2010 Philippines – Lydia Ra

The Power and Love of the Holy Spirit


The biggest blessing for me on the 2010 Philippines mission trip was the constant presence of the Holy Spirit and how He became so personal to me. Everywhere I went, He was there, and He manifested His love on our jipney rides, on the mountaintop in the “bushbush,” under the stars, in my conversations, in the tears of those I ministered to, and in crazy healings that I saw. I felt no need to cry out for the Holy Spirit to come and please make His presence known because He was tangible in a way that I’ve never experienced before in my life. Whether I was doing anything or not and seeing miracles or not, God’s presence never left me. The Holy Spirit became a person to me on this trip-my friend, my confidante, and my Helper-not just someone I experience at certain moments, but One who I know will never leave me nor forsake me.

I also loved seeing God work as the Lord our Healer. It was pretty crazy because the blind was really seeing, the deaf was definitely hearing, and the lame was indeed walking. But there was a part of me that was thinking, “Could this really be happening?” Whenever Pastor Christian would ask, “Eighty percent or better? Eighty percent or better?” and people would raise their hands in confirmation, there would be a part of me thinking, “No…that can’t be.” Or when I would get to directly pray for healing, and every person I prayed for would say he or she was completely healed, I made the translator double check. At first, I doubted the healings because the Filipino people gave the most matter-of-fact responses to the healing they received, and we barely saw anyone who was ecstatic about their healing. Some didn’t even crack a smile even after experiencing a major healing. I also think personally, there was a part of me that couldn’t get used to what I was seeing. In some ways, the culture of heaven was still foreign to me, and the norm still was- the lame do not walk, the deaf do not hear, and the blind do not see. So when my norms started getting challenged and God started being God, I realized that I better start getting used to God being Himself and me being myself as a citizen of heaven.

Finally, I was super blessed and challenged by my team, and even all the hilarious, non-ministry experiences we had together ministered to me in a strange way. Some of the craziest, weirdest, and most lovable people from New Philly and ECF were on our team-Caleb, Myunghwa, Diddy, Michael, Peter, Daniel, Haewon, Mijeong unni, and the list goes on. I felt honored to be part of this team of leaders, who really manifested the Father’s heart throughout this trip not only to the people they ministered to, but also to me. I would also like to thank our team of supporters in Korea who prayed, fasted, and supported us. When we were ministering especially on Friday night and Sunday, I could literally feel the power of your prayers. Thank you all!

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