2015 Japan – Kayc Hilihetule

Sowing Seeds into God’s Garden

Signing up for New Philly missions, I was privileged enough to be on Team Japan. We were a performing arts team formed to spread the word of God through our artistic gifts. Before setting off on our journey, I knew that our mission field would be very different from the others. Japan wasn’t like other nations because it is a 1st world country. It is rich in wealth but poor in terms of Kingdom riches and Glory. God was definitely going to have his way, but in a way that I had never seen before- not only for the people of Japan but for myself personally as well. I did my best to prepare spiritually for the trip by praying and asking God how he would use me while I was in this nation where the Christian population is less than 1%. The day for departure finally came and we set off on our trip to see how God would use us as His vessels.

The team arrived at Narita airport around 11am in the morning, gathered our bags, and set off for Noborito Church, where we would be stationed during our stay in Tokyo. Day 1 was mostly about settling in and getting to know Vicente and Janine (our local contacts) as well as getting an idea of what our outreach would look like for the week. It was pretty exciting to know we would start our ministry by dancing at 2 main subway stations the next day, both of which were close to the church. It would be our first outreach in Tokyo as a team. All of our preparation, prayers, and hard work finally would be put into full effect. But what did God have waiting for us the next day? That was the question.

On day two, after breakfast, we all gathered and started the day off with devotions. Man, how awesome is it to wake up and worship in the morning and do devotions with your missions family. I wish I could start every morning off like this. We then performed at our first train station that evening. It went well. We managed to brush off a few cobwebs and perform to people walking by who stopped to watch as we were handing out flyers for the church dance party on Sunday. As a team, dancing together and performing together, the months of practice definitely finally came into effect, and it was good to get a solid performance under our belt the first night, which would definitely prepare us for the week to come.

After performing, we set off to the second station. There, it was a little different. This station is actually where a lot of the dancers gather to practice and train in the reflection of the big glass windows of the station. So when our team arrived, we looked a little intimidating as we were wearing our uniforms and whatnot. Haha. We kind of looked like a dance troupe from the movie “You Got Served” who came in to battle the locals. We didn’t want to intrude too much with our speaker and set choreo, so we decided to just have a jam, turn some music on, and let the bboys do their thing. From here we managed to catch up with a bboy who was jamming on his own. His name was Ryo. He was a pretty young dude. He started to bboy with Vicente, the brother who was hosting us. Then our team Danny joined in and all of a sudden, he pulled his knee.

So as is common in New Philly culture, we prayed for the soreness to go away and rebuked all injury and pain in his leg. The team all gathered around, surrounded him, laid hands, and began to pray for his healing. As we were praying, Ryo asked Vicente what we were doing. Vicente began to explain about healing and how God works. From there Danny joined the conversation and then broke down the Gospel for Ryo. At this point, the team didn’t want to crowd him, so we give them their space and let Danny go to work. I don’t know if y’all know, but Danny is one super experienced leader, especially in the mission field. We were all standing around and after a short time Danny walks over and says to us “Ryo just accepted Christ into his life.”

WOW just like that! We didn’t know what Danny said to him, but it was enough to let him decide for himself at that very moment that he would accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. The team broke out into joy; some of the girls shed tears or broke down in happiness. To witness such a thing happen in front of our eyes was God saying that He works in different ways. It doesn’t matter if we see 1,000 salvations or 1. Even 1 in a nation of less than 1% Christians is extraordinary, We came to this nation to plant seeds that will later flourish into abundant fruit, and this was a perfect example of how God works in different ways. A young teenage bboy, born and raised in Japan, just accepted Jesus Christ into his life. Imagine the people he can impact through bboy talents, and even the dance circles around him. Ryo will be the seed that grows into the fruit that the nation of Japan needs to become rich and wealthy in his Glory.

To further our joy and excitement, Ryo came out to service that very Sunday. We got to have dinner with him and get to know him more. And finally he came out to community group discipleship on Wednesday. Not only were we able to witness Ryo accepting Jesus Christ, but we were able to connect him to the local church community. Even long after we are gone, he will still be in good hands.

Before small groups on Wednesday the team went to explore downtown Tokyo and were able to visit a Christian book store, possibly the only one in Japan. We bought Ryo a Bible and all left personal messages on it for him to read. Since we were in different groups, I wasn’t able to be there when they gifted the Bible to him. But I heard that Ryo was overwhelmed with joy, and was so happy that he was given his first Bible.

Team Japan wasn’t sent to bring the fire to the masses, or to save hundreds or thousands. We were there to plant seeds into a nation that needs fruit of its own. Fruit that the local churches will connect with and be able to minister to- Japanese people who will build up their nation and be fully equipped to sow their own seeds into their own people. Big things are going to happen in Japan- for the people and for the nation. God always looks out for all of His children. Japan is no different. What an honor it was to go on missions to such an amazing country. I can’t wait for when Japan experiences true revival in the masses.

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