2014 Los Angeles/Las Vegas – Debora Yoon

Divine New Wine

“You’re powerful, Bora.” “You are an anointed woman of God.” “Your words carry so much authority.” These were the words that were constantly spoken to me every time someone prayed for me or when I went up for altar calls. My response to these words was skeptical. I would try to fully believe these prophetic words, but deep inside I had trouble receiving them completely. I knew that I wasn’t supposed to put God in a box because He goes beyond our imagination. And I knew that by doubting myself I was putting MYSELF in a box, basically limiting my faith in the Holy Spirit. But through this ministry trip to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, God removed the scales from my eyes, renewed my faith for the power of the Holy Spirit in me, and allowed me to finally acknowledge that with His Spirit, I actually am powerful. I am anointed.

The night after the team’s arrival in Los Angeles, we woke up early in the morning to have our team devotional time before leaving for the Burning Tree College Ministry retreat. Our team leader Diana asked our team to each share one prophetic word for the retreat. I was the last person to go and the only words that clearly came to me was the phrase “family breakthroughs.”
“Lord, I declare that there will be family breakthroughs. I pray that these college students will have breakthroughs and they will carry these breakthroughs to their families.”

We then left for the retreat. The team was all still jetlagged and when we arrived at Thanksgiving Korean Church, we had to stand in line for registration. While I was in line, this random girl came up to me, tapped my shoulder, and asked, “Bora, do you remember me?” I just stared at her blankly for 3 seconds and then it hit me. She was my cousin. We hadn’t seen each other in about 15 years! We grew up together, but then her family moved to Los Angeles, so we were in contact only through Facebook. We were both amazed at how we even recognized each other. We were so excited to have met at such a random moment that we kept hugging and jumping around. In the midst of the amazement and excitement, I immediately asked God, “What’s going on? God, this is obviously not a coincidence. What are you trying to do?” From that point on, I was constantly praying for my cousin at every possible moment. And slowly God was revealing His plans and revelations for both my cousin and myself.

My cousin’s retreat small group was led by Diana, our team leader. Diana told me that my cousin refused to share anything during small group time. Apparently she would straight-up say, “I don’t share.” Hearing this, instead of being confused and discouraged, I sensed in the Spirit that my cousin had gone through a lot, and I was actually getting hopeful and excited about the transformation that was about to take place in her through this divine retreat. I continuously approached my cousin and checked up on her after breakfast, lunch, and dinner and noticed that she had trouble being vulnerable because she was dealing with trust issues. She couldn’t trust anyone at all. She shared a little bit of what was on her heart and it was mostly concerns about her family. Then I realized that the one person that she can actually trust was me just because I was her cousin. God has specifically sent me on this trip to attend this retreat to reach out and minister to my cousin!

With this realization, I started contending for my cousin. During praise and worship time on the last night of the retreat (when later Pastor Christian would preach a message on fire of the Holy Spirit), I myself had an unexpected, yet powerful, encounter with the Holy Spirit. The moment the worship leader strummed his guitar, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit so thick and strong. I was surprised at the fact that I was about to manifest when we had not even finished the first worship song of the night. Honestly, I was tempted to resist because I felt like I was just being too emotional. But God said one simple word so clearly to me, “Receive.” So I immediately opened my heart to receive and the next thing I knew, I was crying… crying so hard and so loud. In that moment, God showed me revelation after revelation like in a movie. I literally saw various scenes passing by- one scene after another. I saw myself when I was an elementary school student kneeling down by my bed praying for my family. Then I saw a memory of my cousins playing at the beach when we used to all live together. It was like I was watching an entire movie that showed me so vividly that God is bringing breakthrough to my family and relatives. And then God showed me clear words again: “second generation.” He said now it’s up to the second generation to pray for our families and surely breakthrough and reconciliation will come.

And just then it hit me. The word I had received and shared during the team devotional time at the beginning of the trip, “family breakthroughs,” was quite prophetic. After receiving this powerful revelation, I was overwhelmed by God’s love and felt so happy and confident. After Pastor Christian preached his message on the fire of God, he led a powerful prayer time and we had a Holy Ghost party. While two-thirds of the room were being slain in the Spirit, I saw my cousin in the way back of the room, just standing and observing. A lot of people went to her and prayed for her, but I intentionally stayed back for a little bit. Finally once I felt released to go, I went to my cousin and started praying for her. I’ve never prayed so strongly and aggressively for anyone at the altar. Holy Spirit led me to go strong on her. I was praying for her, breaking off all lies and chains and speaking life and truth over her. I got so many revelations and prophetic words for her that I felt like I was rambling on and on nonstop, but I felt a very big shift in her heart. My cousin then started crying and letting out the deep pains of her heart. Holy Spirit was moving in her and healing her. I was so grateful and happy for her big step of faith.

One revelation I got from the Lord for my cousin was that she is going to carry breakthroughs for her family. I just kept repeating that to her over and over again. It was so divine when I had that random encounter with God before I started ministering that night. Just as the apostles first had to receive the fire of the Holy Spirit before giving in the book of Acts, God was setting me up to pray especially for my cousin. After that night’s service, my cousin actually opened up a bit to her small group leader Diana, and even shared more with me. The more amazing part is that during the revival service the day after the retreat, where Pastor Benjamin (Pastor Chrisitan and Erin’s mentor) spoke, the last altar call was for family breakthroughs and reconciliation. I saw my cousin going up to the altar and crying and praying for her family. I was so overwhelmed. My mind was blown at how God unravels His plans and how His plans are so intricate, detailed, and divine.

Before I even went on this ministry trip, I couldn’t see the anointing I had in prophecy and how powerful my prayers could be. But God was pouring out new wine in me through divine conversations, divine appointments, and divine encounters. Through my cousin I saw God pour out His love not only for me, but also for my family. I can’t believe all that I have experienced through this ministry trip. God really set things up long before I even went. He knew it all. He made my heart to be like new winskin to carry the divine new wine of His Spirit, which would restore and encounter His children beyond what I imagned: “But new wine must be put into fresh wineskins” (Luke 5:38). Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Take this testimony as your own. God bless you!

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