2011 Malaysia – Anna Roh

Identity in Christ


During our one week in Malaysia, we saw over 48 complete healings (some of which included eyes being opened and the deaf hearing!!). We saw the spirit of rejection being broken off, and most importantly, the Father’s heart being poured out into everyone that we met.

One thing that was highlighted to me even before the trip began was our identity in Christ. I felt such a strong attack against my identity during the week before we left, so I felt like identities would be something to concentrate on during the trip. Our team leader asked us to memorize the list of 30 identities in Christ, so I took the time to soak in each identity (okay, I did like 15 of them and then got tired…but I really soaked up those 15).

Throughout the trip, I saw how God used me to manifest the truth of who people really are. He used me in specific ways to break off lies and to clothe people with their true identities; the way God saw them.

The first opportunity came when I had to give my testimony. I started sharing about my encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed my life. I shared a vision of how I looked really dirty because I was clothed in mud, and then Jesus came and put his white robe on me, which instantly made me completely clean. As I changed from dirty to white, I told the people that the Lord changes our identities from being under the lies of the world, to being fully loved. I ended my testimony by having people close their eyes and hold out their hands to receive. I spoke out some identities in which God saw them in. I witnessed the words that God gave me that night powerfully minister to people that were covered in lies.

The second opportunity to being God’s truth came as I was talking with our 19 year old translator named Floriyda. Our team got pretty close to her because she traveled with us wherever we went. During one of the times that we were ministering, I heard God specifically tell me to go hear her testimony. So during one of our dinners, I intentionally sat next to her and asked her to share with me her life story. It turned out to be powerful! She shared how she grew up with a father that didn’t like her from birth because she wasn’t a son. She almost raped at four by her uncle, and her boyfriend cheated on her, and much hatred of men because of all her experiences. Then learning about forgiveness and the Father’s love transformed her heart. I prayed for Floriyda after she shared her testimony. I spoke identity over her, saying that she is loved by the Father, she is blessed and is a blessing to many. After I prayed for her, we had our night service. The message turned out to be about hurt and rejection. Floriyda experienced her breakthrough and a greater revelation of the Father’s heart as she translated the message!

It was crazy to see how God used me to break off lies and speak truth into the Malaysian people. I saw them literally getting hit with the Father’s love as I prayed for them and it was so awesome and humbling to experience. As I poured out truth and spoke identity into the people we met, God did something strange and He began to establish me in His identity as well. When I was asked to share my testimony, I was at first really nervous and anxious. I thought I was going to throw up my dinner. However, as soon as I took the mic, complete peace and confidence filled me. I looked at the crowd and started speaking. By the end, I walked away in awe of the power of God, but most importantly, with a greater understanding of who I am: a woman of boldness and authority. The more I kept establishing others in their true identity, the more God kept strengthening me as well. Everything I poured out, I felt God fill right back up to an overflow.

The week in Malaysia was such an intimate week filled with love, family, and laughter. I can truly say that all 14 of us came back to Korea completely changed. We all had moments of challenge that forced us to take an uncomfortable step outside of our normal zone, but these lessons all paved the way into our destiny. Not only were we able to experience signs and wonders and healings, but we walked away with a greater revelation of the Father’s heart for Malaysia, ourselves, and a greater understanding of how our God really sees us.

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