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What if I Don’t Stumble?
Sunday, November 18, 2012
Sunday Service (Seaside Campus 3pm)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Jude 1:24-25
Duration: 00:55:44
Where many Christians today focus on “avoiding sin” and asking, “What if I stumble?” Pastor Christian challenges us to put our faith in God’s keeping power and believe that, “God is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless and with great joy before Christ.”


  1. I am not really afraid of stumbling. I have never enjoyed the things that most people think of when they try to name sin. I have always just enjoyed going to church and studying the bible. I am really afraid of false teachers though. I have encountered a lot of false teaching. I think that everyone has some false doctrine they subscribe to but I am really afraid of being hurt in church because my pastor abuses his/her interpretation of scripture. I have seen so many church splits and it has made me feel like a spiritual orphan at times. It has made me used to being responsible for myself spiritually. I think this is the season for me to be more dependent on others.

  2. Jasmin Agese says:

    Its nice to know God has kept me from stumbling all these years. In my life the drawback of not stumbling was that when bad things happened I thought God was being unfair to me. I think all that really changed after understanding God’s love for me and in knowing that my not stumbling was also God taking care of me. Its so amazing how your perception totally changes when you understand some degree of God’s amazing love towards you.

  3. Joe Chung says:

    “What If I Stumble?” is NOT the question we must be asking ourselves, but it’s “What If I Don’t Stumble?” Reflecting back on my days of foolishness, worrying about stumbling was so strong and prevalent in my life. It took over the way I thought about myself and it then lead to a destructive numbing of my mind. I was, as Pastor Erin put it, shifting my mind into the flesh, which led to a confusion of my identity.

    However, as Pastor Christian says, “don’t worry about falling, just do your part,” knowing that I am a son of God; accepting and having confidence in my TRUE identity as His son with authority; “and God will make sure you don’t fall.” Man…that just moved me so much.

    The most exciting life is a Spirit-filled one! Not a life where you’re being chased by hoodlums. I know for a fact, that His keeping power will restore my confidence and boldness to live my life with total faith in Christ. No weapon will be formed against me! I got this! I am HIS!

  4. Lydia Lim says:

    Every salvation is exciting to know about. Even though I didn’t get my salvation in a very dramatic way, I still think that my story of salvation is something that the heaven rejoice about. I backslid a little bit when I was in middle school, but that’s it. I have been walking right with God, at least I think I did. I thought I couldn’t give people great testimonies because of that, but now thinking back of my life, I do have testimonies of personal breakthroughs. I like how PC said that people that think their lives aren’t exciting because they have been keeping their lives straight as long as they’ve lived is because the Devil has been deceiving them with lies. Now that I’m set free by this lie, I really do think that living right with God and being to able to live with authority is really exciting. Changed my mindset from my ability to sin > God’s ability to keep me from sinning to my ability to sin < God's ability to keep me from sinning. This kind of mindset is a mindset of faith to Him.

  5. What a refreshing message! After growing up in the church and being protected from all kinds of sin. This was a great reminder that while I was in the military and there were so many ways to go off path God really watched over me and kept me away from going to far away from the narrow path! This message was a great reminder that as a Christian that doesn’t have an amazing testimony about drugs, alcohol and sex I have even a more amazing one! A testimony to God’s keeping power that protected me all those years with amazing parents and great people in my life! All the Glory and Honor be to God!

  6. Saeko R says:

    Sometimes I notice that my perspective is very different from those who grew up in Christianity-based culture or those who grew up surrounded by Christian people, and this sermon was one of the things that made me realize it. In the first place, I have never thought that only dramatic testimonies like PE’s are great. Whenever I met those who kept their faith in God from young age and who kept purity etc, my heart gets filled with great respect and honor to them. It shows their love and great commitment to God and strong faith. It makes me wish that I had the same opportunity as I grew up regardless I have wonderful testimonies myself. I think that it is easier for those who grew up in Christian environment to take it for granted what a blessing and a miracle it is to know God and have God in their lives because of all the familiarities. Coming from non-Christian background, “What if I don’t stumble” is not even a question for me because I know that life without God has no meanings and is devastating as my experience.

    However, PC’s words” Don’t worry about falling” and “we’ll appear in God faultless with great joy” blessed me and relieved me at the same time. As long as I am with God, keeping power of God is strong in me, and I can’t even fall. I need to have more confidence in God’s power in me.

  7. Angela Van Gorp says:

    I really like how PC leads us to scripture in this sermon- there is so much content in Jude. And being able to go over the whole book and have truth pointed out was good. Vs 24 reminds me a lot of Matthew 24:24 where it says, “For false christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect- as if that were even possible.” It was also good how PC pointed out how we recreate our doctrines not based on truth or scripture but fear. It’s so true.

  8. Sean Norton says:

    As I was doing QT the morning after listening to this… I came across Psalm 129 v.1-2…

    1 ‘greatly have they afflicted me from my youth’- let Israel now say- 2 ‘greatly have they afflicted me from my youth, YET THEY HAVE NOT PREVAILED AGAINST ME.’

    This is a perspective that I have not taken… maybe ever in my life. I tend to be inclined to anti-humanistic, touchy-feely and ‘be optimistic’ mentalities.. but I think to some degree, my perspective when it comes to God and his power needs to be shifted – and this sermon has done some of that for me. I notice that when I tend to pray it’s a lot of pleas and ‘please’s and ‘would-you’s… I tend not to be very declarative at times (more for my own prayer life… not necessarily when praying for other people… I wonder why that is…) because I think I tend to fear the enemy attacking more than I do the power of God to, well, keep us.

    I really like how PC analyzed the structure of Jude, and explained that WE DO have responsibilities (8 Exhortations) but that, as we do our part, God is going to HIS PART. And of course the bigger part is God. It is HIS keeping power, not necessarily our perseverance. Many times I try to fight sin of my own will, without asking God to come and be a part of that- or even to bring him in at all. I tend to rush into battle without understanding that God is the one who arms me and clothes me… I also like how PC mentions the positional and progressive sanctification. That on one hand, I AM sanctified. It has already been done by Jesus. But, there’s the progressional sanctification, and, if this progressional sanctification were on some sort of a line graph, I want to be on a steady upward path, no matter how steep the slope is.

    I guess I’m trying to say that, I will be optimistic. Not in necessarily a humanistic way, but in a, as Pastor Issac said last Sunday swim, a ‘Godfidence’ way. I will not just be optimistic, but have faith and hope in God and his keeping power. I hope that when I am before him I can be presented to him FAULTLESS and with GREAT JOY. God can and will keep me from stumbling.

  9. Jennifer Mendez says:

    I know some people and I too have been one who before thought that “the ultimate goal of the Christian life is to avoid stumbling” as PC mentioned. Now walking in his ways, I see that I DO feel that “confidence and boldness”. This message truly blessed me and yet again, I know my Father is protecting me from falling; I have no need to worry. This message reassured me. Hallelujah! I too before believed that the Christian life was boring yet I would see all of my Christian friends and think “But it can’t be boring! They all look so happy and overfilled with something that I don’t know what it is. I want that!” Finally, after many years, I understand it and am living in it! I pray and fight daily to continue on this amazing journey!

  10. Heidi Anna Chae says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Ever since I was saved as young girl, till now I had been asking myself: What is my testimony? I mean yes, He delivered me from so much bondage to all sorts of things but I didn’t really feel satisfied with just those testimonies (definitely not disregarding them!). However, listening to this message was so freeing! It gave me language to what I was trying to express: that my testimony is a testimony of the keeping power of Christ in me!!! This golden nugget of truth has been giving me so much clarity to identify the grace and mercy of God working in my life, and protecting me.

    I was also reminded of my time back on outreach this year (when PC was sharing about a part in Jude v24, where is exhorting us to not just “make it in” from the point of “positional sanctification” but unto VICTORY within “positional sanctification”) and there was a time when everything was going so well, it was just blissful! But as I was reflecting, I thought: “God, am I allowed to feel this way? Is this…. Ok?! Can I really be having this kind of amazing time?” Instead I remember being so provoked when He said, “Hey child! Take CONFIDENCE. Ask for MORE! Be bold! Ask me how much MORE of my goodness you can have!” He is the one who keeps me!

  11. This sermon opened my eyes to the keeping power of God. As already mentioned, most of us are very much aware of his saving power, but not so much of his keeping power. Personally, I feel I’ve grown so much in my spiritual walk with the Lord ever since I joined New Philly, more than I could ever have imagined. Despite my progress, I often find myself worrying, what if I stumble again? What if I slip up and fall back into old habitual sins? (and the guilt that follows) However, Pastor Christian said that these concerns show that I am putting too much faith in my ability to sin rather than God’s ability to keep me from sinning – that this thought is unbiblical. This was a rude awakening for me and I realized that I must change my low view of God’s keeping power. While I must continue to do my part in striving towards purity and holiness, it is ultimately God’s keeping power that is stronger than anything else (my own willpower to not sin) and keeps us from falling. This does not provide an excuse to abuse grace – we must do our part, and God will do his.

    Like a theology lecture, I especially liked Pastor Christian’s presentation of the difference between 1. positional sanctification and 2. progressive sanctification. Through positional sanctification, God has already declared us holy and called us saints. It is a done deal through the death of his son Jesus Christ. However, progressive sanctification goes beyond that calls us to be made holy. This is what challenged us to stop living a lukewarm Christian life, wavering back and forth between highs and lows. Instead, we should continue to strive towards him, put our faith in his keeping power – the source of confidence and boldness that allows us to faithfully contend (fight) for the kingdom and write beautiful (and exciting!) testimonies. Amen!

    • David Hong says:

      *However, progressive sanctification goes beyond that calls us to be made holy. This is what challenges us to stop living a lukewarm Christian life, wavering back and forth between highs and lows.

  12. This is just great. I can relate to this. Giving my testimony has always been very difficult for me, almost non-existent. My attitude has always been that I don’t have a testimony because I didn’t experience a dramatic deliverance from despair. I wish I understood the keeping power of God earlier in my life. A lot of doubt was brought to my life because when I heard the saving testimonies it sounded so different from own story. I would feel like I am just a “goody two shoes” Christian and that I should let myself be more “free” in regards to sin in order that I could have a testimony. Wow. Looking at that now, that thinking seems so foolish. PC’s sermon blessed me. He made a fantastic statement about how some theology has come out of fear of stumbling. It is much more encouraging for my walk though to have the mindset of ‘what if I don’t stumble?” trusting in the power God’s keeping and his desire for us to flourish outside of sin.

  13. Caitlyn Kavan says:

    I will admit that before listening to this sermon, I did not give much thought to God’s keeping power. Like many others, I just knew about God’s saving power. We celebrate the saving power of God but often times we do not give praise to the incredible keeping power of God. I could relate to what PC talked about when he said that some times we try to be perfect and we want to go before God and say “I am blameless. I have not stumbled!” But it isn’t about being blameless, it is about repenting for your mistakes and know that God is a gracious God. We don’t fall because of God’s keeping power! That’s amazing!
    Also it is true that some people don’t want to live the Christian life because they think it is “boring.” A life of foolishness is not exciting but seeing someone healed of a disease or seeing mighty break throughs are exciting! My view of God’s keeping power has risen after listening to this sermon!

  14. Abby Brokaw says:

    Man, I wish I heard this sermon many years ago! I was involved with Campus Crusade for a while. Part of our weekly meeting was sharing a testimony of one of our members. I never felt confident to share mine, because I felt it was “weak”. Having lived my life as a committed believer, I didn’t see what in my story could encourage other people. I have had many non-believers throughout my lifetime say, “You just believe because you have always believed… Because your family believes.” I am so thankful for God’s keeping power, as well as his rescuing power, and the actions and consequences He has kept me from!

    One of the greatest joys I’ve ever known is to share the experiences that I’ve had with God with non-believers. Many times, I have seen the disbelief give way to a spark of hope and curiosity as they realize I wouldn’t lie about something so crazy, and that life with God is far from what they had imagined.

    It is also SO STRENGTHENING to know that you do NOT have to return to the areas that you have previously sinned! As ones who are united with Christ, we can believe for God’s keeping power for our lives starting now. We don’t have to sin! Not only are we free from the death that comes from sin, but we are free from sin itself. We can live abiding with Christ and living in complete obedience and connection with Him.

  15. Mabel Chin says:

    I remember hearing a testimony for the first time in high school from my counselor who was a rebel and went through a ton of stuff with drugs and what not and I thought, “Man! Why can’t my testimony be as dramatic as that? That’s such a powerful testimony.” This sermon really opened my eyes to how I kind of put God into a box. I thought that God only uses the rebellious ones with these testimonies about being saved from bondage to really make an impact… I thought that my life wasn’t that dramatic since I continued to follow him. But after soaking in this message, I finally was able to realize that God not only has saving power but keeping power as well. I really like how PC put it, “an exciting testimony shouldn’t be about running away from Vietnamese gangers… that’s just straight up foolishness.. It’s the spirit filled life that’s exciting; casting out demons… that’s powerful.” And if I keep thinking “what if I stumble” all the time, it makes me believe that my sinful nature is more powerful than God’s keeping power. That in itself put a new perspective on the different types of testimonies and my view of God’s keeping power versus his saving power. Just goes to show that my testimony of being faithful is just as powerful as that first testimony I heard many years ago.

  16. I wish I had heard this message ten years ago. Then maybe I wouldn’t have been so foolish.

    Growing up, I was only aware of the saving power of God, and I think that’s when I became jealous of everyone who had ‘exciting’ testimonies like Pastor Caleb or Pastor Erin. I thought I could only encounter God if I became the prodigal son. Then I became the prodigal son who kept going back to the pig pen to get that ‘spiritual high’ with God. And I eventually became so addicted to the saving power of God that I got into the habit of living in foolishness throughout the week and coming to God in tears on Sunday, praising God for saving me once again. Wow. Now that I’ve articulated the thoughts that were subconsciously controlling me, I’m realizing the extent of my foolishness! It is just like that passage in Romans where Paul addresses the people who are tempted to think, should I go on sinning that HIs grace may abound… I remember laughing at the Romans for thinking that, but little did I know that was the thoughts that were governing my actions as well. This message clearly articulated for me the changes that I had been noticing in myself more recently as I began to really enjoy being in God’s presence and spending time with him. And I know it is the keeping power of God that was and is at work in me right now. I don’t have to fall on purpose to experience God and I don’t have to be anxious about stumbling, as long as I trust in the keeping power of God. And like PC said, I don’t just want to be joyful when Jesus returns, I want to have GREAT JOY!

    One thing I really love about New Philly is that it lets me experience how fun and exciting worshiping God is. How awesome it is to hear God speak to me and just touch my heart. How fascinating it is to trust in God and be used by God for His glory.

  17. aj cruz says:

    I was present for this message. I was heavy one sided with my walk with the Lord at this time.I was always focused solely onn not stumbling because for years I was always up and down with my walk with God. I knew about Gods saving power but didnt really acknowledge or even had an idea about Gods saving power.

    After hearing this message though it changed my perspective. My life n walk with God was more victorious. Knowing that God can keep me from stumbling really gave me freedom. It broke off the striving mindset. I can remember being full of hope after this message because I understood that God calls me to be righteous but more than that he can keep me from stumbling.

    I stopped putting emphasis on trying to be righteous and lived my life knowing I cam be.amd God can keep me righteous

  18. James Song says:

    The question of “What if I Don’t Stumble” is massive paradigm shift. Instead of always being afraid of failure and trying to please others, we as followers of Jesus really need to start focusing on living a spirit filled life and influencing others in a positive way.

    I feel that the “What if I stumble” and “I am afraid of failure” attitude of Christians is one the world and the enemy loves to see. They want us to be living in fear and bondage and under obligation to always play the role of a ‘good’ person. When we do indeed stumble, they love to criticise us and celebrate the fall of an individual or the church.

    Naturally, we should be living with the “What if I don’t stumble”. Once this becomes the only question in our minds regarding our spiritual journey, the world will see that our attitude is not one of fear of failure, but of celebration of our success. The immense success that Christians will achieve as a result of living the spirit filled life will make the world jealous of us and intrigue them to seek where our goodness comes from.

  19. Christina Parchem says:

    This sermon has given me a new perspective on the keeping power of God. Before I thought that not having a dramatic testimony meant God wasn’t moving in my life; but when we dive into God’s word and sacrifice the things of the flesh to grow closer to him, we are empowered and know that stumbling isn’t something we have to worry about. No matter what bonds we have, if we have faith in God’s keeping power, we know we don’t have to live that way anymore. God will keep us and we can experience great joy.

  20. Narai Bai says:

    Hahha I think I’ve said this for almost every sermon..but it is true.. I loved this sermon! :) Ah we’re so blessed to receive fresh teaching as part of our inheritance :))

    I can trust in God’s ability to keep me, more than my ability to sin. This idea has been crucial in my understanding of my identity as a saint rather than a sinner. When I was very young, I had crazy attacks of fear that I had sinned and would be sent to hell. So from a young age I was constantly paranoid about sin, and definitely trusted in the devil’s power more than God’s keeping power. But no longer! :) God has restored my perspective to match his, and I am so free because now I do trust God more than the devil haha

    Testimonies of God’s saving power are awesome, but so are testimonies of his keeping power, because it means he kept that particular believer from even falling in the first place. The clarification about positional vs. progressive sanctification helped me a lot. Preach!

    • Andres Park says:

      Ummm anyone notice that the halleluyah church mentioned in the sermon is where we’re going this sunday for joint prayer? Btw this is not my smart comment

  21. I realize how immature I’ve been, especially regarding my walk with God.. It really resonated with me when PC said that we live as if we trust in our sin nature more than we trust in the keeping power of Christ… Looking back on the times that I did “stumble,” at the core of it was this very misconception of that very KEEPING power. We like to focus on God’s grace, His neverending mercies… But wow I’m reminded how MIGHTY God is. He’s not only mighty to save, but he continues to strengthen us so that we are able to be blameless and holy before Him… This last point PC talks about is actually something I’m still trying to wrap my head around, because yes, I knew that being blameless and holy was supposed to be a continuous process of renewal, coming before God, but it’s the mindset that we need to have that we’re not trying to be righteous or stay strong for the SAKE of not stumbling or sinning…. Our view of God has to be a BIG one, so that we constantly remind ourselves of His unfailing strength that can keep us from falling–which is meant to be the very means for us not to stumble. Personally, I think viewing God as my Keeper on top of being my Savior, helps me see the relationship I have with Him as so much more intimate and romantic.

  22. Kristine Wong says:

    What a great sermon. Seriously… sometimes I always think that me having no crazy testimonies or hardships makes me really boring and not be able to effect people with my life. But this is something I’ve realized a long time ago that I am TRULY blessed, thankful, and so loved by the Lord that my life had no traumatic hardship. We forget that God more than just saves people with His power, but He also keeps people with His amazing power. I had moments when I was younger where I thought my life was unfair. Why do all these other people suffer except me? What is so special about me? How can I relate with people who go through such trials when I have never ever experienced them? But, it doesn’t matter. Each person’s life is different and God will use certain people for certain things that others can never do. With the special kind of life I have now, I know that God will use my life for something amazing. I look forward to the moment I meet Jesus “faultless and with great joy” on the life He wrote out for me.

  23. I was really touched by this because of the keeping power of God. I have been a Christian my entire life, and I thought that my testimony was not that exciting because I always did what was right. But to hear about the keeping power of God and what he has kept me from, I was very touched. Also, it is comforting and peace building when I think that I don’t have to worry about weather I stumble because God will keep me from that. I like that Pastor Christina not only celebrates the saving power of Christ but the keeping power of Christ also. The keeping power is just as important as the saving power. So cool. As for the false teaching, I have seen churches split before, my family’s church back home is splitting I think, although I haven’t been a part of that church for a while (I started going to a Korean Church). It always makes for a bad representation of God when these things happen. But God will take care of it. Wow it’s so amazing to me that God can handle all of these things. He must be bigger than I thought.

  24. Stephanie Grady says:

    I really loved this sermon and I feel that it really put things back into perspective. I’ve often wondered about why we exalt some testimonies and not others sending the wrong message. I remember thinking that those wild testimonies are very powerful and being so thankful for the saving power of God. I love how in Colossians 1 it talks about how the Son of God rescued us from the enemy’s kingdom and that get’s me fired up when i think about it.

    I do have crazy testimonies of when I got saved, but I have even more testimonies about the keeping power of God in my life since I became a Christian. God’s keeping power in my life has been amazing and I love sharing those with others as well. I agree that the supernatural life is a VERY exciting life. We were meant to live for so much more and experiencing so much more of God and His kingdom. Healing testimonies and other signs and wonders being manifested on this earth blow everything else away in terms of excitement!!!

  25. Positional Sanctification and Progressive Sanctification!
    We are already made Holy but we also must be made Holy! Progressively being sanctified. I Think this is where (at least for me) we tend to undermine God’s keeping power. His saving power is where we are made Holy, but we must understand that it is a continuous process to continue to become sanctified, it is just as important as being Holy and set apart because we already are. We are growing into His likeness more and more because we need to pursue the GREATER JOY that He will keep us blameless on that day.
    It’s also not about being on the defensive, taking hits and trying to “maintain” the situation, but we must understand that we must contend and fight for our Faith, not with just a shield but with also a sword!
    People (and myself) don’t fully understand how exciting a Faith filled life is! Freeing others from their bondages and chains is exciting! Stop thinking what if I stumble… THINK what if I DON’T stumble! What do you believe in more? Your sin nature? or God’s ability to keep you!? This alone should give you confidence, peace and boldness.
    SO GOOD PC! Awesome stories too! haha Viet Gangs haha

  26. Pingping Kan Rogers says:

    Thank God for the promise of His keep power in our lives! Praise Him for the Healing& delivery ministry He has given to P. Christian!

  27. This message has moved my focus on living a christian life from trying not to fall to being more faithful of God’s keeping power. The keeping power of God is stronger!

    We’re made holy and we’re created to praise God. Worrying about what’s not our nature is lack of faith. God is able to keep us from falling. The goal of christian life is to appear before Him without fault but with GREAT JOY on the day.

    I often try hard not to do certain things then be discouraged when I end up doing them. But when I set my expectation higher than avoiding them, I not only avoid doing them, but I acheive even more. I need to apply this to my whole life as a believer.

  28. Janice So Hyun Lim says:

    I remember my friend exclaiming “wow!” with a sense of respect under her breath when she found out that I don’t cuss because I’m a Christian. She couldn’t believe it! But unlike her, I honestly felt embarrased. My immaturity convinced me that I was not “cool” like my friends because I didn’t talk like them, smoked or drank with them. I even thought that my testimony was boring (I actually thought I had no testimony at all) because there wasn’t any dramatic transformation in my life. Few years later, after having seen so many fallen lives and the pain those people go through, I realized that it was quite a miracle that God’s grace kept me from falling like them. When PC mentioned God’s keeping power, I was like “Yes! That’s what has been so strong and evident in my life!” I was filled with thanksgiving as I was listening to this sermon, and at the same time, repented because I’ve been forgetting God’s keeping power. The older I grew and the more I saw the evil in this world, especially the rising population of cults in korea, fear crept in and got hold of me. I was busy avoiding and guarding myself that I forgot that as much as God saves His loved ones, He keeps them by His side. I feel much more peaceful and free than I did before I heard this sermon!

  29. Tine Heenop says:

    This sermon really blessed me…whenever I get the change to share my testimony I always focus more on God saving power!! Throughout this sermon Holy Spirit made me attend and open my eyes to a new perspective of the keeping power of God. Oh man if I’m going to share my testimony again I will be definitely sharing and focusing more on Gods keeping power in my life. Looking back and also seeing clearly now Gods keeping power in my live, I realise it’s really more exciting!! This sermon opened my mind and my eyes to see the true power of Gods keeping Power in my life.
    When we focus on God and on the resurrection of Jesus Christ we don’t have to worry about “not falling”… what I realise throughout my life is whenever I focus more on the things I’m afraid of stumbling over, that is when I will stumble or fall… We need to focus just on Jesus and less on the things we are afraid of not falling in to or stumble over… and this made me realise I need to remind myself every day of the Gospel!!!
    It’s always been hard for me to capture the idea of saying “I am a saint”, but I have a clear understanding now that I am made Holy but also I am Holy!! One day when Jesus comes again I want to stand before Him blameless and with tremendous great joy!!

  30. Joyce Lee says:

    it’s okay to stumble sometimes. we should trust in God’s keeping power more than in our ability to not stumble. and we should not be anxious about getting where we need to be because while we do have our part on it, it’s ultimately about God’s power and resting on His promise that He will see us through.

    On the otherhand, just cause we didn’t stumble doesn’t mean that it’s any less of an impressive testimony than stumbling and being rescued out of it. this world can pull us every which way and the fact that God has kept us with his keeping power is an awesome testimony.

  31. Something that crossed my mind during the second half of this sermon was that God will never give up on me. He didn’t send His Son to save me then give me His best regards to endure this world. It was to live an everlasting life! His keeping power testifies His faithfulness to us. I think I had spent most of my life thinking there was only the saving grace. So I’d stumble, receive His grace, and go along my way then stumble again and it just went on and on. In a way, in my mind, His keeping power was only sufficient for that day, that afternoon, or that hour. He calls me to so much more than that. That stumble-receive-stumble-receive routine was boring! It wasn’t fun and it definitely didn’t bolster a healthy relationship with God. I want to have an exciting life, moving in the Spirit. I’m going to make it my mission to ask for sharpened awareness of the Holy Spirit because I’m sick of this humdrum life. Thank you for this message!

  32. Della Collins says:

    I loved this sermon because I was that person who thought for many years, that I had no testimony. I was that goody-two shoes who had no story to tell. But I know now to thank God for all that he has kept me from. I do have a bit of envy for those who had been saved from much, because of the great passion and love they have for God, but I must remember that my life or testimony is of no lesser value and can also be celebrated! While praying for my food today I was reminded of when PC said that after all is humanly done to safeguard apostasy that ultimately it is God who keeps us from falling. I was doing my part and feeding my body what I believed was healthy food, and making sure I actually take the time to sit down and eat. After feeding myself its up to my body and God’s grace for everything to digest well and keep me living and healthy. Some great points that I need to meditate on and make a part of my thinking is that 1- authority comes from knowing who we are and being rooted in the word (and I cant wait to learn more about this), and 2- that we are liberated to contend for the kingdom out of faith because of God’s keeping power! If we KNOW and believe God’s word, that He is able to keep us from stumbling, then it definitely does eliminate our fear and frees us to operate out of faith. Amen!

  33. This sermon definitely solidified in my heart that I don’t have to waste my time worrying about WHAT IFs. All God asks of me is to walk in Him and trust that He is able to keep me from falling into sin. I loved when PC said that when we entertain these what ifs, we basically show that we are putting more belief in our ABILITY to SIN than in God’s ABILITY to KEEP US FROM SIN (Oh, snap). That hit me hard because I’ve always had this distrust in myself. I was always afraid and I still am afraid that I’ll fall into old habits, old sins, and even worse sins. But this message gave me a new confidence and reminded me that God’s keeping power is stronger than the lies of the Devil. The lie that the sin is a part of me and Ill always keep falling. But no, “God’s keeping power guards us from false teaching”. This message also opened my eyes to the fact that when I try to use my own power and will to persevere, it’s hopeless until I realize that God’s keeping power and my continual effort to walk in Him is what helps me to overcome the Devil’s lies. Through this message I feel more empowered and more secure because I know that God has my back no matter what.

  34. Kayla Black says:

    What really stuck out to me today is how we always focus on a persons’ transformation at the ‘beginning,’ but then we don’t focus on the keeping power of God. It’s similar to how romance dramas (don’t judge! haha Kdrama represent!) always focus on the falling in love stage, and then end at the wedding ceremony, which is really where the relationship real testing is just beginning. What happens after this initial step is what really shows the character of the people in the relationship, and for us, thankfully, our relationship partner is God, who is taking care of all the ‘what ifs’ and will keep us close and safe on the straight and narrow.

    I want to have faith not in my sin nature, but in God’s keeping power! I pray to have confidence and faith instead of a fear of falling!

    1 Cor. 8:8-9
    8 He will also keep you firm to the end, so that you will be blameless on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

  35. InAi Kang says:

    I loved this message when PC came down to Seaside and it was great to hear it again. I love that God is a loving father to all and has everyone in mind in all He does. It’s not just those with a crazy past who have a testimony but what a great testement of God’s keeping power! To have kept me from foolishness; too much foolishness.

  36. Pastor Christian, thank you so much for this wonderful Word. It is true that many of us create our own self-fulfilling prophecies. Thinking that sin has the power to repeatedly haunt and tempt us again only manifests those sins within our minds, which may cause us to act upon them. The truth is that God had already, when we had given our lives over to Him, proclaimed us victorious.

    I think many of use refuse to acknowledge that victory. In our false humility, we think that we had messed up many times, and that we are prone to making the same mistakes repeatedly. In our defeated attitude, it’s difficult for us to live with a Spirit of joy for what the Lord had already done within our lives.

    There is a catch to that though. Falsely proclaiming victory when we are ruled by our spiritual bondage does nothing to help us stand up against the lies Satan tells us about ourselves. In our own insecurity, we are are tempted to repeat the same patterns that had bound us.

    It is only through confession that we can completely set free our of own self-condemnation. When this happens, deliverance, healing and the outpouring of His Holy Spirit is possible, which releases us from the numbness that holds us in captivity.

  37. Paul Moon says:

    God is able to keep us from stumbling/falling! Hallelujah, amen! I’ve really been looking back on my life and just thanking Him for His keeping power. So many times in my life I see now that He was keeping me from stumbling.

    When we struggle with sin, we are believing more in the power of sin rather than the keeping power of God.

    Because Christ died for us and shed His blood we have positional sanctification yet He wants us to grow and looks at our progressive sanctification of our faith. God has begun a good work in us and will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Walk in faith, and God will make sure we don’t fall.

  38. A good sermon. I have never strayed very far from my path in life. God has kept me close to him, and He has kept me safe under his wing. Some of my friends used to consider me the “good girl” because I’ve never done drugs, smoked, and rarely drank. My testimony is that God kept me from doing foolish things that could ruin my life. I’m not interested in having an exciting testimony, where I talk about how I grew up in a bad household, with drugs and abuse. My testimony is much more interesting than that. My testimony is my life, and I’m glad that God has kept me safe from hurt, harm, and danger.

  39. Eunhye Cho says:

    this sermon made my heart open to keeping power of God. I was born as a christian and all my family are christian. i know it is a big bessing to me, but i didn’t have comfident because i don’t have ‘obvious’ testimony that can make non christians surprised. whenever i listened to other christian’s amazing testimonies, i asked myself what is mine. But while i was listening to the sermon, i realized that how i was seized with unnecessary worries. Now i know how i’m blessed by God’s keeping power and just itself can be great testimony!

  40. Masande.G says:

    Our efforts are not what ultimately keep us from falling but it is the keeping power of God that keeps us from stumbling. The testimony of the keeping power of God is to be celebrated in the same way we celebrate the saving power of God. This sermon really got me so encourages because sometimes when your testimony is not filled with dramatic wonderful stories of how God saved you from drugs and so on you can feel like your testimony is not that powerful but the keeping power of God is as powerful as his saving power and that really got me encouraged and excited. My testimony of his keeping power is powerful and a blessing YES hahaha I’m so encouraged!! What will my life look like if i dont stumble?? I love that question because so many times we focus on what if i sin but this question changes our focus to God’s power to keep up from sinning rather than our abilty to sin. We need to focus on his keeping power and be confident in living out our christian walk without being scared of falling. So encouraged by this sermon!!

  41. Thank you Pastor Christian for establishing what true excitement is! It’s good to know that there is the saving power of grace but there also is the keeping power of grace in all of our lives. After many sermons, revivals, prayer meetings, and retreats, I countlessly questioned myself, “what if after all this, I STILL continue to stumble?” Well, that’s not possible because God continuously keeps me in His grace and truth. I’m choosing to believe that our God is greater than all my struggles because He really is. It’s refreshing and encouraging to know that God’s promises and keeping grace endures forever. Reminding myself once again that I can’t fall because He simply won’t let.

  42. Ji In Kim says:

    “We live as if we trust in our sin nature more than we trust in the keeping power of Christ…” I admit, at times I DO feel like some of my sins, or struggles are “TOO BIG” for His grace to cover me with.. But, js hearing this really was another answer to the prophetic prayer I’ve been yearning God to send me. It encouraged me to open my eyes and see that God really does keep me from stumbling and makes sure that I am safe from every direction/aspect in my life. All I have to do is walk in faith! I refuse to make certain decisions based off the fear of failing/falling.

  43. Jihyun Roh says:

    I was really blessed by this sermon. I praise God for PC. Honestly, I am more like pastor Caleb(I’ve never met him though haha) I’ve stumbled and failed to stay away from sinful life so many times. For the past few years, however, God has been showing His keeping power through my progressive sanctification I’ve been also doing my part to follow Jesus. I truly agree with PC that we shouldn’t worry, thinking “what if I stumble?” but trust in the Lord, joyfully thinking “what if I don’t stumble?” Now I know there will be great joy and a lot of exciting things will happen if I don’t stumble by walking with the Lord. I also want to encourage my brothers and sisters who might think they don’t have lots of crazy testimonies. People like me who have lots of crazy testimonies learn so much from you and greatly get encouraged by you, man and woman of God! Through you, I feel God’s love and righteousness. Keep it up! :)

  44. Bernadette Keating says:

    Through the powerful contrast of Pastor Christian’s club adventure and back healing and discipleship breakthrough, I saw the weakness of the question ‘What if I stumble?’

    Whenever I have a problem or situation ahead of me, I ask so many ‘what if’s,’ almost all of them related to my certain failure. This sermon caused me to dig deep and see why that is. I think because it creates a false sense of security and comfort, if I have every ‘what if’ covered then I’ll be less likely to stumble. Yet, right from the start of this sermon I learnt that this is a passive, defense tactic.

    As soon as Pastor Christian said that this mindset says you have more belief in your ability to sin than God’s ability to keep your from sin – what ifs seemed totally hollow and devoid of God. With only faith in my sin nature, what can I do but be on defense? And this totally relies on our own efforts.

    I was also reminded of Hebrews 10:39 “We are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but if those who believe and are saved.” Why? Because we have confidence and boldness in God’s keeping power, which I am inspired to talk about more after listening to this sermon!

  45. David Ha says:

    I feel as if all of these NRTC sermons relate back to Pastor Erin’s sermon of “Shift Into the Spirit.” All of the sermons so far challenge us to change the way we think about the world we live in, how to live a Christian walk, and how to have a full and meaningful relationship with God. “Do not conform to the ways of the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Oh how easy it is to conform to the things around us.
    God’s keeping power is amazing and exciting! I pray that God helps each of us CONTEND for the faith!

  46. Kim Anderson says:

    AMEN! That’s what I feel in my heart right now! I have a testimony like PC and I have always thought it was boring and I never wanted to share. BUT NOW! I feel more confidence in God and his power to keep us! It was an excellent point when he said that the Christian life is not about focusing on not falling or stumbling but rather it’s about standing before Christ blameless and full of joy! If we stop focusing on not finishing and rather focus on doing our best and working hard for the kingdom we will get much further and do more for Christ. We have to trust Christ that he is stronger than our sin nature. He is able to keep us strong until the End! He is so good to us!!

  47. When I got to learn how to ride a bike in my age of 7, I was so afraid of stumbling that I only rode like a snail really really slow. This sermon brought my youth memory of this and made me wonder what am I worrying about taking out of my own comfort zone and stepping into the light.
    Pretty much a lot of the time when I worry about something is because Actually there is nothing going on, not doing anything but just worrying. Rather partaking what I need to do but being obsessed with what God will do for me is also thay kind of foolishness that PC mentions. It is just like walking with one leg without the other, and I imagined whay if Jesus comes in next two hours? What I would present to him?
    How thankful our God is as our part is not about us but God, keeping His power that builds our inner strength in the Spirit. Qhy is God so good?

  48. Anastasia Tin says:

    After listening to this sermon, I’ve realized how is it important to be careful on what you are keeping your eyes on and what we are emphasizing the most in our lives and in what we are keeping our faith on. The gift of faith is very precious and we have to be careful on what we are using it, we gotta be sure that we are not wasting it in vain. It’s so easy to get distracted by the enemy and focus on things that are full of foolishness. Over and over again we have to focus on God’s power, glory and authority, that he is bigger, than any other things, because of Him, we are not going to be stumble and failed. This is a good sermon that show us another side onto the problem of being afraid to stumble, that actually we can switch that negative side to another one, God’s keeping power! I also liked the part that talks about how is it important to walk in God’s Authority, so the demons listens to you, that living a holy, gracious and fautless live before Christ is giving you a powerful right to control demonic stuff. Now I understand the importance of Healing and Deliverance more, because it cleanses you and gives you freedom and not only that, it’s a starting point for us to walk in God’s Authority and it’s amazing!

  49. Carol Lee says:

    It’s so good to affirm to myself that God is keeping me from fallen. Sometimes I think that my actions have so much influence in my life and I start to have a low view of God keeping power. Knowing that God is keeping me from fallen gives me so much peace and rest. I don’t need to worry about anything when I’m sure about what God is doing. That is the only truth I need to rely on.

  50. Good way of changing our view of what is exciting. I have said many times, and believe that life outside of the Supernatural Spirit-filled Christian life is very dull. I really liked the message, especially where PC said that we shouldn’t put more belief in our ability to sin than in God’s power to keep us from sinning. The devil wants us to believe and keeps telling us that it’s inevitable for us to fail, to sin, but the truth is in fact that it is inevitable for us to have victory because of the grace of God and His keeping power. I have renewed confidence for my Christian walk because of the realisation of God’s strong keeping power. To appear blameless and with great Joy!

  51. Natalie Cheung says:

    I would say I’ve lived a pretty ‘good’ life (with a few stumbles along the way) in the sense that I haven’t done anything extremely bad nor have I experienced something that made me hit rock bottom. I used to be slightly jealous of people who have these testimonies of 180-degree changes because it really showed a contrast between a life with and without God. God’s keeping power wasn’t something I was really thought about, I usually associated my ‘good life’ on the fact that perhaps I was just blessed with self-control, or even a lack of desire to pursue certain worldly pleasures. Also, because I personally don’t get excited or passionate about most things, I came to a point where the Christian walk seemed to be quite passive and not something I would relate to exciting, though I’ve always known that it’s not supposed to be like that. Hearing PC talk about how a Spirit filled walk should look like and how exciting it is to walk in partnership with the Lord is something I’ve never experienced before. Having the capacity to deal directly with spiritual warfare through healing and deliverance was something that I never thought would pertain to my own spiritual life. Although living a life ‘stumble-free’ is definitely something to be strived for, I want to pursue a life where I follow after the footsteps of Jesus, and live with the boldness and authority of a son.

  52. Nina Park says:

    Thank you for this message pastor Christian. This message is so empowering.I have learned that we do not need to set ourselves for failure or from stumbling but to live in the assurance of his keeping power. This sets a standard or bar on our life in a totally different dimension.

    My new walk of life thru New Philly is changing my life and I wish to pursue this spiritual awakening and powerful way of life in the Spirit! Aiming to be faultless and to be in Great Joy!!!

  53. What a great message! I was so encouraged to hear about keeping power. It was very encouraging to think about PC focus shift, not focusing on the possibility of my failing, but focus on God, and that He will keep me from falling. It’s freeing to have this mindset. I don’t have to worry about sin, I know I am forgiven of past sin, and He will keep me from future sin as I walk with Him. Another great, simple brick of truth to build up the house of God. Thank you PC. I’m glad to be under clear, biblical teaching.

  54. Sophie James says:

    The staying power of God is definitely something to be celebrated, but to be honest I haven’t always felt that way. I see the staying power of God in my own life and I used to look at my testimony and feel that it was kind of boring and nothing special, but these days I feel differently. When the supernatural is natural life that is definitely exciting but I can see why people don’t feel the staying power of God to be ‘exciting’ if you are not empowered with the Holy Spirit. These days I get so excited when I talk to people about God and what he is doing in our lives and I am finding less and less attraction in the foolishness of the world.

  55. John Lee says:

    Powerful message. This sermon really clarified my question on “What if I stumble and fall”. The fact that I don’t have to do my best to avoid sin but to put my faith in God’s keeping power and believe that he will keep me from falling encouraged me to take my faith a step further to trust God more in my daily life.

  56. Susanna Kim says:

    So so good. The question “What if I stumble?” is definitely a question I’ve asked before. Especially in regards to my habitual sins, I seem to doubt whether I can ever be free from these sins. But as PC said, I’m just putting more belief in my ability to sin rather than in God’s ability to keep me from sin.
    As I’ve been preparing for the leadership retreat and my healing and deliverance session, this sermon has helped me to shift my mind onto the truth of God’s keeping power.
    No more asking “What if I stumble again after my healing and deliverance session?”, or “Can I really be set free?”. I claim God’s keeping power for my life and I speak truth over myself that I am being sanctified more and more into Jesus’ likeness.

  57. Vicky Lee says:

    The concept of stumbling is relatively new to me. Stumbling didn’t have much significance in definition, other than physical clumsiness apparent on the exterior. I think I actually became conscious of the term around the advent of my conversion. After that, it really had a stronghold on me because I started fearing it for the life of me. It was like I was trying to run forward head on, because stumbling meant going off track, which meant reverting, which meant not-being-Christian. Haha I’ve come very far! It sounds silly now, but it did have great force over me for some time.
    I no longer fear stumbling because I have my gaze fixed on what really requires focus/attention. I really look forward to all the exciting events in store!

  58. Daniel L. Kim says:

    My problem was actually that I was so afraid of stumbling that I was not proactive as a son of God. I would always shy away from certain things because I was so afraid I would sin. However, I understand now that stumbling is actually a sign that you are going the right way. This is because the enemy would not attack you if you were not going in the right direction; he would leave you be. Now, I am actually encouraged when I feel like I am being attacked spiritually, and further motivated to continue fighting the good fight, because ultimately, it is going to get me closer to Him. I think that the most important thing is that He is always for us, so that if an attack happens, or even if we do happen to stumble, I believe that it is crucial to understand that it is, in the long term, for our good.

  59. The point of my Christian life is not to entertain questions of “What if I mess up real badly”? The point of my life is to live an exciting life where I put more trust in God’s transforming power than in my weak flesh. The point is getting to know God’s love for me, to listen to his heartbeat and to be like an old tree with rings of God’s adventures in my core telling stories of how I was a conduit of releasing His freedom onto others.

    I want to live an exciting life of prayer, being in community, growing in God’s word, and not only breaking even but restoring that which has been stolen. I am not to live in a way that maintains the status quo. I am to claim back, under God’s keeping power, what has been stolen from others by the thief. This kind of life sounds like an exciting life. It sounds like the kind of life worth fighting for. Amen. Thanks PC!

  60. Donnae Shone says:

    This message is a great reminder that we all have a story worth sharing, a story that brings glory to God. I’ve been trying to write this comment for a few days now. Somewhere in the back of my mind is a memory of allowing myself to, clearly, misconstrue someone’s words regarding the keeping power of God. That it really was all luck or maybe even an internal fault – my inability to “play well with others” – that resulted in my protection. It’s common to have more faith in our sin nature than in God. So true. So we fight, fight, fight to make right and stay on the narrow path instead of focusing on His face and the Kingdom. What a weight off my shoulders. Onward to a truly exciting life and appearing before him “without fault and with great joy”.

  61. Daniel Jin says:

    It’s always amazing and super encouraging to know that our God does not expect us to be perfect and do everything based on our own efforts. We would obviously fail every time! Instead its a two way relationship. We still have to do our part, but God also does His! I too have grown up focusing and hearing more about the saving power of God and hardly think about the keeping power of God. But it’s just as important, if not more. I keep thinking “what if I stumble? How will God and the church see me?” But this is lack of faith! Jesus has already paid the way for us and he will make sure to keep us from stumbling.

  62. We all love to hear stories of redemption from a sinful life but often think stories of God’s keeping grace is boring. We are encouraged by stories of how people are saved from a sinful life because it seems that God would do the same to us in case we fail. I reflect on my life and see that I felt the same way when I heard testimonies. I’m sad to say that I myself was living a life of foolishness and God has redeemed me. For me, I had a lackadaisical attitude towards stumbling. Was I an abuser of God’s saving grace? It was clear I was not going in the right direction. Now that I know this truly in my heart, I am under constant attack. But in the end, the greater story of my life will be God’s story of keeping grace from now until Jesus returns. I want to face Jesus at the end of my life or at His return and have great joy knowing that I was walking in the Spirit. I don’t want to be afraid of whether or not I will fall again to the life of sin.

  63. Julie Byun says:

    I haven’t heard much on God’s keeping grace throughout my entire Christian life, which is probably why I seem to ask myself the wrong ‘what if’s all the time. Fear, which is spurred through a chain reaction of all the wrong ‘what if’s is not caused by a lack of self-confidence but a lack of faith in God’s keeping grace. Being free from so much fear on ‘what if I stumble and sin against God (and end up like some of the people in the Old Testment that disobeyed God)’ really opens up doors to my christian life. Because I am no longer so preoccupied in worrying about the wrong things, but rather can put that energy into focusing on being a faithful servant !

  64. Audrey Tan Ngerong says:

    What really struck me was that when it comes down to asking,” What if I stumble?”, it just shows to prove that our belief in our ability to sin is unreasonably,far more greater than the faith we have in God’s keeping power. This whole sermon shifted my paradigm on how I used to view my Christian life which consists of worrying and striving to avoid sin whereas I am suppose to just walk faithfully with the Lord which requires me to depend and trust in God to keep me from falling along the way. We are to meditate on the truth in which no weapon formed against us will prevail because if God is for us, who can be against us? Through this sermon, it led me to re-examine my walk with God and indeed there are times where I had struggled to try to be “sinless” , instead of fully understanding how powerful God’s keeping power is. I want to keep on pursuing that faith-filled life and contend to appear before Him, faultless and with great joy!

  65. Suzie Lee says:

    This message was so informative and eye opening. First off, I loved the raw details PC gave about cults. The main reason why false teachers come into the church is to cause division. Cult leaders usually tend to go after the weak sheep to lure them into their cults. These are things that I’ve only heard about before but felt distant to because they were never brought up explicitly in the church.

    Secondly, I loved the outline of the 8 exhortations and how they are our responsibility to do; however, ultimately it is the keeping power of God that will never fail us. I don’t have a crazy promiscuous- gangster testimony and I felt sort of embarrassed and felt like my story was bland. However, that is totally the opposite! I praise God that he kept me from falling deeper into sin when I totally could have. I praise God for my testimony because he has freed me from sin and bondage! My testimony is awesome!

    Lastly, PC’s final point hit the spot. When you ask yourself, “What if I stumble?” you’re putting more weight on your sin nature than on God’s keeping power. The keeping power of God is to give us confidence and boldness. Wow! Although I may fail, it is ultimately God who can lift me up and keep me going. Wow!!!!!!!!!

  66. Magdeline Goh Seen Hui says:

    This is so powerful! After hearing this sermon, it once again reminds me on how good God treats me by keeping me from stumbling all these years. I personally like what PC said that those that thinks their lives are boring because they have been walking with God all these while is because the devil is trying to tell them all these lies. but that is actually the power of God that keeps them from falling into all those sins. He want us to not to be worry and do our parts because He is able to keep us from falling. I am one of those that have a low view of God’s power but high view of God’s salvation but after hearing this sermon, I’m so blessed and I know that God’s keeping power is to give me confidence and boldness to live out my christian life. All these while i have been admiring those with testimonies of saving power of God but after hearing this sermon, i realized the keeping of God is as powerful as the saving power of God. I want to live a life that is exciting which are being kept by the power of God and having a spirit-filled life!

  67. Bethany Pak says:

    With the keeping power of Christ in me, I am able to live a life full of excitement and with Him by my side! Why is God so awesome like that?! It makes me fall in love with Him all over again. Sometimes when I’m feeling super overwhelmed and stress it’s hard for me to stop and reflect for a minute on how God’s keeping power will give me peace and not make any rash or bad decisions or in other words, stumble. He is for us and He sees me. This message not only encouraged me to put more faith into God with my daily life, but it was also a much needed reminder that with the power of God, I cannot stumble or fall into sin. Thank you, Jesus!!!

  68. Kirstin says:

    Many believe in God’s saving power, but they cannot believe or truly understand in His keeping power. They do not see that He gives us grace and he also maintains all of us in His grace. Many people are all the time thinking of their failures and just by doing so, we are paving the way for future failure. However, we are courageous only as we keep God’s promises in view. In order to know His keeping power, we must believe whole-heartedly in His promises. If we are consumed with doubt and fear about our ability to overcome, then we are discrediting His ability to keep us. What a great reminder this message was and thank you, God, for guarding me from stumbling and to prepare me for the presence of your glory!

  69. Two weeks ago, I talked with a friend after the church service. I’ve ever heard he was brought in a christian family, I thought he has been living in the covering of God and God’s people for whole his life. I was envious him and felt pity about my life which was far from God and His covering.
    After I received Jesus, one of many questions was “Why He call me ‘Now’? after I had such a tough times” I regarded my old life as burden and difficult homeworks to have to solve and things to must be thrown away.
    The day after, on the way to my office, some thinkings came across, Even when I didn’t know God. He has been protecting me from falling and death. Even though the lamb didn’t be aware of the Shepherd, the Shepherd has been doing his work, keeping the vulnerable lamb. So Although I continued to choose dangerous things like a poison in my life, He was in the storm with me to keep me. After I realized this, the envy disappeared and I was grateful to keep covering me for God.
    And one week ago, I felt like seeing some image. I’ve ever heard the story “To be born a pure and strong gold, it takes time to be trained”, The image was about this Word. In my image, I could see tears of someone who is refining the gold, reflecting on the shiny gold in front of a fire. He beat and put the gold into the hot fire to make gold pure, strong. But in the process whenever the gold was pain, he felt really pity for it. The pure and transparent tears made me feel the heart. The image taught me that every experiences of my life are not useless. And every wounds, traumas even came from my wrong choices, sins not just have to be thrown away and forgotten. Ultimately someday, all of these will be used by His Good will. And whenever I was stumble, He felt really pity for me, and kept to refine with tears to save me.
    Even now I’m stumble often. But at least now, I can know the fact that I’m stumble, and God’s right hand to grasp me is really needed to me. I hope I will keep holding this unshaken One, God.

  70. Shin Young Park says:

    Yes. What if I don’t stumble? :)
    Growing up in the church with awesome parent who always covers me with their prayers, I was always a bright, happy, thankful girl. However, I remember that during middle school, I didn’t had any prayer request to ask for and I was telling myself I should fail once to understand God’s grace. I was young but serious. Even though I knew it was all protection and grace from God that I’m being so safe and abundant but I was somehow very eager and urgent to know more of him.
    Also, as I grew, I had little twisted inferiority when I wasn’t able to help the wounded friends around me. People are called differently and I know I have my role to play. But whenever I saw how the words can be so powerful and different from the same wounded experienced people, I thought I was just helpless. Not that I wanted to sin to know the grace of God more, but I really wanted to understand people’s broken heart and sufferings… People told me that Jesus was a sinless man but really understood people’s sufferings so I should ask for his heart and, since I am blessed and bright, God will send me to the deep valley one day to use this light, I should wait and be more equipped. Although I wans’t sure of his plan for me, I was very thankful for this preparation period.
    I did stumble very hard last year for the first time in my life, and it was very hard and difficult period for me. Nevertheless, I’ve experienced the sweet intimacy with God and he is helping me to make sure that I don’t fall again. I am thankful that I can embrace and give right direction to the people who fail in this area that I’ve gone through. All the good and bad experiences count. God is good!!!

  71. Suzie Im says:

    Ah, that word was good. I’m one of those that always contemplates those what if’s. I know I’m saved and He calls me holy by the blood of Jesus Christ, but what if I keep stumbling. I never really understood when I heard about the “keeping power of God” until this word. I still have to walk with Him and do my part, but it’s ultimately God’s keeping power from keeping me from false teachings, as well as stumbling in foolishness.
    I learned to change my perspective. It’s not about asking what my life will look if I don’t stumble, because God doesn’t want me to even entertain these ideas…these what if’s. Of course I still have access to the Kingdom, and of course my name is still written in the book of life, but it’s about my walk with Him. Nothing else needs to worry me. If I put my focus on living out God’s will, God will keep me in His grace and keeping power. Hallelujah.

  72. Samuel Choi says:

    It’s funny how I, and I imagine many others who began listening to this sermon, went in with the tendency to underestimate the keeping power of God. The title really threw me off actually. I thought it would be utterly impossible to be blameless and that even the mere idea of “what if I don’t stumble” was a reference to our blindness in seeing our own wickedness.

    But as Pastor Christian lays out for us, the writer of Jude has a leaning toward God’s ability to keep us from stumbling. The sermon shifted my paradigm. I should seek holiness not to be sinless, but to be blameless on the day of the Lord.

    Practically though, I don’t think many other churches could boldly preach this message as at NP. This is precisely because so many have that underlying assumption that we are bent towards stumbling instead of putting the bigger weight on God’s keeping ability. I’ve never met such a concentration of spiritually strong people as I have here, who walk blamelessly. It gives me a real and tangible hope that I can be blameless before Christ as well on the day of His return. I’m so excited to see the progression of my own sanctification as I continue in this journey.

  73. Janis Pok says:

    Wow, this message really hit home for me. As i was going through the membership process, I vented like crazy to my connection coach about this HUGE fear about backsliding, and she responded with basically this sermon. She told me to envision myself as a person who is a blessing, with authority, etc. and asked me “wouldnt it be awesome if this was that turning point in your life, and you just keep going forward and never go back?” I was envisioning myself to fail anytime soon, because that’s how it always went. I would have this crazy encounter with God and before I knew it, I backslided, and it became harder to come back to God because my heart had hardened. After joining NRTC, i decided to cut back on the things I knew I shouldn’t be doing. In the beginning, it was just because i had the mentality that i shouldn’t be doing these things as a NRTC candidate. But as time went on, it wasn’t a strain I was putting on myself, but these old desires that I had gradually faded away. And I was thinking to myself, “wow, ive been going on good streak for the longest time in my life. i wonder when im gonna fall back again.” I was basically setting myself up for failure, because it seemed to good to be true that my life could actually be free from all the former things I was bound to. I could tell God was revealing to me to shift my thinking. He didn’t care what I did, He just wanted my heart and me to be happy in giving it to Him. It would be more than awesome if this was a turning point in my life where I never go back to the things that used to please me. It makes me excited just thinking about appearing before Him faultless and with GREAT JOY. When I forced the religious spirit upon myself, saying i couldnt do this or that, i felt miserable and thought christianity was way too boring and stiff for me, but as I’m trying to get to get my heart aligned with God’s, i can feel a sort of excitement/joy that i never had before, and it gets better every day. It’s definitely not easy, but God never fails to reward me when I step out in faith.

  74. Yii Koah Kien says:

    This sermon is like a wake up call for me to really come to think and appreciate God’s keeping grace that is instilled in us. I used to think that I don’t have a testimony because I’ve never been through anything too crazy in my life. But now if I look at it, I would be amazed by how great God’s love is for me and how He’s been keeping me from falling. And to believe that I’ll never stumble again, it’s not because I swear that I will be obedient, but it’s because I put my faith in God’s keeping power. It just makes me feel so excited about my life not because I learn to obey God and avoid sins, but also growing to be faultless and filled with great joy when I stand before God’s glorious presence. My testimony is no longer boring but is exciting and victorious because I have the keeping grace of God :)

  75. Jina Nam says:

    I never realized that there was a goal to a Christian life… not that it’s only so systematic and set with achieving goals and whatnot, but that there’s a purpose to our Christian lives. A goal, a final destination. And that gives me so much more fire and hunger for God! I want to be more like him! I want more of this life and of what He has to offer, so on the day I see him, face to face, I won’t feel ashamed, I won’t feel small. But I’ll be full of great joy and be faultless, for being a son of God, having served Him and now seeing Him. It’s exciting thinking about how much more I can grow if I think about being bold to achieve that goal rather than being paranoid and worried about my sinful nature and fleshly desires. Being bold means knowing who I am in Christ, and declaring that, and living that out in faith and by His word. And I want to do that, and I want more of that! Because this, like PC said, is truly an exciting life. I’ve been a Christian for about 6-7 months now, and I have never felt more alive. It’s had its ups and downs, but all of that has pushed me so much further than I ever thought I could ever go, and already I’ve experienced so much this life is never boring. I never ONCE thought I was bored with God. It’s exciting thinking about who I am, how much my life contains now, and the fact that I have been gifted the authority to be bold in the name of my Father and to continue to do my part in this life, until the day I see him. It’s exciting! :)

  76. Grace Lim says:

    This message broke off a lot of lies and deceptions off of me. Because my salvation was more of a gradual process rather than one marked by a radical moment, I had the tendency to discredit the power of God in my salvation testimony. Even though I knew in my head that every salvation is powerful and glorious, I still struggled to believe it wholeheartedly. But PC breaking it down and emphasizing the fact that the saving power of God and the keeping power of God are attributed to the same one, true God really just clarified how God’s power had truly been with me throughout my entire life– not even just after I was saved… but since I was in my mother’s womb! Recently, I have been so encouraged to dig deeper into the word, so it was a timely message for me to hear PC say that we have to excavate the treasures hidden in God’s word, and that when we live by the word of God, there is authority, especially in our prayers. It sounds so obvious, but we are so prone to forget it– “just do your part, and God will keep you from falling.” Thank you for this message!!!

  77. Seungwon Lee says:

    I have never really struggled with habitual sin, as I was regarded as a ‘good girl’ who never really enjoyed partying, sex or alcohol. People in college used to call me a saint (which I didn’t take positively, as I thought it refered as being boring). However, after recieving H&D at the retreat, I did realize I had engaged in various sin patterns in my past (occult, fortune telling…). I noticed the importance of repenting and staying way from sin in the future. PC emphasizes that meditating on God’s word is what keeps you holy and in the Christ-like mindset. Actually after my H&D session, I had been meditating on the Identities in Christ. I feel it did bring a shift in my spirit, where I personally feel closer to God and I feel better about my identity. I realized walking it out in Christ afterwords is as important as the H&D session itself to remain pure and stay away from sin.

  78. Andres Park says:

    This sermon reminded me of a sermon that Pastor Marcus preached for Friday Fire, which talked about living in two different tensions: the tension between good and bad, and the other between good and best. It just reminded me that we do not have to live in fear of failure, because Jesus already took care of that. We need to stop relying on that fear and especially stop thinking about mistakes to make us perfect. Instead, we need to start focusing on the one true God who is perfect and listen to him, constantly staying focused on him and not on our circumstances and surroundings. There definitely needs to be a fear of our God, but not a fear of our own shortcomings and mistakes. I was reminded that it is not through discipline and bible studies that I am able to walk with God after being saved, but that his grace extends beyond salvation and beings to shine its keeping power over us.

  79. Kanyanta says:

    The knowledge that God has the power to preserve us – to keep us from stumbling, this is a thought that helps me put life in perspective.
    Also, knowing that it is the keeping power that stops us from falling shows us we should not judge others – we have no right.
    Sometimes it is easy to think that Christian life is boring and uninspiring. But this is not true, the fact is that a spirit-filled life is so much more exciting and fulfilling than anything the world could offer. The devil know this and it is something the he always tries to deceive us about.

  80. Karey Park says:

    Something about this message ministered to deeply held discomfort and confusion that I had held for a while. I would rank my salvation testimony as one of the less “colorful” ones, and sometimes struggle with thinking about how to express to others how God has worked in my life in a meaningful way. We are to make diligent effort ourselves to keep ourselves in the love of God, for it is our own choices that move us away from the love of God. Staying there requires being a person of faith, a person of prayer, and by looking for the soon coming of Jesus and His kingdom (see verses 20-21).

    The most powerful implication of this teaching is that it keeps our “orientation” focused towards doing the really exciting stuff, rather than avoiding things that are more “exciting” when they are not. John Piper, who has such a way with words, titled a section of one of his chapters “The Ruinous Ethic of Mere Avoidance.” Taken to its logical extreme, a Christian faith focused on the tendency of the sanctified Christian to fall into sin could be the most innocuous way of allowing sin to wreak its havoc and permeate everything in society. The church simple needs to sit back and do nothing, for Satan is the “prince of this world.”

  81. Jamie Yoo says:

    As believers, we often forget that our God is an able God! He is indeed able – not only to deliver us from the evil one, but to keep us from slipping. He makes our feet like the feet of a deer, and set us secure on the heights! Our focus shouldn’t be merely on not trying to stumble to the old patterns of life, but to flourish and grow deeper and deeper in our new identity as children of light! We have the promise of God’s keeping power. And so, we have nothing to fear.

  82. Paul Yoo says:

    Living for God is truly the most exciting life I could ever live. My testimony is more of the “saving power of God” variety, but one of the most dramatic differences from my old life is that I now have a purpose. Before I met God, I felt that life had no purpose. I tasted and drank the different pleasures of the world, but ultimately they left me empty and I was sick of them. But what a grace it is, that now I can have a divine purpose for my life, that I can be a part of what God is doing at this moment in history!

    I have some more thoughts on this habit of some people to worry, “What if I stumble?” My thoughts are still forming on this issue, but for now, I feel like there needs to be an appropriate balance. On the one hand, the apostle Paul said, “Therefore let anyone who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall.” (1 Cor 10:12) And he was saying this as a response to all the warnings and examples against sin that we have in the OT. At the same time, I think there is a tendency for some to overemphasize this side without an appropriate balance. As a young Christian, I would read some works by the Puritans and other dead guys and be strongly influenced by them. While they bring much insight and spiritual vitality, they do tend to focus on the depth of our sin, and my perspective is that they brought too much emphasis on that and not enough on the joy and grace and “keeping power of God”. God is able to keep us til the last day, as we pray and meditate on his Word and through the power of the Spirit and his church. We should celebrate the keeping power of God just as much.

  83. Ahreum Kim says:

    What a message! This message reminds me of father’s heart with love and care. It’s not I that keeps me safe. It’s my father’s preserving power that leads me and empowers me to stand upright! Keeping power of God is such powerful that I stand in his grace and mercy! I walk in joy. I often forget that power and focus on stumbling situation. Like what if I don’t and what if I do this or that… I like the title what if I don’t stumble! I am afraid that my deed and my righouteouness stand in place of God’s keeping power… God is able and always keeps me and holds me! That’s enough for me to walk boldly in the lord!

  84. Ikhimiukor Henry says:

    Yes!!!!!! This is the most exciting thing! A Spirit filled life with authority living by the word of God. I also realised i don’t have to dwell on my ability to avoid sin, but rather put all my hope & trust in God ability to renew my heart & and transform my life into the image of dear son, Jesus Christ. Now I have confidence & boldness to live a sin free life through faith in Christ Jesus. I fear no temptation or opposition. I will contend for the faith not out of fear, but out of faith, hope & love, so that on the last day I will appear before Jesus faultless with great joy in my heart.

  85. Eddie Mun says:

    Dang. I used to think that when I give my testimony, people would be less excited than if they’d be listening to a prodigal son type story. I used to think maybe I need to commit some sins in order to give a bomb testimony in the future! I was thinking, ‘Maybe I should fall and stumble a bit so I can shed light on God’s extraordinary saving power. This sermon set me free from thinking living worldly is exciting. It may seem exciting as a movie clip, but in real life, it’s foolishness. I thought my testimony was boring because it didn’t entail the saving power of God. Praise be to the Lord who in His grace, has kept me from a life devoid of drugs, promiscuity, and violence, who will CONTINUE to keep me from falling into pits of adultery, fornication, murder, and any other malicious acts! I learned that the goal of my life is to be presented on that day before His glory – faultless and with great joy! I want to walk my life faithfully and victoriously so that I can feel great joy before Him. Another key thing I learned from this sermon is positional sanctification and progressive sanctification. I learned that while I have been washed clean by the blood of Christ, I need to grow to be more like Jesus.

  86. Oscar Sun says:

    Being a new Christian, this message didn’t hit me as hard as it might have hit others. However, I do completely agree with PC about God’s saving grace and God’s keeping grace. My testimony shows the power of God’s saving grace, but as I hear others testimonies I hear so much about God’s keeping grace, but the people who are blessed by God’s keeping grace are never too enthusiastic about their testimony. However, I believe that God’s keeping grace is so much more powerful than his saving grace, he has allowed a person to follow and move toward God without any strife. Those who are kept away from all the sin in the world and are constantly being in touch with Jesus. I like how PC said that Jesus would rather hear the story of how you never failed him, how you were always chasing him, how you encountered him everyday, and not of the story of foolishness. Perhaps more people would rather hear about God’s saving grace, but Jesus would rather hear stories about God’s keeping grace.

  87. Sophia Sitorus says:

    God’s keeping grace… it actually goes even beyond our ownselves. I believe that in the time when I was a Christian who was slacking in personal relationship with God, it was my mother’s prayer and realationship with God who covered me and kept me from foolishness of this world when I left home for college. It was so easy to be tempted because in college I did not have accountability community and almost all other people in my college lived in very fleshy manner. It was God’s grace who made me went through it all. Even when I almost wanted to give up being a ‘devoted christian girl’ due to feeling being the odd one out, but Holy Spirit had kept me in the fear of the Lord rather than fear of human. Thank you very much PC for revealing that my testimony will be so dearly for Jesus. It makes everything worth it. I will keep my sight in living righteously so that I can meet Jesus in joyfulness in the finish line!

  88. Alina Cho says:

    Growing up in church, I always thought that a crazy testimony that involved someone doing heavy drugs and sleeping with hundreds of men or women, was a powerful testimony. But thats not true at all. I mean, a crazy testimony like that is also very powerful and amazing, but a testimony like mine is also one of worth and power. I shouldn’t belittle what God as been doing in my life already up to this day because I didn’t go down a road of drugs and sex. God’s keeping grace over my life is what He looks forward to hearing when He comes back, not what I have done in foolishness. God is just so graceful that He doesn’t even want to know about where we have fallen, but where we have kept strong in faith with Him.

  89. Jessica Kim says:

    When I first listened to this message, I was wondering why the sermon was titled “What if I dont stumble?” PC was talking about the exciting life of Christianity instead of the life that many people live now that they find exciting. For me I see as both ways. For example, I dont think its fun to get chased by mobs or have that “exciting/dangerous” lifestyle, but I do like to just have funs at clubs. However, it was my first official time at a club so many thats why I thought it was fun. Nevertheless, I still think that what PC described is exciting to me. Experiencing the Holy Spirit for the first time was awesome and its also exciting to help someone to be brought to Christ. Even when things may seem to get not exciting, God helped it and when I witnessed someone demon-possessed being set free, that was also exciting. And I thought it was interesting when PC talked about the “What if’s” and how it is putting our belief in sinning than in God’s keeping power. The reason that it stood out to me, is because I first heard about that from Joel Osteen. That really hit me hard and I didnt realize that even doubting and thinking of the negative possibilities are giving satan the edge instead of God. So I decided to shift my mindset and I didnt realize how far my mind shifted back until I heard that from PC. But I need to have that change my mindset back and keep in mind that Jesus is going to want to hear our life and how we grew even thought He already knows, He doesnt want to hear us telling Him that we didnt stumble, but how we grew and how obeyed, not worrying about stumbling. Great message that I would like many of His children (including me) to apply.

  90. I remember one time I was having a conversation with a friend and she said to me, “Sarah, I’m not a bad kid. I don’t smoke or drink or party or any of those things. But everyone’s testimony is about how God saved them from these things and showed them grace. Do I have to go through these things to get grace and love too? Do I have to walk away from God to really know God?” At the time I said, no of course not, everyone’s story is different, but secretly in my heart I sometimes wondered the same thing. I wondered if there was a depth of God’s love that I would never really understand because I’ve never experienced the dramatic 180 degree transformation in my life where I went from (as PC put it) running from Vietnamese gangsters to following Jesus. It gave me a lot of clarity to hear PC talk about the keeping love of God and how that is just as powerful and deep as His saving love. To be honest, I’ve never even considered the meaning of the words ‘keeping love’ until I heard this sermon. But it’s powerful, so so powerful, to know that I live in a love that keeps me from falling and that my story is one that Jesus would want me to tell again and again.

    • ^ Oh shoot, this is Sarah Suk. hahahahah sorry I published it under my username (I used to love melon bars in high school) (I still do)

  91. Keketso Makape says:

    I’m definitely guilty of quietly believing that those ‘saving power’ testimonies are a little more exciting than others, but I’ve learned so much from friends who have been faithful to God since they were young. I love that this message focuses on keeping a balance- we sometimes are so focused on our own weaknesses that we dwell there and end up repeating old sin. It’s so good to know that it’s not purely by our own efforts that we can keep from stumbling, but that God’s got the power to keep our attention on Him and therefore not fall into sin.

    It’s so good to remember that God isn’t a kill-joy, and that there’s so much freedom in staying in line with the kind of life he calls us to. From a distance, that seems like something impossible, but the more I’ve grown in Him, the more I’ve known this to be true. Thank you for the reminder, PC!

  92. Rebekah Kim says:

    I think I was/am one of those people who thinks that a life kept by Christ is predictable and mundane. But I am starting to see that that is just the opposite!
    I think I have tended towards the mindset of just avoiding stumbling. But this message helped me understand that it’s not just a matter of me exercising my power to make all the right decisions, but ultimately, it’s the the keeping power of God who is for me that keeps me from stumbling. The end goal to just “avoid shame” is such a miserable pursuit compared to God’s plans!

  93. being a curious and new follower of God and his word, the more out of the ordinary the testimony the more it caught my attention, which I definitely agree on. Hearing stories of how people have come a long way from where they once were to the people they are now definitely made me feel like there’s a lot of power in the word and it’s why people can change from lives they once lived. I never really thought about those who haven’t walked away from Gods view of how he wants us to live, thinking about the word PC preached now it definitely makes me more look towards those who have stayed on the path and their stories are just as exciting if not better then those who have strayed. Learning to live the life in line with Gods vision is something I think should be emphasized more or maybe something I will take more notice of now that it has been brought to light for me personally.

  94. I believe many of us have this perception – that our testimony is “not exciting or powerful” as our life did not dramatically get turned around from one of drugs, drinking, etc. Especially since a life like does demonstrate the power and love of God at great degree. Hearing from PC affirmed my belief that a life saved early by the love and grace of God is not one that is not exciting. Just as PC said, the work in both of these lives is from the same God and we should not underestimate our own narrative when God has stepped into it. The title and meaning of this message reminded me of Pastor Marcus’s “Why Not Me?”. Our mindset is so focused on our qualifications and faults that we do not take into consideration that it is God who is going to take care of and guide us. We forget to rely on God and instead depend on our own abilities. His “keeping power” is just as great as His saving power and it’s something we should not underestimate but come to believe and have faith in, trusting Him.

  95. I’ve always felt so much grace in my life around the area of alcohol and drugs, especially starting from middle school. Although I had many friends who began experimenting with these things, I never had an ounce of curiosity. Even though I was exposed to the “party lifestyle”, especially because I was in the dance community, I always thanked God for His grace and protection. This message truly hit home when PC said that God will keep us from stumbling, because that is exactly what He has done for me throughout the years. It is He who will keep us from stumbling when we step forward into dark areas in different industries. We do not have to be afraid about any stronghold the enemy has, because our God will be our protection and fortress. We do not have to run away from darkness and corruption due to the fear of becoming “tainted”, but we can walk forth in boldness and confidence that we are victorious through Jesus!

  96. Paul Paik says:

    While listening to this sermon, I was challenged with a couple different things. The main message was good as it helped me truly realize how much faith I have in God’s ability to save people and really change their lives, but how little confidence I have in God’s ability to keep His people on the right path. It almost seems as if suffering has been so exaggerated that I have been tempted to forget that though as Christians we are destined to suffer, God is still there with us to guide us and hold us up. But in addition to that, the other thing that really hit me was the reminder that what is truly “exciting” is not drugs, alcohol, or adultery, but the works of God. I think many have a tendency to find the worldly references in testimonies to be exciting because we believe they are more relatable and tangible. However, when Pastor Christian said that what we should truly find exciting is the work of the Spirit rather than the world, it really hit me. It reminded me that I should not find excitement in the worldly realm but in higher things which will have more power and wonder than anything on the earth ever could.

  97. Hanna Hong says:

    In listening to the background of Jude, the 8 Doxologies, and numerous testimonies throughout the sermon, the concept that struck me the hardest was the goal for a Christian: to be presented in the presence of God without fault and great joy. As PC was sharing testimonies, I found myself connecting to and reflecting back on my life. Although PC describes their secular ways not exciting, I have to disagree and sometimes secular life can be very exciting. But the excitement is vastly different than the excitement you receive when you are living the Spirit filled life. The excitement from a Spirit filled life is much more real, pure and most notably, joyful. One of the key ideas in this sermon was about “the keeping power of God is strong”. It is a challenge for me to fully understand how strong God’s powers are. I find my tiny human brain cannot grasp the idea of his greatness. But I think the more we live in confidence and boldness, his keeping power will become more evident.

  98. From listening to this sermon, I realized that I need to speak truth to myself by asking “What if I don’t stumble and what if I obey the Lord’s command and go deeper with Him year by year?” Pretty good timing to listen to this sermon because after coming back from a recent church-wide retreat, I get to have a concern how long this joy and somewhat intimate walk with Him will last. “What if I fail?” shall not be my concern but instead I need to trust in Him and walk with Him because He who started a good work in me will be faithful to complete it. “God is able to keep you away from falling,” Pastor Christian says. I will approach life with boldness and faith so that on the Last Judgement Day I can present myself with faultless and blameless by the grace of God. Amen.

  99. Taylor Herman says:

    For me, I got saved my freshman year of college, but I feel like even though I wasn’t walking with God before then (I didn’t really even know God before then), God was still keeping me, holding on to me, and pursuing me. He was pursuing me so hard that He took this white girl from Indiana 5,000 miles away from my home to South Korea to save me, in a Korean church. And I really believe that God gave me sports as His way of keeping me from stumbling from childhood until college. In high school I never smoked, I never drank, never was promiscuous, never did any of those things you think of when you hear the word ‘sin,’ and definitely not an ‘exciting’ life as the world sees it, like PC talked about. Back then I thought it was just because somehow I was able to maintain my morals, but now I realize that it was God keeping me the whole time; He was keeping my mind on the right things, and away from the sinful darkness that was always within arm’s reach if I ever fell away. Sometimes I also think that I have such a boring testimony, I didn’t do anything bad, and I didn’t even go to church and walk with God. But now I realize that I was defining what ‘exciting’ was, as PC said, by the ways of the world. No nights out getting plastered, no fights, nothing; but it’s so much more exciting than that: I was pursued by God for 19 long years, and He finally brought me home~ Lord I thank you for never giving up on me, even now if I slip up, I know you’ll never forsake me.

  100. JoAngela Jimenez says:

    This was a great message! I honestly have NEVER heard a message about God’d keeping power. I also never thought that people who have served God all their life had a testimony. It was so good to hear PC talk about how we have more faith in our sinful life than in Gods keeping power. This really hit me hard because I think im always concerned about stumbling instead of trusting in God that he will keep me safe. This message definitely has challenged me to have more faith in God and my ability to grow spiritually rather than worry about stumbling again.

  101. Jane Cho says:

    This message did an excellent job of vividly laying out Jude’s forewarning and exhortation that is specific for the NP body. The two ongoing examples, spiritual manifestations and testimonies of faith, are two powerful processes that are largely supported and enabled at the corporate level, as a result of community and/or the great necessity for one. In fact, this message highlighted community as much as it did perseverance. Especially following our 2014 church-wide retreat, it can be challenging to internally connect the three spatial occurrences of the present spiritual manifestations with our past individual life stories along with the eternal call to be holy; however, I now know that the journey of healing and deliverance is as integrated with faithfulness and love for being a body that keeps with Christ.

  102. Lisa Young says:

    I was struck by the definition of “perseverance of the saints”. When I was introduced to Calvinism I took that petal of the TULIP to mean exactly what Pastor Christian pointed out as a mistake: just an answer to the question of whether people who fall into a life of sin are still saved. It never even occurred to me to think of it as an affirmation of God’s power to keep us in a life of victory. This theme keeps coming up. In Pastor Marcus’s sermon on having faith in faith: Do you have more faith in God or in your doubts? In one of Pastor Benjamin’s talks at the retreat: Do you have more faith in God or in the devil? And in this sermon: Do you have more faith in God’s keeping power or in your sin nature? We’ve got a too-good-to-be-true mentality all through us. I guess it goes back to the orphan spirit; we just wonder when the provision’s going to run out next. But this message is very encouraging to think about. God’s plan is for us to walk in victory and joy and blamelessness our whole life long. It’s okay not to worry about all the bad things we might do because we have a path of life right in front of us that doesn’t take us anywhere near them.

  103. Gon Kim says:

    I thought the most interesting thing was PC mentioning how easily we acknowledge and celebrate God’s saving power but not his keeping power. I think it happens mostly because we see it as our responsibility to keep ourselves under His covering. There’s definitely a responsibility, but we must draw our strength from the power that keeps us, not from within ourselves. Also, I feel like God’s saving power and keeping power should be on the same dimension. If God is strong enough to save us from sin and death, His ability to keep us should logically follow because saving us from sin and death would be an act that requires more strength. Since God is powerful enough to save us, how could He not be powerful enough to keep us? I think the two aren’t discrete, on different dimensions but on the same spectrum. This message shifted my mindset on my own failings and how I need to rely more on God’s keeping power to stay in Him.

  104. Jeremiah Silvey says:

    The concept of different types of sanctification revolutionized my perspective. I have never heard of these two separate terms before, only about positional sanctification. The message has allowed a lot of practical life application to make more sense now. I love how this transitions to the verse explaining that true victory is to be in the presence of God blameless without fault and having great joy. I can say that this type of motive brings so much more joy to God rather than having a motive focused on just our works. Life through this message can be summarized in knowing that true joy comes from being obedient to God. May any low view that I have of God’s keeping power be revealed and replaced with a higher view of God’s keeping power. Thank you for the message PC!

  105. Felix Baumer says:

    Indeed, testimonies from people who stumbled, repent and rose again in the glory of the Lord are amazing. I personally am fascinated by them because they symbolize a proven and tangible display of the deep love of God for us. His amazing and incredible depth and span of love for those who repent before him and the grace he has always fill my heart with joy. Due to this message I was reminded that His heart is actually filled with so much more unconditional and unprejudiced love, because He loves us all the same whether we stumbled or not. Testimonies from people who never failed or stumbled are at least as powerful as the dramatic once with the happy ending, because they are filled with the same love of God. It might just be more difficult to find the heart of God in those testimonies because we are so used to be drawn to the tragic stories where the people have faith and receive their freedom in the end. I mean isn’t the billion dollar industry of Hollywood all about that? But it is actually the same heart and so wonderful to see how much love God shows in keeping people from stumbling at all. His protection and his ability to keep us from falling write stories of joy and rejoice.

  106. Rose Balais says:

    So funny how a few weeks ago, me and a friend were just thinking and imagining about how our lives would look like if we weren’t raised in Christian families, or if we had a phase in our lives where we lived in the flesh and then we dramatically meet God and start living righteous lives, then maybe we would have more powerful testimonies to share. Listening to this sermon though made me realize that whether we are a product of the saving power of God or the keeping power of God we should never underestimate one or the other. Even though, the testimonies of those people who’d once succumbed to the temptations of their flesh sound more exciting and empowering, the testimonies of those people whom God had poured His grace unto to keep them from sinning, is just as powerful and exciting as well.

    I also like how PC mentioned that the most exciting life is a spirit-filled life. When PC started redefining what an exciting life actually looks like, (ex. when the power of God flows through your hand and a person gets instantly healed/ when a breakthrough comes to person you’ve been praying for for years etc.) I started to think that maaan, that’s the true excitement right there. People who are doing drugs, getting drunk, sleeping around may think that they are living such exciting the lives, but in reality, the excitement that they are feeling is only temporary. Those who are living their lives in the spirit, God has gifted them with real and permanent excitement.

  107. Hyeji Lee says:

    Wow, taking NRTC program gratifies almost all of my curiosity when walking with God. There were some times I was wondering if my life can be a “good” testimony enough. I mean there were some ups and downs in my life but it was not as dramatic as others who went to really deep downs, got saved in Jesus, and became a totally different person. However, Pastor This sermon releases me from this thought; God’s keeping power is as strong as his saving power. By listening to this sermon, I truely became to thanks to God that he kept me falling and holding me to God in all of my life. “What if I don’t stumble?” is not my question anymore. :)

  108. All the “what if..”questions I have been asking seems so much less important than thinking of the great joy and stories I will be sharing with Jesus when I see him face to face. His keeping power is definitely the strongest power and grace that has been less emphasized and enjoyed. Thank you father for keeping me in your sight, in your hands so that I can walk with you faithfully and thank you for your saving power that has brought me so close to you! Be with the false teachers so that they will see your true beauty and be in the holy spirit, we don’t want anymore divisions. Be with the weak sheep as well so that they will hear from you clearly and never leave you! I love you for keeping me and saving me and doing this wonderful work throughout this world!

  109. Teng Jo Ee says:

    It’s my first time reading Jude and this chapter really blown my mind away. I love how PC interpreted the chapter that the chapter started with passive form and ended with active form, but both stated the keeping power of God. Throughout this one year in NP, I have heard so many testimonies that touched my heart and showed me how powerful God is, however at the same time, I felt that I am living a boring life as I don’t have a testimony to show others what God had done in my life…this message just came like ‘BOOM’, and I am hit by the fact that God had been keeping me and guiding me faithfully! Whether it is the keeping power or saving power of God, it is the same God that loves us so so much!
    ‘To him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy – to the only God our Savior to glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.’ (Jude 1: 24-25 )
    ‘What if I don’t stumble’ is no longer a question for me. I feel so contented for what I have and who I am. Now, I am ready to live the most exciting life on Earth by walking with God!

  110. Susan Min says:

    There were times that I have stumbled in my walk with God, but generally, I would say that I have had a steady relationship with Him. It sometimes is hard to share my testimony because it isn’t as dramatic as some testimonies that I have heard. But Pastor Christian shares God’s keeping power and how that could be my testimony. I have always felt that God was my protector and He’s walked me through life. But I’ve never looked at that as a testimony. But through this sermon, I’ve realized how powerful that testimony is. It shows even a greater power that God has. My mindset should be set on the fact that ‘I cannot fall’.

  111. Joseph Lee says:

    Growing up in the church, you always hear the crazy testimonies and thinking that’s really powerful but, I never realized I’ve been downplaying the power of God with the testimonies of his keeping power. That’s dope that some brothers and sisters had received this power. This message really challenged me not to just believe in the positional sanctification, but to really progress in my faith. I want to appear in front of Him with nothing but victory and great joy! Thank God! PC got DC Talk stuck in my head now though…. good album.

  112. Annie Weiss says:

    This sermon really helps to shift the mindset from fearing failure to pursuing a faultless life. This is not simply a matter of semantics, but it really highlights the differences from living a life that is worried about failure. Life like that is full of fear and striving. When we are thinking about failure that we could fall into, then we are more apt to those things. It forces our minds to think and meditate on the things of this world. But we are not working on not falling, but we should be focused on appearing faultless. We are called to grow into God’s likeness. Romans 8 says that when we set our minds on the things of the Spirit, then we will walk according to the Spirit. As we focus our minds on living faultlessly, we are not avoiding the things around us, but we are moving forward in the things that God has given us. We will appear in front of him faultless and with great joy. He is writing our crazy spirit filled story. We don’t have to fear failure as we walk with God, we simply have to look to him.

  113. Eunbi Lee says:

    While listening to the sermon, I kept thinking about the title and how I use to ask myself everyday “What if I stumble?” I would already see myself fail and do things wrong even before it actually happens. What I didn’t realize when I was thinking this way was God’s keeping power and how He wants us to live a faith based life. I was totally underestimating who God is and what He can do. I always put my worries ahead of me and forget that God is the mighty God that will keep me from stumbling. I put my belief on my ability to sin and not on God’s keeping power. I never completely trusted God with everything in my life and I always worried about ‘stumbling’ and thinking God won’t love me if I stumble. When I realized that my mindset was wrong and that God wants me to live a faith filled and victorious life, I really got a lot of breakthrough and my trust in God got so much stronger.
    Also, I really loved the examples Pastor Christian gave about what we should be excited about. For a big portion of my life, I thought being a Christian kept me from doing things and Christianity was all about the ‘What not to do’. Now, after coming out to Emmaus and New Philly where my relationship with God had been restored and I’m focused on God and not anything else, I see myself get excited for those things and wanting even more.

  114. HyeJoo Lee says:

    Wow. I just have to start off by saying how powerful and relevant this sermon was for me. Long story short, God had been telling me to simply walk with Him. “Walk, progress, be patient, walk, go deeper,” He said. And honestly, I didn’t like what He was saying. Simply walking with God seemed like too much work, too much tiring pressure to not stumble. I was fearful of messing up, fearful of stumbling. But this sermon really just hit me in the head. I had been completely ignorant of God’s KEEPING power, and how his keeping power is just the same as his saving power. I kept wanting to be saved, when I had already been saved years and years ago! Also, as PC said, I think I was scared that walking with God would be boring. It would equate to a monk life of boring prayer and bible reading. But no–again, I had let the devil define what excitement is. “What’s really exciting is a spirit-filled life!”
    Jude 1:24. “To Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before His glorious presence without fault and with glorious joy”. This is it. This is the Christian goal once we are saved. To progress in our sanctification in faith of God’s keeping power. At the end, Jesus will say, “Tell them stories again, tell me about that spirit-filled life.” This brings tears to my eyes. Now I actually have to walk!

  115. Sharon Shin says:

    This sermon was really good for me in particular. Growing up in the church, especially the western churches that I attended, the saving power of God was always emphasized. This was especially the case where there were testimonies being told. I would never really ever hear testimonies of people like me, and while I knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, it made me feel like I hadn’t felt God’s grace like other people with these powerful testimonies had. But hearing this sermon on God’s keeping power was great; I realized that God had worked just as powerfully in my life and it stuck out to me how Pastor Christian talked about how God still has great plans for us, that He wants us to live in confidence and boldness!

  116. Bethany Joy Tweeten says:

    Haha! Loved the DC Talk singing :) Now if we could just incorporate some of their rap songs… This sermon reminded me of God’s faithfulness to me, through both his saving and staying power. Growing up in a Christian home, Christian schools most of my life, although it has still been a journey of ups and downs, I have sometimes felt like “hmm what would my testimony even be?” #boring. This sermon flips that kind of thinking around and reminds me that actually a Spirit-filled life, one that is spent walking faithfully with the Lord over many years is the most exciting testimony of all!

    Also, the goal of the Christian life is not to avoid messing up/stumbling, but to live our lives knowing that one day we will stand before Jesus. #joyful! This kind of mindset helps me put life into a more eternity-driven perspective. Living with eternity in mind focuses the decisions I make now and gives my life more purpose and intentionality knowing that everything I do is out of love for God and that I really will meet him face to face. God is faithful and will continue to carry me onto completion until the day Christ Jesus returns!

  117. Hye Ryoung Rhee says:

    Wow, this message was EXACTLY what I needed! Having grown up in the church with a loving family, I’ve had a pretty good — actually, really good — life without any major stumbling moments. I’ve never really wandered into the path of wild life and never questioned my faith in God. At the same time, I often felt like my walk with God was dry and I was never able to really get into an intimate relationship. After hearing a lot of people’s testimonies at New Philly about God’s saving grace, I sometimes felt like maybe my life had been all too easy, maybe I had to be “broken” a little in order for me to draw closer to God. I could never really relate to the testimonies of those who had experienced God’s saving power, and often felt like I had no testimony of my own to share because my life lacked the “excitement” that others had in their lives. All this time, I had been completely ignoring God’s keeping power over my life. This message helped me realize how foolish it had been for me to worry, or even hope, that I would stumble because I thought that would get me closer to God! God has been showing me SO much grace throughout my life, and I feel like it is time I shifted my perspective to realize it, thank Him for it, and walk in faith that He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion!

  118. Soojin Sou says:

    Wow. Spoke right to me. I always had this fear of stumbling, of messing up and “sinning.” But really, that’s not the life God called me to have! I was asking the wrong question all my life, ans this message really creates a different paradigm by which we think of our life in Christ.

    This is really, once again, my battle with God and my unbelief in His KEEPING power! He who has birthed my faith will carry it out into completion.

  119. Jessie Lee says:

    The things of this world seemed so much appealing that I lost notion of what was really exciting. I have also thought that testimonies from people who used to be ‘more of the world’ were much more exciting and powerful than those from who had lived a ‘more righteous way’ of life. I did not realize that God’s keeping power is neither lower nor greater than His power to save. He is Absolute. And after hearing this sermon, I want to really appear with “GREAT joy” before Him because I have walked victoriously and not shamefully. I want my life to be an “exciting dynamic filled testimony” in the sense that only a “progressional sanctification” could lead to.

  120. Kirby Beneventi says:

    This was a good word for me to hear! I liked how PC differentiated the saving vs. keeping power of God. I realize my perspective has majorly been on the saving, or redeeming, power of God and very little on the preserving power of God. Within the last few years or so I feel I have experienced the sovereignty of God, in His ability to transcend me and my sin. However, I realize the importance of focusing on God’s power to keep us from him, not just to overcome sin! Hallelujah! What encouraging truths!

  121. Emily Tregelles says:

    There’s so much to say about this sermon~~! I’ll try to keep in short. The two things that stood out to me were 1) God’s power in testimonies, and 2)His grace to make me holy.

    1.) The goodness of God and his keeping power: Like many have posted, I didn’t have one of those crazy 180 degree testimonies, and it bummed me out for a long time. People would look at me and ask, have you been a Christian since you were little? and the answer would be an apologetic “yeah” – where I feel sorry my life offers them no insight into the power of God to overcome sin. But then, I came to New Philly and one night during prayer, God revealed his keeping power over my life. My testimony totally changed! He connected the dots for me, showed me where I would be without him, and he instilled in me praise for his goodness and wisdom! Now when people ask me that question, my answer is “Yes, God is so good~ this is his grace in my life.” Out of that, I think part of what you learn when you give a testimony, is that you learn to rejoice in the goodness of God. Whether it be in his saving power or in his keeping power. That’s when it becomes a powerful testimony.

    2) God’s grace: As someone who tends to strive for perfection, this was an encouraging sermon. Growing up, I was consumed by perfectionism, fearing the moment I might make a mistake, and condemning myself if I did. It wasn’t until I was 17 that God gently revealed my state, how it grieved him, and the better things he had in store for me. From that point, I spent a period of about 3 years healing from perfectionism and learning that God delights in me as I am. As I learned to walk in the identity as a child of God, I gained confidence and freedom from fear. I learned to strive for excellence within the grace of God rather than striving in my own strength. It was during this time that I learned to come into agreement with “positional sanctification.”

    After those years, however, God brought perfectionism back to the surface. Something within me still longed for perfection. I was confused. After having been reconciled in imperfection with the blood of Jesus Christ and the grace of God, why did I still long for perfection? It was at this time that God began to tell me about “progressive sanctification” (although not in those words, hehe). He told me that the longing for perfection was a gift. It helps me desire to grow in his likeness more and more. It helps me “keep up my part” of seeking God’s face and being obedient to what he asks. As I read 2 Corinthians 3: 18, I learned that it was God’s intent that I be made into the likeness of Christ and to be presented before God blameless with great joy. True perfection is something that I don’t presume to be able to attain in my flesh, but to know I can move towards that goal delights my heart. ^_^

    Even as I recognize that, however, I still find myself concerned when I mess up – I worry that I’ve been a bad witness, or that I’m not going anywhere in my faith. What would happen if I failed to do such and such? That’s where this sermon is such a powerful reminder and encouragement! I have to stand my guard against sin and not give the devil an opportunity, but as Pastor Christian says, “the bigger part is God’s.” Even as I work out my salvation with fear and trembling, it is God who works in me both to will and to work for his good pleasure. (Phil 2:12-13). I have to trust in the grace that he has given me to succeed. I want to always remember to put my faith in God’s ability to keep me from sin, rather than my ability to sin. I want to rest in that knowledge, so that striving and worry fall away- to be filled with confidence and boldness in God’s keeping power! :)

  122. I am so blessed and encouraged by this Word and i thank God for the life of PC. This word has given me a deeper understanding of the ideal purpose of our christian walk; it is not about defending our standing not stumble,but rather to be presented BLAMELESS AND WITH GREAT JOY on the day of our Lord’s coming. The christian life is not boring but rather full of life, joy, peace and excitement. The good Lord that has started the good work in me is faithful to keep me to the end because He will not allow my feet to stumble.
    I believe this fear of stumbling and hurting the heart of God has held me from exploring the goodness of the Lord and living the victorious life that He desires of me. However, the Word of the Lord has brought freedom to my mind, spirit and soul so i can live in victory, trusting in His Keeping Strength to save me from falling. God is continually keeping me from falling.
    God bless you.

  123. Halima Dodo says:

    In this sermon, Pastor Christian covers Jude’s letter in which he warns about Un-Godly people in the teachers. He also makes known that through false teachers there is destruction and division of church. But Jude ends his letter with a doxology to exalt praise onto God and His power to preserve His people. Like Pastor Christian said, we all love a radical transformation story where God takes the daily club banger out of the dark and into the light. However, we forget to also praise God for those whom He has maintained on the straight and narrow path. I remember when I was preparing for missions I struggled to write my testimony because I felt that I did not have a turning point moment in which I found God. I’m not really sure why, but I always knew that God and Jesus were real and that I wanted to pursue Him in whatever way I could. Now I know that it’s not because I don’t have an exciting testimony, but because God in His grace kept me from harm’s way. What’s more exciting is how I have been able to grow bit by bit into an everlasting faith and trust in God. Our Father is a God who saves but also keeps!

  124. Growing up, when people would give testimonies of how God saved them from rock bottom I would always be amazed and at the same time I felt lacking because I thought I didn’t have a powerful testimony. I have always grown up knowing Christ and he has always been with me. It is only in the past couple of years where I have really come to realize that my entire life is a testimony of God’s goodness and keeping power. Now recently I have just been marveling at God’s decision to choose me. God has kept me for my entire life and this message really highlighted to me how amazing that is and how grateful I am to be in his keeping power! To think of where I possibly could be without his keeping power fills me with confidence that God will continue to keep me until I see him face to face.

    This message also challenges me to redefine what exciting is. Exciting is not necessarily the things we can enjoy in this world but the things that we can see God do through us by his spirit. God is the creator, so He knows exciting best.

  125. Christy Lin says:

    This encourages me to celebrate those around me who have been obedient in their walk with the Lord for most of their lives. It also should challenge those who have been through harsh difficulties to look forward to what the Lord is doing to do in the future, not only dwell on the past’s miracles. They are meant to be told and glorify Christ, but we are to be present-future focused, excited for what God is doing to do with us for the long term.

  126. Jinny Kim says:

    This message really spoke to me because though I knew I was saved and I was walking with God, I have really been letting the devil define things around me. Things like what is considered “fun” or a “powerful testimony”. “Fun” is not getting smashed up drunk, smoking or going to all the late night clubs, but the real fun is living a spirit filled life- going to prayer meeting, praying for other people and seeing their life transfrom by the grace fo God. Also a “powerful testimony” is every testimony: it’s really all about your personal walk with Jesus regardless of how far you went a stray and came back. Learning about the keeping power of God, it really shifted my perspective on how I see things around me and it really encouraged me to look to God (not others) to find my personal identity.

  127. I admire people who are walking in God’s keeping power because as PC says, it’s more exciting than living your life outside His keeping power in foolishness. But I also just came to realize that they are not different from those who have wondered away, except for the scars that the once rebellious believers carry around from the hurts and wounds of their past and the seasons they missed out in the powerful things God was doing among His faithful ones.

  128. The message really hit me when PC said that asking “What if I were to stumble?” puts more of a belief in your ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep you from sin. We shouldn’t ever have to worry about falling because God is able to keep us from it. Since I have a past full of sin after sin before I gave up my life through Christ, I have always had doubt in the back of my mind that I would fall back to my old ways. But after listening to this message, I have been blessed with so much boldness and confidence in my Christian walk that I have no doubt in my mind of God’s keeping power and that I will be able to grow spiritually over time without any worry of going back.

  129. Seoyoung Yoon says:

    Oh wow. This sermon was what I needed to hear. I usually thought my testimony was boring to share, because I didn’t have big struggles or trials. Even when I listened to this powerful testimony, I am amazed by their huge breakthroughs. But after listening to this sermon, I just realized that I’m so blessed by God’s keeping power.

  130. Kevin Choi says:

    There has been great keeping power in my life. He has kept me strong and protected me with his right hand all the days of my life.His keeping power is the greatest of all. Through generational blessings and never-ending prayers from my family and loved ones, I am so blessed through his grace.

    To be progressively sanctified and to walk in line with Jesus. To be like him. So that I may come into his presence with great joy. To yearn after God’s heart. Walk boldly in his love. To continue to do this for the rest of the days I live here on this earth. I want nothing more.

  131. Yery Reyna Yoon says:

    God’s keeping power is as great as his saving power! I remember hearing this sermon before and being grateful for the way he has always provided me with a way out when there were temptations to sinning, such as coming across an ad campaign about the toxicity of smoking when I was highly tempted to in my early college years.

    Also, when we wronged or sinned against by others, to not use that as an excuse to live a life of rebellion against God and to choose his precepts because I trusted in his goodness, to acknowledge that has more to do with his keeping power than my own will is something that blesses my heart soooo much!

  132. Alex Quach says:

    PC mentioned that god is able to keep you from failing you just need to do your part. We shouldn’t fix our eyes on trying to not stubble into old habits of foolishness but we should be focusing on appearing faultless and with great joy

    I was convicted of this message because i would often try to better my self by setting micro goals and these micro goals would help me avoid stumbling into old habits of foolishness, i don’t need to try not to stumble all i need to do is have FAITH in the god ability to keep me from falling into sin

  133. Katt Gao says:

    PC preached on the need to focus on the keeping grace of God as opposed to the saving grace of God. Personally, this was a big shift in perspective when I first heard the message. I think I naturally fell into the category of thinking about “what if I stumble”, especially coming from experiencing saving grace first (non-religious background). Now that I am walking with the Lord I am understanding and appreciating keeping grace more throughout this journey.

    Another helpful distinction that PC made was between:

    Positional sanctification – where God declares you Holy by the blood of Jesus. This is the reason why the bible calls us “saints” and “Holy ones”.

    Progressive sanctification – the process by which we are being made Holy by God.

    These two definitions of sanctification explain how someone can be saved by grace but yet not live a life that is reflective of their salvation. I believe that there is a responsibility on us to allow God to sanctify us progressively as we walk with him.

  134. Helen Kim says:

    In this sermon, PC provides insight into the keeping power of God. This was quite refreshing to hear since it is something that isn’t often touched upon.

    It is true that people tend to celebrate the saving grace of God and give little attention to the keeping grace of God. In fact, this mentality is so easily embraced in churches that people who have faithfully walked with God are considered to be “boring” or have “boring testimonies”. As I grew up in a Christian family (and was blessed enough to have a lifestyle that reflected God), I used to fall into the trap of thinking: “I don’t have any interesting testimonies to share”. I could definitely relate to PC’s testimonies and I really appreciated God’s favour in my life.

    This message was great! It was a great reminder of God’s loving and powerful character, the idea of grace and the definition of sanctification.

  135. I’ve grown up in the church since I was young, and I can definitely say that God has kept me close to Him. There have been so many sweet moments of His grace throughout my life. Just thinking about that makes me feel so loved. This message reaffirmed that the fact God’s keeping power has been with me ever since I accepted Christ, and looking back from that first moment until now, I am thankful that even in the moments I did stumble, He always brought me back on track.

    This message also challenged me to continue living in the keeping power of God. I thought it was difficult to find the line between being obedient unto God’s will and being legalistic, but this sermon helped me to see it. If I am confident in God’s keeping power in me, I don’t have to worry about stumbling or messing up as a Christian. I can walk in confidence and peace. I was challenged to continue to strive for holiness, in faith that God will help me.

  136. Simon Cha says:

    I must confess as a person, who God has posed such drastic measures to remind me of His presence in my life, there was the constant fear that I may sin and fall back into the old habits.
    Rather than having faith in His keeping power, I was on tip toes toes and fearing anything that may “tick him off”.

    This message of God rebuked my attitude and called me to have faith in His protection over me. I have already given Him full authority over my life, why am I doubting that I may fall back into the worldly life that I used to lead? That constitutes a lack of faith.

    I truly repent for my misunderstanding and underestimation of God’s love towards me and pray that everyday, i will be victorious under His grace; “faultless and with great joy”.

  137. David Kim says:

    Sometimes Christians give our ability to sin and fall too much hold over our lives, to the extent that we can make it a goal in our walk to not sin and fall. But our focus shouldn’t be on ‘not sinning/falling’ but rather to be presented pure and Holy in the image of Christ. Just as we can be confident in God’s saving power we can also be confident in His keeping power.
    I was also challenged by what PC said about Jesus is not looking for the positional sanctification in our lives but the progressional sanctification

  138. I have one of those “boring” testimonies. From time to time I used to briefly wish that my life story had more excitement in it, but the only way to change it up was to go do something foolish, and that seemed like a bad idea.
    The more we look to Christ and become like him, the less we even think about the possibility of stumbling. Look to what we’re gaining, not what we’re leaving behind.

  139. Michelle Kwak says:

    Wow, I had never heard a sermon about the keeping power of Jesus! The saving power is often focused on more than the keeping power. But they are both part of Jesus’ nature! The keeping power is what allows for true sonship and discipleship to occur- the nurturing and protecting after the initial adoption into the Kingdom. Also, not letting the devil define “exciting” is such a good point! God is not a boring God, and the exciting parts of “crazy” testimonies are not the dark moments but the parts when Jesus enters with His light and truth!
    Also, to stop having “more belief in your ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep you from sinning” is so convicting and good! I often put more faith in what should be my dead, crucified flesh than in the resurrected life He has given me. How can a dead man be more powerful than a Spirit-filled son of God?!
    The fear-based and avoidance-based mentality has pervaded Christianity so much that I don’t think many even realize that is how they operate. The automatic questions of “how can I avoid messing up?” or “how far can I go without sinning?” have overshadowed “how in line with the Spirit am I?” and “how am I reflecting God’s holiness?” But joy is being restored as we grasp His keeping power and the promise of His constant presence.

  140. Years ago I heard someone pray over his newborn daughter, “Lord, bless her and keep her. Protect her from as much wreckage from sin as possible, and let her not despise a boring testimony.” It made me wonder who prayed that over me! God’s keeping power is strong; He loves a testimony without tons of wreckage. I’ve become so grateful to God for saving me before I even knew what I needed saving from! He rescued me before I knew I needed a rescuer and I don’t understand that grace but I am so thankful! The excitement of sin is weak, false, and never satisfies. A life in the Holy Spirit is exciting and fulfilling and brings great joy to God!

  141. Ann Lee says:

    This sermon was interesting because it portrayed part of my life before I became a Christian. One of the biggest hurdles that made me debate about becoming a serious Christian was the worldly perception that Christians are boring and uncool, and there will obligations which will make me lose freedom. At that time I definitely thought a christian that kept his faith his whole life without giving into ‘worldly’ pleasures was boring and missing out. Now that 2 years has passed since I got saved, I totally agree that christians gain freedom instead of losing it as a result of salvation! I have never felt this free and joyful before, and my perception of coolness/excitement is starting to shift. Another revelation was the concept of God’s keeping power in addition to His saving power. I wasn’t aware of that concept and it brought me relief that God does His work to keep up from stumbling as well!

  142. Michelle Euperio says:

    There is so much great content in Jude that I had never grasped until listening to this sermon. I really loved hearing about PC’s testimony of the keeping power of God. I was reminded a lot of my testimony and so many times where the keeping power of God has literally guided and shaped me in my life. Many times I was afraid to share a testimony because there wasn’t a dramatic deliverance but I’ve learned that there’s so much beauty in the keeping power of God testimonies. I agree that they need to be celebrated more. Also, the spirit filled life is most exciting! The greatest adventure has really been walking with Him and trusting in what He is doing and seeing how He shows up!

  143. Pricilla Jin Chung says:

    A topic that spoke directly to my heart. It’s so strange how all these sermons are things that I have been struggling with and have been unanswered questions in my mind. This sermon really made me reflect that I have been so doubtful in believing that God can help us from not stumbling, almost as if the rest was up to us now. That comment about God saying ‘okay, good luck now the rest is up to you.’ I realised how much that is what I thought God was actually saying. The goal of wanting to live a perfect life – making the perfect choices, acting in the perfect way, being a perfect example; I have carried these burdens for a while. This sermon is so uplifting and definitely something that I will be reflecting more upon in my quiet time. Thank you for the great word:)

  144. Sooky Park says:

    This message was the answer to a fear I realized I had during the membership class when they referred to church discipline. I had been afraid of falling/stumbling and hence being excommunicated from the church. But God says He is stronger and able to keep me from stumbling. He is stronger than anything in this whole world. The ultimate goal is to realize what it would be like if I did not stumble. I realize I need to shift into the Spirit due to bitterness issues in my life that have made me think it is abnormal and boring to not stumble. I do wish to appear before Him with great joy and say I have won the race. I do believe that God will keep us from falling!

  145. Thank you PC for re-defining what is “exciting”. I have seen some of my christian friends, myself included, go through a phase of so called spicing up their life because following all that the church told them to do became a dull routine. Or in some cases, it wasn’t really about seeking excitement but more about harboring bitterness towards God because even observing all the legalistic requirements of being a christian didn’t get them anywhere further in this world. As a result, a complete turn-away to seek pleasures of the flesh is often seen. But all those chasing after temporary pleasures lead to destruction and ultimately death. We are reconciled with God as we accept Jesus into our hearts, and at the same time we recover the original design that God has for us: Receive life here and eternal but give life to others too. The gratification of setting other people free cannot ever be compared to gratification of the flesh. Even after tasting the goodness of the Lord, putting our old-self away is a daily choice though. But thank you Jesus for your keeping power. Your grace will help me not to stumble.

  146. Kymberly Riggins says:

    As I teacher, I often tell my students that it is okay to make a mistake, but what is not okay to make the same mistake again as if you didn’t know what would happen. I agree with Pastor Christian that we all do sometimes stumble. What I really liked about the message was the steps/responsibility/exhortations Pastor Christian gave us. I think that is it important for us to know our role while here on earth, and most importantly to know God’s role in our lives here on Earth.

  147. Suzy Shin says:

    This sermon was a good reminder for me that I shouldn’t feel guilty when I stumble. Every time I stumble I have this guilt inside me that God will not see me the same way and I want to stop spending time with him. No matter what God loves me and wants to help me from stumbling.
    As a christian even I sometimes doubt God but in the sermon where PC mentions about praying and having faith is very encouraging. Because of the doubts sometimes i wonder If I am a true christian or am I just playing church… If i keep holding on to God he will deliver me from all confusion. When PC mention that if you are living for God your life can’t be boring!! that is just amazing! I pray my life will be filled with God’s joy!

  148. This sermon really blessed me. I was that person who always thought that I had no testimony because I always jacked it up at the end. I always knew right from wrong but always ended up making the wrong choice. Each has their own story and I believe God has and is still keeping me and protecting me despite of what I went through. I truly believe in God’s keeping power. The more we keep our eyes on him, the more he is able to keep us from stumbling.

  149. At the beginning of this sermon, I couldn’t make a clear mind of what PC is going to preach. Just until the end of the sermon, I was able to catch the theme of Jude book ‘The keeping power of God’. People (including me) often forget or underestimate the keeping power of God. We believe in God’s saving power, so we often praise the Lord for the testimony of someone who has been suffering from drugs, alcohol, sexual addiction etc. But for those who keep their faith in God and obey the Lord, we think their testimony will not be as interesting and powerful as others as mentioned by PC. That really resonance with my heart as I used to think in the same way. PC has re-defined the meaning of ‘exciting’ as the feeling when you pray for someone and the healing power of God flows from you to other person and fully heal them, and when you say no to club and yes to prayer meeting. Those are really the prefect suitable description of being exciting. After accepted Christ and started to attend New Philly, Joint Prayer Meeting and Friday Fire, I feel something different inside me, something that I have desired for a long time, The excitement of praying and helping someone as well as being prayed by other people. When I pray for other people in faith, I feel excited for the person I pray for, that God will do a supernatural breakthrough, or healing in him or her. I feel excited for seeing the spirit and the power of Lord being poured out in that person and the presence of God in the church. PC has really moved my eye from the saving power of God to the keeping power of God, that keeps us from falling and stumbling. I questioned myself on what if i stumble and what if i don’t stumble. I think i need to have a deeper meditation on that question in order to find out the ultimate goal of my Christian life.

  150. As a younger man I used to believe that the perseverance and sanctification of the saints was a question of the will. This teaching that the God is what keeps us from stumbling is one that I definitely covet. To run a race that is a marathon and not a sprint I needs Gods grace much more than my own willpower. There is great solace in knowing that God is able to keep and preserve what he has purchased!

  151. Emilie Boivin says:

    Again, after this, I realize how much much our mindset plays a huge role when we are talking about has power to affect our christian walk. Our mind truly need to be redeemed.
    For me, I see that my mind was partially set on falling. I must admit I was slightly incredulous when it came to believe in God’s power to keep me from stumbling. I believed in God’s transforming power but in retrospect I see now that my actions, and emotions , revealed a more faithful picture of my heart. Deep down, I believed that Satan had a stronger grip than God and that I would never change. Changing my perspective, my faith has been a strengthened , because Christ has vanquished the world, I know I can be confident in his power to keep from all blemishes, so I can can stand in front of him, blameless and in great joy.

  152. What if I don’t stumble? What if everything in my life goes smoothly without any interruptions, obstacles? What if I succeed in everything and I keep on believing in my own strength for all of these success? Well, if your answer is “life has to be smooth”, then you are definitely depending on your own strength to get everything done. God has your life planned, and do not worry about falling apart just because you feel embarrassed, ashamed of yourself, or weak. This is because, we know that everything happens for a reason. Converting all the fear to bravery, transforming the weak you into a faithful son of God, and keep on believing in Him that He will make your path straight(proverbs). God’s faithful with our faithfulness, fear Him and let Him guide us in every perspective of our lives. Do not fear Stumble, LOVE stumble, and let your weakness grow tougher, to glorify Him, and to enhance your faith in Him. Restore your boldness, and confidence, with His blessings and Faith, which are casted into the story of your life.

  153. David Haram Kim says:

    Wow, this was such an amazing message for me considering what I’ve been going through following the Emmaus Retreat.
    For me, I’ve had my struggles with lust and felt set free from them after the “All Things New” Retreat. However, after the retreat, one of the biggest concerns I had was pretty much, “What if I fall? What if I fall back into my addictions?” In other words, “What if I stumble?”
    This message teaches us the importance of having a different approach/mentality when dealing with our struggles. If we think: “What if I fall?” or “I’m going to fail someday…” it just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for our downfall.
    If we do fall, then we have confidence God is going to pick us back up.
    One of the key messages from this sermons is when Pastor Christian says that by thinking this way, we are believing more in our sinful nature than God’s keeping power.
    Our goal is not avoiding sin, but being blameless before God and finding joy in Him.

  154. Ra Hyun Ha says:

    ‘What is my ultimate goal of my Christian life?’ and ‘I’m living accord with the goal in my daily life?’ I asked these questions to myself when I was listening this sermon. In the first question, I came across a praying that I received when I came NP first, “This is not to be a normal person, but to be a holy person”. This praying shows the high view about God’s keeping power and our goal as a christian. And this means the progressive sanctification. But in my daily life, i spend a lot of time just to avoid fear and stumbling with a low view. What’s interesting is the fears are growing when I don’t trust that God give me everything what I need. Because when I think that God doesn’t fulfill my needs, I search for something to satisfy me in world . But the world say ‘Only if you become better, you can be happy and be loved’. And when I focus on this saying, the fear is growing and I become vulnerable to sin and stumble. So the first and significant step is that I believe God’s word fully, “Only God can fulfill my every needs and give me peace not as the world give me.’ and the more I trust God and I’m aware of his love, the more I overcome the fear and have a confident with a great joy in His presence.

  155. Amanda Hawkins says:

    Such a good reminder that it’s ok to stumble and fall, the whole point of Jesus dying was because we are sinners. Even after salvation we will struggle and stumble. Thank God for grace and Gods perfect love! I think it’s good to not have to live in fear that if we mess up that everything accomplished is over. Sometimes it takes more lessons for one than another, but God is patient! And because of his love and patience we can have true joy and not live in fear.

  156. I loooved this message. I like how PC emphasized the need to remember the keeping power of God and not only focus on the saving power of God. I don’t know how it is for others but for me, I think I’ve worried most of the time of how I need to defend myself in the times of temptation rather than having faith that God already has the power to keep me from stumbling. And most of time, to be honest, I got tired of just thinking, ‘man, how much harder do I need to keep myself from stumbling from certain things until I’m fully able to defend them.’ But in reality, God is telling us in Jude that the goal of the Christian life is not to avoid stumbling but to appear before Jesus, faultless and in full Joy (as quoted by PC). I really like the idea of us setting a goal to live victorious lives because that is what God has intended for our lives from the beginning! Not a life living in paranoia of what I might do wrong but a life fully believing in the keeping power of God to propel us to greater levels of glory. Just the thought of meeting Jesus in Heaven gets me excited and challenges me to live in greater intimacy with him! Those who choose to live a life that reflects His likeness experience not just joy but great joy! And it is my hope and prayer that I get to experience this exceedingly great joy as I choose to walk faithfully before God, knowing that I God’s keeping power will sustain me grow ever more intimate with Him. Just as PC mentioned in the end, I want to live a life in which I will bring to complete what God has deposited in me. That I reflect more of His glory here on earth as I continue to fall more in love with Him. Thank you PC for this great message!

  157. After hearing this sermon i was reminded again by God that He has the power for keeping you from falling. Even i stumbled in the same hole for several times, He still loves me enough not to let me fall into deep self pity. He forgives us if we repent and not letting ourselves easily falling into certain mistakes.
    I used to think christian life is so boring and actually can make people judge you being nerd. But now i understand its better for us to live in holy ways and know where you are really going rather than being cool but not knowing what is waiting for you on the finish line. Pc did a good job describing how awesome a walking journey with God could be! I also feel excited for what He has more for me in the future~

  158. Andrew Cho says:

    Keeping the power is soo hard. I feel like at this point in my life, in the midst of trying to break away from my sins and repenting, that I have struggled with the staying away from my old sins since I only thought of it as that way. I never thought of myself as being in a process that is being made pure and to be blameless so that I may experience great joy when Jesus comes back down to save us.
    Hopefully I do start seeking the exciting life of being filled with the holy spirit more instead of foolishness. I have glorified the foolish parts of my life before, but I know deep down that no worldy event on this earth can provide the same satisfaction as the Holy Spirit,

  159. Isaiah Kim says:

    1. Keeping power of God.
    I am experiencing the keeping power of God in New Phily already and will continually experience it.!

    Psalm 2:2~4 came up in my mind
    2 The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD and against his Anointed, saying
    4 He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.

    As this psalm declares, the LORD just laughs at those who try to stand against his anointed, Because of his omnipotence. As his son, I will laugh along with him, against all the weapons formed against me.

    *little testimony
    I used to be addicted to pornography, used to idolize girlfriends, steal, fight, but those things are not exciting at all but just an absolute disgust. but I believe that

    Exciting is when we suffer in all our struggle to live a holy life and to fight for the nations then Jesus returns on the cloud riding a white horse in all his glory and splendor with his angels blowing the trumpets, and he calls us to the marriage feast of the lamb.

  160. Jina Yu says:

    This was a great reminder of the grace of God’s keeping power on people’s lives for those who abide by his word and walk the path of righteousness that they can live boldly and with great courage without being shaken by minor struggles or issues. Against false prophets the scripture in Jude pointedly directs the readers to the fact that after man has done all that he can, to build himself up in the word and pray etc in the end The Lord is the one whose keeping power and grace will cover people. A life under the keeping grace of God is indeed exciting and amazing and truly power filled that will allow us to meet jesus with an exceedingly great joy.

  161. I think its true that we often put so much faith in our sin nature and the power of sin and we focus so much on trying not to stumble that we forget about the keeping power of God. The keeping power of God is stronger! I have also been in the place of comparing my testimony to other people’s and wished for a more radical salvation, but through this sermon I see that a life marked by radical holiness and righteousness is just as exciting.

  162. Shine Jang says:

    It’s my first time hearing the term “the keeping power”.” As much as we don’t want to stumble, God doesn’t want to see us stumbling. The keeping power is as powerful as the saving/ healing power. The keeping power should be valued as much as the saving power and the healing power are. It is also important for us to not think the testimonies are boring just because they don’t involve some radical transformations because it could be like saying God’s keeping power is boring. By putting our faith in this power, we should turn our eyes/ focus away from our sins to God who is able to keep us from falling and to present us blameless. Instead of always trying so hard not to stumble, we should rather celebrate and enjoy this keeping power, and fully know and walk in our identity, more than a conqueror.

  163. Michelle Kim says:

    Once we get saved, the Holy Spirit is in us. Furthermore, there’s keeping power of God on us. Our part is to live righteously but ultimately it will be the power of God that keeps up from falling. The question is no longer “What if I stumble?” for me but “What if I don’t stumble?” I have full faith in the Lord. Also, “don’t let the devil define what excitement is.” I love this because I’m beginning to see the excitement in living a spirit filled life, which is the “most exciting of all” (Pastor Christian).

  164. Jorie Bonham says:

    I really had subscribed to the idea that a testimony isn’t powerful unless you made a huge turn around in your life back to Christ. I always thought my testimony was boring because I had a steady growing walk with the Lord without any big rebellious phases. However I never looked at it as God keeping me! That was a big revelation to me! His Keeping power is so powerful! There are so many things in the world that can tempt us and pull us away from Him and yet he is able to keep us. As long as we stay rooted in His Word and follow His teachings and keep connected to Him through prayer and teachings from church leaders, there is nothing that can separate us. Good word!

  165. This is such a powerful message. While listening to this message, I was reminded of God’s grace in my life. I am here because of His grace. I am a sinner and realise I need Him in my life, I cannot do this without Him. And it’s by His grace that He will keep me and others from stumbling. Thank you for sharing, it really is very powerful!

  166. Jason Yang says:

    When I know that I’m doing something I shouldn’t, even if no one is watching, I know God is for sure. That’s what gets me hesitant about my actions and think about whether I should abstain from certain things because I don’t want to “stumble.” I’m afraid that my “stumble” will displease God.

    What this sermon has thought me is that I should put my faith in God and believe that he will keep me from falling. God is the bigger part and his power ultimately keeps us safe from external dangers. Aside from PC’s interesting club anecdote, I could totally agree with what he said about how people love to celebrate the saving power of God, but often forget about the keeping power of God. Those that were saved by God and reborn can share their testimonies, but those that have been faithful throughout are considered as “boring” and not “exciting.” However, PC quickly changes this view by highlighting how the devil shouldn’t determine what’s “exciting” for you.

    I had a revelation when PC mentioned the purpose of the christian life. I often struggled to understand or even know what the christian life is supposed to be. I’ve learned that it’s not just about avoiding sins, but to “appear before Him faultless and with great joy.” It’s so simple, but it took so long for someone to address this to me. I’m glad I’ve finally encountered a part of what the christian life is and that great joy is reserved for those who’s been faithful with The Lord.

  167. What if I don’t stumble?

    Hallelujah~ I love the way that PC flips the question.

    The goal of our Christian walk is to be presented before the Lord faultless and with great joy.

    Honestly, living out this walk is such a privilege. To have communion with God and just be in relationship with Him is a gift in itself.

    I agree with Pastor Christian that the testimony of God’s Keeping power is so much more exciting than the life before the 180.

    This message is a good reminder that life is all about God. It’s not about barely making it across the finish line. I want to be ready and presentable on the day that Jesus comes back. And even if it’s after I die, I want that day to be filled with such celebration of finally being united with God.

    I love that it’s God that’s more faithful – even though that doesn’t “negate our efforts”.

    I think that from the 8 points that PC mentioned on doing our part, the one that stood out most to me was praying in the Holy Spirit. For some reason, I just really want to be anointed with this gift. There have a few times where I’m not really sure if I’m just forcing it or I’m really speaking the heavenly language. But I can’t wait for the day that I just break through and am able to speak freely with God in His language.

    Absolutely great message. Thank you, Pastor Christian.

  168. Putting our trust in Him, believing that He is faithful to finish the good work that He has begun in us. We let Him be Who He is when we let go of any fears or doubts concerning our lives. It was not our doing in coming to Him in the first place and He is more than able to keep us with Him till the end.

    Hearing this message brought a lot of clarity and understanding about things that happened in my past. Jesus truly is the author and perfector of our faith.

  169. Sharon Ahn says:

    I feel like we have been forgetting or underestimating God’s keeping power. We know about His saving power but most of us believe that after we get saved, it’s all us having to fight for our faith and to keep ourselves away from out old lifestyle. Like PC said, most of us put our ability to sin greater than God’s ability to keep us from sin. God desires us to live a life of confidence in calmness and peace. He desires that we keep to the path and feel safe without fear of our tendency to fall into sin so easily. I give God credit for His keeping power for having protected me from getting into a lot of things that wouldn’t have been beneficial for my spirit.

  170. This was so good for me to hear as someone who has been faithfully held in the keeping grace of God. I always knew my testimony was still powerful but it is hard to really believe on that when you hear stories of conversions that could be action movies. I am finding out htat the spirit filled life can be an action filled life as well and not only can man hear this testimony but God himself will be joyed to hear it.

  171. Amy Loi says:

    Thank you PC, this is such an interesting sermon for me. Been experiencing God’s powerful, extreme, dramatic saving power, i find my spiritual life walking with Him now looks like it is going down a slope, but PC pointed it out that His silent but faithful keeping power is also as strong as His saving power. This makes me realise that how much He has done for me, how much grace He has given me, and how much sweetness I have been tasting and am still tasting now. I like when PC picturized that day which Jesus stands in front of us, what are the first thing that we gonna tell Him? This triggers the enthusiasm and passion inside me so much that I dont want my time with Jesus only focus on the place where i am surrounded by devils and fight against them and ask help from Him, but the great joy and excitement I feel every day with Him. It is no more about falling into devils’ trap and stumbling around, but it is the love story with Him, the life that He gives which keeps me refreshed, joyful, confident, bold and excited every day!

  172. Winnie Chan Wei Ling says:

    Often time I thought my testimony was boring compared to some people who’ve encountered God in such a powerful way that I can’t imagine. But through this sermon, I’ve been awakened to see the keeping power of God that is so precious as well as the redemption power of God. In our Christian walk, the ultimate goal is not to avoid stumbling but to appear before Him with great joy. A life walking with the Lord with full of excitement!!
    I’ve also got a clear view on positional sanctification that is a done deal with the blood of Christ we’re made holy. While progressive sanctification is life that we grow into His lightness, as He dwells in us and making us more like Him.

  173. Albert Lee says:

    You do your part and God will protect you with his keeping power. There is no need to fear for the God who saved me from the dominion of sin is the same God that will keep me!

    • Albert Lee says:

      ‘Getting chased by mexican gangs ain’t exciting you could die! Let me tell you what real exciting is!’ The grace of God especially that keeping power of God is truly the most exciting. As PC mentioned that something just clicked. Whenever I would listen to a testimony and people would say I am not ashamed of my past it somehow sounded like that it’s okay to mess up as much as you want because it’s grace that will lead you home anyway..I mean by the keeping power of God I never seriously acted upon that thought but man PC just broke that foolishness off of me! Thank you PC:)

  174. We always celebrate the saving power of God in the church, but we don’t celebrate the keeping power of God. I definitely was deceived in thinking this way as well- I was born into a Christian home and didn’t have a WOW testimony, and I always envied those who did. We hear other’s stories about how crazy their night was or how deep in sin they were, but we forget to realize that if WE were in that position, we wouldn’t think it was exciting. We forget how exciting it is to be in the presence in God and to be spending so much time with Him and brothers and sisters. Our image of excitement needs to change!

    We worry about “what ifs” which just show how little we think of God’s keeping power. If we truly believe in God’s word and his keeping power, we should ask ourselves “what will my life look like if I don’t stumble?” I think by changing our mindset, there will be drastic change in our lives. We cannot put so much faith and power in our sinful nature and in the POWER of sin. God’s keeping power is so much greater! So why aren’t we more confident as Christians to walk our daily lives? When I make big decisions in my life, I always worry “what if I fail? what if this isn’t God’s plan for me? What if this leads me the wrong path?” But when has God left my side? If we think of how we can say “look at how I didn’t stumble” before the Lord, we see our relationship with Him as an acts based religion. But our salvation is not based on our works, hallelujah! Being a person who feared failure I was really blessed and comforted by this message.

  175. Youngha Park says:

    As a person that grew up in a Korean American church, I personally experienced how churches can split up so easily and both sides would say they’re the “righteous” side. This was such a heart breaking experience as all the brothers and sisters that I really cared for in Christ had to be split up just because of the division between the adults of the church. This wasn’t done by a false teacher like the ones mentioned during the sermon, but I feel like if I knew more about this “keeping power” of God, I would have been able to at least be able to help out the situation a little bit more.

    This sermon about keeping power of God was awesome to hear as I thought that’s how a man walking with God needs the most and this of course, we have responsibility to do our own part like reading the bible or praying, it’s mostly just God’s keeping power that helps us walk the spiritual life with God. The keeping power is so important because if this keeping power is strong, instead of trying to avoid the sin and falling, we can face the sin and appear before God without fault and with great joy. It’s not about asking “what if I stumble,” but asking “what if I don’t stumble” because that’ll lead and aid us to be that much closer to God and we’d be able to walk faithfully and victoriously, which is how a mighty warrior of God should be living one’s spirit filled life.

  176. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    I never thought about God’s keeping power before. It is really encouraging to hear this message. It reminds me to keep my mind fixed on Christ, because that’s what’s most important. God will take care of the rest.

  177. This message really encouraged and empowered me. I love how PC brings a fresh new revelation of the power of testimony. So many times we believe that the testimony that’s filled with drugs, sex, one night conversations outweigh and are far more powerful than the testimony where someone has been walking faithfully with the Lord most of their life. We tend to celebrate the 180 degree testimonies and tend to neglect the testimony where someone has been to church their whole life. However, we should celebrate both types of testimonies because both of them are done by the same God. This message made me reflect on how I viewed my own testimony. Even though I’ve been walking with the Lord for only four years of my life so far, I wasn’t saved over night. It was a process and a continual step of faith. Before, I would overlook my testimony because I thought it wasn’t exciting enough compared to others where they powerfully met Jesus in one sitting which led to their commitment of Christ. Even with my testimony, I never did anything crazy like going out to parties or drinking heavily. God has kept His saving grace over me all these years, even before I knew Him. The same God that has given the person of multitude of sins is the same God that kept me from the multitude of sins. There is so much power in my testimony when I am reminded of that. I loved how he mentioned saving power of God and the keeping power of God.

    -Lyann Trang

  178. The keeping power of Our Lord. What a comforting and empowering concept. After listening to this sermon I took a good long look at the things I’ve been through up to this point in life and had to give the Lord for times where it was so obvious His keeping power was active in my life. It reminds that we don’t stand where we are because of anything we ourselves have done but we stand on the shoulders of the great men and women who have gone before us. We stand where we are more so because of the influence of others than by our own power. How much more so because of the power of the Lord in our life.

    This teaching is powerful. If we let it permeate our thoughts it essential will empower us to trust wholly in God to “complete the work that He has started.” It leads us to more mature understanding of just who the Lord is and what He is capable of. The more we understand who He is and who we are in comparison it should lead us to give more and more of ourselves up to Him, to trust Him.

  179. Young Rae Kim says:

    This was the first I have heard a sermon preached on the keeping power of God. Although it may be natural to doubt ourselves, we should never placed that doubt on God. If we are constantly looking to God, we should have peace and security that God will not let us stumble or fall back into our old ways. The same God who has the power to save people out of the worst situations, has the power to keep us from falling into all those things.
    Another great part of his message was how exciting a spirit-filled life is compared to a worldly life. The pleasures and excitement of the world are very deceiving and short-lived. There are many consequences afterwards as well, which make it foolish to desire this type of life. However, the testimonies and stories that PC shared really brought to light what true excitement is. Living a holy life does not equate to a boring life. It is the exact opposite as PC shared, it is the most exciting life a person can live.

  180. Michelle Chaewon Kim says:

    I have hardly paid attention to God’s keeping power, although I have experienced His keeping power many times. Having grown up with religious values that are not Christian, even after I got saved I had a hard time internalizing the truth that I don’t need to strive and that I already have a place in heaven not because of my work, but because of His favor. As PB has mentioned in his sermon “Identity and Church,” God loves us so much that he has established me as a son before establishing me as a friend or a servant. And listening to this sermon helped me reinstate such love and really engrave it into my heart. God has created us to worship Him out of love, not because of fear of not worshipping Him. After listening to this sermon, it clicked that the same God with that very same love, would of course not want me to stray away from His love, but want to keep me from stumbling and lead me to live with comfort and worship with joy of knowing His love.

  181. Raymond Seo says:

    So many Christians today to give too much attention in their ability to sin, and therefore diminishing God’s ability to keep you away from sin. The question is always, ‘What if I stumble?’ and not the other way around. I gotta start being mindful and be grateful of His keeping power, such power that keeps me from stumbling and not having to deal with the ugly aftermath that may come with it. I do wonder from time to time, how my life could have been real messy, but I do believe it’s by the grace of God that truly kept me from dealing with much more consequences than I had to. I’ve got to celebrate the testimonies of His power which saves from sin and keeps away from sin.

  182. Hannah Chong says:

    The saving power of God is often talked about in church, but the keeping power of God is undermined. We must remember that not only are we justified by the salvific work of Christ, but we are also sanctified. Our sancitificaiton is manifested in our lives twofold – in our positional sancitifcation, and in our progressive sanctification. Ultimately, we are declared blameless and spotless before God, but presently we are also progressing towards greater holiness. His Spirit will sanctify us through and through, and our whole spirit, soul, and body will be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thess 5:23). He has predestined us to be conformed to the image of His son, and we will be transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit (2 Cor 3:18). As Christians, what a hope we truly have! We are being made to look more like Christ, and resemble His utter perfection. We need to stop asking ourselves, ‘what if I stumble?’, but rather be asking the question ‘what if I don’t stumble?’. He is the one who will keep us from stumbling!

  183. Mariyah Gonzales says:

    The keeping power of God is also meant to equip us with boldness and the utmost security in our identity and most especially in our walk, from its pace to its direction. When we believe the turns we’ve made in our life (no matter how sharp or winding) count for the greatness of where we are today, then every turn is a story to share! Everything can become reason for thanksgiving and wonder. There is great authority in consistency.

    I think of when Lewis said our souls have a curious shape because it is hollow made to fit a particular swelling in the infinite contours of the divine substance…your place in heaven will seem to be made for you and you alone, because you were made for it.

    In a related way, all of our journeys hold for celebration, whether it is a story of either God’s saving or keeping grace. Our place in heaven and the process of our getting there has been specifically carved out for us. Mine won’t look like yours and there is a beauty and creativity that underlines that. God’s keeping power is great and those who have been kept must never be embarrassed or doubtful of the authority their story carries.

  184. This sermon was very encouraging and powerful. Knowing that God will keep us from stumbling make me realize that I don’t need to focus on my weakness and always walking in worry but instead I can focus on my strength and walk in boldness! I feel free from the fear of sinning because of God’s keeping grace and power. He will never stop leading us toward growth. And there is certainly no such thing as a boring testimony :)

  185. “Some people refuse to turn from their sinful life because the Christian walk seems boring to them.” Before I found my anchor in God, the enemy would tell me their was no point in walking a life with God, because I would still continue to stumble, suffer, and have problems regardless of believing in God. But the question isn’t “What if I stumble?”. It’s “What if I don’t stumble?”. The keeping power of God is meant to give me confidence and boldness to live the Christian life. I should be living a life of joy and strength, not fear. No weapon shall prosper against me.

  186. God’s keeping power gives us boldness and confidence to live in faith. Oh wow, this was really good!! :) This message really just showed me to that my concern shouldn’t be about worrying about the next sin or that I may stumble, but instead I should focus on God and His keeping power. I just need to live the life and Truth God has given me and He will do the rest. To stop focusing so much on if I may stumble, but to rather focus on how the joy of being kept blameless before Christ. I want to see Jesus and have great joy, knowing that I could in complete boldness and confidence. My life should be a progressive sanctification? Aaahhh, that a life led by the Spirit is exciting (something we all deeply want)! Renew my mind to who Jesus is every minute! This message is exciting! Really encouraged me to keep going and keep going joyfully!

  187. Charles Ting says:

    After listening to this sermon, God highlighted me some important message from this sermon, Do not put more beliefs in your ability to sin than God’s ability to keep you from falling! Trust Him that He is able to keep you from stumbling and do not focus on what will happen if you stumble. What if I do not stumble? Believe God that He won’t let you stumble and stop worry about it. I’m not alone but God is with me, with His grace and His strength, I am able. Amen!

  188. Anne Hong says:

    The focus of the message was on the keeping power of God. I liked how the distinction was made with positional and progressional sanctification. We can not forget the progressional sanctification part of our walk. This translates to our everyday life, the choices we make, what we steward, etc. But, we have to remember that it is not our effort alone that produces this sanctification. As we do our part, God does His part. As PC states, it is the power of God that will keep us from falling. Therefore, the focus shouldn’t be on us trying so hard to avoid sin, but it should turn our focus to acknowledge and trust the keeping power of God which gives us the ability to walk this life with confidence and boldness. This is the Spirit-filled life which will produce holiness, fruits of the Spirit, maturity, etc. We want to be people that are faithul and presented without fault and great joy on the day we meet Jesus face to face.

  189. Kimberly Ahn says:

    “People have a high view of God’s saving power but a low view of God’s keeping power.” This was so true for me and I struggled with this throughout my whole walk as I was growing up. “What if I stumble, will God still love me?” was a question that PC raised and something that I even asked myself many times. But this message fully broke that off of me today. We are not to focus on or place our belief and faith in our sin nature, but wholly and fully on God’s keeping power and His ability to give us the confidence and boldness to live our Christian life. God keeps us from falling and we are to establish that recognition and walk through that truth daily in terms of progressive sanctification. I feel revitalized and so encouraged that I can stand strong with a faith based contending power, knowing that God is able to keep me from falling AND that He presents me BLAMELESS with GREAT joy.

  190. Minah Kim says:

    What a great sermon! This is so powerful! I was so blessed to hear that God who has forgiven people for multitude of sins is the same God who has kept people from multitude of sins!
    You do your part, 8 exhortations. And God will Do HIS! Worrying about falling is not my part. I only need to do my part with confidence and boldness. God will make sure that I don’t fall and give me an exciting life. For a long time, I have forgotten that ‘keeping power of God’ gives us a wonderful life. Christian life is boring? No! It is the most exciting life with the keeping power of God! I really agree with that. I think that one of the goals of the Christian life is to live excitingly and happily with God.
    Keeping power of God!!

  191. Gina Park says:

    Through this message, I realized some part of me don’t believe that he is able to keep us from falling. And I think God really wants me to trust him fully. I feel like I am still not ready, but I start with a prayer that I want to trust him fully that he is able to keep me from falling.

  192. Ericka L. Mack-Andrew says:

    “After all has been humanly done it is the power of God who is able to keep you from falling.” I believe that this is definitely a message that is either glanced over or ignored in many churches (including my former church). This neglect does not come from a place of malice but from the focus of the church that is so tuned to the new believers and getting them saved that those who have been saved for a while are kinda forgotten. Having been baptized since the age of nine, I often believed that my testimony was boring and that no one would be able to relate to the work God has done in me. I also worried that it might be seen as bragging if I go around talking about all of the things I did not fall prey to. Thanks to this message, I have a different perspective.

    “We have a responsibility for our part.” I believe that this is a truth that has been kept in the gray area in churches for so long that I haven’t really heard a clear answer until this message. I have been in church services where they proclaim the adage, “once saved always saved.” I have been in other churches where they say, “once saved not always saved.” I understand now that the confusion might stem from the fact that one church is focusing on the positional while the other church focused exclusively on the progressive. Now I get that both are necessary in order to reach the ultimate goal.

    “Don’t let the devil define what exciting is.” This truth is so relevant and potent that someone should turn it into a billboard in every major college city. So many times, when sharing my faith with friends they say that their biggest issue is that if they were to choose Christ they wouldn’t be able to have fun anymore. Inevitably I ask them what their definition of ‘fun’ is and the answers almost always include some form of alcohol consumption and large group gatherings. They have let the devil define for them what exciting is. I am so glad that I am not the only one who sees this.

    While the whole sermon was really edifying, these three messages were highlighted for me.

  193. Lydia Ju says:

    I really liked this message and it gave me so much insight into the keeping power of God. I definitely agree with PC that we give so much praise to breakthroughs, which is definitely praiseworthy, but we also forget the brothers and sisters who have walked faithfully in Christ through His guidance. This is definitely praiseworthy! I really liked how PC talked about how if we put more thought into what if I stumble, we are putting more belief in the fact that we can sin! I was like oh dear, that is not cool! I definitely would not want to be putting more faith into the fact that I can sin. It is truly a blessing that is God’s keeping power that guards our hearts against sin and false teachings. If we just do our part, God will keep us from falling. So I too, want to live a life of faith in God which will keep me in His keeping power to walk with me and guide me!

  194. God’s keeping power! I can only thank God. Though there was a time that I thought my life was boring and also constantly worried so much about falling and false teachings. However, now I look back, I can’t tell how grateful I am for God’s keeping power over my life. I am filled with excitements! More and more I became to thank God for it. I realized that it was God keeping me from sins all these years. Why have I worried so much about falling? Wanting to be a good daughter without failure often times made me too careful that I was very passive and not able to move forward even. But now I know God’s keeping me. so I can step forward with boldness and confidence. No more worries about falling. No fear of fail. Trusting God I have a great expectation what God will do next.

  195. Atembe Fonge says:

    Ever since I listened to Pastor Erin’s sermon “Shifting into the Spirit” I’ve been thinking more and more about the authority our spirits have over..everything. Over our souls, our minds, our bodies, our actions, our thoughts…this sermon made me think of the power of our spirits because to question God’s mercy, grace, and keeping power is a work of the soul, not the spirit. To constantly fear and question your ability to abstain from sin is not a concern of the spirit, but of the soul. The lack of faith comes when our souls override our spirits. The thing is, our spirit is with Christ already. We should be looking forward to something glorious with that confidence in place, instead of worrying about what might not even happen if we do or don’t do something. We are covered…God has us covered and yet He expects us to go through this journey leading to Him with full faith. Whenever I have doubts about something, it’s usually because I doubt I will be able to do it rather than doubting I will excel. Just that little tweak in my thinking and allowing my spirit to teach my mind HOW to think and believe, can change so much of my life right now and in the future.

  196. This sermon what if I don’t stumble really speaks to Christians like me who have grown up in church. Personally there were times when I was so overcome by fear and a lack of faith that I lost sight of God. And I entertained the thought that because I had stumbled and I was going to have to work hard again to build up my faith. So when I came to God in times of prayer I did not come in confidence or in I was so focused on defending myself against stumbling that I lost sight of the power of God in my life. I hope to have more faith in God than in my ability to stop from falling. I know that I should put my faith in God and believe that by his grace, he will help me from stumbling.

  197. Stop waisting time being on the defensive and start being on the offensive. What if we stopped having to always work on this or that in our lives and were able to live life empowered by the Lord? That’s what it should all be about! I want to end out this life blameless and full of joy! Yes!

  198. Toko Kim says:

    “Exciting is not getting chased down by Vietnamese gangsters” lol I’ve said it once and I will say it again, P.C is the Asian version of Chris Rock. With that said.
    Powerful message. I love how P.C gives credit to the Christians that have been walking faithfully and joyfully in Gods path. I feel like there’s definitely this misconception that if you were born into the church is so much easier to walk on Gods path without stumbling compared to other people that turned Christian because of a past traumatic experience, hit rock bottom or another reason that compelled them to do so.

    I strongly feel that the one path is not easier or harder than the other one, they are just different. I believe that what dictates the level of hardship is dependent on how willing you are when trying to achieve the ultimate goal as a Christian and how hard will you try to do your part so God will make sure you never stumble. As Christians, I feel like we need the mentality of if we fall, the have to learn how to pick ourselves up and when we do, be stronger than the last time. And hopefully learn from our past mistakes so we don’t fall in the same mistakes over and over again.

  199. Yeana Kim says:

    Honestly, I was a bit sad because I won’t be able to enjoy things that now I know are wrong. For example, I was taught that I would have a better marriage if I meet and get to know a diverse type of men. After going through membership and NRTC here at New Philly, I have heard about dating protocol and I desire to follow it. That is why some unhealthy things that have been in my mind are: Should I have taken membership later? – in order to have experienced things when I had the chance to.

    However, after hearing this message, I felt that what PC said where what I desire much more than what I have left behind. I do not have a great testimony and I still do not know what my testimony is. But when I meet Jesus, I want Him to say that I have walked faithfully before God. I want not just joy, but “great joy.” I want to have walked a steady and faithful journey so that God could be happy for me, too. I would really love to have Jesus write my story and my testimony. Even after NRTC, I know I still have so much to grow and learn. I pray that I would constantly stay hungry and walk faithfully and wholeheartedly.

  200. Kate-Lynn Mc Naught says:

    So, the truth is that I have been asking the wrong questions… my whole life.. ‘What if I stumble, God?” My whole life!
    Of course it is entertaining our ability to sin (how could we not have seen this?), we are directing our thoughts towards it. We are focussing on the negative and not on God’s ability to keep us from sinning.
    Thank you for sharing such a powerful revelation, that I know has shaped my thoughts.. for as long as.. actually, for my whole life since salvation.
    This past week, after the leadership retreat, I have been thinking ‘do I have what it takes to be a leader and advance His Kingdom? Well, actually, God governs my life, has given me authority, of course I do.’ I was anxious because I have grasped this opportunity and it is hard, it requires me to lay down my life… and all the while I was asking, “but what if I fail God, again and again.. what if I fall short of the glory?’
    To reiteraate PC, “you are asking the wrong ‘what ifs’ that God doesn’t want you to entertain’ – BOOM>!
    *”we are getting deceived into thinking this way”
    *”we are putting more belief in [our] ability to sin than in God’s ability to keep [us] from sinning”

    What would my life look like if I didn’t stumble…?
    blameless pure faithful victorious
    ^I want that.

    *”God is able to keep you from falling” – WE CANNOT FALL…
    We cannot fall, really? It reminds me of college motto, “What would you do if you couldn’t fail?’.. Well, I’m being told I CAN’T fail because will catch me. MIND-BLOWN.

    I absoluetly love what is said in ‘The goal of our Christian life should be that we are presented faultless before God..’ and that… “Great joy is reserved for those who walked faithfully and victoriusly before God.”
    ^This is so encouraging for those who have been committed to a life which honours Jesus.. you do not go unnoticed.. wow, so beautiful.

    Surely, we all want to receive that GREAT JOY.. and be FAITHFUL and VICTORIOUS before God? I know I do.

  201. Hye R. Song says:

    Thanks for the Holy Spirit indwelling in me, not being chased out of me so far. Indeed, praise Lord for His keeping power! “Now to him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy, to only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen!” (Jude 1:24-5) What if I DON’T stumble any more. In the age of the spiritual warfare, we should keep in mind this warning on false teachers of deceiving. They cause divisions of the church and the spirit. No deception and lies allowed in this House including me. God is Able! Victorious Name! Thank you Lord for your keeping power!

  202. Yong Shu Hua says:

    Instead of asking what if I stumble, I should ask myself, what if I don’t stumble? Too many a times I ask myself the wrong question, resulting in a lifestyle of constantly living in fear, and not being able to live out the victorious life that God has given to me. However when I shift my perspective and start asking myself how my life would be if I don’t stumble, I recognize the huge potential and power in my life, of which were given to me by God in the first place.

    This message of God’s keeping power spoke to me. It made realize that even in the seemingly mundane that God is always working and protecting me – that itself is worth celebrating and to be thankful about. If I am always stumbling and in a pit of darkness, I cannot reign in life and take hold of the victorious life that God has given to me. It is this keeping power that gives me the confidence and boldness to live out my christian life.

    God doesn’t want us to keep having that sin mentality (what if I fall into sin again, what if I end up doing this and that), but rather He wants us to trust that His keeping power is powerful enough, not to just keep us from falling into sin, but to mature us spiritually, and allow us to reign in life.

  203. I appreciate God’s presence in my life more after this sermon.Eventhough there are times that I fail, God’s keeping power sustained me. I agree with PC that no matter what I do I can’t take off the holyspirit in me. As he mentioned the scripture about Jude where he was kept by Jesus and he was His beloved. I can relate when talked PC about the person who had a problem with dad and acting strange at the retreat, because I met a lot of people with the same issue. My testimony is common like belonging to a broken family and growing up without a father. I was reminded right now that in any testimony even if we stumble or not there’s always something to learn from . We iust have to be grateful that we are kept by Jesus Christ.He is in control.

  204. Jessica Jin says:

    God’s love is real and he loves all his children not just the broken and lost but the faithful, the wise and the committed. I was the one that found pleasure in worldly things/activities but have come to realise how truly empty and meaningless it all was. I am now on my own journey in finding the joy and excitement in walking with Christ and acknowledging his presence in my life.

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