2013 Cambodia – Sky Becker

Isaiah 61:3

“To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.” – Isaiah 61:3

On the day of departure to Cambodia, our missions director Lisa Kim came to Incheon International Airport to send off our team, along with the Bangladesh team which was leaving the same day. Before we went through the gate, Lisa gathered our Cambodia team and told us the behind story of how she put our team together, with me being the team leader and my husband John-Michael being the preacher. Lisa said she had originally assigned different people as the leader and preacher, but during worship time at one of the Friday prayer meetings she heard God say to her, “Send the Beckers to Cambodia.” She said she’s never heard God tell her something so clearly and strongly regarding a missions related decision. And as the trip went by, it was beautiful to see why God wanted to bring a team led by the Beckers to Cambodia, because the trip was marked with children’s ministry and healing & deliverance.

The first thing our team did after we landed in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, was go to the Tuol Slen Genocide Museum. The museum is a former high school that was used as a prison by the Khmer Rouge regime in 1975. Our team got to see a glimpse of the gruesome and painful past of the people we were going to minister to. The most heartbreaking part of this history is how the enemy turned the children of Cambodia into heartless soldiers and tools of massacre. But by the time I walked out of the museum, I was filled with hope and excitement, because I saw how the Khmer Rouge regime only lasted for 4 years, and that God had rescued the Cambodians from torment and hell. The horrific images of the victims we were seeing was only in the past, not in the present. The gates of the prison have fallen to the ground, and tourists and missionaries (like us!) are able to step our foot into that building. And I took this to heart as a prophecy unto North Korea, where there are still barbed wires, guns, and torture. But we will soon be able to step our feet unto that land, and the prison cells will turn into schools, hospitals, and churches!

From Phnom Penh our team traveled to Kampot, a province about 3 hours away, with Pastor Lim and Pastor Kimeng, two Cambodian pastors we got to work with throughout the week. During our time in Kampot, our team got to minister to the most beautiful, fiery, God-loving children of Cambodia! To our surprise, about 90 percent of the congregation for all revival services were children or young teens. John-Michael often had to change his sermon on the spot, as we would be unexpectedly greeted by a big group of children wherever we went. These children are being shepherded by Pastor Kimeng, who has planted three churches in Kampot Province and is overseeing the children’s ministry and youth ministry. I could see in the eyes of these children their love for Jesus, and especially a group of teenage boys who were walking in such passion and boldness for the Lord. They ended up following our team around as we went door-to-door evangelizing, ministering with us with compassion and power. One of our team members, Rona, named them “the mighty men of valor” and I called them “David’s army.” At one house, we were praying for a man with a paralyzed arm, and as our team was praying for him I felt the Lord tell me to have one of the boys pray. So I told him to command to life into the hand and for the fingers to move. And as the boy prayed, the man started moving his fingers! The man said he felt a touch of God, and he and his wife ended up giving their lives to Jesus! The boy who got to release this healing is the one on the far right on the picture and he wants to become an engineer. Another boy, Soo-Eun (the one in the middle with blue star patterned shirt on), was being prayed over by the team and I saw a vision of him coming down from the sky, riding on a fiery horse, and I shared the vision with him and told him God is going to use him to bring justice. Soo-Eun told me that while he was getting prayed for he felt in his heart a desire to become a lawyer, which matched up with the vision I had for him! I believe God used our team to empower key future leaders of Cambodia through this trip. The faces on this photo are the future lawyer, engineer, pastor, teacher, government official of Cambodia. Please pray for these sons of God and Pastor Kimeng (the one on the far left) as he shepherds them!

One of the things God put on the hearts of our team members as we were praying for Cambodia was to release one of our church’s core value, “Dream Big.” We found out during evangelism that many of these childrens’ parents are unsaved and uneducated, and the children need someone to instill in them big dreams and a faith that God plans to raise them to high places. As you are well aware, John-Michael and I are missionaries for the orphans of Korea, and just as we are father figures for the orphans, believing in them and speaking truth over them, God was calling us to do the same during this trip. And our team carried that out so perfectly. Every single one of our team members were manifesting and overflowing with the Father’s heart, prophesying life and truth over the children, loving on them physically and spiritually- bringing the presence of God to each and every child.

Another area in which God used our team to love on His people was by bringing inner healing & deliverance from sin. When we went back to Phnom Penh for the weekend, we visited an orphanage run by New Hope for Orphans, where we got to lead a number of children to forgive their parents and whoever had hurt them in the past. While we were in Kampot, we also led one of the church leaders through healing and deliverance prayer on behalf of her family who are practicing Buddhism. She prayed with authority and power over her family, breaking off generational curses and releasing blessings, and she said she felt fire inside of her as she prayed!

God is raising up a mighty army of children in Cambodia at this hour. The very thing satan tried to use (the innocent children) forty years ago to destroy the nation, God has rescued and redeemed to bring hope and a future to the nation of Cambodia. Thank you for praying for me and our team. We could tangibly feel the covering on the field! Please continue to pray for the nation of Cambodia, especially the children in the photo. God bless you!

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