Does God Like You?

New Philly Sillim
Preached by Emily Suen on November 23, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 46 minutes (audio)


Discussion Questions

  1. Fear of the Lord is good but a fear that results from misunderstanding is bad. Pastor Emily shared how she had an unhealthy fear in regards to this passage due to a misunderstanding of God’s character. Were you able to relate to her fears? If so, how have those fears changed as a result of this message?
  2. Read Matt 7:21-23: God did not say, “you never knew me”, but he said, “I never knew you”. Comment on how this is an important distinction to make in our walk with Him.
  3. P. Emily shared about her testimony and how the power of transparency can save lives. Share a story about how your own transparency or someone else’s carried this type of power.
  4. Discuss Genesis 3:8-11: Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden and when God came, he said, “Where are you?” Do you think the all-knowing God was actually looking for Adam’s geographical location? If not, what do you think He was looking for?
  5. How did this message change the way in which you view God and how did it change the way in which you desire to grow in relationship with Him? As a group, brainstorm some practical ways we can be more real with the Lord.


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