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Shifting Into the Spirit
Sunday, August 7, 2011
Sunday Service (Hillside Campus 1pm)
Speaker: Erin Lee
Passage: Romans 8:1-9
Duration: 00:49:40
Our mind, will, and emotions if left unchecked can get us into trouble. This is a message about how to rule your soul, and to bring all things under submission to the Spirit of God.


  1. Joyce Ku says:

    To live in the flesh leads to death, but to live in the spirit leads to life and peace (Romans 8:6). Sometimes it’s so easy to fall into the old patterns of thinking but they’re old! Paul tells us to shift into the spirit, into a new nature, a new way of thinking. No longer gripping to discouragement but free falling into encouragement. We don’t need to rely on others to shift either. The truth of our identities is written out for us and we need only to renew our minds, move in it, and watch the circumstances change. This sermon blessed me by shifting me into the spirit!

  2. Joe Chung says:

    As I am royalty and His son; I am NOT inadequate, NOT insecure, and NOT incapable because I lack nothing in the Spirit. I am fully equipped with everything! My identity, relationships, and circumstances can all be taken care of as I shift out of the destructive flesh nature and into the Spirit. Nothing can touch me because I AM healed, I AM covered, and I AM victorious.

    “Shift into the Spirit,” continually ran through my mind (no pun intended) and I was totally encouraged when Pastor Erin said, “you are a victorious one.” Life and peace exists in me as I shift into the Spirit!

  3. Good Sermon. Loves me some pastor Erin even though I’ve never met her. :) Living is the spirit is something that I always try to do. I always remind myself that just because something isn’t happening in the physical world doesn’t mean it hasn’t already happened in the spiritual world. We are just waiting for the manifestation. But I love the way Erin communicated this principle to the audience. Clearly an anointed woman. :)

  4. Josh Lee says:

    This is really~ goood! Shifting into the spirit. First shifting, changing the mind, the way you think regardless of the situation before you expect changes and His power. “What you allow your mind to believe, is what you give authority to.”
    Daily, just empty yourself and letting the Spirit invade you, your mind and this will affect your behaviour and action. When your mind is set on the flesh, it comes out through your actions, through your body. However, when your mind is set on the word of God, daily thinking it through, it will manifest. And i think this is the mindset before reading His word, that the more I think about it, the more I put my mind on it, it will manifest. Also how NOTHING is impossible in the Spirit, we are made perfect in Him.
    Personally, this is what I really needed, especially in school. Because after Sunday service, I want to go to school and study because I know i can do everything. But during the week, I feel weak, stressed out, everything is so hard. And its because Im living in the flesh, I say I can’t do it, but i actually can!
    Shift into the Spirit!

  5. Jasmin Agese says:

    I have this mindset of leaving everything to God and dealing too quickly with my emotions because I truly believe Jesus will deal with the circumstance therefore for most of my time I am joyful but lately people have confronted me saying I am very childlike in my inability to deal with negative emotions as that’s what they see it as. From constantly having a joyful disposition on everything, I seem to be given others especially my superiors the idea that I am not taking them seriously even if I truly am. How do I deal with this?

  6. Bernadette Keating says:

    What you set your mind on determines much, and the analogy of the caterpillar that Pastor Erin used was so helpful to see how one small thing can set off our mind and it totally swings to extremes – sometimes I can’t even remember how I got there. As rational as we’d like to be, living in sinful nature causes our mind to inhabit the same. After we’ve been saved, it seems easy to think we don’t have to do anything but this message showed me that shifting into the spirit is a conscious choice and we do not have to give assent to the will and emotions that would ultimately lead to death.

    Both living in sinful nature and life by the Spirit have the same connection, the mind. Previously I was unaware that our soul is comprised of our emotions, mind and will but as Pastor Erin showed when we live by the flesh we are trusting in and inviting the devil, who by having our mind is part way to having our soul.

    Yet, God literally lacks nothing which he reminds us many times in the Bible. It’s okay that even though he is ‘I AM’ and I sometimes feel like ‘I am not there yet,’ because when I shift into the Spirit my identity as a daughter of Christ is again made known to me and I am the things he is – well equipped, made for a purpose and victorious. Through the story of the unanswered email I was also able to see that I do not need to wait around for a time when I feel ready or receive conformation from others that I trust by I can shift now.

  7. This is a really powerful sermon. You know how people said that it’s not good to do yoga because it requires you to empty your mind? Our mind, our thoughts are very important medium as in how we live our lives, how we communicate with God. It’s always the mind that the Satan will attack first if He decided to. I would always cry due to overthinking about my relationships with some people & often times what I thought about them thinking of me are not true but negativity will just strike in my head. & I did try to challenged God by trying to make fleshly decisions but wanting God to approve of it because I wanted that peace of heart but this is so dangerous because God said never to test Him. & I think I really need that shift of mindset & obedience to follow the will of the Spirit rather than the will of my own flesh, but first, i need to shift my mindset to the Spirit. People always get drained out of what they’re doing because they moved in the flesh & not in the Spirit. I always get depression when I’m stressed out only because of overthinking. I think a lot & the Satan knows I waver easily as well but I’m breaking it off right now that the Satan cannot enter my mind because I have learned this truth & I shall dwell in the Spirit, not the flesh.

  8. Kristine Wong says:

    A concept in my life that I struggle with everyday. It mainly comes from me overthinking and letting my emotions get the beat of me. I still can’t really pinpoint when it is when I shift into the Spirit. I still have discernment issues with that but I know soon that I will learn about it. I kinda have a headache after listening to this sermon and I don’t know what could that mean… but I seriously am my worst enemy sometimes if I don’t submit myself to the Spirit. I actually did lose my wallet about a month ago and it was so devastating ㅠㅠ I wish I heard this sermon during that time but I definitely feel more empowered now. I have gotten over me losing my wallet and I am seriously lucky to be where I am at right now and won’t let any spiritual warfare get in the way of my joy amd reaching my destiny for the Lord. Let’s shift into the Spirit!

  9. One of my favorite messages…
    One that I need to listen to and re-listen to over and over again.
    So much revelation and clarity from the Truth to set your mind on the Spirit. That when we are in the Spirit we do not lack ANYTHING, therefore we cannot be burnt out, we possess everything! It is your decision to set your mind on the Spirit, the mind is the control center, setting your mind will lead emotion, that will lead your will and ultimately your body. So many people including myself would feel discouraged from trying to change from the outside in (body to mind), but receiving revelation that it all starts from the mind and the body will naturally follow was key in my breakthroughs and growth! It is SO true that the devil attacks the mind, he also knows that if he’s able to break into the mind the body will follow.
    I know that there is more areas of my life that I need to constantly shift into the Spirit but that is not something to be discouraged about, but instead be encouraged that God is revealing these things to me that I may continue to grow and mature into a Man of God.
    A key revelation is that my flesh doesn’t need to be satisfied before you shift into the Spirit! We need to know and train our selves to constantly shift into the Spirit regardless of where our flesh is at, that once we shift things will change, our perspective and relationships will change to fully satisfy us.
    Not letting our circumstances dictate our actions/body is important, we must be able to take the circumstance and see it in God’s eyes and allow the Spirit to give us clarity and the right perspective on the situation! God maybe using it to grow us and build us to steward what he has in store for us!

  10. Tine Heenop says:

    Our mind is truly very stronger and powerful than we think it is! I have a new understanding of the power I poses of shifting my mind in the spirit and the decision I need to make to shift into the spirit! I see more clearly and realise that whenever I focus on the old nature how I’m putting more trust in the devil than in God… And I never ever ever want to do that!! This is such a powerful word and Holy spirit open my heart to a deeper understanding on the choice I need to make when ever my circumstances try to steal the joy I get from God! Wow receiving this word it convicted me and now I know that I will never get burned out again because when I’m truly in the spirit I posses everything because God lacks nothing!! I live more than an hour away from Busan and sometimes it get difficult for me to be so far away from my small group/spiritual family but from now on, I know just what to do, and that is… shift into the spirit because in the spirit we are one!!!

  11. Angela Van Gorp says:

    This message was a lot about claiming promises over our lives to shift our minds into truth. But what stood out to me was PE talking about claiming the promise of covenant over our lives to shift into the spirit.

    For her she remembered the promise of covenant with Pastor Sunny. For me for the last month and a half before I committed to leadership training I had been coming infrequently to NP, was in a bad spot, etc… But what got me out of that place was that months before I had put myself into covenant with NP. That covenant put me in a position of receiving attendance emails (which sounds kind of dumb but it seriously was so powerful- can’t even explain) but also I feel like God told me that being in covenant protected me from a lot of things.

    I feel more protected now knowing that when I feel attack I can claim the promise that I am covered by a spiritual mother and father, and that I have a family praying for me to come through that attack. As well as a system of accountability in place that keeps me protected.

  12. Magdeline Goh Seen Hui says:

    I’m so blessed by hearing this sermon. ‘True transformation starts with our mind’, this is so true because our mind is the one that controls our emotions and will. if we keep on thinking about our old self,we are not going to experience the joy and peace in our lives. There’s a lot of times that I think back about the mistakes that I’ve made and this affect my emotions a lot.sometimes I even think that I am not good enough but what PE said changes my mind. I shouldn’t focus on the flesh because by doing so I’m actually giving devil the chance to control my mind and putting more faith in the devil.but rather I should shift my mind and put my faith in Jesus Christ and believe that He is the one that gives me strength and I’m lack of nothing in the spirit.we should shift into the spirit first and watch how the circumstances moves. I’m going to learn to shift my mind into the spirit even in situations that are not favorable.

  13. Mabel Chin says:

    OH man!!! Feeling so convicted right now!! How many times have I said that I feel burnt out and need a break from serving my church? How many times have I thought that my pastor doesn’t care about me because he didn’t have the time to set up a meeting and give me the support I wanted? I guess it’s better late than never to finally realize that my mind wasn’t set on the spirit but on the flesh. I used to believe that there was a huge distance between the congregation and myself because I wasn’t physically able to be there, but now I know that’s all a lie. It was just at the time, I was so stuck on the mindset of a victim rather than a victor who has access to everything. Hearing the fact that kind of flesh/sin nature mindset showed that I trusted the devil more than I trusted GOD was a total smack in the face. I’m going to make the much needed effort to shift my mind to the spirit and let my emotions and body follow.

  14. Abby Brokaw says:

    So awesome, and so applicable. I really appreciated the connection that PE made between a mind that is still on the things of the flesh, and the absence of God’s peace. If we truly are living with God’s Spirit inside of us, and yet our minds are dwelling on the things of the flesh, then there WILL be torment. These two things cannot peacefully coexist, since one brings life, and the other, death. Also, I agree that we need to shift our minds before our actions. If you shift the position of your mind, than the actions will follow. But, if your desires and beliefs remain in the flesh, no amount of self-discipline will bear healthy, lasting fruit. One thing that I learned in my last church was that it is SO important that we hear, receive and believe the truth. If our beliefs on a subject were in error, a lot of time we would speak the truth over ourselves until it became the reality of our minds. Sometimes it helps to even look at yourself in the mirror while speaking it out loud. Speaking truth, and shifting into the Spirit, can become a part of our daily routine!

  15. AJ Cruz says:

    Whats been the biggest thing about changing ourselves can’t be focused on actions. The real change needs to come in the mind. I now understand that if we want to see ourselves walk in authority and power we need to shift our minds to the spirit.

    Authority and power comes when we start to think of things in the spiritual. The things of who God says we are and need to act like independent of whatever situation. To shift to the spirit allows us to dream big, take control of our emotions, have full confidence and security because it is who we are in God.

    A shift to the spirit establishes our identity. Being victorious over our former selves and habitual sins. A shift to the spirit is the to key to living a permanently changed victorious life.

  16. Janice So Hyun Lim says:

    I’ve always struggled with lack of energy. I have only so much energy to get through the first day of a retreat, and then I’m burnt out and cranky on the second and third day of the retreat. I can be passionate and fiery for the first half of a service, and then feel exhausted for the rest of the service. I always start off with a lot of energy and enthusiasm, but it quickly fades and I’m left feeling tired, sleepy, and apathetic. Many times in the past, I prayed to God, “God, can you please give me more energy? I’m missing out on so many things because I don’t have enough energy to stay awake, to sing out loud, to cry out, etc.” I even blamed God, “God, why aren’t you giving me more energy? Don’t you want me to focus on you? Don’t you want me to receive more from you?” With the emmaus and leadership retreats coming up, I began to worry about my lack of energy again lately. I was afraid I might get burnt out on the first day and just feel frustrated through the rest of the retreat. But having heard this sermon, having learned that I must shift into the Spirit, I am challenged to let the Spirit rule my flesh. I believe that when I shift into the spirit, I will no longer feel exhausted during worship and prayer; I will not get burnt out while mentoring my hoobaes; I will not be desperate for breaks in the middle of school; and I will not be solely dependent on my mentors and leaders to solve my problems. Instead, I will have new strength, infinite energy, unending joy and unfading passion in my heart!

  17. Audrey Tan Ngerong says:

    Such an amazing sermon! We can’t skip ahead to transformation on the outside if we’re still left with the same old mindset that corresponds to the flesh. Apart from that, it’s so true that we easily put up a pity party and put all the focus on the problems that we faced till our situations appear to be bigger than what it originally was. I love how PE mentioned about the flesh doesn’t need to be satisfied first before shifting into the spirit. There is no need for delays as we are already called victorious! It’s so important that we recognize our identities and constantly live in the Spirit as this frees us from our old sin patterns so that we can completely live out the life God wants us to!

  18. Jennifer Mendez says:

    “Shift into the Spirit and you may live a victorious life!” This is great!
    I completely agree that true transformation starts with the mind. The way you think will manifest and will come out of you. I’d be lying if I said always staying in the Spirit is easy but it sure does get easier with time; life just becomes so much better! I believe that we must be careful and watch out for our surroundings so that other things or people may not affect our shift. We must also shift so that others see this and shift themselves. In the end it will be a victorious world! :)

  19. Donnae Shone says:

    My absolute best part of this sermon was when PE was talking about how out of line it is to be burnt out. At that point my brain kind of switched off and there was definitely some offence rising up in my heart. Suddenly Holy Spirit said “Why not?” Ha! Exactly! Why not? PE had just said it, “God lacks nothing, therefore, when we are in the Spirit we lack nothing!” Of course! I was wide awake for the rest of the sermon, at a time when I so desperately needed to hear what was being said. Too often I have tried to satisfy my soul, shift from the outside in, before fully engaging with God. Time and time again I have been left wanting, realizing that my attempt at transformation was not possible simply because I no longer live in the flesh, that’s just not me (and even when I did live in that there bleak world any change was only change and never lasting transformation).

  20. Sean Norton says:

    “Burnt out? shift. that’s a lie.” “We can’t be burnt out if we are in the spirit.” “we let emotions play the lead role.”

    This point stood out to me a lot. I used to power through some parts of ministry with my flesh, my will, and I would get burnt out. I felt this way about my past church, and it’s something I got to think… I was looking at my circumstances. I was focusing on the flesh. On being alone, on feeling left out and uncared for. I needed to focus on the truth… and this is something I gotta continue to do and walk out because I still feel so haunted by my past. I want to be done with it. I AM DONE WITH IT.

    “When she responds I can shift into the spirit.” /


    This. I struggle with this. God pointed out to me that I AM victorious with this, in the area of praise. But my day to day worship? The way I live my life? I need to be shifting into the spirit more there. I need to bring the attitude I have when I serve on worship ministsry into the rest of my life. I don’t want to be fed by the flesh in any way, but be sustained by the truth of God’s steadfast love for me – that he is for me – and that he will keep me alive in my famine (Psalm 33:19) when I want my flesh to be fed. I want to be rooted deeply by his streams of living water, and not kneel to drink when I run off and starve myself on fleshly junk food. I need to claim things in the spirit not just when I’m serving, but in my day to day. I’m gonna do my best to claim things in the spirit on the daily. Thank you for this message PE.

  21. InAi Kang says:

    We give too much authority to the flesh. Definitely reclaim that! The idea of Think Positive is already out there but we need to take it further by shifting into the Spirit! When circumstances occur or even don’t occur in my life I tend to dwell or get caught up in it. I would justify it by calling it processing but I need to instinctually, automatically shift into the spirit. good message :)

  22. Pastor Erin says:

    Hey Jasmin! Great Question! First of all it’s really important to take this message into context. We’re not only called to SHIFT in the Spirit but also confront our emotions and deal with them in a healthy manner. Often shifting is best use in the context of DECEPTION but when it comes to dealing with hurt or trauma it’s more important to face these concerns head on rather than ‘Shifting’ away from them. For example if someone’s loved one passed away it would be completely inappropriate to tell them to shift. The healthy response would be to deal with the grief and to properly mourn. Another example would be if you were to get yelled at by a stranger for something you didn’t do the right response wouldn’t be to just ‘SHIFT’ and act like everyone is ok but to confront the feeling of injustice and forgiving that person. So there a instances where ‘SHIFT’ing is the most appropriate and there are instances when dealing with your emotions are more appropriate. This is why discipleship is so key because our leaders help us by shepherding our souls and leading us to the right response! Hope this helps!

  23. John Lee says:

    Shifting into the spirit was something I struggled with. I knew in my mind everything is in God’s hands, but I always found myself failing to fully trust in him in difficult situations. I kept my flesh over my spirit and this message really helped me to take authority over my emotions and not only think positive but SHIFT into the spirit. This is something I need to remind myself everyday.

  24. Pauline K says:

    Again I’m reminded of how much of what we put our minds to actually become a reality, a truth that guides how we view our circumstances and also how we respond to them. Do not conform to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind! I claim the reality that as we shift into a mindset of denouncing lies that creep up into our minds, we allow and proclaim that the supernatural manifests in our lives… Once I claim this for myself, what can’t God do in me and through me? I am so thankful for this reminder to be bold and remain steadfast in my circumstances and hold on to the truth that I am indeed blessed to be a blessing! It would be such a waste of the inheritance God’s given me to claim if I just responded to my circumstances like the rest of the world would.

  25. Masande.G says:

    Our flesh does not need to be satisfied before we shift into the spirit. We need to constantly renew our minds and submit all things to the spirit of God. Its easy to let our emotions take the lead i feel it therefore it has to be the truth but that is absolutely not the truth,I like how Pastor Erin said what you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to. If i submit and renew my mind according to the spirit then my mind will believe things according to the spirit. Our mind has an incredible power and we choose what we will submit to so through trails and life’s happening we can choose to be steadfast and live in the truth of the Spirit. Your mind LEADS!!

  26. Wow… So much truth was delivered to me through this sermon (I would also like to add that I loved the comment Pastor Erin said in passing about the last kid of the centipede chain and how over dramatic they will be about getting whipped around. That is also truthful). Pastor Erin your words were so powerful and cut right to the heart/mind. Even as I listened to the power of our minds and how they are Satan’s target, my mind was thinking according to the flesh. One my first questions that tried to discredit was that maybe thinking so positively just allows us to be disillusioned to reality and bad circumstances. It wasn’t long though before I was convicted of that thought. Isn’t my mind in the first place declaring that something is a bad circumstance. We choose what we will believe in and let deception become our truth. Setting our mind of the nature of God isn’t being optimistic. It’s setting our standard according to what he is- the Truth.

    This concept reaches so deep. As I sit here contemplating it, I am filled with so much Joy.
    Transformation comes through the continual renewal of our mind to be on the things of the Spirit, not on a previous life that was a slave to deception.

    (Thank you Pastor Erin)

  27. Stephanie Grady says:

    This was such a timely word for me. Picture me in a cafe crying and weirding out the cafe staff. I knew something was off internally and this message brought so much clarity. I love how Pastor Erin said that when we are in the flesh we are not truly ourselves. Renewing our minds daily is the key and then we can live from heaven to earth.
    The enemy is really after our minds and wants us to live out of a limited reality. He wants us to believe that our circumstances define who God is and who we are, but that is not true. These truths are so powerful and need to be the place we live from. 1. I am capable because God is with me. 2. I am called because God has called me. 3. I lack nothing because He has given me everything I need.

  28. Personally, it was such a timely word for me I needed to hear. My mindset for a past couple of weeks was more focused on sight not faith. I have been obsessed with negative thoughts and self-pity since the first nrtc session, but as pastor Erin preached in this message, even our nature tendency is sinful and something flesh, we should keep dragging ourselves into the center of the Holy Spirit. For within his presence, we can see the world the way he does, be filled with abundant joy, and hope something far beyond what we can’t even imagine or ask him for to come.
    We already possessed the richest of fare in my hands as God saved me with sacrifice of His only Son. It was so good to check up myself through this sermon, where my mindset was whether putting more faith on the enemy’s work or on God. To walk in the Spirit of sonship, live out the word of God, something needed to be shifted first. If Jesus did this, then we all can do this as well. Even more for we have the power f the Holy Spirit with us!

  29. Anastasia Tin (Seaside Campus) says:

    I also watched movie Nefarious: Merchant of Souls and it left on me a very sad and depressive reality of those women, who became prisoners not only of their mind, but physically.
    That can be so crucial, how we can be trapped and be the prisoners of our own minds, emotions, will, decisions, by not realizing it. Being in that smoke of an illusion, living in the world, that is no longer good to you, especially I would like to point the area, where women let men and all other circumstances abuse them emotionally, It was so good of you, talking about that. It helped me to reconsider my past experience with a new angle and shift and shift and shift.

  30. Shift your mind into the Spirit. It is so easy for us to believe the lies of the devil. It’s easy for us to believe that if we are upset, we should act upset, and if we are hurt, we should act hurt and take revenge. But when we shift our eyes and our minds to the spirit, we have a new outlook on life. No longer are we focusing on the negative aspects of our lives, but we are focusing on the joy and peace that the Lord has given us. Our days can be much better if we focus our minds on the spirit.

  31. Sophie James says:

    This sermon has blown my mind. It’s so outside the paradigm of everything I’ve thought about up until now but it is so timely with everything that God has been taking me through and teaching me since coming to New Philly. One thing really stuck out to me was when PE said that if you’re living according to the flesh and you’re a believer then you are putting more faith in the devil than in Jesus. Woah. Before I’d even finished listening to the sermon I put this into practice at work and I noticed the difference. SO powerful.

  32. Saeko R says:

    What a wonderful sermon! It was really refreshing and empowering to hear that we can never be burned down because in the spirit we posses everything. I agree with the statement. It reminded me the fact that when we are weak, we are strong because God can work in us the most.
    However, it is also true that burned down Christians do exist in this world. I myself have been a witness of a Christian lady who worked too hard physically as a missionary and who got burned down both physically and mentally, and got depressed eventually. When Christians are burned down, shifting into the spirit is important, yet I think that there are three more things that need to be checked. One: if God was really calling us to do the work(s) we are doing. Sometimes “doers” choose to do more than what God want them to do. Especially “doers” who can’t say “no” to people’s requests, it happens. Discernment was lacking when they said “yes”. Two: if we are not doing things only with our own effort. If we are relying on God to do the work, we should have the supernatural power that sustains us. Three: If it was the right timing to do. Even if we are called to do what we are doing, if the timing is wrong, it is wrong. We can’t go ahead of God nor be too late.
    This sermon made me realize again the importance of always living in God’s words. If our mind is full of God’s words, there should be no room in our mind that gets drifted away from the spirit. I should memorize Bible verses more.

  33. What a great word PE! I was so blessed by this message and I claim it in my struggles! I’ll admit that sometimes I let my flesh get in the way. I allow my flesh to take over my mind saying you’re not experienced enough or you lack this…but that’s FOOLISNESS!!! “For to set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6 This message reminded me to shift my mind out of the flesh with inadequacies and that in the Spirit’s way of thinking I am complete and I poses all the knowledge and wisdom that God has given me to bring glory to his kingdom. I am a great Son of God! God only has the best in plan for me! This message reminded me that what my mind thinks and claims to be true my emotions, body and attitude will follow. I should never let the devil touch my joy in the Spirit! The Spirit gives me the strength to not give authority to my flesh!

  34. Mercy Dean says:

    It amazes me how much the mind controls how our relationships will turn out. Pastor Erin talked about how she had to shift her mind before she was able to have a good relationship. I have to say that this is something that I have had to work on. However, although I have become great at looking at changing the way I view situations (I have miss placed my diamond necklace from my grandma so many times and every time, I’m just like God knows where it is I’ll get it back, two days later I find it), I have a very hard time with relationships and the view I have towards them. I am afraid of rejection and because I prepare my mind to be rejected, I reject others. I learned this about myself this past week right before Ammaus, and after listening to this message, I realize that this is my flesh. If I want to have great relationships with intimacy, then I need to be able to see the spirit and not my rejection. This message was very very good.

  35. Daniel Jin says:

    What a powerful and clarifying message. For me personally, this message only reinforced what seems to be a common theme in this point of my life right now. I am constantly being challenged to renew my mind, and so this shifting of the mind really put that into sharper focus. I was extremely challenged when I began to think if my mind is living according to the flesh or to the spirit. I know that many times my mind is in the wrong place, and to hear that that is a lack of faith in Christ and more in the Devil, wow, that was deep. Perhaps I keep living a life of the flesh because I think it’s easier and God can’t replace it with anything better. But that is all lies, and it only continues to resonate if I keep filling my mind with the flesh. God is more than enough, and we will never be satisfied enough by Him. And so I will constantly fight to believe in the spirit and let that have authority over my life.

  36. Suzie Lee says:

    WOWWW PE you brought it. Definitely going to be listening to this message again. “When we are in the Spirit, it’s impossible for us to burn out.” During NRTC, I felt very discouraged and even felt a bit apathetic. As one doubt started to form after the other, I wasn’t too confident in the truth as much as I used to be. But like PE said, “The old has gone and the new has come, and that new you is the original you.” I realized that I wasn’t letting my mind become the control center and that I wasn’t living in accordance to the spirit. I was putting more faith into the devil and in my external circumstances than in Jesus. Instead, we need to claim our identity in the spirit and be firm in God’s truth for us.

    I also really liked how we can see change in the relationships if we change our minds to believe the things that are true. Being away from home and experiencing the fire of God has been a mix of good and bad. It’s great that I’m receiving so much here in Korea, but I felt like I couldn’t relate anything to my family which provoked me to draw further away from them. However, I believe that God is alive in my family and I hold his promises to be true! There is no distance in the spirit, and although it seems like we are on separate levels, I believe that whatever I receive, it’ll flow double portion to my family back at home.

  37. Great sermon Pastor Erin, thank you! This sermon was an excellent reminder to who I’m suppose to be in Christ Jesus. These days I’ve been feeling so defeated because I let the devil touch my joy. I need to continuously fight to renew my mind because everything aligns from there. So many times I really do give more credit and praise to the devil’s workings. I let myself dwell in deceit that I lack when that’s clearly a lie! It’s so refreshing and exciting to hear that we possess EVERYTHING in the spirit, and that as soon as we shift our mindsets into the spirit we are set in our identities.

  38. James Song says:

    The revelation I got from this message was that there is no need for conditions to be met in the physical in order for you to shift into the spiritual. All you need is the transformation that comes from the renewal of your mind and that allows you to access the blessings that God has given you in its entirety. You possess everything in the spiritual – wealth, signs of wonder, gifts of healing, prophecy, wisdom and so much more.

    The reason that this is so important for me is that I rely too much on conditions being met. I need to see something be completed in order for me to acknowledge that God is present. I need to hear certain parts of a praise song to feel the transition from the physical to the spiritual. By relying on this, I was cutting myself off from LIFE that comes from accessing the spiritual. I always wondered why I wasn’t feeling alive or joyful during worship, and it’s because I wasn’t able to detach from the physical.

    Another reason is that I trust heavily in logic, and the supernatural always seemed irrational. Having complete trust in God was difficult since I was afraid of what my logic couldn’t process. Actually, last Sunday, after having attended Sunday Swim, I was starting to feel that my spirit was getting prepared and starting to catch on fire as worship time approached. For the first time in my life, I felt completely at peace as I let go of all my ‘rational’ thinking and raised my hands and truly worshiped God SPIRITUALLY. There was so much life, peace and liberation from that.

    The conclusion is this: I now know that I no longer need specific ques or signals for me to shift. When my mind is set on being in touch with God spiritually, my body has no choice but to follow and be blessed as a result.

  39. Daniel L. Kim says:

    Something that had a lasting impact on me after I watched this sermon was the understanding that I DON’T have to let my emotions/mood dictate how my days pass by. Not gonna lie; for me, I feel as if I am only in the spirit when with church people or when there is worship music playing in the background.

    Because of the lifestyle of my counterparts both in the music industry and at school, I have found myself numbing myself to the spirit during those times and waiting for either Sundays or hang out sessions with church friends to sort of counterbalance the numb feeling that I get after I’ve hung out with my other friends for a day or so. Basically, the conclusion that I got from this sermon was that it’s all on me. Regardless of whether I can influence my friends or not through my own lifestyle, I can at least stay true to myself by constantly staying in the spirit even when I am with my other friends and take full authority over my thoughts and emotions through my memories during my time without salvation.

  40. This was by far one of the most powerful message I’ve heard at New Philly. This message touched upon nearly every facet of my life that I’ve long been struggling with whether it be issues with my identity, relationships with other people, and circumstances that adversely affect my emotions, will, and body. I, and I’m sure many many others, often struggle with being overly self-critical, thoughts of being too socially awkward, lacking in confidence and boldness, thoughts of despair that we are too weak to grow spiritually, etc. However, as long as we shift our minds out of the flesh and into the spirit, we can boldly declare that we are strong and we possess everything because we are living according to who God is. Engage your mind out of the flesh and into the spirit!

    I wholeheartedly agreed with the fact that our mind is the control center that influences everything else, and the devil is after our minds because he knows how powerful the mind is. Yet, we have the authority to say no to the devil in trying to steal out joy by shifting our mind out of the flesh and into the spirit. We have the decision to choose how to feel about ourselves and our circumstances by shifting into the spirit. This isn’t mind control, this is the result of shifting into the spirit. Amen!

  41. Carol Lee says:

    I really needed this message. I’m struggling a lot theses days thinking that I’m not capable, I’m weak, my skills are not good enough and everything I do isn’t good. Even though people encouraged me saying how God made me capable, it didnt help me to change the way I was thinking. I wasn’t doubting the power of God and the promise that He made for me, but I just couldnt take those words and see anything else. I was just waiting for God to do something to make me realize how I was capable of everything.But through this message I realized that it’s not God who needs to do something right now, it’s me. Now is the time to shift the way I’m thinking. Stop thinking in the way of the flesh and shift my mind into the Spirit.

  42. This sermon about shifting my mind from the flesh to the spirit confirmed what God had been trying to teach me over this past week. I’ve felt that this had truly been a week of confirmations and breakthroughs.

    This past Sunday, Pastor Myung-hwa came down to Seaside and shared a message from the same passage. She spoke about living a victorious life, and that this involves ridding yourself of the victim mentality. The way she expressed her life, from the issues she had with self-image, to the bully bully unforgiveness that triggered a period of deep depression, it was when she declared herself victorious in Christ that things changed in her life.

    I felt Pastor Erin offered a different insight on this passage, that in order for us to be victorious, that we must have control over our minds. It is when we are thinking in the spirit, that we don’t gripe so much about the people around us. It is when we live in the spirit that we can bless others by the way we live out our lives.

    For the longest time, I thought I lacked many things. Before I heard Pastor Myung-Hwa’s sermon this past Sunday, Pastor Caleb, during Sunday Swim, boldly proclaimed that I lack in nothing. Since, I had been experiencing breakthroughs in the way I relate with people and relate to myself. It has truly been week of blessing and victory, and I feel I can anticipate great blessing in the future.

  43. “What you give your mind the right to believe is what you give authority to in your life.” What we experience in the natural should not determine our faith, the key is focusing on our hope to anchor our souls, to shift our minds to the things of the Spirit and see the supernatural power of God manifest in our every situation. Powerful word!
    “Your flesh does not need to be satisfied in order for you to shift into the spirit.” So important to remember in relationships! How you feel about what someone is doing/not doing to/for you is not necessarily true about their actions/intentions.

  44. Christina Parchem says:

    Whoa. This blew my mind. I love that early on it was said that God never burns out, so when we shift into the Spirit, neither do we. We possess everything in the Spirit, there is no reason to believe the lies trying to pull us down with what we lack. I also find that when I start focusing my mind on the things of the flesh, it just escalates. In seconds I’ll go from ‘oh, I’m little low on cash’ to ‘oh no, I’m going to starve on the streets’. Same with relationships; when I set my mind on the flesh, I convince myself that people would be crazy to want to talk to me or disciple me. And I was really blessed by what PE said about measuring our capability by our past failures. Whether it’s getting fired from a job, doing poorly in a class, or any other failure, when that’s what we bring to the forefront of our mind whenever we try to achieve something, failure is exactly what we’ll get. But when we shift into the Spirit, we lack nothing. We may make mistakes, but that’s not lacking anything unless we let ourselves believe that. And when mind shifts, everything goes with it and we will see ourselves transform. I was blessed to hear there is no distance in the Spirit, that we don’t have to wait to change, we have access to the wisdom of those who cover us without getting an email reply or coffee date. We can’t let the devil touch our joy–give authority to the Word of God and you won’t need to rely on having a good day to praise Him or break off lies.

  45. This message reminded me how important it is to set my mind on things of the Spirit rather than things of the flesh and to not depend upon what my situation is like and what my emotions are saying. I struggle a lot with focusing my mind on things of the Spirit instead of the flesh because I am such an emotional person. My mind is always going a million miles a minute and it’s hard for me to focus it on things of the Spirit but this message challenged me to have control over my mind because my mind is what leads the rest of me. Once I set my mind on things of the Spirit, then my emotions and circumstances will follow.

    I was also challenged by Pastor Erin’s message when she said that it is our choice to set our minds on things of the Spirit or of the flesh and that made me realize that unless I make it a constant effort to focus my mind on things of the Spirit and to proclaim the truths/promises God has given to me over my life, I will succumb to the Devil’s attacks on my mind.

    This message also taught me that God didn’t purpose me to live defeated by the Devil, but victoriously in Him. My identity in God is as a son, with access to all that the Father has. As a result, I have no reason to feel defeated or lacking or inadequate because with God as my Father, I lack nothing. In both my relationship with God and my relationships with others, I need to have a mind set in things of the Spirit and once I am in that mindset, truth and life will flow from that and manifest into my circumstances. I felt so empowered after this message and so encouraged to make it a daily effort to shift my mind into things of the Spirit.

  46. When I was listening to this sermon, I just returned from a difficult day at work. The whole experience had made me feel like crap and I thought it would ruin my day, week, and the rest of the time I would work there. But now, I am encouraged to shift into the Spirit and change from my mind. I thought about this as I was listening to the sermon and realized that yes, as Pastor Erin said, it is the Devil’s deception to think that way. As I shift into the Spirit, I am more excited to return to work and try again, do better, and forgive those who I feel have wronged me. I am shifting away from the ways of the flesh because my flesh is easily tired, easily angered, and easily frustrated.

    I am glad that I have covering by the fathers and mothers of the house. Every sermon I hear, at New Philly and for the NRTC meetings are really hitting the point, encouraging, and opening my eyes. I rejoice in the breakthroughs in my life in terms of dealing with sin and I am excited for what more God has in store for me through the leaders of this house.

  47. Julie Byun says:

    I think this sermon goes hand-in-hand with another message Pastor Erin preached called, ‘What are You Meditating On’ (which I actually also heard through podcast due to a business trip), which was also a very powerful message that made a LASTING impact in my life. Both sermons describes the need to focus our minds on the truth because it WILL control the way we live out our lives. If what we should ultimately aim for is to shift in the spirit, how we will achieve that is to meditate on the truth. But I do know for a fact that this is easier said than done – because after being stuck by the message on meditation(which was really a wake-up call for me), I was able to identify the things I have been meditating on all along – mainly advertisements and message sent out by the media. It was good that I finally was able to locate what my thoughts were dwelling on but it was harder to stop those thoughts on its track. The more I caught myself meditating on the things of the ‘flesh’, the more frustrated I got for not being able to ‘shift’ out of it. I understand the concept of shifting into the spirit in momentary situations – when I am facing a challenge, enduring sickness or having doubts on my identity, but I am still struggling with grasping what, as PE mentioned in this sermon, ‘setting our minds on the things of God’ would look like in my everyday life (i.e. work or spending time with friends). Help, please?

  48. Karey Park says:

    By far one of the most formative Christian books I read in my early years of spiritual growth was J.P Moreland’s Love Your God With All Your Mind. The role of the mind in Christian discipleship is something I’ve always taken seriously, and I’m glad that New Philly leaders saw this teaching as important enough to include in NRTC.

    Identity, relationships, and circumstances are prime areas that show where our faith lies. This point was well emphasized: “To be in sin of any kind is to be in the flesh.” I felt new resolve after listening to look at these (the first two, in particular) as a battleground, each against the other and competing for our authority. Only God and His word are worthy of this authority. Also, recognizing that changing from the outside first rarely works well, the mind plays a key role. It’s an identity issue, which is a helpful vantage point for studying these verses. Shifting into the Spirit is not so much a response to a specific event, as it is a renewed mind that is positioned towards things of God. When under heavy pressure or facing persecution, I don’t know how helpful it would be to tell someone “shift into the Spirit” and that “you possess everything in the Spirit” if he or she has not gone through a season of mind renewal and turning away from worldly thought patterns and ways of thinking. Romans 12:1-2 takes this idea further.

    There seemed to be a side issue with flesh and defining fallen sinful nature as contained in the human flesh (i.e., body). As pervasive as sin is, able to permeate every aspect of our mind, body, and soul, can the human flesh also play a role in spiritual growth and decline, or only the latter? Unfortunately, this translation may lead us to believe so: flesh here is “sarx” (sarc) – sin nature, the realm of sin’s operation. Our body was formed by God’s hands, and it’s God’s will that we live our lives embodied – this is how it was before the first humans sinned. Joel 2:28 suddenly came to my mind, “I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh,” as did verses in the Psalms along the lines of “my heart and flesh cry out to you, the living God.” After searching the scriptures (trying to “be a Berean” here!), I’ve come to realize that Christianity has an incredibly high view of both the human body and the material world. I do not like using the word “flesh” as the root source of all sin. As a metaphor, it is workable, particularly when taken into the context of central chapter in the incomparable letter of Paul to the Romans.

  49. Natalie Cheung says:

    The mind is definitely the control center, and it was really good for me to hear that the emotions will follow. I always felt that I had to force myself out of obedience to follow the will of God, but often I still feel the will and emotion of the flesh contending with what my mind was trying to follow. Mind over matter was something I always heard, and I knew it wasn’t a permanent fix because sooner or later, I’d break by my own strength. The truth that we’re actually shifting into the Spirit and drawing our strength from Him despite our circumstances is something I need to wrap mind around. That is what produces a permanent and impactful change in our life. Rather than just a mere placebo effect, the power of the Spirit is strong and is of the Lord. If God is in me, what can stand against me? Shifting myself into the Spirit to hold onto the promises that the Lord has given to me in His Word is something I really need to set my mind upon. Understanding my identity as a daughter of Christ, and that I have the Holy Spirit that possesses no lack inside me will allow me to do things greater things and reach the potential God intended for me. The message was powerful, and something I really need to chew and digest, and manifest into my life.

  50. Janis Pok says:

    “One of the ways we have to shift into the spirit is with our identity.” It’s so true how the lies we tell ourselves really sets our identity to be rooted in the flesh, hindering us from being rooted in the Spirit. I can personally relate to this because of the inadequacy I felt from backsliding when I got back to Korea. I thought to myself, “I went through 6 months of DTS, and here I am, back to square one. Whatta crappy Christian I am.”
    Most of the times, I didn’t go out to Emmaus and Familia and Sunday services, because I felt inadequate compared to all the holy, hardcore Christians at New Philly. The leaders, including PE talked about their former lives when they lived out of sync with the Spirit, but they had overcome that, and I had not, so I felt so shameful, because I was still in between the flesh and spirit. But at the joint revival night, i was able to really break off those lies that had been following me for so long as I came before God with a heart of repentance. Even while the staff and PE was praying over me, i could hear the enemy whispering lies that I would turn back again, like I always have, and just giving me images of partying or whatever. But I blocked out those lies and declared over myself that those former patterns of my life did not define me anymore, and I don’t have to live in fear of backsliding. PE said that the most miserable people in the world were lukewarm people, because they had one foot in the world and one foot in the church. couldn’t have said that any better. I was sick of living a double life and wanted to fill it with something that would last. I felt so much peace in my heart that night- peace that I hadn’t felt for years as I was living according to my flesh. And that misery was also broken off that night. Like this sermon is about, when I shift my thinking into the Spirit, I know my identity. It even makes me mad that I actually gave so much authority to the enemy, when i look back at it. i honestly don’t think im anywhere near the level of maturity God wants me to be in, but i really believe that because I know the importance of shifting into the Spirit, I’m drawing a step closer to His plans.

  51. Narai Bai says:

    This is actually one of my all-time favorite sermons!!! I first listened to it about a year ago and it really helped to clarify and reinforce what God had been teaching me about getting free and staying free. I always reminded myself afterwards- “shift into the spirit!”

    I have the agency to make a decision: to live by the flesh or to live by the spirit. I do not compromise and live by the flesh- that is deception and would lead to death. Instead, I live by the spirit because I am a son of God :) i don’t need to wait for anything..for something to change, a person to change..I can shift into the spirit now and see things from heaven’s perspective.

    in the spirit, there’s no distance. None. I was a son from afar, and at first it was hard to trust that I was fully covered- and I faced some deception that I would be a burden to my iccp because there were so many other people to be shepherded. Slowly that idea was being broken off, but it was definitively destroyed just last month, when I was in China and had an unfortunate incident. I reached out to my iccp, pastor haewon, and through an exchange of a few emails and one short Skype conversation, her words and prayers showed me that I was fully covered. No 3 hour conversation, which is actually my style haha, just words of affirmation and life that lifted up my spirit and reminded me of my identity both as a daughter of God and a son of this house :) thank you haewon unni!

  52. Susanna Kim says:

    This is such a powerful sermon!
    “Your mind is like the control centre.” This is so true. There have been countless times when I have let my mind control my emotions and actions in the flesh. In times when I wanted to overcome the flesh, I realized I tried to change from the outside first-through my actions. But just as PE said,  true transformation begins with your mind.

    Whenever I try to change the things on the outside first, I am trusting in my own strength to bring transformation. Shifting  into the Spirit first and setting my mind on God’s Word shows faith in God and His power. Daily, I need to hold fast onto the truth that God is all-powerful and that I have access to His power through the Spirit.

  53. 1. I loved how Honest and Transparent PE is in this sermon.
    2. I have a choice to set my mind on the things of the flesh / things of the spirit. Whatever I meditate on in the spirit (the control center) will manifest in my flesh.
    3. I can decide to fix mind on the God’s truth, and other truths, i.e. Pastor Christian and Pastor Erin loves me even if they don’t immediately respond to me. I am operating under their covering.
    4. My transformation will start in my mind. I will not entertain feelings of loneliness / abandonment. I will meditate on the Word of God. I am free. I am royal. I am a son. I am HIGHLY favored.
    5. I cannot wait till my circumstances “come to the party”. My mind has to come to the party, and believe in the truth. My mind leads, my flesh will follow.
    6. Paul and Silas put their emotions of hurt, abandonment and despair aside. Instead, they shifted into God’s reality and their physical reality followed suit.
    I have been reminded how real God’s reality is. I am encouraged to dwell on his truth. Amen

  54. Suzie Im says:

    What a powerful sermon!!!!!!
    I need to shift out of the flesh. I still feel inadequate, incapable, weak, and let myself wallow in physical sickness, but this is because I am still living by the flesh! In the Spirit, I possess everything, I am healthy, and I am capable of all things, BECAUSE living in the Spirit means being in God’s image, and these are the characteristics of God.
    I’m beginning to understand more and more why and how living by the flesh separates us from God. I used to think that because sin brings guilt and shame, and that guilt and shame keeps us from going into the presence of God. But, it is more than that. Living by the flesh keep us limited and literally separated from the fullness of what it means to have access to all things of God.
    This means I can’t wait for my situations and circumstances to change. I must change my first first, in order to change my situations and circumstances. This is how I manifest being the salt and light, as God meant for me to be. It’s not just enough to ask for grace and favor in our workplaces and in whatever circumstances or environments we find ourself in struggle, but there is a need to ask for His heart, so that our mind is realigned to His. This is how we shift the atmosphere in the environments we interact with.

  55. Jina Nam says:

    I love how the sermons preached by the pastors of our house are all so connected (it’s also reassuring to know that everyone’s on the same page, preaching this one absolute truth). I say this because listening to PE preach about changing your MIND and having it lead your body and soul into our spirit-selves, made me think back and relate it to Pastor JM’s sermon in meditating on the right things. It is ultimately what we choose to meditate on, believe and follow that no matter the circumstance, the truth will always set us free and lead us to be more like Christ. I think that this message is of great aid to those of us, who like myself, have been fighting and fending off the enemy’s attacks in our most influential parts, our minds. By knowing that the devil will try to control us through our mind, we can then fight against him by continuously shifing ourselves into the spirit :-)

  56. My past life was a clear proof that the life as flesh is the way of dead of soul. I was a depressed person, at the same time, I was depressed and sad whenever I see my depressed self-portrait. this was my identity I defined to myself. I always hoped to rescue myself and tried various things to fill my empty heart. but because I followed the flesh, I became more empty and hunger and couldn’t get away from the pattern of thinking and life, like Mobius strip. what I learned from my old life is that I have to choose a life according to spirit to save my soul. this is clear message from the darkness paradoxically.
    And I absolutely agree “the mind is a control center”, as one example In my company, my circumstances haven’t changed, but my attitude was changed. I analyze same situation differently from the past with a new point of view. and the relation with my team members is getting better. there is new identity which is given by God at the basis of serial changes. I’m not a depressed, poor person anymore. Gloom is just one of emotions I can feel. He renamed and encouraged me with His fever. I hope to live in him according to spirit for whole my life.

  57. Bethany Pak says:

    Your flesh does NOT have to be satisfied before you shift in the spirit. Amen to that PE! For so many of us it’s hard to believe that we are adequate enough for that certain role, but if we just claim that truth of in the spirit we possess everything, we should be able to revert our minds to that truth. I just feel like it’s so much easier than done, but we cannot let the devil take over our minds! Hearing PE’s story about her taking over Emmaus and the fears that overwhelmed her, makes me believe and have faith that even with my fears and worries of being on leadership, I will be more than capable to one day lead a small group because through Him we possess wisdom, courage, boldness…etc. I choose to set my mind in the spirit!

  58. Kirstin Pak says:

    My small group leader always reminds me that I am a woman of wisdom and boldness. Every time she tells me that, I try to take it in and set my mind to those words, but sometimes it’s still difficult to claim those words as my own. PE stated that the mind is the control center and if your body and your actions aren’t in tuned with the mind, then everything is going to feel disconnected. The mind is so powerful and we need to start shifting our minds in the spirit so we could set an image of who God is. Too many times we find ourselves resisting and resting in the flesh and letting evil win with deception, but we are choosing to live through Him and living a life of wisdom and boldness! Let’s set our minds in the spirit and His truth!

  59. Vicky Lee says:

    Yes. I totally agree with Pastor Erin that true transformation begins with the renewing and shift of the mind. Without true transformation from withIN, our efforts to engage with people and to live life in general tend to be forced and in vain. But with true inner transformation, our perspectives and outlook on life radically change to ways in which God designed it/us to be. And “what you give your mind to is what you give authority to” is so true because the deceiver DOES target our minds to knock us over. This sermon really touched upon my favorite verse Romans 12:2. It’s vital for us to no longer live by the flesh. :]

  60. Andres Park says:

    One of my favorite quotes from this sermon is “in the spirit there is no distance.” It reminded me that the words spoken by Jesus, by leaders at Church, and by brothers and sisters in New Philly are not simply words spoken on the fly but are inspired by God. There were many times where just remembering myself of a couple of words spoken by leaders or a simple verse I memorized helped me shift into the Spirit. In a way, it is similar to the message spoken by Pastor JM at Hillside, where he emphasized the importance of meditating on God’s Word and on His goodness.

  61. Kim Anderson says:

    This message was excellent. It really confirmed in me the desire and need to be unshakable in my faith, and in turn, living in the Spirit. Emotions should not be what we follow in circumstances! (I am totally preaching to myself right now!) If we live in the Spirit, the truth should be our foundation not emotions!

    Another thing that stuck out to me was how Satan goes after our minds. If he gets that, everything else will follow. Looking back over my reactions and how I deal with things this has been very true in my life. BUT NO LONGER! :) I am learning who I am in Christ and how to stand in it. If we have confidence in who God has made us then we know our identity and; therefore, we stand strong in truth not in what Satan tries to get us to think.

    I feel like my whole understanding of things is shifting. I feel empowered to live as God has meant me to live – in freedom and truth that His ways are higher and better than anything else!

  62. Yii Koah Kien says:

    I totally agree that our mind is really powerful, i mean depends on the way we think, our will and our emotions follows up according to our mind. It just depends on what we meditate on usually. This sermon taught me to always and constantly shift and meditate on the Holy Spirit instead of what we see (circumstances) and how we feel (emotion) because often times we get deceived by them and yet we’re not even aware of it. When we shift into the spirit, we began to see and understand the TRUTH. From the beginning I’ve been wondering about how are we able to do that but when PE mentioned about worship that explains how we always get so extragavant after a worship and with that I finally got what it means “to be shifted into the spirit”. It just simply reminds me that if we could also learn to live our lives that way, we could’ve felt more joy and also be able to rejoice in God’s love and grace no matter how hard life gets :)

  63. Samuel Choi says:

    This message resonates with me very deeply. I’d never really weighed this teaching until recently through a number of other sermons and sources I’d come across. This is one of those things that testifies to the changing power of God in my own life. The change happened very gradually but it’s real and evident. I often think about where I would be without Christ and I can’t help but praise God for saving me and bringing me through the process of sanctification (though that process is not over). In short, I look back and I was a very angry and rebellious child. And in my youth, I was still rebellious but more crafty. Often I was reckless. Even into early adulthood, I was foolish. But I could see that God was bringing me somewhere.

    It all starts with the mind. Indeed it is true that when we realize that we are connected to the very Spirit that breathed life into man and the voice that created all things, we get a sense of how powerful that connection is. When we are awakened to the Spirit, nothing is impossible. No circumstance is greater than our God.

    One of the teachings that have been surfacing of late for me is that of meditation. Paul writes, “be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” I think this is related to shifting into the spirit. The gist of all those messages on meditation was that we renew our minds through meditation. As we do, we live according to the spirit. In my life, it happened gradually, but I think I am more or less constantly living in the spirit. The summation of meditation from all my years is what has trained my mind to stay in the spirit.

  64. Della Collins says:

    I related a lot with this sermon, especially when PE was talking about taking a break from ministry due to burnout. At one point I had experienced this because I was working and doing ministry at the school which I am now working. We had an EM which was basically run by the teachers. Although I enjoyed it, I sometimes felt that I needed to take a break. However, when I had those thoughts I also wondered how missionaries stayed spiritually fed then, or pastors of a church. I believe PE has given the answer, that they are shifted into the spirit and not in the flesh. I think in combination with not being an orphan Christian, staying shifted in the spirit will provide a lot of richness for our Christian lives. And once again I am reminded that it is an action of the mind because its the control center of our bodies. We must make sure that we are transformed by the renewing of our mind and not stuck in the old fleshly way of thinking.

  65. Grace Lim says:

    Sooooo much truth. My flesh does not need to be satisfied before my Spirit is. I do not get set free by staying in the flesh, I get set free by shifting in the Spirit. I need to claim things in the Spirit, and begin to act according to it. I make the decision whether or not to shift into the Spirit, and I don’t have to wait for God to move… I can just shift into the Spirit and as I claim his truths, his promises, I can witness His power in my life. What I allow my mind to believe is what I give authority to. I need to give authority to the word of God, and in order to do so, I need to know the word of God. Recent newfound hunger for the Word!

  66. Pingping Kan Rogers says:

    I always had questions on how to live in the Spirit, and even how to discern what is in the Spirit what is in the flesh. Your testimonies are very helpful& powerful! Thank you for your boldness& honesty! Because the power of the Love of God& His Spirit have overcome all sin, all guilt, shame, and the power of Sin!

  67. Paul Moon says:

    “The mind is a terrible thing to waste”
    The mind is such a powerful tool that God has given to us. Shifting and setting our minds to the things of God/Spirit is all it takes for our bodies to follow. Many a times I have tried to shift my way of life through actions first. However actions become tedious and labored and rarely help make the change that I originally was after. Shifting in our mindset helps set the change that we seek. Even the worst days can be our greatest with this in mind.
    Die to our flesh and reborn in the Spirit. But the key to it all is our minds.

  68. I’ve been struggling to change my actions. ‘I will not do that’, ‘I should do this’ I was pressured and discouraged because I kept going back and forth.

    As P.E preached, I need to shift my mind into the spirit before forcing myself to change my actions. I really appreciated that P.E shared her testimony vulnerably. No matter how I used to be, God calls me a son so I lack nothing in the spirit! I declare it and my actions will follow up for sure.

    Also, I learned that it needs to be applied in the relationships I am in. When I set my mind in the spirit, I can prevent, solve, and overcome any obstacle especially with those are closer to me. I won’t let my emotion in the flesh run my precious relationships to death.

  69. First of all, I’m grateful we get to listen to these messages. Thank you NPC for making it apart of our training. I’m excited to hear what other gems are in the vault. Once again, NPC has made clear the simple truths of how God makes life work. I listened to it last night. I had a sore in my throat, and it had been getting worse (as I agreed with it more) but during the message I started to pray against it, and this morning, it was almost gone, now I can’t tell if its there! HEALING!!! WOOT! thank you Jesus for your awesomeness! I’ve also noticed that I was/am convinced that things take time to change, and turn around. I’ve started telling myself to believe for immediate transformation for heart and body. I have noticed the narative I’ve been telling myself as I chase after things – if I read these articles, or research this thing, or have this product, I will be happy, when God is whispering – be with me. then you will be happy. I have started to question why I do things, and who I am. Am I holding on to things from the old Brock, for old times sake? Because ‘that’s who I am’? I also was thinking about who I am, should reflect God, and wondering what part of Him I should reflect, and He was like ‘Hey Brock! reflect all of me. I will show you me, as who I want you to be’. Thanks PE I love your messages from God for us. grateful to be this amazing church.

  70. Ji In Kim says:

    SOOOOO POWERFUL!! ugh~ “What you allow your mind to believe, is what you give authority to.” I am definately seeing the fruits of this; I am so used to putting my actions before my mind has fully processed the changes I long for in my life. Through this sermon, my heart was moved in the concept of changing my mindset to fully submit to the Spirit. To cast out doubts and lies that I often convinved myself are qualities I lack in order to serve.

  71. Nina Park says:

    Shifting into the Spirit by pastor Erin is a powerful message that really exposed many of the things that i had fallen victim of. For the most part of my life I was saved but was constantly living in the flesh defeated and believing in the many lies that was whispered into my ears. I just dwelled in those lies. But i learned today about SHIFTING! I pray and declare that I will shift and tap into God’ s abundance and truth and not succumb to the lies! Thank you PE for this wonderful and delivering message!

  72. David Ha says:

    “Be transformed by the renewing if your mind.”
    Wow what a convicting message. Your mind is such an integral part of your being. It reminds me of the saying, “If you can think it, you can do it. If you can dream it, you can achieve.”
    As Pastor Erin said, many people try to change from the outside in. But the way to change is to shift our minds, shift from the flesh to the Spirit. That’s our identity in God. We lack nothing in Him.

  73. Jihyun Roh says:

    Shifting into the Spirit is not living in my flesh but in the Holy Spirit. I tend to forget that I have everything in the Lord when things are not going well in a way I want, not God wants. Living in the Spirit is to see things around me in God’s perspective that He can do anything through us if we completely surrender to Him and let Him lead.

    I also really appreciate what Pastor Erin says about feeling burned out when working for God’s Kingdom. It is not like you should never feel tired but ask God for strength when you feel burned out because of your flesh. Likewise, when you live in the Holy Spirit, that is when supernatural becomes natural.

  74. Kayla Black says:

    It’s really powerful to say that you have the choice to react. This message really shows you need to be proactive and responsible to yourself. Allowing yourself to make excuses, especially excuses that depend on others, just holds you back from moving on.

    I really appreciated Pastor Erin’s story about waiting for the reply to her crisis email. When she realized she didn’t NEED a response, what she needed was to make the decision HERSELF to change, as she actually already had the tools she needed to get through her situation, wow..what a great example!. Although it would have been easy to just wallow in self-pity, and blame others, she disciplined herself (such a hard thing to do) and took responsibility AND ACTION.

    “Your emotions follow your thoughts and circumstances will also follow,” I want to really take control over myself and be responsible and take control of my thoughts. God has given me a sound mind, so I should use it proactively!

  75. Growing up in the church, for the longest time, I thought living according to the flesh and living by the spirit were both two different ways of living in bondage. Living according to the flesh meant being slave to sin, and living by the spirit meant being forced to live with a set of rules and doctrines that restricted and limited my choices. In my foolishness, I looked and all I saw was bondage and shackles that held me back. But after really encountering God in college and after getting to know the nature and the character of the Holy Spirit through New Philly, I was beginning to see the kind of deception I was previously living under. It had made my walk with God appear very burdensome and weary, and had brought out the legalistic and the religious spirit in me. Even though I was living in sin, I had become very comfortable judging people who were sinning habitually and it had also opened the doorway for self-criticism, which soon turned into self-hatred.

    For me, this sermon reinforced the truth that our mind works as a control center and that our thoughts and how we perceive things control our actions. When we are faced with lies and deception, we need to shift out of it immediately, instead of entertaining it and dabbling with it. Right now, I think I really need to learn how to “stay shifted” once you have made the shift, like PB preached.

  76. Joyce Lee says:

    Sometimes, when i do try to choose the Word of God, i feel so discouraged when the pain or situation seems so real and so big. That person clearly is rejecting me. I am clearly the loser here. I want to give up and not choose God’s word because it seems so impossible and so mind-blowing that I am worthy, that I am who God says i am. I find myself really struggling with God’s word and having my thoughtlife surrender to it.

    It’s so easy to live out of the flesh. but, everytime we choose to live in the spirit, we are knocking down mindsets that were based on fear, rejection, shame, etc.. for all the incidents that occur in our lives on a daily basis, we need to choose to live in the spirit, no matter how “small” the deception may be. This sermon helps me to see that this is the norm that we need to strive for.

  77. Shin Young Park says:

    My mentors and a book “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer helped me a lot to understand this principle. I was glad that Pastor Erin shared a clear and more detailed message to challenge us.
    My mom is a women who would say “I didn’t catch a cold” even when she is sniffing and coughing. She disallows the state of her body but proclaims that she is healed and healthy in the spirit. It still distracts me when the reality seems so far away from what I proclaim in the spiritual realm but, I believe “whatever I bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever I loose on earth will be loosed in heaven (Matthew 16:19).”
    It is an everyday practice of telling my spirit to give authority to the Spirit on me. Focusing on myself (my flesh) always gives me disappointment and frustration but when I open my eyes and focus on God who works in me, I know I’ve already won this victory.

  78. Heidi Anna Chae says:

    The flesh only leads to death (v6). Life and peace however flow through in and out of our lives as we “set our minds on the Spirit.” Shifting into the Spirit involves changing our minds in choosing to take faith in the truths about who we are (our identities) – loved it when PE said: “Being in the flesh is not who you really are.” Come on!!!

    …As well as shifting the way we view our relationships, and not just prolonging the depth of intimacy we can have with one another through the way things may look (thirdly) circumstantially. This message reminds me to take hold of truths and actually, believe in them, CONTINUOUSLY. I don’t want to waste my thought life on things that are soulish. Aint nobody got time for that!

  79. Eunhye Cho says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with that ‘mind is the control center.’ looking back on it now, when I was sick, I felt I became more sick after I said ‘I’m sick’ to others because my mind controlled my body and emotion as PE said. I realized that how powerful role mind has. Yeah, we need to renew our minds first! I’ve got to set my mind on the spirit, not on the flesh. When I look back at my old life, whenever I had a hard time, I wanted to be comforted by others first rather than by God. now I know that I was living according to the flesh, not the spirit. from now on, I will get out of being in the flesh and I will be a more mature christian being in the spirit of God.

  80. Caitlyn Kavan says:

    The mind is the control center-
    Time and time again I see how true this is. Whatever our minds meditate on, our body and feelings will follow the thoughts in our mind. In order to change and break bad habits, we must first change our mindsets. We must SHIFT our minds first into the Spirit and then peace will flow. I really liked that Pastor Erin talked about how we must not change from the outside in but we must change from the inside out. It all starts with changing our mindsets. Also when the enemy tries to speak lies into your life, we should not put more faith in the devil by believing in such lies.
    With long distance relationships there is no distance. In the Spirit, there is no distance. When you shift your mind away from the natural things and into the things of the Spirit, renewal will occur.

  81. Seungwon Lee says:

    I still remember the first time I experienced the Holy Spirit and got baptized in it! It was about 2 months after going to New Philly.. before the experience I was doubting if God really exists and I thought all the people who were manifesting were insane lol. But it happened all of a sudden during joint prayer meeting, and I felt something exploding inside me and spoke in tongues for the first time! Ever since then, it has been quite a journey! I have been getting more intimate with the Holy Spirit and received it’s guidance along. It feels wonderful getting hit by the spirit and it is important to keep your mind renewed and walk in the spirit. Yes, the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. I believe if we continue walking in the spirit we will give birth to these qualities. I will try to continue embracing and walking in the spirit!

  82. Kanyanta says:

    I understood that “rebellion is innate before we accept Christ”, and that the “Spirit is the new nature”.
    However, I did not consider that “When we are in the spirit we possess everything”.
    It was such a revelation to hear that the mind is control centre and that our body follows your mind. I had heard this before but this time it sunk in that the key is to set my mind, to renew it. One have to deliberately decide to set it because life depends on what one decides. You control nature by what you decide.
    Which is why the devil attacks our minds – it is such a powerful truth.

  83. Jamie Yoo says:

    It’s amazing how so often, our battle is against our own flesh, and all it takes is a change of mind — a renewal of our minds! The act of turning away from pleasing the flesh and instead turning toward the things of the spirit seems easy and simple. And yet it is both so hard and easy! But I love the emphasis P. Erin makes that we have to and we can choose to act according to the flesh! We don’t need to wait for something to happen first in order to make things right or live according to the spirit. We can turn now. Now is the time. And how encouraging it is to know that we can because the Spirit is always at work within us to renew our minds and help us in our times of need.

  84. Paul Yoo says:

    I love the emphasis that the spiritual battle begins in the battlefield of the mind. Is it any wonder that Paul and Peter continually exhort their listeners to be sober-minded? It is a qualification to be a church leader (1 Tim 3:2, 11; 2 Tim 4:5). It is a quality of being able to resist the devil (2 Tim 5:8-9). The ability to set the mind on the things of the Spirit and believe them is a mark of growing spiritual maturity and stability. Then one will not be tossed to and fro by the wiles of the enemy, but will be stable and balanced because his mind is set on the things of the Spirit. But when one’s mind is unstable, then his whole life will be unstable. This message helped solidify this truth for me. So let us continue to set our minds on things that are good, noble, true, and pure (Phil 4:8). This is a discipline that we must practice and train ourselves to do.

  85. Sophia Sitorus says:

    This is so timely! After P. Benjamin’s sermon on Sunday, this sermon brings more truth for the renewal of my mind! Especially the part where we should stop entertaining the flesh – there is no distance nor lackness in the spirit. This has eliminated my doubt that arose when I watched the Journey of A Son video. When PE shared her doubt that arose because of her lack of access to her husband and spiritual mother, it resonated with what i had in mind. In the spirit, you have full access to your spiritual family! Don’t let your flesh bring you to self-pity and place of lackness. In the spirit, I am free, rich, strong, full of wisdom and love!

  86. It really hit home with me when Pastor Erin said, “We think we need to be satisfied in the flesh before we shift in the Spirit”- because that is so often exactly what I think. I wait until I can talk to this one person who I believe will give me clarity or I wait until my circumstances change before I feel like I can even begin to shift my mind. This can get really frustrating especially when it feels like the waiting time is just one long period of tension and misery. I want to live with my mind on truth even when I can’t feel it or even see it. That is really powerful.

  87. Henry Spice Ikhimiukor says:

    Sin begins in the mind.There is a difference between being tempted (a thought entering into the mind) and sinning (dwelling upon an evil thought and wallowing in it). It is important to understand that as a Spirit filled individual in Christ, when a thought enters our mind, we examine it based upon God’s Word and determine if we should continue down that path or reject the thought and replace it with another thought. I have decided to avoided periodicals, videos, websites, conversations and situations that will set me up to fall into sin. I have also avoid spending time with those who would encourage me down these wrong paths. Instead I spend more time studying God’s word and listening to New Philly’s podcast which is full of God’s hidden wisdom and breakthrough for my life. Pastor Erin’s vulnerability is so powerful & Inspiring!

  88. Jessie Lee says:

    This sermon was powerful. Before listening to it, I was feeling burned out, and I have been allowing my mind to believe and giving too much authority to things that are neither relevant nor true. I cannot wait for the perfect circumstances to happen, but I have to shift my mind first. I have to set it in the Spirit, believe in God, and claim my true identity in Him. No matter the circumstances, I lack nothing in the Spirit.

  89. This sermon really helped change some of my thinking two years ago when I listened to it the first time, but I was hit by it all over again this time! I think what really impacted me the most this time was Pastor Erin’s statement that “you are putting more faith in the devil than you are God” when you believe you are in lack. That is a strong reference and measure of who we actually trust. If God has everything, then we too also have everything. Choosing to remain in the flesh demonstrates a lack of trust that God is really sufficient and that the Spirit is powerful in us. Shifting into the Spirit demonstrates trust in God’s goodness and that we believe the words he says are true and makes the enemy powerless. By shifting into the Spirit we come into agreement with God.

  90. Hanna Hong says:

    I have read many quotes about the power of the mind and thinking positively. For example, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the body can achieve”, and “think positive and positive things will happen”. And as much as I appreciate the value of these quotes, the power of understanding how powerful my mind seems weak without the word of God supporting it.

    When Pastor Erin stated, “what you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to”, it was a such an eye opener. What she said was nothing new, nothing I haven’t heard before. But as she explains that we, as Christians, give too much authority to circumstances, physical body, emotions; and that we need to give it to God-SHIFT into the SPIRIT. This changed my whole understanding of the power of our minds and set me into a new revelation. This is because I now know my spirit is God’s original calling for me, where God does not lack ANYTHING, and when I shift into the spirit, I also do no lack anything, because I possess in everything.

    If I want to live a successful, victorious, life, I need to shift my mind of the things of the spirit and see the power of God in my life.

  91. Oscar Sun says:

    One thing that I began to think about a lot after hearing this message was that I should just be optimistic. Just try to look on the bright side, and to not be pessimistic. But what I realized was that it isn’t just about being optimistic, but really to put my faith in god and believe and claim that we are healed and we are saved. That god will provide and protect us. Sickness does not have a hold on us, because we have god and we have put our faith in him. Sure we could just be like “I’m not sick” or “i’ll get better soon” but to truly shift in the spirit and claim that we are healed is what we must do. If we shift our minds into what God has told us, then the devil will no longer have hold on us anymore.

  92. Definitely got love for the Pastors at New Philly, they bring the word in such fresh terms, and in a way that it falls on my ears in a way I can understand. The exposure to God through the word so far has been awesome, the word being preached is said in a way that I can understand so definitely thankful for that. Worship till something happens, emotions follow your spirit. I felt like this was a pretty big statement, going in with negative implications, or something weighing heavy on your shoulders, only to let go and let your emotions get over taken by your spirit which ultimately leads to joy. I bet that is an amazing experience in itself, one in which I may experience one day and at least now I will know the cause of it.

  93. Rebekah Kim says:

    WOW. This is a powerrrful word! I know that for almost all of Christian walk, my mind was set on things of the flesh. There have been countless times where I thought I was praying in faith for God to turn around a situation. I waited in those situations for God, but nothing would happen and I would wonder why God didn’t respond, and I would always thought “maybe God’s lack of answer is actually an answer to say that I need to change inwardly.” I had more faith in the reality I experienced with my five senses than the reality of God’s authority. But all we have to do is live in the knowledge that God has answered us. It turns upside down completely our default mode of living (following our emotions). And this doesn’t just promise a change of heart to deal with difficult circumstances, but it deals with those circumstances. This is a very empowering message!

  94. Felix Baumer says:

    This message has spoken so much into my life; I don’t even know where to start. Some people say that your mind can be your greatest weapon but as well the greatest enemy to yourself. This sermon gave me a whole new deeper and clearer revelation what this truly means. Our mind can be so powerful. People can create amazing ideas in their minds and can have incredible will power to actually implement them when they shift their minds into the spirit. However, if they stop or fail to fight against the enemy, give into the flesh, lose their will and hand over the control of their own mind to the devil, they allow the devil to take away their joy and show a disbelieve in the immense power of the spirit God provided in us. As Pastor Erin says: “true transformation starts with your mind”. Shifting into the spirit will fill us with peace and let us truly become what God intended us to be.

  95. Alina Cho says:

    Oh dang. This message really spoke to me today because I have just been feeling extreme fatigue lately and this mindset that I am so busy, I have no time for anything, I am always tired, has been running amuck in my head. These thoughts have just taken over my mind lately and just kept started me thinking that I will be always tired and energy less. But I know that in God we have the ability to do all things. For example today, I was feeling extremely tired and just drained from this school semester and my thoughts started out as maybe I should skip CG today because it would be better to rest. But I still planned to go, however, just this set mindset that I am tired and will not have energy became bigger and bigger and I felt more exhausted as time got closer to CG and ended up not going. After listening to Pastor Erin’s message, I know that the next time I feel tired I need to pray a loud for my spiritual mindset to be more God focused instead of my wants and needs.

  96. Shift into the spirit! – it’s something I have to direct my mind and whole being to; to not fall to the desires of the flesh, but to actively take charge and authority. I was definitely blessed by this word because I’ll confess I have been struggling in letting my frustration get to me and then my attitudes and actions towards others, (but mostly my family members). To be in the spirit is so vital because of the lie that we believe that the flesh has to be satisfied; so much power has been given to the flesh that the spirit is often neglected. Pastor Erin touched upon something I had just learned this week that once we believe in something – in our mind- our body is eventually taken, and we begin to believe and follow accordingly. The mind is such a vulnerable place that the enemy knows to attack it first, to get to our beliefs about our thoughts, feelings, and state of health. Another thing that I was just so blessed and encouraged by were the words of Pastor Daniel Roberts; that in the spirit, there is no distance. PE’s testimony of her instant response into the spirit by hearing the words Pastor Sunny had said to her illustrates a deep truth to me that when the Father’s promises and words are on my heart, my spirit will be in tune to His and that when the desires of the flesh come, the desires of the spirit will be in me instead.

  97. Taylor Herman says:

    Wow this was such an amazing and convicting sermon~ While listening to everything Pastor Erin was saying I realized just how much power and authority I have been allowing my flesh to have over me, and how much it really controls me, without me even noticing. Even when I thought I was walking by the spirit, I was in fact still operating in the flesh. I too experienced losing, not my entire wallet, but my bank card, and although I asked God to please help me help me through it, I still let it really upset me and affect my attitude, and my attitude towards those around me. But the thing was, I thought I was still walking in the spirit, even though the situation and my emotions were controlling me. But my eyes have been awakened through this sermon to what exactly it means to shift into the spirit, and give authority, instead, to the Word of God, not my circumstances, my physical body, my emotions, or any other fleshly thing. Thank you Pastor Erin for this super insightful word~

  98. 3 Lessons
    1. Need to center my minds on the matters of the Holy Spirit not of my flesh
    – “those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.”
    – reminded that in order to live according to the Spirit, I actually need to set my minds on the things of the Spirit instead of expecting me to live in the Spirit somehow accidentally
    – was reminded that God really values me setting my minds on the things of the Spirit
    – shift my minds into the Spirit because mind change influences spirit and flesh

    2. Grow in the mindset that I lack nothing in the Spirit
    – regarding my identity, speak the truth to myself such as “Who I am is a man of wisdom” and “I am strong.”

    3. Believe it’s okay to change mind before circumstances to be changed
    – “Don’t wait for circumstances to be changed. Claim it and watch the circumstances change. What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to. We give way too much authority to our circumstances, physical bodies, and emotions, but we need to give authority to the Word of God; because when we do that, what we read in the Word of God will manifest in our lives.”

  99. Powerful message! it’s just super good!!
    Shift your mind first to the Spirit for your identity, the relationships around you and the circumstances!Set your mind on the spirit and claim it and watch how your circumstances change! Don’t let the devil take away your joy!Shift into the spirit, set your mind on the spirit, let your emotion rejoice with the spirit and you’ll see the power the supernatural miracles of God!What you allow your mind to believe is what we give authority to!We have to give more authority to the word of God!We are called THE VICTORIOUS ONES!
    there’s no more yogurt,there’s no milk, there’s no cereal,grandma’s having a rough day..bad cramps on her leg but“sorry devil, I’m not listening to your lies, I’m not spending my precious time complaining or worrying”instead,I thank you God for this day,I feel so blessed, so loved, so happy, so excited!you made my day a day full of your stories and there’s nothing better than enjoying and sharing about you! and I feel soooo full 

  100. Jessica Kim says:

    I love how powerfully God speaks through PE and every time God speaks to me directly through each message. This message is something that I needed to hear because of how my week has been. When our minds are on the things of the flesh, we think in that sinful nature and say that we are drained or dont have enough, so we need to shift into the Spirit because God never gets burnt out.I have heard that before but it is something that I needed to hear again because my mind has not been in the Spirit nature but the sinful nature. It really spoke to me when PE was saying that if our mind believes something bad, then our emotions and body will follow. I first heard that from Joel Osteen but I forgot until I heard it again. Regardless of what we go through, we need to believe in our minds that we are healed and can do anything and everything through Christ. I forgot that all of my negative thoughts and beliefs are feeding the devil. So often I find myself being controlled by deception and so often I look to small things in order for me to shift into the Spirit, when all I need to do is set and shift my mind. I really liked what PE said about “our flesh does not need to be satisfied in order for us to shift into the Spirit”, because we know the truth and we just need to continually declare the truth over ourselves. I wondered why even with my circumstances, I still ask the Lord and believe things will get better but thinking about it, I never shifted my mind to the Spirit nature. When PE talked about when someone loses their wallet, their minds tend to go towards the negative, it reminded me of one of my testimony. Looking back my mind was in the Spirit nature so much and now I realize somewhere between then and now my mind switched back to the sinful nature and I have not shifted it back. Powerful message! ^^

  101. Sharon Shin says:

    What I really loved about this message was that Pastor Erin really emphasized that the shift into the spirit was crucial. We may hear this a lot, but I felt relieved that she also told us how to do this as well. What probably stuck out to me a lot was also that when “we are in the spirit, we cannot burn out.” This kind of blew me away and got me thinking that, when we’re feeling tired in the place of worship, that’s just our flesh talking. And once we start believing that we are getting tired, the spirit (though it can’t burn out) will follow. I never had realized how powerful the mind can be in our spiritual walk with God, and knowing this gives me gladness that there is something that I can consciously do when I feel like I’m getting attacked. And that while our spirit is powerful, we also can’t underestimate the power of the mind, because it is SO powerful.

  102. Eunbi Lee says:

    This sermon was such a convicting message for me. After I finished listening I just couldn’t help but think about how much I let my mind be controlled by the flesh and how easy I made it for the enemy to come into my mind and take authority. When Pastor Erin talked about ‘identity’ and how your change of habits is not first but the change in your mind is what comes first, I realized I was doing it all wrong. I always thought if I do things in a certain way and it becomes my habit, I will be able to change into a person who does that kind of action but after listening to the sermon I realized my mind has to be the one that needs to be changed.

    The examples that Pastor Erin gave were actually things I went through recently. When I was sick I would let my mind declare that I’m sick and then it affects my mind, will and emotions. When she talked about circumstances, I would always let what happened to me affect me for the rest of the day or affect my relationship with other people. I felt so rebuked but I was so happy that I was realizing what is important. I need to shift my MIND into the Spirit and not into the flesh because putting my mind into the flesh is not only going to harm me but most importantly it will affect my relationship with God. God made me to be victorious and lack nothing but because I placed my mind in the flesh I was missing out. Before, I didn’t know the importance of my mind shifting into the Spirit but now I know and I will be able to I guess in a way rebuke myself and tell myself that my mind needs to be always and constantly in the Spirit and not the flesh.

    Thanks you Pastor Erin for this message! It was very convicting for me but I loved feeling that way because it meant I was learning.

  103. JoAngela Jimenez says:

    Wow! This was such a powerful message! I really enjoyed listening to Pastor Erin’s testimony. Its so amazing how great God is and really gave me a lot of hope. As Christians we should learn how powerful our words are. Bible talks about how there is death and life with the power of the tongue We should be so careful about what words we use to talk about ourselves and others so that we do not speak death into our lives or the lives of others. .

  104. Bethany Joy Tweeten says:

    “Being in the flesh is not actually who you are.” Love that. Although reacting in the flesh can seem to come very naturally to me, it is refreshing to remember that my true identity is that I have died to the flesh and made alive with Christ. I feel like I need a reminder of this sermon every day as it can be so easy to get caught up in what I see around me in my circumstances. This transformation starts in the mind, renewing my mind daily by spending time in the word and in prayer, asking God to transform my mind, keeping me rooted in the truth and remembering who I really am!

  105. Gon Kim says:

    I loved how PE emphasized the importance of our minds because it’s one of my subjects of fascination. It’s really interesting to see how all of our actions are rooted in our beliefs, forming which is the work of our minds. Our lack of ability or desire to shift our minds on the things of the Spirit hinders us tremendously. We have the things that we need to do it; whether they’re encouragements, words of affirmations, or our favorite Bible verses. We always have access to them but we cling our minds onto our flesh. This message powerfully demonstrated how we must fight against this attack of the enemy and shift our minds on to the Spirit so everything else is set on the Spirit.

  106. Soojin Sou says:

    First of all, is there a way you can put the comment box on the top? Just saying, it would be much more convenient instead of scrolling all the way down, and it would be greatly appreciated. ^_^

    Anyway. This message reminds me of my favorite verse, Romans 12:2! This message really encouraged me to put my identity in my NEW self! I’ve been struggling with not identifying with my old self that’s of the flesh. But now I will give authority to the word of God and what God says about me. I am able, I have more than enough, I am victorious!

  107. Joseph Lee says:

    Changing the mind and shifting into the spirit. I need to stop living in the flesh and really trust that God is really sufficient, and that the Spirit is powerful within us. Really made me think of my past and how I fall into old habits. I need to get on it~ Keep pouring that wisdom!

  108. Teng Jo Ee says:

    Pastor Erin’s messages never fail to blow my mind! Thank you for this powerful message! Through this message, I see how I’ve been allowing myself to live according to the flesh and give the authority to the devils. I let myself being upset over small matters, satisfying my flesh’s need instead of my spiritual needs and etc. In fact, if I shift my mindset and live according to the spirit (which means living in the image of God), I lack nothing. Our identity, our relationship, our circumstances are all under God’s power. Therefore, I shall sing and rejoice for what God has offered me and shift myself into the spirit for I am His son, I am victorious! 😉

  109. Rose Balais says:

    Whenever we face discouragements and difficulties in our lives, it is so easy to allow our circumstances to affect our actions and emotions but through this message I was reminded that my mind is more powerful and holds so much more authority over any circumstance. By shifting into the spirit and renewing my mind, the devil can never steal my joy!

  110. Hye Ryoung Rhee says:

    This message was kind of a “wake-up call” for me in that I realized that I’d been asking God for this and that, focusing on what I lacked, instead of shifting my mind to believe He had already given me everything. Even though I call myself a Christian, I have yet to claim my identity as one, to know that being in the flesh is not really who I am. I’d often heard that feelings of discouragement and inadequacy were lies of the devil, but it really struck me to hear PE put it as actually trusting in the devil rather than in God. I often find myself blaming the weather or any other circumstances when I feel down or lonely, but I have to stop letting the devil steal my joy away because, as PE put it at the end, we are called “victorious.” I have to live out that life as a victorious one by shifting my mind OUT of the flesh, and INTO the spirit!

  111. HyeJoo Lee says:

    I guess it’s so easy to keep your mind from falling to the desires of the flesh. Even something as seemingly harmless as waking up on a rainy day just to tell yourself that it’s gonna be a bad day really affects the whole of you. That’s how vulnerable our minds are, and just shows how much stronger and conscious we have to be to not let our minds be influenced by the devil. It’s also just sometimes so easy to give way to emotions, letting impulses into our minds and consequently making us act upon them. I have to always remind myself of who has authority over my mind. It’s the Word of God, nothing else. Giving full authority to Jesus over my mind, I can always rejoice, regardless of my circumstances.

  112. Halima Dodo says:

    In this message I learned (or re-learned) that God lacks nothing. Therefore in the Spirit, we possess everything. At first I thought that this was something I already knew, but I was unaware that by simultaneously living in the flesh I could not reach that inheritance. I was blessed when Pastor Erin talked about how a mind centered on the Spirit leads to life and peace. We can not set our mind on flesh, because our emotions and will also adhere to that decision. As the control center of our body, the mind is a prime target for the enemy. Thankfully, as God’s people we are called into transformation and renewal under the Spirit. I was blessed by how Pastor Erin laid out the areas in our life where we need to shift into the Spirit. Because we manifest what we think, we as God’s people must shift into the Spirit in our identity. Although we are born with a sinful nature, the flesh is not our identity and we cannot give the enemy glory by focusing our mind on areas of lack in our lives. Pastor Erin also talks about shifting out of the flesh in our relationship because in the Spirit there is no distance. In the past I found it difficult to become close to or vulnerable with others, especially with people in the church. But what I did not know then is that in the Spirit I am one with my brothers and sisters in Christ. My biggest take away from this sermon was that to shift into the Spirit in our circumstances, we must allow the power of God to follow through and protect our joy from the enemy. Authority does not belong to the flesh, it belongs to God!

  113. Paul Paik says:

    To be honest, this may just be nit picking, but I felt uneasy while listening to this sermon because midway through I felt that the mention of God had been forgotten for some time. Despite the use of the terminology “flesh vs. spirit” I really felt like I was listening to a psychiatrist for a significant period because despite the great analogies and connections, the focus seemed to only point at secular optimism and how looking at things differently will often affect our reactions and reflections on issues. I felt like someone was just telling me to not let trials get to me and to “always keep my head up,” which can be found in many secular lessons. However, this was only a slight discomfort, as Pastor Erin did later begin to mention The Lord much more and taught me to not just be optimistic, but to be optimistic and have faith in the Lord and His power.
    And aside from that, what really challenged me in the sermon was when Pastor Erin spoke of how our claims that we are “burned out” and we “need a break” are false beliefs that are only created because our focus on our own desires of the flesh, being our time and energy, instead of on God’s glory and trust in His never-ending strength and power. Being someone who recently used that very excuse, it really challenged me with the question of why I had really decided to step down and forced me to realize that God is sufficient and that because of Him there is no need to hesitate or rest. All we need to do is keep our minds fixed on His spirit, trust in His power, and do the work that he wants us to do in His perfect plan.

  114. Annie Weiss says:

    In sin, you are in the flesh, we rebel against God. This passage is one that is very close to my heart and PE really brings new insight to it. When our minds are set on the things of the Spirit, we are not going to be bogged down with the problems of the flesh. One of those problems that PE identifies is burn out. She said that you don’t burn out when you are in the Spirit because when you are in the spirit you have everything. That is amazing to think. So many people complain of burning out, but when we are in the Spirit we won’t. Also, PE said that when our minds are set on the Spirit, we are able to claim our identity and make decisions based on truth. We must first see in the spirit and then expect in the natural (Paul and Silas in prison). Your spirit follows what your mind is on. It is great to know that you just need to shift!

  115. Jeremiah Silvey says:

    Pastor Erin brought a great message in revealing the truth of living by the spirit. Setting our minds on the spirit can be a daily battle, but when we can truly manage our thoughts in the spirit we can be free. I thoroughly enjoyed her practical examples especially bringing Paul and Silus into the mix. Her descriptive analysis allowed me to look into their lives from a different perspective which allowed me to see how the two men had to engage their thoughts in the spirit while they were in the midst of frustrations and pain. I hope to thrive through controlling my thoughts and setting my mind on the things of the spirit in the midst of pain and suffering. I realized that in the hardest times I can sometimes give too much authority to my circumstances and emotions instead of the word of God. Lord, may I continue to grow in the spirit through the renewal of my mind. No matter what circumstances I face, may I consistently be living by the spirit in peace. Thank you for your message Pastor Erin!

  116. Christy Lin says:

    “Walk by the Spirit, and you won’t gratify the desires of the flesh.” This is a key teaching and perspective to have if you want to live and serve in the kingdom. There is no other way to live without getting slapped around by the enemy and your own thoughts. God has given us the answer to living a victorious life in Him. He has told us how to tame the flesh but choosing to submit to Him. For we live life in the Spirit because our spirits are born again, cleansed and reconnected with God. It is our minds that need renewal. Our spirits are wiser than our souls, that still carry baggage from our pasts. A mind submitted to the Spirit means we need to quiet our souls and let our spirit connect with His Spirit. This must be first established with God, however, and not people. I would have liked to hear more about what accessing God’s Spirit looks like, and how we can live our lives by engaging our spirits with Him and others.

  117. Jane Cho says:

    What a relief to know that all we need to do is ask God to take hold of our minds and the mental shift can release the supernatural in our physical and emotional states of being. This is very hopeful to know that every part of our self is required for a total surrender before God and that simple act of dependence transforms who we are and how we respond. I am a big fan of looking towards God and not people, and it is all the more encouraging to know that increase in faith comes with an intimacy in our invitation to the Spirit.

  118. Emily Tregelles says:

    You know it’s the Holy Spirit when every time you listen to a message, you get a fresh revelation of it. :) Having listened to this again since two years ago, there’s still so much to chew on! What a powerful word!
    There were 3 things that really stood out to me this time.

    1) “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to.” Our thoughts direct our steps and our actions, but it’s interesting to think about it in the context of deception. If I believe something that is out of line with God’s truth, I’m giving more authority to Satan to work in my life than God. That’s a sobering reality! I want to line my thoughts up with God so that I’m giving authority to his truth and inviting him into my situation.

    2) I don’t need to wait for my flesh to be satisfied in order to shift into the Spirit. Wow. This was such a needed rebuke for me! I too often wait for my feelings to set me up to enter his presence or call on his name. Sometimes I feel that I “need” this or that, before I align myself with what he says, or move on with what He has asked of me. Why does that make any sense? God never changes and his truth never changes, but my fickle feelings change all the time! No more fickle flesh – I’m gonna declare truth!

    3) “I put her words on my heart. So all I needed to do was remember.” The example Pastor Erin gave of her own experience dealing with her flesh is so instructive. I need to declare truth in my situations and shift into the Spirit, but I can’t do that unless I’m treasuring up the words of the Lord on my heart. Having the will to shift into the Spirit is not always enough. Equipping yourself with truth, and treasuring the word of Lord that He speaks to you is equally important. Then you have the sword that you need against the assault of the enemy. :)

  119. Susan Min says:

    This message was so powerful & hit very close to home. Some of the things that Pastor Erin shared were so relatable to what I had gone through. I didn`t realize it, but I had been in sin with a mind set on my flesh. What scared me most was when PE shared that falling into the temptation of the flesh is letting the devil win. I had served in church for several years, but I had convinced myself that I was not equip and that God had not gifted me to be in a leadership position. But that was letting my flesh `win`, I want to shift my mindset to the spirit. & I want to always believe and declare that through God, I can be used in His kingdom. I need to learn to be satisfied through the spirit & not the flesh.

  120. Jinny Kim says:

    We can make a decision to set our minds on the flesh or on the spirit. When you set your mind in the spirit you are no longer dragged along by your emotions or circumstances and you are able to excess fullness our good Father desires for us. When we allow our minds to dwelling on the flesh, we constantly fall into deception and lack of peace. In order for a change, we need to shift our mind from the flesh to the spirit first. There are two main areas in which we need the shift: identity and circumstances. When you shift your mind in your identity, you are claiming your identity in spirit- that you are capable and you are provided with more than abundance in Christ. The shift in circumstances is about pushing through the emotions and circumstances: not letting what happened to you robs you of joy. This teaching really blessed and equipped me because from time to time I allowed myself to be robbed of my own identity because of my emotions or circumstances. I feel so empowered and set free to know that I am more than abundant in Christ no matter what circumstance as I shift my mind to the spirit.

  121. Everytime that we are discouraged or feeling inadequate, we need to remind ourselves that we are more than conquerors in Christ and to SHIFT into the spirit! We are called to live a victorious life for God and the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. Having your mind set on the things of the Spirit are way more valuable than anything of the flesh. The Spirit of God brings life and power!

  122. Chris Han says:

    I was blessed to be reminded of the important role that mind plays in our spiritual life. I was especially blessed when Pastor Erin said that what we allow our mind to believe is what we give our authority to. We must shift to the Spirit by claiming the promises of God in faith and submit our minds to that faith. Our lives and joy must not depend on us or our circumstances but on God and His words. Hallelujah.

  123. Kirby Beneventi says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this sermon! Such great insight and powerful encouragement! I loved her rhetorical question about when we try to “change ourselves by shifting our actions” and how that way is futile. As I evaluated moments in my own behavior and reflected upon the times when I operate in the flesh/fear/death versus when I operate in the Spirit/life.
    I was reminded of a passage in Romans 4 how God “calls things that are not as though they were”…in a similar manner we are transformed though the renewing of our minds, and to align ourselves with the Spirit so as to walk according to the new nature.

  124. I am blessed to understand that the things that i allow my mind to believe are the things that i give authority to. As the child of God that i am, i need to focus my mind on the things of the Spirit and not the flesh. There is the need for me to make a conscious effort to set my mind on the word of God and not the lies of the devil, and this has to reflect in my relationships and even in the toughest situations that i find myself in. It does not matter the kind of mistakes i made in the past or the things i did, but because i believe in Jesus Christ and His resurrection power, i am a new creation. Everything is made new in me, including my mind and i need to walk and believe in the victory God won for me on that cross so many years ago. Thank you PE for this great message, God bless you.

  125. Seoyoung Yoon says:

    Great sermon! When my plan is going wrong way, I usually get really upset, and I give up on everthing and do nothing. But after listening to this sermon, I will never let the devil touch my joy. And I need to set my mind on the blessings God has given me so that my day will not be ruined by the heat of the moment.

  126. PE has empowered me through this message. The mind is our centre but we can control it to think the word of God and to win the battle from our head even before it materializes. I’ve been reminded to take control of my mind and my identity.

  127. Eddie Mun says:

    This sermon helped me to remember that I lack nothing at all in the Spirit. It made me realize that I need to make a conscious decision to shift in the Spirit in order to exercise the authority given to me by Christ. Once one does this, they become invulnerable to Satan’s attacks. It dawned upon me that when we shift in the Spirit, the mind and body follows. Once again, it really highlighted to me how powerful the spiritual realm is.

  128. Ahreum Kim says:

    Oh, this message is awesome! How much I dwell in the flesh following the sinful nature. I admit that I’m so much in conflict between flesh and spirit! But shifting into the spirit and proclaiming his word over me! I need this! Following the flesh leads to the death but spirit leads to the life!

  129. Amy Lee says:

    I was very blessed by the sermon in realizing the power the power the Spirit could have in my lifs. From experience, I know that I could cause myself to believe in lies which would lead to destruction. Thank for sharing this message so that I can be conscious of the possible attacks and helping me to prepare for that.

  130. This message was very helpful in building my self-confidence and helping me realize that I lack nothing. Since I’ve been a Christian for less than a year, each time I have been told that I will be a strong leader, I have had a lot of doubt. I’ve been convincing myself that I have the passion, but I lack the knowledge and experience needed to be a leader. But this sermon has blessed me with the truth that I possess everything in the spirit and that I am capable of being a leader because God is with me and that is what He has called me and has given me everything I need. As long as I believe the truth of the spirit and shift my mind to that truth, I will have access to the powers and knowledge needed to go forth into whatever God calls me to do.

  131. Lisa Young says:

    It’s interesting how much power the mind has. We can choose to live in the spirit, but a lot of the time we don’t want to. Why are we so reluctant to take something we know is good? Why don’t we just go after what we want right away? I guess we hate getting things too easily because we want to feel in control of getting them for ourselves our way instead of receiving them from God through his way of accomplishing them. I think I don’t really get this sermon yet so I need to listen to it another time.

  132. Keketso Makape says:

    I know how easy it is to get into that trap of destructive self-pity by playing back (in our heads) all the things that are untrue. It happens more often that I’d even like to admit. There are so many sayings about how much the power the mind has, but I loved that Pastor Erin spoke about reminding ourselves about God’s truth- it’s very different from just the ‘self-help’ type of mind switch because we can look to the Truth we know in scripture. Always a good reminder that if we catch those negatives thoughts early, we’ll save ourselves a lot of unnecessary pain. Really enjoyed hearing Pastor Erin’s personal examples regarding this.

  133. Hyeji Lee says:

    I can feel that this God has prepared this message for me of nowadays. These days, I have become so easily depressed or saddened by even a word from others. My mind, not being able to be shifted in the spirit, was governed by what others talk or think about me. After listenig to this sermon, I just realized that how important it is to live fully in the spirit not in the flesh. As God lacks nothing, if I live in the Spirit, I won’t lack anything. Even circumstances around me, like Pastor Erin said, should not bother me because I don’t want to give authority to anything else but the Spirit. Of course it will take a little bit of practice to shift my mind right away when something happens. However, I can do everything through him who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13) so I won’t worry.

  134. Kevin Choi says:

    This message has led me to prayer. For Him to help lead my mind away from the world, For I cannot do it alone, and Into the spirit. So I can tap into the source of infinite love and wisdom. To pour out his will.

    To Lead with my mind. Feel with my emotions. Persevere with my will. With the spirit encompassing all these areas. Giving all authority to Him.

    Being fully covered by spiritual fathers and mothers, With full access to their wisdom, was knowledge instilled into my heart today.

  135. Katt Gao says:

    “All of a sudden I’m trying to pursue God but before I can live a life for God, God began to teach me..that I need to first shift my mind”. I think this reflects the journey that many christians go through once they accept Jesus. The struggle with old habits and sin patterns is very real, and although your heart wants to run after God your flesh often gets in the way. This has been true for me personally.

    It was helpful for me to understand the power of shifting your mind as P. Erin gave a personal example of her fear of lack when it came to Emmaus. Because she had her mind set on being in lack, that’s what happened, “all I saw is what I did, all I saw was who I used to be, and because my mind was set on that, that’s exactly what I did”. It wasn’t until she had words of life and truth spoken into her by P. Benjamin and Sunhee saying “you lack nothing in the spirit, you possess everything in the spirit” that she was able to understand who she was in God.

    The main conviction I got from this message was that my flesh does not need to shift in order for my spirit to shift. In fact it is the other way around and it us in our ability to shift ourselves into the spirit.

  136. Yery Reyna Yoon says:

    “There is no distance in the spirit.”-P Robert Daniels.

    It’s easy to feel distant to our spiritual leaders, even our comm group leaders who we may meet once a week, or even our friends and family, depending on the thoughts that we choose to accept or the circumstances that arise. But to trust that there is no distance in the spirit, that the love our leaders and family hold for us transcends the physical distances of time and space and they keep us accountable, if only we choose to inscribe it to our minds and hold on to it.

    I think Satan attacks our flesh by making us feel lonely, disconnected, insignificant, rejected.
    Even when we are in a body of Christ, if we are sensitive to these emotions, that is not living in the spirit but following our flesh! I learned a lot from P E’s sermon today !

  137. Alex Quach says:

    PE talked about the two spirits that are at work in our lives. The spirit is the new nature that holds power and is the original form that God has called us to. If we are in the spirit we have everything because God posses all and is never burnt out.

    The spirit of the flesh is that spirit of the sin nature. Those who are operating in the flesh cannot please God. When you live according to the flesh the only outcome is DEATH.

    It is important to know that our mind is the control center. When our mind decides something is true our emotions, will and body will follow. To set the mind on the flesh is death, but to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace.

    The choice is up to us when we face different circumstances. We need to choose to keep our joy and see the power of God come into our lives and not allow ourselves to operate in the spirit of the flesh receiving nothing.We shouldn’t give more authority to our circumstances, physical bodies, and emotions than we give to the authority of the Word of God that will manifest in our lives.

  138. Woah. That was a powerful word. It reminded me of the many times I felt anxious or worried about various circumstances in my life, and how I shouldn’t have given my time to those emotions. Every situation I’ve been in was always met by God’s grace and His kindness. This message challenged me to consistently be at peace in my heart, to be shifted into the Spirit in everything because I trust God and His Sovereignty. And I hope that people would see that and want that for themselves, so they would ask and find the goodness of God in their lives.

  139. Simon Cha says:

    This is exactly what I needed. If you live in the realm of sins, you end up committing more sins, cos you surround yourself with sins. Shifting to the Spirit truly transforms individuals and when it is not possible to obtain God’s peace when your mind is on the flesh. Thank you Pastor Erin for this strong message. It is truly convicting.

  140. Helen Kim says:


    It’s so true, that we give way too much authority to our emotions and external circumstances.. when in fact, what we really need to do is give authority to the WORD OF GOD. To tap into the Spirit and declare the truth over the lies. Because, true transformation starts with our minds and us shifting into the Spirit. There has been so many times where I have tried to start with changing my actions first instead of starting with my mind being set to it. I guess this sermon has really reminded me of how powerful the mind is and how much I have underestimated it.

    Do not let the devil steal your joy. Everyday, we have opportunities to shift into the spirit and let the truth manifest in us or to follow the fleshly desires and walk in the ugly patterns of sin.

    Oh wow, when P.E. said “this generation has a lot of faith.. just in the wrong things”… I felt a strong nudge to help my friends. So that they can shift into the Spirit, access the supernatural and make it natural for them.

    There was so much truth and hope overflowing from this message. I loved it.

  141. David Kim says:

    This sermon reminded me of how powerful the mind is. We can position ourselves to do the work of the enemy or position ourselves to do God’s will by choosing not to be moved by circumstance but renew our mind and shift into the Spirit. I like the example PB gave of the centipede game and how the mind is like the person in front whom guides everyone else which way to go

  142. Since the mind is the control center, the body and will and emotions all follow what we decide in our mind. We’re meant to have the mind of Christ, and when that’s the case, nothing Satan throws at us can cause us to lose control of our mind. Rather than agreeing with the devil, keep the mind of Christ and the rest will work itself out.

  143. Michelle Euperio says:

    “Being in the flesh is not who you are.” Wow. I had to sit on that one for a bit. I really enjoyed the examples she used of eating pounds of chocolate and saying that if you try to change from the outside first, failure will come. There have been so many things that I have tried to do from the outside first and yes failure came. When I really started walking with the Lord, one of the first things that changed was my identity and everything changed. Shifting my mind with my identity was key to walking into the greater things the Lord has, but I have been a bit lacking in shifting my mind in circumstance and relationships. When little things like losing keys or getting a cold happen, I am so quick to give authority to the circumstance. NO! I am a victor! The enemy can’t take my joy!!! Also, there were some relationships that I have literally been speaking death over and just gave up on. Nothing has come and that’s because I needed to shift my mind first!! This was a great sermon and I enjoyed Pastor Erin’s humor and wisdom.

  144. Pricilla Jin Chung says:

    Such a bold sermon. I didn`t realise that we had such access to shift our minds. Just like pastor Erin said, I find myself waiting in the flesh for something supernatural to come and blow me away. But I just gained so much hope and confidence through this sermon that we are given so much more power and authority over our minds than I thought we had. I am just reminded about the importance of knowing who we really are called to be and our true identity in Christ. When I am going through a down hill sometimes I have to speak truth over myself and looking back to my life ive realised that it actually releases so much freedom! But yet even doing that at the back of my mind I felt doubtful and almost felt like I was deceiving myself. I am just realising that our faith requires a lot of discipline and our own efforts, knowing and learning more about our identity is really giving me a lot of motivation to persevere. Thank you for the sermon!!:)

  145. Michelle Kwak says:

    What a powerful reminder that our minds are indeed the key to transformation! This sermon goes along with what I’ve been realizing more and more lately- that renewal of mind is crucial to winning spiritual battles and that our perceived reality is shaped by what we set our minds on. I was so convicted by this point: “I don’t need to wait for my flesh to get satisfied first…” It is so true that I either wait for my flesh to be changed or I seek to change it, not realizing I’m addressing things in the wrong order. When I shift first into the spirit, into a place of worship, all else follows. Holistic (physiological, mental, emotional) transformation happens as my spirit aligns with God’s. Actively choosing to shift into the spirit is what it takes to live out faith not by circumstance or feeling. Truth is always accessible, but I must be the one to access it by shifting into the spirit.

  146. Ann Lee says:

    I am reminded again how powerful the mind is and what effect is has on your emotions, thoughts and physical condition. No matter how the situation looks on the flesh, you have to make a commitment and renew your mind to shift to the spirit. I feel I needed to hear this message as it relates to my current circumstance, where I am contending for a job and I have to hold on to the truth that God has already provided me a perfect job but I have to claim it and shift my mind into the spirit, no matter how the situation is perceived on the flesh (worldly terms). It is hard to turn your mind to the things of God, but I believe maturing as a Christian results from a constant commitment to the renewing of the mind.

  147. This is a powerful, healing message. Since getting plugged in at NPC, I’ve been realizing just how much power words have over our lives, over our minds, and clearly over our thought processes. “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to.” It seems so obvious but, I dunno, it just never clicked for yeeeeears.
    I believed some really negative things about myself (and about life in general) for so long. It’s taken a lot of God to get out of those negative patterns of thinking, allowing Him to wash over me and gently, patiently, tenderly peel off layers of filth that I didn’t realize had been accumulating.
    Having an awareness of what satan’s trying to do is key. Being aware of his attempts to spew lies into our minds, or listening when friends point out the obvious (“don’t let the devil steal your joy”)… this awareness equips us to fight off his attacks by shifting into the spirit. How many times have I spoken into a lie, thus allowing myself to believe satan instead of believing the truth that the Spirit reveals?? Just yesterday, someone spoke a very negative statement over my future and another friend spoke up with “you mustn’t let that sink in.”
    I’m glad I have friends around me to remind me of God’s truth, to help me recognize satan’s lies, and to encourage me to shift into the Spirit. I love. love. love. this community. Thanks for a great message, PE!

  148. Suzy Shin says:

    I just want to listen to this sermon over and over again. Through this sermon I can feel God speaking to me that I can over come my struggles as I shift my mind. I have been dusting my problems under the rug so I don’t have to deal with it.. I always thought if my circumstances change I will become better and happy but that is not true! I can be happy anywhere and any time as long as I am with God. I can’t be captivated by circumstances and the lies satan puts into by mind but to be captivated by God’s love for me. I know what the sermon is saying but it is so hard for me to put into action because I feel so vulnerable by my past but pastor Erin inspired me that I can overcome my past and be the person God wants me to be. For me being deceived by what the satan has put in my mind has hindered my for a long time even to a point where I was getting help from a psychiatrist. It wasn’t the words from the psychiatrist I needed it was the word of God to speak into my life. These couple of weeks I was feeling like I was back sliding to my old habits and patterns but this sermon really spoke into me that I will not go back but to move forward. I can be who God wants me to be I just got to believe it and change my mind towards God.

  149. Shifting into the spirit is something that I’ve always struggled with. Without realizing at times, I gave more authority to my flesh by believing the lies of the enemy. Hearing this message reminded me how important it is to set my mind on God. Daily. I believe that it`s important to “shift ” into the Spirit but also important to stay IN the spirit as well. It is not easy to shift into the spirit, but the promises of God gives me the faith and courage to stay in and press on. Faith Not Feelings.

  150. Kymberly Riggins says:

    This message is an important message for every believer to hear. Living a life based on what tthe flesh wants is a lifestyle of sin and death. It is important that believers learn to stop living a life based on the flesh. I believe that once people understand that we should be living based on the spirit, our lives will be changed for the better. I was impressed with how transparent and honest she was. By sharing her testimony of her past life of drugs and stealing, she showed the listener about the power of living a life based not on the flesh, but the spirit.

  151. I think Romans 8 is perhaps my favorite chapter in all of scripture. I liked how Pastor Erin pointed out how often are minds can be in the flesh vs in the spirit. When unexpected circumstances arise, I have often found myself reacting in the flesh. Living in the Spirit requires intentionality. This is a good reminder that living in the flesh is like lying down for a nap in field of lions. Pastor Erin’s sermon is a reminder to me that I need to remain aware, on guard, and in the spirit.

  152. Emilie Boivin says:

    Shifting in the spirit has been a powerful sermon for as I realised that I was leaving my thought life unchecked. More often than not it was getting the best of me. Our mind is truly key, then we we need to set it on the things of the spirit, the truth of the word of God, as we give power and authority to what we are focusing on.

  153. While we are made up of mind will and emotions, our mind is in control and we can choose to shift in the spirit. Because of this we can have our mind shift and see everything else follow just as the illustration with the ‘centipede’ game. This lends to the idea and belief that we have authority over our minds and our reactions to be in line with the spirit, rather than relinquishing our authority to the flesh and the enemy.

  154. Our mind control everything! Such a powerful word from PE~ as a believer we have to shift our mind into the spirit! I feel so convicted when she said that. I often let my mind controls my emotion which lead me into badmood all day.
    When bad thing happens, people always blame their current circumstances with self pity and question God why He put us in such situation. But if we shift our mind and change how we think and see a particular situation, there are joy and things to be thankful for!

    Thank you PE for reminding us how important we have to stay in the spirit~~

  155. Really, our mind is a battlefield. I listened to this in the morning and it really changed my day!
    I’m energized because I realize that whatever happens in the flesh, I have peace and joy in the spirit! It’s always there and I’ve never see it… But now I see! This really speaks to me especially this day. The Lord already set my spirit free, I am free!! I feel very relaxed now that I realize that I don’t need to satisfy my flesh. In the spirit I am able and equipped to do all things! Fighting!!
    This sermon was so funny, I listened to this when I’m commuting and I was laughing a lot of times haha

  156. I love how pastor Erin said our mind is like the control center. A lie enters the mind and comes out of our mouth. Proverbs 18:21 says “The tongue has the power of life and death”. There is something about declaring with our own mouth that really helps us to shift from flesh to spirit. Recently, I have gotten in the habit of saying, “I am tired. I am on the verge of a burn-out” because that is honestly how I felt. However, I realized this exhaustion was going for a long time as I kept saying over and over how tired I was. So I started to say “God please replenish my whole being by your spirit. I declare that I am refreshed and healthy”. And it was amazing to see how my body and mind aligned with that truth that came out of my mouth. Thank you for this message!

  157. Ra Hyun Ha says:

    This sermon is exactly what I need in this season. Sometime I struggle with some thinking about my appearance. Last Sunday, I said about this to my CG leader. She said ‘You already know what is true, and you have a authority and power to set your mind in truth.’ This awaken my mind. And this sermon confirm what I have to do to shift into spirit from flesh. and from this sermon, i learned that the influence of mind is so powerful and the key solution is on my mind. Our emotion and body is changed according to our mind. Becuase of the importance, the devil try to snatch our mind using lies.
    this is a kind of war in this world. As PE said, this generation have a lot of faith to wrong thing. As a christian, we have a mission to proclaim the truth to this generation. and this is started from proclaiming the truth to ourselves.
    I’m trying to train myself to cut the lies and focus on the truth of God. “the most high God chose me, He loves me, I’m blessed, He is with me and cover me by his hands”, I believe this truth will make me free. and when I grab this truth, the enemy never touch my mind and I will be victorious one in Christ.

  158. Amanda Hawkins says:

    Its always great to hear you speak PE! But this message really spoke to me, just preparing my mind for taking the step forward in membership and leadership, the enemy attacks have been more apparent and often. Thank you for the reminder that we need to stay in the spirit and not fall to the flesh. The enemy definitely attacks where you are weak and vulnerable. Taking a step back and looking at the big picture and taking back control is such a powerful tool.

  159. Andrew Cho says:

    I was really blessed when PE talks about how the Lord is not lacking and how when he pours out his love, its not like he needs to go back and refill himself but he always has love ready to be given. If we are living the life that God has intended for and remain in the Spirit, than we can avoid our fleshly desires and be satisfied through God

    we could always be easily distracted by what we think we want immediately or feel immediately like PE said, but shifting to the holy Spirit can only make our eyes focused on God at the times we need most. So powerful and grateful I heard this message at this time

  160. Wow. This message was absolutely powerful and I believe it was very timely for the season that I’m in now. Through this message I received so much revelation. When we shift out of the flesh and into the Spirit, we don’t see in our perspective anymore. We see what God sees and what He’s doing in our life. When we shift into the Spirit, we receive so much clarity and truth. So many times in my Christian walk, when a circumstance comes up, it’s natural for me to get easily discouraged. But every circumstance is an opportunity for me to shift my mindset into the Spirit. It’s so true how Pastor Erin mentioned that in the bible, it clearly says that true transformation comes by the RENEWAL of our minds. The key is our minds.

    I absolutely resonated with her experiences when she talked about her relationship with Pastor Christian and her relationship with her spiritual mother Sunny. In the past, when certain circumstances led me to feel discouraged and insecure, I have to understand that, that’s what I see when I’m in the flesh. When I’m in the flesh, I don’t think clearly, because my emotions run lose, I begin to believe in the deception and lies from the enemy. But the significance to change all of that is by DECLARING TRUTHS into our lives. There is so much power in that when we train ourselves right away when we feel we’re in the flesh, to switch into the Spirit. It was powerful when Pastor Erin mentioned that we can’t just wait for our flesh to satisfy first before we shift into the Spirit. Our mind just needs to change first.

    This sermon challenged and reminded me that I carry truths in my life. I have the power and authority to denounce lies and doubts told into my life because I’m not of the flesh. I walk in the Spirit.

    -Lyann Trang

  161. Sooky Park says:

    This message resonated so much with me because I am at a place where I am unconfident of and not sure of my identity and power in the Spirit. It was amazing listening to PE’s testimonies and amazing how one can change one’s mind. A message that so many of us need. How long it takes for us to Shift into the Spirit! And yet we can do it any time. Also, how sweet it is to be covered by a spiritual mentor. How much of a difference shifting in the spirit makes! Change starts with my mind.

  162. Jorie Bonham says:

    Before coming to New Philly I thought the spirit and soul was just another part of my being that I didn’t have any control over. This was a really insightful message because it made me realize how powerful our mind can be over the rest of our body. If we set our mind in the spirit, we will have such better quality living. We are so much more in touch with God and our spiritual world than I ever thought. This sermon really showed me that shifting into our spirit mindset doesn’t just affect our own walk with Christ, but it also can affect those around you as well. Like the story PE told about the group who went on the mission trip, they were able to be so much more powerful and have a stronger impact for the Kingdom because of their Spirit mindset.

  163. Mariyah Gonzales says:

    This word reminded me of a tiny interview I read on a project called, Humans of New York. The man asking questions scans the city in search of influential stories. He came across a man who said that in life, maintain a sort of equanimity; don’t be so affected by the highs or lows. So, stay away from being too in love, too victimized, too lost. Instead of reacting to the world, we must respond. A response is sound, while a reaction is emotional. Responses change the world, while reactions change only you.

    This described equanimity faintly resembles the mindful shift into the spirit; that we must rise out of our flesh, both extremes of joy and sorrow, and grab hold of God’s steady and everlasting peace. It’s an initiative that we must take, to rest on what is true, what is noble, what is right, pure, lovely and admirable, and it all starts in our thought patterns. Worrying is a reaction. It’s a decision we make to meditate on something false and uncertain birthing only anxiety. That’s all flesh. Our God has been and always will be greater than our external circumstances. There is no deficiency of freedom in our life and we are already equipped with everything we need. What authority is this to take with us in our trek through the daily and mundane!! Nailed it PE, thank you!

  164. This was such an AMAZING message. I cannot get started on how refreshing this was to hear. Recently, I got into a minor argument with my dad and as soon as that happened, I immediately let my emotions take over and take on the victim mode. I was thinking, ‘you know what, my dad doesn’t love me, my dad doesn’t care about my life, he only cares about work, work and work. I’m never his priority.’ I let my mind affect my emotions, hence separating completely from the spirit. It was crazy to have these emotions come up to the surface again because I had thought I was already done establishing the truth that I was a son of God, hence immeasurably loved and adored by Him. It was only my mom stepped in and told me, “Yena, what you’re doing right now is just giving into your emotions. You’re only letting the devil control your mind and cause separation from God.” It was crazy because I thought my mom would come into my room, trying to console me about what just happened with my dad. But no! My mom came in and basically told me to “Shift!”. And to make things even worse, she left by suggesting I should write a message to my dad, apologizing for my words/actions from the evening. Initially, my emotions started to surface even more in wanting to go against what my mom had just told me. I felt like no one in this world understood me. But as I took time to just reflect on what my mom had just told me, I realized, ‘wait… why I am letting my emotions take over me. I’m no longer broken and hurt from my past. I have full access to God through the spirit’ and I immediately felt peace and joy hover over me. And when I decided to write a message of apology to my dad, I wasn’t actually feeling all of the emotions right in the moment. But I was later able to experience the circumstances changing before me as I made the choice to shift into the spirit. We always have to check ourselves and see where we are putting our faith in, is it the devil or is it in God? I really really loved this message and thankful for the boldness that PE preached it in. Thank you for this message, PE!

  165. Sharon Ahn says:

    Emotions have played a big role in my attitude for a long time. I would give too much power to my emotions and use it as a big excuse for not doing certain things because I ‘didn’t feel like it’. I know now to shift my focus away from the flesh (current circumstances, sins, etc.), and shift my focus on the spirit because in the spirit we already possess everything! It is not only a way of thinking but a TRUTH that I should constantly speak over myself. Remembering my identity and not letting my current situation or mood influence my attitude for the rest of the day. I feel like it is important to catch that quickly and shift into the spirit.

  166. Albert Lee says:

    Shifting into the spirit and setting my mind on the truth of God! I’ve been allowing myself to feel discouraged and all down fixing my eyes on circumstance but I’m done with that! I may lack so much in the natural but I lack nothing in the spirit. I decide to stand on the word of God!

    • Albert Lee says:

      Going a little more from the scripture PE mentioned on Romans 8. Verse 9 ‘you are not in the flesh but in the spirit if indeed the spirit of God dwells in you’ is a reminder for me that I am his son for his spirit dwells in me. It’s easy for me to fall back into fear and even make submitting myself to the spirit a work(which would be connecting with the flesh) unless I am reminded that the spirit of God is always there in me testifying along with my spirit that I am his son:)!

  167. “The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.” Romans 8:6 (ESV)

    At all times, we can choose to think of things from the perspective of the flesh, or from the perspective of the Spirit. Romans 8:6 tells us that if we allow the flesh to govern our minds, it brings death, whereas if we allow the Spirit to govern our minds, it brings life and peace.

    When we fill our minds with the promises written in scripture, we are able to accomplish the plans that God has set before us. We can break through sickness, depression, fatigue, and negative thoughts.

    Thank you, Pastor Erin, for sharing this teaching with us and also your testimony of the transforming power of God through the Spirit.

    I pray that, as a church, we will continue to LIVE according to the Spirit. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  168. Wow! It was such a powerful sermon! The power of mind! It sounds like a book I read couple years ago which also about the power of mind. Often times, I set my mind on flesh, let my mind follow the feeling, influenced by the devil, and lead to undesirable result. For example, during the start of something, I often have the mindset that I cant do it, I dont have enough ability to do it. Those negative mindset soon convince me, making me doubtful of my own abilities and stopping me from hearing the sound of God. As a result, without giving any try, I will soon give up after making the judgement that I dont have the ability to do it. Same goes to the circumstances dealing with relationship with other people. During the first time I meet with a person, by looking to his appearance, I will immediately make a judgement on the personality of that person, without truly knowing him. My mind is likely to build a protective wall between myself and that person, after considering that person as an outcast of my life. That my will, emotion and body will follow and start to avoid that person. Through this sermon, I learned that true transformation starts from our mind, the renewal of mind. PE has mentioned many times the significance of ‘Shifting into the Spirit”. What really resonance with my heart is the statement ‘when we are in the Spirit, we possess everything”. Being trapped in our flesh, it is undeniable that we often make wrong decisions which separate us from God , our Father’s grace. Our mind and emotions are influenced by the devil and follow by our body being convicted to do sins. Even though sometimes I know I shouldn’t, but because of the fixed mindset, I still do it. Our mind should be shifted from flesh which is the sin nature, to the Spirit which connects us to God. Only by this, we can claim our true identity in the spirit. PE taught me how to be free from the flesh, moving my eyes from circumstances to God.

  169. Hannah Chong says:

    True transformation begins to take place in our lives, when we have a renewing of the mind. When our minds are shifted into the things of the Spirit, we are able to live in full agreement with the truth of God. Our emotions, our will and our circumstances will follow, when we choose not to live in the flesh, but rather in the Spirit. It also becomes a powerful act of faith, when we shift into the Spirit; even when what is occuring in the natural does not seem to align with truth, shifting into the Spirit ultimately displays that we are choosing not to believe for breakthrough by trusting in our flesh, but by trusting in the power of His Spirit to change our mind, will and emotions. I can definitely say this has been true for my life. I want to constantly be able to choose truth over circumstance, faith over hopelessness, and victory over defeat.

  170. Toko Kim says:

    “For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.” Romans 8:5

    So true that when you live in the flesh, you are giving the devil more power than God and with that more control to the devil over your thoughts and actions; very simple words but very powerful.

    Like P.E explains during her sermon, she says it’s so easy to shift to the things of the flesh in our daily lives and I feel like as Christians we all have bad days or as we say, we wake up on the wrong side sometimes and because of this we can be tricked by the devil to become lazy, have bad thoughts or even make the wrong choices for our spirit. This is so tricky because sometimes when we are shifting into the flesh by just a thought or even a small complain, we don’t even realized it until we have this feeling of defeat or doubts run through our minds about trivial things.

    That is why I believe is so important to know the scripture like the back of our hands and honor our spiritual leaders so when they speak words into our lives, we can remember those words whenever we feel like we are shifting to the flesh and remember that in the spirit, we walk with God and nothing is impossible.
    #shift #yo-self

  171. Thank God we have decision to set our minds on the flesh, or the spirit.
    Now I don’t have any excuse to live in the flesh. but I have all the reasons to set my mind on the spirit. Our mind is the control centre. it is the will, emotion, and thoughts.
    When we give our will first, then the emotion will follow. This truth is so powerful.!

    I learned about thanking in all circumstances, and I used my mouth and will to thank God in the times I had minor depression, and it really does start to change my emotion also!

  172. Ilze Botha says:

    What a great message! I believe we are all called to go deeper with Christ and this is the first step for open heavens in our lives! We are called to overcome the flesh and to live under open heavens! This is such a good reminder that there is so much more than this and I desire more of Him! To shift in the spirit and focussing on Jesus! Thanx for sharing it is very powerful!

  173. Growing up in a Christian environment where I can confidently say my parents taught me many of these truths the PE tells us to Shift into. This message made me look back over my life and realize times when I had been shifting or not shifting into the truth of God. I have had a pattern of this practice without even knowing it. I was surprised to recognize that, Yes, I do that but prior to this sermon would not have had the words to describe that action. Its so powerful to have the words to highlight exactly what God is doing in my life and to communicate that process as well as offer praise for it. It excites me to think about how over time the habit of claiming who we are in the Spirit will become second nature and how powerful people of God we will become.

  174. Wow. This sermon- I can’t even!! It was so good and something I really needed.

    Being in the flesh- sin, old nature- causes us innately to disobey.
    Being in the spirit- new nature- in His image
    Even when we’re in the spirit- we have everything and so we don’t get drained and burnt out. This concept is actually so shocking to me. Up until now I’ve followed the idea that people do get burnt out eventually, especially if they’re not poured into constantly. We should feel fully equipped by having the Spirit..not lacking of anything. By having the need to get poured into is like our signal that we need to tap out of the the flesh and shift into the Spirit to fill our hole. We always say God provides, but we expect His provision in tangible and visible ways. But I think a big way God provides is also by giving us His Spirit to fully equip us in all things. It’s also so shocking how amazing and powerful our minds are. Just listening to PE’s example after example of how the smallest things can really bring us down and have a domino effect over the rest of our day/week/month… I need to be reminded daily to praise and thank God for my physical/emotional health, and also to recognize what Satan is trying to do when there is pain or illness and fight against it in the name of Jesus.

    “We try to get the peace of God but we’re still in the flesh- it doesn’t work like that.”
    A realization of how I’ve been living. 100% I’ve been trying to change myself by my actions first, especially for Bible reading, QT, prayer, and overall health. My past attempts is a strong confirmation that changing from the outside first never lasts and never follows through. I also constantly ask God for peace and clarity in difficult situations- but the reason I want those are sometimes in the flesh and not in the Spirit. I wonder if I have ever received pure peace.

    “You lack nothing…in the Spirit. You possess everything…in the Spirit.”
    “It doesn’t matter what you did…WHO you are…is a woman of wisdom.”
    “Our flesh doesn’t need to be satisfied to be shifted into the Spirit.”
    THESE WORDS!! PE really spoke to me tonight. I had a lot of fear of failure..and I think I still struggle with that today. I look back at my past and think I’m dirty, and that God can’t REALLY use me for something great. I see myself as someone who lacks A LOT of wisdom and just spiritual growth. BUT ALL OF THESE ARE LIES! I am a daughter of God and in that alone I have the ability to be fully equipped of all things. But I need to shift into the Spirit- I can’t be seeking wisdom and strength when my mind and soul are still stuck in the flesh. It won’t last. PE’s message made me meditate on where my mind and soul have been. I’m reminded that I NEED to constantly tell myself to get out of my flesh- stop seeking pleasure or confirmation in the flesh but already know that there will be confirmation in the Spirit and so I need to shift into that Spirit.

    “You don’t let the Devil touch your joy.”
    In every situation.. WE have the power to decide where the situation will take us. We can wallow up in the hard situations and let the Devil claim what he’s been aiming for.. OR we can stand strong and in the name of Jesus, we can shift into the Spirit and block the Devil from controlling our minds and therefore block him from controlling our emotions, especially our joy.

  175. Thank you Pastor Erin for this wonderful message!
    Spirit plays a very significant role in our daily life. Without the holy spirit, our lives will be full with lots of attacks from devils. We are holy, and we are one with the spirit, keeping us accountable and strong enough to face every trial and hardship from the devils, who try to distract us from achieving the eternity pathway to our real home-Heaven. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to set up our mind on the spirit. Like the circumstances I’m currently facing still, is that I really have to shift my faith into God, even stronger and tougher, as Proverbs 3:5-6, “trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding; In all of your way acknowledge Him and He will make your path straight.” This is my favorite verse which set me free when I fought with my depression in the year of 2012. Yea, to be specifically, life’s not just about the life on the earth, but the life in the heaven as well. Sometimes it really takes you lots of faith and patience to really step out for the first step into the spiritually blessed area, and receiving revelation as a gift which will then perpetually become a blessing to the people around you, too. Whenever devils try to attack you from any perspective like procrastination, drugs, sex, study, busy life schedule etc, pray and hear what Lord wants you to do at that very right moment. If we succeed to shift ourselves into the God’s words and kingdom, I’m sure that He will show us the way, the things He wants us to see that really enhance one’s faith, strength and ability in facing any difficulties in our lives. When something goes wrong, do not lose faith and be like, “ I can do all things through Him who gives me strength – Philippians”. Pray so that God will give us clarity so we can be really optimistic to overcome the barriers of any difficulties which prevent us from growing faithful and tougher. Amen.

  176. Minah Kim says:

    This sermon was really necessary to me. This year, sometimes, I felt discouraged, powerless and disappointed when I focused on the flesh. Looking at the circumstances, I thought that I lacked many things. Whenever devil attacks my mind, I forgot my identity.
    I was so encouraged when Pastor Erin said, if you shift your mind into the spirit, you are experiencing sickness but you are healed. Don’t let the devil touch your joy! Filled with joy, because you must have access to healing. And it’s so exciting to hear that “If you shift your minds in the spirit, you will watch the power of GOD comes through your life.”
    Yes! I am royalty of God’s kingdom!! If I set the mind in the spirit, my situation and circumstances will be changed. In the spirit, I lack nothing. Nothing is impossible! I stop thinking in the way of the flesh and shift my mind into the spirit. Everyday! Every moment! Through intimacy with God, everyday I will refresh my mind and not forget my identity.

  177. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    Wow, so good. The part that stuck out to me was that we don’t need to be satisfied in the flesh before we can shift into the spirit. It is a decision that I have to make, and when I shift into the spirit, I have God’s peace and lack nothing.

  178. Such a great reminder. So often I act in the flesh and even groan and complain that I don’t have enough when the Spirit of God is right there with me and I am refusing to be helped! What is my pain, my work, my suffering when I have God who says I can do all thing through Him. How could I ignore or reject that?

  179. Raymond Seo says:

    This message teaches us to shift our minds into the Spirit even before our flesh reaches satisfaction. It informs us of our innate ability to think in the flesh and how we ought to intentionally make the choice to shift away from it to live out a victorious life. The reason why we may feel burnt out at times is because of our innate ability to think in the flesh and leaving things unchecked. PE reminds us how we lack nothing if we submit our minds to the Spirit’s identity. Our true identity. The key is to constantly renew the mind of new self and not let the old self take authority. Don’t let the mind conform to the emotions and circumstances of given situations, but rather shift into the Spirit and watch the emotions and circumstances shift along with it.

  180. Youngha Park says:

    This sermon was a great reminder again for me to set my mind off the flesh and shift into the Spirit. I think this is such an easy concept but a hard one to follow for me since once I get upset at something and it’s easy to just pour out all the negativity and fall into the negative mindset. However, as Pastor Erin said, I shouldn’t let the devil touch my joy and should shift my mindset into the Spirit, just thanking God for what He has already given me and praising Him even in hardships and frustrations like Paul and Silas did when they were in jail. I’m glad I learned to give the authority to the Word of God instead of the word of the devil to overcome any tests that I’m put through and to move forth by setting and shifting my mindset into the Spirit, which will in turn, help my mind and body to follow the Spirit as well.

  181. young rae kim says:

    This sermon really helped me realize that I need to be fighting to stay in the spirit and not in the flesh. One crucial component of shifting into the spirit is my mind. As Pastor Erin pointed out, what our mind allows in, is what determines everything else. In addition, I loved how Pastor Erin shared some of her past experiences and mentions that one of the main reason she was able to break away from her old life was through the renewing of her mind. This sermon really challenged me to not fall so quickly into alot of the deceptions the enemy throws my way, but really fight to stay in the spirit and also in a place of faith. I should not focus on the circumstances but focus on the truth of Jesus.

  182. Atembe Fonge says:

    Wow, what a powerful sermon! Our minds are more powerful than we realize sometimes…but the spirit even more so. There was so much conviction in Pastor Erin’s words, and I know this is going to be one of my go-to sermons to revisit time and time and time again. I’ve actually already heard this one before at the suggestion of my sensational CG2, Daisy :) Hearing it again exposed me to even more than when I heard it the first time.

    This spoke to me because I feel like people, including myself, like to take the easy way out. I feel like it’s so much easier to complain or jump to a negative conclusion or stay in a situation that’s not the best for me but it’s now the norm and the thought of changing just seems like too much work or too daunting or to scary. I remember, before fully accepting Jesus as my Savior, I used to make bargains with God ALL THE TIME. Like, “I’ll start working on this paper as soon as I finish this movie” or “I’ll apologize to my friend if she says this” or whatever the case may be. I think PE called it “binding ourselves to certain terms and conditions before being freed from the flesh.” Pride was definitely a part of those bargains I would make; thinking I’m right or deserved to have something before doing something else, when that something is what I should’ve been doing in the first place. It felt like I was losing because I was giving up on my own stubbornness if I didn’t set my own terms or wait for a sign to then do the right thing. But I can remember, as I got older and definitely after accepting Christ, all the times I allowed the spirit to come first and to make the first call of judgment…i was always so blessed by the outcome. At first, it seems hard to give your spirit that kind of authority, but in the end it is actually the easiest of all your options, by far.

    I think a lot of people are their own worst enemy because of this. I periodically battle with mental and emotional stress that may have some roots in outside forces, but if the situation ever grows worse, it’s usually because I have given in to my mind and my flesh. Other people would give me words of encouragement and pretty much rebuke all the negative things I’d say about myself but I wouldn’t believe them. Spiritual attacks can be so dangerous because if you don’t know it’s happening, you’re left with your mind calling all the shots and it leaves you thinking that your mind and your soul alone are making the best decisions for you. It’s not easy setting our mind to things of the Spirit but it is so freeing and wonderful and with Christ in all of us it is always possible to claim that freedom and peace.

    I think I could write a few more pages about how this spoke to me but I will just stop it here and end thank Pastor Erin for the powerful sermon, it was truly a blessing to hear! And I have to honor my CG2 Daisy Kim for looking after me and giving me this sermon to hear, thank you! ^^

    • Daisy Kim says:

      Wow, I’m so happy to hear how much you were blessed through this message! I’m even more blessed that you listened to it again for NRTC even though it’s a msg you already heard. It’s amazing to see the way you open your heart for the Lord to enter and shine His light in you. You’re a huge blessing to our CG and the house. Keep shining, Atembe!

  183. This is a truly important message and one that every christian needs ro listen to. Many times the battles that we face are not outward battles but internal struggles that come from our thoughts. The mind is so powerful that the bible says that as a man thinketh so is he. Therefore what manifests i the physical is a result of what is going on internally therefore we ought to bring our thoughts under the subjectjon of word of God. Every thought that is contrary to the word of God ought to be rebuked.

  184. Winnie Chan Wei Ling says:

    What a powerful message that speaks to me how our mind is the control centre. Often times I get trapped up in emotions that hindered me from seeing the truth. This sermon really reminds me not to live by flesh but to always be transform by the refreshing of mind. When we start to set our mind not on the flesh, but on the Spirit, everything will be set in place. It’s important to have our mind set on the Spirit as it has control over our emotion, body and action. It all started from our mind. When our mind meditate on our lack, we’ll manifest lack BUT if our minds is set on God, we’ve EVERYTHING in the Spirit, there’s nothing more that God can give us. What our mind meditate on, it will manifest on the outwards.

  185. Jason Yang says:

    This sermon really encouraged me to have an optimistic and steadfast outlook when stuck in dispiriting situations. Always be in the spirit, and never towards the flesh. I could really relate to when PE emphasized on how powerful our minds can be. I’ve experienced times when I was physically exhausted, but when pressed on time, my focus just kicked in and I was somehow able to perform exponentially better. I think a lot of life has to do with physical performance, but some things that the mind can do is incredible.

    Being in the spirit is so important because you are with God, and what you can do with God is endless. PE talks about how believing in yourself is putting faith in the Lord, while doubting yourself is leaning towards the devil. This made a lot of sense to me because without the conviction and faith in God is a sign that the devil is sipping into me. By shifting into the spirit, you are being set free. Through setting the right mindset, believing in yourself and the Lord, one’s circumstances change miraculously.

  186. Michelle Kim says:

    “True transformation starts with the renewing of your mind.”
    This sermon was so relevant to me. I could relate, because I just came out of a season of backsliding and living in the flesh. For the longest time, I let my emotions (what I thought was the truth”) control me, which led me to feel unworthy. Now that I’m out of that season, I know the truth; I’m not meant to see in the flesh anymore, but in the spirit. Therefore, my emotions no longer control me and the enemy can’t steal my joy.

  187. Charles Ting says:

    There was something flowing through my mind when listening to Pastor Erin’s sermon though she didn’t mention it in the sermon. ” Don’t let your emotion to control your mind.”
    Emotion is evil, which comes from the devil. When the evil one controls your mind, you will become blind as PE said, Devil like to attack our mind. Our mind is the control center of our flesh, of our soul, of our body. That’s why we often lost our control in anger, depression, and frustration. This is how Satan attacks our mind through our emotion. Letting Holy Spirit to control our mind is far better than letting emotion to control our mind.

    I knew this truth after coming to New Philly but I’m still struggling with losing control in my emotion. Recently, I had almost been controlled by my emotion and thank to Holy Spirit that He helps me to shift my mind to Him, changing my focus from the frustrating situation to His grace. It really takes time for shifting my mind into the spirit but I found that on that particular day, I was no longer the slave of emotion. After listening to this sermon, I just found that I wasn’t lack of anything because I possess everything in the spirit. What I should is to believe that I’m able to shift into the spirit, to declare that I’m untouchable, to renounce the thought of being weak, being powerless to renew my mind.

    I was so blessed by PE’s sermon and I can’t wait for God making new things in my life now! Yes, Lord Jesus, You are already the victory and correspondingly the victorious one is my identity in Christ! Amen!

  188. This message was really powerful. God spoke to me this summer through the exact passage she was preaching from and I was convicted to set my mind on the things of the Spirit, but this sermon helped me unpack and see the layers behind what happens when I actually begin to set my mind on the things of the Spirit. I liked the illustration of our mind as the control center and when we set our mind on the Spirit it gives life and peace. I also really liked when Pastor Erin talked about not having to satisfy our flesh first in order to shift in the Spirit. I feel like often times I want to be satisfied in the flesh and I want that conversation with a sister or leader before I shift in the Spirit, but the truth is that shift can happen on my own as I begin to set my mind on the truth.

  189. “You’re my little Apple MacBook”, honestly I laughed out loud :) I love hearing in the last message how PC’s time at the Apple Store really impacted him and sticks with him to this day. There is power in knowing who you are… KEY! Good stuff. I was encouraged to hear your testimony of who you used to be and how something had to shift in knowing who you were and what you’re true identity was in order to break the addiction. I know first hand the power of addiction through pornography, and just wanting to stop isn’t enough. You have to wake up every morning shifting your mindset into things of the spirit and thus remembering who you are where you are right now, and staying in constant communion with God. Good times.

  190. mind is the control center. whatever my mind decide to be true, then my emotions, my will, and my body will follow. where do i put my faith? what i allow my mind to believe is what i give the authority to. i will give the authority to the word of God!
    shifting my mind into the spirit isn’t easy but being in the flesh is not who i am. I have a choice to decide the truth. i won’t believe the devil’s lie. no matter how i feel, I will stick to the truth. instead of complaining and feeling upset, i will choose to be thankful despite all the troubles. i choose joy. no one, nothing can take my joy and peace from God away.
    I am excited to experience the power of God coming through my life as i set my mind according to the spirit and act according to it.

  191. Michelle Chaewon Kim says:

    When I was at the EMMAUS retreat last month, an identity verse that I received was that I have all things in Christ. I forgot about it mostly because I couldn’t really grasp what it meant at that time. I was thinking to myself, “hey, I’m lacking financially. I’m emotionally crushed right now. I feel like I don’t have a meaningful relationship with anyone and I feel like I’m losing my heart toward God. My health is failing in many ways. I’m not even close to having “all things.” So what do you mean by that? How come the Bible says that I have all things?” I realized after listening to this sermon, however, that I couldn’t believe in that part of my identity because I was only looking at my circumstances and waiting until my flesh was satisfied, when, in fact, I lack NOTHING when I’m in the spirit. Once I shift my mind into the things of the spirit, everything else will follow. I just need to believe for breakthroughs and claim it before even before I see it. This sermon revealed to me that I really do have all things in Christ.

  192. Anne Hong says:

    This has got to be one of my favorite sermons. This is one of those messages that is pivotal for a person’s spiritual growth.

    As we know, to live in the spirit is radically different from living in the flesh. It is impertive that we shift out of the flesh and into the spirit. The biggest battle is in the mind. I can definitely testify to that. If we want to live our life to the fullest, we have got to not only recognize the old mindsets, lies, half truths that we’re meditating on, but to take captive of everything that does not align to the truth…immediately. I understand that sometimes getting rid of all wrong mindsets might take some time because of different reasons. However, as we continue to one by one target these thinkings, we are making progress and steps towards the full breakthrough. We need to be on guard, active, and intentional about making these actions.

    This message definitely gave me a greater urgency to stay on guard with what’s happening in my mind and to immediately shift into the Spirit, even when circumstances on top of circumstances seem to be saying the opposite. I must stay active and aware in this area at all times.

  193. Yong Shu Hua says:

    We have the decision to set our minds on the things of the flesh or the things of the Spirit. If we set our mind according to the Spirit, we will live according to the Spirit. Our mind is the control center, and our body, will and emotion follow it. Because our mind plays such an important role, the devil tries to attack us through our mind. If we set our mind on things of the spirit, the result is Life and Peace. Peace is not something to strive for; when we shift our mind, it is natural that life and peace follows.

    We can choose to shift our minds according to the Spirit not only in our identity in Christ, but also in our relationships with other people. I know that I lack nothing in the spirit, and in Him I have everything. I was really blessed by the part where Ps Erin shared that even in my relationships with leaders, I have access to them in the Spirit, and I do not necessarily have to wait for a reply from them to be satisfied. Taking a broader view on this, it reminds me to be dependent on the Spirit and not on man.

    Shifting out of the flesh is what sets us free. When we shift into the spirit, we put ourselves in a position where we refuse to let the devil to touch our joy. Bitterness, disappointment and even fatigue have no hold on us when we allow our minds to be focused on the Spirit. The only authority that we should give our mind and focus to is God.

  194. Ericka L. Mack-Andrew says:

    This message is confirmation of a truth that I stumbled upon recently in my personal relationship with my family. Specifically, I identify with Pastor Erin’s revelation about the email she sent to PS. For me, I struggled with forgiving a family member for a wrong that they committed. At first I tried to forgive them in the natural. Basically my prayer was that God would restore them and give them a happy life…as long as it was far away from me. Then I was confronted with the reality that their life is connected to mine whether I liked it or not. I was then really challenged by my leaders and by the Spirit to really examine my heart and see if I had honestly forgiven this person. So, I sent a Facebook message to my mom and I said in my heart that I would honestly forgive this person as long as my mother’s response was positive. But, before she replied (about a week after I sent the message) I was challenged at an altar call to declare my forgiveness out loud. In that moment, I determined in my mind to truly forgive the family member with the same unconditional forgiveness that Jesus bought for us. Eventually, my mother did reply to my message but by the time I received it, I already had peace in my heart because the burden of holding that grudge was left behind at that altar call.

    I understand now that at that altar, I made a decision to shift into the Spirit. I am so glad that the work God is doing in my heart is on the same page as the messages I am receiving through this leadership training!

  195. Shine Jang says:

    Our mind is powerful, and what our mind can do to us is also very powerful. This is why it is so crucial for us to always guard our mind. When you give something an authority, it will manifest. By giving an authority to the word of God, we should submit our mind to God, and see how the word of God manifests powerfully.

    Being a born again Christian means to be newly clothed and called by a new name, turn your back away from your old self to a new self, and shift from flesh into spirit. Just like Pastor Erin said, something’s got to shift/ change in order to live out a new identity. The good news is, when Jesus died on the cross, he already paid the price of our path to the spirit from the flesh, it’s like he already paid for our ticket. Therefore, what we need to do is just to claim it as ours and choose to move on!

    Lastly, a big “AMEN, I RECEIVE!” to “when we are in the spirit, we possess everything.”

  196. Amy Loi says:

    Thank you PE for all the wisdom in the message: the importance of controlling our mind. I was reminded that it is not about changing our old nature by our effort but through our spirit, because the former is only a temporary act but victory in spirit lasts forever. There will be no victory if we strive with only our flesh, our will, our action and our own strength. Victory only comes when we are spiritually rooted in Christ properly, then everything will come in place, like accessing wisdom, self-control, building intimacy with God, etc. But to get us in the right spiritual position, what we are capable of doing is controlling our mind, so that we can shift ourselves out of our flesh. I cannot deny that it is so difficult to shift my mind to the spirit sometimes too, because we as a human tend to focus so much on what is happening in the flesh, but I believe with God’s grace and the faith towards Him, it would not be impossible to differentiate between what is the truth and what is the lie. I am so amazed by the saying that in the spirit there is no distance. A lot of times when I face difficulties, I tend to find my familia leader and my friends to give me clarity and support. However the clearest answer isn’t from that one to one conversation on the spot, but from us spiritually believing that we are already under their cover. I am really amazed by those moments when PE mentioned that she literally heard Pastor Sunny’s voice telling her all the wisdom and truth when she suffered from confusion, because I experienced the same thing too, that I gain my clarity when I try to control my mind and shift myself into the spirit.

  197. Aaaaahhhh!!!! This was soooo good! Gosh! God bless you Pastor Erin! :) ” shift your mind…shift your mind…shift your mind!” This was a such a powerful reminder to me that the mind is the control center. I don’t know how many times I have been in situations where I let my mind take its own lead instead of shifting it into the spirit. You can’t wait in the flesh for that perfect moment to change or feel better, but you need to line your mind with the spirit. Believe in God’s Word and that it is meant for you and not only for some people. Belief into God’s authority so that it can manifest Truth in your life. Fantastic!! :)

  198. Lydia Ju says:

    This sermon was so affirming and really helped to give me strength. I really liked how PE taught us about the connection about the mind, emotion, and will. So much power in the center controller the mind. Recently I was actually really sick for 2 months and my flesh was feeling hopeless and abandoned, struggling to fight the feelings of discouragement in the flesh back and forth for 2 months. When I finally came to the point where I shifted my mind to believe I was healed and claiming that truth regardless of how I was feeling physically in turn gave my emotions so much peace and then my physical body recovered! Now it has been almost a month where I have been headache free and it was just such a blessing to listen and be reaffirmed again and no matter what happens again or what negative feelings I feel in the future, to claim the truth so that I can manifest in the truth and have faith in my Father not the enemy.

  199. David Haram Kim says:

    I found this message to be so crucial in my spiritual walk with God. Often when I fell into sin, it’s mostly an issue of the mind in that my mind became of the flesh and not of the Spirit.
    Since our mind is a huge influence of our actions, it’s so important for our minds to be like the Spirit in order to abide by the word of God. But we have comfort knowing (as said in 1 Corinthians 2), that we already have “the mind of Christ,” it’s just that most of us don’t realize this and stay in the flesh.
    This is related to the sermon: “What if I Don’t Stumble?” in that there needs to be a shift in our minds from “What if I stumble?” to “What if I don’t stumble?” as well to trust in God’s keeping power and not in our tendency to sin.
    It’s also interesting how although it’s important to guard our mind, the Bible also calls us to guard our heart. Thus, we need to guard both, yet I struggle to do this. I initially thought that guarding your heart was enough, yet that would then leave the mind vulnerable to go towards the tendencies of the flesh. So, a shift towards the spirit needs to happen in our hearts and our minds.

  200. What a refreshing message!! So many times I’ve just not taken the responsibility of shifting my mind to the things of the spirit! “What you allow your mind to believe is what you give authority to.” This statement just brought so much freedom. We have a choice to either believe God’s truth or to remain in deception. Even in this, God in His mercy enables us to fully recognize this truth and turn our minds towards Him!

  201. This was a very powerful and encouraging sermon. I feel challenged but uplifted. I have not heard Erin’s stories and part of her testemony before.. and to see where she is at, mature in the Spirit, has giving me such hope.
    It was a very real message for me as I am currently battling much in the mind. I know about the mind being the control centre but was challenged by the statement, “your flesh does not need to be satisfied before you shift in the Spirit.” This hit me hard, esp that “we give way too much authority to our emotions and physical circumstances” rather than to God. It’s so true and is done so easily.
    I feel encouraged to shift into the Spirit rather than stay in the flesh… because I know my faith has been in my circumstances and recently it has been changing. I can see immediate results in the way I go about my day, filled with joy. The Spirit is in control.
    I agree, we can access the supernatural when we shift in the spirit, as soon when the fire of the Holy Spirit takes over. We can reject the lies of the enemy and trust out God and His promises in our lives. There is indeed so much power when the Spirit is upon us.

  202. Gina Park says:

    I felt a bit uneasy to listen at certain areas. I guess this was because P. Erin was pointing out where it still needs to be touched again in me. I am hoping that I can get it right soon, and I can testify about how easy to shift my flesh into spirit is! I want it!!

  203. Yeana Kim says:

    This is such a good and powerful message! There are so many times when I was so would act according to my flesh and the worldly things. However, PE mentioned that to operate in the flesh leads to death while spirit leads to life and peace. In order to do that, I have to shift my mind.

    I was blessed by PE’s example of feeling separate from PC. She waited for her spiritual mentor to reply. I see myself doing this: waiting for my Familia small group leader to reply to my messages and believing that I would change habits once I have my H&D session. Through this sermon, I learned that it should not be like that. I repent for what I have done, and I will shift my mind right now and not believe in the lies that are constantly discouraging me and lowering my self-esteem.

  204. The enemy doesn’t just try attacking us, he wants to get us to Believe what’s not true. This shows that not only is the enemy threatened by the Truth, but the Truth is powerful. Our minds hold influence to our spirits. Hence, we need to claim our minds and identities in Christ, not anything else. By shifting out of the flesh, and moving into the Spirit, you get set free, literally. In my past life darkness reigned. I grew up Believing the lies of the enemy was my own voice, thoughts, and identity- depression, isolation, etc. Even now the enemy tries using these lies to get a hold of my mind, but I do not give him any authority. As I learn to fix my eyes on God, receive and affirm my new nature and actual truth, the stronger I get spiritually. Circumstances are still the same or even worse, but that doesn’t affect me because my mindset is renewed and anchored in God and His Truth.

  205. Aram Lee says:

    As I was preparing myself for the leadership retreat, I prayed to God that I would win the victory over the enemy’s lies that I lack so much in character and in spiritual maturity, so that I am going to be the only one who’s gonna be left out, it’s for everyone else, but not for me.
    But in this message Pastor Erin reminds us that God lacks nothing and He possesses everything which means when we are in the spirit, we possess everything! Amen!
    I break off the spirit of insecurity and isolation in Jesus’ name! “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. (1 Corinthians 12:27)”

  206. Kimberly Ahn says:

    We have the decision to make to set our minds according to the flesh or to the spirit. I used to be in bondage and deception, so I was convinced in a false mindset and dwelled in it. But it was so toxic because living in the flesh only leads to death. So we need to switch our mindset and live in the spirit which leads to peace and comfort. As PE said, our mindset shouldn’t be set on the old nature but on the spirit and on life. By living in the flesh, I was putting more faith in the devil than on Jesus’ saving power.

    Usually when I saw a need for change, I just changed my actions instead of my heart and mindset first, which ultimately lead to futility. But PE was so true when she said we needed to first shift mind before changing your actions. By doing so, we claim our identity in the spirit. And with that assurance, we are to see the revelation that we lack nothing in the Spirit. To say we lack and are inadequate, we are giving authority to the enemy.

    Through this message, I was given the assurance that I lack nothing because He has given me everything!

  207. Hye R. Song says:

    SHIFT: No way back. It is time for me to shift the path of spiritual fatness to that of spiritual fitness, firstly by renewing my mind toward knowing more and deeply of the Lord.

  208. Arielle Arn says:

    The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. In this world operating in the flesh is emphasized and glorified but we , I am not called to that mindset. When there is something that I encounter that I do not feel I have the strength or power for it is my fallen nature to think I can do this and strive to complete in my own strength. This is foolishness. God has offered his presence and his power to me. Who am I to operate on my own strength glory to God that I do not have to! I need to be constantly in a heart set and mind set of being open to the spirit so I am not tempted to rely on myself because whatever I can accomplish in my own power is mot good enough. I want to accomplish the things God has set before me and to do that I need his strength.

  209. David Chong says:

    This message was so GOOD. Just listening to it really allowed me shift into the spirit in the midst of a less than favourable situation. I think what was conveyed to me most was the clear distinction between mere willpower and self-help, which more often than not can fail, and, having access to the Spirit that dwells in us. In declaring truth over ourselves, and then relying not on our own strength, but proclaiming that God is THE good father, and that my identity lies in that of being his son, the lies of the enemy become exactly that, lies. It all starts with an act of worship which won’t always feel like the most natural or desirable thing to do when in a bad situation, but the same act of worship has the supernatural power to enable us to shift into the spirit and clothe ourselves with our true identity.

  210. Wow, this realy touch my heart!!! If been struggling to understand way somethings dont always work out how you have planned it to work out! I struggle to find peace inside of me! But the moment I start to shift my mind into the spirit I realize it is okay that my plans dont work out because I know that God has beter plans for me. I can see the possitive sides of all things that is happening in my life. The flesh lead me to believe I’m not good enough, I need to fight for what I want…I fight to change relationship but things fall apart! Sadly to say it was all my fault! I dont have to satisfy my flesh to move into my spirit. It is important for me to claim things that look impossible. By shifting my mind helps me to be joyfull even when the situation look real bad for the world.

  211. Jessica Jin says:

    The concept of something innate inside of people causing us to sin against God really struck a chord with me. Living in the flesh and living according to my own wants and desires was my way of life for a very long time. I have experienced first hand the attacks of Satan to my mindset and can really relate to Pastor Erin’s personal story about being entrapped in lies, deceit, ungodliness and living in rebellion. My life has really changed in the last 6-12 months and I really understand the importance of the shift that is necessary in order to shift into the Spirit. I am not my flesh.

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