Wisdom with Food

New Philly Hongdae (video streamed to Sillim, Itaewon, Busan, Sydney)
Preached by Christian Lee on October 5, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 60 minutes (audio)

This is part 3 in the sermon series Wisdom with the Body.


Discussion Questions

PC: “CG1 and CG2’s from all New Philly campuses, post a comment with feedback on how your discussions went. I welcome all suggestions and improvements from CG leaders and members alike! Thank you!”



  1. Most Christians condemn drugs, smoking, and drunkenness/debauchery as sinful. But when it comes to overeating, why do you think no one wants to speak up about it? Is there a need to bring it up in the church? What happens if the church avoids it as a taboo subject?
  2. Read Deuteronomy 21:18-21. According to this passage, what was gluttony a symptom of? Why is it important to learn self control while under the authority of your parents?
  3. Read Ezekiel 16:49. In this verse, what is God indicting the city of Sodom for? Do you see similar guilt in affluent individuals and nations today?
  4. Read Heb. 12:16. Why is Esau condemned in this verse for being godless? Are there ways in which people act like Esau today?
    Personal Sharing: Self-Image, Obesity and Eating Disorders

  6. If you are or were overweight or obese and wouldn’t mind sharing, what has your experience with obesity been like? Have you experienced shame, guilt, or social isolation or any discrimination for your weight?
  7. Read this quote together: “The inner you alone does not make up your self-image. Self-image is always affected by your physical face and body… If you are beautiful and healthy on the inside, don’t just keep it wrapped up on the inside but have it show in your physical health, hygiene, and appearance.” What has your experience with self-image and self-esteem been like in the past? What is it like today?
  8. Being slender does not necessarily mean you are honoring God with your body. According to the sermon how are eating disorders connected to idolatry? Share in your own words.
  9. If you’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past, can you share what your experience was like?
    Application Points

  11. God creates people in a diversity of body types. Some people may be accused of being overweight when in reality, they are at a healthy weight for their body type. Why is it important as Christians to enlarge our definition of beauty and health to include a diversity of body types? What are the effects of idealizing one body type as the standard of beauty?
  12. Read Gal. 5:22-23, Prov. 25:28, and 1 Pet. 5:8. According to these verses, what is the greatest wisdom we can gain in regards to food?



  • Memorize Romans 12:1 and I Cor. 6:19-20.
  • Obesity is defined by using a person’s body mass index. You can calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in kg by your height in meters squared. For Pastor Christian, he took 65 kg and divided it by 1.68 meters squared (2.822). His BMI is 23.1. What is yours? Do you feel it is an accurate assessment of your health? If you are overweight or obese, what steps can you take to exercise self control with food and honor God with your body? (18.5-24.9 is considered normal, 25-29.9 is overweight, 30-34.9 is obese class I, 35-39.9 is obese class II, 40+ is extreme obesity)



  1. Louis Kang says:

    This was a great study. We slowly went over the questions and then really shared our experiences with the personal discussion part. The Holy Spirit was really flowing during that part. It was quite a heavy topic so it was expected.

  2. We discussed in smaller, gender specific groups due to the nature of the topic. It was a very good time of honest sharing and “aha!” moments for the girls! I love our CG and its talkative nature ^^ the questions in these studies drive us deeper and the connections people are making cause us all to think in new ways– even though we all heard the same message.

  3. Roy Chung says:

    Most of our discussion involved people telling about personal experiences. In particular many people had things to say about questions 6. and 9. I feel it’s very important for us to have a biblical perspective, but for whatever reason(s), the questions about biblical passages don’t generate as much discussion.
    Overall, the discussion was engaging with everyone participating. However, it seemed more mind-transformation and challenges to perspective took place as opposed to healing as not many (any?) in our CG seemed to have self-image issues that were major or undealt with.

  4. Kim MacDonald says:

    We only had 5 or 6 people this week so we left the group co-ed. I wanted to help our cg, especially the girls, begin to be comfortable with speaking about these things in front of guys. (When you get married you have to deal with these things in front of someone else so lets start by talking about it!) I know that there were something left unsaid but it was a stepping stone to bigger things! Most people thought it was a very needed sermon. We spent a lot of time talking about our past experiences with our families and friends in regards to the way we look. It was a good chance for everyone to get to know each other at a deeper level. Kim

  5. David Ahn says:

    We discussed questions related to the need of the topic of food to be preached and potential reasons why this topic has been so taboo. Towards the end we invited members to be vulnerable and share about issues with self-image related to food disorders and being overweight. Overall, the sharing time was sweet and really helped the CG feel like a safe place to talk about real things.

  6. Joanna Oh says:

    We happen to have only the girls come for CG when we discussed this sermon together. So we were able to go deep and share really honestly about our struggles regards to food, self image, weight etc. All of my girls enjoyed this message and one of them particularly said it really blessed her that she heard about this in a church. She also has been experiencing supernatural breakthrough with her eating habbits after this sermon went out. I think we ended up talking about all the questions naturally as we shared together. It was really great CG session.

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