NP Hongdae is Moving

New Philly Hongdae is moving?
Yes! New Philly Hongdae is moving into the newly leased and renovated Antioch Center located in the Hongdae section of Seoul. NP Hongdae will have its first Sunday service on Sunday, April 26! We ask all church members to refrain from inviting newcomers until the following Sunday so we can get situated in the new sanctuary. Take note: NP Hongdae will no longer have a 1pm service at Jeilsungdo.

What time will service be?
New Philly Hongdae’s Sunday service will be pulled up from 1pm to 11am starting April 26! Please take note of the change in start time. Sunday Swim will be at 9:30am.

What is the Antioch Center?
The Antioch Center is New Philly’s central facility from which we aim to support and serve New Philly’s ministries, other local churches, and the city. Lord willing, we plan to acquire land and build a permanent Antioch Center in the near future using our 2020 Fund. In the meantime, we have leased space to serve as our interim facility. Construction began in late March and is expected to finish by late April.

Why do you need a central facility?
New Philly is a multi-site church and having a central facility helps us provide leadership, support, and resources to all our remote church communities. This facility will also support and/or host the following ministries: discipleship, missions, multimedia, house of prayer (K1 Prayer Tabernacle), college (Emmaus), youth (Damascus), children, dance (K1 Dance Studio), counseling, and healing and deliverance.

How will the Antioch Center serve other local churches?
New Philly believes we’ve been blessed to be a blessing to the wider body of Christ. It is our desire to use the Antioch Center to serve, bless, and equip leaders in other local churches that lack the support and resources they need to lead effective ministries. One way in which we plan to do this is by opening up a training school that will equip full-time pastors and church planters. The Antioch Center will also host the city-wide Jeremiah Prayer Meeting in Seoul and our house of prayer ministry (K1 Prayer Tabernacle) which is open to all.

How will the Antioch Center serve the city?
Thanks to the teachings of church leaders like Erwin McManus and Tim Keller, New Philly has developed a strong sense of calling to the city. We are currently in the process of discerning how our community can best use the Antioch Center to serve the city and shape its culture.

How do I get there?
Directions to the Antioch Center are very simple. If you are driving, punch this address into the car’s navigation system:
서울특별시 마포구 잔다리로 3 (서교동)
Jandari-ro 3, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

By subway, it is a five minute walk from Sangsu station or an 8 minute walk from Hapjeong station.

Demolition Day 1: Destroying the old structures of the 5F to clear it away for our new sanctuary.

Demolition Day 3: The demolition of the 5F was no easy task because the ceilings were so high and many of the walls were made of brick.

Demolition Day 3: Pastor David Ahn counting all the lights of the 4F, the new location of NP’s offices, classroom, and counseling center.

Construction Day 6: Studying the blueprints before cutting up the wood.

Construction Day 12: Putting up the framework for the 4F conference room.

Construction Day 12: The restrooms requires a lot of brick to make sure the walls are soundproof and waterproof!

Construction Day 12: Laying down steel beams for the baby lounge and the tech/video broadcast loft.

Construction Day 14: Building the shape of the stage!

Construction Day 21: The counseling center and a waiting area.

Construction Day 21: One of the two conference rooms.

Construction Day 23: Putting on the graphic design for the walls of the 5F sanctuary.

Construction Day 23: Mirrors for our Monday dance classes.

Construction Day 23: Location of our Sunday children’s ministry.

Construction Day 23: PC and PE’s offices.

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