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A House of Prayer
Sunday, February 3, 2014
Sunday Service at Burning Tree Ministry (Thanksgiving Korean Church, Buena Park, CA)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Matt. 21:13
Duration: 67 minutes
This is a message that PC preached in Southern California when he and Pastor Erin were invited to speak at TKC. This message articulates PC’s heavy emphasis on committed prayer when building a church ministry.


  1. Eddie Mun says:

    I am so thankful that I get to serve at a house of prayer. I’ve never read Jeremiah, and it blessed me incredibly when I read God’s promise to divulge the great and hidden things to us when we call out to him in prayer. God set the cornerstone with prayer before he established worship and the Bible. It really shook me up when PC talked about the church catering to the complacency of the people instead of being sensitive to the Spirit. We need to stop being robbers of the church and start investing prayers that will legislate the will of the Lord! We need to start vetoing the malicious acts that run rampant in our workplace, colleges, and the nations! For the Lord has given us mighty weapons to pull down strongholds and to secure His statutes! From now on, I’ll remember that when I come to prayer, I come into His Kingdom’s government. I’ll adjust my life around faithfully calling the Lord in private AND corporate prayer!

  2. Keketso Makape says:

    It’s in the last few years that I’ve really seen how important prayer is. I was one of those people you’d never have to convince to attend a church service or conference, but getting me to a prayer meeting was a struggle. Like PC said, it’s more comfortable being in your seat and just receiving teaching, but prayer takes effort and not many of us are keen for that. It’s messages like these that remind us that prayer works, and is not at all a waste of time. It’s so much bigger than just asking God for what you want, when you want. I could do with growth in this area of my spiritual life so I’m so glad that New Philly encourages it. I’m up for the challenge, for Kingdom’s sake :)

  3. Sophia Sitorus says:

    Yes. Prayer should be the foundation of a church. So many churches lay down the importance of prayer in order to please people. We should pray and pray and pray. I think this age where people are ver consumerative, they tend underestimate how powerful prayer can be. I know, because I had been there. In the beginning, it is hard to be disciplined in prayer, especially if you do not have any accountability. However as we pray more, the Holy Spirit lead us to pray even deeper. It is even more effective when the church environment really emphasize on prayer. And I would love to see more churches commit back to be a house of prayer.

  4. Shoot, that was a powerful word. Since coming to Korea in February, prayer has been something that I’ve been thinking about and doing a lot more of. I’ve been compelled to pray more and more for the things on my heart and I find myself looking forward to prayer meetings and opportunities to pray with others because there is just something so powerful about it. The more I pray the more I want to contend for it, even when (or especially when) I don’t feel like it.

    I liked what Pastor Christian said about how there is a time for quiet, meditative prayer and a time to cry out. Sometimes you just need to shout it out when you’re really fighting for something. I also liked what he said at the end about how you become what you behold and how God doesn’t just want us to seek His hand, but to seek His face. This was really profound + beautiful to me. It makes me want to cry sometimes just thinking about the simple truth so close to God’s heart that He just wants us to come to Him for Him.

  5. We have authority to pray ~ my time experiencing church, sermons and prayer in the house of God hasn’t been too long, I’m still coming to with how i pray and the importance of prayer. This sermon by PC emphasized the importance of prayer and what were praying for. We have the “authority” in us to “stomp on the enemy”. Knowing that our prayers impact heavily and when we pray together it makes it that much stronger, gives me confidence to pray deeper and to acknowledge this fact, but also makes me want to get deeper in prayer, have more time with Jesus, seek his face like PC said and not just his head. We have to keep applying our faith.

  6. Gon Kim says:

    I’ve always been one of those people who prayed quietly and preferred praying quietly. When I first started attending NPC, I was struck by how fervently and boldly people lifted up their prayers. As I attended K1 and other prayer meetings of the house, however, I quickly got acquainted to this way of praying and through this message, I have a much better understanding of how important it is to contend in our prayers. Prayer is one of or strongest weapons against the enemy and when we wield it, we shouldn’t do it lightly. Of course, there are times that call for quiet and prayers of meditation too, like PC said, in which we are to seek God’s face. I’m learning more of the former but it’s been really refreshing to learn that the two ways of praying are not mutually exclusive but can go hand in hand in one’s prayer life.

  7. JoAngela Jimenez says:

    What a great message! I think that we undermine prayer so much. We undermine our authority so much as well. Prayer is so powerful and its so important that we take it seriously and have faith that God hears our prayers. I love how PC talks about just wanting to seek God’s face even if we cannot think of anything to pray about, we should learn to seek his presence and worship him without any reason at all. This message really encouraged me to expand and go deeper in my prayer walk and spend more time seeking the presence of God.

  8. Paul Paik says:

    Overall I have to say that this sermon just hit me very powerfully as it spoke about prayer. I think prayer is something that I have been seriously lacking in my life, but ever since New Philly’s Church-wide Retreat last weekend, I have been having this hunger for prayer and I felt like the sessions were too short because I longed to pray more. However, that was only a feeling or sensation that I gained while at the retreat. I feel like listening to this sermon truly helped me solidify that desire with wisdom and has helped me greatly realize the importance and fundamental necessity of prayer for individual Christians and the church as a whole. Being from a Korean-American church myself, the issues of unity and “burning-out” are things I am very familiar with, but it really touched me when Pastor Christian spoke of how prayer is the key to such issues and helped me realize that only prayer could these problems be resolved. And lastly, the repeated emphasis on consistency and commitment to prayer really hit me and challenged me to take prayer more seriously. I was reminded that God is not a vending machine who we should come to only when we need something, that we should constantly seek not only His hand, but His face in intimacy and love, and that if we truly want to “keep the fire of the holy spirit burning,” we really need to pray. Prayer is a common topic to talk about in Christianity, but I am so glad I could hear this message and it has convicted me to take big, new steps in my prayer life.

  9. Jessica Kim says:

    This message, although PC said it was simple and easy to apply, was very filling and powerful. Many are things I have already heard about, some are new things that I havent thought about, and one in particular was convicting. Speak words of life and love onto others to keep the fire of love burning is something that I had to learn on my own after I received so much love from the Father. Another thing that I did not know but learned how true it was is that the fire spreads to other believers if you pray for them. I had my own experience of that and I continue to pray for others to receive that fire. “Jesus’s house will be a house of prayer” is another thing that I heard of but one thing that we always forget is to just show up because Jesus will be there. Many times others (including myself) dont want to go to a prayer movement because there wont be a lot of people or other reasons but remembering that regardless of how many people will be there, Jesus will be waiting there for us. Furthermore, especially for those who just experience the Holy Spirit for the first time, just looking for that experience and ‘church hopping’ to find that ‘high’ is something that will not help but harm us. It took me some time before I started to want to mature and use these powers for the good, as PC stated.
    I really liked the analogy that PC said about how when a women is in labor, she does not stay quiet and neither should the house of the Lord when He wants to give birth to something wonderful. But the one thing that convicted me is to sit and gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. “The more you behold Him, the more you become like Him. I always tried but didnt know how to become more like him. Everyday I spend time with the Lord to not only ask Him things but also to just to talk with Him and try to see/hear what He wants to say to me. But I havent thought about just sitting and gazing upon the beauty of the Lord. I always had a struggle with going to prayer movements and I want to take up the challenge that PC mentioned and commit myself to the prayer movement for the next 9 months.

  10. Annie Weiss says:

    The illustration of what happens if you were to stick chopsticks into an outlet really helped me to process manifestations. I know that they happen and I even experienced it from time to time, but there was no way to really explain it. Seeing it as sticking my spiritual chopstick into the outlet of the Holy Spirit makes a lot of sense. But that wasn’t really the focus of this message. In this sermon, PC explains the reason for the church to exist. It is supposed to be a house of prayer. He calls people to step into the prayer movement. His explanation of why New Philly does not have to teach on unity or on personal growth was so clear. We do not need to focus on those things because they are simply the natural result of a house that is in the place of prayer. Also, the explanation for when there are times to cry out and times to be silent was really helpful. We are excited to head to the Capitol Hill of God and lobby him for what we need, but it is even more exciting to thing about just asking to look on his face.

  11. Felix Baumer says:

    I used to think of prayers as a manifestation of verbally expressed gratitude, desires, wishes, encouragement, affirmation and everything God puts on our hearts. This message reminded me that prayers inherent even more layers. Prayers are also for seeking what God has on His heart, spending time in His presence as well as developing a deeper and more intimate relationship with him. While listening to the message I imagined a church where members don’t communicate with another and just “enjoy” the entertainment as Pastor Christian phrases it. I started asking myself how can there be mutual edification, growing with the Lord, developing, and building up a church family. There won’t be any relationship among the members or a more intimate relation to God and everybody would step back into their Monday morning blues after Sunday service ends and that year after year without seeing any change in their lives. Going into a restaurant and just staring at the menu won’t get anyone food, even though everybody in the restaurant knows the purpose of being there. If we don’t tell God what is on our heart, how can we expect Him to provide us, even though he knows our heart and moreover, if we don’t ask Him what is on His heart, how can we know that we live according to what he created us for? No wonder Pastor Christian often refers to the Friday prayer meeting (Friday Fire) as a barometer of the health and strength of his church.

  12. Susan Min says:

    A lot of what PC shared about keeping God’s fire alive are things that I know, but struggle to follow through with. This sermon was a reminder to get back into the word and to start leading a prayerful life. PC challenged me to practice what I already know is true. As I am preparing to attend Friday Fire today, I think it was such a good message to hear. I know through my personally life how powerful prayer is, but I have failed to speak to God in a deep and personal level for a while now. Through this leadership training and going forward to becoming a leader, I think that I can rely on the leaders and church members to keep me accountable in my prayer life.

  13. Jeremiah Silvey says:

    This message has clarified so much about the Holy Spirit. I have never heard anyone describe the fire of the Holy Spirit like this while growing up. Last year, I started encountering the Holy Spirit in ways that I never could describe. I believe God allowed me to be oblivious to how the HS works for a reason. Without knowing what was happening all year, I had a continual fire burning within me in uncontrollable ways. It was weird sometimes just because it didn’t make sense at times. God made me sensitive to almost everything. For example while I was Indonesia praying 8 hours a day while staying with imams, God would just ask me a simple question, “Jeremiah, would you die for him or her”? That simple! After hearing this question… I would just start crying and crying and crying for them. I could not stop, but did not know why. This happened everywhere! This continued throughout the year whenever I was consistently talking to God as much as I could throughout the day. It is great to know what ignites the Holy Spirit and that is prayer with Christ like love. Spending the day in God’s word and in prayer is such an important part of life. Thank you for sharing PC!

  14. Joseph Lee says:

    “You become that which you behold”
    I need to be more like Him by changing my focus and simply seek His face. And also, know my identity in Him. We have the authority, we need to get together and pray together. Amen. I’m gonna come out not just because it is “mandatory” but because I want to go deeper with God and just come out for Jesus. One thing that really helped me pick New Philadelphia Church as my home church were the standards that is held here and how seriously it is taken. Help me to speak words of life.

  15. Alina Cho says:

    The other day at CG there were some people who couldn’t make it to retreat last week, but we just prayed with and for them. I started praying that what we learned and received from the Lord would be also be a blessing to them although they weren’t there. I think this message just confirmed that our prayers for them to also receive the blessings are true! The fire from the Lord is contagious, just like smiling is contagious, the fire of the Lord is also contagious. The first time I came to New Philly I noticed how everyone prayed with such fervency and boldness and over time I also started praying louder. I agree with PC that we need to declare our prayers to the Lord boldly and clearly. And it makes me even more excited to join Friday Fire tonight.

  16. This message highlights the power of prayer and why it is that prayer in the church is so important! I love how PC emphasizes the necessity of corporate prayer in the church and how the church must be a “house of prayer”. From that foundation overflows unity within in the church and character development for each individual believer. There is power when two or more gather in the name of the Lord to pray and intercede with one another. I feel that a lot of people have forgotten the power there is in prayer, and even feeling that individual prayer is sufficient enough thereby making corporate prayer unnecessary. However, we must break out of that mentality and realize that, as PC said, there is a time for individual prayer and a time to cry out to the Lord together.
    This past weekend at the retreat, God has really shifted my paradigm of how I approach prayer and how much prayer should move His heart. It ignited a fire in my prayer life that I feel will be sustained. This message was so on point on what the Lord was telling me and even added another dimension of revelation!

  17. Lisa Young says:

    It was really similar to what Pastor Benjamin said at the retreat, but for some reason this time it finally clicked that the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit interacting with someone are, you could say, side-effects to the work he’s actually doing in that person. Usually people don’t say things like “God empowered me to forgive and while he was giving me that empowering it made me shake.” I thought the purpose of the supernatural signs was so people would know God loves them or know that God is real, or something along those lines.

    It’s very cool how unity and maturity come out of the prayer movement naturally. Very interesting. People wonder a lot about how to bring unity to the church, and this answer is so simple, but also something that a lot of people don’t believe in. Not many churchgoers would believe that their churches could come to the point where prayer meetings are highly attended. I wonder what the beginning of this right priority was here.

  18. Sharon Shin says:

    I really enjoyed this sermon. I loved the emphasis at the beginning about not getting hung up on the signs but on what God has done. And that this sermon put an emphasis on how to keep the fire burning. I have learned already through experience that (New Philly im particular) churxhes put emphasis on prayer life. It stuck out to me that the individual as well as community prayer were both deemed as important to an individual’s walk with God. I have heard and seen so often churches who adjust their doctrine or ways they do things in order to please the congregation, so I really liked how Pastor Christian talked about this. We need to learn to go to church events like prayer meetings and retreats just for Jesus!

  19. Corporate prayer has always been on my heart; to pray out loud and cry to the Lord with a group of brothers and sisters. The paradigm shift that I got from this sermon was that the house of the Lord is one of prayer; it’s not about the numbers, but the maturity and growth of the members who know to seek the Lord’s face. After stepping aside of leadership back home, I looked back at the year of ministry that I helped lead and wondered “if I was so busy serving and making sure everything was set that I didn’t spend even a portion of that time to pray, who else was praying for the growth of the ministry and for the Spirit of God to move”? I was so concerned with serving that my own prayer life was being sacrificed, even when every 1st Sunday was Prayer Sunday. I was convicted when PC quoted that “the condition of the church may be accurately gauged by its prayer meetings”; when it got to the 1st Sunday, it wasn’t a surprise to see fewer numbers. My heart is glad to have found Emmaus and New Philly, in which a culture of kingdom prayer is emphasized. What also stood out to me was when PC said you become what you behold, and if that time is being spent seeking the Lord’s face or watching dramas and doing other things, that’s what we’ll become. I think most of us avoid prayer because we don’t know what to say; but if we know our identity and authority as PC mentioned, I believe also that our prayers will become bold and powerful.

  20. Hyeji Lee says:

    God knows me so well that he knows what kind of message I need at this current season. Yes, I think this season of my life Prayer is the word that I should focus on. Well, worshiping God and listening to sermons are things that I always do with joy. However, when it comes to prayers, I somehow recoil. If I think about what makes me uncomfortable (or unbearable) about prayers is actually coming from the weird feeling that I’m talking to myself(or void). Of course I “know” I’m talking to God and God is listening to me, but it hardly comes to me in a real sense.

    Nevertheless, prayer is a key to my relationship with God. As Pastor Christian mentioned in the sermon, church has to be a House of Prayer, focusing only to Jesus. Pastor Christian actually made me think by questioning that whether we come out to the retreat if it is all about prayers without any sermon or worship. This question is something to think about; maybe some of us, including me, may treat prayers as something boring rather than exciting.

    While listening to this sermon, I sense the zeal for prayers slowly growing in me. Church must be built on prayers and I feel like I’m ready to contribute to that.

  21. Teng Jo Ee says:

    Attending NP for more than a year, I am truly impressed by the power of prayer. I love how NP announces the praises (results of prayers) and having everyone to pray for specific prayer requests together every Sunday service. Seeing how God works through prayers, prayer is indeed a strong weapon to defeat the enemies! Through this message, I have learnt that besides quiet, meditative prayer, crying out loud for God is also a way to convey our prayers to God. What stood out to me in this message is that we should seek for God’s face, not only God’s hands. I feel guilty for taking God as a vending machine sometimes, when I only seek for Him when I have any troubles. The fire in me always burns brightly after every retreat, but it often gets smaller and dimmer after some time. I am so thankful for Pastor Benjamin’s preach on ‘said and unsaid’, which reminds me to be faithful in my quiet time for the unsaid to be revealed. Just like this message, it challenged me to be faithful in praying to God and to really gaze upon God’s beauty.

  22. Soojin Sou says:

    This is awesome to hear PC speaking at my home church in Cali! I’m excited to see the fire still burning when I go back. This message was really informative in how to keep that fire burning. It will never burn out!

    I love how CORPORATE prayer, with other sons and daughters of God, is preached as something so powerful. Prayer is really the thing that unites the church. And churches are not doing enough of this! And I can’t say I’m not any different. But the analogy of going into war was so fitting, especially with NP’s vision of raising up an army. There is seriously going to be a lot of lost battles if us soldiers aren’t united in prayer.

    I also love that NP doesn’t focus on character development but rather focuses on Christ. Truly, you become what you behold and I believe beholding the beauty of God is what really transforms people. Love this so much. Completely different from how the world does things but this is seriously THE way!

  23. Bethany Joy Tweeten says:

    Wow this sermon was loaded with insight into the power of praying, individually and especially together as a church. I have to admit when I first came to New Philly that while part of me really liked the “prayer style” of all crying out together, I had a hard time focusing/thinking as I prayed out loud too… I’m slowly getting better at it :) Growing up Lutheran, there was definitely a focus on more solemn, contemplative prayer. I appreciated what pastor Christian said about “yes there are meditative times of quiet prayer but there are also appropriate times of loud crying out and calling on the Lord together.”

    Also, this sermon has given me several verses to investigate further on my own: Luke 10:19, and 2 corinthians 10:3-5. These passages are so clear about the power of our prayers! Also Jeremiah 33:3 “Call upon me and I will show you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” This verse really stood out to me as one to meditate on as I learn to listen for God’s voice rather than keeping myself constantly distracted. I believe that God still speaks today, but have been struggling with learning to listen… So much new revelation from this sermon!

  24. Oscar Sun says:

    Praying is something I really want to get better at, for me this sermon really showed me how important prayer is. It is really our way of calling out to God, and one thing that stuck out to me is praying aloud. That there is power in speaking out our prayers instead of just thinking it. By speaking it out, we are giving it to God with more conviction, we are speaking it out upon ourselves and declaring that God’s Kingdom to come. One thing that that this sermon reminded me of was when I wasn’t even a Christian and I was praying to God just because I was supposed too. Although I didn’t want to, although my prayers had no conviction, although I didn’t desire myself to be saved, by praying everyday I was slowly able to see my prayers come true even without being a Christian. I was being saved even though I didn’t want to be, but looking back at it I am glad I did. Praying as a group is something that I am enjoying more and more, but when it comes to praying for others I still struggle as to what to say. I am still learning and I pray that God will give me more words to pray for.

  25. Ikhimiukor Henry says:

    Your commitment to the house of prayer clearly reveals your commitment to God.

  26. Jessie Lee says:

    Calling God seems so simple and easy but, for me, so is making excuses to avoid that. At first, hearing that leaders had to attend every Friday Fire, JPM, Sunday Swim, to be part of a CG, besides having a Sunday service longer than many other churches, I was overwhelmed and thinking if all that was really necessary. I also wondered if I was still willing to commit myself to NP to this level. And then after hearing this sermon I thought that it is not how many times during the week I go to church neither the time spent there that I should focus on, but how my heart burns for God. I realized that I wanted Jesus to adjust to my life, and not the contrary. And if I am really willing to become like Jesus, I need to seek Him not only sporadically like a vending machine but constantly and consistently earning to behold Him.

  27. Hye Ryoung Rhee says:

    As someone who’s always had a hard time praying, this message was a kind of a wake-up call for me to really become a part of the prayer movement at New Philly. I always seem to be distracted when I pray, and I think a large part of it stems from the lack of faith I have that my prayers will be answered or that my prayers would actually make a difference. But the Bible promises us that when we ask, we WILL receive. I felt like PC was speaking right to me when he said that some people think our prayers for North Korea and other prayer topics will not make a difference. Little did I realize that our prayers can actually do a lot when we pray and apply our faith because we have been given the authority. We are able to veto the words of the enemy and trample on the devil through prayer because we have been given the authority to do so. I am going to really apply this to my life and pray, not just out of obligation or alone at home but with authority and corporately with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! I really want to be lifted out of the “dry” place where I feel like my prayers are not effective or where praying seems like an obligation, and I hope to do this by becoming a part of the prayer movement at New Philly!

  28. Emily Tregelles says:

    Prayer is a powerful weapon. I’m so thankful to be growing in a church where this is a reality that I can access and grow in understanding. I never realized the power behind the words “Our Father” that Jesus uses at the beginning of his prayer. I always assumed that Jesus was acknowledging that God was the Father or everyone who came to him. But it’s a powerful revelation that he actually demonstrated the necessity of agreement on the Lord’s will.

    I also liked PC’s analogy of prayer meetings being places of government. They are places where we legislate via our authority. If we are to be leaders, we need not only to be anointed, but also to understand the authority we carry. Otherwise our annointing is not effective. By being under authority as a reserved leader at New Philly, I look forward to learning the weapons I have to pull down strongholds, and gazing upon the face of Jesus.

    Finally, I was impacted by PC’s discernment in identifying the religious spirit that criticizes praying out loud and in unison. At New Philly, I’m comfortable praying out loud because of the praying culture we have. However, when I left back to the States, there was often so much opposition if I prayed out loud in other church meetings. I wondered if I was being inconsiderate or rude, coupled with fear of man about what other people thought. Now that I can identify what illegitimately judges me, I can put those lies to death and pray with full boldness and authority wherever I go! Thanks PC for such a mighty clarifying word on corporate prayer.

  29. Halima Dodo says:

    I think we’ve all experienced various patterns of spiritual highs and mountain top experiences with God. Pastor Christian opens this message with several ways to maintain the fire of the Lord and to prevent “burn out.” We need to give love, get into the word of God, and pray! Because God moves when you pray in agreement with others, building up the prayer movement of your church is the best way to see the fire of the Lord never go out. When Pastor Christian asked if we would show up to a retreat or church service if there were no speakers or worship leaders and just Jesus I had re-evaluate how committed I was to Him beyond my commitment to who and what will be at church otherwise. Even in Genesis 4, before Churches has sermons or praise songs, God’s children called upon His name. If we become what we behold then as people of God we need to behold the Lord and not just the community or institutions He provides for us.

  30. 3 lessons learned after listening to this message
    1. After hearing “You become what you behold,” I realized I need to watch out not only for what I see but also for what I make of it when I process in my mind.
    2. For the message “Seek His face,” I learned that I need to attend prayer meetings consistently and ask God to reveal His ways.
    3. For the “Pray against Satan,” I am determined to pray against Satan and recite Scripture verses to fight. Also, I will continue praying to keep the fire in my heart burning.

  31. It wasn’t until college that I really experienced people praying together to seek the face and kingdom of God. At first it was a struggle to go, but then it became something I looked forward to doing. There is really nothing else like praying with other people and knowing that the things you are praying for are shifting. However, two years into college I moved to another state and school entirely and suddenly I had no one to pray with! I looked at church upon church but couldn’t find one that prayed. I joined a Bible study at my school as well, but although the teaching was good we never prayed!! I was so desperate to pray with other people and hungry to seek God’s face as a body. That year, without corporate prayer I really saw my spiritual life suffer. There really is a tangible difference in your life when you pray with God’s people, it definitely has a strong part in the increase of maturity. I am so grateful now to be at a church that is committed to prayer.

    The biggest revelation for me in this sermon was that prayer meetings are the place of government. I’ve never had trouble believing that my prayers are powerful, but the imagery of government helped give me a new understanding of the type of authority that our prayers carry. We are the royalty of God, and when we meet together we hold the authority to rewrite what we see in the natural and legislate God’s kingdom. That is a powerful position to hold and one we need to really train ourselves in.

  32. Eunbi Lee says:

    I really think this sermon is so powerful and it taught me so much. Thank you Pastor Christian for this powerful sermon!

    When I first came to New Philly Sunday Swim prayer meeting, I was in awe. I was amazed to see all the leaders and members of the church praying for specific topics and coming into agreement with each other’s prayer. Through Sunday Swim, I was able to see and feel how important the prayer movement is in New Philly. Through attending Sunday Swim, Friday Fire, JPM, and Emmaus 6:15 prayer meeting, I realized that praying not just personally alone but corporately together with God’s people is so important. I struggled a lot in the past thinking that my prayers were weak and to be honest my praying habits were very similar to the people Pastor Christian described. I use to be one of those people who seek God like a vending machine and pray to Him only when I needed Him.

    After experiencing the prayer movement in New Philly and really changing my mindset about prayer, prayer has become so important to me, my relationship with God, and also praying as a church with the people. Also after listening to this sermon, I learned that now when I’m praying; I should not only pray about specific topics but also just ask Him simple questions and seek His face and listen to His voice, asking Him what’s in His heart.

  33. Prayer is the room of legislation because God has given us power and authority to trample upon the devil and to destroy his works. Because i become what i behold, there is the need for me to behold my time of communication with God, it gives me the opportunity to gaze upon the Lord. He reflects His image in me through communion with Him consistently and faithfully, by means of fervent prayer.
    I need to spend time in prayer alone and also corporately because that is what the Lord desires of His children.
    This message has challenged my prayer life, never to let the fire that has been imputed into me burnout, but rather continually burn and spread out to affect the lives of others.
    God bless you PC.

  34. Taylor Herman says:

    I felt really convicted by one of PC’s initial questions, if there were no guest speakers at a retreat, just Jesus, would you still go? My initial answer was yes, but then I thought about how can I pray for 3 days straight? It also brought to the surface my feelings of inadequacy with how I pray. When I hear some other people pray, they pray so strongly, and constantly know what to pray for, and how to take a holistic approach towards a prayer topic, but I feel when I pray, my prayers are too narrow-sighted. I’ve been told ‘it’s ok, you’ll develop it in time’ but as time has gone by I don’t feel like I’ve improved much, so I guess that’s something that I really have to pray about, and felt even more convicted to pray about while listening to this sermon, because I too want to be able to become a prayer warrior~ The prayer movement, as PC mentioned, is what keeps New Philly so strong, united, and powerful, and why our prayer has never burned out. The way we do things at New Philly may scare some people, but church is not to glorify man it’s to glorify God, so if man doesn’t agree with what we do, that’s ok because we know what we do is pleasing to God. I hope that NPC will change its identity and the way it does things, except by the will of God, because too many churches adjust their ministry to fit “people’s complacency” and God is probably sitting up in heaven just cringing at what the church has become. But I believe God is please with NPC. We do believe our prayer has power, as long as we stick with it. We are building up the strongest army in the world; for our weapons are not carnal; they are not of this world, God gives us the power. Thank you for this amazing sermon, PC!

  35. Rebekah Kim says:

    I like how Pastor Christian says that in order to pray, we need to understand our identity and our authority. I think I have always been a little uncomfortable when it comes to prayer, because I never really felt like I had the authority to pray certain things. I only felt comfortable praying smaller prayers. I like the comparison of prayers to legislation and how we have the power to veto the acts of the enemy. I really want to practice praying more, not just to ask God for things, but with the heart of seeking his face.

  36. Rose Balais says:

    One of the things I noticed when I first came to New Philly is that the church has a very big prayer culture with all its prayer meetings like Friday Fire, JPM, Sunday Swim etc. and now I understand why. It is because God has called the church to be a house of prayer. It is important for us to go to our prayer closets and have individual times of prayer, but it is just as important for us, to partner with our brothers and sisters in Christ, and come together as one church body, to cry out to the Lord and pray for things that is on His heart.
    As someone who wants to get better at praying, this sermon definitely challenged me to pray consistently and to pray not only to seek His hand, but most importantly, to seek His face. I’m very thankful that God led me to a house where I know I will be trained to mature in prayer. Thank you PC, for this powerful sermon!

  37. Jane Cho says:

    It is an honor to be part of New Philly. The first thing I noticed about this house was that everybody in the pews seemed to love Jesus as much as the person behind the pulpit. It was very evident that everyone prayed privately because the corporate prayer was rich by nature. The issues that we cover during our corporate prayer times require the imploring of God’s aid, and we are very good at doing this. However, it is ministries like K1 that asks us to still call upon the name of the Lord in ministering to God simply because He is God. I believe it is due to the varieties of each necessary corporate prayer movement that has given us as a church opportunities to tune into God’s intimate heart for deeper relationship and God’s heart for specific issues in Korea that has strengthened and allowed that fire to continue to burn in New Philly and within myself.

  38. This message is so good and so true that first we should pray, spend time to pray alone but also put more effort and time on praying corporately. Second, that church should never forget that it’s a house of prayer.Third, when we pray we should seek His face, not His hand! God already has a plan and knows what to do but He wants us to pray so that he can share his kingdom and open our eyes to see the great work he is doing! He even gave us authority when we pray and God wants us to put our faith on what we pray for! So I’m so happy and excited to be in NPC where we gather together, pray together and see his wonders and goodness. Thank you father! Let’s keep this fire burning and spreading with your love!

  39. Jinny Kim says:

    This message really pierced my heart, I have fallen into the consumer mind set of wanting to be entertained, wanting something for myself rather than seeking God. I think too many times I have been looking for God’s hand in my personal prayer and when it came to cooperate prayer (prayer for bigger topic like North Korea) I really thought my prayer would carry no weight. Wow and to have that deception stripped away and to realize the power and authority of our prayer is so powerful. How different would my prayer life be when I start to seek the Face of God? How different would everything else be when I just seek to dwell in God’s presence/ house? Church’s original vision is to be a house of prayer and knowing that New Philly’s prayer movement is one that faithfully upholds that vision, I’m so thankful that I can be a part of it.

  40. Kirby Beneventi says:

    I agree with PC that there is power in prayer and “the prayers of a righteous man avails much”. I desire to become a woman of fervent prayer. In the past I’ve ebbed and flowed with prayer, some seasons I pray often and feel the nearness of the Lord and the power of my prayers. Then there are other seasons where I feel inconsistent in my prayer. I liked what PC said about prayer including discipline and accountability. Pray in faith and continue to believe that the Lord will meet me and grow me in the power, discernment and precision of my prayers. As I am submitting myself to the prayer commitments and New Philly I early anticipate my prayer life growing as well.

  41. I really needed to listen to this message. I only recently began to understand how and why to pray. Growing up in a roman catholic household, I only ever recited scripted prayers that had been engrained in my mind since I was a little girl. Many words would by whispered between my lips, but I was never saying anything. But when I got saved in October of 2013, I spoke to the Lord for the first time. And since coming to New Philly, I have grown more confident in my prayer yet know that I still have much to learn and improve on. Rather than seeking the hand of Jesus and enjoying the warmth and joy I am filled with when I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, I must rather open my eyes to seek his face to understand the calling the Lord has given me. Instead of getting hung-up on the signs and fire I feel, I must seek what the signs are pointing to to know which direction to go in and where to take the next step.

  42. Hanna Hong says:

    New Philly has always emphasized the importance of prayer, so listening to this sermon clearly explained the root of why the house needs to pray. If we want to keep the fire burning, that responsibility is ours and we’ve got to rise up and pray as a unit. One thing that struck me was when PC stated, “the more you behold him, the more you become him”.

  43. HyeJoo Lee says:

    I’ve known the importance of going to bible studies, retreats, and prayer meetings, but before listening to this sermon I thought it was, simply, for community. Of course, it is about community: we are God’s body, through which He works, but there is perhaps an even more fundamental and elementary basis to why prayer meetings are important. As PC quoted Jim Cymbala, you can tell how popular JESUS is by how many people come to the church’s prayer meeting. I applied this to myself–why do I go to prayer meetings? Is it because my parents did so and thus it’s just another given component of church-going? Is it because I enjoy the community? Why do I pray? Yet, the answer is, I should be going to prayer meetings and praying because I simply want Jesus. Because I’m Jesus’ fan. Because I want to seek his face.
    And, because I have the authority to pray (Luke 10:19). That in itself is empowering. I hope this shift in mindset will help me to be even more devoted to prayer and receive God’s wisdom.

  44. I believe that this sermon should be heard by every christian because it directs us to God’s original purpose for His to be a house of prayer. It’s sad how much little time we dedicate to prayers especially when there is no guest speaker. After listening to this message and having being awaken by the truth that, calling upon the name of the Lord consistently in the secret place and also with brothers and sisters in the faith, I’ve made a resolve by the grace of God to come out to every prayer meeting at New Philly. I know that involves sacrifices but I also know that I will meet Jesus there and my prayers together with other saints will break godless patterns and set our city from all captivities and establishing His will here in the city.

  45. Ahreum Kim says:

    This messages sets fire on my heart to seek the lord’s face not his hands. I admit that I seek the lord when I need him. I know that this makes his heart broken. Like he is faithful to me anytime, I want to stay faithful and sincere to him anytime. I want to be closer to him more and more and get to know him better. This is through prayer! I want to join in making his house a house of prayer. Not just going to church on Sundays, but constantly and faithfully being a prayer member for the lord’s house! Genuinly seeking his face and his presence! That is his joy! Now I see that grace given upon me from retreat and Sunday services are only pointing arrows to intimate prayer I am supposed to have with the lord!

  46. Seoyoung Yoon says:

    Prayer is a powerful spiritual weapon. It can be used for so many beneficial things. Results of powerful prayer are blessings. I love how New Philly has the prayer meetings such as Sunday Swim. I hope I can attend K1 Prayer Tabernacle one day.

  47. “You become what you behold.” That’s a powerful spiritual truth that I want to remember always as I grow in faith and maturity.

    Coming to New Philly and seeing how the prayer movement is prioritized as one of the most important pillars of the church has been a big blessing. It has challenged me to pray and intercede for the people in my life more frequently, because there is so much power in prayer. Not only does God move at the sound of our prayers, but we get to seek His face and know His heart more intimately as well. I did not pray consistently throughout my walk because I would get caught up beholding other things, but this message really reminded me to keep seeking His face, that I would be more like Him and release His Kingdom ministry wherever I go.

  48. Kevin Choi says:

    Prayer is so incredibly powerful as I see Him moving in my life and others. By His power of keeping and moving from glory to glory.
    In order to walk in His ways, continue to grow and to keep the fire burning, I strive to become a dedicated man of prayer. I began to pray out loud in earnest in this season of walking with The Lord, and have begun to feel the essence and power of it. I look forward to seeing it spread and reveal.

  49. Simon Cha says:

    There were times when I was granted such strong passion for the Lord after “special events” at church and it just did not last. I wondered why. I read the Bible, I listened to sermons. Pastor Christian has given me the answer; I was not praying.

    Prayer is what keeps us connected to the Lord. How can you know the other person if you do not communicate with them. I have recently began to pray out loud in public and pray for other members of the church. Outspoken prayer allows you to truly indulge in the communication you have with the Lord.

    At New Philly, I see God correcting the many aspects of my faith that I have been doing wrong. I believe making a commitment to prayer meetings as part of the leadership training will bring me closer to God and allow me to understand His heart. I thank the Lord the joyful anticipation.

  50. Helen Kim says:

    This message is packed with a lot of wisdom, insight and truth. PC places heavy emphasis on the importance of prayer and the commitment to the house of prayer.

    There is no doubt that New Philadelphia Church is a house of prayer. A house that is committed to raising up mighty warriors to create and participate in the powerful prayer movement. PC states that it is prayer, private or cooperate, that keeps the fire burning. One common trait that is evident in all the NPC leaders is that they know how to pray with a posture that reflects their knowledge of their identity and their authority. They know how to pray individually and corporately and in places like Friday Fire or Sunday Swim, it is only natural that the fire that is within them naturally spreads to the rest of the house. It is so contagious and as mighty warriors, prayer is a powerful weapon that we must learn to use and be familiar with, instead of abandoning it.

    PC encourages us to take part in the prayer movement. He certainly stirred in me, a zeal and hunger to pray with the knowledge of who I am in God and who it is that I am praying to. I am very thankful that prayer is an important pillar and foundation of this church and look forward to growing and maturing through prayer.

  51. Alex Quach says:

    It is so important for the house of god to have a strong prayer foundation. We need to keep the fire of the holy spirit burning, in order to keep the fire burning we need to love on others, read the word of god systematically and most important of all you got to pray . Fire spreads when you pray for other believers.

    God doesn’t just want us to seek his hand, if you’re committed to a prayer movement you got to seek not just his hand you got to learn to seek his face

    i often feeling very uncomfortable when put on the spot of having to pray out loud. i was very encouraged by Luke 10:19, i now have the authority to pray

  52. yery reyna yoon says:

    I had an attitude of not praying consistently because I felt discouraged that even after months or years there were no breakthrough or I felt God already knows, I have faith it will come through. But I realised how I was deceiving myself and justifying my complacency. No where in the bible does it say to give up on praying because God already knows. Yes he can bless you even if you didn’t ask for it but he delights in us calling out to him, seeking him, his word is ask and you will receive, even if he knows the words we are going to speak before they reach our tongue. I am thankful to hear PC preach a message that wakes me up from my complacency.

  53. Katt Gao says:

    PC quotes Charles Spurgeon when he says, “the condition of the church may be very accurately gauged by its prayer meetings”. He does this to make a point of how important prayer movements are in local churches. More important than attendance is what is happening within the hearts of those who are attending the church. The power and authority in a church is determined by the presence and fire of the Holy Spirit. This needs to be sustained by the church members in the place of prayer. As people of God, we need to call out to the Lord and not be silent like the enemy wants us to be.

    This was a challenging sermon on the importance of a consistently praying church both corporately and individually. As someone who wants to see the kingdom of God manifest in my own life, I am encouraged to continue to pray and ask these things with my community here in Sydney.

  54. David Kim says:

    What a powerful reminder for the church. Jesus says my house will be a house of prayer (not a place of preaching, singing, discipleship etc). Even Jesus being the son of God who was there from the beginning of time demonstrated the praying lifestyle for us to follow. This sermon reminded me how important it is to be a praying generation individually and corporately. As PC said, when we come into the place of prayer we come into Kingdom government and we become what we behold.

  55. The churches and ministries that are producing the most fruit all attribute a strong prayer movement to the fuel of their work. The ones that I know about all have decades of experience in that field. Since New Philly is so young but already bearing so much fruit, it’s exciting to think about what’s to come. What’s even more exciting is that we get to do it and not just hear about it.

  56. Michelle Kwak says:

    What a solid point when PC says, “if you can’t be faithful with prayer ministry, how can you be faithful with any other ministry?” In other words, if I cannot seek and steward God’s heart in the place of prayer, how can I be entrusted to faithfully serve and shepherd others? I love the practical example of calling to order pizza! I know that I’ve been tempted not to pray because I know God knows what’s on my heart, but it’s such a sly way that the enemy tries to stop us from engaging in prayer. So I was challenged by: “think it, wish it and you will receive.. but ask and you will receive.”
    Also, amen to Kingdom style prayer, not ‘Korean style’! I’ve also heard it called ‘warrior style’- but I do agree that there is a time and place for quieter communion with the Lord and also for earnest groans and cries out to Him. I was encouraged by the exhortation to keep applying our faith in prayer, to keep pressing through and not giving in to the lies of the enemy. It takes perseverance for such prayer, which makes sense, as it takes perseverance to keep the fire on the altar! Sacrifices don’t just magically appear to be burned; they must be continually offered. I want to keep offering myself to the Lord in this way.

  57. Ann Lee says:

    I didn’t understand the significance of praying as a congregation until I was required (?) to come to the prayer movement as part of membership/leadership. Before I started coming out to the prayer movement, I had no interest in North Korea or of any of the topics being prayed. Honestly I was only concerned about my own well-being and was used to praying primarily about my personally needs. However, the more and more I attended, the more open and interested I became of these issues. It certainly helped me broaden my perspectives and interests to become more altruistic/globally connected. And yes, this sermon pointed out that how to measure the love/heart you have for Jesus is to witness how often you come out to a prayer movement. Certainly, I agree why New Philly is such a spirit/fire-filled church is a result of how strong the prayer movement is!

  58. Michelle Euperio says:

    This was actually one of the first New Philly sermons that I heard before even coming to Korea. The entire time I thought that I had heard this before but wasn’t too sure and then PC said, “You become that what you behold.” It hit me so hard with truth the first time as well as listening to it today. It makes me re-evaluate how I am spending my time. I agree that the more we behold him, the more we become like him. I’ve so enjoyed listening to all the sermons for NRTC training and membership training and it has really just made me even more hungry for the Lord, to sit at His feet, look at His face and just be with Him. PC’s reminder of what our prayers do really blessed me. It also showed me that there were some things that I had allowed lies in, stopped praying for and gave up on. NO! Our prayers are weapons! We carry authority! Also, I really liked that PC mentioned that “the prayer movement takes care of character development.” Just in the couple months of attending Sunday Swims and JPM, I see how the Lord is really fine tuning my character and shaping my heart. I am so blessed to be part of a house that really cultivates a house of prayer.

  59. I love the imagery used in this message! If you don’t call Dominos, you don’t get a pizza. You can’t just sit on the couch and wish for a pizza. In the same way, you should specifically ask God for what you need or want! If you call Dominos and tell them, “I know you can make pizzas, I love how you make pizza, you make delicious pizza for other people and I really appreciate that, and a pizza sure sounds good right now…” you still haven’t asked for anything and the delivery guy hasn’t been dispatched to meet. your. need. That’s good!

    By the way… The Seattle Seahawks have to pay Texas A&M for the rights to use the term “12th Man”! That term was coined when E. King Gill, a Texas A&M basketball player, came down out of the student section and suited up to stand next to Coach Dana X. Bible during the Dixie Classic football game in 1922, when most players had been injured during the game and we were down to the 11 men on the field. He literally became the 12th Man on the team, and the tradition was born. The Aggies went on to win that game! To this day, Aggie students stand during every football game (only sitting during the other band’s performance), as the 12th Man. Thanks and gig’em!

    On that note, the power behind a united fan base yelling for their team literally changes the outcome of many games. I’ve seen defensive lines have to hold hands and signal to know when the play clock has started because the 12th Man has been so loud. That image packs a powerful metaphor for prayer! I grew up in a very traditional and quiet congregation, so (even though I’m a pretty loud person,) loud corporate prayer in the sanctuary is a relatively new experience for me. I see how important it is now, on a spiritual level! Seeking his face together, gazing at His beauty. “The more we behold Him, the more we become like Him.” We have the authority to trample on the enemy. Lord, let our prayers be so loud that the enemy can’t hear when their plays have been called! Amen!

  60. Pricilla Jin Chung says:

    A reminder of the power and importance of prayer. So often, Christians (including myself) just sit around and wait for something to happen; we do not actually ask. All we need to do is ask, but we wait around thinking that something might get solved. I loved how that point was made and is something that I do struggle with. I am so quick to give up prayer and live my life thinking that things will be okay, as well as going to a church but not consistently attending the prayer movements. However, this sermon really pointed out the importance of prayer and got me reflecting on the way that I am living my life. We need to commit, but the question seems to be how much am I willing to commit? I love it how New Philly really seems to challenge believers! Thank you for the sermon!

  61. Kymberly Riggins says:

    One of the most powerful statements in this message was when Pastor Christian implied that the number of people showing up just to pray would be a low number when compared to other church services. I find that unfortunate. Although I believe that Jesus is more popular today than ever, I think that a lot of churches don’t employ a ministry of prayer because that aspect of Jesus isn’t as popular as it should be. Job’s situation changed when he prayed for his friends. I believe that every church should have a name synonymous with the name of “House of Prayer” and we do ourselves a great injustice if we are not easily identified or labeled as such.

  62. Seeking God’s face and beholding beauty than seeking his hands! Yes! I have been there in my life where I treated God as a vending machine, only coming to him to meet “my needs”. The I felt so bad that I stopped seeking him altogether. Regardless of our attitude of seeking his hands only or seeking his face, I am glad God loves it when we seek him. It really does depend on us to define what kind of relationship with God we want to have. And yes, having Jesus as the only reward for going to prayers meetings should be sufficient. It will take some time I have to admit, and some discipline. But I know it will worth it. Also, I realize that corporate prayers to pray out things of international scale is essential in keeping the fire going. It is so easy to lose hope when praying for North Korea or reunification alone. But with my brothers and sisters praying corporately, hope is renewed that our prayers are actually making a difference. We are a house of prayer!

  63. Suzy Shin says:

    Couple points that stood out to me was do not be so caught up for signs. I think I do that a lot of times getting caught up by signs asking God if this is what you want me to do show me a sign! Thinking make I feel kind of foolish. I think is use the “sign” as an excuse to not do something God wants me do to. Saying God you didn’t show me the sign..
    It was a great reminder that prayer is crucial. I feel like God wants me to pray to him instead of making excises why I can’t. I feel like i have so much junk inside of me instead of being filled up with God. When PC said you spread the fire of the holy spirit I want to be that person who is filled up with the holy spirit but i feel like a dried up leaf. Through prayer I really want to train myself to focus on God.

  64. Sooky Park says:

    This message is exactly what I was wondering last Sunday during Pastor Marcus’s message and during the altar call. Although the Holy Spirit did make it happen, I was wondering, ‘how do you get the fire of the Holy Spirit and how do you keep it burning?’ Pastor Marcus says do not quench the fire of the Holy Spirit. PC says when you receive love, to give it back. Serve, bless, encourage people. Get lots of the word of God (like wood to fire) in you. Stop loving the world. (Its amazing how the Holy Spirit and the world cannot mix. I want to walk in purity and holiness. So that God can draw people to Him through the fire in me. It’s amazing how PC connects fire of the Holy Spirit and prayer. The fire is imparted to others.) Build up the prayer movement of your church.
    I am so thankful that at NP unity is the present. Agreement is so powerful. Prayer fighting is so important and I am thankful PC emphasizes it.
    Thank you PC for telling it like it is! That if 12 out of 90 people pray, the fire will burn out. So true. you should show up to a prayer meeting because Jesus is going to be there. We need to cater our actions to the pastor’s standards. Im not sure if this counts, because I was unable to get to the end of the message. :(
    I love how PC used the analogy of electricity. But manifestations point to the Holy Spirit. I hope the Holy Spirit calls me to full time ministry.

  65. This message from PC was definitely a blessing and probably my favorite in this NRTC training. I definitely relate to the part where he talked about “Korean style” praying. It was strange the first time I experienced it as a college student. Still takes some getting used to!

    In my experience with the church, prayer is the most underused weapon. I agree with PC’s statement that the strength of the church is measured in its people’s commitment to prayer.

    I welcome PC’s call to corporately pray. I think praying individually has been such a key to growth and praying corporately can only bring more growth.

  66. Emilie Boivin says:

    I was truly blessed by that sermon. I made sure to listen to it more than once in order to capture every thing. One thing that it highlighted for me is the importance to pray as a house: to keep the fire burning, yes, but also to exercise our vocation and take territory for the Kingdom and punish the enemy for his trespasses. I also like that as reserve leaders, ir is not only outward performance that gauges if we are ready to be activated but our commitment to corporate prayer with the house. I like that there is no compromise about. It increasesmmy trust level in the Church, knowing our house’s priority are well in place. I trust the vision of our prayer movement and rejoice at laboring with my brothers and sisters in Christ. It is only righr. And because we pray together, we are all coming into agreement around thw the same issues, bringing not only unity to the all house, but safety , knowing that we are all rallying for the same cause, contending for the Kingdom with, one mind, one spirit and one heart.

  67. Prayer is the key to communicate with God, our Father. He listens to every prayer we make, anywhere, anytime. I just love how this sermon straight went into my mind, and telling me that, “be vulnerable, and speak it out loud. We hear you.” I’ve been praying since I was 12, but previously I just lacked of something that was like, I lacked the main element for my prayer. I did pray but I just prayed just because I had to do so. But since after I came to korea and started to attend New Philadelphia Church, I started to have my heart burning strong, became even hungrier for God’s love and His words. I started to realize that how powerful a prayer is in terms of submitting our worlds’ problems, our own problems, our requests to God. Prayer is not just about one person’s work, but a community, will then anchor the FULL SPIRIT of prayer, deep in a community, as a ONE HEART, ONE SOUL theory to fully submit our worries and our prayers, to God, unconditionally. Through this sermon, I started to get mature on how to pray within a community, not just only oneself. Also, I started to realize how we pray over the bible verses. It’s so powerful and anointing. It’s like You’re reading the notes your father jots down for you, and you’re doing the things with his words and advices in your mind. Same goes to the application in a community: we pray upon God’s name, and we do the prayer, and the doings, with His golden rules and words, in our mind. To shine even brighter, to shift to another higher level of praying – another level of faith. One heart, One Soul, unites a group of people, becoming a community of faith and love. Amen? Amen. : )

  68. Ra Hyun Ha says:

    I love this powerful sermon!! This sermon gave me a lot of revelation about the meaning of prayer. Since I’ve accepted Christ, I’ve been wanting to be intimate with God. For it, I attended church services, listened worship song, signed up this NRTC. But these days, actually I neglect the praying, I said “Lord, do you know I’m so busy these days, I’m so tired”. My prayer shortened more and more like this. This sermon let me realize that I focus on not God, but myself and my effort. And ‘Am I hunger for God or Am I hunger for my achievement ?’ When I ask this question to myself, I was in tears. I felt God has a passion for me to build up an intimate relationship with me. And as the being God made, We have desire to be close with Him. This is the deepest and strongest desire in us. A prayer is crucial and indispensable for relationship with Father and daughter. i have to call upon the name of Lord so i look at him not only look at just myself. And through a prayer movement like JPM, I feel God want to make us participate in his mighty work and plan and widen our vision to nation. it is a glorious privilege that we can follow God’s heart by prayer. I’m so thankful to God for drawing me closer to him continually.

  69. Amanda Hawkins says:

    Ive always known prayer is important, In the past its been more of a duty or chore than something that I really miss if not done on a daily basis like its is now. We focus so much on relationships with other people, but neglect our relationship with God, we always want him to be there for us, but a lot of times we forget about him unless we need something. But whats amazing is that he is still there for us. I love that New Philly is a house built on prayer! I have grown so much in my relationship with God, I ask him everything! I still talk to people but its true that the holy spirit will only speak truth over us. We just have to ask.

  70. David Haram Kim says:

    I totally agree that all churches should rise as houses of prayer. Prayer is so crucial in that it “keeps the fire burning.” We all know how powerful the fire of God can be and also that God answers prayers in powerful ways. God sees the efforts of churches who gather together to pray and blesses those prayer meetings. As PC mentioned in Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’ Thus, if we don’t call him, He’s not going to work. As the Bible says, “You do not have because you do not ask.” If we don’t come together in prayer and ask God for the things we desire, we can’t complain that God isn’t hearing our prayers because we aren’t asking Him!
    Thus, this demonstrates the great importance of every prayer meeting of NP such as Sunday Swim, Friday Fire, Joint Prayer Meeting, and K1 Prayer. Truly NP is set on its values of being a house of prayer.

  71. Prayer must be the essential foundation of a church. I didn’t realize this fact until I came to NP and experiencing the power of a prayer meeting. I couldn’t understand at first when I first came to JPM why people were screaming and crying and even scared by one of my cg members who was sitting beside me. I didn’t want to come out anymore but I pushed myself to keep coming and now I’m addicted to come to a prayer meeting. I also agree when PC shared about many Christians are actually consumer Christians because I’ve seen many of them and I was one of them. I had difficulties to accept the fact that PC will preach most of the time in the past but I thank God, I’ve overcome this issue. I also feel challenged by PC to come to prayer meeting with a prepared heart to pray together.

  72. Shine Jang says:

    I loved when Pastor Christian said that if we want to see unity, we should stop talking about unity, and just get together and pray together.
    When I first came to NPC, I was surprised by the number of prayer meetings/movements that were being held every month. I realized that I was investing my time on worthless things and missing out on so much by prioritizing other things over prayer meetings. God called each and every one of us living temple of God where His Spirit dwells. We should be individuals who continuously pray, just as Jesus said that his house will be called a house of prayer. Joining prayer meetings/movement shouldn’t burden us, but it should get us excited. I’m so excited to find unsearchable things and to witness what my prayer can do!

  73. Yes, A HOUSE OF PRAYER. It was such a simple yet powerful sermon. Prayer, being a cornerstone to keep our spiritual fire burning, is to be practiced by every Christian either individually or together with the people of God. Through this sermon, I learned that we need to pray together in the church, speak the words of life, spread the love of God, call upon the Lord and cry out His name. That’s the way to move deeper into the intimacy with Jesus as He is the one who will listen to and respond to our prayers. We are called to build up the prayer movement of our church.
    Just a few months ago, I started to attend prayer meeting in NP including Friday Fire and Joint Prayer Meeting where we put our spirit together and faithfully pray for North Korea and South Korea. Every of these prayer meeting was so powerful that I really felt God moving in this church. As we pray for the nations, I feel that God is doing something powerful and supernatural to the nations in respond to our prayer. As a Christian, I think we have the accountability to constantly pray to the Lord. We will not receive anything when we are just thinking or wishing. As PC said, we need to ask for it. When I first started attending prayer meeting, I was so afraid of praying, especially praying for others. The reason is I don’t know what to pray and how to really prophesy into the person’s life. I didn’t know the way of praying. But as I continue to attend the prayer meeting, I slowly get to know about the anointing and authority that are given to me to pray for others. I learned to let the Holy Spirit to lead me through prayer and shift into the spirit. Attending prayer meeting shouldn’t be a burden for Christian and we should make commitment to prayer meeting in order to release the love and grace of Lord to others and also ourselves.

  74. Andrew Cho says:

    To be honest, I was one of those people that found it hard to pray at New Philly in the beginning and honestly it is still a little tough sometimes, but I definitely am starting to see the power behind praying loudly and in unison. If I believe that God has all we need to be satisfied and yes we should not be seeking Jesus only through Sunday service.
    I was blessed to hear another pastor talk about how exercising is only 20% of where the progress comes from and the other 80% is through food. Then things like meetings and sunday services are probably kind of like the 20% and we need to fill our spiritual diet with prayer, both alone but also definitely with a community that aims to see God’s glory in specific and similar ways.

  75. This was a powerful message!! I felt really convicted for my lack of prayer momentum in my own life but also very challenged to discipline myself in the place of both individual and corporate prayer. When I first came to New Philly, I was surprised to see so many members so devoted to the various prayer meetings happening throughout the month. Even though I knew the importance of prayer, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a church so committed and devoted to praying as a church. But knowing that prayer is what keeps the fire going in the church, it only makes sense for the church to come together in a place of corporate prayer. The first must continue on through prayer!

    Recently, as I’ve signed up for NRTC, I’ve been incredibly blessed to join in the Sunday Swim prayer meetings before service. At first, to be very honest, it was more of a task than a joy but as I continued to come out, I realized how sweet of a time it was.. just to be in the place of awe and worship with our Jesus. In this season, I feel that God is specifically teaching me about the importance of prayer as I joined the prayer team at SNU Emmaus. I never ever saw myself joining a prayer team in the past but I believe this will be a time where God will train me and equip me to intercede on behalf of the greater body of Christ through prayer; it truly is a noble calling! I am truly blessed to be part of a community that understands the power of prayer. Thank you PC for the heart that you carry for the church!

  76. Jina Yu says:

    This was a great reminder of how this house was established first and foremost as a house of prayer. It was good to hear how new philly was really able to steward the fire of the Holy Spirit through faithfully burning at prayer meetings, swim , ff, and jpm. This was a great reminder of the power and effectiveness of really coming together in unison as a community to pray as one voice for what is on the heart of God. This also reminded us to really foster a knowing relationship with God seeking him for His sake in addition to calling on his name.

  77. Jorie Bonham says:

    One thing that really stood out to me was when PC mentioned that he never preached on unity at New Philly. Because praying together brings unity. That was something I never realized. I used to be uncomfortable with praying out loud. But it brings together people in a way that is intimate. I love that about New Philly. There is Sunday Swim as well as prayer during the service. There is never “too much praying.” There is so much power in prayer that the church has forgotten about. We tend to go to God in prayer for things we need and not just to spend time with him or intercede for others. Contending for the kingdom is one of NP’s core values. I’m so blessed and excited to be part of a house of prayer.

  78. Wow this sermon was really challenging for me. I am learning to be hungry for so many things. I have always been intimidates about attending prayer meetings but that seems foolish now. I look forward to encountering God in new ways!

  79. Wow, what a powerful message! It is so important to seek Jesus’ face first and not to seek Him for what He can do for us. I am really convicted to pray more and to dedicate more time to His word as I am convicted by “you become what you behold”. This is so true and very dangerous. Thanks for sharing!

  80. He said to them, “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer,’ but you make it a den of thieves. – Matthew 21:13 –

    To Seth also a song was born, and he called his name Enosh. At that time people began to call upon the name of the LORD. – Genesis 4:26 –

    For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. – 2 Corinthians 10: 3-4 –

    Have they no knowledge, all the evildoers who eat up my people as they eat bread and do not call upon the Lord? – Psalm 14:4 –

    This was a powerful teaching by P Christian about the importance of prayer as a symbol of our covenant relationship with God. God has always been seeking people who call upon Him.

    P Christian tells us that the result in the Old Testament of people not calling upon Him was a inundation of evil and sin. He taught us that when Abram was called, one of the main marks of Abram’s legacy in Isaac, and Jacob was that they called upon the name of the Lord.

    We need a Paradigm Shift – to stop only seeking God’s hands, but also to seek His face.

    It is so important for churches to rise up and understand the necessity and irreplaceable power of prayer in establishing God’s Kingdom. It’s sad to see that most of the churches that I’ve attended and visited, the prayer group is usually a small group of people that are trying to support a vast movement.

    We are in a spiritual war. If we want to stand firm and break down the strongholds of evil, we need to stand united in prayer.

    At New Philly, our vision is to rise up and army of mighty warriors who will go out in the anointing of the Holy Spirit… Indeed, I believe that the days of playing church are over. We need to seek God’s face with all our hearts and stay committed to standing upon prayers as a community to fight the good fight.

    Thank you, Pastor Christian, for this critical teaching.

  81. One thing that I really liked about this sermon is the importance of a consistent prayer life as well as the different types of prayer. When we really need a revival or something from God we don’t pray quietly we cry out to God with everything ounce of strength that we have. There is a time to pray quietly and meditate on the word of God and there is a time to cry out to God. Therefore I think both methods of praying are equally necessary.

  82. Michelle Chaewon Kim says:

    I was really convicted when PC said you need to learn how to seek His face if you want to seek His hands. I’m guilty of going to prayer meetings only when I need some kind of refreshing moments rather than praying for the nation and the house. I wasn’t really interested in just sitting at God’s feet and seeking his will, let alone that I wasn’t interested in partaking and sowing in prayer into this community that I received so much from.

    It was also interesting to know the four properties of fire: to burn, purge, illuminate and spread. I didn’t think much of why I received all the results of the fire of the house, but now that I learned that it’s a result of the effort of people who have been sowing in prayer to keep the fire burning, my prayer is that I would also be a member that is committed to keep the fire burning so that other people can receive the same, or even greater fire that I received.

  83. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    I never really thought about the connection between unity and praying together, now I see how important it is to pray together. Prayer is more than just asking-it’s seeking to be in God’s presence and know Him more. In God’s presence, everything is made right. The more we behold Him, the more we become like Him. We have authority in our prayers, we veto the works of the enemy. Prayer is the place of Kingdom government. After listening to this, I see prayer in a whole new dimension. So good.

  84. Raymond Seo says:

    There is power when people of God come together in corporate settings and call upon the name of the Lord. Every church should be a house of prayer, ready and willing to contend for His kingdom. It’s so true how one can accurately gauge the condition of a church by its prayer meetings. PC mentions about how he doesn’t really address unity in the church, but rather emphasize on the importance of building a corporate prayer movement in the church. Every believer in the house needs to understand how powerful each and every prayers are, capable of dismantling enemy’s strongholds, keeping the fire alive and ever-burning for His justice and righteousness.

  85. I think we forgot how important prayer is because we’ve been placing importance on consumerism. Prayer isn’t attractive to non christians and even christians! It’s not “fun” or “exciting” to just pray. But it should be!! What better way than praying and spending time with the Lord! “My house will be a house of prayer”. This is actually the first time I really thought about how important prayer meetings are in the church. Growing up, my parents used to nag me to go to dawn prayer and go to Friday night church services which mostly consisted of praying. I hated it growing up! And maybe that turned me off from the power of prayer. But PC makes it clear that this house, NP, prays because that is what Jesus said. And churches SHOULD be filled with prayer. I feel so blessed to be covered by leaders who place such high importance on prayer. I realize Sunday Swim is really really important- by spending an hour before church service in prayer with our fellow brothers and sisters… it only gives God so much room to move and speak into that church. Prayer isn’t only in your room by yourself during your quiet time with God, but also in churches or in communities where others join you. Prayer isn’t a vending machine where you go to God for big needs in your life, but prayer is really seeking God’s face just because He is God and you want to be with Him.

  86. Sharon Ahn says:

    This sermon was exactly what I needed because it is the area that I am most struggling with. I know that new philly is a church that puts very high emphasis on prayer meetings – sunday swim, friday fire, jpm, emmaus, etc.) and for the longest time my biggest struggle was corporate prayer because I always thought I could pray best in my room or by myself. It’s time to break that and faithfully attend each and every prayer meeting as I step into leadership program. To keep the fire burning we need to pray together – both personally and corporately. PC said ‘you become what you behold’, and sometimes I need to just go up to God to gaze upon His beauty.

  87. Minah Kim says:

    “God’s people have got to pray together. There’s a power when God’s people come to agreement and pray for the same thing.” It’s so true! It’s very important!
    When I first came to New Philly Sunday Swim last Sunday , I was very impressed. Praying with the leaders and members of New Philly, made me feel that I belong to a family. Also, I felt oneness of mind and the love of the church community. The leaders and members of New Philly are an army of mighty prayer warriors! I realized that I had been protected by their prayers. After attending the Sunday Swim, I was able to focus on worship all the more. How important it is to pray with God’s people! From now on, I do not want to miss the place of prayer. So, I want to receive the promise. The promise is this. “If you consistently call out to God, God will consistently show you great and unsearchable things.”
    Rise up as a house of prayer!!

  88. Prayer is indeed powerful. It’s amazing how New Philly is committed to pray, to keep the fire burning. When I came to my first joint prayer meeting in New Philly, I was blown away by the leader who led the prayer. The leader was just so firm in her identity and with wisdom and authority led a powerful prayer meeting. It’s only natural for me to feel the fire and whole-heartedly pray for North Korea. And it’s strange because praying out loud isn’t really comfortable for me and usually if there’s many people praying out loud at the same time, it’s very difficult for me to concentrate and end up sleeping haha. But that day I was very encouraged and remembering that everyone in the room praying in agreement, in the presence of God also give me confidence that anything that we pray every meeting, God will listen and God will cover.

  89. Youngha Park says:

    Fire burns, illuminates, purges and spreads. This fire like characteristic of the Holy Spirit is so interesting and the characteristic I like the most is how the fire spreads. Once this fire is acquired by the Holy Spirit, it can be spread and shared to many and EVERYWHERE without being burnt out. However, this fire may burn out if there’s no prayer to keep the fire strong. Jesus said, “my house will be a house of prayer” and all churches should be houses of prayer before they are anything else because prayers are so powerful and I personally believe that prayers are the foundations of any church. This is why I like the fact that the New Philadelphia Church is a house of prayer that puts prayer first before anything. I’m glad I can be a part of this community, where everyone is stewarding the fire, which spreads and burns stronger through prayer meetings like Sunday Swim, Joint Prayer Meeting, and Friday Fire. Even though I already believe in the power of prayer, this sermon was a great reminder for me to rethink about the values of prayer meetings of the church and I hope that by attending prayer meetings with joy and expectations, I am able to make my fire burn stronger to veto the works of any enemy in my way.

  90. “You want unity in this church? Then stop talking about unity.” If I want to be a leader and stay a leader, I have to be committed into the prayer movement of the house. No other reason but Jesus. I need to adjust my life to the standards called forth upon me, not the other way around where I expect things to be spoon-fed at me. Being a leader requires consistent responsibility and dedication, and I am learning to follow this lifestyle as I set foot at NPC.

  91. Charles Ting says:

    Prayer is the most powerful weapon against the enemies. Praying together pleasant God because we pray in the unity, in the body of Christ. Through praying, we can build up a higher level of intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father and He is willing to listen to our prayer. Bible says that if you ask, and you will receive; call upon the name of the Lord! If you not willing to open your mouth to pray to God, how you got to get the blessings from Him? This is why prayer meeting is very important for every Christian. Imagine the prayer meeting that gathers all the Christian together to pray, how powerful it would be if everyone call upon His greatest name loudly! Hallelujah, blessed be Your name, oh my Lord!

  92. Throughout my study abroad semester so far, I’ve been so blessed by New Philly. This church is a church founded on prayer and stresses the importance of prayer. It has taught, encouraged, and empowered me to go deeper in my prayer life with the Father. Prayer is powerful and our foundation with our relationship with Jesus starts with prayer. Fire is like prayer. In order for the fire to keep going, or our relationship with God to continue to burn, we need to keep praying, contending, and interceding. When we continue to have that hunger to pray and communicate with God, the deeper His love becomes and transforms our life.

    “God’s people has got to pray.” A lot of the times at church we overlook prayer meetings. We may think of it as a duty and obligation and not a blessing. I really loved how PC talked about unity. “If you want unity, then stop talking about it.” True unity comes when God’s people come together in agreement and pray.

    -Lyann Trang

  93. Jason Yang says:

    When PC explains the different symbols of the Holy Spirit, I was really tuned in when he mentioned fire. The idea of trying to kindle the fire through sharing your love, prayers, and manifestation made a lot of sense to me. Also, getting more of The Word is like the wood to the fire to keep the Holy Spirit moving (done both inside and outside the church).

    We should find unity and power through praying, and I think NPC does this very well. Every Sunday service I go to, there wasn’t once I felt that the atmosphere during prayer was weaker than the previous week. Consistent and powerful prayers are the way to steward the fire.

    Sometimes I do call for God just for my own needs like a vending machine, and forget to just seek God’s face. This sermon was definitely a wake up call for me to put some of my personal needs aside and pray more for others and simply communicate with God through prayers.

  94. Anne Hong says:

    This message is powerful and really stirred me because it is so key for us to not only recognize that we need to keep the fire burning, but to steward it in our personal lives and also together as a body of Christ. When we become a believer, we see that prayer is an essential part of our walk. Just the fact that we can communicate with our Father wherever and whenever is a mind-blowing thing, especially after knowing who we are communicating with. Because this is such an essential part of our walk, the enemy will definitely do all that he can to prevent this from happening. Not just on a level of preventing us to pray, but on a level where we could be praying, but praying with a lack of authority and faith. But praise God that He doesn’t expect us to be perfect intercessors from day one. It will be a process but the way we intentionally go about it will make all the difference. I loved the part where PC mentioned seek His face and not just His hand. As we seek His face, we learn to sit at His feet and to develop intimacy.

    Also as we seek His face, He reveals His heart to us and we start seeing beyond ourselves and our situation. This is a very valuable thing that happens because He is asking us to partner with Him through the place of prayer. We see what’s important to His heart and He gives us the opportunity to sow into what His plans and desires are. It is essential to understand and grasp that we are entering into the kingdom governement so that we can pray with authority and faith.

    • Anne Hong says:

      It is essential to understand and grasp that we are entering into the kingdom government and *our identity*…

  95. Kimberly Ahn says:

    Note to self- take a serious part in the church’s prayer movement!! Consistent attendance in prayer meetings is dependent on the growth of other aspects of our Christian walk. Since prayer is our main mode of communication with God, we must call upon Him in order to be given the promises and granted the greater depths that He wants to give us. We need to stop adjusting our ministry’s standards on the complacency of people’s lives. Instead, we must be challenged to consistently pray personally in our secret place and corporately with the church.

    Prior to joining NRTC, I only went out to Sunday Swim and JPM a handful of times. I am excited with the new outlook that corporate prayer is needed and essential not only for my growth but for the church as well. Praying alone won’t do it, but we must come into agreement with others, which makes it that much more powerful. Then we are able to see the change and the works of God. And through this steadfast commitment, we are able to steward the fire and set it ablaze.

  96. Lydia Ju says:

    This message was really powerful and just really gave me that desire to pray more for the church and the people of the church! It made me reflect on the power of prayer and how it is so neglected at times. To keep the fire burning in our hearts we need to read and eat His words but also PRAY. It is so important because it is our way of staying connected to Him and seeking His face. I want to be a number one fan of Jesus and go to prayer movements for only Him. I always want to come to a place of heart where I am in tune with His heart. The church is suppose to be praying and calling upon the Lord together, so that the fire never runs out! Yeah it is definitely good praying individually, but I definitely agree with the power in prayer when His people come together. A lot of the times, people just say as long as I am praying to God by myself, I don’t need anybody, but I feel that that is wrong. Of course we can pray by ourselves, but God has put authoritative leaders of a church for us to submit under and trust in, so that we can pray together, thus that is entrusting in God’s chosen people.

  97. This sermon made me think about the importance of consistently calling out to God as a body as well as personally. I used to be the one who only prayed quietly and didn’t feel the need to cry out. I thought “why ask when God knows everything?” It was a religious spirit like PC described. moreover, consistently attending the prayer meetings was not so important to me. However, here at NP, as I learn how to cry out together, more and more I feel that it is such a blessing to be able to pray for the same thing together and to see how God works. can’t stay silent. I want the fire keep burning!

  98. Ericka L. Mack-Andrew says:

    I feel so convicted! After hearing this message I realize that I have not been fair to my pastors back in the states. I often blamed them for the lack of fire in the Sunday services. I didn’t understand how the glory could fall so tangibly during the conferences and retreats and then stagnate in a span of two weeks right after. However, I also recall many times that the pastor called for the church to pray and the response was weak at best. Everyone had lots of excuses and little obedience (myself included). It got to the point where the pastor even offered to hold the prayer meetings over a conference call so that people didn’t have to leave their homes. Even with all of this, the church would not really participate and the few times that I did join the call it would be me and maybe three of the leaders. I can also so relate to the depiction that PC presented about prayer during Sunday service in the states (especially in New England). There is a reason why they call us the ‘frozen chosen’. Whenever a leader would take the mic and say let us pray, silence would fall as the rest of the congregation listened to them pray while (at least for me) counting the seconds in their head until they would finally be allowed to sit down.

    I have heard over and over again in my years about the power of prayer. But it wasn’t until I heard PC say that “Prayer meeting is the capitol hill of the kingdom” that it really clicked for me. I vividly recall a road trip I took to D.C. with my family. We stayed in a hotel that was on the same street and walking distance from the capitol building. I remember being so impressed by the outside of the building and just getting the impression that some really powerful people worked there. So now that I have the ability to connect that experience with my spiritual walk, I ask myself, how can I not live a life of constant prayer?

  99. Amy Loi says:

    I really like the prayer meetings and how we are told to pray in New Philly. Everytime I could feel the Holy Spirit moving strongly as we pray for our Father’s will. I thank God that I can be one small part of this church and contribute my prayers to Him. Praying out loud with all the princes and princesses in His kingdom, with full authority and faith, i feel that we are all together pushing through, and it is so full of passion and excitement, how more excited it would be for Him who is looking at us?
    “You are what you behold.” I am really thankful that PC pointed out praying leads us to become more like Him, sharpen our identity in Christ, also lead us to maturity. There is nothing more happy about than just to call upon His name andcry out to Him. I really like this sermon :)

  100. Michelle Kim says:

    “We need to keep the fire burning by being a house of prayer.”
    I’ve experienced ministries where only a few members were passionate, but on my first Sunday at New Philly, I saw that the whole house was genuinely on fire for God. It was definitely new for me. Eventually, I learned that the reason of this was because New Philly was a house of PRAYER. Friday Fire, Joint Prayer Meeting, K1 Prayer Tabernacle, and Sunday Swim…again, our house is truly a house of prayer! When Pastor Christian said, “At New Philly, we don’t really talk a lot about maturity and character development b/c our prayer movement takes care of it.” I bear witness to this! I’ve only started going out to Sunday Swim and other prayer meetings a month ago, but already, my prayer life has matured and old mindsets have been removed. I’m so thankful to be in a house of prayer like New Philly.

  101. Albert Lee says:

    3 points that spoke out to me: As a church we must be a house of prayer. There is no need to pray for unity we just need to come and pray together. Popularity of Jesus can be measured by the attendance of a prayer meeting.
    This sermon encouraged me to be faithful in coming out to all the prayer meetings held at our church as a new recruit! Praise God. Thank you PC

  102. Man this sermon was rock solid. Prayer power has been something that has been introduced in my life since last year Dec. I’ve been exploring it more and more and I was so uplifted to hear how essential it is to New Philly’s life and mission, the church that I’m apart of. I agree that we need to cry out to God. We need to focus our attentions toward Him whatever style that is. Style doesn’t matter so long as you spend time with Him but its so true that when the HS comes upon us we are so moved we can’t do anything except cry out. I feel blessed to be going to a church where I can lean on the family to pray with me and over me. I can see how because we are committed to praying together we will help each other grow and steward the gifts of God in such a larger way than if we were alone.

  103. Mariyah Gonzales says:

    The authority and boldness of our prayers are completely dependent on who we believe to be. Identity has everything to do with how we pray. We can’t go out there, waging war in the spirit with limp arms and no direction. With something as powerful as prayer, we must be absolutely clear in who we are. To know who we are, we look at who God is. Bold prayer is naturally birthed from intimacy. You cannot come seeking God’s face without falling in love or desiring for deeper conversation.

    Belonging to a house that prays equips us with greater, knowing that we stand beside others who call Him Abba Father. First attending our NP prayer gatherings, I was overwhelmed and conscious of the quietness in my own voice. Like the people PC mentioned, I was distracted by the boldness coming from everyone around me that it fanned flames of insecurity that I had been tending. Breakthrough came from finally accepting and understanding that I belonged as a son of the house, and knowing that the Holy Spirit lives within me.

  104. Isaiah Kim says:

    I want to have no other reason but Jesus in attending the prayer meetings:)
    I used to seek spiritual highs to avoid loneliness and the void in the heart, but now I want to put aside childish things and reason like a man. I want to pray with the heart and tears that someone’s eternal life depend on it.

    I just love psalm 27:4
    One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek;
    That I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life,
    to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple

    and the analogy PC gave in his relationship with P.E really touched my heart.
    I want to do that in my relationship with Jesus.
    Not to seek just good feelings, not to seek any gifts or from him but just to see his face, drink from the cup in his hands.
    That I may become which I behold… to become like Jesus.

    Secondly.. about Father’s prayer. whenever I pray this prayer.
    I imagine all the saints praying this together with one heart

    “Our Father… Hollowed be your name…
    Your Kingdom come…
    Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven…”

  105. Young Rae Kim says:

    This message was very convicting and really stirred up my heart for prayer. PC really challenged me when he said would you show up to a prayer meeting for no other reason for Jesus. Through prayer meetings is where you really grow in intimacy with Jesus. It is enough just to sit at his feet and gaze upon his beauty. I often seek the hand of God, but rarely do I seek his face.

    Also, I learned that prayer is not always easy, it can be labor at times, but it is crucial to keeping the fire going. I appreciate how PC has really cultivated an atmosphere of prayer at New Philly. It is through all of the prayer meetings that New Philly is able really keep this fire going.

  106. Hannah Chong says:

    The church is called to be a house of prayer. This is not a choice, but it is a mandate which has been given to us by Jesus. No matter the church’s vision, prayer must be a priority. Prayer is the means through which a church is able to steward the fire of God, and continuously burn with passion for His kingdom. We can not simply have sporadic moments of powerful encounters with God, and expect to mature and grow, if prayer is not a constant spiritual exercise in our lives. It is also through prayer, that we are able to grow in intimacy with God. As PC put it, ‘not only do we seek His hand, but we also seek his face’. Prayer becomes not a mere religious routine, but a genuine expression of our hearts, as the Spirit convicts us, and we learn to delight in God’s presence. It is in the place of beholding our Saviour, that we start to conform to His image; as it is said ‘you become what you behold’.

  107. Winnie Chan Wei Ling says:

    The enemy strategy is to deceive people to not call on the Lord. Ask and you will receive!!!
    This really awakened me on how important to call on the Lord even when I don’t feel like because He is our shepherd and He is the one that will lead us out of darkness and confusion, I lean not on my own understanding but trust in Him. Keep the fire by going deeper into the word of God. Word of God is like the wood of the fire.
    Through this sermon, I acknowledged that when a church comes together to pray for for the church and for the nation, there’s power that build up the church and brings unity. We are called to be mighty warrior with prayer as our weapon.

  108. New philly doesn’t talk about unity, they pray. I just had my first Sunday swim and didn’t quite know what to expect. I thought maybe people just stand in a circle and pray about whatever for some long period of time. It was cool to see that issues were discussed and then we corporatley prayed for them, one by one. There is power when Gods people come together and pray.
    Prayer is also related to discipline. I’ve only now in my life been learning the true importance of discipline. And new philly is giving me a huge kick in the pants in this area.
    You’ve got to make the call. He promises to draw near.

  109. Toko Kim says:

    After hearing this sermon I realized why praying is so important at NP and the reasons of why the prayer movement is so strong within the members. I definitely have never seen or been at any church that emphasizes praying so much or have so many prayer meetings like Friday fire, Joint prayer meeting, K1 and Sunday swim.
    Praying is so important for us, is our bread and butter of our Christian life and as a foundation of our spiritual life knowing how to pray is so key for us to be able to grow in the spirit/godliness.

    P.C makes some really good points on the topic of committed prayer and fire when building a church ministry. It is so true that when we pray in a group or in a house of prayer, the prayers become more powerful then the fire of the HS is greater than when we pray just on our own and sometimes we might not even know that we have a little fire towards a cause or heart for something until someone else anoints us with and then we realize the fire was bigger than we thought it was.

    A lesson I got from this sermon was that it is so important to steward the fire but at the same time we have to learn how to learn how to keep the fire burning within us so after that awesome and powerful Sunday service, we can go on to the week to our daily lives and still have the same fervor and intensity that we had at service on Sunday. Indeed, if we want to achieve this, we have to learn to give love to others, serve them, and bless them. Speak words of life.

  110. Gina Park says:

    “Learn how to seek his face.” Praying for the church or praying for others is also seeking his face. Prayer was all about seeking his face. I really want to learn how to seek his face.

  111. Atembe Fonge says:

    I love how New Philly does prayer. Really, the way NP prays says everything anyone needs to know about the church. There’s so much exuberance and conviction, it’s genuine, everyone is different, and when the house prays things start to happen. I’m someone who was brought up in one of those churches that prayed quietly, in my head, because after all, God can hear me in there too right? But so much changes when you pray out loud, and pray together. Hearing and affirming the words of prayer around you is powerful in action and empowering. I really believe I am a warrior of the kingdom when I pray these days; NP has helped me understand the power in purposeful prayer. I also used to find myself praying only when I needed something from God; but, I get so much joy out of talking to Him everyday about everything, and even like the example PC gave where if he was sick he’d want to hear someone praying for him…if someone asked me to pray for them in the past, I would say “Sure” and then wait until I got home to pray for them (…silently in my head). But if anyone asks me that now I say “Sure” and then immediately start praying. It’s funny, I’ve caught some people off guard because I don’t think they expected me to actually do it immediately; or maybe they didn’t expect anything at all and just wanted some sympathy without realizing that they’re asking for a powerful yet simple favor. I think changing the way I pray, and being around others who pray with such fire, has been the biggest change with the most noticeable effect in my relationship with the Lord

  112. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    Listening again, the first thing that stuck out to me was when PC said that before there were church services or praise songs, people called upon the name of the Lord. Praise songs and church services are good, but Jesus wants his house to be a house of prayer. PC reminded me that if I call out to God, He will show me great and unsearchable things; if I draw near to Him, He will draw near to me—and that God is continuing to look for people who will call upon the name of the Lord. Prayer is more comprehensive to faith than I thought. The part when PC said you can tell how popular Jesus is by how many people come to the prayer meeting stuck out to me, too. It really made me question how I view prayer and the purpose of prayer. Prayer is not only for bringing our requests to God, but to steward God’s fire, grow in maturity, and to gaze upon His face, becoming more like Him. Not only that, but because of who we are, our prayers have authority. I think praying together is very important because it is through praying together that I can begin to understand my identity and authority.

  113. Now I understand why New Philly is so big on prayer!!! :) Wow, what a lovely and simple but so practical message! I knew prayer was important, but this message made me see a bit deeper into how important praying actually is. When I first came to NP, I was quite taken aback by how loud everyone prayed. It is something I’m still getting used to but now I realise that we are actually crying out to God. What also struck me was how important it is to have individual prayer and prayer as a body. In order to keep the altar burning as a house and individually we need to keep seeking God’s face! We need to steward that fire and keep seeking the Lord’s heart! This has got me so fired up! I see the need to assert our authority in prayer! Awesome! :)

  114. Izelle van der Merwe says:

    For any relationship to grow there needs to be communication. Prayer is such a crucial part of our relationship with the Lord! When we really come to seek His face and cry out for more of Him, He is faithful in showing us unsearchable things. I feel stirred to really start crying out to the Lord in faith to see His face even more! I was also blessed to hear the connection between stewarding the fire and prayer. We need to keep on burning for the sake of Christ and the lost.

  115. Minsook Hong says:

    Commented by Hye R. Song: Jesus is on the top of our prayers. Plus, this sermon put on my heart one of highlights: to pray “together”

  116. Grace Song says:

    I really liked how Pastor Christian mentions that in Genesis 4, before church or sermons Adam and Eve called upon the name of the Lord. Prayer existed before anything else. If we want something to happen, we can’t just sit on out butts and expect it to be delivered to us. We need to be praying individually and corporately. I have been looking so far out into the future, but right now I feel convicted to keep pressing in in the place of prayer. I felt really convicted when Pastor Christian said if you aren’t faithful with prayer meetings how are you going to be faithful with other ministries.

  117. Kate-Lynn Mc Naught says:

    Now I understand why attending Sunday Swim is a leadership requirement. I need to model attendance at prayer meeting because it determines the condition of the church. I am showing up to meet my Jesus.. I am fueling thd flames for a spirit-filled movement. I believe when I committed to leadership that paradigm shift took place and agree completely that this needs to happen for consistency in the house of prayer.. attending, praying, just showing up cannot be done in my own strength or it will disolve, be fleeting. God I pray for a desire to be birthed in your people to pray consistently ~ prayer is a power house movement and where two or more ate gathered in your presense, what we ask will be done. My recent revelation, as I have commented on other sermons, is about the authority I now earnestly know belongs to me as a son in the house. I was consumed by the fire at the retreat and the following prayer meeting I just looked to God.. I had nothing more to pray, I quoted scripture as instructed my the set men in our church, and then was just surrendered, gazing at my Jesus.
    PC you should paint it on the walls~ “you become what you behold”

  118. Yeana Kim says:

    I was so convicted by this message because I struggle with praying. Even though I am aware of the importance of prayers, I don’t think I realized the weight it carries. I didn’t really like praying out loud, too. However, when PC described how you cannot keep quite in labor, I noticed where my heart has been and how stubborn I had been. PC said I become what I behold. The more I behold him, the more I become like Him. I was never against prayer meetings that New Philly had. But what I noticed was the kind of heart I brought myself into the prayer meetings. Do I really pray like I mean it? Do I have faith in my prayers? I think these are the things that I am struggling with because I have never practiced or spent my personal time praying.

    I think I should start practicing both corporate and personal prayer times, because just as PC said, God promises to draw near when we make our calls a consistent one. I am really thankful to have a community where it shapes me to be a person who prays and be a part of a house of prayer.

  119. Yong Shu Hua says:

    Prayer is powerful. The word of God is like wood to the fire, it keeps the fire within us burning. When we pray, we not only sustain the fire that is in us, we also grow in spiritual maturity.

    I really like the pizza delivery example given by PC in this message. We all know that pizza houses have pizzas, but if we do not call for pizza, it will not come to us. Similarly, though God is always working in the background, but if we do not pray and ask God for it, we are not able to receive fully the provision and blessings that God has for us. It is true that in Matt 7:7, it says to ASK and we will receive, not think or wish. A lot of times this asking comes in the form of a spoken request, or even in a faith declaration to the Lord. It emphasizes the point that when we speak in faith, there is power. Also, there is power when we pray together as a community. As said in Matt 18:19, “if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” When we pray together corporately, it is spiritually edifying and very powerful. The church is meant to be a house of prayer.

    I love that prayer is as simple as a cry to God, to implore aid from Him. This depicts a complete dependence on Him, and to say that ‘I cannot, but He can’. Religious spirit and the enemy want us to do the exact opposite, by shutting our mouths and make us not cry out to God. We have to remind ourselves that there is not restriction in prayer, and most definitely no restriction in how the Lord wants us to go to Him. More importantly, I know my identity in Christ and that I have spiritual authority; when I pray, I get to “veto the works of the enemy.” (Love that!) My words hold weight and they have the power to create change in society and in my own personal life.

    We become what we behold. As I behold Jesus, I become more and more like Him. In my quiet times, I want to go to him in prayer not just because I want or need something, but simply to enjoy His presence and behold His beauty.

  120. Jessica Jin says:

    This message really solidified the importance of prayer in my life. My heart desires to have an honest, passionate and personal prayer life so that this can overflow into building up the Church and becoming unified through prayer. I struggle with consistent, daily prayer due to lack of discipline and I constantly make excuses but recently I’ve come to realise that prayer isn’t just about myself. Prayer is a way of not only praying for yourself and your own needs but also for other people and the Church. The more you pray and ask the more God will reveal himself to you. My heart’s desire is to call upon God for everything in my life and to mature in my prayer walk.

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