New Philly Hongdae offers two Sunday worship times. The community that meets in the morning is called Hongdae-Alpha and in the afternoon, Hongdae-Omega. We are two communities under one campus. A baby room is available in the back of the sanctuary for parents with kids under the age of 24 months (when crowded, access is limited to one parent per child).

Sundays 10:30*

Sundays 14:30

* We have a children’s program (aged 2 to 6) during our morning service. If you are visiting with children let us know at hongdae@newphilly.cc.

English: Art Building 5F, Jandari-ro 3, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Korean: 서울특별시 마포구 잔다리로 3 (서교동) 아트빌딩5층

Campus Pastors
Christian & Erin Lee

Omega Community Pastor
Myunghwa Choi

Worship Pastor
Jon Neufeld

Worship Leader
Susy Park

Accountability Pastors
Jon Neufeld, Susy Park

DSC_2263 (1F Art Bldg)_Fotor

By Subway (line 2)*

  1. Take the subway to Hapjeong Station (합정역).
  2. Take exit 3 and walk straight for two minutes.
  3. Once you see the Bobos Hotel on the corner, make a right.
  4. Walk straight for six minutes and follow the road as it winds until you hit a T-intersection. Our building is on the right (before you arrive at the Vans store).

* There is also an alternate route from Hongdae Station exit 9 (홍대역) that requires an eight minute walk but the directions from Hapjeong Station are simpler for newcomers.

By Subway (line 6)

  1. Take the subway to Sangsu Station (상수역).
  2. Take exit 1, turn around upon hitting the street level, and make a left at the corner.
  3. Walk for five minutes and make a left when you see the Vans store on the corner. Our building is on the left after you pass the Vans store.


By Taxi

Please refer to the map below when taking a taxi.

  1. Tell the taxi driver to drop you off at “Gook Dong Bang Song in Hongdae” (극동방송) or have him punch the following into the navigation system: 서울특별시 마포구 잔다리로 3 (서교동)
  2. If you get off at “Gook Dong Bang Song” (극동방송), look for the Vans store at the T-intersection down the street and our building is on your left.


By Car

If you don’t have a Navigation system, please refer to the map below.

  1. Punch the following address into your Navigation system:
    서울특별시 마포구 잔다리로 3 (서교동)
  2. For newcomers/visitors, we have two reserved parking spaces that are filled on a first come first served basis. Please come early if you are driving (our ushers will help find free or fee-based parking spots in the area if our parking lot is full).


Contact our office at (02) 706-2501 if you are lost and need further directions.


We want our newcomer experience to be a pleasant one. If you have any suggestions or improvements contact us at feedback@newphilly.cc.


  1. I attended NP Hongdae for the first time and wanted to thank Pastor Christian and the team for your leadership. God is using you in a mighty way and I was blessed to see what the Lord is doing through you. I loved how your team stood several blocks away with the church sign so that the newcomers can find your community. I also loved hearing a great message with lots of awesome testimonies during your baptism. Thankful for your praise team that was spirit filled. Finally, glad to see Stella Koo who I’ve known from Maryland.

  2. hi hello this is rob zagardo in new york,,,me and fellow pastor Augustine would like to preach and give testimony in seoul about our soul in Christ,,,,maybe in October,,,may we fellowship in true holy spirit with you as did the first century church under peter and paul and other apostles?

    I will call in a few days,,,,Augustine needs assistance from the body of Christ,,as did peter and paul whilest in roman occupied world,,,,,as you know now as America is now forsaking God and becoming like 1st century rome–not believing fully to follow master Jesus–only while is comfortable—making their living with unholy vile jobs in media,,,leading young people to confusion,,,,as Augustine of a nation not profitable to usa,,,a good chrsitain man persecuted by his race ,,,when I call I shalt explain in detail
    love in true Jesus and living God,,,of the true mind and heart of God,,,under the kingship of only Jesus the Word of God,,,,,,,thanks

  3. Irfan Daniel says:

    God bless your ministry

  4. Soman Mathews says:

    Praise The Lord !!
    Praise The Lord !!
    May all Glory be to our Lord Jesus Christ !!
    Respected Brothers & Sisters,
    Request your kind, Urgent Prayers for my immediate Promotion in Office , so that I can help many and can donate more for Gospel Works and for Charity Works in Andhra Pradesh. ( I have been earnestly praying for this need since 2006).Though almost all my colleagues and even my juniors have got elevation, I am condemned, though I worked very hard.
    As my Promotion in Office is delayed for long, I am facing lot of Humiliation from all my family members and from my colleagues. Also in my present place of posting I have lot of Financial difficulties and other hardships ;so I request Prayers for my transfer from this place Urgently. I am depressed a lot.

    -Soman Mathews, Chennai, India.


  5. Mrs.Vaddi R.Ross says:

    Dear Brother/Sister in Christ,
    Calvary greetings of love and Peace be to you and your family in the precious name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    As I found your name in search in website. We are teach and preaching the word of God by visiting Door to Door and Distributing Gospel literature and by conducting Gospel camps, Bible classes for youth, Pastors and leaders Conferences,Crusades,Gospel conventions and Village Meetings. I love to work with you in India behalf your Mission.
    “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15
    We help the poor people and feeding the Orphan Children by education, food, clothes, medicines and sheltering. Please do pray for our Orphan children’s daily bread. I love to work with you in India on behalf of you to serve Him by bringing thousands of UN saved people into the faith of our living Lord.
    So I request invited to you come to India and visit our Spiritual and Social works.
    We humbly request to you please keep our ministries in your daily prayers and guide me and Cooperation for our glorious works.Once again we request you, Please come to India you and your team visit our Spiritual and Social works.
    We are looking toward your fruitful reply soon.

    With love and regards,
    Yours sincerely in His Service,
    Email vaddiross@gmail.com

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