. A while later, my team leader Delia came in to pray for the girl as well. At that moment, she started to manifest demonically. She tried to escape through the window and we had to hold her down. Pastor Sunny from Full Gospel Las Vegas also came into the room to help pray and eventually, Jesus won over the demon.

After we ended our ministry that night, I broke down in tears because I felt so terrified in the spirit. That was my first experience having to deal with demon possession. I was haunted by the image of the girl staring right into my eyes while I was holding her down. She looked at me while hitting my hand, screaming “NO” and mocked me when I was praying to cast the evil spirit out of the girl. At that moment, I began to question my authority again.

But through prayers of Pastor Sunny, Delia, and Pastor David, and most importantly through God’s voice as I tried to process what had happened, fear was broken off me. I began to understand that God definitely did not put me into that situation to discourage me. In fact, God had placed me there to strategically empower me- to enable me to experience His sovereignty and also the authority that I carry as His son. God says, “Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the battle is not yours but mine” (2 Chronicles 20:15).

I feel a drastic change in my mind and my heart, as I now finally understand how much weight and authority there is in every word I speak and proclaim in Jesus’ mighty name. There is a big difference between believing our identity as children of God and actually understanding the authority that we carry from that identity. In Luke 10:18, Jesus replied to the seventy-two that He has sent out, “I saw Satan fall like lighting from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Yes and amen!

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