What You Need to Do

New Philly Itaewon
Preached by Marcus Corpening on May 18, 2014, Sunday.
Duration: 49 minutes (audio)

Discussion Questions

Divine Liability and Human Responsibility

  1. Dr. Kirby Clements mentioned in his sermon at the Church-wide Retreat that Christianity happens at the meeting point of “divine liability” and “human responsibility.” What kinds of things in your Christian walk is God liable for? What are you responsible for?
    “Get Up”

  3. Read Acts 12:1-7. Peter was asleep in the prison after being imprisoned by Herod. Pastor Marcus made the point during his sermon that often times we can be asleep (spiritually blind and unaware of our condition) in our hour of greatest trial and oppression; however, that is when God chooses to strike us to wake us up. Can you think of any time where God struck you in order to wake you up?
  4. The angel commanded Peter to “Get up quickly”, and as he did, the chains fell off! Many times we are tempted to think that deliverance will take a long time when God desires for our chains to fall off instantaneously. We often times are waiting for God to pick us up, when God is exhorting us to “get up”! Are there any areas where God is challenging you to “get up quickly”? What chains do you believe will fall off as a result?
    “Dress Yourself”
    Read Acts 12:8. There is profound truth in the fact that as we mature in the Christian faith, God desires for us to “dress ourselves.” Pastor Marcus mentioned in his sermon that maturity is marked by learning how to take what God has given us, and reapply it to our lives continually, rather than waiting for God to apply it for us.

  6. Look up Isaiah 61:10, Isaiah 61:3, and Luke 15:22. Out of these three garments, which ones do you find yourself needing to put back on most often? Are there any other “garments” that you need to put back on? What are some practical steps you think you can take to “dress yourself” again?
  7. One person who was great at dressing himself was King David. 1 Samuel 30:6 states, “But David encouraged himself in the Lord his God.” The word “encouraged” in the Hebrew means “to make strong, to build up, to encourage.” Sometimes the one person we have the hardest time receiving encouragement from is ourselves. How do you think David encouraged himself? How often do you “encourage yourself” in the Lord?
    “Wrap Your Cloak and Follow Me”- Vision to Reality

  9. Read Acts 12:8-11. After the angel of the Lord told Peter to get up and dress himself, he told him to “wrap his cloak and follow me.” As Peter followed the angel, doors began to open until Peter was out of the prison and into the city. With each step, what Peter thought was a vision became reality. Read Peter’s confession in verse 11 – was Peter absolutely sure of what God was doing as he was following the angel? When did he become sure? What does this say about the measure of faith needed in order to take steps in the right direction?

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