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The Set Man Doctrine
Sunday, November 25, 2012
Sunday Service (Hillside Campus 1pm)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Numbers 27:15-20
Duration: 01:04:56
PC unpacks how God appoints a set man to lead his covenant people in every generation so that they may receive teaching and walk in the benefits and blessings of the covenant


  1. This actually made the whole, “the pastor is the leader of the church” a whole lot more understandable. I have never been exposed to a lot of these ideas so they can seem a bit strange to me but after I listen to all these sermons I look forward to reading the bible and finding scripture or more scripture as the case may be to back them up. :)

  2. Jasmin Agese says:

    Maybe it’s because I was in a ministry that valued leadership and submission that I find these teachings quite familiar. The bible say out of the mouth of two witnesses is a matter established. But hearing the same message from a different perspective really, for me, confirms what the Spirit has in mind for the church in our generation. Interestingly God has choosen the generation that is popular for outrageous rebellion and one know for their selfishness and unwillingness to submit. For us to truly see God’s power in our lives, He has choosen to teach us how to honor and manifest leadership. Just thinking about it gets me excited

  3. Joe Chung says:

    I am going to use a sports related reference, but just like a good coach is crucial to their team, the set man is extremely vital to the congregation. Honestly, when I first heard this message of a set man last year, it was new to me. Growing up, I witnessed a constant a changing of pastors, so a set man was missing from the church I was attending back home. So, I became like a sheep without a shepherd.

    Man, during that time, I dove into some foolishness by constantly scrutinizing and criticizing of the church when I should have been submitting to them through respect and blessing them through prayer. As sons, we must come in covenant with our set man (PC and PE), through honor and submission to receive our rich inheritance. I am ready to receive!

    “Don’t exercise authority unless you’ve been under authority.” This really stuck with me while listening.

  4. Lydia Lim says:

    When Jesus is the set man of His time, people just need to have faith & obedience & it’s done. When pastors are the set man of their church, obedience & honour & also faith in the Word are what’s needed in our community now. I know a lot of people out there are taking up the pastoral job because they need that job & they thought they can do it because they’ve been attending to church for quite a period of time. The fact that being a pastor is not just to preach, especially “worldly sermons”, but being a pastor is a shepherd of souls & is a channel of God to reach out to His children that are hungry for His Word & presence. Indeed the set man & people who appoints themselves to the pastoral position can bring forth a really big effect to the congregation.

  5. Sean Norton says:

    Ah this was a really cool message, I saw some similarities with last Sunday’s “The Meaning of the Benediction Sermon”… (I’ll get to that.)

    I thought it was cool how PC started with kind of laying out most of the basic revelations from the passage, and then proceeded to unpack each one of them; starting with God’s heart to have a leader, shepherd or rather, ‘set man’ to lead his people, the importance of public commissioning, then moving onto the duties that a set man must have (laid out in verse 17) and then drawing it into most of what the NRTC sermons are about- sonship and submitting to GOD’s way. (And thus the way of the set man that God has appointed over us, i.e. PC) I think this really stresses the ideas that have been presented in the NRTC sermons – submission/sonship is more or less required if we want to step into greater things/greater growth. Awesome.

    But the really cool part is when PC draws the parallels between Moses and Jesus, how Moses was sort of a pre-Jesus and that Jesus, too, has compassion on his scattered sheep in Matthew 9:26 and adds to it that the lack of leadership is probably what ’caused all of these people to be scattered. This point was super cool, because it re-depicts Jesus and his ministry/role as being that of the ‘set man’; that Jesus is the ultimate set man. We need to continuously submit to him in the spirit of sonship and such so that we can be brought up to be a blessing as well… i think. (AND, on a side note; if Jesus is the set man, who is the spiritual father of the disciples, what does Judas’ role illustrate to us…? That if we don’t steward our role as one of the leaders that is to be sent out like the disciples, we’ll just be replaced…? idk. random question)

    Going on, PC makes a really interesting point that I think, starting with NRTC and up until the upper echelons of the church hierarchy, is extremely important- Jesus split his authority among his disciples. They needed to learn to work together as the body of Christ. That’s cool. And really important. The body needs to be united, esp. under one vision that the set man has; which in turn parallels the vision of THE set man – God – to his greater church as well.

    I also like how the Centurion and his experience with Jesus was unpacked… this along with the lady who says, ‘even the dogs eat the crumbs off the masters table’ still kind of confuse me here and there, but I think this sermon helped me understand… kind of like ‘creating a culture of honor’, the Centurion was, imo, able to Honor Jesus for he knew Jesus’ role, and in a way, submit himself in faith to Christ and his authority (and power) knowing that his servant would be healed. (maybe that’s a stretch…)

    And of course, Abraham wad under the covenant promise, and blessed to be a blessing. Jesus came and took that place as the set man of the covenant of law. Abraham stewarded the covenant promise and law, but JESUS FULFILLED THAT in order so we can reap all of the promises, blessings + inheritance… much like what PC said last Sunday during ‘the meaning of the benediction.’ I think that’s so freakin’ dope. The the promises of God are ultimately fulfilled and we can experience all of that; outpouring of the spirit was the sign that the promise of Abraham was being fulfilled and to be filled with that Spirit means we inherit the Abrahamic blessing; in this same way, Jesus fulfilled the covenant promise and the covenant law as the SET MAN in order for God to release the blessings meant for us… Maybe those are sequential points and not necessarily parallel points…

    Okay bottom line – I’m glad PC is the Set Man of the house. seeing his submission makes me feel safer (Black Hawk Imagery) submitting to him. I remember seeing PC pray during a Friday fire a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but think, ‘Man, I’m in the right place.’

    “Hush the voice of Aaron ’cause the real priest is coming, bringing the fullest blessings of Jehova.” – it’s like the set man came to take his place in order to unite the scattered sheep and bless them.

    …this is a hot mess of a smart comment. …did I even get to say what I wanted to? SORRY.

  6. Caitlyn Kavan says:

    After listening to this sermon, I took the time to reflect on myself and the current world. God has set men/leaders in my life and without their guidance, encouragement, and wisdom, I probably would have fallen into foolishness and idolatry. Set men not only lead people out of foolishness and idolatry but they also bring people into God’s house. The analogy of the sheep without a shepherd really stuck in my heart. Without a set man, people are like lost and scattered sheep. Without a set man, we will search for a shepherd and we risk being misled into false doctrines.
    Something that PC talked about that made me think about the current worldly issues is when he talked about how some people take jobs that they are not called to do. If you are not called to do something then you will not reap fruit. Some people are in positions of power and they are not called to be up there. Also, when PC made the bold statement of how some people who are sons of the devil are in pastoral positions, I was in disbelief at first but then he later says that today, Christians are still scattered. They are scattered because they are under set men who are sons of the devil. That was a huge revelation to me!

  7. This sermon just reinforces so much of the things we’ve been learning during NRTC (and also for membership); this is all tied in with creating a culture of honor, submitting to the spirit of sonship, intimacy in covenant, etc., by giving a sound bibilical context to the concept of the “set man,” aka the shepherd who is to lead his flock of sheep. It’s refreshing to see Jesus as the “set man” because I tend to only see him as the messiah, one to come and save us from our sins, but indeed he was a leader and he showed the church and the religious leaders of the time what true leadership meant. It’s so empowering to know that Jesus was not just a savior, but the SET MAN who was able to take care of his people, all the scattered sheep who were wandering without a shepherd for all those years before he came. It’s hard for me to even draw parallels between Jesus and Joshua/Moses just because I put Jesus in his own LORD category but I think even this reflects the flaws in my own thinking. After all, Jesus was fully man; while he was on this earth he was a man set under authority, WITH authority… This really helped me see Jesus in a totally refreshing and powerful context (again).

  8. Love how PC broke down Numbers 27: 17-20 and explained the “Set Man”. An anointed man over the community that goes out and comes in before them, one who will lead them out and bring them in, so that the Lord’s people will not be like sheep without a shepherd. This teaching is vital for our Spiritual growth since it helps us to understand not only the Set Man’s role but also our role in submitting to the Set Man of the House. The Set Man leads by example in which we are to follow. Under his authority we also grow in our authority. It is true that so many people want authority but refuse to be under authority, even God the Father had Jesus under authority for a season!
    Being under submission to the Set Man we are not just following him and his vision but also receiving an inheritance! Our own ambitions can only take us so far, we must also be anointed and gifted to carry out our calling.
    PC also gave awesome revelation about having portions poured out to us, so that we may find others to work together with, just like a body works together! In the same way we must realize we are to work together as one body, as one unit to achieve the same goal!

  9. What a powerful sermon on authority. I have had such a fear of authority, even police officers scare me, but since listening to and learning about leadership and true authority, I can recognize who to follow and who not to. God is really working through a lot of things in me while listening to these sermons. An appointed man of God is a true leader of God. Wow. Also, I learned that true leaders of God were designated in public eye, not in private eye. Moreover, that Jesus will lead us out of false teaching when the time is right, not just take us out as fast as possible. God is so gentle and yet so strong it is astounding. This is the first time in my life that I have truly submitted to authority with my small group leader and the leaders in my church, I’m still working on my fear of authority, but I think because New Phillie has said what they mean and acted out on what they say, I feel safe. So submitting to authority is simple, trust God and the leaders who trust Got and are his “Set Man” are safe. I’ve never felt this safe in a church before. I guess that one reason we need set leaders so badly, so that the sheep not only are taken care of, but feel safe. And only God can set those leaders, just like a kingdom.

  10. Pingping Kan Rogers says:

    Joshua has the same Hebrew name as Jesus. He is a type of Christ who is the Prophet after Moses. Jesus Christ is the Prophet, the Chosen Man of God, who leads us out of Exodus from sin,& leads us into the Promise Land.
    Glad that the Lord is the One chooses,& raises up spiritual leaders for His people. For those who are called to lead, they will have to obey,& be faithful to their call. The Lord will equip them& establish them! For the followers, there will be convictions &blessings in following, since we are serving the same Lord, through one Spirit.

  11. James Song says:

    “Sheep without a shepherd” seems to be the take home message here. It is imperative that we have no mindless followers who are led by ANY identity of ‘authority’. In any community, there is a tendency among the people to simply follow what everyone else is doing. That makes for a great sense of togetherness, and easy for a leader to lead them, but how does one know if they are heading the right way?

    As Pastor Christian mentioned, the solution is for the Set men to take their rightful positions appointed by God. If we try to identify and displace the distractors and false teachers, it only causes confusion, division and even panic. We need men appointed by God who will provide clear visions that their followers will be bought into. Strong men who will stand firm against attacks and tribulations to show their character and authority. (The word used here is ‘men’ but is not gender specific)

    In a way, I am relieved that I am under submission of Pastors Christian and Erin and in a way I am also challenged to be completely prepared for the time when I am called to be the set man of my own organisation.

  12. Kristine Wong says:

    A good sermon to remind me about the importance of sonship and authority. It really makes sense to me. With the gifts God gives us, how can we steward with no authority or leadership over us? As much as we want to go out on our own and use these gifts, it is SO difficult dealing with alone and I can believe that you don’t produce any fruit by doing it that way. I think it’s because we live in a world where you have to try and be rich and successful on your own for the credibility and honor. But really… I think doing it that way causes more hurt than good. Like what PC said, a set man is one who is gifted, mature, and arrives at his/her position at the appointed time. So then it is important to exercise patience, to not rush things, submit in sonship, be under leadership, and continue being a faithful servant. It’s a long hard road and of course no one in their right mind want to go this route BUT I can totally see that the benefits you reap through that route will be ten-fold of what you can do on your own.

  13. aj cruz says:

    I learned that a set man is needed in the church. Prior to this message I had no concept of the set man. I didnt even consider that God operating set men. I considered Mosed and Joshua as leaders but not as set men for the flock. I agree that set men are placed by God to protect and guide flocks. Im glad that it wasnt a one sided message promoting ignorance towards the set man doctorine. I appreciate that P.C brought to light the dangers of this aspect of Gods system. As I listened to this message, I kept thinking how dangerous it could be to someone who isnt suppose to be the set man.

    The set man has to be set by God and God alone. I think many people get hurt or disillusioned because of people claiming to be set men. As cocky as it sounds there are only a few set men appointed by God truthfully and we have to be aware of those that arent. I really appreciate this message because its opened a perspective about leaders that I didnt know about.

  14. Stephanie Grady says:

    God is looking for mature and gifted leaders to entrust movements and churches too. I truly believe that. I once heard it said that our character is the container that will hold the blessings we are praying for. The stronger our character, the more we can hold the things of God. We have to be willing to go through the process of maturity knowing our Heavenly Father is good and knows just what we need to accomplish our destiny.

  15. Mabel Chin says:

    What struck me the most was what PC said about how no set man is immune to be under authority. How do we know the set man of the house won’t abuse his authority if he has never been submitting to another authority before? It would be really hard to trust, honor and obey the set man of the house if he kept abusing his authority or tried to use his power of authority before his set time. This sermon gave me a new perspective on how there could be some churches who may have a preacher, but not a set man because they have not been commissioned by God in public. I guess that’s why we may see a lot of people who are confused in their teachings, kind of lost like sheep without a shepherd. The sermon also made it a little clearer as to where all these different cults come from. Most of them claim that they were chosen to God in their quiet time or prayer closets, but nobody witnessed it. In the case of Joshua however, he was chosen in public and there were no doubts that he was to become the new set man of God’s people.

  16. Christina Parchem says:

    I was most blessed by PC’s reference to Matthew 7:6,8. It’s a little embarrassing but I’ve read that passage so many times and I have never understood it until PC explained it here. So thank you PC, that was so helpful and such a blessing! One thing that came up while listening to this though, is that I’d really like to learn more about the Reformation. Who publicly ordained Luther and Calvin and other reform leaders? Can’t the Reformation be considered the biggest division in the church, so why is it okay? I’ll admit I’m not very knowledgeable on this topic so I’d really love to learn what PC has to say on it. I wish he’d talked about it more in the sermon, even if it meant going longer. :)

  17. Joyce Ku says:

    This message really opened my eyes to the difference of appointment in public and one in private. I think it’s one example of how there is never anything to hide in our faith and this is why we can call it the truth. Covered up “truth”, is liable to deception but truth that is confidently established in the open has nothing to hide. I was blessed by PC’s excavation of the set man in the bible; particularly his explanation of Joshua’s appointment. A call to the podium isn’t a volunteer opportunity and it certainly isn’t a personal decision that you make- it’s something God will decide. It makes me feel safe to know that PC’s own process is one marked by obedience to leadership.

  18. Narai Bai says:

    I strongly agree that submission to authority (and accountability) is a prerequisite for holding authority. I felt safe being under PC and PE’s authority, and I feel even more safe now that they are also under PB and PS’ authority :) Seeing generations of sonship and trust blesses me so much. It is also painful for me to learn about it- because I see such a difference between this structure and what I have experienced in my past home church. God has done a lot of healing in my heart though, and I am praying for more hope for change :)

    • Narai Bai says:

      Also, I loved the point that you need a calling to ministry, and if you have it, others will recognize it and acknowledge it publicly! God works relationally!

  19. As I became a member of New Philly, I’ve accepted &admitted the authority of set men in our house without major disagreement or difficulty. This sermon reinforced the concept of set men. I do respect my s.g leader and campus pastors as the authority from God and doing so is submitting to the set men of the entire New Philly. I am very thankful that I am securely covered in this house, from the gifted, mature, loving, and blessed set men. I am not lucky but BLESSED!

  20. This message really raised my respect for pastors leading their churches. It raised the distinction of those specifically called to their positions to be shepherds. I have been under the leadership of someone before who seemed to approach his pastoral duty as a job, a way to make a living. The church struggled in many ways, and many commented that they were not getting spiritually filled. The set man doctrine really emphasizes the calling and anointing of becoming a the established leader with specific duties: preaching and teaching (and meditation), healing the physically sick, casting out demons, demonstrating a lifestyle of devotion to pray. It distinguishes them above others and sets them apart as gifted leaders to gather and keep flocks.

    I liked again the emphasis on submission and how even the gifted will not be fruitful leaders unless they first submit to authority.

    One thing that I wish I could have ore clarification on is the “sons of the devil” bit. I think that there are so many differing theologies about who the devil is and his “role”. It has created a lot of confusion, especially for me. These are words of Jesus though and should be taken as a clear indicator of who he is, but sometimes it paints this dualism picture, an battle of good and evil. It feels incomplete, and it would be nice to have instruction about how we are to view the devil.

  21. Kayla Black says:

    The parable of the wheat and the harvest was really interesting how it said NOT to go uprooting the enemy weeds ourselves, because that can accidentally kill the good plants too. Although I feel uncomfortable thinking that some people are ‘sons of the devil’ because it makes it sound like they are lost causes…it was good to hear what Jesus said himself in John 8:44 – 44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires…

    Set Man = someone who is able to EXERCISE authority because they have been set UNDER (and SUBMITTED to) authority.

    The idea of submission seems to be a powerful one and I feel like I’m slowly coming to a better understanding of it :)

  22. Joyce Lee says:

    Everything about a “set man” is public and in the light. It is not hidden away or done in private, like some self-proclaimed leaders. Further, a “set man” may not necessarily be the most gifted or qualified, but they are still the right leader for the job. God sees their hearts and chooses them according to His own standard, not the standard of the world. Because they were hand-picked by God, they also receive the anointing and power that is needed in order to shepherd the sheep. When a “set man” is in place, the sheep can feel safe mostly because they know that it was God who set this man in place. If a leader is blessed and approved by man, but not by God, it will only lead to disaster.

    In this regard, i realized that leading a movement and being a leader that is entrusted with a lot is not something to be taken lightly. It is a serious assignment from God, and we must be called to it.. not just volunteer to do it.

  23. Abby Brokaw says:

    I enjoyed listening to this sermon, and it reflects things that I have heard in a small group setting from my pastors in Michigan, though I have never heard it preached before. It is wise to publicly recognize and appoint leaders, and it creates an environment of safety and honor. It is important to be GIVEN authority, and not just TAKE it by force, so that we are moving in the favor of God and within the covering of the church.

    I have seen examples both of great “Set Men” and ones who attempted to create division. I kind of laughed when PC mentioned the “sons of the devil” thing, because it reminded me of a story. Many years ago, my father had his assistant pastor accuse him of devil worship, and declared that he “knew” through prophetic revelation about the secret shrine that he had made… I mean, wow. It turned out that the man had been seeing a counselor who planted all sorts of rebellious ideas in his mind, and was totally speaking without authority. Thankfully, the assistant pastor was dismissed from the church and had no one from the church follow him.

    In contrast, I can think of many pastors in New Philly and my previous church who were trusted members of the church, and who were set and recognized as pastors by the senior pastors. They are truly “called” to their post, because they were not pursuing a job, but served faithfully for many years. When a pastor listens to the prompting of God to raise up a new leader, everyone in the house is edified. Their promotion only brings strength and encouragement to the church, and we rejoice to see them rise up and accept the position.

  24. Respect and honor. This is something that belongs in the church. We should learn to honor, serve, and respect our leaders. God has placed him/her there for a reason. In American society, we learn that we should only respect bosses/leaders if we believe what they are doing is right, or only if we agree with them. But this should not be the case. We should always respect and show honor to our leaders, especially in the church. We should listen to our leader when he/she speaks. We should take advice from our leader.

  25. Paul Moon says:

    The ones who were in place to lead (Pharisees) were not doing their jobs because they were either unqualified and/or placed there by the devil lead others away from the truth. It’s refreshing to hear that people who hold positions within the church are not always appointed by God to that position. However, Pastor Christian lists some qualifications and/or attributes to look for and identify a “set man”.

    The “set man” is publicly appointed and is a visionary who stewards the vision of the Lord. They lead the people out of false doctrine, idolatry, immorality, foolishness, etc. Without a “set man” the people are like lost sheep without shepherds and is evident in the bible prior to the first coming of the Messiah. (fresh take on the Parable of the Weeds)

  26. Wonderful word! It is however difficult for a generation who actively rejects and questions authority to be open to accepting this style of leadership.

    It is easy for us in our sin to pick away at and criticize the leaders who are appointed as set men, for I believe many aren’t quite aware of the process of how they are appointed. They appear human, full of quirks, and the anointing doesn’t always seem visible. Honestly, I sometimes question why they are so special and are granted so much privilege .

    When I first arrived in Korea, I thought I was the authority on teaching English. Over the past four years, I had seen that I truly don’t know everything about teaching English to Korean students. The deep relational connection my co teachers had with students and their ideas had inspired me to learn from them.

    I gradually had learned to accept their authority, though it wasn’t an easy journey. Now if appears my students, compared to last year, are much more willing to accept my authority, which had in turn made my job easier and much enjoyable.

  27. Eunhye Cho says:

    i truly agree with this sermon. leaders have to be ordained in public like Joshua and i realized that it is the only true method of giving authority to next generation. after listening to the sermon, i was able to learn that having a shepherd is essential not to be scattered as a christian in one church spiritully and physically. In addition, i think obedience to our shepherds is also very important to step forward to grow as a mature church. thank u for good sermon :)

  28. Janice So Hyun Lim says:

    Jesus is our chief shepherd; however, He appoints leaders through whom He shepherds His sheep. The man God appoints, the “Set Man,” stewards the vision of a movement, goes in before his followers, leads people out of foolishness, and bring people in to the intimacy and promises of God. The set man is commissioned publicly, just as Joshua was by Moses. And just as Joshua inherited some of Moses’ authority, the set man receives some of the authority his commissioner possesses. In all this, God is the director who chooses which man to appoint and instructs an established leader to pass down his authority. PC and PE are the set man and woman of New Philly–chosen by God, given authority, and commissioned publicly. They shepherd members of New Philly, yet they are under authority themselves because they understand that authority is passed down from an established leader. As a prospective leader of the house, I must submit to authority, just as Jesus did, and PC and PE do to P. Benjamin and P. Hwang, in order to inherit what they have. To be a leader, I must first understand that authority comes with submission; not to anybody, but to the set man that God has put in place to lead me to the right path.

  29. Jennifer Mendez says:

    I recently gave a letter to two of my current leaders and one of the messages I wrote that mainly stuck out to me was “I would still be where I was a year ago if it weren’t for you”. If I did not have these shepherds in my life, I would be a lost sheep. These Set Men in my life preached and taught me; they have loved and healed me and led me out of foolishness. I must admit that submitting is not easy but it’s rewarding after it’s done. It is true that many want to lead but are not willing to be followers in this coming generation. As PC mentioned “You can’t exercise authority if you’ve never been under it”. So true, so powerful!

  30. Heidi Anna Chae says:

    The “set man” must carry the one who stewards the vision and foreruns it; leading the rest to follow; lead their followers out of foolishness, idolatry, false doctrine ,etc; walk them into their inheritance and promises. Ultimately the set man must lead the people, that they may not be “like sheep without a shepherd.”

    What amazed me was when PC pointed out through Luke 7:6 about the official who was “set under authority” and was seeking Jesus to heal one of his servants – that he related with Jesus as both being “under authority.” As Jesus was under the “institutional authority” of their times, as well as the authority of the Father in Heaven. I’d never heard any message about this before. Thank you PC for your wisdom!!!

  31. Della Collins says:

    This is the first time i’m hearing a whole sermon supporting the idea that it is indeed meant for one person to be the main shepherd, or set man over a church. I’ve even thought to myself why there has to be one main pastor and not many, but my questions to that had been answered in a previous sermon- either ‘who will shepherd your soul?’ or ‘do not go naked’- when pastor Christian mentioned that if you have multiple spiritual fathers, it will be hard to take the advice of all of them if they ever give you conflicting information and direction in your life. I’m sure this transfers over to shepherding of a church- if the main pastors were ever to have varying visions for the church I’m sure there would be problems. Also I liked how PC mentioned that working in ministry is not just like another job, it is a position of calling. I feel like this frees people from thinking that the godliest or the ideal place God would have everyone work is in ministry. I believe some are called to ministry, and others are called to be salt and light in the many areas of this world including business, art, education, and so on. One last point that stood out to me was when PC said Jesus has not fulfilled the curses and blessings of the covenant, and that both are still in effect today. I feel this opens my eyes more to the working of God in our lives.

  32. InAi Kang says:

    It’s not just someone with a great resume and public speaking skills that are “hired” to stand before a congregation and pastor it. God has set up the right person. My parents taught me early on to respect and follow my elders and people in positions in leadership. thankfully I have never had to deal with false teachers but the concept has always been there. It’s a new thing with the submitting and sonship but it all makes a lot of sense. Not just biblically but espicially in my head.

  33. Saeko R says:

    This message made me recall when I first heard about a system existed in American churches that you apply for a pastoral position or a minister position at random churches by sending a resume as if they seek for a CEO position or manager position at a company. To be honest, I thought it was so weird and not correct, but now I know why I felt that way and what I felt was right, thanks to this message.

    “Leaders God sets are always public, not a private appointment.”
    “Jesus was even a man under authority. Because of that, he could exercise authority.”

    I assume that not all people who try to be “a set man” out of lack of knowledge about a set-man doctrine are sons of devil. How can we tell sons of devil from sheep that needs more understanding about covering and set-man doctrine? I would like to hear more about it.

  34. Masande.G says:

    The commissioning by God is done publicly. The blessings of the covenant are experienced under the person God has appointed as the set man of the house. We are not called to be sheep without a shepered but God has appointed set men to have authority over us, covering us and to be a good shepered over us. We have authority when we are covered under a set man’s authority.
    We are called to submit to those we have been placed under, to be obedient to their authority and vision because even Jesus was a man under authority.

  35. Tine Heenop says:

    It is so important for us to realise that we need to submit into the spirit of son ship in order to mature and grow in our relationship with Jesus. But not just to mature and grow but to get approval by God through your spiritual leaders to be sent out in order to receive the anointing and the authority to go and be a set man for what God is calling you to do! It begins by submitting under a true spiritual father and leaders that is gifted and been set by God publicly. This sermon took me to a deeper level of understanding what a true set man is. Seeing all the examples of the set men in the bible and how God anointed and commission those set men all by a public declaration!! Holy Spirit opened my eyes in a deeper way of seeing how God appoint people and send them out to be a set man! You need to be gifted and not let you passion and desire lead you.

  36. Ji In Kim says:

    PC’s breaking down Numbers 27: 17-20 of the “Set Man” was really helpful. For one to have the authority to lead out and bring in God’s people to prevent lost sheep. This really helped clarify that the role of the anointed, “Set Man” of the house is vital BUT!!! so is our whole-hearted submission towards the “set man” of our house. It’ll further help us to grow and mature as a whole physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Thus, a “set man” is someone who has authority because they have been set under and/or submitted to authority. Great Sermon! :}

  37. I’ve never heard a message like this before! The “set man” is the called shepherd whom God has PUBLICLY appointed and blessed. I always believed that it was okay to be confirmed privately by God. Thank you PC for giving us a deeper and clarified understanding of the “set man.” We need to fully submit, respect, and be obedient to the man God has given authority to run with vision. Listening to this sermon made me reflect back on previous coverings I received back at my past churches. It’s comforting to know that I’m under a good covering!

  38. Kim Anderson says:

    This was a good message! It has help me understand things a bit better and it refreshed my thinking about the people that God has placed in my life as different “Set Men” of different things. One thing that really stuck out to me was how Jesus was ever under authority! He did nothing that he did not see the Father doing. I have thought about this before but never in this context. Jesus was our perfect example of a Set Man and he went to another for instruction. Who do we think we are then if we don’t have someone set over us!

  39. David Ha says:

    It is quite offensive and appalling to think that some leaders of churches could be sons of the devil. It is also shocking to think that Jesus, of all people, was the one to label these men. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Many of the things Jesus preached was offensive and appalling. It was contrary to what people we’re being taught at the time and what some people still teach today. Jesus, a set man in authority and under authority, could recognize the Jewish leaders as shepherds that are leading their sheep astray. By the discernment the Holy Spirit gives us, we can distinguish between a set man anointed and appointed by God and a man who is preaching deception.
    A set man is an anointed, appointed, and gifted man who takes his place at the appointed time. He is also a man in authority, under authority. And he is a man appointed publicly witnessed by a body of believers. Let’s not fall for these false shepherds and use wisdom and sound judgment to not only be shepherded by these set men but also pray to become a set man in God’s perfect, appointed timing.

  40. Anastasia Tin says:

    It was a good sermon to teach us how does a set man look like and by following him, we get inheritance and enjoy our lives in full anointing, authority and maturity.

  41. Carol Lee says:

    The devotion of a set man was the topic that really stuck in my head. Jesus has a devotional life style and He wanted to teach the disciples to have the same devotion. He was intentional in all his attitudes. In all, even though in ordinary things as going to meditate. I haven’t thought in that way before. And what really touched me is that there is no end in knowing Jesus. And the more you know, the more impressed you will be with His character. That’s really exciting!

  42. It is a harsh reality that the enemy has planted many of his set leaders amongst us, and that they are here to bring division, thus so important that we determine who the real set men are. Definitely took a few tips/warnings away from this sermon. How to determine if it is safe to follow a leader ex. were they commissioned in public, are they set under authority, established with the blessing of established leaders. Further more I also realise how important it is to submit to the Set Man, that’s where the inheritance is, the blessings will flow, authority imparted from, not to mention the safety there is within the covenant connection with a set man involving discipline and the passing down of teaching.
    I am very glad to be part of this house and under it’s leadership and the leadership of PC and PE. Quote of the sermon for me: “You are able to exercise authority if you are set under authority.”

  43. Bernadette Keating says:

    The term a ‘Set Man’ was something I have heard several times at New Philly but to be honest I had no idea what it meant, so this really cleared things up for me!
    I saw how through the functions of the Set Man, he is not in it for self glorification and has not problem with being transparent – he is not appointed in the secret place, commissioned where all can see. In this way Pastor Christian highlighted to me that it isn’t just a coincidence that many cult leaders time of appointed seems to be veiled in mystery. For me it seems much easier to trust and submit to someone who has nothing to hide.

    Throughout this sermon I began to see very clearly how dangerous it is for sheep not to have a shepherd. Without a shepherd to bring the sheep in or out, giving them direction, the sheep are confused and do not know which path is safe and move based on their whims at the time. Growing up in a farming country, I have seen it many times, when a sheep gets spooked they react by running away mindlessly with little regard for what is ahead. I really liked how Pastor Christian emphasised that the Set Man is some one who is trained, anointed in teaching and preaching and demonstrates a lifestyle of devotion to God. Through this as a shepherd, the Set Man will have the wisdom and discernment to see beyond what spooks the sheep and guide them to the right path, which is just what the bible says God does for us (Isaiah 30:21). The Set man/shepherd does go out before them.

    For me, this also tied in with one of the chapters from the assigned book reading – people do what people see (Law of the Picture). If the Set Man of the house goes out and in before his people, leads his people out and brings them in, he will be able to inspire leaders just like the centurion to be a man under authority who has authority. Before Jesus arrived the people were scattered, partly because they were emulating the leadership they could see. One point that really impacted me was “when God gives you a portion, it’s so that you will find out who has the rest.” The Set Man desires to see his people knit together as the Body of Christ, not influenced by a spirit of division, he desires great unity. The more I hear about division in the church, the more it really saddens me. Sometimes sheep don’t know how to acknowledge each other even though they look the same, but the Set Man knows how to keep the flock together and has Jesus’ heart of unity.

    I was also blessed by the call at the end for more Set Men to rise up, this is for all generations, not just something we can read about in the Old Testament and think that it was nice. The angst of splits and disharmony within the church todays seems like an increasing cry for Set Men and shepherds who can keep their eyes on the flock and the path ahead, with God’s anointing over them.

  44. Jihyun Roh says:

    It is very true that we should be under authority first if we want to exercise authority. I totally agree on what PC says about the high chances of abusing authority when you are not under authority. I believe God’s timing for us to be in leading or serving positions are perfect if we are ready to submit to Him and our spiritual leaders God has put in our lives. I’ve seen lots of spiritually gifted people struggling to find a church community because they don;t want to submit to any spiritual authority. What they usually say is all I need Jesus, not human authority. However, when you think about Jesus, he himself was in total submission to so many authorities like God, His earthly parents and even spiritual leaders who He said were sons of the devil.

  45. The Set man was not a huge revelation to me, but a great explanation and clarification. All the strong ministries I know had a set man, and I passively understood that he was vital and the clarity of his vision cut away the excess, purifying and focusing the ministry. I also see how when the set man is taken out, the whole ministry suffers greatly. I’m glad PC articulates these things that are vital to christian life, like someone explaining breathing or balanced nutrition – you always kinda knew, but a clear teaching makes it so much easier to apply.

  46. Sophie James says:

    I found it really interesting when PC was talking about the reason for the divisions in the church and it being caused by either men who are not of God, men who refuse to submit to authority, ungifted men acting as set men or men who have risen up not at their appointed time, that was really thought provoking. Having a set man is so important! A powerful message and one to be prayed into.

  47. Nina Park says:

    Learning about the set man and that he is set publicly was very enlightening. Learning how a set man differs from cult leaders and that the set man is not set by their own will but that it is God who calls the set man to be set was also very helpful.
    The most important thing that I learn is that God is a God of order and that is through submission that set men rise and take their place.

  48. David Hong says:

    Listening to this sermon emphasized the crucial role of the “set man” or the appointed spiritual leader of the house in leading and taking care of the church body, in parallel to the crucial importance of the shepherd leading and taking care of his sheep. In fact, the connection of the set man and the shepherd stood out to me the most, personally. Without the guidance and wisdom of the shepherd to know where to find the best pastures, safe areas away from danger and potential predators, without the love and care of the shepherd for his sheep, the sheep will become lost, scattered, and will most definitely face many dangers and eventually die. Likewise, the set man, or spiritual leader must steward the vision of the movement of the church, love on the members of his congregation and cover them with prayer, as well as protect them from dangers such as exposure to false doctrine, idolatry, foolishness, etc. It is easy for some to think that the set man can easily abuse his power and authority over its members. Some others may feel uncomfortable, or even resist the concept of having to submit to the authority of the spiritual leader. However, we are reassured in the fact that not even spiritual leaders are immune from being under spiritual leadership him or herself. The set man can exercise spiritual authority because he or she is also under spiritual authority.

  49. John Lee says:

    This message helped me to understand the importance of submitting and being under authority. It also challenged me to fully open my heart in submitting out of my comfort zone and obeying the leaders that’s over me.

  50. Natalie Cheung says:

    In the beginning of the sermon, I really liked the clarity in which PC points out that Biblically, God appoints set men in PUBLIC circumstances. I have heard of the origins of Mormonism and Islam, where both leaders claimed that they were privately ordained by God and although I never believed it because of my Christian faith, I found it was hard to provide sound argument against it because I couldn’t deny that their [claimed] encounter with God where He chose them to be new leaders was fake because I wasn’t there to witness whether it happened or not.

    I have previously taken certain leadership positions before, where I was asked by people of previous leadership teams to take up their place after they leave because I was one of the ones who were more involved or just attended most regularly. However, honestly, I didn’t feel called to do it, (nor did I feel mature enough) but I just felt the need to take it up because of mixture of expectations of other people, expectations of myself as an outward ‘action’ of spiritual maturation and/or there was no one else and I did not want the ministry to stop because I did not agree to take it up. Before I came to Korea, serving became so dry, and I was there was definitely no fruit that came out of it. I guess those periods were not my appointed time to take up leadership, but however; I believe that they were used as training periods for m for perseverance even though I felt like what I was doing was done in vain. Having the opportunity to take NRTC, seemed to me like an opportunity, to actually be raised up and have foundation for leadership, or also as a time to find out whether or not God has called me to be in a position of leadership.

    Submitting to authority was once again a big theme in this sermon, and one of the things that really attracted me to New Philly. I like submitting to authority, because I like the security of having someone above me, leading the way and showing me where to go when I am lost. Although I still have a lot of confusion about many things, coming here has brought some clarity and I finally found a place where I’m confident that God has greatly anointed leaders in sonship to lead and shepherd the way for me.

  51. Susanna Kim says:

    Wow. This sermon has brought so much light into the season that I am currently in.
    I’ve been asking God for so long to reveal His vision and calling for my life and after listening to this sermon, I realize that it’s under the covering of PC and PE that God wants to call me out.
    I’ve always been committed to a local church and submitted under authority but New Philly has really taught me what TRUE submission is. It wasn’t the culture in my church community back at home to have our leaders/pastors speak into our life on matters about career, job, relationships, calling etc.The independent spirit was on me as I kept making decisions with my private revelations. Even as I try to discern God’s calling for me, I have been trying to receive clarity through only the private revelations I’ve been receiving.
    God wants me to be no longer without a shepherd. This gives me so much hope, knowing that God has appointed PC and PE over me to commission me PUBLICLY into His calling for my life.

  52. Daniel L. Kim says:

    Yikes, PC really went OFF in this sermon! In an enlightening kind of way! I admit, submitting to authority is never something I really took that seriously in the church. I think part of this is because I did not grow up in the church when I was a kid, and even when I first experienced salvation in high school, I was more focused on trying to figure out everything about God (and subsequently, my own destiny) myself, while disregarding authority. In particular, I did not take the community leaders, such as intern pastors and other people below the head pastor, seriously at all, not understanding the reasons that the head pastor had appointed them under him. However, New Philly definitely shook things up for me. I am glad I can learn under leaders who I can trust, and who will give me the raw tough-love that I need when I need it.

  53. Jesus came to show us what a set man looks like. Jesus was mature, gifted but also put in a relationship with the father. Jesus was put under authority. With this relationship, God exemplified what a set man should look like. We also see this style of setting up a leader in Joshua. God continues to set leaders up in houses and if these leaders are not publicly set up, and under authority themselves, they might be toxic and not good to follow.

    I learned in this sermon that God uses individuals to gather scattered people. He uses individuals with his vision to sow into the lives of others. PC is someone who has been set by God as the pastor of NP. PC is under authority himself. God uses authority in many ways to mature and grow us. There are many other leaders around us. God uses this structure of being under authority to deposit all kinds of good things into followers who will in God’s time become set men.

    I know that these structures of authority are set up to protect me from harm. They are there to protect me from thieves and murderers on the outside and within.

    I believe this sermon was intended to reshape the way we think of authority and to do away with a lot of our preconceived ideas and with our fears towards leadership.

    Thanks PC.

  54. Donnae Shone says:

    The true set man will be publically commissioned. I like this. A lot. It’s so easy for someone to claim a position that he is just not designed for, betraying trust and destroying lives in the process. Even Jesus, THE Jesus, was publically commissioned. I would be very afraid if I were the only one hearing from God that I should lead a movement if the ultimate standard-setter had to be recognized in front of others before he could legitimately do anything world changing. There’s a lot of pressure on the set man but, thankfully, also the grace to do what he needs to do. He has the vision, he is gifted and he is mature, he has patiently developed in character and in depth of relationships. Even he is under authority and he carries and passes down a rich inheritance to those who have entered into covenant with him. PC, thank you for admitting your ‘preferred way’ of doing things and for your wisdom and submission to doing things the right way.

  55. Julie byun says:

    The sermon has given me a lot of insight about leadership. A leader has to be anointed. The person has to be ‘set’ by God through a calling at His appointed time, not through personal ambitions nor zeal. A leader is someone who can steward authority through the his/her own experience of submitting under authority. A leader orchestrates, sets direction and prevents harm of his/her followers – as we saw in the examples of the black hawk, football team, etc., even if that means setting restrictions on the individual’s freedom. A leader is all of the above, but Jesus doesn’t teach us to be just leaders, he teaches us to follow his footstep as a good shepherd. A good shepherd looks after his sheep with love. It tends to the needs of the sheeps, takes good care of them, protects and guides. That is why the sheeps follow it’s shepherd with absolute trust and joy. Jesus is truly THE role model of a set man.

  56. Vicky Lee says:

    The set man “imparts authority and anointing to bring correction and discipline” to the house. Also known as the spiritual father, he keeps the sheep he has been administered to, accountable and regulated for separation from the weeds. It is God’s blessing and specific assigning to be entrusted with the duty of this position, the way Moses was appointed by Christ. From listening to this sermon, I was again able to see how insightful our church is in tuning in to the vision and knowledge of God’s desires for the body. And I have become all the more appreciative and grateful for this. =]

  57. Suzie Lee says:

    This was a very interesting message. I’ve never heard of “the set man” before. I’ve never really been reluctant to submit to PC, PE, other leaders and my familia leader but this message clarified why I should submit and that it is ultimately God’s will for us to submit to authority. This message was packed with new ideas that I’ve never heard before but it made me question some of my past leaders from my old church that were involved in the church split. However, it was interesting to note that we shouldn’t hunt for these people but instead, we should have the set men take their place. I also loved PC’s outline of Jesus and his authority. Jesus had authority because he was under authority. Wow! That’s so crazy. I only saw leaders and pastors as people of authority but the reason why they have authority is because ultimately, they are in submission to a leader as well. This creates a framework of sonship and submission to authority and depicts the flow of power. Awesome message, PC.

  58. Magdeline Goh Seen Hui says:

    A set man is so important to keep the people from going to the wrong path. If a church does not have a set man, it is like sheeps without shepherd, scattering around. This is because the people do not have any covering from a man that is under the authority. A set man is appointed to leads the people out of their foolishness and brings the people to have a intimacy relationship with God. I’m so happy that in New Philly, we have PC and PE as the set man of this house that can leads us. but at the same time, I also have to honor, obey and submit to them to be blessed by the covenant.

  59. Daniel Jin says:

    As I was listening to this sermon, I kept thinking that a set man sounds a lot like a spiritual father. When PC clarified that a set man is also a spiritual father, I was reminded once again of the importance of strong leadership and anointing, especially in the Church. But also the importance of submission and maturity. I’ve personally seen the terrible harm an immature and stubborn leader can have on the church, especially when they refuse to submit themselves to higher authority. Even Jesus was under authority at one point in his life, even though he probably didn’t need it. But it might have been hard for some people to follow and even respect Jesus when he was exercising authority without ever having been under authority himself. In another way, this just makes Jesus more relatable to us. Jesus knows what it’s like to be under authority and he supports us through the times when we find it hard to submit to people we don’t want to submit to.

  60. Kirstin says:

    This “one set man” doctrine places another member of the body as the head mediator between God and man. The set man needs to make sure that His people have a relationship with Jesus and not to replace the relationship with the heavenly father. I love the fact that Jesus, a man of power and might, was once under authority. He is so humble and stresses the importance of leadership and honoring. I think it could be difficult for a leader to submit himself under a different authority because many of them could view themselves as the top man and someone who shouldn’t be under someone else, but that person needs to have some sort of spiritual father to hold them accountable. The one set man is appointed by Jesus and trusts him to share His teachings and bless the generation with his grace and love.

  61. Bethany Pak says:

    Wowey, wow, wow. Never did I know that a leader should be presented publicly, otherwise that leader may be starting a cult. Scary. It’s truly important that a set man be anointed and appointed, otherwise he/she will bear no fruit. I have no problem in believing that there are pastors and leaders out there who are not even Christian and leading members of a congregation. It’s seriously sad to believe and even fathom, but the works of the devil are real.

    Submitting to authority can be difficult, especially in terms of not having the freedom to do things your way all the time, but biblically it is God’s way and who are we to completely disregard that?! It’s comforting to know that PE and PC have been anointed and appointed to lead this church and shepard us along the way.

  62. The set men are put in place for us by God for us to follow. This set man doctrine is pretty new to me though I always knew it was good to follow those who are above us. I’ve always submitted to authority in the church because I did not think I was spiritually strong enough to rise to their level. I saw their responsibility as burdens so I only submitted because I knew their burdens were heavy. Seeing the burden of sin one man can carry, to help with hundreds or thousands of people at a time seems way too much. I respected them for trying their best.

    I reflect on the leaders of my life and wonder whether or not they were set men. But I feel as I should not ponder over it too much because I don’t want to have a heart of a witch hunter, as Pastor Christian described. At this moment, I would like to believe that Pastor Christian and Erin are set men over my life at New Philadelphia. I would love to see me become a set man in the future, if God calls me. I believe He has, but am I wrong? Am I wavering because of my immaturity? In the future, will I be able to grow and mature enough to be a set man? But for now, I am learning to submit under the authority of the leaders in my life.

  63. Yii Koah Kien says:

    I really appreciate how this sermon has given me a clear picture of how a true set man looks like. A set man doesn’t just rise up and take the lead immediately after the calling, but are first submitted under authority for seasons to mature themselves, so that when they take up the place they are ready to pass down a Godly way of life and blessings to his sheep. It sounds really scary to hear that people who aren’t being appointed or the sons of devil taking up the place of ministering, with God’s people ended up being sheep without shepherd. But above all that I feel really thankful and appreciate that the set man who I am submitting to is one who is matured and has been submitting under authorities as well :) And I really like the first mental point which the authority of God is not fully given to one, but is distributed among the set men to have them partnering and work together for the kingdom of God, just as what Jesus has did to his apostles.

  64. This sermon introduced to me the term “set-man” and also taught me a lot about what a set-man is and why it is important to be in covenant with a set-man. It also taught me that Jesus came as the ultimate set-man; even He submitted to authority for a time. A set-man who is mature, gifted, and has learned to submit to authority will not only impart authority and anointing power, but wisdom and blessings that can’t be gained from a leader who isn’t under authority or in covenant with a set-man themselves. It was reassuring to know that not just anyone is ordained to be the set-man. There has to be a process.

    I don’t ever want to be a sheep without a shepherd but I am thankful that God has provided me with a set-man (PC & PE) who I know can keep me covered in prayer, who can rebuke me when I need it, and who exhibits a godly way of life. In turn, through their leadership and through submitting to their authority, I know that God is helping me to grow and mature into the leader He has called me to be.

  65. Shin Young Park says:

    Distinguishing the authority of leader set in public or private was somehow comprehensible but difficult to me. It finally came across when PC said that a strong set man is a good shepherd but a good shepherd is not always a strong set man. I guess if the public congregation is corrupted than public means nothing. There are also anointed good shepherds though not in a public leader positions. I’m not really a person who tries to fit into the system of church but as I learned how it is important to commit in the public, I would love to show the congregation that I submit in the spirit of sonship under the covering of this church. I was involved in lot of private(?) small bible groups and some were restrained, disbanded from my own church. I threw my bitterness to the church that didn’t feed me enough, but I do understand their concerns. It is a big dilemma for many churches in this generation I believe. It was a little surprising to hear PC speaking there are religious leaders who are straight up sons of devil. I guess countless scattered suffering sheep inside the churches can be the evidence.
    Responding to his sacred calling to be a chosen leader… I’m nervous all of a sudden. Although PC’s statement that, we shared his authority to work together in cooperation encouraged me a lot. Learning from Jesus, who was a good shepherd and a good set man, hope I can exercise his authority in my life by staying under his authority. I’m much honored that New Philly prepares a leader in a reserve position after the training, not just stamping into a leader position after the training session. Thank God for giving me this opportunity to be mature.

  66. Janis Pok says:

    After coming to New Philly, I have been hearing alot of messages about covering and commitment and I think those are all related to this message. I have never been under any kind of covering until I came to this church, and even though it feels weird and unfamiliar to me, deep down inside, I know I need it. I used to think views like the “set man” were too radical and hard core, and didn’t know the importance of submitting to authority. Even the word “authority” was such a turn-off to me, sounding rigid. Having spent my high school years at boarding school without my parents, I lived life creating my own kind of freedom. To me, freedom was living without anybody telling me what to do. But after coming to this church, I felt like God was trying to shatter that foolish image of freedom that I have and give me a new taste of freedom. It’s not easy, but I’m willing to obey all the spiritual authority figures God has placed in my life at this church.

  67. Audrey Tan Ngerong says:

    This sermon definitely opened my eyes and brought out a deeper understanding to the significance and meaning of how a pastor is the set man of the church. As I am quite new to this concept, I never knew that a set man has to be presented publicly. Listening to this sermon, there was so much clarity that God has revealed regarding the roles of a pastor/set man of a church which was to not only teach and preach the Word but also to impart authority and to rebuke. Other than that, it’s so true that the set man which God has chosen must also learn to be under authority because even Jesus submitted to God’s authority. I now know that ambition without anointing or authority given can only go so far because not everyone has the calling. There is so much assurance as I am now submitting to a set man who God has placed in my life to pass down godly ways of life that leads me to a path of maturing in my walk with God. I am no longer a sheep without a shepherd!

  68. Tony R says:

    “The biggest problem why new churches fail is because they don’t have a “set man.” It is such a blessing to have a set man like PC. I think in a lot of ways I can identify better and submit to him because of his Choleric personality. Saeko and I will often talk about messages on the way home from church and she will say “Tony you could learn a lot from PC he’s a lot like you!” As a man that moves around a lot because of my job I’ve been so blessed by all of my churches. I think God has really challenged me and with the submission to the set man at each church by challenging me really to grow in different areas of my walk with him and its been such a blessing. PC/PE and New Philly have really challenged me to a next level of sonship and I’m so excited for the future!

  69. What this message directly said to me was that making promises in public and private can become whole another story. As the leaders that God set were always in public, I realized my fruitful covenant time under the rooftop of church is possible only if I make a public commitment to the church and to my leader.
    Sheep without shepherd has no power nor authority, for it has no root where those come from. It becomes an exercisable gift only being under leaders who can cover up and go out approving of his doing.

  70. Jina Nam says:

    For me, this sermon relates to another one PC preached on creating a culture of honor. Public appointments of the anointed, set men is also an opportunity for the people to honor the new leader’s authority and anointing. That way they can create the covenant with the leader, and receive the blessings and be united as a spiritual family. You need the anointed set man, the man who was designed and gifted by God to be the leader and shepherd to train, have gone under submission to authority as well, to be a manifestation of Jesus and God’s love and characters, so that they can be the appointed shepherd to God’s people, the sheep. We can’t just have anyone try to be the father of the family, to privately sneak in and run things his way. If it’s not the man’s gift to be the set man, or if it’s not his timing, then for the sake of his sheep he must be obedient and wait patiently for his time or go answer his true calling. Because if he is not the set man for one role like preaching, then his portion is somewhere else. God gifted him with another part of his power so that all the set men who have risen up to their true identities and positions may come united as a family, as a team, to do God’s work.

  71. Suzie Im says:

    I really appreciated this sermon. I learned a lot.

    God has appointed set men to give an inheritance to His people, to give a sense of identity to a local family. But, what I really appreciated about this word was the focus not on the local church, but on the bigger BODY of Christ. Joshua gave Peter only some of his authority and not all of it, for the apostles needed to work together to access the fullness of God’s authority. The focus is on the Church. When PC said that God gives us just a portion to figure out who has the other, it made me think of that oldschool praise song, “One Voice”.

    The lyrics go like this:
    Father we ask of You this day, to come and heal our land.
    Knit our hearts together, that Your glory might be seen in us;
    Then the world will know that Jesus Christ is Lord!
    Let us be one voice that glorifies Your name.
    Let us be one voice declaring that You reign.
    Let us be one voice in love and harmony,
    And we pray O God, grant us unity…

    It once again reminded me of how important it was for us to pray for PC and PE as they went to Sydney and met the other local pastors. We prayed against conflict, against judgement, against the spirit of competition, but for one of camaraderie and mutual respect. The appointed and the set men will not always agree, but in Christ, they are one!

  72. Samuel Choi says:

    I’ve never really explored in this depth all the teachings about sonship and submission as I have during this training. In my Christian upbringing I was more inclined to learn about grace, salvation, and apologetics.

    In light of all the possible ways to stumble into apostasy, I see the importance of having a set man. Shared leadership may work only so far, but at some point, it will break down. I believe it to be a metaphysical fact of life. As there is only one God, so must there be only one leader in any fully functioning organization. It is for this underlying principle that polytheism is self-contradictory. The very fabric of reality would not hold with more than one God. I believe this is why God sets up His appointed leader in public, so that everyone may know.

    The fact that Pastors Christian and Erin have spiritual parents is comforting. It shows that they are themselves under authority and hence carry the authority to wield it. It demonstrates that they are not merely power hungry leaders who seek to wield power overr their subjects. And that is very comforting. It’s also good to know that even Pastor Benjamin submits to his own spiritual father. Though I am curious, does Pastor Robert Daniels (I think that’s his name) have his own spiritual father? Where does this pedigree begin and how?

  73. Sharon So says:

    Im glad that God does not leave us like orphans without a shepherd but that God prepares a set man for every generation, like how he appointed Joshua as the leader after Moses. One thing that stood out to me in the sermon was that Jesus is the set man who fulfilled both the covenant of promise and the covenant of the law. He serves as the prime example of a set man, who stewards the blessings of the covenant and also walks in submission under the authority of God. God appoints set men for churches today and their responsibility is to respond to their calling and rise up. Im glad Im part of a church that is led by a powerful see man of God and I honor him and respect him for his leadership and his submission to his calling.

  74. Grace Lim says:

    Without a set man, believers become sheep without shepherds. The set man goes out before everyone else, and he is the one that stewards the vision of a movement. A set man is a forerunner!! I really like how this message emphasizes the importance of having an appointed set man/leaders over us, and the next one (“The Anointing Flows from the Top Down”) emphasizes the importance of honoring them.

    As a community which has a solid set man, every member in this house is no longer a sheep without a shepherd. We have a shepherd in this house, and it’s time for us, the people of God, to rise up, speak up, and take the positions of authority, and steward that power and glory to God, in each of our mountains. Prior to listening to this message, I used to struggle with the idea of Christians rising up to positions of authority. In my head, I understood that we have to be the salt and light of this world, but I guess I just felt so hopeless because of how dirty and shady things get the higher you go up the corporate ladder. I was disappointed time and time again of how Christians were being influenced by the world instead of them bringing change in the workplace. I think I began to feel this way because I felt like everything that is happening in the natural is a manifestation of the war that is going on in the spiritual realm, and I felt like the enemy was winning, even though I clearly know in my head that we are more than conquerors in Christ, because the only fruit that I could see in the natural was just greed, selfishness, lust, & etc. I think over time, I just became disappointed, cynical, and jaded… but I believe this message restored that hope in me. Thank you for this message!!!

  75. Seungwon Lee says:

    After listening to the sermon, I got to believe that there indeed needs to be a set man in order for Christ’s congregration to grow and become stable. Pastor Christian was emphasizing that the leader of Jesus’ people should be made public, not private. There should be an authority figure above you to give you covering and prevent you from getting lost as a sheep without a shephard. I noticed that New Philly has a clear hierarchy (organizational structure) where the spiritual fathers (leaders) are PC and PE, but they both receive covering from their spiritual fathers (PB and PS). Submission and honor are key points for a set man doctrine. I have been trying to understand and follow this doctrine, and I do think it is changing my life in a positive direction.

  76. Andres Park says:

    It is a blessing to have a set-man in our house who is submitted to other spiritual authorities, and at the same time has close leaders who help him not only minister but also grow spiritually. Even though Jesus was teaching the 12 disciples, He was at the same time fully submitting to His Father, and despite the pain, shame and isolation that He suffered on the cross, He was still able to submit until the very end. It is important that men of God are not only anointed but also have a calling to their particular ministry, and believe that this is one of the reasons of New Philly’s success. It is not the growing numbers but the quality of relationships, the culture of honor, shameless (in the good way) worship, and a passionate love for God that has brought our church so far. It has been not only good management by the core leaders but also a calling and anointing that God has set upon this house.

  77. Kanyanta says:

    This message highlighted to me again why sound leadership is such an important thing.
    I did not know that appointment of a set man always is public. This is new to me.
    I learned that the set man stewards the vision, goes out before, goes in before, leads the people out, brings the people in. I had skimmed over these things in the Bible but their significance was not really apparent to me. Without a set man people of God are like sheep without a shepherd. This word was edifying.

  78. I think I’m a sheep in the secure place. Even There are plentiful fresh grass and air which is never given out. This is God’s world and NP. And a interesting thing is Before this Retreat I thought myself as a lamb, but this after retreat, I found out I’m a sheep not a lamb anymore. This retreat was so awesome.
    In worship in the second day of the Retreat, When I was praying I felt my body was out of control but my spirit became clear. I felt like I have conversation with God. And end of the worship, PC started to pray on the stage. At that moment, I felt like God said me “He is my son I love, and he will deliver my word to you” this voice was so clear that I could felt how God love and trust him. and I was so happy that God let me know the set man I have to follow sincerely.
    Actually, I felt uncomfortable whenever I heard the words like “obey, surrender”. Because I felt these word as oppressive and I should have to give up my own things. But the first day’s worship I could realize how peaceful the moment that I lie my face down fully to God. In my opinion, one of the surprising things in christians life, the more I surrender to God and obey his set man, the more I recover enjoy and peace in my life.

  79. Karey Park says:

    First Abraham, then Moses, and now Jesus, who fulfills both covenants that Abraham and Moses had stewarded. In Christ, we can now reap all of the blessings of the covenant promise and also the blessings of the covenant of the Law. This point can be easily misunderstood and even looked over. That said, my frustrations with receiving this word were more ecclesiological rather than doctrinal. Why is this not mentioned in any of New Testament after the formation of the church? When the first Christian community needed a leader, they looked for people who were known to be full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, in Acts 6. To be sure, the Holy Spirit’s empowering ministry provides, without whom a leader cannot be a good shepherd and model a way and lifestyle of devotion like Jesus did. If Christ is actually the head of the church, the authority of Moses and Joshua should not be expected to correspond entirely to an appointed set man over a church body. As far as I could tell, none of the Pastoral Epistles or other NT books know anything of a single, set man to lead God’s people. I need to search God’s word more, but disagree that the leaders who God sets should fulfill all the roles and responsibilities outlined in Numbers 27.

  80. Jamie Yoo says:

    This is such an important message to hear and heed — namely, even the set man himself is called to come under the authority of another mature leader whom God has chosen. It is easy to think that the set man has all the autonomy and rule because he is called to steward the vision of the church, to love/heal/cover his people, and lead the people. But Jesus exemplifies his leadership as one that was humble and dependent. He was submissive to the authority of the Father. He was always doing the will of the Father; nothing more, nothing less. The set men of this generation are called to rise up, and take their place to pass down the teachings and steward the gifts God has given them with full maturity. But these men must be kept accountable, and demonstrate submission to the authority of God and other trusted spiritual leaders whom God appoints.

  81. Paul Yoo says:

    It is interesting to follow the different church leadership practices down through history. The Protestant Reformation’s renewed emphasis on the authority of Scripture was a welcome change from the overextended authority of the pope. Since then, there have been many different ecclesiastical polities, the main three being episcopal, congregational, and presbyterian. Because of the sheer number of different church polities, many have taken the view that the bible does not support one single leadership structure. (This is not the place to get into a deeper biblical discussion of the arguments for different leadership structures, the strengths and weaknesses of each respective structure, or whether there is one way that is more biblical than the others.) In recent times, many churches have become very flexible in their church government. The set man doctrine is one way of structuring the church, and one thing that is very important in such a structure is that the “set man” be accountable. In the early church, even the apostles were accountable to other apostles and elders (e.g. Acts 15:2). So it’s a good safeguard that PC & PE are under the covering of PB & PS, as well as working with a team of governing elders (the core leaders).

  82. Oscar Sun says:

    After listening to this sermon, it has shifted my perspective on leadership a bit. One thing that I always believed that a leader had to have before was ambition and motivation to become a leader in order to lead. However, I realized that although those attributes are important, what is key is that the person is called upon by God to take that leadership position. That person must be anointed to by God in order if we are to bear any fruit from that person. Also, even if we aren’t ready or believe we are supposed to take on a leadership position, if God has called us, then we must answer that call. God will prepare us as leaders or followers as he has chosen, and we must follow what God has called us to do. Both are important for the Kingdom of God.

  83. Eddie Mun says:

    I learned that whenever God appoints a leader of a movement, he will always make the commissioning public and done through already established leaders. I also learned the importance to have a good set man, a shepherd who will go out and see what is next; who will take care of God’s sheep; who will lead the people out of out of false doctrine, immorality, foolishness; who will bring them into God’s joy.

    What stood out to me was also the fact that set men need to be called. They must be gifted, but they also need to be called to the assignment. Thus, it is dangerous to be under ‘leaders’ who themselves are not set under authority.

    Jesus as a set man fulfilled both the covenant promise and the covenant of the Law. Now in Christ, we can reap all of the blessings of the covenant promise, to be a blessing to all people and all nations, and also, the blessings of the covenant of the law. If we keep careful to keep all the commands of the Law, we will be blessed. Jesus fulfilled both covenants, but he didn’t omit the blessings and the curses. So even today, when Christians disobey the moral law of God, they experience all kinds of frustration, mildew. Your body starts to deteriorate, you get tormented by demons, etc… BECAUSE the covenant of the law is still in effect. Christ just fulfilled it. In the same way, we don’t have to strive to fulfill the law to attain salvation, because Jesus already did that. Coming into covenant with a set man opens up a conduit through which God will pour out rich inheritance.

  84. AhreumKim says:

    I am just so thankful for this powerful message! This message just makes me cry inside. God didn’t just leave us alone, but he sent the holy spirit and set man for us to bodly walk with him. Through the set man he positioned in pulic, we don’t go astry nor wander. Under his teaching and care, we become whole. I am sad by the fact that even in the church, leaders and pastors are not set man from God. They lead the sheep in a wrong way and don’t help them to set free from sins. They only care about their own sakes and benefits. I really want to be a part of raising up set man from the lord to lead wandering sheep right and help them to follow Jesus with all their heart. I totally agree with what PC said and besides this, I really want to be a part of this church vision! I am so thankful for New philly, PC and PE, and the leaders God set for me. I will submit and obey!.

  85. Keketso Makape says:

    I really love it when PC uses all the examples in scripture to help us understand his points. As he wrapped up at the end, it really summed up what I felt after listening to this sermon: so grateful and relieved that God continues to choose and build up people who can shepherd us even though we have the Holy Spirit. I know I’d be so lost and confused (as I probably have been in previous years, even though regularly attending church) if there were no legitimate leaders to disciple me.

    I also found it so interesting where Pastor Christian spoke about the public commission of leaders who have really been chosen by God- it makes total sense and it’s something I now know to look out for.

    Throughout this process, I’m just so grateful that I’m being exposed to all these teachings that touch on the bases that make up how we do church at New Philly; that it’s all so Biblical and really applied. So refreshing!

  86. Sheep without a shepherd, without leadership people will take advantage of you. Having leadership is emphasized a lot in the bible and with good reason, there are many people in the world who stray far like sheep without a shepherd. Coming into new Philly and seeing how the people are led by such leadership in the church PC and PE empowers the followers of the church to seek more of God and his ways. Leadership being the crucial point in which can make or break a church and it’s following. One thing that stood out was the comparison of men who are set in public for the people to see rather then in “private” these men are the ones who will take up leadership for everyone to witness and follow with trust. We need set men!

  87. Henry Spice Ikhimiukor says:

    A Set Man! Bold! Brave! & Confident in who he is and what he wants. A good shepherd called & anointed to demonstrate a lifestyle of devotion to God speaking the truth in love.

  88. Paul Paik says:

    The two things that really hit me personally while listening to this sermon were the points of being humble and working with only partial authority and the point of waiting for an appointed time in leadership. I always thought that one person should never have too much power in leadership, but I really liked how Pastor Christian worded it and said that we are given part of the authority as leaders, but it is our job to go and seek out who has the rest so that we can work together and move the Body of Christ as a team and family. And as for the other point, I really liked how Pastor Christian pointed out that sometimes we might be felt to lead the congregation, but we must wait in patience and humility so we can be truly be prepared and experienced enough before trying to gain authority.

  89. Sophia Sitorus says:

    The set man will be ordained in public. Suspect those who said they were ordained in private!
    Set man should perform under authority and also in connection with other appointed people. A set man should never be shady!
    It is also important for the set man to take their place. We need to pray that they will take up their calling and fulfill God’s vision and mission on them. Especially we need to think about the sheeps that might get abused and misled because people who are not set take the places they are not suppposed to take. Thank you for this great sermon, PC!

  90. What struck me most about this message was how Pastor Christian talked about the set man being appointed both in gifting and in timing, particularly the piece about timing. Sometimes I feel like I admire people who are so passionate about leading or starting a movement that they run right in with no fear or hesitation more than I admire people who wait on God’s timing. In my head I thought, ‘if you’re meant to be a leader, you gotta step up into your position. There’s no time to wait!!!!’ I focused so much on the gifting part that it didn’t even occur to me that even those who are gifted and called have to go through a season of learning to wait on the Lord, to be patient, and to grow in maturity. The set man ought to be one who does not move unless it’s with the Lord.

    I also appreciated PC’s side comment about how Moses gave Joshua only some of his authority, similar to how Jesus spread his authority out to his disciples. I like the picture of everyone having pieces and working together to create a whole body. We were made for community. Such a good word.

  91. Jessica Kim says:

    Moses invested some of his authority to Joshua just as Jesus gave some of His authority to his apostles. We are supposed to work together to receive Jesus’ authority that He divided. We have to recognize that Jesus gave us some of His authority but we also have to know that there are those above us that He appointed in our life that has authority that we need to submit to. The examples PC gave helped to explain those that dont want to submit and just want to use their authority. I liked when he said that “No set man has immunity from authority himself”. Another thing that was talked about in the beginning-middle was how God will not supply us with something that He didnt appoint. Many pastors or missionaries that were not appointed by God wonders why they are not getting as much help as they wanted. It is also really interesting about how the set man needs to have patience and wait for his time. Something that took out from the retreat is that we need to learn to be patient and wait for Gods appointed time for different things in our life.

  92. Rebekah Kim says:

    I never thought of Jesus as a set man under authority. I knew he was under authority, but that detail was always in the background. I’m glad to see exactly where the Bible teaches this. I think it’s easy for me to think that Jesus was some sort of hippie who went against institution and structure, but Jesus himself was also under the institution of God’s authority.

  93. Lisa Young says:

    It keeps being surprising that God uses corrupt establishments to keep things in order, but it’s also kind of cool. It’s so outside of what we would come up with as the right way of doing things. We want to say that either God is on the side of corruption or he should have his people work as vigilantes when the established institutions aren’t perfect, but it’s neither way. God continues to work through imperfection without endorsing it. It seems just plain weird to have to submit to authorities when we can see what they’re doing wrong, but the best institution that people could come up with still wouldn’t be perfect, so if we don’t submit to the authorities God has sent us to we’d never have any standard of who to obey other than our own feelings. I appreciate how Pastor Christian talks so openly about his own experiences of submitting to and honoring authorities whether he agreed with them or not and about the maturity that has given him. Testimonies like that are exactly what others need to convince and encourage them to act the same way.

  94. JoAngela Jimenez says:

    My favorite part of the message is how PC talks about the importance of the Set Man being under authority and submission. I have heard a few of PC’s messages and I really love how he stresses the importance of sonship and being under leadership even if you are the appointed man in charge. This message makes me feel so good to be apart of New Philly knowing PC is under the authority of another man of God because growing up I attended a church were pastors looked for themselves as the ultimate end all be all. This led to church corruption and legalism. I also loved how he touched on how an appointed man will be made known publicly. This is also important because if you are leading people within ministry, everything should be transparent and not hidden.

  95. Gon Kim says:

    The churches that I’d attended in the past had a lead pastor and a board of elders. In theory, I thought the system was a very good one because it allowed room for accountability to the pastor. Until recently, I hadn’t really thought of how God’s kingdom is not democratic as such. God is at the head and he commands everyone else what to do. He doesn’t take our opinions or votes into account; it’s His way or the highway. Of course, not all leaders of the church are appointed by God and can lead people astray, as PC mentioned. The democratic system of having elders and leaders to sort of check the pastors’ authority, however, was also abused often from what I’ve seen. It’s really comforting to know that the Set Man at NPC is a publicly appointed visionary who stewards God’s vision and that the structure of NPC reflects that of God’s kingdom.

  96. This message was full of fresh revelation and wisdom! I love how PC brought such clarity on what it means to be a “set man”. Key points like knowing that an appointment of a set man is only from the Lord if it is made public is a good source of knowledge when looking at leaders that are in place or rising up in our society. Also, the emphasis placed on how the people chosen by God have to rise up and take their place, otherwise the ones of the enemy will take those positions instead. We must be confident and go out in the boldness for the Kingdom of God.

    Realizing that Jesus walked in authority because of He was under authority just shows how humble Jesus was in His submission to God. This is a great example of submission under the leadership that God has appointed in our lives. It is through submission under authority that we are able to walk in greater authority and anointing.

    “Ambition can only take you so far. Anointing and gifting is necessary.”
    This was so good! I have to constantly remind myself that mere passion and ambition is not enough. I cannot do anything without the anointing and gifting of the Holy Spirit in my life! It is only through God that I am able to accomplish anything for His Kingdom of Earth. I must remain in Him and in His love.

  97. Jeremiah Silvey says:

    I loved seeing the characteristics of a set man throughout the message. Set men are men who know how to relate to the body of Christ. They are also men who are gifted and mature in the body of Christ. They may not agree fully with each other, but that doesn’t stop them from loving each other and continuing to stay unified. The example of David and King Saul gave great insight of what it should look like to be under one’s authority with respect. Submission in the world’s eyes can be a sign of weakness, but it is definitely not a sign of weakness in God’s eyes. It is a sign of strength! Thank you for sharing such a powerful message PC!

  98. Alina Cho says:

    One of the new and interesting things I learned about New Philly is how PC is kept accountable with his spiritual father, Pastor Benjamin Robinson. In my church back at home and also a majority of the churches many places, there is a democracy within the church leadership instead of only a pastor leading the church. Before coming to New Philly I have always believed that a church democracy was the best way to guide a church and the fellow members. But I realize that there is no need for churches to have a democracy. God doesn’t want us to all agree with one another before we act on something, but to rely on Him and the guidance of a spiritual father and mother. In my Vietnamese church back home, many of the leaders were very traditional and the pastor was kept unaccountable for many years. The church ended up going through multiple church splits because of disagreement in what is biblical correct and stunted the growth of each of the 4 churches and left each one crippled. I am thankful that New Philly gives clarity and insight on stewarding a healthy church.

  99. What I learned from this preaching is that the Set Man Doctrine illustrates what God has been doing since the Old Testament times with Abraham, Moses and Joshua, and King David. In the New Testament though, Jesus is the set man of the new covenant who comes to fulfill both the covenant of promise and the covenant of law. Something that stood out to me was that as the set man, Jesus modeled his life as a way for his disciples to follow: waking up early and going to mountain to talk/pray to the Father. His devotion is an example that we also must carry out in our relationship with God. Furthermore, that without a shepherd or the set man in his place, the sheep become scattered, and men, who are not God’s chosen leaders but planted by the devil, are placed in positions of authority, leading people astray. The parable of the weeds illustrates the strong reality that mixed in the church are both the sons of God and the sons of the devil. This is a real concern today, and PC offers the solution that for this to be resolved, the set men need to rise up and take their place. Not anyone though can become a set man; they must be gifted and mature. What shifted my perspective on leadership and authority was this: that the set man himself is not immune from authority but will first have to learn how to be humble and submit himself, be patient in developing maturity, and wait for the appointed time of the Lord.

  100. Hanna Hong says:

    From this message, it is clear to see the image of a set man.
    1. set man goes out before him
    2. set man goes in before them
    3. set man leads them out
    4. beings them in
    The relation between a set man and and a sheep without a Shepard painted a clear illustration of the importance of a set man and how much a he/she can be used to build God’s Kingdom here on earth.

  101. Teng Jo Ee says:

    This message is so new to me! Through this message, I have gained an insight on who a set man is and the importance of set man. Joining NP, I see how the church emphasizes on the importance of submitting to an authority. During the church wide retreat, spiritual fathers of 3 generations were there and I am amazed by this kind of relationships that NP has. In this message, PC mentioned that even Jesus, is under God’s authority. I have learnt that a set man has to be presented publicly, but not privately. Moreover, what stood out to me in this message is the necessity of having the authority and anointing besides ambition. I also like the way PC commented about how Moses gave Joshua only part of his authority, but not all of his authority, because we are meant to work together as a whole body. It’s indeed a powerful and new message to me!

  102. Annie Weiss says:

    Honestly, some of the people have come up to me asking if I am sure of some of the teaching we hear at New Philly. One of the biggest ones is the idea that there is a man that we follow as he follows Christ. There are so many misconceptions that this sermon really burns away. The best part is that they are taken away through scripture. Moses is placed in charge of the Israelites, but when the end of his time had come, he asked for a man to be set to lead the people and they got Joshua. PC goes through a lot of examples through scripture emphasizing this key point. We also hear about people who are like sheep without shepherd. When we have a shepherd who was set before us then we are safer. We have someone who is going to be held accountable for us. Also, the man is set before us, he does not fight and kill others to attain his position, but he is placed there by God. I am thankful to be under a set man who finds his basis for everything from Scripture. It makes me feel safe to know that PC is a man who is under authority. We are protected by covering of our lineage.

  103. Susan Min says:

    There were a couple things that stood out to me as I listened to this sermon. The first thing that I agreed with was that God appoints a set man publicly. I also liked when PC shared that in order to be in a position of authority you also need to learn to submit to your own authority figure. I’ve realized early on during this sermon that although I have been a part of a church my whole life, I have been lost the last few years, without a shepherd. It comforts me to know that I am joining a community with two gifted pastors that can lead me.

  104. Felix Baumer says:

    The allegory of “sheep without a shepherd” symbolizes a powerful picture of structure and submission to me. A man set by God to lead His people is a shepherd if and only if he truly is appointed by to his position by God. He then will bring structure among his sheep so they can follow his teachings and be protected under his covenant. But the sheep have to learn to submit. There might be some sheep who seem powerful, anointed and talented, ready to take a position of authority. However, if they don’t learn how to submit to their spiritual leader, why should others submit to them? There is a need of some sort of structure, not only to protect the sheep, but also the sheep who are growing to become blessed with authority. Structure might help them to mature and truly explore their talents so they can bless others in an even richer way. In Psalm 139:16 King David says “God, all of my days you ordained before one of them came to be.” God sees the bigger vision of our lives already; he knows how valuable each and every one is. But it needs time for God to work in our lives to prepare us for the role he has planned for us even before we were born.

  105. Joseph Lee says:

    That hit hard! When he was giving the example of the untrained blackhawk pilot going on his own authority then PC said “you wouldn’t want to join his church either.” We need set men to rise up and do their thing. I appreciate that at New Philadelphia Church, not only is there a structure but the leaders are kept accountable under authority. The set man has so much responsibility to lead and ‘pass down a Godly way of life’ but at the same time, they need to have the heart of submission and wait for the appointed time.

  106. Eunbi Lee says:

    This was a really refreshing sermon for me. It was a lot of learning and understanding for me because no other church I went to emphasized what Pastor Christian preached about in this sermon. The clear explanation and how Pastor Christian explained it through what is in The Bible was very helpful for me to understand what a true set man is more clearly.

    The part that stood out for me was when Pastor Christian mentioned that some people want authority but do not want to be under authority. This all just went back to the importance of submission and how the people of God need to be sheep’s with a shepherd. I also really liked how Pastor Christian strongly emphasized that the people that God has appointed need to rise up and take their place. Especially when so many people these days are claiming that they are the appointed leader or the set man but aren’t really living out the Christian life, we need the people of God who He has appointed to step up and be the set man, leading the people.

  107. I want to thank PC for this sermon, because I think this season I am in is a season of submission. I want to do so many things for God and most of the time I get quite impatient. When I look back at my life, there weren’t many times when I was submitting to leadership or authority. Instead, I would try to do things my way and how dangerous that was at that time to others. I thank God for guiding me to the right place where I can learn with joy and truly understand the characteristics of Jesus Christ so that I can be more like him. Jesus not only came to earth in a human body but he was under authority and he spent so many hours and days demonstrating the life of a set man, not just because he was the son of God but because it was so important and crucial for his sheep to be with the set man he anointed. He wanted his children to learn and mature so that they can work together as one. How amazing God is when it comes to shepherding! Thank you God for this time, your guidance and provision is the best!

  108. Hyeji Lee says:

    This message provides me with a full of new knowledge. I didn’t know God appoints a set man in public. Well, honestly, I didn’t know the concept of a set man itself. In this sermon, I became to know what kind of quality a set man should have. Especially, it hit me that Jesus is able to exercise his authority because he is a man under authority. However, in church today, there are many pastors who exercise authority but not under authority. That was something that I really didn’t know. I feel like I listen to this sermon once again to fully digest this sermon.

  109. Sharon Shin says:

    Listening to this sermon helped me to further understand the leadership of a church. What stuck out to me was the responsibilities that the set man of the house is in charge of. I had never really considered many of the responsibilities that Pastor Christian talked about, in particular about the set man bringing the people of God into his promises, joy, etc. I did like how Pastor Christian made the distinction of the set man being a good shepherd, but a good shepherd. I feel like a lot of the time people mistake a good leader for THE leader and that that is not always the case. It also stuck out to me how it was pointed out that the set man too needs to submit to authority as well, and that this individual must not only be gifted but matured.

  110. Soojin Sou says:

    This really helped me the understand the system of the church. I think many times I felt I wasn’t under sonship of PC and PE since I’m not directly under them. But seriously, they appointed set people under them to cover the members of the church (like me!). It helped me understand that they have authority because it was given to them from the set man of the church.

    Submission was always a bit of a struggle for me, but this really opened my eyes to see that ome needs to be under authority to exercise authority. And even Jesus was under systematic authority! How can I do it any other way? This message also brought awareness of what a set man should look like: gifted, called at the set time, under authority, and publicly appointed. It will definitely help me distinguish whether a leader is to be submitted to or not.

  111. Bethany Joy Tweeten says:

    Since being at New Philly, I have learned so much about the importance of spiritual authority. While I’ve heard the story of the centurion and Jesus, I never really paid attention to the part about the centurion saying “For I too am a man under authority…” I was able to receive a new revelation of this passage from this sermon.

    Even Jesus was under the authority of God the Father. I was reminded of the verse: John 5:19 ‘So Jesus explained, “I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself. He does only what he sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father does, the Son also does.” This is the ultimate example of being under spiritual authority. I am so thankful to be in this community and learning to grow under authority! I’m no longer a sheep wandering around on my own :)

  112. Taylor Herman says:

    Another eye-opening sermon~ This concept of a “set man,” along with the concepts like sonship, manifestations, etc, is also new to me. But this one is also just as important, and even more important than the others. One of the initial points that stated if the person was not publicly commissioned then it is not from God really struck me, because a lot of people have gone off and tried to do their own thing, even thinking that they were probably anointed, but in reality they were starting a cult. I think in the States there are people that are ‘fed up’ with the church, so they think they’re being all godly and going out and starting their own church, but in reality, they are dancing with the devil.

    But the point that struck me the most was the part where PC said that ambition can only take you so far; you must also have anointing and authority. At a previous church I was at, there were some people in my small group that thought they were called to go into ministry or become a pastor or something like that, but some of them just didn’t have the anointing, but they kept trying to do it anyway. Doing that is not doing the work of God, and is actually disobedience, even if you’re trying to do work in the church. Thank you for this sermon PC!

  113. Hye Ryoung Rhee says:

    This message made me realize what a blessing it is for me to be under the covering of a “set man” so that I am no longer wandering like a sheep without a shepherd. I feel assured knowing that the set man goes out before me, goes in before me, leads me out of false doctrines and foolishness, and brings me in to His promises. It gave me chills to think that “sons of the devil” could be among leaders of a church, and I am really hoping that the true set man would rise up in every corner of the world to take up their place.
    Another point that stood out to me was when PC talked about how Moses imparted only some of his power onto Joshua, and how Christ, too, distributed his authority among the disciples instead of imparting them all to one disciple. So, in order to get His full glory, all the disciples had to work together in UNITY.

  114. Jessie Lee says:

    This sermon made me realize why there are so many church leaders but still many people that wander around like a sheep without a shepherd. It was so revealing when PC pointed out that Jesus called the religious leaders of the devil’s and not the drunkards nor those who slept around nor the tax collectors. This sermon also awoke me to pray for set men to raise up and to take their places. It taught me that authority comes when you are under authority, and made me more grateful for all the set men that God set at New Philly.

  115. Emily Tregelles says:

    My last comment was infinitely long, so I’m going to try not to write a book this time.^^

    When I heard people using the word “Set Man” in prayers at New Philly, I wondered what meaning it had besides connoting the leadership and authority of PC and PE.
    In short, I’m impressed by the revelation that the set man brings the people of God into the promises of God – into his goodness. The set man is not just someone with leadership who protects the flock and guides them away from sin. He is someone who lives out a lifestyle devoted to Christ and leads his flock into blessing that can only be experienced in covenant relationship. His stewardship and example of the word of God instructs his children in how to honor covenant, and leads them into the fullness of life in Christ.

    I’m also impressed by the importance of the “timing” of leadership. Even as the set man provides a structure for his sheep to grow in blessing and authority, it is important that the structure exists so that authority does not go “haywire”. Even as David submitted to Saul when he knew he was chosen as the next king, it is important for us to submit to the leadership above us. As we submit, we allow room for the pruning and maturation that must take place in order for us to be fully equipped to handle authority.

    Finally, I’m impressed by the revelation of Jesus dividing his authority among the apostles. No one man has all of the authority, but must work together with other men. God’s kingdom moves forward through relationship! God surely knows how to stretch us and refine us. What a blessing!

  116. Kirby Beneventi says:

    I like that again and again New Philly stressed the importance of submission. God is a God of order, not disorder. It makes me feel comfortable to submit to my authorities because I see that they steward their leadership through the paradigm of submission and accountability.
    I really liked PC’s point about people in the church who desire to lead by virtue of their gifting. I agree that this can be dangerous because it veers them to spotlight their own glory opposed to the Lords. A true leader is an visionary who can lead the people out and in. Out of idolatry, immorality, false doctrine, etc. and into God’s promises, presence, healing, and joy.
    Lastly a set man is one who also goes in among the people to understand them and care for them. This is God’s order. This is God’s heart.

  117. Halima Dodo says:

    Here Pastor Christian discusses how the Lord appoints a set man over His house through a public commission. In Numbers chapter 27, Moses upon the Lord’s command commissions Joshua to lead the people of Israel before the entire assembly of the community and high priest. Unlike all of the leaders appointed by God in the bible, the leaders exalted in other religions like Joseph Smith and Mohammed were not appointed before the public eye yet claim to have personally received a commission from “God.” What Pastor Christians mentions that I found to be very key is that to enjoy the full blessings of the covenant to God and His house, we must honor and obey the man that He has set to lead us. 1 Samuel 16 tells of King David’s anointing and set man duties which include stewarding the vision of God, going to the people with love, leading the people out of foolishness, and bringing the people into the promises of the Lord.

  118. From this message, I learned two qualities I must possess to be a set man to lead others. 1: submit to authority 2. possess talents to lead appropriately. Though I believe God chooses and uses people who aren’t prepared for His kingdom, as a person myself preparing to lead others in godly ways, these two qualities are the ones that I need to strive to possess to be used by God more effectively and efficiently. Oh, help me God to be a good disciple mastered in these qualities. Amen.

  119. I bless God for this teaching, it is very revealing. It has revealed to me that God sets His men aside for His use, to shepherd the sheep at His appointed time and season but they have to submit to authority first and be trained and matured. However, the devil also plants his people in authority to scatter and mislead the flock but God requires the set men to arise and take their place to properly shepherd the flock.
    I have also learnt that God does not give all authority to only one shepherd, it is therefore required of every shepherd to identify others to faithfully work with in unity. Submission is one main characteristic of a set man, no matter the level of his or her authority. And one assurance is that, when you come in contact with a set man, he will shepherd you to possess your inheritance in the Lord.
    May God continue to raise more set men for His kingdom work. God bless you PC.

  120. There were a lot of things in this message that I really appreciated, the first being the clarification of public commissioning. Whenever I hear stories of cult leaders receiving revelation on their own to change or add to the words of God it is clear that it is not of God. But when I try to think of way to explain my contention with the fact that they received the revelation on their own, I could never quite put my finger on it. This message made it clear that the reason it’s so fishy is because God always appoints leaders in public. He confirms that leadership through others and brings it into the light. Isolation is not a place of safe revelation.

    Secondly, the explanation of why Moses only imparted some of his authority was really powerful. Ultimate power and authority is too much for one man, even in our redeemed state. That ultimate power only belongs to God. Instead for man authority is distributed. Each of us carriers the fullness of the Holy Spirit, but we do not possess all gifts and revelations on our own. When our gifts and authority are joined with others’ gifts and authority we are able to see the fullness of God. This is only achieved when we learn to work together. Again, fullness of authority cannot be achieved in isolation.

    Lastly, I really appreciated seeing outlined all of the responsibilities the set man carries. It causes me to be even more appreciative of PC & PE and their covering over us. I feel safe knowing that they recognize these responsibilities, have been commissioned publicly, and walk in authority but also under authority as well.

  121. Rose Balais says:

    In a world where there are so many wannabes who come out and proclaim that they are “called by God”, it is refreshing to hear a sermon that lays out a clear picture of what a set man truly looks like. A set man is someone who goes out before the people, goes in before the people, leads the people out of foolishness and brings the people into the love of the Father. But among all those things, a set man is someone whom God appoints in public. Furthermore, a set man is someone who not only shepherds the lost sheep but is also someone who should be willing to be shepherded, just as Jesus was under the authority of God the Father.
    I am very thankful to be part of a house which is under the covering of a set man.

  122. This message made me realize how important it is to have leaders and pastors who are called into that position. Those set men can’t just be any gifted sons of God who have potential to be great leaders, but sons of God who are called and first raised up under authority in order to themselves be in positions of authority. The set men also must be able to work together to share and receive the portions they have received from Christ. We aren’t meant to be divided, but unified as one as the body of Christ. Working together as a family in the body of Christ, the set men are the spiritual fathers who shepard the Lord’s children through teaching, preaching, healing, and leading us. Having a spiritual father is necessary to raise an army in the anointing of the holy spirit, but that set man must also be under authority and continue to learn and improve his ways as a leader. PC said that he can still be insensitive and offensive at time, but under authority and with coverage from his own spiritual father, we learned at the retreat that he has grown to be gentle! haha You go PC! But he may not have been able to become that way if he wasn’t able to submit to the authority of his own spiritual father. So we are given set men in the body of Christ that will give an inheritance to His people in the household of God. But we must be careful about who those people in authority are, who they are being led by, and where they are also guiding us.

  123. Jane Cho says:

    Reflecting on the New Testament’s leaders like Moses, my misconception was that the distribution of power was singular and reserved; however, as the message addressed, God releases different kinds of measures of power to different people at differently appointed times, and it is actually the duty of the set man to share that power and acknowledge it as Moses did with Joshua. With New Philly, it is apparent that Pastors Christian and Erin are the set men over the entire house, but as church plants extend on a global scale, so are released new set men over each satellite, in different places across different scopes, and it is in God’s will for this to continue over generations.

  124. Jinny Kim says:

    God not only gave us his word and the Holy Spirit but he also appointed a set man so that his people may not be like a sheep without a shepherd. PC clearly outlined that set man is always publically commissioned- that through that commissioning through an established leader, a spirit of Sonship and submission to leadership is present. When this chosen set man take up their place they brig unity to the scattered people as they model a life style through teaching, preaching and healing the sick. Knowing that PC and PE is the set man over the covenant house of New Philly, I felt really safe. I also felt grateful for the covering of a gifted and mature set man who is ready to bring discipline in time of my foolishness.

  125. God is so passionate about how His children are led. Even after The Israelites asked for a king, God has still been passionate about who leads His people. He has always passionately set a leader for His people. The Israelites thought they could submit more to man than to God but we are all still struggling to submit to our leaders truthfully .

  126. HyeJoo Lee says:

    I know the sermon was talking about pastors and leaders, but the four points PC listed on what makes a real “set man” drew me to apply these points to my everyday life and evaluate whether or not I could be a “set man”. 1) Do I go out to see what’s next, going before others? I should always make sure that I am not following what the world says but instead led my own friends and neighbors toward a better road. 2) Do I go before others? This is something I know I lack: I often forget to take a step back and love my friends with the love God gives me. 3) Do I lead people out of foolishness? (And, most importantly, by example, as a model?) 4) Do I brings others into God’s presence, into God’s mercy and love?
    I feel like these points are good check-ups for my own personal life. As God is the one who appoints church leaders that should exhibit these characteristics, I thought they were amazing bases of evaluating my own “leadership” among the people I am with day to day.

  127. Seoyoung Yoon says:

    It was good to understand the importance of submitting and being under authority through this sermon. I have to honor and submit to Joshua’s leadership.

    “Small group leader is there to lead you out foolishness and Immaturity”
    My SG leader, CG leaders and pastors brought me into God’s joy, intimacy and all goodness in my past to present. I really appreciate having them in my life.

  128. Kevin Choi says:

    As portions are divided and given in these changing times, I hope to be able to ascertain those who have authority. Just as the centurion did, seeing Jesus as the ultimate set man of God. I pray and will to humble my rash desires and go into submission and covering under those in authority & leadership. To go under sonship.
    Through this leadership training, I hope to be a blessing to The Lord, my church and those around me. Through whatever role he bestows on me. I yearn for my heart to never lose sight of the His heart.

  129. Yery Reyna Yoon says:

    I loved how PC emphasized that when one is given authority, rarely is it done in private, it is a public affair! The people who have led others astray such as Joseph Smith or Rev Moon had private revelations that they were chosen by God! I loved PC’s practical advice for the sheep to recognize a trustworthy shepherd (never in private, the way he did not choose way but submitted to a healthy authority for covering). It is never comfortable to hear that there are wolves dressed in sheepskin preying on us but through the sound teaching of our New Philly House, I hope that we would have wisdom to recognize and obey God’s set leaders!!

  130. Alex Quach says:

    PC mentioned that when leaders are sent and anointed by god it is always done in public a set man is a visionary and stewards the vision of the movement, goes in before his sheep healing and taking care of them. A set man should lead those who are under them out of foolishness and false doctrine into joy promises intimacy gods goodness and covering. A goal of the set man is to ensure that the sheep is with out a shepherd

  131. Helen Kim says:

    Hearing this sermon (whilst knowing the many testimonies of NPC), made it that much more encouraging to listen to. It is evident that PC has been anointed and blessed as the set man of this congregation. The visible fruits of this church, just to name a few are: being blessed by the senior pastor (Jeil Sungdo) to be an independent church, church plant in Sydney and move to Hong-dae and the number of members and leaders since this sermon was preached.

    PC shares what the “set man” does:
    1) He goes out before the people.
    2) Goes in before them.
    3) Leads them out.
    4) Brings them in.

    PC also points out the dangerous characteristics of people who could not be the “set man”. People who seek authority but dislike and avoid being under authority. Thus, asking others to obey them but refusing to submit themselves. People who do not like to work together, are not gifted but proclaim they are and people who are gifted but impatient in their hidden season.

    By being under the authority of PC and PE (and PP and PJ in NP Sydney), I have already experienced and witnessed the many blessings + benefits of being in a covenant with the set man/spiritual father. I have learnt a lot about submission and obedience, therefore, I can not wait to inherit the blessings, grow in my calling and to proudly say, “I am a son under authority, who exercise authority”.

  132. Simon Cha says:

    A brutally honest message that will make a lot of men to truly reflect on themselves. I have witnessed many young christians passionately wishing to become set men of God. However, we tend to lose patience and fail to submit to the authority of other leaders because our connections with God appear so much more real than the others sometimes.

    Pastor Christian has reminded us that such attitude is dangerous. False teaching is abundant in this world. A set man is to be patient and be raised by God in public, under authority in order to execute authority. A clear image has been ascribed onto my soul tonight and will be a discerning tool to recognise set men of the Lord and to reflect on myself too.

  133. This message was really eye-opening for me. I realize that there are many pastors in the church who are but were never appointed by God to be there. This sermon also served as a checkpoint for me to reflect and remember the importance of submission to the set men in my life. I’m very thankful that I’ve met Pastor Paul and Jamie, who have already taught me so much through their sermons and through CG times where we get to have a deeper understanding of the message.

    I realize that I did have an attitude of wanting to do things my way, and thinking that I knew what was best, but this sermon has reminded me that it’s more of a blessing to have someone to submit to. The set man leads us into the blessings and inheritance of the covenant, and it’s a joy to grow under these spiritual leaders.

  134. Katt Gao says:

    PC’s sermon on the set man doctrine was helpful in defining the role of a set man in the house of God and also pointing out what negative consequences can occur without one. A set man in the house of God is like a shepherd for his sheep. They lead their flock away from trouble and foolishness. Therefore, when you don’t have a set man, the people become like a sheep without a shepherd. Like Jesus described the crowd he saw in Matt 9:36, “they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd”. I am glad to be a part of a house where PC and PE are acting as our shepherd, as they are also in submission to God and to their spiritual parents PB and PS.

    The way in which someone is appointed as a set man is not hidden and private but like PC preached should be in the eyes of the public. Anyone can appoint themselves with a title but it is God who decides who is given anointing to walk out in a role of leadership. The set man requires more than just zeal and passion which many people can have, it is a calling that is placed on someone’s life in which they lead with favor and anointing given to them by God. I think it was helpful for me to hear this again as a reminder to test figures of authority even within the church and examine the fruits of their ministry.

    Jesus is able to exercise authority while he is under authority. He models the set man doctrine perfectly as he is able to lead with not only power but humility. He is in full submission to the Father every step of the way.

  135. David Kim says:

    What challenges me the most about this sermon is the point where PC said that the set man is a man under authority and also they are appointed publicly. Just seeing churches around the world you see many charismatic leaders unable to submit to authority and start their own churches and even scouting other church members to their movement without honouring their existing leaders. Also PC shared the example of other religions such as mormans and moonies who had so called ‘private encounters’ with the Lord, when clearly in the bible appointed leaders were done publicly.
    Another personal challenge that I received from this sermon is doing things in God’s appointed time. Sometimes I try to move too quickly before God and in by doing that I am stepping out of His grace and anointing to do the task.

  136. It’s impossible to have a perfect understanding of who God is and how he works, and the institutionalized church is no exception. But this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to set yourself up as your own authority under God. Set men who have that authority in our lives also must take responsibility for that authority. That a burden that I think would make a lot of people who strike out on their own reconsider their decision. I am personally glad to be under an authority who will give an account before God that I wouldn’t be able to bear myself. What makes me even gladder is that those people are under authority to people who will give an account on their behalf and that those people are also under authority.
    Also, there are a lot of gifted men, as Pastor Christian mentioned, who are meant to be set men but they rush it. Moses was an example, and his misstep cost him forty years of wandering in the wilderness. He no doubt grew from that time, but I’d rather not spend a third of my life wondering what went wrong and what could have been while God is silently working things out. It would be better to submit to the proper authority and be revealed publicly when the time is right.

  137. Michelle Kwak says:

    I’m so blessed to know that New Philly walks by these principles of such intentional appointed leadership. Being chosen and publicly appointed is indeed important! Also, I loved the reminder that Jesus himself had to be under institutionalized authority for a season, regardless of His knowledge and gifting and ability. This really does show that God cares more about our character and sanctification than our giftings and position. If you cannot serve and follow, you cannot properly lead. Leaders who do not know how to follow an appointed man eventually run into issues. My heart goes out especially to all the sheep under the shepherding of someone who has not been ordained and appointed by God (or just takes their place at the wrong time when they’re not mature yet). Those sheep are unknowingly being led by a leader who is not even rightly holding that position. Just as true set men positively affect their flock with blessings and inheritance, falsely positioned men could negatively affect those in their sphere. The flock can be misled and also miss out on God’s full blessings. It is so needed for set men to rise up and take their place!

  138. It’s so important to be under the leadership of someone who is under covering himself, who has been ordained and “set” in public. If you’re being led by someone who refuses to be led in turn by someone, that’s dangerous. I’ve been in community with a leader who refused wise counsel from older, more mature leaders over him and it was a huge red flag in the ministry. If a leader can’t submit himself to authority, how can he properly wield authority over others? Thanks for taking us through so many examples of Set Men (or lack of them) in scripture, and through examples in history. The tragedy of false leaders deceiving SO MANY PEOPLE and leaving such a legacy of deception… so many lost sheep… it serves to reinforce the important of Set Men stepping up in the proper timing, in submission to proper authority (sonship!!), with a clear call to their post (because ministry is not just a j-o-b). It makes me feel so safe to be under leadership that bases every message in scripture and is submissive to godly authority.

  139. Ann Lee says:

    One thing that stood up to me in the sermon that I was never aware of before was the reference of the Parable of the Weeds. It never struck to me that Satan has planted his seed of weeds, where those grow out to be evil authority that are prevelant in the world. I always thought that all men in the earth are of God, but it was a new strikening truth that some were naturally planted by Satan (if I understood it correctly). It made me wonder, if those unfortunate (?) men were planted by Satan from birth, will they ever have a possibility to be saved and become one of God? Because all human beings have a chance of salvation if they accept Jesus Christ, that parable made me raise questions if indeed all human beings can be saved. This sermon was powerful and made me ponder about authorities and how they should be set.

  140. Michelle Euperio says:

    I love that New Philly has such intentional levels of leadership. I love that all leaders are sons and submit to their leaders. It makes it so much easier to step under and desire that covering knowing that New Philly is such a safe place. PC highlighted the importance of sonship again and it stirred up my desire for it. I’ve been in ministry where the leader was not submitted to a spiritual father and what was supposed to help a lot of people ended up hurting more people than anything else. I love being part of a church where the set man is clearly appointed but submits to his spiritual authorities.

  141. Pricilla jin Chung says:

    This sermon really gives a fresh insight on leadership within the church. I found it really good how Pastor Christian gave ways for us on how to watch out as well, I feel like the message gave a lot of clarity on the topic. Also I loved it how he emphasized on the importance of the community, saying that only a portion of the authority is given to others so that they can be led to others who have the other portion and unite. That was really refreshing! Also, the parable about the weed made so much sense and is definitely something that I did take lightly but now feel the need to look into deeper. Thank you for the sermon!

  142. There is so much division especially in Korean churches. And countless cults and newly-emerging doctrines everywhere, luring Koreans to leave their church and join them. I agree with pastor Christian’s two points on why the division is caused: 1. un-gifted people becoming a set man and 2. gifted people becoming a set man at a wrong time. Both cases are highly dangerous and share a common characteristics of asserting they alone know the truth and they are worthy of becoming a leader right now and there. Everything is all about them, thier agendas, and not about Jesus. As such, whether or not the set man was acknowledged in public and if he/she has his/her shepherding his soul (along with discernment in the spirit) are clear indication whether to follow this set man as a sheep.

  143. Sooky Park says:

    PC mentioned it briefly but the Korean church is filled with division because of the lack of gifted (and mature) set men. Oh that there would be set men in the Korean church! The tumult it is going through right now is shameful. Praise God that He is raising up leaders like PC and PE and Pastor Benjamin Robinson and his wife to bring unity in the local churches at the last day! Praise the LORD. May God raise up set men for the Korean church also so that it may experience unity. I also did not know that set men need to be both gifted and mature. Also, even Jesus submitted to authority, even though they were sons of the devil. We all need to, so much more, submit to set men in our lives and church.

  144. Kymberly Riggins says:

    In this message, Pastor Christian speaks on the importance of submitting under leadership and being publicly commissioned in leadership by a set man. According to God’s plan, leadership has to be sanctioned by a reputable authority and fellow leader. At the end, Pastor Christian speaks on making sure that the leadership that commissions you is gifted and anointed to do so. This message takes us back to an earlier message on son-ship, because that is God’s plan for the active believer.

  145. Suzy Shin says:

    I never knew when someone becomes a leader it had to be public. Knowing that it gives me safety. I now know how to discern who is a true leader or not. Before listening to this sermon if someone came up to me and said they are a leader I would have trusted them but now I have my boundaries. It teaches me how important it is to have a faithful leader but also to become one. There is great responsibility God put on the leader. Ive seen some people take being a leader lightly because no one taught them what is it like to be a responsible leader. This sermon is teaches me the weight of being a leader. I love it!

  146. This teaching is a good way to guard against false doctrine. God always appoints and gives leaders a particular blessing to carry out calling. It also affirms that appointed leadership is often found lacking in the church. However, I think of some leaders who may not have been appointed publicly but were nevertheless filled with the Spirit. Paul showed up on the scene after receiving direct revelation and was a mystery to the early church. He also started to bring the Gospel to Gentiles. John the Baptist showed up in the wilderness unannounced. I think there may be room to permit some leaders who were not necessarily publicly appointed. Even still, I think the overall lesson that the Spirit always confirms that a leader is from God. A leader can never act alone.

  147. Emilie Boivin says:

    God is a God of order. As any government, there’s a certain way to do things in God’s Kingdom. There is a protocol to follow. God is always appointing his leaders in a public way, and at a certain time. A man accessing to a a position in ministry that is not his, or taking it at the wrong time, won’t be fruitful in his activity. It is crucial to submit to God’s timing if we want to bear fruits. Patience tests a man’s character. A true leader knows how to be under authority and waits for his time . God is the master of time and circumstances, He knows when we are ready for such a role. For a leader bears much responsibility. It always scared me , personally, to hold so much responsibility. But God is good and he doesn’t give us anything more than we can bear. And until my time’s come, I will serve my God with joy.

  148. What are the roles of a leader in a church? Maybe not only in church, but other places like our working places, schools, trips etc. A leader has to be anointed to spread the good news about God so that non believers can believe in Christ. To be a leader, we have to lead a group of our mates, our friends, workers, or even the people that we first met. It would seem to be a great challenge at first, but however, this takes faith and confidence in ourselves to build up a leadership. To be a leader, you don’t have to be neither perfect nor unprepared, that’s why we are to-be-trained leaders now. A leader has to be able to share his life testimony, like all the experiences he/she goes through, and leaders are given authority to lead, and to shepherd people as well. Leaders are to be leaders and to be shepherds, at the same time, too. We have to keep on learning the discipleship, there’s no graduation for leadership. Keep on equipping yourself with His words as swords and shields to lead the nations FAITHFULLY, SAFELY and STEADILY until the destination point. We are given authority to protect them, to shape them into who they really are-they are like the followers, who faithfully and consciously receive the teachings and guiding from their leaders. Last but not least, I would like to seek for an even deeper father-son relationship with God through this NRTC program. Amen? Amen. 

  149. PC has clearly pointed out the role of a set man, the religious leader who supposes to be the shepherd of God’s people and guide them against false doctrine. After listening to be sermon , I questioned myself ‘Do I have authority to become a leader? Am I gifted and mature enough to lead the people, show them the inheritance from God the father, give them the sense of identity in the local family? Do I possess the leadership? Can I make devotions to the church, to the people to God?’ Before this, I didn’t have a clear idea of being a leader and the responsibility of being a leader. Until I get to know the importance of a set man, the responsibility he carries, the role he play as a shepherd of people, I doubt myself. But I know I shouldn’t. God has His own plan, if he anointed me to become a leader, who is to lead his covenant people, so that they can receive God’s blessings, teaching, I just need to walk in His way with strong faith and confidence under His authority and be commissioned by Him in public.
    People often have doubtful mindset about their own ability and maturity. But they are called to get rid of that mindset and be faithfully commit themselves to God. PC’s sermon reminds me of these sentences. This sermon is indeed a powerful sermon which makes a clarity of the role of set man and their characteristics.

  150. Amanda Hawkins says:

    I really appreciate how PC stresses not only the importance of an appointed man but an appointed man that is called in public. Also how so many leaders who are appointing themselves to lead causing divisions in the church and forming cults. It’s so important to be aware of these types of leaders, and asking God if they are true leaders called by him, or if they have their own agenda. As Christians we all have the holyspirit, and should hopefully know the difference within ourselves. It’s so important to feel safe and be able to grow in our own walk and have anointed leaders to sow into us.

  151. I’ve actually never heard of the term “set man” before coming to New Philly. I’ve noticed a lot of leaders using the term during prayer thanking God for the set man (PC and PE) of the house and just assumed it meant head pastor/leader of the house. I didn’t actually know it was something specified in the scriptures and so this message was helpful in understanding the biblical approach of it. I liked how PC outlined the four main duties of the set man – he is the one goes before the people (is a visionary and stewards the vision of the movement), the one who goes in before them, the one leads the people out (of false doctrine, immorality, idolatry, foolishness, etc.), and the one who brings people back into His joy, presence, promises, and favor (just to name a few). Two things stood out for me during this message: one, that the set man is appointed in public (and not in private like most cultic leaders are) and two, that they are able to exercise authority as the set man is under authority. I like the analogy that PC used to describe leaders who have shown incapability to submit to authority – they are like teenagers who want to drive a Lamborghini, clearly desiring authority when they are not capable to stewarding such authority themselves. PC then went on to talk about how it’s crucial for all leaders to go through a season of submission so that they will be able to walk in full authority as set man of the house. It was encouraging to hear this because I believe God is also training me in that way so that I may someday in the future be able to step up when the time comes in the industry that God will call me to (obviously not as a set man of the house but as a leader in whatever place God calls me to). I pray that more and more set men will rise and take their rightful positions as the fathers and shepherds of the house. Thank you PC for executing this message with power and authority! The Father’s heart was felt all throughout the message.

  152. I got a whole new knowledge of church leadership after I heard this message. I like how PC pointed that all Christian leaders on the Bible were established in public. This is actually a way to know to prevent us from following the wrong direction. I feel blessed by PC who submits to the authority above him and takes this authority thing seriously. He also mentioned the set man must be chosen by God and it’s not as a regular job. The set man must steward the main vision. The set man has to take care of his sheep, nurturing them and leading them into the right path. I’m glad PC mentioned that Moses and Jesus gave their partial authority to Joshua and His apostles because God’s people meant to work together as a whole body. Sometimes people tend to see him/her self as the superior one because he/she has a gift which he/she thinks more awesome than the others’ gifts. Overall I think we are all have to stay humble to learn how to submit to our leaders (PC and our cg leaders) and keep remind ourselves to stay and work together as His body.

  153. Andrew Cho says:

    dang i wished PC would talk about the “Brady Six” documentary, but overall I was blessed by this sermon. To know that we can’t exericse authority unless we have given into and spent time under authority speaks a lot of truth into me. Its been a hot mess whenever I tried to take on a leadership role but never had someone to teach me how to lead right. never heard of “set man” before but I really love the requirements of one. of how they go out, come in, lead out, and bring them in. how they lead and steward authority to reach to kingdom of God.
    I loved the character of David, but have not really thought of him as being subjected to authority under the current king of the time. I always thought that he was meant to be king and that he was just waiting. but he submitted and prepared to lead a movement that will glorify God.

  154. David Haram Kim says:

    The main point of this sermon hits home as Pastor Christian says: When you come into a covenant with a ‘set man’ or spiritual father, you will be blessed with an inheritance. It’s so interesting how all the appointed men or “set men” throughout the Bible that went on to do great things all had to submit to a figure of authority or a set man. For instance, David had to submit to the set man Saul and Joshua had to submit to the set man Moses.
    Another important aspect of appointments or the setting of men that seems to be glossed over by many churches is, is that the set man must be appointed in public before men and he/she must not appoint him/herself. Often, people “appoint” themselves in secret and this starts to create confusion within the church.
    Overall, just an interesting message that once again emphasizes the importance of sonship and submitting to authority.

  155. Shine Jang says:

    It is true that false prophets, teachers, leaders are the “bad ones” and should be avoided, but God spoke to me through this sermon that I also need to be always awake and discerning by praying, meditating on the words of the Lord, etc. in order to not fall for the false teachings and leading those people.
    This sermon was a great reminder of how blessed and privileged I am to have been/ be under the leading and covering of good and anointed spiritual leaders. I’m so thankful for the pastors, Emmaus staff, my CD Eunice, my familia leader JaeHee!

  156. This is such a powerful message. While listening to this message, I was reminded of God’s grace in my life. I am here because of His grace. I am a sinner and realise I need Him in my life, I cannot do this without Him. And it’s by His grace that He will keep me and others from stumbling. Thank you for sharing, it really is very powerful!

  157. Jina Yu says:

    There were several points that stood out to me from this message. A Set man is appointed by God and it is witnessed in public by others. A set man is both a visionary and a leader who exercises authority within the realm of his authority while being in submission to his own leadership. Just as the centurion acknowledged Jesus power and authority given to him, as sons of the house we too are given a portion of authority that we must exercise in concert with our community of believers in order to really move in the fullness of our potential and authority.

    While there are people who may come into places of authority without the anointing and calling to be a set man, we know that those with the calling and the wisdom to be under submission are stewarding their authority for greater things. It is a good thing that our set man of the house is being an example by submitting under the leadership of not just his own spiritual father but under the leadership of our mother church as well.

  158. This message is such an important message to hear. It really opened my eyes off how important it is to have leaders that are appointed by God. It shows how dangerous it is when we are not appointed by God and how dangerous it can be for others to be submitted under a leader that was not appointed by God. It reminded me of how important it is to live a submitted life. It brings safety and covering that we as a body really need. Thanx for sharing.

  159. Izelle van der Merwe says:

    Thankful to see how God is raising His appointed Set men in this generation. There are a few points that stood out for me but the characteristics of a Set man blessed me the most. It gives me hope and peace to know that there is protection when you submit to a someone appointed by God. I felt that this sermon was linked to the “what if I don’t stumble?” sermon. Part of His keeping power is bringing us under the covering of a Set man. Its important to ask the Lord to guide you to a house where you are covered by spirit-filled leaders who walk in love, humility and faithfulness. He has surely done it for me!

  160. Jorie Bonham says:

    That really helped me to better understand pastors and people in leadership. This is so true. How can someone establish authority if they cannot submit to it themselves? I also liked how PC tied in the fact that even Jesus was under authority. He was a set man from God but still submitted himself to authority. I think it is important that the pastor of a church also have covering as well. Then he will be able to properly provide covering for the people in his church. I am so excited that I am in a covenant community of leaders and pastors who are covered and are established as set men in the house.

  161. This was so great to listen to. I always love when a pastor is willing to preach about his own calling. This makes it so much easier to submit when you realize your leader is submitted to Him! Powerful!

  162. This sermon relates well with PC’s previous sermon about who is shepherding your soul, but there is also a set man who holds authority over the shepherds. There needs to be a set man in a church because there cannot just be a bunch of shepherds leading sheep. Those shepherds are sheep themselves and need a shepherd, who is the set man. And the set man of a church need a set man over himself as well, and so on. When God calls you and chooses you to be a leader or do something, you just do it without question. There are so many people who choose themselves to become a leader and take it as a job, but you will see no fruit in that. I loved how PC speaks about set men having to rise up and take their place rather than going out and condemning out all of the bad leaders or “sons of the devil”. It shows how important it is for us to really have covenant with God, mature, and step up in our callings to be a leader. This also fits well with NP’s vision of raising up an army of mighty warriors- by stepping up into leadership, you will fight against the sons of the devil without “plucking the weeds out with the good seeds”.

  163. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    This was so good to hear. Listening to this very clear explanation, my views of submission and authority have changed–and are so much more joyful.

  164. This was a very thought-provoking message on the unshakeable nature of God’s call for the leaders of the church, and our duty as members to honor their positions.

    Over and over in God’s Word, there are exhortations to obey and submit to leaders.

    “Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they are keeping watch over your souls as those who will have to give an account. Let them do this with joy and not with groaning, for that would be of no advantage to you.” Hebrews 13:17

    “We ask you, dear brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work.” 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

    I think this message was more important than I’m even now aware of. In order for a church to foster an environment where believers can mature and grow, they must be firm in their commitment to honoring the Set Man established by God.

    In light of the previous NRTC teaching, “What if I Don’t Stumble?”, and the admonition in Jude to be on alert of false “brothers” – it is especially important to prioritize on honoring the leadership of our church.

    God, I pray that You would protect this house from all of the attacks of the enemy. I pray that we would be a church that honors the people that You have appointed as leaders over us. I pray that You would guide the Set Men as they establish the vision, and lead us in living out our callings. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  165. Youngha Park says:

    This sermon pointed out what a set man (appointed man) should look like and how important it is for the set man to have authority. In this society of chaos, where so many people that are not appointed like false teachers are destroying churches, a set man is needed because a set man goes out to see what’s next and stewards the vision. A set man also leads the people out of false doctrine and foolishness and brings in the people back to church and to the right mindset. Even in a chaos, when appointed leaders that God had called rise up and take their place following Jesus’s teachings, the teachings of false doctrine would fade out and the gospel would take place of authority. It assures me to come in covenant with the set man of this house when I know that if I persevere patiently and wait until I mature fully in Christ, I’ll be able to rise up as well and root out the false doctrines and discern for myself by taking place of authority.

  166. Isaiah Kim says:

    Very wise words I took in relating the Parable of the Weeds, and the sons of the devil.

    I liked how the pastor said that we don’t go witch hunting to uproot the weeds but we raise a set man and when the set man rises, later the weeds are pulled out. Because if we just go witch hunting, lest the wheat might also be pulled out.

    Another thing I took was to submit to leadership before having any spiritual authority, all the anologies were very clear to me.

    I am ready to submit to authority before I become a reserve leader and I’m taking the first step to submit to the call to fast from the general!

  167. I have read on biblical leadership and had slightly developed thoughts on leadership and calling within the beloved community but this sermon clearly laid out principles for empowering leadership straight from the Bible. I can really vibe with this idea that anyone regardless of even if they have a calling from God to lead still needs to develop the skills and authority under the guidance of authority. I would be worried to be a part of a church where the leadership gave themselves authority and had no oversight.
    One of mentors once said to me that anything without a head or more than one head is a monster. I agree that there should be a Set Man to steward a vision for the community. More than that and you get all sorts of problems.

  168. Albert Lee says:

    It’s great how P.Christian always points out the importance of submission to authority. Even for the set man of God, while learning to submit to the authorities, thy shall grow in maturity! I loved how he pointed out that all the appointing of the set man of God were in public how we should be aware of self claiming set man!

    • Albert Lee says:

      It personally spoke to me in a way to be faithful in the small things and obey my spiritual authorities.

  169. God appoints men that are called to shepherd our lives and to serve as our spiritual leaders. It also shows that there are people who are divinely called to certain positions as shepherds. This message once again brings up the importance of son ship and having a spiritual authority and leadership over us. One thing that PC mentions is that when the time is right, and we are mature Christians we will arrive at the position that we need to be and it will at the time that God wants it to be.

  170. Michelle Chaewon Kim says:

    I’m thankful that God doesn’t just shepherd us from far above, but desires to place us under an earthly shepherd who represents His heart more tangibly. I’ve always had a vague idea of why submitting to my leader is important, but didn’t know what the fruits of being under leadership was. After PC broke it down to the four functions of set man, I realized that the fruits and blessings that I have—such as understanding God’s vision and promises for my life, intimacy with the Lord, having been able to turn away from false doctrines and so on—are results of being under the leadership of a set man who has the authority from God. I appreciate that I’m under a leadership that is of God, a good shepherd who keeps me safe and directs me to the right path.

  171. Raymond Seo says:

    PC breaks down how the set men of the Bible were always appointed in public, while many other leaders from different religions were said to be called by God in private. The false teachers who they claim were called by God are often the reason why division exists in churches today. It then goes further by explaining that all set men who exercise authority should be under authority as well. Even Jesus was under institutional authority at one point, to show and exemplify the true approach to leadership. Gifted men need to rise up and take their place in authority, while under authority, so that the church will no longer be scattered and disillusioned by the masqueraders.

  172. Sharon Ahn says:

    It is so important to have a leader who has been ordained/appointed in public (a ‘set man’). I am thankful that God has given us set men in the Church (new philly) today to guide His sheep. Leaders who are in authority should also know how to be under authority and submission.

  173. Mariyah Gonzales says:

    Knowing and understanding the necessity of a set man has brought a lot of freedom in my ideas of submission. Not a council or a democracy, but a set man specifically called up and forth by God. And not anyone with a desire to, but a set man chosen. Trusting the set man should change everything. Knowing my community group leaders’ voices is to know my spiritual parents’ voices. I know that they will search for me if I wander and that I will never be so far out that they will not come. I trust and follow because I believe them. I cannot follow with a flock who is led by a stranger, by a Shepard whose heart is cold or secret. I see, know and believe the Father’s heart because it is why New Philadelphia is alive.

    Also, we receive only a portion while a part of a body that we might be encouraged to build with others. This body is the place where we are rooted and grounded in love. We as sheep are meant to move together and under our set man. I know I am safe in this flock at New Philadelphia. With my brothers and sisters, we can be assured that there is a set man who has gone out before us, who is in with us, who will lead us out and who will bring us deeper into God’s promises.

  174. Hannah Chong says:

    God sets certain people to steward His vision and purposes on the earth. This is displayed in God’s calling of Joshua to lead the Israelites (after Moses), to fulfill His promises to His people. When a set man is comissioned, it is done in the eyes of the public, through established leaders. This is not to simply emphasise the authority and ability of man to do this, but rather it is the means God uses in order for Him to display His soveriegnty in the people He elects. Without a set man, people will turn into sheep without a shepherd. It is the responsibility of the set man to pass down teachings, but also to rebuke and discipline when necessary. Our inheritance is to be possessed through the set man which God has ordained in our lives. However, no set man is immune to being under authority himself; he himself is to submit to spiritual authority.

    Once we understand that God desires to release His vision on this earth through a man he has specifically annointed and called himself, it will allow us to understand why we as a community are to submit to PC. God himself is the one who has appointed him as the set man of this house, and it is when we choose to honour him and be placed under his leadership, that we will begin to walk in the fullness of God’s calling in our own lives.

  175. Ra Hyun Ha says:

    As I was listening to this sermon, I was so thankful for God to lead me to this house. The house that provides safe covering and I realized the reason why I feel so safe in this house was that the covering of New Philly was coming from anointed setman and the leaders who was trained with the teaching of this house.
    Jesus is the best setman who set an example of true submition. Which is submitting to authority, our heavenly Father. Jesus clearly displays the most powerful and anointed influence in the bible and that is anointing flows from top down. The strong army needs strong warriors and only strong leader can raise the powerful army. This house has a special vision so as a whole body, we are to work and grow together under the authority of the setman.

  176. When God appoints a set man, He will make it public. That is a very good truth to learn. Listening to this sermon make me realize again that submission is important. You should submit to your spiritual authority and be a good steward. It’s not easy to be chosen as a set man, it’s a big responsibility. Because just as like the parable, as God already trust us gifts and talents, we should develop it and multiply it and give it back to Him. A set man will be trust much and will be responsible for much. This made me to appreciate PC, PE, and all the leaders even more. Because they are covering over us. I feel safe and secure in this family~

  177. I have never heard the term set man before I came to New Philly so the sermon really helped me understand better what it means. I liked how Pastor Christian explained the role of the set man to (1) go before the people and stewards the vision, (2) goes in before them, (3) lead them out, and (4) bring them in. It’s much more than just having the title of pastor and standing before the congregation and giving a sermon once a week. The position of set man needs much anointing and holds much responsibility and authority. I think its important to note that the set man doesn’t just wake up one day and become the set man. These leaders must grow under authority first and they must be commissioned publicly.

  178. Michelle Kim says:

    “The set man is the visionary- the one who stewards the vision of the movement.. the ultimate goal is so that the people of God may not be a sheep without a shepherd.”
    I’m so thankful that Pastor Christian is the set man of New Philly and my spiritual father. I love how he himself acknowledges that he needs to be under authority, b/c like he said, “so many people want authority, but they refuse to be under authority.” Usually, these people end up praising themselves and abusing their authority in the long run. Because I’m under Pastor Christian’s authority, whom I am confident that God appointed to be the set man of our house, I feel safe and blessed.

  179. “There are so many people who want authority, but don’t want to be under authority.” If Jesus was under authority for a season. You cannot exercise authority if you’ve never been under authority. The set man passes down the teachings, including the responsibility of correction and rebuke. This makes me aware of the authority the leaders at NPC hold, and how my submission under them, is necessary for my growth and maturity.

  180. Minah Kim says:

    “The set man goes out to see what is next, takes care of God’s people and leads the people out of false doctrine, idolatry, immorality, foolishness. Also the set man brings them into God’s joy, presence, intimacy, promises!”
    While listening to this sermon, I thought that I would be grateful if the set man were given to me. It is very important that we are led by the set man under the authority.
    Even Jesus, the set man who fulfilled both the covenant of promise and the covenant of the law, was under the authority of God the Father.
    If I am under the authority, I do not need to worry about going the wrong way. And I can learn how to submit. Furthermore, when I come in covenant with a set man, I will receive an inheritance. Because God has appointed the set man to give an inheritance to his people. I am very much looking forward because I’m not a sheep without a shepherd.

  181. Jason Yang says:

    The importance of establishing the Set Man in a covenant is well explained in this sermon. PC talks about how there are those that try to be the Set Man, or some are but aren’t supposed to be because of their inadequacy. The Set Man is anointed and determined by God. The Set Man should obey this recognition and follow through on it to shepherd the church community. I learned that the Set Man is a leader who leads people out of false doctrine, foolishness, and guide them to the right path.

    It’s so true when PC talked about how one must be under authority to exercise authority. Even Jesus was under the authority of God at one point before he exercised his own powers. Hence, for the Set Man to only exercise his authority over others without being covered by someone greater would lead to chaos and long term detrimental effects.

  182. I love how New Philly always emphasize the importance of submission under authority. PC describes that a Set Man is one that is appointed by God and it is witnessed in public by others. They go out before them, they are visionaries and they see what’s next. They steward the vision of the movement. When we come into agreement and humbly submit under a Set Man (Shepherd, anointed person of the house), we also are blessed with inheritance. When a Set Man is missing, it’s just like the sheep without a shepherd.

    -Lyann Trang

  183. Charles Ting says:

    Before listening to this sermon, I was wondering what is meant by set man in the bible but now I got to know that Jesus is the most real set man ever! Set man is a person who you can come to a covenant with and enjoy the blessings and benefits of the covenant that God fulfilled when He came and demonstrate what the true set man looks like. God sent His only Son, Jesus Christ to the earth to show us what a true set man looks like, We need to let Jesus as our preference to live a victorious Christian life. Jesus is the only perfect man in this world and no one like Him! How great is our Lord, Jesus!

  184. Anne Hong says:

    In this message, PC explains what a set man is and what the set man’s role is. PC explains how the set man goes out, goes in, leads people out, and brings people in and what those things entail. Along with that, PC mentioned that a set man is someone who demonstrates a lifestyle devoted to God, teaches and preaches, and heals people who are physically sick. Not anybody can be a set man. The person must be gifted and at the time they are appointed, they must be mature. It’s also important to understand that ambition itself can not take you to certain places. Regarding the set man, there must be annointing and authority.

    As we see how a set man functions and leads over a congregation today, it points us to the ultimate set man, Jesus. He gives us the ultimate example and model.

    Personally, now that I have a clearer picture of what a set man is and does, I think about the role of the people under the set man. There are many things, but to name a few, it is important to acknowledge and honor the set man, to cover the set man in prayer, to help steward the next movement, etc. I mean these are obvious things, but it’s defintiely good for us to see how it personally would look like for us and to respond so that it doesn’t become just words written down on paper or something that sounds good; it needs to become a culture, not just a few times thing.

  185. Esther says:

    This message was really crucial for me to understand even more the importance of being in submission and authority. I’ve had personal experience with leaders who started their own movement, and it is so damaging and hurtful. I am so blessed that God led me to New Philly, where the leaders are so honest and open. That it is all about God’s authority and way. I enjoy how PAstor Christian says that how. New Philly is operating going to seminary, was not something he would have done but it’s what. God wanted. That’s safety right there- knowing that your leader is in submission. People tend to become so impatient (myself included) that they end up trying to do things their way and not God’s way and then things become iffy. I love how in the spiritual house we Are all in this together; God has placed us together to discover all the parts/ giftings that Christ has given us. We have such an amazing Heavenly Father! His way is always best!

  186. Kimberly Ahn says:

    The set man goes out before the people and is a visionary, goes in before them to govern and love them, leads the people out of false doctrine, idolatry, and foolishness, and brings them into his joy, intimacy, and promises. Without a set man, the congregation would be essentially like sheep without a shepherd, being susceptible to the evil doings of a thief. The role of a set man is so crucial for the church’s wellbeing and overall growth. I like how PC was able to distinguish that a set man is called and appointed publicly. However that we must be aware that there may be people who are in positions of leadership who should not be there, but it is not our duty to go and chastise them, but for the set men to rise up. Ultimately, our set man is Jesus, who fulfills the covenant promise and the law. Through our set man, we are able to reap the blessings as His sheep. Another point that PC talks about is how many people want to exercise authority but do not want to be set under authority. However Jesus is able to exercise authority because He was set under authority and able to submit. I am grateful that I am not left without a Shepherd, but I am equipped with the leaders within NP, but more specifically, NP’s set man, PC.

  187. Winnie Chan Wei Ling says:

    Every set man is ordained in public not in secret!! The set house lead people out of foolishness, immaturity. The set man brings people into His joy, His presence, promises and the favor of the Lord that He wants to show you favor not because of what you’ve done but who you are in Christ. Believers without a set man are scattered like a sheep without a shepherd.
    “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38. This gives me a good picture of how would it look like if there’s no set man. We would have not see the promises of God and his favor, we would’ve trapped in our foolishness as there’s no one who help us to discern the word of the Lord.

  188. Ericka L. Mack-Andrew says:

    “When God appoints a Set Man it is always public.” Too often (twice) in my life I have witnessed the collapse of a church after the senior pastor moves to a new location or retires. I have been a part of the congregation that goes from ‘well tended’ to ‘shepherd-less’ in a span of a week. The feeling of wandering aimlessly like shepherd-less sheep is one that is all too real. Looking back now I understand that these churches fell because the lead pastor did not appoint a clear successor in public before his departure. Thus, the people did not know who had the anointing and authority to lead them. This often led to a few weeks of just going through the motions until family by family the attendance dwindled to the point where they could no longer afford to keep the doors of the church open. I believe that these experiences have place in my heart a strong fondness for churches that have a succession structure in place that all of the congregation knows about.

  189. Lydia Ju says:

    At times, it was difficult for me to understand why certain people were put in certain positions, but I realized in time that that was not my job to discern. To trust in the set man that God has appointed to lead His people takes humility and faith. Sometimes I or we may not know why certain people are called to be put in certain positions, but submitting to these leaders is in turn submitting to God’s authority. I don’t want to become a leader who does not know how to submit. I want to be a leader that can submit under authority, therefore I can also take authority in my identity and who God has all me to be when the time comes, but also recognizing that it is in His time and anointing. Just because someone wants to take a stand, the ambition alone cannot lead a person to have authority. We need more set men to lead His people, and the best role model is Jesus! So again it emphasizes the importance of keeping his word, living in Faith and submission to the appointed leaders, as well as constant prayer.

  190. Gina Park says:

    I am so thankful to be part of this church. Submitting to someone is very hard for me. But I want to be shepherd by this church. I want to know how to be under authority and submission. Also, I thought of Korean churches. I pray that gifted and matured set men to rise up in Korea.

  191. Amy Loi says:

    We will be like sheep without shepherd if there is no a set man who is appointed by God. Honestly, this is quite a difficult topic for me to digest on, but I think what I understand here is I am thankful that God appointed set man in our church to steward the vision of His command, and lead all people in the house, so that there is no division, but everyone will move together towards His will. Also, this set man who is so full of authority is the one who shapes how the church will look like, gives the sense of identity to the people by submitting himself under God’s authority. I like how the structure goes like, everything will be so perfect as we submit to the church with a set man who is under His authority.

  192. This sermon taught me the importance of a set man. Without a set man, people will turn into the sheep without a shepherd. Obstructing the people from having a good set man is devil’s strategy to scatter people. People of God need to rise up and take the places. I am thankful that I am not a seep without a shepherd. Under the covering of a good strong set man, I am getting the rich inheritance. I am happy to learn how to be under authority at NP. and what I learn I want to apply at my work also. As I learn how to be under authority and work together, I hope to rise up and take the place of leadership at my work.

  193. That’s good, not unless it was public can it actually be of God. Closed doors meetings can never mean good things when it comes to appointment of our leadership in the faith.
    I never really thought about it that way “You are gonna go to seminary to be able to relate to the rest of the body of God.” I always just think of it as people who want to know more about the bible and God.
    I’ve always agreed that ambition can only take you so far,. Some people think they can just beat the dead horse until it wakes up. Maybe that happens in some situations, but most I would say no.

  194. Toko Kim says:

    While I was listening to P.C’s message about the characteristics and qualities that a wise set man needs to shepherd a church, it really made me think of how a wise football head coach runs his team and the many similarities that he has with the ideal “set man” he is talking about.

    Like the ideal “set man”, the coach is chosen by the team owner and when this happens, the owner calls for a media conference to make it public so the whole town plus the players know who will be leading them in the upcoming season.
    Also, like P.C was saying, if the church has 11 leaders all speaking into the direction of the church, there will be chaos and the vision and direction of the church wouldn’t be clear. That is why the “set man” is the head and ultimately decides the direction that the church will be taking but before he does it, he listens and considers the counsel of the other leaders and his spiritual father. Similarly, the head coach is the final word when it comes to deciding which play the team is going to go with but when making this decision he is not alone. There is a defensive, offensive, quarterback and special teams coach that counsel and advice him so he can go choose the best possible play for the team to have the best chance to win against the other team.

    Now I understand why P.C takes so much importance in this sermon and wants N.P to really be discerning with whom they choose to lead them. At the same time, he wants for the church to get into covenant with the wise set-man so they can enjoy the inheritance that God has for them.

    A coach without a vision or trust in his other coaches is like a church without a wise set man to lead them.; a sheep without a shepherd.

  195. Young Rae Kim says:

    PC explained a new term for me, the “set man”. In this sermon he explains that first a set man must be announced publicly, and not in secret. One of the vital roles of the set man is to lead his people out of foolishness. Without the set man the church or congregation is like “sheep without a Shepard.” I loved how he pointed out that this expression is used to describe the ultimate set man Jesus.
    Also PC expanded on the role of a set man. First, teaching and preaching is a essential part of being a good set man. In addition, healing the sick is another important role. A set man models a way of life, or a way of devotion for others to follow. Whether this means praying early in the morning or fasting, the set man gives an example for others.
    Another important point was that Jesus was under authority but also exercised authority. If Jesus even was submitted to authority we must all learn to submit. We cannot expect to lead purely out of our giftings, but must learn to submit first.

  196. Atembe Fonge says:

    I think it’s important for all leaders to understand how to be a strong follower or supporter before assuming a leadership position. All of the men mentioned had to submit before being publicly anointed as leaders, even if it was always God’s plan for that person to lead. This shows how important the RIGHT leaders are…because even if your heart is burning to lead, if you aren’t ready or you aren’t fit, then you may prevent those you lead from achieving the inheritance, as mentioned here. I think overcoming selfishness is key also, because whether you’re a person who thinks they were born to lead but you don’t get the position, or if you are someone who never wanted/never saw yourself as a leader but have everything necessary to successfully lead, you need to get out of your own head and realize your gifts. I’ve been on both sides at different times and….it was pretty frustrating, but that is beauty of maturing spiritually, you begin to understand why certain decisions are made, and the Bible is a great reference to many instances of how set men became those set men. Sometimes I’m amazed at how informative and logical the Bible is; I never thought about (well I never really knew) why or how set men in the Bible came to be and the implications its had on the Church up to today, so I’m glad I learned something new.

  197. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this sermon because I learned a lot about Godly leadership. The first part that stuck out to me was that God told Moses to invest SOME-not all-of his authority in Joshua–and how later in the sermon PC explains that Jesus didn’t invest all of his authority in Peter–he spread it out among the disciples. Not only does this model of leadership require the leaders in the body to work together, but it provides a multi-layered covering-because each and every part is in submission to a higher authority. Along with this, the second thing that stood out to me is learning that God always commissions His leaders publicly through established leaders. I think this really backs up the need to work together and to be under layers of covering–this kind of leadership creates a place of safety for the people.

    I also liked to hear PC explain what the Set Man does–going out before the people, going in before the people, leading the people out, and bringing the people in. Listening to this, I thought a lot about the unity that New Philly carries across all of the campuses. Having a Set Man not only fosters this powerful unity, but is comforting. PC explains that you must be in submission to the Set Man in order to enjoy the benefits of covenant community–and that when you are in covenant with a Set Man, God has ordained that Set Man to give you an inheritance. Coming to New Philly, I have always felt that the words/sermons are very timely and relevant-which I thought was good and cool. But now I treasure the lessons that I am learning even more because I recognize that these lessons are part of my inheritance.

    • Kate-Lynn Mc Naught says:

      I agree with you whole-heartedly here. This is what I too have written as commentary on the sermon and what I have taken from being moulded by New Philly.

  198. Minsook Hong says:

    Commented by Hye R. Song: Sons of God should be God’s set-men, chosen leaders and good shepherds: a good seed to grown up to a big tree with a plenty of fruits. Submission to the calling & authority of the Lord/man of God is a key to be set; I “too” declare that “For I too am a man set under authority”(Luke 7). This is the basic rule for joining an army of the might worriers, following Jesus, lead by example. I pray that New Philly will be filled with gifted and mature, inherited people who are ready to go out to seed, plant and reap; teaching, preaching and healing, along with a devotion to God and demonstration through our life.

  199. Kate-Lynn Mc Naught says:

    My prayer life is changing. I am learning what to pray for that which is revevant in our current season- an addition: for set men to rise up and take their place and for those that are already in place and modelling what Jesus has.
    During healing and deliverance recently, I felt so safe. I was completely vulnerable yet felt safe. I was covered and I could tangibly feel it. This is an experience unique to me and I was so freed by it. It is because I came under covering. I have been covered by faithful set men who have modeled the set man of Jesus. What an honour.
    I find it fascinating how a lack of set men bring disorder and chaos, which is so evident in the world around us, but in a church, invested in the promises of Jesus, people are drawn into His goodness.
    A few things were highlighted for me:

    1. Public commissioning of a leader. I had never considered this before, but it makes sense. Some thoughts: It brings me back to the verse from Matt 5, I hear so often as a child, “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden; nor does anyone light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.…”

    We possess the light, we possess the promises of Jesus thus have no desire to hide it. We want to share His truth for all to see. Similarly, the commissioning of a leader should be done for all to see, there is nothing to hide, we possess the light. We also want people to witness to hold us accountable, when in a position of leadership and to walk the journey with us, whic can only be done if we include them.

    2. Moses invested some of His authority in Joshua. I was curious about this.I first though, well maybe we aren’t ready for all His authority.
    Thank you PC for clarifying that it is “so we desire to find out who has the other postion together” – we are a community, and need to work together. Thus, a powerful body will rise up, all committed to Christ and working together to bring Him glory.

    3. “To enjoy the blessings of the covenant you have to obey the set man”~ i have been in the church a long time, so the term ‘anointed man of God’ is not new to me. The functions and duties of the set man, however, have never been laid out. I love this truth that we are covered. God has anointed set men to go out before us, lead us out of false doctrine and bring us into the presense and promises of the Lord. We are not alone. What a loving family we are part of, looked after and just so safe (I keep mentioning it because there is power in the spoken word and I want to proclaim it over my life.. it has been revealed to me recently).
    I feel so freed living under God’s favour, not having to work for anything and being shepherded by His chosen ones.

  200. Yeana Kim says:

    I think it is very important to have a set man in the house. Even in the first key New Philly Sermon “Creating a Culture of Honor,” PC emphasized how important it is to honor our leaders. The set men are there to steward the vision of the movement, and bring the sheep out of foolishness. I liked how PC mentioned that some of us are eager to follow PC and PE, but neglect seeking from small group or familia leaders. I would agree that familia leaders have equal authority as PC and PE because the set man of the house had appointed and given blessings for the familia leaders to take that role.
    Another thing that stood out was when PC quoted John 8: 42-44 and how Jesus uses words such as children/son of the devil. PC mentioned that God is slow to anger, but he does get angry when we are stubborn. Even after the leadership retreat, I notice myself being stubborn or still foolish. I think this is why PC has emphasized the importance of my familia leader and other leaders. As someone who had just gone through NRTC, patience and humility are characteristics I would need in order to grow faithfully and led in to God’s joy, intimacy and promises.

  201. Arielle Arn says:

    I have never been alerted to the key value of the set man but now as I think through my sunday school lessons and rereading the old testament I am realizing the importance of the set man. It is so true that God chooses certain leaders for different times and challenges. It does not always go with human logic but God gives grace and power to who he set up. But who should we follow? Anyone who claims God’s anointing or had a lot of charisma? No God makes his choice known and leaders are to raise up new leadership and the chain that flows down needs to provide accountability. Also God will set up the leader publicly not in secret so that the leader is held in accountability. This is so important so that we are not led astray as so many are with cults that are set up by leaders who claim private relvelation.

  202. Yong Shu Hua says:

    It is biblical to have a ‘set man’ that is appointed over a congregation, to provide leadership in the church. This set man is given some (not complete) authority, and the commission of this man is always public (through established leaders), not by his own independent will or effort, but his appointment is one that is led by God. This set man can be represented as the pastor and/or spiritual fathers in the church. I see the logic behind this system as it raises this set man to a public platform, not to boost his ego, but to allow for accountability, and for the congregation to honor and submit to him as their pastor or spiritual father of the house. It is worth noting that that there is a divine order in God’s house, and ultimately He is the one in control.

    Promises and blessings of the covenant with God is made through this set man. Through this set man, God dispenses His blessings and we take hold of our inheritance when we honor him. Anointing flows from top down indeed. Sometimes the set man appoints and delegates the authority to cg leaders, familia leaders etc., hence it is important that we honor not just the set man, but the leaders who are appointed by the set man to lead us.

    Set man is a good shepherd but a good shepherd is not necessarily a set man. That only emphasizes that this set man is appointed and anointed by the Lord himself and not by man.

    Without this set man however, we are like sheep without shepherd. If we do not recognize our pastor/spiritual fathers, we are lost and are like sheep without a shepherd. It is not a good position to be in; hence a timely reminder to always be led by a God-appointed set man and to receive spiritual covering.

    I believe the heart behind this message is not to enforce a “forced respect” for the set man (PC and PE) in our church, but rather to recognize the importance of getting spiritually covered by them, and to fully embrace and receive our inheritance through them.

  203. Jessica Jin says:

    Acknowledging and understanding why churches need more set men to rise up and take their place in church really struck a chord with me. I have always chosen the back seat as a member in Church because I have always felt disqualified or that there will always be someone better to do the job. Through this message I realise that every member of church helps to build up the whole body and that we are all sheep that need shepherding from a trusted, anointed, unifying leader. We are called to worship God and demonstrate this in our everyday lives through our time in prayer, community and by the fruits we bear.

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