2014 Delhi – Anna Roh

His Intense Love for India

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” –Matthew 19:14

God loves India. When I heard this in the past, I would roll my eyes because it’s an obviously true statement; God loves every country. But it wasn’t until I actually went to India that I was able to feel the depth of love that God has for this nation. God loves every country, but God really loves India. And not only does He really love India, but He specifically loves His children there.

The first portion of our missions trip was spent mostly at Grace Home, an orphanage led by Pastor John (our contact through Native Partners for World Mission) and his wife, Sister Annie. The team spent our mornings teaching the children’s school courses, our afternoons teaching VBS (Christ-centered song and dance), and our evenings holding revival services. I got very close to the kids, especially the class I was assigned to teach for the entire week. My eyes kept on being drawn to the young girls because I just felt an overwhelming love for them from the Lord. Out of everyone at the revival services, they were the ones getting wrecked and crying out to Him with the most hunger. They were the ones falling under the weight of His glory during ministry time. It was very obvious that God was encountering these girls in a visible and intimate way.

One Sunday, after our service at Grace Community Church (Pastor John’s church), the team had some down time. We went over to the home where Pastor John’s family and the older girls from the orphanage reside. As I was sermon prepping on the roof, I suddenly heard loud shouting and screaming. At first, I thought it was an uprising and was alarmed, but I soon realized that it was my team member Sam Khil and my team leader Pastor Paul. I walked into the room and saw that Sam and PP were going around laying hands and praying “Fire!!” over each girl. At first, I just observed because it was so interesting to watch. The team had been given some relaxing free time, but somehow it had turned into a spontaneous prayer meeting! Gradually, this died down and a sweet silence settled into the room. Then one girl began softly singing and slowly the entire room filled with voices- everyone worshiping and praising God. I will never forget the look on the faces of these young girls; so pure, hungry, and content with His presence. After experiencing the outpouring of God, they were singing, “Here I am. Send me.” Usually many people plead with God, “Don’t send me.” But there I was, in a tiny upper room in India with girls in their youth and all of them saying, “God I love you, send me. I will go anywhere as long as You are with me.” I saw the beauty of God on the faces of these young girls and felt the tender love that He has for each of them. I was in awe.

It was very clear throughout the trip that God has a special heart in His place for the youth- the young generation of India. After spending time at Grace Home, the second half of our trip was spent ministering to the Kuki community in Delhi. The Kuki are a tribe from Manipur, Northeast India. Our second NPWM contact, Pastor Letlal, is the lead pastor of Kuki Worship Service Delhi. Through this church, our team held three nights of revival services. The first night was dry and tough. We pressed in and warred against the religious spirit, and the Holy Spirit was poured out on the second night. Many people were slain in the Spirit- falling under the weight of His glory- they were really encountering God that night. As people were receiving a new measure of Holy Spirit, Pastor Marcus led another altar call for full-time ministry. At first, only one person came up. But PM encouraged the young people to answer this call saying, “I feel like there are more in this room. God wants you to dedicate your entire life to Him.”

It’s always special to witness people publically dedicate their lives for God’s Kingdom purposes. But when I saw not only young men, but also the young women come up to the altar- that’s when my heart really broke. Pastor Marcus had all the pastors come up and pray for these youth. As an intern pastor I also was called to the front, and I felt the protective heart of God for these young girls. It is a bold move for girls to come up and dedicate their lives to full-time ministry in India. Women still not have as many open doors in this nation. In fact, at a service where I was introduced as Pastor Anna, a woman came up to me intrigued by the fact that I was pastor. She said she had never met a woman pastor and claimed that there was no one in any part of India that was a pastor yet a woman. In a nation with this kind of culture, I felt so honored and privileged to be able to bless these young girls as they committed their lives to full time ministry.

God really loves India and He loves the youth of this generation. Though we experienced a lot of intense spiritual warfare on this trip, God’s love for this country triumphed through every attack. Please pray for our contact pastors, Pastor John and Pastor Letlal, and the ministries that they are overseeing. Please pray for the youth of India, that they will continue growing in the presence of the Lord. Pray especially for the young people that have dedicated their lives to full-time ministry. This was a life-changing missions trip and I walk away with a deep heart for India and for the children I met there. Thank you for your partnership with me. As we poured out our love to the youth in India and established truths in their lives, I know the Kingdom belongs to them. These youth will continue to change around India for His glory. Amen!

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