The Sweetest Voice

New Philly Sydney
Preached by Jamie Yoo on June 29, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 51 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

Part 1: Getting-to-know-me

  1. P. Jamie shared how God deepened her hunger and longing to hear God’s voice “in the middle of the night, in her sleep, in her waking moments, etc.” as she was meditating on how God called out to Samuel by name. What has been consuming your heart these days? What are the voices that you have been listening to?
  2. Is God’s voice sweet to you? Share a time when His voice (even a rebuke) from the Lord has been sweet.
    *Read 1 Samuel 3:1-21 for Parts 2 & 3
    Part 2: Digging Deeper

  4. How do you recognize God’s voice? What are the four criteria P. Jamie highlighted?
  5. Read the following verses: 1 Samuel 2:11, 18, 21, 26; 3:1, 7, 19-21. What common theme do you notice in these verses? What do you think the writer might be suggesting in regards to the maturation of Samuel’s ministry?
  6. In vv. 15-16, we see that Samuel was afraid to tell the vision to Eli. What do you think was going on with Samuel and why? How might have you felt and responded? What can you learn about Samuel by his interaction with Eli?
  7. Eli taught Samuel a proper way to respond to the Lord. What was it (v.9) Follow-up question: Describe your posture and attitude when you are seeking to hear from God.
    Part 3: Practical Application

  9. Do you seek God’s voice?
  10. How is God speaking to you today?

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