Preaching Honorarium Guideline

Updated: May 2016
We want to be known as a church that highly values the ministry of God’s word. Having a culture of honor toward preachers assures that the church will consistently receive rich, revelation-filled teaching and Spirit-powered ministry. Prepare cash (or eft) comparable to the Korean Won amounts listed below. Always reimburse speakers for flight expenses in their preferred currency. Please note that campus pastors (and all NP staff and lay leaders) do not receive an honorarium for in-house ministry (i.e., Sunday sermon, prayer meeting sermon). But each campus is encouraged to prepare an honorarium when a preacher comes to preach (live and not VB) from another NP campus.

Sunday Sermon [1]

  • Apostolic: 300,000-500,000 krw (higher if video brodcast)
  • Non-Apostolic: 200,000-350,000 krw (we suggest higher amounts for ministers who support raise for a living)

Emmaus/Damascus LG, Friday Fire, Furnace or JPM

  • Apostolic: 200,000-300,000 krw
  • Non-Apostolic: 100,000-200,000 krw

Retreats, Conferences, Revival Services
The higher amounts are for an event with about 500 people in attendance.

  • Apostolic Main Session: 300,000-500,000 krw
  • Apostolic Seminar (same content twice): 250,000-400,000 krw
  • Apostolic Seminar (teaching once): 200,000-250,000 krw
  • Non-Apostolic Main Session: 250,000-300,000 krw
  • Non-Apostolic Seminar (same content twice): 100,000-200,000 krw
  • Non-Apostolic Seminar (teaching once): 100,000-150,000 krw

If church members have no idea how much to prepare, you can let them know the following:

  • Typical Honorarium: ranges from 200,000 to 500,000 krw (typically higher if the officiant is expected to attend a rehearsal)

  1. For small campuses (less than 76 in attendance), honorariums may be adjusted so long as they do not fall below the minimum.