2015 Delhi – Young Kim

A Masterpiece

Hello friends, I would like to share the testimony of my team’s trip to New Delhi, India. Our trip consisted of three main parts. We ministered at revival services for college students from the Kuki tribe, a ministry led by Pastor Letlal. We also ministered to the children of Grace Home for Children, and held services for the members of Grace Community Church. Both ministries are led by Pastor John and Sister Annie. I’m only going to be sharing about our time with the Kuki tribe college students, as I felt God highlighting His love and empowering grace over these students to reach India.

This is the story of Ngammin, a college student and member of the Kuki people, a tribe originally from Manipur, Northeast India. The Kuki represent an important portion of the total 2.3% Christian population in India. Ngammin’s experience is representative for his 40 classmates that attended our revival services. He is a political science major at the University of Delhi, the leading university in India. His hometown in Mizoram in Northeast India is a 5 hour flight away, too far to go and come back to prepare his government entrance exams. His pastor and our NPWM (Native Partners for World Missions) contact, Pastor Letlal had invited him and his classmates to come to a revival youth service led by our team. Earlier last year in 2014, a team had already come to minister and many of his classmates had received the filling of the Holy Spirit. Ngammin is a Christian and the church is just a 10 min walk from his house. So this year he thought, why not attend the services? Ngammin came to the services with his college friends. The second revival service night, he listened to Pastor Anna’s preach on the Holy Spirit. He received prayed during the altar call, and deeply felt God’s love during the prayer time.

But one thing that Ngammin didn’t know was how much was God preparing in advance for him to have this simple encounter to experience His love. Two months before that day, in Korea, God was preparing our team to minister in the field. I personally didn’t want to go. But after some wrestling with the Lord, knowing I would not get another chance to go for a while, I applied in faith two weeks after the application deadline and was accepted to join. Slowly as the team was getting closer to the trip date, God started giving us His heart for the Kuki tribe and Grace Home.

During the first revival service, the enemy wanted to block God’s love over the Kuki youth. Ngammin and his friends listened to Pastor Anna’s sermon. She had an altar call to pray for people, but Ngammin and his friends didn’t stand up to receive prayer. Sister Pinky (Pastor Letlal’s wife) said they wouldn’t stand up for an altar call because of cultural barriers. But later that night during the team’s debrief, Pastor Anna shared that she sensed a spiritual blockage at the service. We prayed that night and I could feel the Holy Spirit empowering the team. I was one of the people that prayed out loud that night. Though I wanted to pray with composure, I couldn’t help but intercede with greater authority, shouting out and asking the Lord to bring forth His perfect will over the students. I then felt the Spirit rushing over the team. Stephanie, one our team members, shared after our trip that her intercessor friend from back home felt called to pray for our team that very night. This friend had seen a vision of evil spirits attacking our team, and she was standing and blocking them in prayer. Despite the enemy’s schemes, God was orchestrating everything so we could minister to Ngammin and his friends on the second night.

Now a week after our trip, I realize it wasn’t until the very last day in India that I truly grasped what God was doing with the Kuki youth. Right before our departure back to Korea, Pastor John, Sister Annie and the girls from Grace Home prayed for the team. The presence of the Spirit was thick, and I felt the Holy Spirit speaking through Psalms 8:2: “Out of the mouth of babies and infants, [I] have established strength because of [my] foes, to still the enemy and the avenger.” God had shown Ngammin through a prayer at the altar that God loves him. In the same way, it was through a prayer from the girls of Grace Home that I got a revelation that He was raising an army of mighty warriors from the persecuted Kuki tribe students, and also His young orphan girls, to bring His Kingdom down to India. God was raising the weakest in India to bring revival. God’s wisdom is so much higher and I could not help but to cry in awe of His wisdom. This is an ongoing work, God’s masterpiece.

As you read, I would like you to be part of this journey. I invite you to join me in prayer for wisdom and increasing Holy Spirit anointing over Pastor Letlal as he continues to disciple Ngammin and the youth of the Kuki tribe. I also want to thank you for your support and prayers over our team. The team and I couldn’t have been able to see this level of fruit without your prayers and financial support. God loves the Kuki tribe youth, and He is determined to raise them up because He loves India with a deep love.

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