Abba, Father

New Philly Sillim
Preached by Sky Becker on October 26, 2014, Sunday.


Discussion Questions

  1. P. Sky mentioned 10 general roles of a father (priest, protector, provider, teacher, playmate, companion, trainer, talent developer, procreator and servant). Which role or roles of a father do you find most descriptive of your definition of ‘father’ and which is most difficult and why?
  2. How has your earthly father affected the way you see your heavenly father?
  3. Read Psalm 68:6. How has God dealt with, delivered, refilled and recharged you by placing you in family? Has this affected you as an ambassador of reconciliation in your earthly family?
  4. The first step P. Sky offered to see transformation in families is we must first learn to receive God’s love. If you want to give to your family, you first need to learn to receive. Discuss how this has been tested, tried and true in your life.
  5. What was your reaction to the amazing testimony P. Sky shared in regards to her father’s miraculous and surprising transformation. How can this testimony encourage those who are feeling the burden or responsibility for their family’s salvation?


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