Culture of Trust

New Philly Busan
Preached by Caleb Lee on April 3, 2016, Sunday.


Trust is an important and essential part of human existence. We all have a need to trust and be trusted. Trust is what makes relationship and true intimacy possible. As believers we are called to trust first in God. Our trust must be in God instead of money, family, jobs, education or anything else that can give us any sense of security. Our confidence must first come from God. With that said, we as believers are called to help create a culture of trust in our environment. Especially in the church, we must develop a culture of trust. Avoid fear, gossip and deception that kills trust, and develop trust by being trustworthy. By being more like Christ, and being led in love, we are able to create a culture of trust that can attract the lost and broken people in the world that needs Jesus desperately.

Discussion Questions

CG questions written by Caleb Lee.

  1. Think of a relationship that you have where trust is firmly established. What are some characteristics about them that help you to trust them? How were you able to build that trust?
  2. Share of a time where trust was lost. What caused the break in trust? Were you able to rebuild the trust? Why or why not? Is there ever a situation where it’s okay to not trust a person?
  3. We are to trust in God first and foremost. We can easily slip into a state of trusting our flesh and our abilities. What are some things that you may be trusting in now that God wants you to lay down? What are some fears and insecurities that come up when you are challenged to let this go?
  4. Which of the killers of trust that Pastor Caleb mentioned in his sermon (fear, gossip, and deception) do you find yourself personally struggling with? Why do you think that it has such a hold on you? What are some steps that we can take to avoid these things?
  5. In order to develop a culture of trust, we must first be trustworthy. Which of the aspects of building trustworthiness is most difficult for you? What are some practical steps that we can take to develop a culture of trust for our community and towards non-Christians?

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