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Who Will Shepherd Your Soul?

Sunday, May 8, 2011
Sunday Service (Hillside Campus 1pm)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Hebrew 13:17; 1 Peter 2:25, 5:1-5
Duration: 01:04:16


  1. Praise God for the leaders at New Philly

  2. Eunhae Grace Han says:

    Hearing about Shepherds responsibilities and the three qualities
    – Exercise oversight
    need to submit, put leaders above you
    – Examples to the flock
    live in a way that says “imitate me”
    – They have to give an account
    puts me an extremely thankful positions for those that Shepherd at New Philly. It is plain to see that I am forgetful of how much love and prayer those over me put into me and the Body in Christ. That God placed them there, called them there, gifted, trained them each personal for them to love personally.
    I find that I am strong personality like PC, but I yearn and love to submit. I hope to hate any pride found in me, but I do not want to displace God. I must submit to those that God has appointed to honor Him.

  3. Joyce Ku says:

    This sermon brought a lot of clarity to me as to how Jesus is the shepherd of our souls and the relationship between my soul and spirit. Jesus shepherds us through appointed leaders which excludes family and friends because they are usually not counseling us by God’s will. I think this spoke very directly to me because I grew up abiding by the rules my parents laid down because I believed those rules were for my good. They were actually, for my good and their good but the issue was they placed emphasis on our good than the Father’s good. It’s a very human limitation but I believe that it’s a reflection of God’s heart for us- He fiercely desires our good and well being too.

  4. I know that soul & the spirit are a totally different thing already because we always sing: Bless the Lord, O my soul” so I kinda grasp that soul is not the Holy Spirit. Being a person who satisfies the soul doesn’t equals to satisfying the Spirit. In the Spirit is saying that you’re letting yourself to die in the flesh. This sermon also became a revelation to me telling me to stop letting my friends and family to shepherd my life because they’re not supposed to and God has given the authority to the leaders that I’ve submitted to. This totally shifted the way I think who I should share my troubles to, who I should be letting to speak life into me. This will be a turning point of how I’ve been living my life & how I have been deceived by all the worldly advice that I received from my friends and family to letting the leaders of the house to speak life & promises into me.

  5. Magdeline Goh Seen Hui says:

    Everyone needs a leader to shepherd their Christian life to correct their mistakes. God put all these leaders in out life to shepherd us so that we have examples to follow and they can speak words of truth in our life to guide us from being trapped in the lies of satan. I like the part where PC said that we have to trust in The Lord even when we do not agree or understand what the leader says. This is talking about faith we have in Him. and I’m once again reminded that I can’t shepherd my own soul but I do need a leader to shepherd my soul.

  6. I am just going to be honest and say that I have no idea what to write here. People should have shepherds. Agreed. I don’t want to put my life story on this wall so I just want to say that shepherding is really near and dear to my heart.

  7. Kristine Wong says:

    Another great sermon and another great lesson learned. We are made up of three components: the body, soul, and spirit. I never knew how dangerous and sensitive the soul is until now. I always thought that my internal battles were flesh vs. spirit but i also have soul vs. spirit to deal with. I usually react very strongly with my emotions and they can be very soul-filled emotions if I don’t keep them in check. But the thing is… how can I tell that I am reacting with my soul versus how I would react with my spirit? This is where I realized that I lack a lot of discernment in my life. It is REALLY hard for me to discern things and every time I would ask people for help about it… they usually don’t give me much help and I realized that it was because they are my friends and family members. It really struck me a lot when PC said that friends and family are disqualified to shepherd your souls and it’s so true. They really don’t help at all and it makes total sense now. I would of course then try to go into prayer and reading the Word for discernment but with no stewardship in my life… I couldn’t get any help from it as well. I was trying to do everything with my own strength and I thought that as a Christian, this was a normal common thing to do. However, this sermon totally changed my mindset on it, and I’m very happy for it. For your soul to get out of the way of the spirit, someone must shepherd your soul. Before coming to NP, I truly was a sheep with no shepherd for my soul. It is really with God’s grace that I was not killed or set down the wrong path after being alone for so long. Thanks be to God. Now that I am plugged into a small group and getting to know more of the leaders and pastors of the house… I can feel this is a very safe community, and I truly want to submit to a leader that can steward me appropriately. I will no longer be a lost sheep anymore!

  8. Audrey Tan Ngerong says:

    There so much truth when PC pointed out about needing someone to watch our backs and watch us from above in everything that we do because we ourselves simply just can’t do that! When there is no one there to guide and confront us on our actions, we put ourselves in vulnerable places for the enemy to attack our mind. Through this sermon, I come to realise that declaring that Jesus is the shepherd of our soul but at the same time neglecting to obey the leaders that He has specifically chosen for us just doesn’t add up as “Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders whom He appoints.” My heart was humbled when I was reminded again that Jesus came and submitted Himself as a sheep. We too are to learn to come into submission as we let authority/leaders speak truth and life into us.

  9. This was a really powerful message for me because I’ve personally been going through a difficult storm and season, and if it weren’t for my shepherds (my familia leader, EMMAUS staff and leaders) I would’ve given up. But now I see that my soul and spirit are two different things, and what I need right now is to humbly submit to my leaders so that they may shepherd me, guide me, and shepherd my soul into submission under my spirit. That way the Holy spirit that dwells in me will be my light and guide me, in alignment with God’s heart and plan for me.

  10. Janice So Hyun Lim says:

    Distinguishing between soul and spirit totally blew me away. My soul is my mind, will and emotions, and God doesn’t want my body and soul to control my life. Rather, God wants my body and soul to be in submission to the spirit. This is not an easy thing to do on my own because I am like a sheep; I am weak and.. dumb. I am vulnerable to the enemy’s attack and can get lost really easily. As Pastor Christian preached, to proceed alone without any shepherds is very dangerous. Being a sheep that is full of its soul but not spirit, I need God-appointed shepherds to bring my soul to submission to my spirit. Jesus is the supreme shepherd, but He appointed leaders to oversee His sheep, set examples and give an account, so that His sheep would be safe under His covering. Pastors, Emmaus staff and leaders are the shepherds God has intentionally put in my life to help me live a spiritual life instead of a soulish life; therefore, I must submit to these shepherds and respect them.

  11. Stephanie Grady says:

    I was blown away by this message! I don’t think I’ve ever heard it explained so well why healing and deliverence is so important. We all come in to God’s family jacked up because of many reasons and I’m constantly amazed at who people become after going through inner healing. It’s amazing to see people get free of the lies and junk the enemy had placed in their souls.

    We so desperately need to let others speak into our lives. When out of hurt we come to the conclusion that we can only trust ourselves, we find we are already deceived. I’ve been there before and so I know this from experience. I wholeheartedly agree with Pastor Christian’s prayer at the end that it’s time for the days of lone ranger Christianity to be over. Sons of God are lead by the spirit and this spirit led life is learned from spiritual fathers and shepherds.

  12. Janis Pok says:

    While I was listening to the sermon, I was thinking that the soul and spirit were the same thing. But by the end of the sermon, I was able to see the importance of submitting both my body and soul to the spirit. It also brought some clarity as to why I backslided and strayed away from my spiritual walk when I came back to korea. I just tried to do things out of my own will and there was no such thing as discipline under the spirit.
    I really like how PC said we can’t see the top of our head and our own backs. Only those above and behind us can do so, and that’s why it’s so important to have a leader to shepherd us. God appointed certain individuals over our lives and it pleases Him when we learn to joyfully submit to them.

  13. Jesus loves our souls and wants to shepherd our souls, but I guess I had never wrapped my head around the concept that our soul contains our minds, wills and emotions all-in-one. And the fact that our souls are meant to be in submission to the spirit also sparked something new. And the fact that ALL those things need to be shepherded is something I innately ‘knew’ as a Christian, just through church lingo and Christian vocabulary, but this sermon really hit it home for me. Jesus intends for our souls to be shepherded through the leaders he appointed in our lives, and the fact that this shepherding is different from the comfort and encouragement we receive from our family and friends, that there is a clear distinction there is also something new for me. It makes so much sense that our souls need to be shepherded in order for us to intimately commune with God in the spirit, and being under shepherding means coming into a place of submission and of honoring authorities, intended for us to freely receive and claim the things of God! Being a sheep doesn’t sound so bad anymore.

  14. As humans, we do sin and make mistakes but our sins can be washed through Jesus. Lord watches me everyday and He will never leave me. Like what I heard from the previous retreat, “A father and a son played a ball game outside of the house. The father threw the ball and asked the child to take over the ball and give to him. The father hid right behind of the child and examined him. The child looked worried,but the father quietly and gently whispered :’ I will always by your side, just take the ball and find me, whenever you’re lost I will guide and protect you.’.”
    God’s like a father who is always on high and guards us. He gives us challenges, life trials to test our limits of souls, and to grow more faith towards Him. God’s our shepherd, and without a shepherd in our lives, we will not be able to find our ways towards eternal life, no matter how intelligent, how pro, how good we are.
    Let God enter your heart, and May the shepherd be with you always.

    John :)

  15. carol lee says:

    Through the message I could only reaffirm to me that I am in the right place. Even though as a new member everything is new and sometimes challenging too, what first comes to my mind is the assurance of the blessings. God is preparing something to me through this church that is more than worth it. It is worth more than any little effort that Im doing right now in the process to be part of the community. I am only curious to see the fruits of being shepherd after a while..

  16. Della Collins says:

    I love this sermon. It was actually the first sermon I heard at New Philly back in 2011. It was such a powerful message that I remember the main points of it to this day. This sermon was where I really learned what the soul was. This sermon first taught me that we are body, soul, and spirit. This sermon helped me better understand fasting, and how we should not be led by the flesh. Just like Pastor Christian said at the end, it was indeed a powerful message. One thing I noticed this time that I didn’t the first time I heard the sermon was the mention of sonship. Going through leadership training has made me more aware of the word, but I learned that true sonship is walking or being lead by the spirit. Another thing that somewhat surprised me was how our friends and family are disqualified from being the shepherds of our soul. Living in Korea, I could understand this because I know God wants me here, and my friends and family would definitely love for me to be home. However, I thank God that he has given my mom peace and insight about me being here. I think this sermon was one of the key things that got me into the habit of speaking truth to myself despite how i’m feeling. Like King David, even though I might complain to God I always come back to dwell on what is true- I think this is being lead by the spirit and not letting the soul take control. I am glad that Jesus shepherds our souls through leaders he appoints, because it gives me more faith and trust in my leaders. I know God has appointed them himself, so I can trust that their word is God’s word…as long as they’re continuing being led by their spirit :)

  17. I love how PC compared the need of us having God-appointed shepherds (leaders) looking out for us and shepherding our souls to us not being able to see our backs. It was a great way to highlight and exemplify how we cannot exercise oversight over ourselves. This message taught me how important it is to have someone covering us and shepherding our souls because without that we are sheep without a shepherd. We are exposing ourselves to be attacked by the Devil and led astray. I definitely believe that God uses people to do His work and when PC touched upon how Jesus shepherds our souls through the leaders He appoints I felt so convicted. It made me realize that if I cannot submit to the shepherding and lead of my leader or the spiritual authority God has appointed to look after me, then I can’t say that I’m truly following Christ, who is the overseer and shepherd of my soul, because HE is the one who appointed my leaders. I can’t sit back and do nothing either. This message also taught me that I have to put my soul/body under submission to my spirit. If Jesus is truly the shepherd of my soul, it will manifest through my dedication to put my soul into submission (fasting) and through the relationships I have with the leaders that Jesus appointed to shepherd me. As PC put it, “If no God appointed leader is shepherding your soul, then Christ isn’t really shepherding your soul.”

  18. Jessica Hyun Joo Kim says:

    This sermon was probably the first I had to really think a lot about. I listened to this sermon yesterday but needed time to soak it all in and absorb the message that God wants me to hear because there are different parts that God to speaks to every one of us about. For me, through Pastor Christian’s message, God helped me to understand that obedience without understanding is not a bad thing. I obey God a lot without understanding why things are/were the way they were and it gets me sometimes frustrated. But trusting God helps me to persevere and keep going. What I didn’t know was that, to see whether or not you are shepherded by Jesus, look at your relationship with the leaders He appointed in your life and examine how it is. Obeying your leaders and submitting to their authority can sometimes makes people look/be vulnerable. But knowing that they are appointed by Jesus and that they have the responsibility to watch over us and be accountable for us helps me to respect and obey them in love more. So many times I tried to do that with my friends and family but what Pastor Christian said about how ‘they are not the ones Jesus appointed and can not replace those that are appointed’ is true. I was trying hard to have my friends and family be the ones to watch over me and be accounted for me but it makes sense why it never got anywhere.
    The only part that I am a little confused about are those that are not shepherded. It says that they are of sinful nature and belong to the blackest darkness; so does that mean they cannot be saved? Like at all, even if we try to help them and pray for them? Is it obvious who they are (like if they are one of our family members and friends or people who just constantly sin)?
    I also liked how Pastor Christian ended with the verse that ‘even if we dont understand, just trust and lean on the Lord; acknowledge Him and He will make our paths straight’ from Proverbs 3:5-6

  19. Ok I had to listen to this message twice because the first time I listen to it it didn’t make sense. And I got angry thinking PC said something that he really did not. Now I understand after a second listen. That what he was saying was that we should never try and do it (the Christian walk and growth) alone. They we need each other as a body of believers and we also need those that God has appointed as leaders. And that makes perfect since now. Amen for spiritual leaders!!! ^_^

  20. Bea Bettina Ramos Francisco says:

    “Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders whom He appoints.”

    This really struck me because I’ve always thought that what matters most in one’s spiritual walk is the direct relationship between Jesus and a person. Yes, spiritual leaders and authorities play a huge role in preaching the Word but I haven’t really pondered on their significance. I also talked with my connection coach earlier and it’s amazing because I just shared that I have difficulties in fully submitting to authorities. I do listen and pay attention to what they’re saying yet I tend to filter what they preach so it’ll compromise with my way of thinking and doing things. Moreover, I thought that having Christian friends and family are enough to help me stay on the right track. However, I’ve always felt that there’s something lacking. Thanks to Pastor Christian, I realized that it is indeed true that “Both friends and family are not given Biblical responsibility to shepherd your soul”. Knowing who shepherds your soul will largely influence and determine where one is going, what one is thinking and why one is living. It will be the key to breaking free from backsliding or regressing to one’s old ways. Just like the shepherd and his flock of sheep, things can go out of hand if the sheep do not follow the shepherd’s direction as deliberate wilfulness can often lead to the danger of being separated or lost. Therefore, receiving, obeying and trusting the one who shepherds your soul is crucial in everyone’s spiritual journey with Christ.

  21. Christina Parchem says:

    I was really blessed by the point that your spirit is your direct line to God; leaders don’t have authority over it but it’s because of the spirit that leaders have authority over your soul and body. It’s their job to make sure your body and soul are in order. If you submit to your leader, then your body and soul will submit to your spirit and there will be nothing getting in between you and Jesus.

  22. This sermon is similar to the other submit and get covering themed sermons, but this one focuses more on the distinctions between soul and spirit. I appreciated this because much of society in public will not give attention to spiritual topics because it appears irrational and not provable. But it is present, and with the word of God we have a grid for the role of spirit in our life. It explains how leaders are shepherding our souls so that we are not living by them and our own understanding. Without them we are left to discern the voice of the spirit and the will of God for ourselves and by ourselves (to which we are incapable). No more “Lone ranger” Christianity. Respect, honor and esteem your leaders highly in love.
    Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders he appoints. When your soul is shepherded, it is bought into submission to your spirit. And your spirit is taught how to submit to the Lord so that you can have communion with the him.
    I was really encouraged and motivated by this sermon. I am thankful that New Philly offers strong leadership, and I am excited about how my relationship with God can flourish through them.

  23. Natalie Cheung says:

    Throughout my life, I honestly have not found one spiritual authority where I thought I could completely entrust myself to, and have him be accountable for what I have done. This level of intimacy is one that I never thought I could have, just based on the people I’ve met as well as my own personality. Submitting to authority isn’t something I have a problem with, but finding someone I have confidence in, where he is completely in tune with God and can receive direct messages from God directly pertaining to my life was not something that I thought really existed since the days of Paul and other apostles. Especially since I come from a background where the Spirit of God is not as emphasized, I tend to think that since the leaders are human, they are prone and will succumb to human tendencies as well, which does not give them the full right to speak over me. However, if the Spirit is surely within that person, then I won’t have to worry about that because what is coming out of that person is truly from the heart of God. Coming to New Philly really opened my eyes to the realm of the supernatural, that if you indeed have the Holy Spirit in you, the thoughts and heart of God will be revealed to you as well. As I haven’t experienced that truly for myself, I’m really hoping to be encountered by God, so I can see how one can live fully in the Spirit and not succumb to the ways of our flesh and soul. Having a person, outside my parents, giving an account on my behalf and to shepherd seems almost too good to be true, but if it is, I really want to receive it. I liked the reasons PC gave as to why friends and family cannot be your spiritual authority. I used to think that my mom could be my mentor, because she was the one that brought me up in the faith, and one of the strongest Christians I know. However, I do realize that her love for me and desire for me to be safe (and perhaps near her) may cloud her judgment on discerning the will of God in my life. This sermon gave me a lot to think about, and I’m really glad that I’m able to explore these new concepts in a safe environment, in place where I can really see the presence of God working among the leaders of the house, and hopefully I learn to fully allow myself to be entrusted to the shepherds God has appointed for me.

  24. Susanna Kim says:

    This sermon gave me a whole new depth of the meaning of submission to spiritual shepherds/leaders. It’s easy for me to submit to what a leader tells me to do when it’s aligned with how God has already been speaking to me. However, it can be a challenge for me if I do not agree with what my leader says and it’s only through my leader’s word that God uses to speak to me in a certain situation. I realized this shows my level of trust in God and how strongly I believe that Jesus is the ultimate Shepherd and the BEST shepherd. Do I completely trust that Jesus knows what He’s doing when He appoints specific leaders to shepherd me?

    Also, God really opened my eyes to the fact that when I act out soulishly, I am not only walking in darkness (a negative affect), but I am also missing out on the blessings of walking in the Spirit (another negative). So just by satisfying my flesh, I am choosing to experience a DOUBLE-negative affect in my life. Do I really want to keep regressing and falling back into my old ways and continue to experience a double negative? This sermon really encourages and challenges me to pursue walking in the Spirit in ALL areas of my life and claim the power and abundant blessings that the Spirit of God gives.

  25. Rose Balais says:

    I didn’t realize how dangerous our souls could be because I thought that the spirit and the soul are two same things so I was really confused at first but through this sermon I was able to clearly differentiate the one from the other. Through this sermon, I was also reminded of the importance of not only letting Jesus direct our lives/soul but also the importance of submitting to the authorities in the church because they’re the ones whom God appointed to shepherd our soul. Truly, our Christian lives are not meant to be walked alone.

  26. Charlie Lee says:

    It gave me clarity when PC said that not only is Jesus the shepherd of our soul, but Jesus shepherds our soul by leaders he appoints. This includes not just the head pastor, or spiritual father, but also small group leaders and community pastors and other leaders with authority. And that we should Respect your leaders and esteem them very highly in love!!!
    We need people to shepherd our soul, so that we may be guided and that we may be covered. Also, Soul and body must be in submission to the spirit. That is a reason why we fast.

  27. Masande.G says:

    Before we become Christians we operate from our souls and flesh following the desires of our flesh but when we become Christians we should be led by the spirit of God. The soul and body must be in submission to our Spirit to the place where we are able to commune with God.
    Jesus is our Shepherded and he calls us to be shepherded by a local community. God wants us to be shepherded by Godly leaders whom he has appointed. we all need to be shepherded, we are all commanded to obey those God puts to be our leaders. We cant be mature strong Christians who are not under the covering of a God ordained and appointed leader. We all have to be covered and shepherded as it is a God given command.

  28. Samuel Choi says:

    The sermon did a good job of surveying a number of verses that show that we need a shepherd. It ties in so closely with the teachings on sonship and covering. It seems that these are all pillars of the idea that we need the church. These sermons in tandem have helped me to develop a stronger foundation for why we need the church. When I think back on it though, there was a time when I knew all this. But somehow these post-modern ideologies that we can be lonestar Christians have crept into my mind outside of my awareness. And as a result, I’ve never really committed to a church.

    It is interesting to think about the body, spirit, and soul. Somehow I’ve always assumed that the truine existence of humans were broken down as body, mind, and soul or spirit. Upon reflection, there seems only to be a difference of semantics, with the addition of will and emotions to soul. In the study of psychology, the will and emotions would be lumped into the mind.

    Anyway, I find it interesting that we need shepherds of our souls. I guess this is where that semantics becomes pretty important. I never thought about how we don’t need shepherds for the spirit but for the soul. Shepherding is a concept that is easily acceptable when we are talking about the spirit, but when it comes to the soul, which includes the mind, it ultimately comes down to a form of mind control. But therein lies the faith, because any of these teachings on sonship, covering, and shepherding can seem on one hand like a method for mind control. I guess this is why people without faith will turn away from the church. It really does come down to faith and though it’s a hard jump with any secular mindset, we live according to the spirit. And though it is a hard teaching to swallow, it really comes down to whether God is real and His word is real. If they are, then it makes sense to accept this teaching of submission into what could potentially be interpreted to be merely a means of controlling the masses. But I am not ready to throw out my belief in God. Furthermore, as I have touched on the subject before, the aggregate of these teachings have given me a strong base for belief that this system is legitimate before God. Perhaps the reason why many churches don’t teach so strongly about this is from fear that they might receive criticism or that membership would go down. But if we’re going to do this Christian thing, we have to go all in.

  29. Hannah Kil says:

    Living by the spirit vs. living by the soul. This is what stuck in my head after the sermon. And I realized that my life has been a lot of living by the soul, when I must put living by the spirit as first priority. The definition of a soulish way of life helped me understand the problem. A soulish life means not being able to accept the things of the spirit of God. It means being unable to receive advice, order, teachings, or direction. Which results in a fruitless outcome. In today’s generation, the loudest voice that reached me was “be your own man”. Take care of yourself and do things your way because you are your own person, no one owns you. It is a dangerous lie but a slippery slope, too. But through the sermon I feel that I’ve been armed with the truth to be stronger against the challenge. In order for me to be truly spiritual, and become alike the mind of Christ, my soul NEEDS to get out of t he way, My soul is should stop taking the driver’s seat, even when it seems right. “As Christians, we are no longer to be led by our soul or flesh but the spirit of God”. I’ve heard it before, but now I can agree and accept the truth that it is not possible to love God and the world at the same time. And finally, as a person choosing to live by the spirit and not the desires of my mind, will, or emotion- I must accept that “Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders whom he appoints.” This is one essential thing I need to learn more and more of, and pursue.

  30. Shin Young Park says:

    “The soul and body must be in submission to our spirit for us to live a victorious Christian life!”
    Amen to that. I always get messed up like how Paul is describing in Romans 7 but ‘the law of the Spirit who gives life has set me free from the law of sin and death.’ Praise the Lord.

    The message of shepherd Jesus is one of my favorite parables that describe the relationship between man and Jesus. I heard that the real shepherd knows his sheep and are able to distinguish each and every one of them. Shepherd names his each sheep and call them by their own names. Sheep remembers the shepherd’s voice and respond to their name when it’s called. Without the shepherd, sheep cannot eat nor sleep; he cannot live a basic life but die eventually without the shepherd. I am again amazed by how God can be our shepherd and watch over us. Furthermore how the spiritual leaders can be our shepherd, not family members or friends. It is little different for my case since my parents always try to remember that I’m His daughter in first place before being their daughter. Although I do understood the difference of covering between family and friend verses spiritual leaders and it was a very new viewpoint for me.

    I sometime think the leaders can be described as a sheepdog also. By barking and running here and there, sheepdog take good care of the flock of sheep with the shepherd. I can be a sheep to somebody, sheepdog to somebody, but Jesus will always be my shepherd. As I bring my soul in submission to my shepherd every day, I hope I can truly live a life, and have it to the full.

  31. David Ha says:

    I love how all of these membership sermons challenge preconceived notions of Christianity and what a Christian walk looks like.

    The takeaway from this message is your soul MUST be shepherded. If not for direction or guidance, if your soul is left unchecked, how does it make it us any different from the world? “When we are born again, we are no longer to be led by our soul or our flesh but the Spirit of God.”

    We get jacked up if we’re led by our flesh and soul. We don’t know what’s best for us. We’re like sheep without a shepherd, a newborn baby without a father or mother.

    I love the analogy of PC being our spiritual father and that he provides meals for us. He provides healthy-balanced meals for us (or sometimes chicken nuggets when he’s too busy xD). Let’s take analogy one step further. If left unshepherded, we’re like baby orphans who take anything delicious that’s given to us and that grow fat and unhealthy on what tastes good. We grow sideways instead of up. As grown ups, we know better than that. We know sometimes (or most times) the stuff that’s good for your body will not taste as good as a slice of pizza. Let me make this very clear, I love pizza. But I don’t eat it for every meal because I know better, I know that it’s unhealthy for me. How do I know? I know because someone instructed me when I was a young lad that it is unhealthy for me. In the same vein, we should have someone shepherding us spiritually, to discern whether our actions are Spirit-led or soul/flesh led. If we’re counseling ourselves, we leave the door open for demon oppression and fall back into our comforts and old habits.

    Let’s reap into things if the Spirit! Let’s humble ourselves to God’s design: to be shepherded by Christ THROUGH the person that God has appointed to shepherd our soul.

  32. I sing I would give all my heart and all my soul to God, but i am never sure if it is truly so. If someone asked me truly where my heart at while me singing the song, then i would hesitate to say with confidence all is in God.I realized through this sermon that most of times when I felt defeated after making mistakes and misbehaviors done, it was because I let the flesh and soul go over my realm over the Spirit. I didn’t throw away my own broken plan and wills yet. I have been under my shepherd, but still trying to be in charge of my life. The problem was I was not able to see my head top now that I know. PC, you helped me a lot understand and practice what it really means to submit myself to my leader, and to God. Thank you!

  33. In-Ae Seo says:

    It was such a great opportunity to remember the difference between soul and spirit. Since I am Korean, in Korean we don’t really use the words soul and spirit separately unless you are Christian. So sometimes it is confusing to distinguish the difference. The fact that our souls are affected by the would surrounding us is so true and it was good to know that that is why we need community and have a solid relationship with leaders in the church because they are the shepherds for my soul. I was always wondering why my mind and my willing is not following the God’s will and what God is telling me to do even though I know God is looking at me. I think I need to think more about the bondage of the demon who is trapping my mind and body from God’s peace. And the confidence that made me think that I can do good for God by myself is the first thing that I have to forget..

  34. Lily Oh says:

    This is another sermon that made me look back at my actions. I would try to get myself to read the Bible, pray and obey the words of God but fail after a few days. This made me criticize myself and wonder why it was so hard to live the spirit-filled life. I only thought about having a relationship with the LORD and not with my leaders and people around me. Now that I think about it, there was never a time when I truly respected and obeyed my leader. I would always be judgemental and think of ways to be a better leader instead. Now I’m very embarrassed about my past and I know that I should confess my sins for judging. I realize that if I am not in submission, I can’t do anything – even though I may have great spiritual gifts. My prayer request is to respect, obey, and love my leaders, even if I may not understand them. I wish I could pray for my leaders.

  35. Alice Lim says:

    This sermon gave me such clarity between the soul and spirit. At times, I assumed that they were one of the same, but when PC discussed that our body and soul prevents us from submitting to our spirit, everything made so much sense. And that’s why Jesus appoints Godly leaders to shepherd our soul. When I look back at my Christian walk, there were so many instances where I questioned the leaders that God himself has placed in my life. Now I see that I’ve been so foolish. God intended for us to be shepherded at all times because like PC said, we can’t see our backs. We can’t exercise oversight alone nor can we discern God’s voice by ourselves. I would tell myself that in the end, I had my friends and family to shepherd me, but when PC said that they are disqualified from shepherding, that really hit home. My parents have worked so hard to immigrate to Toronto, just like PC said, they worked all day for the past 25 years as convenient store owners to provide for my brother and I. When I ask for discernment from them, their number one concern is my faith, but I can see how their primary concern of comfort and safety slip in.

    I am so thankful that this sermon was the last of the series. While I know Jesus is the shepherd of my soul, it was another to hear that I must also accept the shepherding of my leaders. Thank you PC for such a timely word! Sons are led by the Spirit!

  36. I had to listen carefully to this one but it was very helpful in distinguishing between the spirit and the soul. I learned that the before becoming a Christian, we rely on our soul (mind, will, and emotion) and our body but after being reborn, we have the spirit to rely on. Sheep without a Shepherd are vulnerable to spiritual attacks in the form of demons because they take control of our soul and wreak havoc in our lives. That is why it is important to have Jesus, the Shepherd, guide my soul and why it is important for me to submit, to obey, and to respect the spiritual leaders he appoints over me. I cannot watch my back or look at the top of my head so I need a spiritual leader who exercises oversight for my soul and set an example for me to follow. In the church I came from, there were a lot of arguments and problems between the pastor and the elders of the church. Although I was never told what it was about, but the atmosphere of the church was always rebellious and the pastors kept changing every few years. This indirectly caused me and many of the other youths to turn our hearts to stone. I listened to the youth pastor and agreed with what he said but I didn’t really accept his words. I just let them slip over me because in another year or so, he would probably leave and I would once again be left without a Shepherd. I’m really glad I was able to listen to this sermon because it made me once again, realize the importance of relying on leaders that He appoints. I can say that Jesus is my Shepherd a hundred times over but those words will have no weight if I do not believe the the leaders He appoints are also shepherds of my souls.

  37. Ugh, pinkie was Su Jin Jeong

  38. Sharon Ahn says:

    There are 3 components that make up our existence: the body, the spirit, and the soul. Even though the physical body decades and is gone, our soul will continue on. Before we became Christians, we operated by our soul – by our emotions and the flesh. Our desires and experiences were soul and flesh directed. But when we are born again, we are no longer directed by our soul and flesh, but by our Spirit. Although we know this truth, we often go back into our old habits and our soul-ish ways. ‘The passions of your flesh war against your soul.’ I need to be humble enough to be able to ask myself from time to time if my affection for the world is greater or my affection towards God. Ultimately, our soul and body should submit to our Spirit in order to read a victorious Christian life!

    I never truly understood the meaning of Fasting or have ever successfully fasted before. Now I learned that to fast doesn’t just mean to deny food into your body, but to deny the flesh-desires. It means to take the keys from our soul & body – along with its many desires – and to fully submit yourself to the works of the Spirit, because this is where you can fully commune with God and be awakened to the new desires of the spirit! Realize that when we live a life directed by the soul&body we will get ‘jacked up!’ It’s important to read the word of God to renew my mind. I used to ask myself ‘why can’t I walk the Christian life?’ without realizing that I was in bondage and lived in deception. but I was able to receive ‘inner healing’ and deliverance from bondages and strongholds. I want to become better, I want to break soul ties, and I want to proclaim freedom in every aspect of my life and will pursue this. I believe that God is the one who appoints leaders to shepherd my soul, and that is why I can trust them and their leadership, because I can’t make it on my own.
    I was shocked when PC said that my friends and family are disqualified from shepherding my soul. But this is true because friends prioritize their comfort level with you, and our parents prioritize our safety. we must respect (esteem highly in love) our leaders who ‘labor among me, and who are over me and who admonish me.’

  39. Yii Koah Kien says:

    Before this I really articulate the difference between the soul and the spirit. Plus both of them are interchangable in most context, I used to assume that they both meant the same thing. That’s why I really appreciate how PC always take time in his introduction to make things clear before he really starts his message.

    I used to think that my mom and my grandmother would become the ones who would articulate God’s words for me (’cause they’re pretty holy) but turns out the truth is that most of the time our family members articulate their own will over God’s will simply because they love us so and they want us to live up a good life. This reminded me of how important it is to honor my previous and current familia leaders. As mentioned in the sermon, besides honoring Jesus as our shepherd we should also honor and recognize the spiritual leaders that God has specifically appointed in our lives.

  40. Yoon Jung Jung says:

    This sermon cleared the questions I had. About a year ago, I heard that many of the bible translations did not distinguish the soul and the spirit and it was important to know the difference. However, I didn’t really understand what was different and why it is important to distinguish. Not knowing the differences, I was not aware that my life was manipulated and was led by the body and the soul a lot of times. The examples PC gave were so clear and easy to understand the difference between the soul and the spirit. The body and the soul must be in submission to my spirit! now I know what to do not to be directed by the body and the soul. I will learn to trust the leaders that God appoints for me. I am so thankful that I am not a sheep without a shepherd!

  41. Nina Park says:

    Learning about our body, soul and spirit brought light to many things in my life. I realized that even though i was saved I was still living a soulful life and not a spiritual life.

    I had a hard time talking about salvation and God to non believers but now that I know that our relation with God and our acknowledgment of God is not of the body nor of the soul but of the spirit bring much clarity.

    I’m very grateful for having learn and gotten revelation of God’s word and truth through this message. I am glad and blessed to be part of this house which shepherds us.

    Thank you pastor C.

  42. Jesus is the shepherd of our souls and the relationship. Unless you can hear the audible voice of God everyone needs a leader to shepherd their Christian life to correct their mistakes. Most of the times god work trough leaders to change us. But it is not easy because of our soul.The body and the soul must be in submission to my spirit because god Shepherd’s my spirit. With God’s spirit within us we He will shape us to be like him. Thus the body and soul must be in submission to the spirit. And most of the time god uses leaders to shape our spirit as well our soul. We should also honor and recognize the spiritual leaders that God has specifically appointed in our lives.

  43. Sharon Shin says:

    What I was really grateful for when it came to this sermon was the fact that Pastor Christian lay down the distinction between soul and spirit. Actually, before listening to this, I had no idea that the two were even separate, or rather, I had never even considered that they may be two different things. Because of this, when Pastor Christian listed the three components that make up our existence, I was initially confused as to why spirit and soul were listed separately, but as I listening on and learned about the difference, I felt so blessed to know that the Spirit, which is so closely linked with God and our relationship with him, is actually a part of us. Wow. And that “Jesus is the Shepard of our soul.” This is something that I’ve heard so often since my early days in the church, but I never quite understood it like this. Like the previous two sermons, I also noticed that the theme of relying on leaders (this time for shepherding) was consistent, which makes me realize that this point is soo important. And not only to rely on them, but to actually have a relationship with the leaders that God appoints. “You can’t see all of yourself” is such a simple and obvious concept but paired with this message helped me to realize how important these relationships are. Safety in submission was a little difficult for me to actually realize the importance of until the end of the message. The closing with “Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding” was also powerful. This verse, which I’ve probably recited countless times in church… and to think that I didn’t even know what it really meant, was also eye opening for me. It helped me to realize that God was telling us that we need to trust Him, and by extension the leaders He puts in place.

  44. Suzie Im says:

    Hallelujah for PC and the wisdom the Spirit enables Him to pour out onto us! Joining the church as an adult, there are so many terms in the Bible that are never quite explained in full detail by pastors, because most times pastors do not know how to break these terms down or they do not feel as though it’s necessary. Well, it is necessary!

    I love that PC first goes over what a soul is, in order to preach this sermon, to fundamentally lay down the basic foundation for this teaching. What is the soul? The soul consists of our mind, will, and emotions. The passions of the flesh war against the soul. The spirit is where I commune with God directly. This ability to commune with God directly only comes after receiving the sacrifice of Jesus.

    And I loved the head metaphor to illustrate why we need leaders to speak truth into our lives and how Jesus shepherds our souls through leaders He appoints. Since I can’t see the top of my head or the back of my head, I need others to tell me what I can’t see. God-appointed leaders exercise oversight, are examples to the flock, and have to give an account!

    These are just some of the things I learned in this very jam-packed sermon!

  45. Heidi Anna Chae says:

    “God is the Father of our spirits. I do not have authority over your spirit – that is the place where you commune directly with God… But your soul must be shepherded by whom God appoints.” – PB (paraphrased). When PC mentioned what PB, it simplified everything, that as believers, we need to get our souls shepherded.

    I have been noticing a similar theme in all three sermons: that we need leadership and in order to receive all the benefits of leadership, it requires a partnership from the other end (members of the house): to submit under the people called to lead over us because then we’ll experience the fullness of what we can walk in to our original design to how God made each individual. And that we can’t do this ourselves. It’s humbling because I’m realizing more and more, that it’s okay to desire leadership, because I need it. Personally as I listened to this teaching, I was able to reflect back and see how God has proven this to be true in my life. Even more so, since I have been part of this house receiving the teachings and being part of a small group, I know that my “soul is being shepherded” because every time a leader of this house speaks, they are speaking truths into me, which confronts things in my heart and causes my mind to come into submission to what the Spirit is saying – which is truth.

    I completely agree with PC, that we need our souls to be shepherded so that we won’t turn to “soul-ish” ways, rather growing towards submitting to the Spirit in the midst of the Lord sanctifying us unto completion (1 Thess. 5:23-24).

  46. Nneka Anunkor says:

    I think submission is one of the hardest ideas for me to wrap my head around. Submission to God is to put your complete trust in Him (and the authorities that He puts around us). I think letting go of pride and becoming a sheep and truly believing and trusting that God will lead you well is a very difficult thing to do. I think that for me knowing that only after I submit will my spirit be completely awakened and will i be able to directly communicate and relate to God, that’s the biggest motivator in terms of submitting.

  47. After I received Jesus, I’ve seen a picture of Jesus holding a lamb in His arms. I could not take my eyes off the picture with tears for a long time. the lamb in Him looked like so peaceful and safe. I reflected myself to the lamb, The tear was meaning of feeling of relief, security and gratitude. before I received Jesus, there is no person to guide the way of life and how to live my life. So I used to wander and under go trial and error. I followed my soul and the soul was made by my experiences which were consisted of sources like traumas, wounds.
    but finally, My ears and eyes opened, could hear the voice of shepherd and came back my shepherd. for the first time I realized how my life was exposed to many dangers and the shepherd has been really waiting His lamb to save the lamb’s life from death.
    As PC said, It’s not easy to forgive someone, in my case the target are parents and myself. but these days I’m learning forgiveness and embracing, even I thought it was impossible at the past. He want His daughter to be released fully from demonic bondage by letting me learn the forgiveness.
    And this metaphor is great. “We need to people to watch our back and top.” these days My SG leader and many leaders around me in NP are wonderful mentors for my soul. They suggest different points of view and share their wisdoms with me. It is helpful to wide my view and vision. I’m on the beginning of the road with my shepherd, Jesus. I’m excited for this way with Him.

  48. Jihyun Roh says:

    I totally agree that Jesus is my shepherd and shepherds my soul through leaders He puts in my life. Once again, I realize how important it is to have a safe and healthy church community where I submit to my leaders so I can continue to grow and be discipled. It takes a lot of trust and humility to be in submission to my spiritual authorities, of course. However, if we remember that God uses His people including your spiritual leaders and disciplers, it is a matter of how much we trust in Him who appoints leaders for us. I am learning a lot from my small group leader and the pastors in New Philly and so thankful that God has brought me those leaders to shepherd and protect my soul. Praise the Lord!

  49. Hye Ryoung Rhee says:

    I really liked how Pastor Christian started this sermon started by making a clear distinction between the spirit and the soul. I feel like the two terms are often used interchangeably in common settings, and the distinction he made helped clear things up for me. I could really resonate with PC’s point that we tend to regress back to our old ways — back to being controlled by our soul and body — when we are supposed to operate from our spirit when we are born-again. I think this tendency to regress becomes especially strong for me the more I begin to hunger for God and try to be in a “good place” in my faith. It’s as if the moment my spirit tries to be awakened to God, it falls back into sleep. Perhaps (probably) this is because I’ve never really had spiritual leaders to guide my walk with God and constantly tried to discern God’s voice for myself by myself. NPC is the first church I’ve been to that really emphasizes leadership, and at the same time that the idea of submitting to leaders of a church still strikes me as quite foreign and frankly a bit “uncomfortable,” it gives me great comfort and joy knowing that I will have godly leaders help bring in clarity and safety into my life as long as I am willing to let them speak into my life through obedience and respect.

  50. John Kim says:

    I really liked the part about Peter exhorting us to submit to one another despite disagreements and the reference to Jesus’ sumbission as a lamb.
    Often I lose track and focus to much on doctrine, opinions, and what comes out of my mouth and people’s mouths even Jesus’ mouth instead of taking deeper interest in the person behind the words.
    Peter’s exhortation mentioned here and Jesus’s act of submission helped shift my paradigm and focus from words that lead to legalism, debate, and disagreements to genuine interest in Jesus and His body through submission.

  51. Soojin Sou says:

    I always thought that the soul and spirit were the same thing. And I’ve always assumed my family and friends could shepherd my soul. Well, at least if they are Christians and I trust them. And even though at times my spirit wouldn’t agree with what they said, I listened to them and submitted to them.

    I totally understand when the soul wants to be angry and have revenge while the spirit wants me to forgive. I feel this message gave me a better understanding of how to not listen to and satisfy my soul but to really live by the Spirit.

  52. Jimmy Kwon says:

    I learned a.lot but the sermon also raised some questions for me. First, I was opened to the right and more detailed description of what soul is. I never related our body to the desires of our soul until now.
    Some questions I had, however, was the statement about who can be the shepherd of our soul. I initially agreed that our friends and family cannot shepherd our soul. Then i was refered back to the other sermon about intimacy belonging in covenant. If we are to have spiritual authorities to shepherd our soul, it’s inevitable to build intimacy with that person. And with such intimacy, what are they if they are not our friends? If friends cant shepherd our soul because they care about our comfort and safety, then are the spiritual shepherds not supposed to grow that intimate? If we argue that our family’s safety for us differs from what the spiritual shepherds consider safe, then are we assuming that the family’s desire is wordly? If anything, families care more about you because of the intimacy that was built since birth; and if that intimacy is what’s causing them to improperly shepherd our souls, does that mean that we are not to build such intimacy with our spiritual shepherds? I’m not sure if I took enough time to clearly process what’s in my head, but please clarify some things for me! Thank you!

  53. Michelle Kim says:

    To start off, I knew about the spirit and physical body making up our existence, but I never knew that the soul was one of the components.

    “When we are born again, we are no longer to be led by our soul, or our flesh, but by the spirit of God.”
    “We see the spiritual way, but we still go back to our soul’ish/physical ways.”

    These parts stood out to me. I constantly struggle with “walking in the spirit.” I feel like I have one foot in the path of God and the other in the worldly path. I understand now why I face these struggles; my soul isn’t being shepherded. That’s why I’m going back to my bad habits.
    I know I need to learn to submit to God FULLY and the spirit “to live a victorious Christian life.”
    In order or my soul to be shepherded, I need to submit to authority and be under the covenant of New Philly.

    I love how the 3 membership sermons relate to each other.
    Thank you PC for these words of wisdom!

  54. Katie Voytasek says:

    OK. So the Greek and Hebrew word studies are really helpful for the church. I think we should do this more often. The distinction and simplicity between soul spirit and body and what living from each one looks like was a great reminder to me. I think Christians could be a lot better off and more healed and victorious if we understand that all the pain, hurt, and demons usually don’t leave immediately upon salvation. Sometimes getting out of our soulish patterns and being cleansed takes time and attention to the Holy Spirit! I have firsthand experienced this through healing and deliverance and it is so true. The way pc broke down exactly how and when demons gain authority makes sense. With the psychology thing, I have realized that psychology and modern counseling techniques leave no room for the spiritual realm and have talked about that with my Christian psychology major friends. Even some Christians have let culture misguide their thinking about the spiritual world being passe! What!? I think it’s important that we reform the word spiritual and understand it in context. And the party about how Good has dominion over our spirits, but we must submit our souls to the authority of church leaders makes sense and is the only way we can come into total healing and surrender to live by the Spirit.

  55. I am so thankful for this sermon. I was always confused about the distinction between spirit and soul and what they really meant and this has really cleared up all the confusion.
    Respecting the leaders in the church was something that always came naturally to me but respecting and submitting is completely different. This sermon brought light to that factor. I realized that in order to receive God’s full blessings I must be in submission to the leaders of the church I am in covenant with and allow them to be the shepherds of my soul. It’s not easy letting someone take control over your life but sometimes we are really narrow-minded when it comes to ourselves. I really liked the analogy that you can’t see the back of your body or the top of your head so you need others to see it for you. Aside from this great message I really loved how Pastor Christian kept giving references all back to the Word! It really ensures me that this message is aligned with God.

  56. Sonya Lee says:

    After hearing this sermon, I feel even more thankful for those who have shphered me in the past and at New Philly. It really struck me when PC talked about the part about not understanding the leaders fully but trusting in the Lord. I used to think that if I don’t agree with a leader, then I don’t have to follow with it but I am reminded that Jesus specially chose these leaders in our lives and has anointed them. Honestly speaking, I was always pretty good about “submitting” to the leaders, my parents etc. But I never realized why I had to submit other than just being a good student or a daughter. And I also come from a more conservative church so some of the leaders I followed seemed like they were giving me a lot of Bible knowledge (which I don’t think is necessarily bad) but they certainly were not leading with the spirit. I thought I just had to keep on reading the Bible and hopefully, I will just always find the “right way”. But after being in Korea, I realized how important it is to have anointed leaders because He will shepherd us through them.

  57. I like this message and knowing its one of the messages you need to understand before joining new philly only serves as further confirmation about my being in the right place. what stood out for the first time for me in this message was how accountability worked both in the physical and spiritual realm. Of course I know that every leader must give accountability but it the chain of accountability and covering really created a long linage of covering and accountability from the time of Jesus for me. I imagined Jesus having to be accountable for all of us who gave our lives to his Lordship. Before he leaves he trains his core leaders who will become accountable for the sheep. Even when Paul was called, he used the already established leadership structure to heal and send Paul who then shepherded many including Timothy. Today we hear of great leaders in the house of God who also do a good job of shepherding and accountability. But what I loved most was that I could actually see and relate with what the message was about in the leadership structure that[s already established in New Philly. Thank you PC for this amazing structure of leadership and accountability

  58. There was a lot of really good points in this message. I think what stuck out to me most was PC’s comment that you can’t watch your own back. Submission to authority is something we as people don’t really like doing mostly because I think we don’t always trust authority. However, it’s important to realize that the authorities that God has anointed and put in place are there for our protection because we can’t see our own backs. You can never have a 360 view of your own situation. You need other people to tell you what you can’t see and guide you. I also really appreciated what PC said about family and friends. Although their roles in our lives are vital, their interests about us are prioritized differently, which makes submission to leaders really important.

    I was also really impacted by PC’s statement that “the true test of whether Jesus is your shepherd is by examining your relationship with the leaders God has appointed in your life to shepherd your soul.” I had never really thought about leadership that way before. However, I think it is a valuable way of checking ourselves to see where are hearts are lined up. Our submission in the supernatural should be reflected in our submission in the natural.

  59. Rae Kim says:

    A lot of content. The three parts of a human body, soul and spirit. Its a topic that many from theologically focused christian families would have come across. The idea always felt rather theoretical and pretentious to me until now. I can kind of understand this concept since PC gave examples with such a genuine attitude. We are always at war with our habit of only satisfying our body and soul.
    The sermon uses this point to also highlight our need for shepherding. There always needs to be people you are disciple to. Not just to give you teaching but to have a relationship to be accountable to. Recently there was an article which from this big Havard professor who highlighted to win with strategy you need to focus on leadership. It is common for people to forget about the need of leadership when they think of a struggle. Rather then focusing how to live a Godly life I learnt that it is even more important to have a Godly role model. I sincerely hope I will never end up like the rich man who cries out to Abraham, ignoring the authorities that God has put in front of me, crying out to me the words of God.

  60. I like how you make the distinction between the desires of the soul and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I believe I confuse self will for the leading of the spirit, and I agree that without any sort of spiritual oversight, that we are like sheep without a shepherd.

    With this, I pray that I can learn to be able to submit to my spiritual leaders. That I will allow them to speak words of love and truth into my life. That me, in my flesh, won’t be so quick to be dismissive of what is said, that I will be able to have a reflective heart guided the Holy Spirit, not by my own selfish desires.

  61. Kayla Black says:

    All my late nights despite early mornings I can now blame on my soul! This message had a lot of similar points as the covering and sonship sermons, but there were some specific things that really stuck out to me.

    In particular, I thought it was interesting to hear that parents and friends CANNOT be shepherds. Having shepherds/covering/sonship removes some of the burden/fear that could be associated with seeing a friend involved in sin (but as a friend you can’t easily voice your concerns due to the nature of the friendship.)Appointed leaders, who take on the responsibility of discipline and shepherding, THEY take on that mentor role, which ideally frees friends from having to step out of their relationship boundaries (not that friends shouldn’t be involved, but just not the ones that are necessarily involved in confrontation or whatever.) Similarly with the parents situation.

    Just something that stuck out to me.

  62. Yong Shu Hua says:

    Ps Christian emphasizes the importance of having our souls shepherded, lest we go astray. Being shepherded opens the door to accept the things of God (e.g. wisdom, godly counsel etc.) Jesus is the shepherd and overseer of our souls. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice we now have intimacy and the ability to commune with God. Submit to the word of God and relationship with Christ.

    It is also worthy to note that Jesus shepherds through leaders (aka shepherds) whom He appoints. By submitting to the leaders whom He has placed over us, we are allowing Jesus to shepherd us. We can tell how much Christ is leading us by examining the relationship we have with our spiritual leaders/shepherds – how much we submit to them indicate how much we submit to Christ. Submit to our spiritual leaders, as unto the Lord. They are important, because they exercise oversight over us, of which we will not be able to do ourselves. Shepherds also serve as godly examples to us, and are people we can be accountable to and who will give an account to God. The process might not always be comfortable, but it will always (and should) concern the will of God in our lives.

    Our response is to can be summarized as such: be subject to elders, obey and submit to leaders, respect and esteem our leaders. Do not be like a sheep without a shepherd. Soul has to be subjected to the spirit, and submit to a spiritual leader who will help you do that.

  63. Pingping Kan Rogers says:

    Usually, I refuse to submit because I don’t trust the other person has my best interest in mind or heart. It seems to me that people love to take advantege of others. However, the Kingdom of God functions differently from the world. If the word of God says trust and submit to your leaders, I’m willing to obey!

  64. This message really ministered to me personally because I tried for so many years to be responsible for my faith on my own. And yes, my faith in and walk with God are ultimately up to me, but having spiritual leaders will help to keep me grounded. I’ve never liked people telling me what to do, and the idea of having “leaders hold me accountable” is a nerve-racking thought. But it makes sense that by me not trusting the Lord’s anointed to shepherd my soul, I’m not being shepherded at all, because I don’t have the strength or power to hold myself accountable.

  65. Joee Teng says:

    ‘The soul cannot love the world and God at the same time, the soul and body must be in submission with our spirit to have victorious Christian life’, this message stuck me because I always thought that loving God while following people’s will is possible. However, my thought seems to be wronged as we could easily fall into Satan’ will. I was quite shock at first that our families and friends are disqualified from being our leaders, but listening to this podcast, I realized that it’s true that our families and friends could not be our leaders as their priority is for our own good despite of God’s will. Jesus shepherd our souls through leaders that He had appointed, who could speaks truth and lives into us. I want to have Christ to live through me and I believe through the authority of NP, I could be shepherded by the Lord. Thank you PC for this wonderful message!

  66. Rachel Shin says:

    This was interesting because I am a psychology major… when PC mentioned the psychology points. And he’s right (: “Your friends and your family are disqualified from shepherding your soul.” Wow, mind blown at this point. Maybe this is why I always get so blown away when I meet leaders who share their testimonies with me, and taking an account for me. If they were friends were family, then I guess I would expect that…. I am so thankful that God has given us leaders, shepherds, so that we are not alone in this journey. So we can have guidance. If we think about it God makes things so easy for us. He provides us with so much guidance whether it is from the word from our leaders. It’s really beautiful.. and scary how blind we are. Being in submission is so important.. so that we can move past the soul and be in spirit. Ah, submissions is so important. I know we need to be humble, but it really is hard for us. I learned the importance of the soul and the spirit and their relationship. I must put away my soul to be in the Spirit, to be like Jesus. Thank you PC!

  67. jinny kim says:

    We need to be sheperded to have our mind renewed from the lies of the enemy. Our soul is sheperded through leaders at church- they exercise oversight and set an example for us. Just as leaders take responsiblity and hold us accountable, we (as ones who are sheperded) need to submit and also pay respect to the leaders. I was convicted by this message as I looked backed on myself and found picking and choosing with advice to take from the church leaders. We need to be in ful submission and esteem our leaders highly in love. Though it maybe challenging I think it’s a blessing to have the sure sheperding from church leaders to have our identity confirmed in Christ. I’m really looking forward to being sheperded and equiped (through relationships) to establish strong identity in Christ!

  68. Lillian so says:

    New to me: the fact that friends and family are disqualified from Shepherding us – but very true when I think about past experiences of myself and others – there are limits to how much friends can help you grow and know yourself.
    It is important to submit to leaders who can instruct and teach us to live according to the spirit, and show us the things about ourselves that we cannot see.
    It is a constant battle with the fleshly parts of our soul, and requires caution to persevere in the faith and not fall away – being in the safe hands of a Shepherd is protection from wolves…
    A lone ranging Christian has a counterfeit kind of freedom in unattachedness, in reality is lost, floating and has no stable sense of where they fit in the world.

  69. Myko "Kaori" Okada says:

    I was blessed by this message through reminding me that I should live my life for God’s greater glory by being led by the spirit. Sometimes, my body dominates me whenever I feel tired, but I don’t wanna be soulish.

    PC said that Jesus shepherds my soul through appointed leaders, and I’m glad that I’ll be having new leaders to watch over me. A leader whose going to be accountable and be there with me through the ups and downs of life.

    I learned that friends and family cannot shepherd my soul, because their primary focus is my comfort and safety.

    Submission is not new to me, since I’ve got mentors from church way back then, but NP leaders trained by PC are taking mentorship to another level. I now have more desire to follow Jesus who did the greatest submission of carrying the cross for us.

  70. James Kang says:

    “You cannot exercise oversight for yourself. You need somebody else to do it” – PC
    This did it for me. I was in constant struggle to oversee myself, to see that control and discernment in my life. It has now become clear that my role was in submission to Godly authority and the leaders in the church.

    The life in the spirit of God can only be done when my soul is shepherded through the church and its leaders. I thank God that he has offered his son on the Cross in order to avail my spirit to be in him and through this message I am again reminded of the importance of submission and our core value: “Anointing flows from the top down”

    I am so happy that there are amazing leaders in NP Sydney that have shepherded my soul and I will now shift into a season of total submission which will I hope, give them more joy and ease in shepherding my soul.

  71. It has been heart throbbing to listen to the past sermons because it has had a combination of piercing conviction I have been seeking for the past year. It is innate that one would want to be held accountable; it is noble, worthy, and a form of recognition that many people desire. As a family therapist in training, there are many things that are immeasurable from a secularist’s view in psychology; but from Christian mental health practitioners, having the spirit of discernment is vital in distinguishing physiological from spiritual. And the only way to have a keen spirit of discernment is through primed discipleship and allowing one’s fleshly desires to be crucified daily. It is just like an individual wanting to be physically fit and have a healthy diet but yet continues to eat anything in sight; particularly fast-food that has no nutritional value whatsoever! It is the same thing for Christ followers: to be spiritually fit and not allow all kinds of toxins to penetrate the soul. It can be done with hard work to achieve a shepherd soul.

    Thank you New Philly for allowing such an individual like myself to be a part of an incredible work of God. I pray that I may continue to die to self and allow myself to be refined in the fire.

  72. Donnae Shone says:

    Jesus shepherds our souls through the godly leaders he appoints. One cannot exercise oversight over oneself. Your shepherds will be called to give an account to God for the state of your soul. Your soul must become subject to the Spirit of God through shepherding. One whose soul is not shepherded, and is submitted to no one, cannot comprehend nor accept the seemingly foolish things of God. We should be subject to our elders, obey and submit to our leaders, respect those who have God-given authority over us and “labour among us…in the Lord”, and “esteem them very highly in love”. Thank you, Jesus, for the people who have stepped up when called to shepherd souls. This is a good message for new church members and also an excellent message, filled with wisdom, for those who are given the authority to shepherd.

  73. The people who will shepherd my soul are not just pastors but also small group leaders. :)

  74. I realized the natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God because they are like foolishness to him. Hence I need to submit, respect and obey the leaders God has entrusted to shepherd my soul, in other grow into spiritual maturity having the mind of Christ with wisdom and understanding.

  75. Sophia Sitorus says:

    I understood that to grow up in my spiritual walk, I am in need for guidance from spiritual authority. I was actually wondering if I could say that my mother could be called my spiritual leader; and thankfully this message helped me to clear it up!

    This also made me think up that since Jesus is the true shepherd of my soul, I could trust Him in leading me to the people that He knows He can trust with the matter of my soul. He doesn’t desire His sheep to wander alone. Sheeps need to be in flock, and the flock needs to walk in their shepherd’s guidance. Those ‘lone ranger’ sheeps should understand that if they are truly following the voice of The Shepherd, they must be seeing other sheeps that are going the same way. Our spiritual authority will be able to understand our soul since we are basically from the same flock.
    Not acknowledging that sheep needs to be shepherded would be a denial that one is a sheep.
    How come you say God is your shepherd if you are not willing to be shepherded?

  76. Ma-Abena Aduonum says:

    It is dangerous to have a life that is not shepherded, covered and directed. Yes, Jesus is the true shepherd of our souls but we also need people(s) in our lives whom God has appointed to positively lead and guide us toward victory. Being a lonely sheep is not safe; we all need a mentor to speak life into our lives and guide us toward success.

    • Rona Babb says:

      Amen! Jesus is the Good Shepherd and He appoints under-shepherds after His own heart to manifest the leadership and love of God to us. Awesome, Ma-Abena!

  77. Rebekah Kim says:

    It can be difficult to commit to a church if you’re looking for one that satisfies your preferences, and it can be difficult to commit your spiritual life under the authority of another human. But knowing that this is God’s design, submitting to an appointed human spiritual leader is not just a matter of trusting that person or a church, but a matter of trusting God. I personally don’t have anyone outside of my friends and family who speak into my life, and I think I’ve been one of those people who say “God is my shepherd” and want that to be enough. Yes, God IS my shepherd, but he has chosen the church as his instrument, and His will is for me to be a part of the church.

  78. Justin Hamilton says:

    I thought this was another great sermon by PC and he made the distinction between soul and spirit very clear. The Lord recently led me to 1 Thessalonians, and this sermon added clarity as to why I have spent so much time reading and praying over it. I have often felt like a “wandering sheep” and have lacked confidence in my spiritual endeavours. Recently I have realized more and more, the importance of being guided by a shepherd and submitting your soul to the ways of God. It is so important to have the guidance of a trusting shepherd who can help ensure that you are leading a life driven by spirit and not being condemned by demonic attacks on your soul. As PC referenced Proverbs 3:5 in his sermon, you are to “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” New Philly has so many great shepherds and I look forward connecting with Christ more through their leadership.

    • Yeah man. Honestly through own experience, there is so much blessing and anointing passed down by our leaders and pastors. Jesus told Peter to look after His sheep, for He knew believers would need community and leadership.

  79. Keketso Makape says:

    Again, a message that’s so bold and full of God’s heart- I loved it. Avoiding this topic with the truth that ONLY ‘the Lord is my sheperd’ is often more a reflection on our lack of trust in other human beings. This has been me- afraid to easily submit but also (unknowingly) yearning for the clarity that comes through submission to Jesus and to people who lead for Him. But being part of a community (the Christian family) means sacrificing a lot of the pride and allowing people to speak into your life with authority and honesty. It’s so much easier to seek counsel from friends and family who we know wouldn’t dare tell us blatant truth and we’ll also easily twist God’s Word to suit our own motives. I know I’ve done this countless times!

    Allowing the Lord to be my Shepard also means allowing other wiser and gifted leaders to speak into my life. Putting down the walls I’ve put around my ‘soul’ by opening up to gifted leaders, will also mean I’ve put down walls that may have kept Jesus at a comfortable distance too. Although allowing another imperfect human being to sheperd us may challenge and stretch us, I know it’s a good reflection of the challenging (but rewarding) walk with Christ.

  80. Paul S Kim says:

    This one was the toughest of the three.

    I felt that, in a pretty direct way, the speaker was telling me that I’ve been doing it wrong for a very long time. I do not want to imagine what state my mind, will, and emotional landscape are in from God’s perspective (or the devil’s perspective…). The desires of my body and soul are not subject to my spirit. And I’m pretty sure that’s why my spirit or my spiritual view / life / activity seems…weak / fragile / not victorious.

    Leadership is something I take very seriously (probably due to work). So seriously that I tend to shy away from any leadership positions that I’m not required to fill. So, the good news is that my response to this is not about taking a leadership role at all. My response is to submit to the leaders God has appointed for me to submit to, respect their labor and their appointment, and esteem them highly in love. I assume that submitting is first and respect, esteem, and love follow.

    God is telling me he wants me to be his son, which means God is telling me to be led by his spirit, which I am not really doing because I am not allowing anyone to keep watch over my soul. He is telling me to learn how to be a sheep so he can start shepherding.

  81. Many people believe that as long as you have a relationship with the Lord, you can be independent and go solo without committing to a church or having any spiritual covering. It’s so important for us to be in community and submitting to spiritual authority because we were never designed to run this race alone. I never thought about the idea that our friends and family aren’t qualified to help shepherd our souls, so this message was key in opening my eyes to that aspect. I loved the emphasis on the differences between the body, soul, and spirit because it’s essential for us to recognize and shift ourselves to realign with God’s spirit if we ever fall off course.

  82. Lisa Young says:

    I thought the parts about soul and spirit were very interesting! I never had any idea what the difference between the two was supposed to be. All these sermons have been extremely helpful in helping me realize “Wow! That’s what’s been missing from my life!” – leadership, family relations within church, shepherding. Thanks for spelling out these basics that get overlooked so often!

  83. Felix Baumer says:

    This message gave me a lot to think about. First of all I really enjoyed the passage about the impossibility to watch the back of your own head. That is so true and even with a mirror we would not see the truth but only a mirror-inverted image of the actuality. Therefore we need other people to tell us about the areas our own “eyes” cannot cover. Second and related to that, is the message that family and friends, even though their role in our life is essential, their interests about us might be biased. Hence, we have to trust the God appointed leaders in our own lives to guide us. Lastly, I appreciated the thought that the magnitude of our submission and relationship to from God appointed leaders in our lives reflects the magnitude of whether we trust in Jesus as the shepherd of our soul. I honestly have never thought about this relationship in that sense, but it is true. Even though they might challenge us and bring us out of our comfort zone, our faith and trust in them should mirror the same faith and trust we have in Jesus our savior, because He appointed them in order to guide us and help us grow with Him. Powerful message!

  84. (Mercedes Dean) This is also like my third time listening to this message and I must say that this one really spoke to me. Before, I never allowed anyone to have authority or another word like would be say in my life. I thought that I could do it on my own, stay good on my own, follow God good on my own. But now I know that this is wrong. Not only is it wrong, but its really hard to grow when your so busy trying to be good. This message really challenged me about my relationship with my leader and the times I actually let her talk into my life, how I take it and what I do with it. Honestly, I’ve been lacking a bit. But praise the Lord, I’ll do it even if it goes against my wants. Because I want to honour God. God appointed my leaders for a reason and so I need to submit to them because that is what God wants. It is so important to have someone speaking into your life who can see the things that I cannot see. I’ve realized that this has saved me a lot of trouble and pain. Thank you!

  85. suzy shin says:

    I never knew being shepherded was so important. This sermon gave me a clear knowledge on how to summit and over come my body and soul’s desires

  86. John-Paul Smart says:

    I thought the message was good. And that Jesus is the shepherd of our souls and that we should submit to Spiritual Leaders who help shepherd our soul. I found it interesting when PC was talking about spirit, Soul and body.

  87. Ahreum Kim says:

    I am so thankful to know that I have spiritual leaders to shepherd my soul at new philly! My spirit is directly shepherded by God, but my soul where intense fight over spiritual influence is happening needs to be shepherded by God-appointed ppl! I can’t say Jesus is my shepherd without submitting to leaders God placed in my life. I learned a lot about the meaning of shepherd tending to its sheep, as sheep I will obey and submit to leaders and later as the one who will shepherd many souls, I will step up gradually by fully following church instructions!

    • MAN!!!! Ahreum, I am getting so stirred reading your comments. You are getting every sermon and I can tell your spirit is getting so fed. No more starving Ahreum anymore. Lot’s of spiritual food coming your way :)

  88. I learnt that our soul and body must be in submission to our spirit in order to live a victorious christian life. Because our spirit is the only way to communicate with God alone. That’s why we have to deal with “junks” in our heart first through healing process by church.
    The point which hit me hard is the part when PC said that my friends and parents are not to shepherd my soul. I usually rely on my parents advice because they usually give bible verses for me to read according to my current problem at particular time. When PC said they just concern with my comfort and security, I realized maybe I rely on them because I just want to hear what I want to hear (usually comfort words), not words that make me grow mature or even hit me to the core.
    thank you PC for the powerful words!

    • Such good revelation! Our souls need to be shepherded and when that revelation hits, it is always so powerful. I pray that God would continually speak these powerful words to you as you grow in this home Cynthia!

  89. Kirby Beneventi says:

    I really appreciate how New Philly implements biblical principles such as shepherding and therein, God’s heart. Indeed HE is a God of order and covering. As I have mentioned before, I have walked with the Lord for many years and gone to church but never submitted myself to a shepherd. As a result I have struggled with trust issues and often felt alone. I am looking forward to new breakthroughs and healings that will take place under the safety and covering of the church. Praise God that He is about placing his children in families and under covering.

  90. Matt Anderson says:

    This message was one that set me free. I gained understanding about the body, the soul, and the spirit and how the spirit may overcome the body and soul. If we decide to walk in the spirit and focus on creating new spiritual habits versus focusing on correcting our former ways, the body and soul will submit to the spirit. Church leaders help shepherd our souls too. Biblical studies, prayer and fasting aids us in consistently walking in the spirit. It is reassuring to know that we die to our old selves and put on the new self by walking in the spirit. Regression is normal, but God has given us the tools to build up the spirit within us.Thankful for the wisdom in this sermon.

  91. jaesin nam (jason) says:

    = = =exec sum & what touched my heart= = =
    – We should live life like this : soul and body must in submission to spirit to live as a christian
    – Satan asked to possess our souls – he does it through people / mental illnesses / hurts / traumas
    1. Jesus is our shepherd
    2. Jesus use leaders as anoter shephered who appointed.
    2/3(traits of sheperds) : be examples to the flocks .. not lording it.
    – Spirit – directed by god directly (Chief shepherd)
    – Soul – shepherds have authority to control it.
    – If our soul is not shepherd properly, it will keep us from god (spirit)
    – Trust in the lord means : submit even if u dont agree with them sometimes.
    -Death of christ. is a ultimate example. of submission. even if he didn’t wanted to.
    -The days of lone-ranger christianity is over.

  92. Jessie Lee says:

    This is a question I have never stopped to reflect about: ‘who will shepherd my soul?’ I used to assume that my family and friends would be the most suited people to shepherd it, since they are the ones who are closest to me and know the most about my life. However, it makes sense when PC said that family or friends cannot shepherd my soul as they do not have ‘clarity’ or ‘oversight’ over it. My family’s priority would ultimately always be my comfort and safety, and my friends would try their best to be at the comfort zone with me. And I think it works both ways. I also seek mostly comfort and understanding, and not shepherding from them. When I first heard that at New Philly a pastor or leader would never be a friend, I was very surprised. Specially seeing how warm and friendly the church environment was. Now I can understand the logic behind it and also the freedom that there is in it.

  93. The values of being shepherded outlined by PC are so valuable, but stubbornness, ego and just being comfortable in doing what you want to do stop you from having a closer relationship with God. Letting go and submitting to leaders would be difficult for a lot of us, but knowing they have the best intentions for us and to know that this is the safeguard that God has given us makes it easier to submit. The part that is tricky for me to accept is to submit to leaders who I don’t completely agree with in their theology.

  94. Luke Woo says:

    Man, I just think I got to know Jesus is my shepherd and shepherds my soul through leaders in church. That’s why leaders are important in helping me get through to Jesus. It is very very important to be part of a prosperous church community where I can submit to my leaders, who are the ones that can lead me to being shepherd. I know that it will definitely be hard and sometimes frustrating to submit and to acknowledge my leaders and even the shepherd. But if we just remember that God is in the process of using other people to help me be shepherded, I will be patient. I am glad, oh very glad indeed, that God has ordained me to meet these wonderful people that will help me in the walk, even if I will be frustrating. I feel unsure and uncertain about my faith even, but I know I will be helped by my leaders. Amen.

  95. Hanna Hong says:

    Prior to this sermon, it never crossed my mind that the spirit and soul are separate from one another. It helped to understand why, even after we accept God into our hearts, we can commit the same sins. Listening to sermon encouraged accept shepherding from appointed leaders that God has strategically placed in my life. I feel extremely blessed to belong to a church who is committed to shepherding their members.

  96. Joseph Lee says:

    We need to be shepherded not by our friends and family. Never thought of it that way~ But needed to grow. I must submit to spiritual leaders.

  97. Eunbi Lee says:

    This sermon really gave me clarity and helped me tell myself that I need to always walk with The Spirit leading me and not the desires of my flesh. Also, being under submission and letting the leaders who God has appointed shepherd me was another important thing I learned. In the previous church I was in, I did not really have a relationship with the leaders of the church even when they tried to reach out to me. I feared the authority they had and was afraid that I will be judged by them. However, now I know that I can trust the leaders in the church because God has appointed them to speak life into me and to shepherd me.
    By the end of the sermon I really learned a lot and most of it I really had to soak it in because I was not familiar with it and no other church really taught me anything that Pastor Christian talked about in this sermon. Now, I know that our souls need to be submitted to the Spirit and let the leaders that God has appointed to shepherd me..
    Thank you Pastor Christian!

  98. I was blessed to remember that God established Church leadership for His glory and the health of His people. We must honor and submit to Church leadership because God commands it for our own good.

  99. Eunsoo Timothy Kim says:

    This was such a powerful message. I gained a lot of insight about how important it is to have a spiritual authority who can shepherd my soul. To be honest, I thought it was very strange to have a “spiritual father” when we already had a heavenly Father watching over us. In addition, It was especially harder for me to comprehend because my earthly father is a pastor. Having another “spiritual figure” in my life to shepherd my soul felt like I was switching over to another person and ditching my dad (who was THE pastor for most of my life).

    I understand now after listening to pastor Christian’s message that God appoints certain people in specific seasons to shepherd us and they are usually not going to be our friends and family.

  100. Taylor Herman says:

    This is another sermon that has a strong resonation with my spirit. For the longest time I just let my mind and my emotions lead me, but all that did was leave me naked and vulnerable to attacks, and build up spiritual strongholds. But I didn’t realize that I had strongholds, so I didn’t realize that I should pray about God tearing them down. The foolish one was holding me down for the longest time, and I just accepted it as the way it was. But once I realized the battlefield was in my mind, I began to have victory over satan and break down those strongholds~ Only in submission can we have victory. And just as PC said, we can’t do this alone. While at first it seems like a personal matter, God has appointed and anointed shepards over us that we must submit to in order to receive the full blessing of the spirit. If can’t submit to them, we’re basically telling God that we won’t submit to HIm~

    And it’s crazy because once these strongholds started to crumble, I began to feel this incredible happiness, and like PC mentioned, you can’t explain some things with psychology, and this kind of feeling you couldn’t explain~ Nothing much changed about my life in the physical, but I was going through crazy changes in the spiritual. We can never truly feel happiness until we surrender everything to the Lord and let Him shepard our soul, instead of letting our soul lead us~

    PS- shout out for Tony Dungy mention 😉

  101. John Han says:

    This is a tough one for me. When leaders confront your sins or habits that need fixing, no doubt you’d better submit at once. I’m all about submission and the idea of a spiritual shepherd. The Israelites were supposed to do that with their children, and the Fifth Commandment, if kept faithfully, would’ve guaranteed a pure, God-fearing next generation.
    However, I’m a little hesitant when it comes to submitting to the leader’s doctrines or deciphering of God’s intentions for me. If New Philly is asking for such an advanced level of submission, then the idea of the church assigning someone a leader sounds a little alarming. That is a deep level of trust that requires time and maybe even some degree of soulish compatibility? Before I came to New Philly, I chose my leader out of my friends. I saw God moving powerfully in his life. I wanted to have what he had so I submitted to him. It happened after our relationships had matured and I learned what he was all about. Even before I received any shepherding, my heart was ready to receive. If I’m not mistaken, Pastor Christian asked Pastor Benjamin to be his spiritual father as well. He wasn’t put under people that he didn’t know anything about.
    My leader and I get along fine so it’s not a problem for me. There’s no coincidence in life so he’s the leader established above me in this season. But, in the beginning when I did not know much about him, I did feel uncomfortable with New Philly’s emphasis on submission for the sake of submission. I didn’t get to have that phase where I got to see and get attracted by the leader’s anointing, so I felt really rushed and close hearted. But I guess it’s not realistic to give every new member that much time and choice without it being abused so it’s good the way it is… haha

  102. This is my second time listening to this sermon and this time I am so happy and grateful for the spiritual leaders that have been put in my life. I have had the great opportunity to be under the leadership of some very great leaders in the house. The idea of submitting to your spiritual leader can be unsettling if you go in with the mindset that all my freedom is gone. But that is not the case, we NEED someone to shepherd us. If we do not have a spiritual authority over us then we will be lost sheep and that is not how it should be.

  103. Glory be to God who has not called us to be orphans but rather called us out to be sheep with a shepherd. He guides our life with His rod and staff just as every shepherd does, through the godly leaders He has appointed over me. My duty is therefore to honour and submit to their leading according to the will of God, thus, I pray for the grace and leading of the Holy Spirit to fulfil this obligation in Jesus’ name, amen.

  104. Deborah Uwera says:

    I am so grateful for this message. It really has shattered my preconceived notion of what my soul and spirit are…and brought great clarity.. explaining that my soul is made up of my mind, will and emotions; my soul needs shepherding. I should not be “soulish” and i see now how healing and deliverance are paramount. Because we hold on to things like unforgiveness and are controlled by emotions like anger, that need to be broken off if we are to walk victorious christian lives.
    i also learnt that my leaders are appointed by God to shepherd my soul. The analogy of needong someone to see your back or the top.of my head really brought it home. Jesus is the shepherd of my soul, and he does this through Godly leaders..hence it is.paramount for me to be under submission to them. To allow their counsel and rebuke. And my friends and family annot act as my shepherds becuase their primary concern is my comfort, not my growth. I need someone who will primarily be focused on what God wants for my life and what God is leadinf me into.
    PC ends with proverbs3:5-6 and says that the part that says…”trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” stands for trust in God even when you do not “feel” like it in your soul(emotion, mind, will) …even when its the fartheat thing from what you feel. This is one of my favorite verses and i just love this new insight i have on it. :)

  105. Susan Shin says:

    The thing that stuck out to me most was that our soul/body needs to submit under our spirit in order to be a spiritual person. Also the fact that God is the father of our spirit and we as sheep need to submit underneath a shepherd. A shepherd could be a pastor, small group leader, etc. We have to trust the leaders God appoints to out lives and that family and friends generally are not the most suited people to be appointed into my life.

  106. Gon Kim says:

    It’s so true that neither family nor friends are responsible for shepherding souls, although I now realize how often I’ve been relying on my family and friends to fulfill such a role. Obedience and submission to the leaders of the church is the most appropriate because they’re appointed by God to be shepherds of and give account for the souls of their flock. This message really highlighted my need for leaders who’ll shepherd my soul and my submission to them in order to live spiritually and victoriously as a Christian.

  107. Youngha Park says:

    We need someone to shepherd our soul and Jesus is the shepherd of our soul. If one does not submit to the word of God, that person is setting oneself up to the vulnerability to the devil. Sheep without a shepherd is in danger and totally oblivious to the danger that it’s exposed to and that’s why we need Jesus to shepherd our soul. Also, Jesus shepherds our soul through the leaders that He appoints, so we should obey, respect, and esteem them highly with love. One can be so gifted but if one is not in submission and does not have a shepherd of the soul, the result probably won’t turn out well, which is why having someone to shepherd the soul is vital to the growth and victory as a Christian.

  108. Caroline says:

    When we choose not to submit and have a relationship with Christ, we are the same as a sheep with shepherd.

    Just as sheep without shepherd are hopeless, we are the same way when we fail to submit to Christ. PC said we regress in our ways because of our failure to submit. If we were filled with the Spirit and walked in the way of the Spirit this would not be an issue. This message reminds us, that without a relationship with Christ we are vulnerable to all of the secular things around us since our souls are subject to our spirit. That is why it is essential we have someone shepherd our soul. How would we be able to communicate with God, which we do with our spirit, if our souls are not in the right place? PC also mentioned, which he has emphasized in his other sermons as well, is that one who despises authority cannot live as a true believer. When we do not submit to God’s authority or to our church pastors or leaders, we reject the relationships necessary to live a Christian life.

  109. This is definitely an area where I have struggled for years. I grew up in a spiritually dead, legalistic church with parents who, at the time, completely bought into that life. Even after finding a strong spiritual mentor later in life, someone who lead me and others for years, he let us all down in a huge way that ended up with himself spending a few years in jail. Submission to leaders is something I’ve always struggled with, but an area in which I know I need to grow and want to grow. I pray that I can find a new spiritual shepherd and that this will be an area of growth as I enter into membership at New Philly.

  110. Trash Yang Moses says:

    **Soul wants to hold your anger even spirit says forgiveness.
    I was struggled to let things and my emotion go away when bad things happened or something didn’t go well like I planned.
    Yes, it was really hard. And still it is really hard. But since I realized if you love and trust God, you have to empty your body and soul and fill with God instead of yourself, I started to read bible more often. And my life and decisions got way easier. But when I stopped to read bible and more involve with world again, all things got messed up and hard to make a decision.
    Now, I am attending a New Philly as MY church, and attending for Community Group that I can learn about God more again. I feel I found my shepherd BACK.

  111. Annie Weiss says:

    Often there is teaching about how the Christian life is to be lived in community. Everyone is a child of God and we must all look after each other. However, this model of a Christian life does not really work. There must be shepherds to care for people. Paul even tells people to imitate him as he imitates Christ. Being a part of the NPC family means that we have people authorities that we can submit to and imitate. Knowing that there is someone above me who is also looking after my soul helps me to grow in faith and trust that I am not living life by myself. Submitting to leaders gives me better knowledge of what it is to submit to God. Coming under sonship and submission is a way to know that my soul is being cared for.

  112. Oscar Sun says:

    It made a lot of sense to me of how I should look at myself and my desires. Of where each one of my desires come from. That my physical body is my instinctual self and is where my primal desires come from, like eating or physical touch. My soul is what my will, emotion and mind desire for me. Following myself and what makes me feel good. Then there is the spirit, the holy spirit that tells me what god wants for me. That I need to put the spirit above my soul and body. That I need to submit to the spirit within myself and listen to what god wants for me.

    I also feel blessed to be in part of this community. That I have met so many people both friends leaders and pastors that are really invested in me and my soul. That there are people who want to help shepherd my soul so that it grow closer with god. But I have a question, should I follow only a single pastor/leader? It feels like i’m being shepherd by multiple people.

  113. Paul Youngbong Lee says:

    Wow it was really a soul shifting hour. The message clearly set out the steps i gotta go through and i felt a need for myself to take my first step forward. I feel like the phrase ‘trust in the Lord even when your soul lacks knowledge’ will be word of my life for quite some time that I can continuously reflect upon.

  114. I am so very thankful for this sermon because it clearly pointed out some of the reasons why I feel led in so many different directions at times. I realize that the devil is always seeking opprotunities to lead me astray whether is it through my past hurt or current temptations. I look forward to being shepherded by leaders so that the spirit can do its work and that I would be strengthened.

  115. Kimberly Ahn says:

    There are two clear distinct Hebrew and Greek words for spirit and soul. Therefore we need to also make that distinction. My spirit is shepherded directly by God and my soul is to be directed under the authority of a spiritual leader. I don’t want to regress and conform to the patterns of the soul, but be led by the Spirit in all aspects of my life. But in order to, I need to submit my soul to the desires of my spirit, which were placed there by God. I can’t let my soul be in bondage my past hurts because it’ll prevent my spirit to grow.

    I have been vulnerable to the deception of the enemy because I haven’t been submitting my soul under an authoritative spiritual leader. But I say, no and reject that lifestyle because I will be under the covering of the appointed spiritual leader at NP. No more being susceptible to the attacks of the enemy. No more being a shepherd-less sheep. No more being independent. No more!

  116. Eddie Mun says:

    This is why I come out to New Philly. This is why I am doing membership, why I come out to Emmaus – to be shepherded by leaders hand-picked by God to cover my blindspots and protect me from the incessant attacks of the enemy. The leaders whom God appointed help me to run my marathon on the righteous path by disciplining me in the Spirit. I had always perceived the spirit and soul to be one and the same, but this sermon revealed to me that I need a shepherd chosen to watch over me so that my soul doesn’t hinder my spiritual walk.

  117. Philip kuhns says:

    This message really confirms and breaks down what i have been experiencing under the leadership at New Philly and even more so in Emmaus. The way that the leaders provide “shepherding” is like nothing Ive ever experienced before, but it has really brought me to a new place in my relationship with the Lord. Having my mind, will, and emotions guided in the truth of Gods word (in ways i never could have done for myself) has been so powerful. “The body must be in submission to the Spirit for us to live a victorious Christian life”.

  118. Choi Lok Yan Sharon says:

    Before listening to this sermon, I have no ideas how important the pastor, ministry director and also small group leaders are to me. Now I am so glad that God has appointed these spiritual leaders to shepherd my soul as well as guide me through the Christian walk. Honestly I feel shameful about the fact that I am so soul-driven and disregard the words from God through the mouth of my spiritual leaders. Maybe it is because I deem them as my close friends rather than seniors. What Pastor Christian said reminds me to obey, respect, and esteem my spiritual leaders highly in love.Now I will take any of their advice in account since they always want to do good on me with their wisdom and authority God gives them.

  119. Vivian Fung says:

    “What is the soul?” is a question we as Christian should all ask ourselves. Sometimes there are bad habits that I just can’t seem to get rid of. I want to sleep early but it never seems to work. Instead of exercising my own will to change my bad habits, I know that I need a change of heart. When I follow the spirit instead of the flesh, I am confident that God will lead the way and I’ll just have to follow.

    As Christians, we need to be spiritual. Wow. I think growing up in a Christian family and being a Christian for so many years, I really have become a bit desensitized to this word. I think the main focus is on being spiritual. We can’t just act spiritual like the Pharisees in the bible, but we actually need the Holy Spirit living within us and guiding us in our everyday lives.

    The last thing that was special to me about this sermon was when Pastor Christian said that “Your friends and your family are disqualified for shepherding your soul.” It really reminds me of our limitations as human beings. Even though your parents may be Christians, that does not qualify them for shepherding your soul. This reminds me of Matthew 9:26 where Jesus says “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Although Jesus is talking about rich people going to heaven, I believe that this verse really reminds us of how futile our own attempts are and how we need to rely on God.

  120. Janet Cushey says:

    This sermon really got to me at some points. I have been, I guess, a lost sheep for a really long time. I isolated myself for one reason or another and emphasized self-reliance and independence to a point that I was hurting myself. I was following my body and soul completely, and not submitting to the spirit. And I even condescended to those who did submit, which I regret more and more these days. The part where Pastor Christian said that I can’t see the top of my head/my back really stuck out to me – I just have to face the fact that I need a shepherd. I need someone to guide my soul. I need to submit my body and soul to the spirit.

  121. I never realized that your soul and spirit were two different things entirely. I realized that we as people want to follow our soul or “heart”. Doing as we physically and emotionally please. I realized that I need to live righteously in soul and body FOR my spirit. PC also mentions the way that spiritually authoritative figures also act as a guide for our lives. I have realized that I am a lost sheep that needs direction in my life. Although Jesus is the ULTIMATE leader and guide for our lives, Jesus also blessed us with spiritually mature leaders to help in the guidance. I am so excited about going to New Philly, as I feel that I am being filled and blessed with Spiritual leaders in my life. I feel that my life is also reaping the benefits of having someone guide me and lead me towards what is spiritually wise in my life.

  122. Halima Dodo says:

    For the first time I saw myself in tri-part form, made up of body, spirit, and soul. Even if our physical body dies we still have our spirit and soul to be shepherded by the Father and the Son. Here Pastor Christian teaches us how to make the distinction between each and how to allow our soul to come into submission under Christ and the leaders that He places over us. Like babies, non-believing adults and children only operate from the soul and from our personal will and emotions. However, we as Christians are not immune from soulful behavior and we often regress to acting upon our will instead of the Lords. To live in real victory, the desires of our soul and body must be in submission. If we love the world more than we love God there will only be a war in our soul. And if we refuse to be vulnerable to Jesus’ shepherding (through a relationship with Him and the authorities that He places before us) we will be rendered helpless towards the devil and frustrated by our failures in faith. It’s definitely important to let God and his people watch your back. My growth and safety since coming to Korea is largely thanks to my familia leader and Church leaders who I allowed to guide and watch over me. As I listened to the sermon I subconsciously turned over my right should and had a dog chasing tail moment. No matter how much I try, there is no oversight greater than the Lord’s.

  123. Tachie Maureen says:

    Wow powerful message and an eye opener. I am glad I heard this message I never thought depending on my soul could cause me distraction, my spirituality and my intimacy with God. Lord I thank you for the spiritual fathers that are interceding on my behalf in order for me to walk in truth and your ways.

  124. Daniel Kim says:

    The teaching of the spirit, soul, and body is something I completely agree with. It was refreshing to hear this sermon as a reminder again. To me, this is a life/spiritual philosophy that is vital to me, so it excited me to hear that New Philly includes inside one of the key sermons. I also found it interesting New Philly does have guidelines for spiritual mentors. It gives me peace that New Philly is thorough about it because I have always wanted spiritual mentors who I can put my trust in. Again, the concept of submission stood out to me just as it did in the previous sermon I commented because I believe I do have problems with submission to people I am not close to even more so within the church because they are in charge of my soul and spirituality. To be faithful to God is to put faith in people who have been appointed as leaders by God.

  125. Chuck Chun says:

    Jesus is the shepherd of our soul. “He shepherds us through leaders in our leaves.” This message reemphasizes the need for covering. It ties the first two messages together. Relationships in the church have a sense of divine appointment and taking that seriously is about letting people speaking your life. We all need truth spoken in love.

  126. Thank God for this clarification. I sometimes ask myself why a born-again christian will still be struggling with lustful desires and constantly being dragged to and fro sinful acts. our spirit is awakened to God and we have the ability to commune with God but our soul still struggles. Our soul can’t be left behind. After listening to all the three sermons, the notion of covering in covenant keeps recurring and I have no doubt this is the spirit of God calling us back home to the relationship that God intended us to have with him and with our leaders.

  127. Very true! We need shepherds in our walk, We cannot walk alone, it’s not safe because the devil will always looking for a way to take us from the right path! From our purpose in life! From our destiny!!! So that’s why we need at least someone to guard us, a shepherd in our life.
    I really feel at lost and upset when my spiritual sister graduated from our university in Busan and went back to Indonesia. I felt so alone and even though we can still talk online, but I feel like I shouldn’t bother her new life with my problems and since then I think I stopped growing as a Christian or maybe even falling back. I would consult to her if I have big issue but still…I don’t want to burden her and make her worry so I really really restrain myself from her. Now after hearing this sermon I realized that I’ve made a big mistake. I should keep my connection with her and let her shepherd me instead of thinking so much over little things. TT_TT
    Once again I feel so blessed to be a member of this church~ I’m happy and excited to think that I belong in a family now!

  128. Alina Cho says:

    “We need to stop trying to shepherd our own soul.” After not being plugged in since coming to Korea I realize that I was missing the guidance of my shepherd and have been wandering. I realize that all three sermons emphasize having relationships and deep connections in the church. That without the guidance, advice, and support from our spiritual family it is so easy to become lost and fall back into sin.

  129. Aram Lee says:

     I used to operate from my emotions, whatever I felt like. I knew better, but I still tended to go back to my old patterns and regrets. And if I ever went against logic of my mind, and of commitment I made in my will, I couldn’t stop blaming and condemning myself.
    ⇒ “Be filled with holy spirit, walk in the ways of the spirit. Those patterns are permanently established in you, the soul must be in submission to our spirit for us to live a victorious Christian life.”

    「Your will, stubbornness set, and what happens? Your soul comes into bondage to the enemy’s ways. And it begins to manipulate you, control you in other areas of your life. And you are wondering, ‘Why can’t I walk the Christian life?’
     Jesus is the overseer of our soul. when you refuse to commit to submission to that, you set yourself up for a lot of vulnerability to the devil’s harrassment, you’re just helpless to the devil’s lies, always frustrated.
     Demons have no authority to dwell on the earth. In order for satan and his demons to have any kind of authority and dominion on the earth, he has to posses human’s souls.
     Truth Test: Whether you are truly being shepherd by Christ, you can tell by examining your relationship with those whom Christ has appointed to shepherd your soul.」
     These were just my stories. There was a person who did terrible things to me for a long time, and it felt like an impossible task to think about forgiving that person. For it happened after I learned all these, I knew what to do. But I avoided it as long as I could.
     But since God loves me so much, He made an opportunity that I can never refuse. He couldn’t see I was suffering under the traps of satan anymore. It has been very difficult, but His calling and helping through New Philadelphia Church leaders were powerful enough for me to complete this assignment victoriously. Thank you so much!

  130. Having had a rebellious streak my entire life, I have always had a problem with authority..a deep mistrust. But I do understand that my body, mind, and soul, need to be under submission to the leadership in which God has appointed and ultimately, well, Jesus. I know that this is something that I am still working through and how dangerous it is for me to shepherd my own soul (which I have been doing all my life). However difficult it may seem, I recognize the truth in the ideology of this sermon and full heartedly agree with it.

  131. Lydia Ju says:

    This message was a real blessing for me because it really emphasized the importance of leadership and authority. I haven’t had the best role models and leaders in my life and at times I just wouldn’t understand some things and the way some things are, but I feel that God has really showed me through the years and this sermon to remember the importance of having someone oversee you. To trust the people that God has chosen to be an example for the flock. For they shepherd my soul and will give an account to God.

    • Judy Choi says:

      I’m so glad to have you part of our family Lydia. It’s been a long time coming since you’ve been in Korea.

  132. Jeremiah Silvey says:

    A shepherd knows his sheep the best. It’s so important to be in close fellowship with those mentoring us in the church community. I personally grew up in a church full of amazing men mentoring me through the years. What is hard now is developing trust with leaders that I have only known for several months in contrast to leaders back home that I have known for most of my life. It’s takes time and willingness to seek mentors within the church body. This message has affirmed how important New Philly takes leadership. It’s easier for someone like myself to trust the leadership, because of the practical steps the church takes to train leaders in being wise shepherds. Thank you for this message!

  133. Katrin Paul says:

    The main message I took from the sermon is, that “Jesus shepherds our soul through the godly leaders whom he appoints”. It also made me remember pastor Lydias words, that by submitting to our leaders and honoring them we are able to claim the grace that is upon their lives.

  134. “Sheep without shepherd is helpless.” So, we need to submit to the covering of Jesus. And the most effective way of receive covering is to believe that Jesus shepherds our souls through the appointed leaders. Thus, I decided to submit myself to the leaders who will shepherd my souls with love:)

  135. Na Hee Kim says:

    Who Will Shepherd Your Soul?

    This sermon was very insightful to me because it showed clearly how Jesus shepherds our souls and the importance of leaders that have been appointed to us by God. What stood out to me the most was that the people that shepherd our souls does not include our friends and family even though they may have known us our whole lives, and have raised us in safety and love. My parents were the only people I submitted to and relied on for guidance with my life, and I thought that they were the only people I would ever obey.
    I realized now that God is the only one that knows us fully, which is why we need to submit to the leaders and people he has appointed to us, to lead and guide us in our walk with God.
    My heart was humbled and reminded again that Jesus sacrificed himself and died on the cross for us. He became our shepherd this way by becoming a sheep. This is why we must fully trust and have faith in the Lord, even when our soul lacks understanding.

  136. Hannah Chong says:

    I liked how PC made a clear distinction between the spirit, soul and body. Although different circles of Chrstianity have usually tried to tie these three components together, it is clear that in the original Hebrew and Greek texts, that different terminology is used to define these distinct elements. It is important that we understand the unique function of each of them as it helps us to distinguish actions that are willed by God’s Spirit, who is sanctifying us, and our body/soul, which only desires after things of the flesh.

    God has not left us as spiritual orphans, and neglected and abandoned us, but He has given us His promised Spirit, by which our sonship has been sealed. In order to fully live out this identity as sons, and live a victorious life, we need to be guided by shepherds (spiritual authorities), which have been placed over us by God. By submitting to leaders, we are putting our soul and body under the subject of spiritual guidance. Just as the Apostle Paul ‘disciplines his body’ (1 Cor 9:27) – obeying, submitting, respecting and esteeming our leaders, also helps us to discipline our carnal desiries. This will aid us in living a righteous life, overcoming sin, and ultimately in keeping in step with the Spirit.

  137. Yu Jeong Park says:

    Who will shepherd your soul?
    Through this sermon, I’ve learnt that Jesus is the shepherd of our soul but He also shepherds our soul through leaders that he appoints and that we must obey, submit and respect our leaders and esteem them highly with love. This sermon outlined to me that a shepherded soul walks in clarity and in safety, which is only found in submission under the appointed leaders of the church.

  138. Alex Quach says:

    After undergoing a spiritual rebirth we will be instantly led by the spirit of god but because we are use to our old paths and habits it is often many of us tend to revert back to old patterns, with out proper shepherding it’ll be easy to fall back to old habits and desires of the flesh. Jesus is the shepherd of our soul he shepherds us through appointed leaders that he places in our lives, theses do not include your family and friends

    Your body and soul needs to be subjected to your spirit for you to live a victorious Christian life it is through your spirit that you commune with god and you can’t do this unless your body and soul is in submission to your spirit.

  139. Michael Chan says:

    Our Soul and Body must be in submission to the Spirit in order to live the victorious Christian life! When we live by our soul and body, we do get jacked up…! We must follow the spirit of God!

    I liked the clear distinction between our Body, Soul and Spirit! Jesus shepherds our souls through leaders in Church and we need to know how to submit to our leaders. It is so important that we are in submission to our leaders who can lead us into a more intimate relationship with Jesus, because if we cannot submit to our leaders, we are not submitting to God. We simply cannot discern God’s voice by ourselves!

  140. A great outline of the difference between our Soul, Spirit and Body and what the transition should look like after we are born again and given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Although the Bible says we are given the Holy Spirit, it is important that we die to the flesh even after receiving Christ so we do not regress into old sin patterns and habits. A great reminder.

    A clear analogy of how we can’t see our own backs was a helpful reminder that I need leaders to help me shepherd my soul. The Christian journey is not one that we should do alone.

    I like how this sermon makes it clear what a shepherd that God has appointed in your life looks like.

    Shepherds the God appoints:
    1. Exercise oversight.
    2. Are examples to the flock.
    3. Must give an account.

  141. Helen Kim says:

    What a blessing! I strongly believe that God has appointed PC + PE and the leaders of NPC in my life. People who will not only encourage me and edify me but rebuke me, keep me accountable and discipline me to be more like Christ.

  142. laurenjhchun says:

    This sermon is fundamental in understanding what true Sonship looks like. We are often so afraid and reluctant for a spiritual authority to shepherd us but the concept of Sonship helps us to receive this covering as an inheritance and with a rightful mind. The fact that God shepherds me by using the appointed leaders makes me see them in a whole new light. I actually see them as real family now (&bundle of blessing). I had specifically needed their wisdom, experience and teachings, all uniquely shaped by their different personalities and backgrounds to guide me in each season. It makes sense. Submitting under a spiritual leader will increase one’s self-esteem and identity as a son, which will enable a Christian to walk stronger, more confident in this world while carrying out their mission.

  143. Samuel SC Choi says:

    I now understand the importance of Sonship and being connected to a church family even clearly.

    I think the analogy PC gave when he said that no one is able to see their back or the top of their head was a clear picture of how short-sighted we can be when we judge our progress/condition of our faith. I have learnt that Sons live by the Spirit and are not lead by the soul or the flesh. I think that the Spirit, as we grow as Christians, must be disciplined/trained (by God-given leaders) so that we can walk in the Spirit and no longer be lead in the flesh or soul.

  144. Yery Reyna Yoon says:

    I also appreciated the distinction PC made between spirit, soul and body. Often we confuse spirit and soul in the secular world so the idea of a non christian being spiritually dead was not fully understood! Understanding the soul is our mind, will and emotion which needs to be submitted by our spirits and that we have shepherds who give account on our behalf is truly encouraging.

    I also loved PC tying the sermon back to Jesus! To be a shepherd, he became a sheep. In unreserved submission, the humility he showed to give us spiritual life and to be our ultimate shepherd really encouraged me because even if we lost at times, he is patient and willing to look after us

  145. Kevin Choi says:

    My soul must be sheperded.

    When my soul is subject to my spirit. It will be able to commune directly with God in clarity and safety. Safety will be found in submission. God is the father and authority of our spirit. But my soul must be sheperded by an authority here. To have clear and direct communication with The Lord.

    I have found my soul to be much like the wind. Unpredictable, hasty and undirected. Going where it wants to go. As my own will, desires and fire. To be under submission so that I will be filled with the spirit of The Lord instead. Empowered by his fire. To guide me in his sight and light. Christ’s death is the ultimate example of submission.

  146. Alyssa Yan says:

    “Jesus is the shepherd of our soul”.

    The soul and body must be in submission to our spirit. I am guilty of living directed by my soul and body. But I want to change that. I hope that with the guidance from my leaders, my spirit will communicate with the Word of God and allow me to mature. My soul needs to be shepherded. I will submit to authority and to God our Father. I no longer want to tread on a path filled with darkness, deception, and resistance to authority and submission. I have been lost for most of my life. I want my soul to be shepherded. When my soul is subject to my spirit, my spirit leads the way. Safety is created by a shepherd and this safety is found in submission. “God is the Father of our spirits”. Thus my soul and body must be shepherded.

  147. Louise Kim says:

    Only God himself has authority over our Spirit – it is the place where we directly commune with him. But our soul (mind, will and emotions) can be and should be in submission to spiritual leaders appointed by God. It is when we allow our souls to be shepherded by these leaders that we can live a victorious Christian life, free of deception and soulish ways. Our level of submission to our spiritual leaders is the greatest test of whether we are truly being shepherded by Jesus, our ultimate Good Shepherd.

  148. Sooky Park says:

    The human is divided into body, soul, and spirit. I realized i need to be careful about calling friends ‘soul brothers’ and ‘soul sisters’ as the media so easily does. I need to be careful in making friends to connect ‘soul’-wise with.
    Jesus is the Shepherd and overseer of our souls.
    Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders he appoints. You need to submit to a spiritual leader who shepherds your soul. Because that’s the only way Christ shepherds your soul.You need other ppl to see whats going on from the top. to discern God’s voice. Natural sheep without a shepherd are in trouble. Even more when the sheep thinks it’s doing alright.
    2. 1 Peter 5:1-2
    You cannot exercise insight over yourself.
    Shepherds that GOd appoints are examples to the flock.
    3. Hebrews 13:17
    People that shepherd over your soul have to give an account. your friends and family are disqualified from shepherding over your soul. God does not call them to do that. Friends- no, because their priority is on their comfort level with you. If God says sth contrary to what they want, they are going to hesitate. They have not clarity. Family- no, because their primary concern is your comfort and safety. not the will of God. it’s also their comfort. The Bible does not say they need to give account of your soul. But the Bible says your shepherd does.when you leave your mother and father when you get married, you dont have your covering anymore. You get that from your spiritual leaders who must give an account.
    1) Be subject to your elders
    3) Respect our leaders v13 Esteem them very highly in love.

    1 Corinthians 2:12-14
    What happens when your soul is not shepherded this is what it looks like.
    1. youre like a sheep without a shepherd.
    A natural/soulish person cannot receive the things of the Spirit of GOd because they are foolishness to him.
    You can only become a spiritual person that judges all things and is himself not judged by no one and truly has the mind of CHrist, by your soul getting out of the way and you submiting to your spirit. through submission. somebody’s gotta shepherd your soul. somebodys gotta do the dirty tough work of bringing your soul into submission to the will of GOd.

    2 Peter 2:10-19
    vivid description of sb who despises authority
    bold and willful, do not tremble as they blaspheme. irrational animals, creatures of instinct. will also be destroyed suffering wrong as wage for wrongdoing. revel in deceptions while they feast with you.have eyes full of adultery insatiable for sin and they entice unsteady souls.accursed children. (v17) these are waterless springs and mists driven by a storm.
    Ex. Michael Vic.
    Those who are led by the SPirit of God will be called sons of God.
    But you cant when your own self gets in the way.
    Prov 3:5-6
    Trust in the Lord; lean not on your own understanding.
    Trust in the Lord submit subject yourself even if you lack understanding.
    let that person shepherd your soul anyway.
    Sons are led by the Spirit of GOd, not by the soul.
    Pastor Christian: I cannot personally shepherd everybody in here. But i do shepherd your soul through preaching teaching stewarding etc. Receive it and soak it all in. Im supernaturally setting things in order and shepherding your soul.I shepherd leaders and leaders shepherd the whole house.
    It points back to CHrist. even through your human leaders that oversee your soul, He’s the chief….for Him to be your shepherd, He had to become your sheep.
    1 Peter 2:18-24 Christ’s death is our ultimate example of submission even in the face of disagreement. we are to walk in his steps. We have to remember the cross of Jesus Christ. He submitted himself and He enables us to through the cross. He became your shepherd by becoming your sheep .

  149. Michelle Kwak says:

    I desire more than ever to bring my body and soul into submission to my spirit. I have definitely noticed that when I am not in alignment with the Spirit, I cannot readily accept or even hear the the things that come from the Spirit of God (1 Cor 2:14)- “the soulish person does not accept the things of God.” It is sobering to know how easy it is for even us who have the Spirit to submit to our soulish tendencies, or even to apply soulish reasoning to our faith.
    The point about family and friends was interesting and I’m glad it was addressed. I hadn’t really thought about family and friends not being charged to shepherd our souls and give an account. It’s true that while I gain accountability and wisdom with some mature friends, they have not been appointed to shepherd me.
    I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity to be shepherded in the context of a community who takes seriously the task of maturing the individual and flock.

  150. Again a message that caused me to ponder deeply and many new information was written down because the sermon just rocked me inside and out. God has appointed leaders in my life, and for that I must give Him praise. My christian life has been without visible christian leaders, so through the sermon, I felt like it was all brand new to me. Hebrews 13:7 is powerful, and right on, and I felt like a foundation was being laid within me as I have joined new philly iteawon and for the first time is witnessing what real biblical leadership is all about. 1 thess 5:12 is challenging as again I had to look deep within to see where I was in the way I considered leaders in my life. I’m excited for the direction that felt through the sermon, and so much new understanding was passed on to me from the sermon. I loved this sentence so much as pastor Christian said that’Jesus Christ is the ultimate picture of submission’ wow what a revelation. I’m learning to submit and highly esteem the leaders of new philly. Thank you so much for 3wonderful sermons that all has meant so much to me and the walk that I’m going through.

  151. I was blessed by this sermon mainly because of two reasons. First, pastor Christian talked about how we need to see humans composed of the body, soul, and spirit. Korea has one of the highest depression and suicidal rates in the world. I think it is because people fail to realize how we need to be restored in all three of those areas. Too many of us are running to get that job, get into that university, and etc while neglecting our physical health and running low on spiritual battery. I believe Jesus came to restore our body, soul, and spirit. Second, I appreciate how he specifically used an illustration of a typical Korean parents who insist on shepherding their child’s soul. Many times I was in a dilemma between doing what my parents wanted me to do for stability in life and what God wanted me to do. This is an ongoing challenge, however, I have witnessed the power of prayers by my spiritual leaders to persuade my parents’ hearts to align them with God’s heart. I am blessed to have spiritual leaders to shepherd my soul.

  152. Neil Gordon Smart says:

    Who will shepherd you? We traditionally reply: well, of course, it’s Jesus – John 10:11 I am the Good Shepherd……I know my sheep and they know me ….there will be one flock with one shepherd. This is the body of Christ dimension and we can get lost in its size. PC reminds us that there is a LOCAL point of greatest need uniquely supplied by a local church with its layers of interactive covering which is easier to make tangible as a point of first contact. For a Christian outside a caring local church typically there would be a resistance to let any element come between him and his God. So there is a coexistence here and a trust. The local church leadership is accountable to God. So the Christian should measure his love for God by the quality of relationship to local church leaders. The soul and body must be in submission to new desires within your spirit placed there by God’s grace e.g. by fasting .and we need to deal with junk in our soul through deliverance. Psychology cannot explain altar calls, demon possession or prophecy. Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders appointed – pastors, small group leaders, ministry leaders. We cannot see our back or the top of our head so we need shepherds that God appoints to exercise oversight, to be examples. We thus respect our leaders esteeming them very highly in love. The man who is in charge of his own life, who does not respect anyone and is not able to become a spiritual person, is like a waterless spring and a mist driven by a storm. When the soul is subject to the spirit, it is connected to God through submission. The God zone = ‘God is Father of your spirit. Pastor’s zone = mind, will and emotions. PC shepherds leaders. Leaders shepherd the House.

  153. David Haram Kim says:

    Whether it is to God or to people, there needs to be a person to act as a shepherd in our life. God calls us to submit to figures of authority. God also calls us to submit to Him as well. It was important to me that PC distinguished between the soul, spirit, and body. I always assumed the soul and spirit were interchangeable, but it actually isn’t.
    Another profound teaching was that no one has authority over our spirit, because that is “the place where we commune directly with God” BUT figures of authority whom God appoints have authority over our souls which is an important thing to remember.
    No matter how gifted we may be, we still need to submit and have people shepherd our soul so that we will walk in wisdom and with God.
    Jesus is both the sheep, sacrificing Himself on the cross, and the shepherd leading the lost.
    We need to trust in Jesus and submit to Him.

  154. Emilie Boivin says:

    Great sermon. Still has a lot of chewing to do in order to extract every nutrients from it. Regardless, here’s my resume:

    We are three dimensional beings (body,soul and spirit) but because the fall of Adam and Eve, men died spiritually as a consequence and we lost our connection with God.

    God is the father of our spirit. We we recognise our sin and accept the yolk of Christ, our spirit is born again to God and can once again enjoy communion with the Lord through our spirit. Being able to commune with the Lord is a great privilege that few in the body of Christ, myself first in line, are taking advantage of.

    One of the culprits running interference is our soul, which comprise our body, mind and emotions. Before coming to Christ were soul directed, doing whatever feels good or right . From our soul, we also learned to respond to trauma.
    Unfortunately, since we didn’t have Jesus as our shepherd at that time, our souls came into bondage under the lies of the enemy. When we experience hurt, disappointment or trauma, demons, being airborne, become attached to our souls once we accept lies they are feeding us and we start doing the devil’s bidding. We are soulish men, unable to receive anything from God, which are perceived by the spirit.

    But glory be to God, who in is grace sent is Son Jesus Christ to become our sheep, our sacrifice, to redeem us from Satan, who was enslaving our souls. We are now free from sin because of Christ, the Shepherd of and Overseer of our souls.

    Unfortunately, even after being saved and cleansed by the blood of Christ, and now knowing a better way, we regress to our well established soulish ways.The soul and the spirit are then at war within us and enjoying a communion with God becomes hard because we cannot love the world (obeying every whim of our soul) and please God. We cannot serve two masters. the chief Shepherd, Jesus established godly men to shepherd our soul through. With their help, our soul can be freed of its previous bondage and come under submission of our spirit. It’s only through submission to our appointed godly leader, whom are themselves shepherded that we can walk in true freedom and reach full maturity as believers, now having the mind of Christ.

  155. Crystal Hunt says:

    I felt very blessed by this sermon. I’m very glad he brings up that soul and spirit are different! I really wished that our church also had bible study and/or preaches about the Greek and Hebrew translations because I believe that would clarify so much for many people —so many struggle with submission to authority.

  156. SO MUCH to chew on. First of all, I love PC’s honesty with his own struggle with submission in going to seminary and how that was spoken into by his own shepherds. Thanks for being open and honest and admitting that sometimes it can get ugly… I’ve absolutely seen it get ugly in my own life and it’s good to know I’ve now got leaders who have been there.

    Again, until getting plugged in at New Philly, I never thought much about submission or the huge role of leaders in my adult life, but it’s cleeeeearly there in scripture as something God wants for his children. It’s good to hear specific verses and to have them unpacked and applied. The metaphor for someone looking at your life from the outside was really good: how we need someone else to see us more clearly. How often have I had to ask my sister or a roommate to check my progress when I’m straightening my hair? Even using the double-mirror trick, I can’t see the back of my head as clearly as someone else. I might think I did a great job, but they point out a whole section that I missed. And if that’s true for something as simple as fixing my hair in the morning, how much more true is it for BIG LIFE THINGS?

    AND also, I think most of my, um, lack of submission to leaders in the past probably comes from a place of distrust and fear that they’ll abuse their authority in my life. Being super independent means that no one can hurt me, but it also means that no one can build into my life, etc. I’ve had a lot of breakthrough in the past year about being vulnerable enough to let people in and it has been so rewarding… this is looking like the next level of vulnerability! It makes me nervous but in a really really really good way. Realizing that leaders are ultimately answering to God on my behalf is powerful. I’ve never focused on Heb. 13:17 before. That realization gives me a lot of freedom to submit and trust, where before I hesitated in fear.

    Last thing, haha, and a big #nerdalert here, but in the TV show Firefly (which was sadly cancelled WAY TOO SOON in its tv life), the church leaders are actually called Shepherds. Fun fact. Parallel. I love it. The end.

  157. Albert Lee says:

    All the points P.Christian made were in alinement with what I believed to be right in the growth of a believer! Following the example of Christ. Who was in full submission to the father. The authority over our spirits is only God alone yet our soul must be in submissionto the spiritual authorities God has placed in our lives.-P.Benjamin Rlly spoke out to me as well!

  158. Michelle Euperio says:

    Before listening to this sermon, I thought that the spirit and the soul were the same things but this sermon beautifully differentiated that and how dangerous that thinking was. Honestly, I never really thought too much about the soul and was more focused on the spirit and the physical. I love what PC said about fasting and how it really allows the spirit to be in charge and not the body and soul. I was very blessed of the mention that friends and family cannot shepherd your soul. As I’ve gotten older and the more I’ve chased after what the Lord has for me, I’ve realized more of the levels of comfort I’ve had with friends and family and am so thankful for the spiritual leaders (especially in those seasons) that the Lord has placed in my life who have lovingly challenged and encouraged me to become more of the woman that the Lord made me to be. I am thankful to be where I am now but had I really allowed friends and family to shepherd me… wow o wow… I think I would have settled for less than the Glory of God and chased after worldly riches. I love love love what PC said about God being the shepherd of our spirits and our souls being shepherded by Godly appointed leaders. It makes it easier to trust, submit, obey and love leaders that are strategically placed in our lives knowing that they were chosen by God who always knows exactly what I need even if I don’t. This sermon was such a blessing to me!

  159. David Kim says:

    This sermon brought a lot of clarity on the importance of coming under the covering of Godly leaders. I think many people make the mistake of listening to counsel from our friends and family and we take it on board because we know they love us and they have the best interest for us. But as PC said, this does not mean they have God’s best interest over our lives. Their focus for us will be for our health and safety or our friend’s may only speak based on the comfort level of our relationship. We need spiritual authority that have an oversight over our lives, as it is impossible for us in the physical to see the top of our heads and our backs, it is also impossible for us to do this in the spiritual.

  160. Amanda Hawkins says:

    Listening to these three sermons together has helped me reflect on my Christian walk. It’s interesting because I feel like mine has been in a circle, learning a lot but coming back to myself and what my own wants and desires are. Learning more lessons, the hard way probably and moving forward again. Repeat. And repeat. Having these principles laid out for me in this way has been such a revelation! I was just a naked, wandering uncovered Christian. Coming to new philly has taught me so many valuable lessons and principles. I finally feel I am on a straighter path, and truly submitting and trusting in Gods will. Thank you again for a great word P. Christian!

  161. Kelly Han says:

    I felt that this sermon brought a lot of clarity and wisdom. I especially felt convicted by what Pastor Christian was stating about having friends and family as shepherds of our soul. I always relied on close friends to provide me with wisdom and clarity, but I love the way that he said that our closest friends’ priorities on their comfort level with you. That is so completely true! I often felt that I didn’t need any spiritual leaders when I had friends who were strong Christians to provide wisdom and guidance. However, it is so important to have spiritual leaders who can speak into our lives and it gave me the conviction that I need to humble myself and submit to leaders who have their best interest in me.

  162. I could not agree more with this sermon. As I mature more in my faith, I realise the huge importance of having people in my life that can speak truth and wisdom in to my life. I absolutely agree that God is our spiritual father, but as a Christian it is incredibly important that we have someone shepherding our mind, body and emotions. Moving to a new country and finding Christian community at New Philly, I am in prayer that God will bring clarity in pointing me to the spiritual leader to shepherd my soul during this season of life.

  163. This was another amazing message! It was really really good on so many levels. First off, it was really helpful to learn about the difference between the spirit and the soul because, most times, we tend to use them interchangeably without much thought. I always thought it okay to listen to your soul until I listened to this sermon (and I’m so glad I did!).

    As was mentioned many times throughout the sermon, we can only heed to God’s ways and live out a victorious life when our soul is in full submission to the spirit! I realized that a lot of the time I may have been heeding to my soul (especially my emotions) more than I was tuning into the spirit. It’s so crucial that we have the soul submit to the spirit as the spirit will allow us to fully communicate and have access to God. This simple statement seemed so obvious at first but it brought a fresh revelation to me of the spirit realm and how it is the platform in which we speak to and listen from God – it’s just incredible! I was also relieved by the fact that our family members and friends were not held accountable for our souls. But that God has set apart spiritual fathers and leaders that were held to give an account to God – leaders whom would exercise oversight over us (as we cannot do this for ourselves – we are not able to see what’s behind us and what’s over our heads!).

    There was also a part where PC mentioned that when our soul is in submission to the spirit, the spirit will lead us clarity and safety. That even though at times we may feel like our souls (mind, will and emotion) don’t understand, it is our first and utmost priority to trust in the Lord with all our hearts, in submission to God through the leaders that He has appointed us under. No matter how gifted or talented I may be, if I am not in submission to a spiritual authority/leader, the gifting will not be able to shine and nurtured properly. I am thankful for this message and excited to see how God will shepherd my soul through my spiritual leaders. Thank you PC for this amazingggg message!

  164. I’m guessing from the message that those who have authority issues are walking down a very baaaad path :) Let us not fall out of humility that we cannot submit to a righteous authority, and let that authority be vigilante to always walk the righteous path. Amen.
    So true, This world tries to explain away demonic strongholds over people’s minds as this disease or that disease when all they need is truth and to let the love of Jesus wash away all the garbage they are knowingly or unknowingly holding onto.
    I will say this one thing… as I’m sure you know, our view of this life is shaped from our experiences. It seems my experience has been a little different from yours. I would say wholeheartedly that many of my friends and family have, and would, speak truth into my life no matter what the cost, and they would set my feet on the correct and righteous path whether or not they thought it was safe or not. Humility in our christian walk is beyond important, and submitting to leaders is also very important, and I know that many people (if not most) probably don’t have that luxury of true God fearing friends and family that know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what’s best for you can only take place if it’s in line with the heart of God. Proper spiritual guidance and council can come from your friends and family. I’m not downplaying the importance of a spiritual leader outside of the “friends and family” category by any means though. Lead on, good sir!

  165. Jason Yang says:

    Before even beginning to listen to this sermon, I thought I knew the answer to the title, “Who will shepherd your soul?” Jesus, of course! Yet, there’s so much more than me just answering that question. Growing up, I almost always had the mentality of doing things independently. I didn’t embrace the idea of having to trust someone because of the fear of disappointment I got if things didn’t go as planned. What PC said during this sermon somewhat went against the way I have been living my life. I knew that my close-mindedness was not right, but I never exactly felt inclined to change either. Luckily, PC’s message brought the enlightenment that Jesus is the shepherd of my soul. I understand that without accepting Jesus as my shepherd, I will always feel vulnerable. Sometimes, Jesus does his shepherding through leaders that he appoints. After coming across this, I realized that I should openly allow these people to exercise oversight on me.

    What came to be a shock was that family and friends are disqualified from shepherding my soul. There were many instances when I’ve looked up to only these people to guide my future and shelter my soul. The good news is that now I know I should trust the leaders and Jesus to shepherd my soul.

  166. (Dilys Efesoa) I love that pastor Christian makes a clear distinction between the soul and the spirit. Often times we fail to make this important distinction. Additionally, throughout the sermon one thing that resonates with me is the importance of submission. As Christians we believe that Jesus is our savior and our leader as well as the person that ultimately guides our lives. However, as Christians we ought to be submissive not only to Christ but also to leaders that are spiritually mature in Christ. I love that new philly emphasizes the need to have leaders like this that not only hold us accountable for our actions but also disciplined in Christ.

  167. Ann Lee says:

    As a psych major in college, this sermon was interesting in differentiating between the soul and spirit, where the soul consists of the mind, will and emotions. And I didn’t know the greek word for ‘soul’ was the origin of the term psychology! I totally agreed with the message where premature christians struggle with meeting the needs of the soul as opposed to the spirit. Yes, a natural (non-christian) man seeks to meet the needs of the soul, and that might be the whole meaning of life for the man. However, meeting the needs of the soul while ignoring the spirit is succumbing to the devil’s ways. This message was enlightening, and a key theme that I noticed in all the membership sermons was the emphasis on receiving covering and submitting to leaders. I’m glad as I matured as a christian, I’m beginning to realize loving God and loving the world cannot be done at the same time. Thank goodness I got baptized with the Holy Spirit and I’m seeking the spirit to guide my life!

  168. This sermon was so powerful. Staying in Korea has been a very difficult time for me personally. Coming to NPI and being shepherded by leaders of the house has helped me with my inner healing and identity. We cannot walk this walk ourselves. “Jesus shephereds our soul through leaders whom He appoints.” I am learning how true this really is. NP Core Value#5: “Annointing flows from the top down.” We have to believe that God has the best for us and trust the leaders that He intentionally appoints in our lives. This sure is not easy but doing so, in obedience, and trust, I believe we will grow deeper in our spiritual walk with Christ.

  169. I really liked the breakdown of what the soul consists of: emotions, mind, and will. When we are children, we are ruled by our soul and satisfy ourselves with whatever our minds, wills, and emotions want. But once we become born again, God calls us to submit to His Holy Spirit. Through Jesus Christ, our spirit, which was dead because of sin, was made alive in Christ, and it is our spirit that is meant to submit to Him. And as we submit to him, the patterns of the Spirit will be permanently established within us. But in order for this to happen, we must be in submission to Jesus, the Shepherd of our souls. One very important way to do this is through submission to our leaders. Through our leaders, Jesus Christ shepherds us and leads us onto the right path.

  170. This critical message outlined the process of putting our soul into submission to the Spirit by submitting to Shepherds.

    Pastor Christian brought to light how, when we come to Christ, we are able to commune with the Spirit, but are often hampered by our old soul-ish tendencies. This is why it’s important to submit to spiritual authorities that can help guide you in bringing the soul into submission, that we may have more clarity and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

    I also appreciate the many biblical references, which show that this is how God designed it to be. We are meant to grow together in community, with other believers, while respecting and submitting, in love, to those that are appointed over us as shepherds.

    Leadership is not easy. Leaders are told in 1 Peter 5 to watch over God’s flock willingly with eagerness. Hebrews 13:17 says that leaders keep watch over us as those who will give an account to God.

    Through scripture, we can see that we are to make the service of leading a joy, and not a burden. Hebrews 13:17 says to obey and submit to leaders, and to let them do this with joy (without groaning). Moreover, 1 Thessalonians 5:12 tells us that we should respect those who labor among us and are over us in the Lord and admonish us. It teaches us to esteem them very highly in love because of their work! Hallelujah.

    Indeed, we are the body of Christ. I pray that New Philly Shillim will grow in a culture that honors those that oversee us. I’m excited that as I grow in submission to the amazing leaders at New Philly Shillim, I will go deeper in intimacy with the Spirit and grow in clarity of God’s perfect will.

  171. Kristen Whitney says:

    I never really thought about it being necessary to have actual leaders who can help to shepherd your soul. I always thought that having other people, friends and family, who can help to hold you accountable is enough. The idea of having to submit to actual leaders is new to me, but I think the sermon clearly outlined why it is necessary. It made me think about why just having Christian friends and family isn’t enough to hold you accountable, as well as the importance of submitting to your leaders.

  172. Yun Jeong Seo says:

    Before listening to this sermon, I believed Jesus was the only shepherd of our souls. But I learned that He also shepherds our souls through leaders He appoints. I usually walk my path independently, but after listening to this sermon I learned that my soul must be shepherded to be able to walk in clarity and safety. Having godly leaders are important as well as obeying, respecting, and submitting to them. And it was surprising to know that God does not call friends and family to shepherd your soul. However, it was reasonable how they are disqualified because their primary concern is our comfort. Parents usually provide us with what we can find comfort on. But unlike parents, leaders challenge us to grow closer to God, holding us accountable, and help us to get the best out of us.

    • Jae Hee Suh says:

      Wow you really drew out the keys from this message! As someone who was used to walking independently as well before coming coming to NP, yes this is true~~ we need shepherds that God appoints in our lives to help us walk in clarity, accountability, and draw the gold out of us. I’m excited for you Yun Jeong! :)

  173. Because I am a baby Christian, my insecurites, old identities, lies, supressed hurts and pains can and will skew the way I view the truth. “I cannot see my own back.” That is why I need mature leaders to steward, guide, and hold me accountable. Not my family and friends. Because of the things they hold in their heart, they might hesitate to act upon it because of the comfort level we share between each other, and certain biases. My family’s primarily concern, I have to admit, is my family’s well-being and happiness, not necessarily the will of God. For example, because of negative church experiences, my family grew up isolated the spiritual community. I was taught that I should honor my Sabbath, but warned about trusting people (including church members and leaders). Yes, honoring the Sabbath was holy and correct, but advising their daughter away from intimacy and trust within the church was not something of God, but advise from parent to daughter, not Christ to Son. This is why I need leaders God called to shepard my soul, and I shall submit to it because it is a way of following my Shepard.

  174. There are a couple of really important things I learned from this sermon. First was the division of the person into the body, soul, and spirit. I had never really known what the distinction between soul and spirit was, and only understood them to be the same. But now I know that the soul is the mind, will, and emotions, while the spirit is the part of us that communes with God.

    Another thing I learned was the importance of having someone provide oversight, and that that person cannot be friends or family. This is especially relevant to me as my father is a pastor, but I have always chosen to go to another church. This was not out of anything against my father, but because I felt more comfortable with someone outside my family having that responsibility for sheparding my soul. It is reassuring to me that I am making the right choice, and helps me combat thoughts that attack me for doing so.

  175. Esther says:

    Oh my word, where to even start??! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! He became the sheep so that he could shephard us. It really hit me how Jesus had to submit himself for us. Our King! This message really made me aware of how I so easily can submit to my soul instead of the spirit. But that is why God delegated leaders who can help us- can help shephard our souls. I always saw Christian leaders in a negative light but this helped me to see that leaders are quite important too. And yes, submission goes against everything your soul is telling you, but we can choose to ignore that voice and submit to the spirit! Yes!! Hallelujah!! Because i want to hear God more; i want to follow Jesus’ example; i want to be led by the Spirit and live a Spirit-filled life!. I can do it, because he did it first!! C’mon! :))

  176. Winnie Chan Wei Ling says:

    This sermon gives me a clear view on how distinct is our body, soul and spirit. Our soul and body must be summited to the spirit to live a victorious Christian life. As our soul often time relate to our mind, will and emotion while when we borned again in Christ, we walked no longer in the ways according to the soul and flesh but we are lead by spirit.
    Through PC’s message, I realised how important for us to submit to spiritual leader that will oversight us as we can’t do that ourselves. Family and friends cannot shepherd your soul because their priority it’s our safety and comfort, not the will of God.

  177. Claire YuJin Choi says:

    Through the sermon, I learned something that I was not taught before: the important distinction between the soul and the spirit. In the past, I have had times when I was swept up by my mind, will, and emotions. Now I realize that my soul should be shepherded by Jesus and the leaders He appoints. As it was pointed out, I need other people to watch my back! One key part that stood out to me during the sermon was when Pastor Christian mentioned that when your soul is subject to your spirit, you will be able to walk in clarity and safety. I pray that I will be able to exercise this from now on and walk in the spirit of God, under the protection and leadership of NP.

  178. Jason Yoon says:

    “I cannot see my own back.” This line stuck out for me the most in this sermon. Jesus cannot be the only shepherd to guide us in our journey. We must also be guided by leader that were anointed through the Lord. Having leader gives us someone to obey, submit, and listen to as well as to keep us accountable; so that we don’t fall astray. Because of my problem with distancing myself from others and hindering myself from creating relationships with the leaders of the church and the community, I was walking a lonely road with no guidance; nothing but my own judgment. I assumed if I did things that were morally correct and justified with myself then I would be fine. However it led to me making incredibly risky and dangerous decisions in my life. I realize why we need leaders God chose to shepherd our soul. “Trust in the Lord even when your soul doesn’t understand.” was another thing I related to as I there are things I can’t understand or realize and that has been my own downfall. I needed everything to make logical sense, or have a set definitive answer. I realize that sometimes we need to let go of that logical side of ours and just simply give in to the Lord put our trust in him.

  179. Kymberly Riggins says:

    This message blessed me. I believe it is important to understand who we are are how we are created. The message on understanding that we are spirit, soul and body and how God communes with our spirit is important to the believer to understand how we are created. The fact that Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders who he appoints is why it is important to be part of a church that God has led you to. Unfortunately, not everyone goes where God leads them and they get into a situation where they are shepherded by people who take advantage of them. Like Pastor Christian said when he listed characteristics of shepherds, shepherds should be examples to the flock and eventually will give account. Therefore we should respect and esteem them very highly in love because the role of shepherding our soul is not an easy one. To me, the most powerful thing in this message was towards the end when Pastor Christian said that your body and your soul must best be subject to your spirit. If every Christian heard, received and lived this, their lives in Christ would be so victorious.

  180. Thank you PC for the sermon for making clarity of flesh, soul, spirit and the characteristic of shepherd.
    1 Peter 2:25 ‘For “you were like sheep going astray”, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.’
    I was like a sheep without Shepherd. Before accepting Christ, I was a person that doesn’t believe in anything including God. I had the mindset that I can do everything by myself without helps of other people. I was directed by my soul and flesh. I didn’t care about how other people see me but I just used to do whatever things that I think it’s right or I want to do it. So people often say that I am stubborn because of my egoism. My pre-Christian life is filled with soul-directed, flesh-directed experiences that made me an egoistic person. But everything changes after accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour. I submitted myself to the Lord as the shepherd of my soul and also the leaders who He appointed. When we are born again, we are leaded by the Spirit of God and to walk in the way of Holy Spirit. We will have the ability to communicate with God when we became Christian as our souls are awaken by God. The soul must be in submission to the spirit in order to live a victorious Christian life.
    I love the way of PC preaching about the characteristics of Shepherd as being the person who oversight us and give account. I have learned from this sermon that as a sheep who being shepherded, I need to obey and submit to the leaders who are anointed by God to shepherd my soul besides respecting and esteeming them in love. Our souls are meant to be shepherd by God-anointed people and subjected to the spirit.
    I thank you God to speak to me to this sermon that tell me the importance of being shepherded. My soul is no longer being unstable and not shepherded! Hallelujah!

  181. Amy Loi says:

    Thank you PC for this great sermon which truly speaks to me for what I am asking now.

    Proverbs 3:5-6
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, he will make straight your path.

    I was that typical sheep who had so much foolishness believing that I am alright even wolves are around me. I believed that I AM ABLE to oversight and shepherd my own soul, but no, Jesus IS the one who shepherd my soul. Again, it reminds me of ACKNOWLEDGING Him as the master of my life and also ACKNOWLEDGING the great plan that He wishes me to be participated in, be shepherded under the leader whom He appoints. I feel so thankful that He calls me not to live with orphan spirit anymore but live in sonship, led by His spirit but not my soul. I am thankful for the structure of New Philly too which keeps everyone in account, and there will no be lost sheep anymore, but the whole church moves together in the spirit of God.

  182. It is so scary to think about Satan cohabiting in our own souls…and how dangerously close he is to taking over if we choose to submit to our soul and our flesh. The body and soul have to be submitted to the spirit. To truly be a spiritual person who has the mind of Christ, our soul HAS to submit to the spirit and not be in charge over us. And in order for our soul to get out of the way, someone has to be shepherding your soul. PC stresses the importance of not only being shepherded by the spirit, but also the leaders whom God has appointed to be in our lives. There is so much blessing and covering that comes with being shepherded by leaders and pastors in the church and I am so thankful to finally experience this again after so many years of being a lost sheep. It stuck out to me when PC mention friends and family members are disqualified from being our shepherds- because friends care more about their comfort level with us and family members care more about our comforts than God’s plans. I really wish I had leaders and a church to depend on when I was in college and going through so so many changes in my life- but since I didn’t, I constantly turned to my friends and family members to give me the ANSWER!! I didn’t even fully turn to God because I felt so spiritually lost. But hallelujah, through God’s grace He brought me here!!

    Right now, it is so easy for me to submit and respect my CG leaders because I love them and feel well fed by them. When my relationship with them are good, it is easy to be shepherded. But there will definitely be times when I may not completely agree with my leaders or not get along with them. Even in these times, I have to make sure my heart is submitted to the spirit, and thus also submitted to the leaders appointed in shepherding my soul. This is something I know I will have to constantly remind myself if and when the situation comes. Leaders are put into our lives for a very specific and powerful reason. We cannot submit our soul to the spirit alone…we need our leaders to cover us and shepherd us. So grateful for NP’s leaders who have stepped up in His anointing!!

  183. Atembe Fogne says:

    For the longest time I thought “soul” and “spirit” were synonymous…I also thought it was a good thing to be “soulful” or “soulish” as PC put it, and never thought of the soul and the flesh as being connected but different from the spirit.There were so many things from this sermon that resonated with me; for one, realizing how much power our souls can have over us if we aren’t aware and discerning with our spirits, and how the soul can prevent our spirit from excelling in God’s ways. It’s so easy sometimes to make up excuses as to why we may be spiritually weak–I don’t have enough time for fitness or good nutrition, I don’t want to forgive this person yet because what they did was really wrong, I’ll just pray later once I finish this not-so-important task on Facebook, etc. We really do have dominion over all things, including our souls, and we are fully able to exercise that power with our spirits. Before coming to New Philly, I never heard of or witnessed the term “spiritual leader/mother/father/parents” the way it’s known here. The only term I ever heard was “spiritual guide,” which I’m sure is some New Age-type term and not really based in Christ. Even though most churches everywhere technically have “leaders,” those people are not always spiritually invested in you. I think this ties in with the previous sermon about intimacy in a covenant. A spiritual leader won’t necessarily be your BFF but it WILL be someone who has a responsibility towards your spiritual maturity. I think New Philly leaders are really dedicated to being true spiritual leaders and the thought of that does make me feel safe and secure.

  184. Jorie Bonham says:

    There were some really powerful points in this sermon. Even though I heard about the difference between body, soul and spirit in some of PCs other messages, it is good to here it again in the context of this message. I had never thought of people as operating from the soul. I always thought of people as naturally living by the flesh which I associated with the body. I think actually identifying the difference and realizing that I need my soul guided by church leaders was really powerful. It is a simple concept but very important. If my soul is shepherded by my CG leaders and pastors, then it will also align with my spirit. I really respect my CG leaders and pastors and have made the decision to come into full submission under them. But I know that there will be times that I may not agree with what they say. However, covering is necessary and I need to remember that when I come up against things I don’t agree with. I need to fully submit to their shepherding to really be at my best with God.

  185. Minah Kim says:

    “Soul and body must be in submission to our spirit for us to live a victorious Christian life.”
    I am so thankful for this sermon because it was difficult to distinguish the difference between soul and spirit. In the church I attended before, the words “spirit and soul” were not used separately. So sometimes it is confusing to distinguish their differences. I thought that when I did not want to, but know that I should forgive others, it was an internal battle between a right mind and a bad mind.
    Through this sermon, I realized about the clear difference between the soul and spirit. We are made up of three components with the body, soul and spirit. My soul is my mind, will and emotions. And Christians are led by the spirit not by the soul. Our body and soul hinder us from submitting to our spirit. We need a shepherd to govern our soul. PC said that “Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders whom he appoints.” It’s so true. Our friends and family are not eligible to shepherd our soul. For a long time, although they were around me, I lived a like sheep without a shepherd. Shepherding should be separated from the comfort and safety we felt from our friends and family. Now I’m so glad because I met my shepherds in NP.

  186. The days of the lone ranger are over! Amen! We are so prideful to ever think we can do this on our own. Sadly, in America the idea of independence has been so lodged into people’s brains, leaving many people wandering in no clear direction. But when someone like that is approached by counsel or advice, they become offended and their heart becomes unteachable and unwilling to listen from a leader. I think I’ve definitely had some problems with this too. Sometimes its hard to hear and accept from leaders the strong words that in actuality will lead you further into your destiny and path of life that God has planned always had in mind.

  187. Jina Yu says:

    Jesus shepherds our souls through the Godly leaders that are appointed in our life whether they are pastors, cg or sg leaders etc. Because we can’t see the back of our head or the top of our heads we need leaders to help guide us. In addition to exercising oversight and giving an account for our souls, appointed leaders are qualified where friends and family are disqualified to shepherd our souls. Because we can’t discern for ourselves and by ourselves, and our friends or family may have different agendas or a desire for maintaining comfort, we must submit to God appointed leadership in our lives in order to truly hold fast to the hope and truth that God is our shepherd.

  188. Megan Holmes says:

    I’m really glad that PC distinguished between the soul and spirit and defined them according to the Hebrew and Greek definitions because I often wondered how they differed. Knowing that the soul actually means our feelings, emotions, earthly will, etc., helps me understand this message so much more. The soul and body must be in submission to the spirit because the spirit is what we use/have to directly commune with the Father. In order to prevent our soul from overtaking parts of our spirit, we need to make sure that it is shepherded. Jesus is the shepherd of our soul, and I know that he places others in our lives to help shepherd as well.

    This message also reminded me that if our relationships with all others, including leaders, etc., are not right, respectful, and loving, and if we are not teachable with them, then that is probably a reflection of how our relationship with Father is.

    I definitely had more of the mentality that spiritually mature brothers/sisters in Christ, who we consider to be friends, are “qualified” to speak into our lives when they see that our souls need shepherding. I still feel like there are times with very mature friends when they will shepherd our souls in more informal ways (I have experienced this and vice versa), however I now understand that God does call specific leaders, elders, etc., into our lives for us to be shepherded by and that He requires us to submit to them because he has appointed them to do this. This was clarified for me through the scripture that PC read during his sermon. Thanks for clarifying this!

  189. Charles Ting says:

    Amen! Jesus is the shepherd of our soul not only at past but even now, future and eternity! God is the eternal God! Yes Lord, I submitted my flesh and soul to the spirit. As PC told that the soul and body must be in submission to our spirit for us to live in victorious life. This is the reason why I fast! Say no to my body’s and soul’s desires. I need to stop fulfill my soul’s desires and let God’s love to satisfy my soul! This sermon also reminded me that I need to submit to the leaders’ authorities in the house of God. It is because they are the anointing one by God to shepherd our soul! Amen!

  190. Ericka L. Mack-Andrew says:

    I have been really blessed by the clear distinction that was made between soul, body, and spirit. Also, how the soul was broken down into mind, will, and emotions. Understanding how these components work together (and conflict with each other) I have grown in my desire to have my body and my soul submit to my spirit. This desire has pushed me to have greater success in this fast (for NRTC) than any other fast I have attempted before. Before, my relationship with food was dependent upon my soul first and my body second. In retrospect, the amount of overeating I did due to stress really bothers me. But now, God is giving me victory and putting my being into proper order. I am very grateful!

  191. Shine Jang says:

    In the Bible, it says that all authority comes from God and every authority is placed by God. Whether you agree or disagree with your leaders, you have to honor and respect them because they were placed over you by God, and you are going against God’s authority if you don’t honor/respect. Trust in the Lord, not lean on your own understanding. We got to stay humble to receive the anointing that flows from the top down.
    I lack nothing, because Jesus is my shepherd (Psalm 23:1), and PC makes it clear that Jesus shepherds our soul through appointed leaders. I’m very thankful and grateful for all the leaders who were placed over me by God’s perfect plan and will.
    I pray that as I stay covered under this leadership, I will grow and mature in wisdom and love!

  192. Sally Kim says:

    I can summarized the sermon as this.
    Jesus is the shepherd of our soul. Soul is consisted of mind, will, and emotions.Pre-Christian life is directed by physical and soul-ish experiences. Family and friends cannot shepherd our souls. God uses human leaders in the church to shepherd our souls. Instead of shepherding our soul by ourselves, we the leaders that God has appointed will shepherd our souls.
    I am glad that I belong in a small group that shepherds my soul. But not only my Familia small group leader, there are leaders at New Philly that always prays for us. Sometimes I have relied on my friends to shepherd my soul. Whenever I had problems in my life I would seek what my answer is in my soul and then ask my friends. But now I realize that I should ask to God and to my leaders who shepherds my soul.

  193. Kyu Won Kim says:

    I am glad that now I can recognize what I am consist of : soul / spirit / body through this sermon. Couldn’t figure out what is bothering me inside for a long time even after I claimed to be a sheep of Lord.

    I got to admit I still fall back to pre-christian patterns, follow desires of flash and feel bitter against myself. Knowing listening to this sermon was not accidental, now I am desperate that God and my leaders shepherds my soul. And I hope someday that I can completely break from the evil bondage.

  194. Jessica Kim says:

    By differentiating the 3 components body, soul & spirit, this sermon helped me understand the different ways decisions are made and what it means to have my soul shepherded. I’m thankful that God’s appointed leaders/shepherds and placed them in my life. God didn’t leave me alone! Hallelujah! He’s saved me, welcomed me into His arms, and then placed shepherds in my life to help me follow Him. “Trust in the Lord. Lean not on your own understanding.” I now clearly see how this verse says to submit my soul to the spirit.

  195. Stella Lee says:

    I use to dislike the prospect of being sheperded because 1. I didn’t want to be a burden. 2. Trusting someone to sheperd you on your spiritual walk is being vulnerable to a terrifying extent and my independent mind didn’t like it. However PC is right. Of God put these leaders in my life, He put them there for a good reason. I should have faith in God by having faith in the leaders to be wise and helpful in guidance.

  196. I know that God led me to New Philly so that I can be shepherded by the leaders here. If I can’t submit to the leaders & authorities that God placed in my life, how can I submit to Jesus, who’s the ultimate shepherd of my soul? This is why it’s so important to find a local church & community that’s safe for Christians to commit in order to grow and mature. I’m really thankful that New Philly is a safe & welcoming environment.

    I learned that soul is distinct from the spirit in that soul consists of mind, will, and emotion. I was always confused about the definition of soul, but PC clarified it for me through this message.

    I was again reminded on the importance of having leaders who can properly cover me as I can’t look over myself, and they can have insight that I didn’t know about that God wanted to specifically point out through the leaders.

  197. Dani Ashcraft says:

    After trying (and failing) to walk alone for 2 years I can truly appreciate and understand the power of authority and shepherding. Through Emmaus and New Philly I was personally ministered to in this area and I’ve really come to learn that you simply need a spiritual authority in your life, for accountability, oversight, and example etc. I’m so thankful for New Philly for finally speaking this message to me and for it finally getting through. As a sidenote, I’m not sure I’ve ever really come to understand the differences between the spirit and the soul so I’m really glad this was brought to my attention. In turn, I was really blessed by what PC said about having too many affections for the world, that it will wage war in your soul. This has personally affected me and I know that I need accountability to foster my soul and spirit to have a better relationship with God. I really liked the example of not being able to watch your back or see the top of your head. I’m really grateful that New Philly understands the importance and gravity of authority and leadership in the church. I know it may be challenging at times for me to submit to my spiritual leaders but I know that when I do, I can truly be led by a spirit of sonship with God.

  198. Yeo Kyung Yang says:

    What really struck me was that “We can’t look at the top of our heads and backs by ourselves.” It’s just not possible and we often hurt ourselves by doing so. It asks us to really humble ourselves, and to fully trust in Him, but when we try to take control of everything because we are afraid of past scars, possibility of new ones, and the fear of judgement. We isolate ourselves to being shepherd by leaders because we hate feeling vulnerable. When it’s supposed to be the other way. Having a shepherd to guide us is the actual way to protect our hearts and to NOT being naked. This sermon also really made me realize on how we really need to honor our anointed leaders. It takes a lot of responsibility,love and discipline to do so. We may have times when we feel offended, we don’t feel the love , or when we just don’t agree with them, we still have to trust God for placing that leader in our lives in that season. When we submit to our leaders we are honoring God.

  199. Dennis Lee says:

    Jesus Christ is the shepherd of my soul! AMEN!
    But that is not the end of the story and this is one thing that really spoke out to me through this sermon. Jesus Christ is the shepherd of my soul, but He is not the only one who can speak truths into my life. Jesus also appoints leaders to come and speak into my life and shepherd my soul. These spiritual leaders and shepherds give me a safety that covers me and allows me to not be alone in my walk with the Lord. Another thing that really spoke out to me was the fact that family can’t be shepherds of my soul. This made me realize that although they are so loving and caring, that that same thing may be their downfall. I want to honor and respect my parents, but they are definitely looking out for my comfort and not God’s will in some of the things that they advise me to do. Although they encourage me to continue striving for God and serving the church, there are definitely times where I can see that they are caring more for my physical self than for my soul and God’s will. All in all, I think it really comes down to submission to not only Jesus, but my spiritual leaders who can shepherd me. I need to fully trust and submit to them even when I may not understand or agree with them because they are appointed by God and I need to fully trust in the Lord. Thank you PC for delivering this wonderful message!

  200. Mirae Lee says:

    Jesus, the shepherd and overseer of our souls! I didn’t realize the risk I was taking by trying to discern God’s voice for myself and by myself. Thank God for the God-appointed leaders who exercise oversight and are great examples. I learned the importance of obeying and submitting, respecting and highly esteeming our leaders who labor over us to give an account to the Lord in our place. Striving to be a truly spiritual person who has a mind of Christ, with soul subject to the spirit will be an utmost importance. God is the father of our spirits and the soul must be shepherded!

  201. Minsook Hong says:

    Comments by Hye R. Song: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. (Psalm 23 1 & 3 part). Indeed, the Lord led me to New Philly for the intimate shepherding as well as more interactive, empowering true sonship with HIM. I feel grateful for that. New Philly, coming across into my (professionally) normadic life, would be a tabernacle of moving forward with Sonship and Sheperdship. Thank you, Lord and PC!

  202. Calvin Bodiford says:

    Jesus is the good shepherd and He laid down His life for his sheep. B/c Jesus laid down His life to save me, I am his sheep and He is my Shepherd and I shall not want. Jesus is the Chief shepherd of my spirit but i agree that my soul and body need shepherding by the spirit filled and mature leaders whom God appoints over me in covenant . After listening to this last new-member sermon, other two sermons make more sense now. Submitting to the Word of God and walking in Spirit is not something I have to figure out all by myself (lone ranger) but God designed it be done with the Holy Spirit, God’s family, and spiritual authorities. But first, I have to submit to my spiritual authorities and open my heart to accept the covenant to develop godly intimate relationships.

  203. Ariel Jung says:

    I am not quite sure if I fully understand the concept that spiritual authorities are shepherds of my soul. However, I will try to submit to the leaders of NPC. This is the area I will have to continue praying about and ask for God’s grace to open my heart.

  204. Mariyah Gonzales says:

    I understand none of us can see the tops of our heads, that submission to our leaders is a tangible example of our submission to Christ. We are shepparded by Christ in the leaders he appoints. What I’m learning is that as sheep, we can be a joy to lead forward. We can bless and honour our leaders in our trust, esteem and obedience. Following and listening with our fullest attentions, with vulnerability and never from obligation but out of delight. Our desire to be led makes all of the difference. This desire fuels both the sheep and the Sheppard. It’s true submission when we desire to be led. When our spirits are in command of our souls and when our spirit is in step with appointed leaders, we will find ourselves in a place of rest.

    Thank you PC!

  205. Gina Park says:

    “Jesus is my shepherd of my soul,” “Jesus Shepherd our soul through leaders he appoints.”
    “Natural person does not accept the things of the spirit of God.” “Trust in the Lord even when you lacks understanding.”
    Being shepherd by Jesus seems like totally being against my flesh. I understand the teachings from PC, but I am not sure how I am going to push through it. But also I am very excited. Jesus is my shepherd!

  206. Christopher Ju says:

    I remember this being one of the first sermons I heard from PC and NP. I viewed my relationships with pastors, leaders, etc. in a completely different way after hearing this message. I wasn’t disobedient or irreverent to leaders, but my attitude towards these people was also not that of a son. If I really believed that God has appointed these people over me, then the correct response was to submit fully, trusting that God was teaching me to obey him by obeying those spiritual authorities he put me under. I learned to listen to, obey and serve those pastors and leaders as if I were serving Christ; in doing so God saw my faithfulness and entrusted me with more because He knew I could be obedient to his calling and instruction.

  207. This sermon addresses the significance of having leaders in our life. Jesus is the ultimate shepherd of our souls but He also uses certain appointed leaders in our lives for a reason. Leaders are in our lives to be the example and the covering that we need. I like how PC distinguishes between the soul and the spirit. The soul is made up of the mind, will, and emotions. However, the soul isn’t what should be controlling our lives. God wants my soul to be in submission to the Spirit. This is why we have leaders to help and guide us to bring our souls into submission to the Spirit. Living the Christian life without a shepherd is dangerous because not only do we not have covering, we may wander off astray, and be easy to the attacks of the enemy. However, when we have leaders that are appointed from God to watch over us, it will only draw us closer to our relationship with God. I can honestly say that if it wasn’t for certain shepherds in my life (my pastor, my mentor, Emmaus leaders, etc), I don’t know where I would be right now. God has used them mightily in my life when I felt the most broken. It’s through their words of wisdoms and truth, that have helped me see the love of the Father.

    -Lyann Trang

  208. Toko Kim says:

    I really liked what P.C said about us not being able to see the back or top of our head. So true, like in our spiritual life, if we don’t have anyone looking over us, or shepherding us, we can’t watch out for the things the devil throws at us from the top or behind and it’s so easy to get blindly hit by the enemy. But most importantly, I feel like if we don’t have a shepherd/spiritual leader shepherding us or talking into our lives, we can’t see what God is trying to do in our lives and the blessings he is trying to give us. It’s so easy to follow in our own steps and not be accountable for our actions.

    Another thing P.C said that made me be like OhhhHHH, was that to become a shepherd, God had to be a sheep first. It’s like to become a father; you have to become a son first. A lot of the times we forget that a pastor or a leader was not put into authority overnight. He/she had to be someone’s son for a long time before he/she became a father and like P.C was saying, even if we don’t understand what our spiritual leader is telling us, we still have to obey and because they have to answer to God, we have to try to understand their heart and also where they are coming from so God will give us discerning with the things we don’t understand.

  209. young rae kim says:

    Jesus shepherds your soul through the leaders that have been appointed over you. You can’t see some things in your life, but your leader will provide oversight you. They can watch your back. The second thing shepherds provide is an example for you to follow. PC pointed out that friends and families are disqualified from being shepherds of your soul. Also, parents often care too much about their children’s comfort and safety that they do not have clarity in shepherd our souls. The bible teaches that it is your spiritual authority that will have to give an account for your soul. I loved the Michael Vick story and how much a person can change as a result of submitting to a leader. Too many times our soul and mind keeps getting in the way of our spirit. We need to trust in the Lord even when it doesn’t make sense to us.

  210. Audrey Anderson says:

    This message just further reinforced some of the realizations I had from the first message. The importance of submission is often overlooked. God works in our lives through relationships. People can read the bible all day long, but if they can’t have healthy relationships with their brothers and sisters in Christ, you cannot be lead properly. There are directions in the bible that we can live by, but advice from leaders is specific to you. It’s personal, from God’s appointed leaders. If you don’t listen to that advice, you’re really going to struggle

  211. Yeakyung Kim says:

    I realized through this message that I often let my soul dominate me instead of my spirit. It really brought it home when Pastor Christian mentioned how demons looked for those who are weak-spirited in order to latch themselves onto them and control their actions. This brought to my attention to how important it is to be shepherded and protected by those who will be giving an account for you.
    I honestly was never fond of being shepherded in general. I have been stubborn about my “independency” for quite some time now. But this sermon made me think a bit more about this issue.
    I must learn to fully trust and submit to leaders… because, just like everyone else, I too need someone to watch my back.

  212. Linda Lam says:

    This was a really deep sermon. I will definitely need to listen to it again a couple more times. I was blessed by this sermon as I realized that I was like a sheep without a shepherd for a long time. I now see that my CG1 leader is someone I will need to submit to in order to have my soul brought in line with my spirit. I used to think that my friends could shepherd my soul which I have slowly seen that is not possible. As stated, friends and family want to stay within their comfort zone. I used to take pride in being an independent person but have seen how that led me to being lost and getting into trouble. My friends would never say anything to me about it but rather behind my back. I also see how this relates to being a member of the church. Membership allows intimacy, safety but also being shepherded. There is accountability to prevent backsliding and people watching out against demonic attacks as I have been in some pretty dark places in my past.

  213. Lawrence Bowlby says:

    Lone ranger Christianity doesnt work, I know from experience. There are alot of parallels between this and PJM’s sermon “don’t listen to your heart”. We need someone else to keep us accountable, and to watch out backs (shepherd us), because our hearts can deceive us. Here to be shepherded!

  214. This is a momentum that I think on who shepherds me. It is the the anointed authority. Recently, I joined a CG and was asked to consider the accountability also I had another option because the accountability is only mandatory for leaders even members can opt out. I was a little bit reluctant but I made a decision to take part in. I found out that the meaning of trust and how I respect the authority. One thing clear is that no submission to the authority means being in the dangerous area. In the boundary of shepherding, I want to stay with God’s blessing.

  215. CK Tong says:

    In this sermon, I learned about the distinction between soul/flesh-led living and spirit-led living. The soul and spirit are in a constant battle to take charge of your life and actions, but the soul, which is made up of the mind, the will, and emotions, needs to be in submission to the spirit, which is in direct communion with God, in order to live victoriously and removed from the bondage of the devil.

    In order to submit the soul to the spirit, it is necessary to submit to Jesus, your shepherd. And to do that, it is necessary to submit to the leaders that he has appointed for you. These leaders will watch over you and give you a wider perspective on the things that concern you because they can see the blind spots that you can’t. They will also serve as an example to follow and give an account of you to God up through the chain of command.

    • Judy Choi says:

      Our ability to discern whats the soul and flesh, can really help us to know how to fight. That there are battles that we have to fight in the spirit, and that our soul and flesh will be in submission to it. I love that God is a God of order. This was a very powerful message for me particularly, and I think it has a lot to do what we talked about on Sunday too huh? :)

  216. I really liked the distinction between soul and spirit. As Pastor Christian mentioned, often it is used interchangeably in a lot of circumstances so I had never thought deeply about the difference between the two. It makes a lot of sense.
    Also Pastor Christian’s point about how friends and family can’t be the ones who shepherd, I really agreed with. People who are primarily concerned with Godly perspective are so important in a person’s life. I am excited to be at New Philly in this current season of my life as mid-twenties can be a point of many decisions and difficulties. I hope and pray that I can be open to all the ways that God will lead me through the leaders God has blessed me with in this season.

  217. Before, I would not have been able to describe what is the difference between the soul and the spirit, but I’m glad pastor Christian clarified that. As born again Christians, we should be directed by the spirit of God, not by the soul and body. We need to put off the desires of the flesh and walk in the Spirit.

    One important message that I got from this was that Jesus is the shepherd of our soul THROUGH the LEADERS he appoints. I realized how important having a leader to shepherd me is. As pastor Christian says, we can’t see the top of our head, It is those who are appointed as leaders above us who are able to see and shepherd us from a place that we cannot see from, and we ought to respect and honor the leaders God appoints. The soul has to come in submission to the Spirit of God through submitting to the leaders.

  218. Oh man, there are so many things clicking and running through my mind but I will try to keep it brief. This really gave me a much deeper and compelling understanding of the concept of shepherding, which I understood to a smaller degree. I’m just glad this sermon verbalized the struggles I feel.

    I didn’t know how deep-rooted submission is or maybe what the definition of true submission is. I realized I subconsciously thought you have to protect yourself from even your leaders since they are human. Although, I never really felt I had to protect myself from my CG leaders bc even if I had a hard time believing in other things, I definitely believed they cared about me to a surprising degree so this church really has something going on. But, now I will really try to change my attitude to give them the full submission and honor they truly deserve…which goes deeper into truly believing that Jesus is my true and good shepherd.

    I always feel this struggle between my soul and my spirit fighting very strongly. There just seems so much good and bad on both sides that not being able to love the world and God is very hard for me to understand. Deeming one side as right and the other as wrong seems so black and white. Sometimes I feel that Christians condemn the world so much that they can’t really embrace what they can from it. But there was always a very strong part of me that wants to fully believe and submit to God as well. I would say I still live a soul-directed life because I honestly don’t really understand what it means to live being led by the Spirit but I want to learn.

  219. This message really got me thinking hard about the idea of Shepherding. I really loved that in the early part of the message Pastor Christian took the time to define not only the difference between a Soul and Spirit but to define the Soul as well. I can see how so many times we are lead entirely by our emotions. If we want to do something we just do it, we don’t think necessarily about what consequences it could have.

    So many times I think we all can fall under the temptation of listening to just our emotions. It is hard even as Christians to ignore our emotions and to truly listen to what is right. I think that is why it is so important to have a Shepherd in our lives. We need somebody who will help lead us onto the right path, the spiritual path. This is a battle of course that is hard if not impossible to win on our own. It was interesting to hear that friends and family can’t be the Shepherd to our soul. Pastor Christian explanation was so great on this. It is very true that family is always looking out for our safety and friends always have that little bias. I mean none of them want to lose us.

    I am very thankful for the leaders and pastors at New Philly. I can see that they are deeply connected and thanks to CG’s we have somebody their to keep us accountable. We have leaders that are appointed to help us stay on the right path. To be there if we need somebody to help us understand what is good, what is the right thing by God. Jesus is a good Shepherd and he truly does help appoint leaders to help us on our walk.

  220. Grace Ko says:

    I appreciated PC explaining the differences between body, soul and spirit.
    And the part where he said we cannot discern God’s voice for ourselves by ourselves – we cannot see the back / tops of our heads!
    The very end of the sermon was so powerful- to be reminded that in order for Jesus to shepherd us, he had to become the sheep.

  221. Young Ko says:

    Thank you PC for sharing! As high choleric temperament (ambitious/strong willed), it’s hard to bring my soul to submission in humility. It’s a good reminder that God wants to shepherd me as He knows everything (omniscience), has been there, done that (cross), is here (Immanuel), and will be (promise)

  222. We live in a time of skepticism and distrust towards authority. And this is not entirely a bad mindset, as it makes us take more responsibility for our own lives. My wife and I were born while the Soviet Union was still around and the default mindset of our previous generations was to trust authority and never question anything.

    But when it comes to Church my thoughts go to King David and his attitude towards “the LORD’s anointed”, even when Saul was abusing the power God entrusted him for good use. Every time David has the opportunity to save his life by killing his pursuer, he shows loyalty to God.

    And he said to his men, “The LORD forbid that I should do this thing to my master, the LORD’s anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the LORD.” (‭I Samuel‬ ‭24‬:‭6‬ NKJV)

    This example of loyalty towards the one God appoints, paints a sharp picture of David’s inner spiritual life, his loyalty and obedience to God. And for this reason I am in agreement with the points Pastor Christian makes and I pray God’s blessing and anointing upon him as He leads this Church.

  223. This sermon was eye-opening for me. I don’t think I have heard about the distinction between soul and spirit before, and the fact that our soul is made of mind, will and emotions. Learning this gives me a deeper understanding of how God is calling me to live my life, the way He ordered things to be. The fact that God is the Father of our spirit and that our leaders are shepherds of our soul was another revelation, as well as the realization that leaders are accountable to God for the people in their care. Once again, I am grateful for my leaders, for their oversight, example and guidance and I pray that they, in turn, are blessed with mentors.

  224. Paul Lee says:

    The sermon enlightened the understanding for spirit, soul and body. In particular, the relationship between spirit and soul is something I did not fully grasp of before listening to this sermon. The phrase that ‘a person directed by his soul cannot receive the things from the spirit of God’ challenged me the most. I believe the phrase will serve as a good motivation for my spiritual journey this year. Thanks Pastor for the wisdom and the enlightenment.

    • I look forward to your progress this year into a man who is led by the Spirit and not by your flesh, and that it would not be out of obligation but joy!

  225. Through this sermon, I learned the difference between my soul and spirit, which made me realize how my spirit had been trying to control my soul to getting into sinful desires such as receiving and wanting more than what is given. There are many things that science and studies can not explain about Christianism, not even psychology, and I feel thankful that by God’s grace I have the gift of believing.
    I also learned and noticed the boundaries I was building in my life though this membership process. It does not feel like I am trying to force myself into getting to be a better person, but I feel really joyful for how God has lead me to this place. I also respect the fact that friends and family can not shepherd my soul as my leaders will. From now on, although I can say that I already submitted my heart to God, I know there are many things for me to learn and for that I have to read the word and do and effort to build up a stronger relationship with God. I have to trust in God even when I don’t understand what is going on. For me, my first step is getting the H&D process, which I will this thrusday, I feel so excited for the freedom I will be feeling after letting go all my sufferings :)

  226. Jessie Behrman says:

    This sermon was really great to listen to after listening to “Intimacy Belongs In Covenant.” That sermon made me realize how important it is to become a member at your church and the benefits of being a member at New Philly through relationships with my leaders. This reminded me of that and not only is it important to have these leaders but how necessary it is to have these leaders shepherding our my soul.

    It was eye opening to hear that we need this in our life and to hear the difference of living by the spirit and living by the soul. Especially hearing that you are a born again Christian, but still living in a soulish way. I liked the example of how in other ways in our life we have “leaders” like our parents, coaches, advisers in school, etc. I needed all these people in my life in these areas so my walk with God should be no different, needing leaders.

    I think it can be challenging and has been difficult to not always follow your soul. As humans, and as we are born trusting our own physical body and soul; mind, will and emotions. It’s not always easy to go away from that and live by the spirit. like PC said God is the father of our spirits and Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders that he appoints. I am grateful that this is an important value at New Philly and that I have such great leaders to be there for me, support me, pray for me and advise me.

  227. Eugenia Oh says:

    It is very important to have a guide or a mentor, we need a shepherd .
    ultimately, our real shepherd is Jesus Christ, but he can’t be with us physically and he
    uses who are around us as our shepherd. I look back and I didn’t have a mentor or counsellor. I disagreed with my parents many times when they were trying to help me to become better and live a better life when I was young. I have prayed for my children since
    they were in my womb. I am still praying with my tears I think nobody can’t compare to the way I pray for my children. We should not underestimate the parents who really trust in God.
    Even though we need a shepherd and be trained by others. I often told to my children
    “If you love God, you should love your parents and obey them. If you only love and obey him without loving your parents God will be pleased. God wants us to be in harmony and God is very systematic. Church community is a family, we should establish the order of rank in Jesus Christ who is the head of church.

  228. Joen Lee says:

    I had never considered the distinction between the soul and the spirit before. The way PC underscored how the soul needs to be in submission to the spirit was a new perspective for me. It’s true. In order for the ways of the spirit to be fully and permanently established, we need to submit to God and His word. I had really only thought of Jesus Christ as “the” shepherd. This message made me realize that it is challenging to hear my shepherd’s voice…to truly discern it on my own, for myself. This in turn makes it hard to not lean on our own understanding and trust in the Lord completely. With the help of those appointed by God, it makes it possible for us to better commune with Him and have true son-ship. Essentially, it prevents us from being “lost sheep.” To be wholly led by the spirit–to be completely shepherded, we just cannot walk alone.

  229. Ruth Lee says:

    This sermon really clarified the difference between soul, flesh, and spirit. I was aware of the differences, but I guess I didn’t realize how dangerous the soul can be; in a sense that sometimes we submit to what our soul and flesh wants, not necessarily what the Holy Spirit wants for us… Which is why it’s important to have spiritual leaders shepherding our soul. In general, the idea of someone having so much control over my life was a little scary, but the reality of someone shepherding my soul is not about control, but more about direction. And for someone who makes a lot of stupid mistakes and then makes those same mistakes again, I definitely need someone shepherding my soul.

  230. Natalie Weaver says:

    I really like how these three sermons lead one right into the other. Submission to authority is not an option within our lives as Christians – not to any authority that God has placed over us, but most particularly not to the authority in His Church meant to shepherd our souls. We cannot walk through this life alone, and those that God places over us, God holds to a higher account. I had a pastor once bring this up to me a number of years ago, and I was struck again by his comments as I listened to this sermon.

    I like the reiteration of the mind, body, and soul all submitting to the Spirit of God. Christ has told us that daily we must die to ourselves, pick up our cross and follow him. It’s a reminder I need daily, and I was thankful to hear it in a different manner here

    I also was reminded of the passage in 2 Timothy 4:1-3 where Paul admonishes Timothy to preach the gospel and “shepherd the flock” because the time is coming where people will not listen to sound doctrine, but will instead gather around teachers who will tell them what it is they want to hear. I think a lot of this wandering Christian philosophy can be brought back to that, an inclination to flee from any form of reproof or rebuke, finding instead places where they can hear what they want to hear and remain unchallenged and unshepherded (I don’t actually think that’s a word).

  231. Macey Martinez says:

    Pastor Christian blew me way once again. The way he made a clear line between spirit and soul helped me a lot. The story he told of the rich man who went hell and begged to have his family saved made a lot more sense and it gave me a lot of insight on heaven and hell as well. I enjoyed that he made a clear indication that even though your spirit is with God, your body and soul can redirect you. I’ve never real realized the depth and the effect that my soul who have on me. I knew my flesh would fight my spirit but I never really thought of my soul doing that as well. It makes me realize I need to filter through my thoughts and everything before just saying its from God. I need to learn my Shepard’s voice and have it stand out. It was an amazing sermon and it was great to see each sermon goes with each other. Pastor Christian is a talent, anointed man.

  232. Diane Yoon says:

    It’s interesting how I never thought about the distinction between soul and spirit. I considered soul as the counterpart of body, because that’s how it’s portrayed in the worldly sense, but Pastor Christian grouped body and soul together and distinguished apart the spirit. That is the mindset we should have as Christians- to submit our body and soul under the guidance of the spirit in us.
    Before, I considered fellowship with fellow believers as something that’s supplemental, not crucial. I liked the idea of having a spiritual leader, but I didn’t strive to meet one. After listening to Pastor Christian’s messages however, I wonder why I didn’t realize sooner the importance of having God-appointed leaders in my life. Jesus is the shepherd of my soul. That is truth, but there’s more: Jesus shepherds us through the leaders he appoints in our lives. He speaks through them to point out the right path to us. I’m thankful that New Philly is a church that recognizes the importance of such relationships and I’m looking forward to growing deeper with God with the guidance of spiritual leaders here.

  233. Submission is challenging to everyone and especially to those from this generation. Many of us in our generation grew up by teaching that says we can do whatever we want and freedom is one of the most important virtues in life. Naturally, reluctance to submit under authority has been engraved in us over time and many Christians are also not free from this wrong concept fed by the world. However, scriptures clearly state that we must submit ourselves to leaders and upper authorities and it is not a matter of choice but command all of us must obey. Therefore, submission must come first before more practical involvement in ministry.

  234. Kate Jihae Park says:

    I love how PC clarified the difference between spirit and soul at the beginning of the message. As he mentioned, we so often use them as if they are the same, but in actuality they are different, and it helped me have a greater understanding of the message. Listening to all three sermons, it really boils down to community, where we are commited to one another, cover one another and be shepherded by leaders that God has appointed in our lives. Even though our spirit has a direct connection with God, our soul and mind, which is so prone to wander, needs to be in submission to an appointed leader, who can look at the top of our heads and backs because we can’t. Only then will we be able to have clarity and safety. I also like how PC mentioned about spiritual giftings. No matter how gifted one may be, if that person is not submitted to a leader and shepherd, they will never be able to properly nurture and grow in their gifts. I’m really excited throughout this entire connection process, and I can’t wait to become a member of this house! I am eager to grow under covering, in intimate covenant relationships and being shepherded over by a leader!!

  235. Christina Kim says:

    PC’s clear delineation on the differences between the soul and the spirit was incredibly helpful. His parallel between what we see in the different stages of human developmental psychology (babies wanting to put everything in their mouths without any caution), and how we live (as well as how we ought to live) before, and after having Christ in our lives was an eye-opener. Understanding versus knowing and truly believing is different, in that, we would choose to lead our lives in an inherently different manner than B.C. These changes would include: being able to allow yourself to be shepherded. In today’s world, we deem independence and free-will as positive characteristics to ultimately aspire to, which makes the concept of submission to anything/anyone ever more difficult. However, learning to submit is not a mere sign of weakness in the church; it is more of a loving and guiding framework in which we are discipled by God, and also by the appointed leaders who, with much discernment and wisdom, help us to propel further and deeper in our journey of faith in Christ.

  236. Crystal Smith says:

    Again, this sermon reaffirmed things that God has been teaching me – which is always exciting because it feels like affirmation that God has me where He wants me :). But, as mentioned before, submitting to authority is something I truly struggle with – and PC taught boldly about how submitting to authority is not just a nice idea – it is how God set up his Church – His Kingdom, and that there are serious consequences to a life not submitting. There is always a reason to find fault in the people that our in authority over you – but when it comes to the one who put them there – God Himself – there is no fault. The part that struck the strongest chord and challenged me the most was about “esteeming our leaders very highly in love” – my prayer is to make that a practice so often that eventually becomes my character.

    I was left with a question, though – I am curious about a husbands role in the covering and shepherding of a wife. I know PC mentioned family and friends – but considering the different kind of covenant that marriage is in and considering the scripture about wives submitting to husbands…I would love to hear PC’s thoughts on that.

  237. Paul JS Park says:

    “Christians are called to be spiritual.” That is something that I very agree with my mind, but cannot really fully understand the meaning behind it with my heart. As pastor Christian explained the distinction between the soul and the spirit, although I tried, it wasn’t really easy for me to grasp what it all meant. However, “trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” When I heard that verse during the sermon, I knew that God was speaking to me. Although I cannot fully understand what is of the spirit, God is telling me to submit to the spiritual authorities He has appointed in my life, and have my soul shepherd. Through recent experience, I have learned the hard way that I cannot shepherd my own soul. And through this sermon, I now see clearly who’re my soul’s shepherd. By submitting myself to their authority, and treating them with respect, even when my mind is doubtful, I will trust in the Lord and follow the footsteps of Christ. Thank you for pastor Christian for speaking the Word of God to me through this message.

  238. Pedro Gregorio G says:

    Since I have a huge interest in science I read a book that it’s a study of the human mind from all of the cutting-edge technologies that are merging on. Formerly I hadn’t a clear definition of what a spirit or a soul is so I just tried to omit that part but when I was confronted by myself to understand what soul and spirit stands for I realized I had no ground so It was hard for me to even believe how does this so mentioned in the bible soul and spirit function whether while we are alive or when we pass out. I had a lot of doubts our questions upon these topics, since they are also related to heaven or hell, or the spiritual world, diseases etc. and they seemed to have a form of as a person living withing us. Anyway through the book I came to realize some of that is actually happening within our brains and was interesting to compare from what it is explained scientifically in the book with what PC explained in the preach interpreting and giving the definition that appears in the scripture of these. Something that I could connect after comparing them was that the Spirit can only be activated after being born again through Jesus. Because both body and soul are very connected to a us, our physic, our integrity as human beings. Our thought that drive us to go astray because we go around without any shepherd looking out at us, or because we don’t submit to authority.All this ways and things that we desire, think our will etc in the book I read are produced in our brains, feelings, decisions, and our most primitive behavior are completely bounded and encompassed to our physical integrity. And that’s why we don’t understand to the lord since we are bounded to our own comprehension, to our own ways, desires etc. rather than being in commune through the Spirit with the Lord and being subjected to his ways.I’ll keep meditating on this preach so I can clear up more of this approaches but its been wonderful get to know how we can fully understand the mind of Jesus, and it is only through the Spirit, that we get via submission the our shepherds in Jesus Christ.

  239. I really liked the distinction between the soul and the spirit. I think this sermon really helped me understand the responsibility of the pastor for shepherding souls, but the spirit still remains separate. I thin it helps me put into place the role of priesthood for all believers but also being sheep of His flock.

  240. SpringPark says:

    This message is similar to the other ones, submit and get covering themed sermons, but this seems to more focuse on the distinctions between soul and spirit. In Hebrews, Spirit, /lua/ and Soul, /fashi?/ control mind, will, and emotion. I like he saying, the soul and body must submit to the spirit. It is present, and with the word of God we have a grid for the role of spirit in our life. It explains how leaders are shepherding our souls so that we are not living by them and our own understanding. Without them we are left to discern the voice of the spirit and the will of God for ourselves and by ourselves (to which we are incapable). Respect, honor and esteem your leaders highly in love. Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders he appoints. When your soul is shepherded, it is bought into submission to your spirit. And your spirit is taught how to submit to the Lord so that you can have communion with the him.
    I was really encouraged and motivated by this sermon. I am so thankful that New Philly offers strong leadership, and I am excited about how my relationship with God can flourish through them. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing God’s good-work throught this people whose are the full-submited of this community for God’s kingdom.

  241. Before listening to this sermon, I thought soul and spirit were just two interchangeable words for the same thing. Oh, how wrong I was. I didn’t even imagine that the soul and body were more related to each other than soul was to the spirit. Maybe I am more led by my soul than I am by the spirit of God. Since my soul includes my emotions, then that is pretty much true. Just a while back, I determined that I would listen to my gut feeling more often, b/c I missed so much when I didn’t listen to it…but maybe that’s more of the flesh talking than the Holy Spirit convicting.

    Nonbelievers using the word “spiritual” always felt odd to me. I’m so glad someone like Pastor Christian said it. We gotta redeem that word, because it’s our word.

    Overall, I’m challenged by this message. I’m guilty of not submitting, respecting, and loving my pastor to the full. I took his oversight, godly example, and accountability for granted at times. Thanks to this message, I’m definitely more aware of the necessity of shepherding.

    “Trust in the Lord even when your soul lacks understanding. Sons are led by the spirit, not by the soul.” Hoping to practice this!

  242. I thank God for this teaching. It has helped put things into perspective and shown me how I can walk victoriously as a Believer. I realize that as a human being, we comprise of spirit, soul and body and each is motivated differently. While the spirit of a born-again individual submits to God and His Word, my soul is driven by past experiences, pains and pleasures. The body on the other hand just wants gratification and often will not reason as to how it comes.I must learn to bring my soul and body under the subjection of my spirit, the place where God speaks to me, interacts with me and communes with me.
    Three significant points I took away were:
    1. Jesus is the shepherd of our souls and He desires to teach us how to walk in authority over our souls and body.
    2. Jesus shepherds our souls through the leaders he puts over us, whether it be pastors or CG leaders. Jesus appoints the leaders over his flock to shepherd Hi people through these leaders. I must learn to bring ourselves under submission to the men and women God has placed over us.
    If we are gifted and carry an anointing, all the more important for us to bring ourselves under submission and to allow godly leaders to speak into our lives. The can guide us spiritually and help us see things that we might not be able to see when we are all by ourselves.
    3. The same way we need to bring our souls and body into submission to our spirit, I must learn to bring myself under submission to those God has called to one day give an account for me.
    True son-ship reflects one who is being led by the spirit. Psalm 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding” even when your soul lacks understanding and cannot fathom the Word of God.

  243. CHOY JUN AI says:

    I admitted that I was the one who tried to shepherd by myself in the past but then I figured out that I was walking away from God. I felt so reluctant to submit to Him as I was worshiping the world as my God that time. But thank God!!! I got saved from it now :) I want to praised the Lord For He is the one who shepherds His sheeps in His steps and He knows His sheep very very well.

  244. Keith Yang says:

    I do feel that this sermon highlighted the points from the past 2 sermons, and bringing it together as a whole. And this emphasis on being under authority is telling me just how important it is. This area is an area in my life that I have been neglecting. I would evade spending time with leaders in the church not wanting them to say something in my life. If they earned my respect, I would lend an ear; but who could when I was avoiding them. I wanted to be my own shepherd. Convincing myself that this way would make more room for God’s authority not knowing I was just trying to make room for my own authority.
    I can see that God wants to remove this about me. Taking this opportunity to perform a spiritual operation and remove this cancer, this pride. It’s going to take many hands, and be painful in my part. But I trust His doctors will take care of me real well.

  245. Elbert Hayama says:

    After hearing this sermon I really felt that I was trying to shepherd myself and really didn’t want to be under any sort of authority. We are to really submit to the leaders that God appoints to us and we are to be shepherded by them. This message gave me a clearer insight on how we are to be “spiritual” with our soul and spirit as christians.

  246. Mary jung says:

    I really love how PC breaks things down so that it is really easy to understand. I had never really thought of the distinctions between spirit body and soul but his interpretation was very insightful. As he mentions in the sermon, the spirit is not truely understood by non-christians. It is not visible and works in mysterious ways. However it is undeniably part if us. If this is so, i can only but think that like most parts of our body, the more we use it, exercise it and strengthen it, the more stronger and defined it will become to us. I think that the holy spirit in us can only but lead to powerful and wonderful works that manifest God.

    Another area that touched on me during PC’s sermon was the importance of our submission to our church leaders. I think having church leaders definately helps us to grow in the right direction for christ and encourages us to build up one another, and not just focus on self. It is really through gods grace that we can even be placed into such nurturing and loving environments and i am truely glad and blessed to be part of NP community.

  247. Sarah Lee says:

    Something that really blew away my mind was that the spirit and the soul are two different things. I thought that the two could be used interchangeably but through this sermon, I have learned that they are two seperate things. The soul is conducted by our emotions and our flesh, but the spirit is led by the Holy Spirit when one becomes saved. Similar to the past two sermons, this sermon made me realize how important community is, especially leaders, in our Christian walks. Jesus is definitely the ultimate shepard of our souls, but He can use people in our lives that He has specially appointed to also renew our minds with the Truth.

  248. Brian Lee (Brian Jang Ho Lee) says:

    A very great sermon to learn! To be clear about the difference between the soul and the Spirit. I believe it also gives light about the fruit of the Spirit, that as our souls submit to the Spirit, those characters bear fruit through our actions and our life.

    The soul submits to the Spirit through us submitting to the leaders. 1 Peter 2:11-20 talks about submitting to even unjust leaders. Then how much more should we submit to the righteous leaders God has put over us? For Jesus submitted to God to an action that is the most irrational and unjust command in all history; to die on the cross, a punishment given to the worst criminals, when Jesus himself had no sin. Then how much more should we submit to our leaders. We also ought to remember that God is just and right in all his ways, and the order that he has set up in the church given to us through the Word is just and right. Through submission God shepherds the soul of his people. Then it is just and right.

  249. How are parents excluded from being shepherds in my spiritual life? For those raised in the church, have they not been the first people to share the gospel with us? Are they not the ones that raised us and shared with us biblical morals? Did not Christ use them to bring you to Him? It’s wrong to exclude them. If Christ is our shepherd, then we should make it clear that pastors, parents, teachers/role models are all people that are stewards of what belongs to Christ. I would rather have many stewards and advisers guide my spiritual walk than just one. Just because parents advice is blinded because they typically want the best for you—in terms of comfort—or because friend’s advice can overlook what’s needed in your life for their benefit, does not mean that their counsel is without merit. They can still speak into our lives. Does not God have many traits and characteristics? Is He not a creator? And a king? And a Father? And a lover? Parents may give a one-dimensional view of things, but so does every other person that you ask for counsel. Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

  250. valentina kim says:

    I was so blessed to listen the clear definition about the soul and the spirit. It reminded me that it a daily battle to be lead by the spirit instead of giving into the soul.
    I realized the importance of being shepherded by appointed leader to dominate our own will and soulish desires.
    The main ideas that I understood through the sermon are: Trust on the Lord; and submit to the leadership.
    When PC said “Sons are lead by the spirit not by the soul” made me realize how I have not been a truthful son. Because Jesus subjected himself through the cross, I realized I should follow his example.

  251. Ines Yoon says:

    I realized that I lived not only by the soul, but emotion and physical feeling. I lived on whatever I felt like doing. Since I have always been independent from many things it is defiantly hard to be held accountable and wait for Gods answers.

    For myself I haven’t had a personal encounter with God so It is hard for me to submit and trust in the plan of God. Also submiting to my leaders is an aspect that is hard because I have a hard time trusting anyone. So I hope through being a member of New Philly, I hope to be able to submit and just have complete faith in God.

  252. Looking back on my own life, I am so grateful that God has gently and lovingly brought me to a place of submission and being shepherded. I grew up in the church, got saved when I was young, but never understand how to have a relationship with Jesus or others in the church. Not the way PC has described it here. I was SO lead by my own soulish and physical desires, trying to justify them all the time, trying to change and be lead by the Spirit but constantly failing and not knowing why. I had no one shepherding my soul! I wanted help but without submission.

    Thankfully over the past few years God has placed beautiful sisters in my life to help me grow. And now that I have found New Philly, I am at a place where I can truly grow as I submit to and trust in the authority that God has placed here. Thank you LORD!

  253. Julian Cheung says:

    Interesting that the soul and spirit are not interchangeable terms – soul is the yearning of the flesh, spirit is led by the Holy Spirit.
    Leaders are appointed over you to shepherd you cannot exercise oversight for yourself.
    Being that leaders will be called to give an account, the response to them to obey and submit and respect and esteem them is logical, this isn’t always easy but it’s what God has called us to do. I will look back to this message when I do not agree with those God has placed over me.

  254. Andy Cheng says:

    I used to dislike the idea of leaders but now I like it because it is essential. Submission probably sounds like a bad idea from the start – compromising “freedom”, losing convenience…indeed the lie that we want to believe but it is still a lie. It is never the case that the moment we became christian we could easily walk victorious life lead by the spirit. Our soul still makes so much decision based on our selfish desires. I have fully experienced that and as a result come to so many sins.

    I have seen sheep in real life and have to say they are so dumb. I remember there were so many dead sheep on the side of the road on a trip into Australia – why? because they lost their shepherd. I used to think I wasn’t this dumb and it was clear that my pride was out of control. This sermon gave me additional confirmation that I need my leaders to shepherd my soul. It is not easy to say a lot of things sometimes particularly if it is sensitive and hard. The Lord is my shepherd through the leaders that he entrusted. I like how PC called the opposite “gross exaggeration”. Naturally no one wants to even care and talk about hard and uncomfortable stuff. But now I understand that the leaders do this out of God’s love and take the responsibilities to shepherd the sheep in the house.

  255. Terence Tam says:

    I’ve discerned the difference between soul and spirit from attending CG and having the best CG and active leader at NPC…In saying that submitting to leaders at the church may not come natural but through the shepherding and guidance of my CG leader I can come to terms and supplemented with this sermon to solidify the importance of submission.

  256. Michelle Park says:

    Before we become christians, we are directed by out body and souls. When we are born again, we are born again in the Holy Spirit. Spirit is the place where we can commune with God directly.
    However, we regress back to the habit of depending on soul and body, and this passions of soul/body war against the Spirit. Our soul and body must be in submission of the Spirit, otherwise our souls will become so vulnerable to the enemy’s lies and have bondage to sin.

    This sermon enlightened me how important it is to submit my soul to the Spirit. Also, it taught me that this submission is a very tangible thing. It is not just doing what I “think and feel” is right, but allowing myself to be shepherded by the leaders in God’s church. Having and following the shepherd is important because I cannot have oversight of myself. I also learned that God wants the leaders to be respected and esteemed highly with love.

    Now I am more aware of my soul vs. Spirit, and that the soul – my entire mind, emotion, and thoughts – needs to be in submission, rather than living in confusion. It is encouraging to to know that the bible says to trust in the Lord even when your soul lacks understanding.

  257. Through this sermon it gave me clarity what the soul, sprit and body are. My soul and body need to be under submission of my spirit. If we are born again there is no way we can be lead by our flesh. Our minds will then be filled by the things of the world. It will be filled with evil and lies. We need to be shepherd. God will shepherd me through the body of Christ. I love the example ‘Sheep’s can’t go by themselves’. God put people in my life that is not my family or friends to see in from the outside. They can shepherd me because they are looking from the top down into my life. They can counsel me by God’s will. If my soul is shepherd there is safety, my soul and body can’t control/rule my life.

  258. Grace Lee says:

    Prior to listening to the sermon, the title brought Psalm 23:1 to mind and I always thought the body, spirit and soul were one entity and that these 3 components were equally shepherded by the Lord. But through this sermon, I can now comprehend the 3 terms; body, spirit and soul – that the body and soul are dissociated from the spirit and that the soul must be in submission to the spirit in order to enable that connection with God.
    I truly believe that by submitting to the leaders appointed to me through CG and membership, they will provide abundant safety, guidance and covering as I continue to grow spiritually.

  259. Julia Hong says:

    Prior to this sermon, I had not realised that the spirit was separate from the soul and it made me realised that more often than not, I was a ‘soul-ish’ person. Often my decisions were made based on what I believed my ‘spirit’ discerned as right, but now with hindsight I realised that this was not the case. Rather my soul was in full control and disguised as the spirit. I’m grateful to learn that I’m not permanently trapped in this hopeless state for I am surrounded by people who can shepherd and tame my soul into obedience.

    However I’ve been guilty of undermining and refusing to submit to the church leadership due to the attitude of ‘I know myself better than anyone else’. However how can this be when I can’t even see the top of my head or my back? Although it isn’t an easy concept to swallow in a culture where we’re encouraged to take pride in self-sufficiency, I was reminded that my ability to connect with God is largely contingent on my willingness to allow God-appointed leaders to care and minister over me. Having driven past fields and seen lone sheep roam aimlessly and pitifully, it comforts me to know that as I develop closer intimacy with my CG leaders and pastor, I don’t have be lost like them anymore.

  260. David Chong says:

    I liked how PC broke it down into 3 components – body, spirit and soul. When I look back at the seasons of my life in which I struggled abundantly with the desires of my body and soul, I recall placing a lot blame on God – the usual ‘God why are you letting this happen to me’. And whilst I acknowledge that God has allowed trials in my life so that I would be refined, I guess somewhere along the way I forgot that there are spiritual forces of darkness in this world that would seek to tear me down. I was very much sobered when I PC was talking about Jesus being the ultimate shepherd of our soul, but Jesus also shepherding our souls through leaders that he appoints. As I examined my own relationship with my past spiritual leaders, I came to the realisation that I neither sought nor allowed any such shepherding to happen.

    The mind of Christ is something I would always pray for, but I neglected to go through the process of having my soul shepherded by spiritual authority so that my body and soul would be made subject to my spirit.

    Finally, when I would look at people in church that I perceived to be spiritually mature, I didn’t once stop to think that they also needed to have their souls shepherded. It was encouraging to me to come to the realisation that I had not gone through difficult seasons merely because I was less mature in my faith, but also because I had not allowed Jesus to be the shepherd of my soul.

  261. Michelle Na-Hee Hwang says:

    I found PC’s clarification that your friends and family are not divinely appointed shepherds of your soul & that you cannot shepherd your own soul, very enlightening. Prior to this sermon, I did not struggle with submission – I often embraced advice or guidance and simply was self-discerning in what advice I did and did not take on board.

    I was open to shepherding from all my friends and family. Always trusting that they had my best interests at heart, I kept an open mind and heart to everything that they spoke into my life. The only discernment I exercised on this was my own. I would balance out what my friends and family spoke into my life with my own judgment call and my personal opinions and beliefs. So essentially, I was letting my friends and family speak into my soul and then I let my own mind body and will shepherd itself.

    However I was really convicted by PC reminding us that ‘we can not see our backs or the top of our heads’ and the conflicting interests and views of our friends and family. I always acknowledged the need for a shepherd but this message truly convicted me on the need for a
    leader through whom God works and exercises his jurisdiction.

  262. Ashleigh Kwak says:

    I think this sermon was a very good reminder of where spiritual authority should lie. It does not lie with our family or friends (though they may speak out of best intentions). But it lies with the Keeper and Shepherd of my soul, Jesus, and those who He has appointed.

    This sermon not only challenged me as a follower, but also as someone who has led others in church community. Before New Philly I was a CG leader, Praise team leader and had the responsibility of guiding other members. This sermon opened my eyes to that fact that as much as we are called to follow, leaders have an enormous responsibility to lead well. And to always be spiritually aware and healthy, so that they can sow into other people’s lives to reap good fruit. Unfortunately, I have seen different cases where leaders have not lived up to this call to lead well, and have in fact destroyed individual lives and also communities.

    This sermon calls members of the church to submit and follow leaders who are shepherds of their souls, but I also see it as an enormous task and challenge posted to the leaders who have been called as the shepherds.

  263. Aaron Colquhoun says:

    Jesus is the Shepherd of our Soul, Jesus shepherds our Soul’s through leaders He appoints. Don’t be a sheep without a shepherd, don’t try to discern God’s will and plans for your life solely by yourself. I can not exercise oversight for myself. I love Pastor Christians analogy that “I can see the top of my head”, it puts it into perspective about how important leaders, Spiritual Leaders, are. Shepherds are examples to the flock.We need to put away our fleshly desires our “Soulish” ways, and submit to a Spiritual leaders.

    Pastor Christian’s sermon really speaks to me and reminds me of the importance of submitting to our Church leaders, our Spiritual leaders. In my past I’ve had trouble submitting to Christian leaders, but they helped my to overcome my rebelling, and they continued to shepherd me. Rebelling against our spiritual leaders will render us alone.

  264. Jane Kim says:

    We often easily declare that Jesus is the shepherd of our soul without realising what this actually entails. I learnt from this sermon this means to allow God-appointed leaders to also shepherd our soul. If I am not in submission to these leaders then I am not submission to Christ. I cannot see my own back, the top of my own head. I need others to watch my back and see the top. My leader will shepherd my soul to bring it into submission to the word of God, help subject my soul to my spirit which is the place in which I commune with God.

  265. Yoon Han says:

    This sermon was quite critical to me as I did always feel like a sheep without a shepard. I’ve always seeked to look up to people that I had respect for, not for my soul but just as an example. However, when I looked into their lives, I lost respect for some of them because I realised that people aren’t perfect and also because they couldn’t have oversight over me as it wasn’t personal. When I was told that Jesus was perfect and was a personal God, it turned my focus to Him and try seek Him as a role model and someone to look up to. I think I need to learn more to let Jesus to be the Shepard of my soul because I’ve always made decisions by myself and live with my own views and beliefs on life. I will need to respect my leaders who can have oversight over me and trust them to guide me to the right direction and watch my back.

  266. PCs sermon on Shepherd of our soul really spoke to me in regards to submission and commitment to the convenant. It made me understand that the leaders of our church are the ones that should Shepherd us spiritually and that familes nor friends can. It clicks also with NP’s “Annointing fron the top down”. It was also intersting to hear about how our souls is the one that leads us when we’re younger but then it develops into flesh and selfish ways.

  267. I have realised over the months that NP has a strong leadership structure and culture. I saw this first during my first few weeks of CG last year when I was very closed and fearful of being misunderstood. I was definitely a loss wild sheep. I am grateful to my CG leaders for watching my back. Having leaders who watch my back strengthens and teaches how to live more by the spirit and it has reminded me about the dangers of living my life in the old ways, the ways of my soul.

  268. Tri Thanh Nguyen says:

    “Jesus shepherds our souls through the leaders he appoints. Jesus has appointed people to shepherd our souls. True test of our relationship with Christ, is reflected with our relationship with the leaders he has placed in our lives. We need other people to watch our back. If I am trying to discern God’s voice for myself and by myself, I am in trouble.” Wow, that’s really good to hear.
    Spiritual authorities are to give an account for our souls. I am to respect my leaders. We are to respect our leaders. And also to esteem them very highly in love those who are called to shepherd our souls.
    I want to become that person of 1 Cor 2:15, thus my soul needs to get out of the way. I need and have people here at New Philly to shepherd my soul. When the spirit is in charge and leading the way, our spirits are able to commune with God and able to walk in clarity and safety. Only found in submission. God is the father of our spirits.
    Wow, this is starting to make sense to me! -How our souls need shepherding. In doing this, our spirits can have greater communion with God!! 😀
    Reminder for me: Trust in the Lord, even when my soul lacks understanding. Submit to leaders. It all points back to Jesus, the chief shepherd of our souls.
    The days of gifted lone ranger Christianity is over. Amen.

  269. Rebecca Kim says:

    Firstly this sermon made me think about the distinction between the spirit and the soul. Introducing the concept of being soulish. I think I need to definitely keep reading on this subject and well as relisten to the sermon to try and fully understand this. Further I was able to recognise that to establish whether you are in being truly shepherded by Jesus we need to examine whether we are in submission to spiritual leader that God has annointed to shepards your soul. I feel I have had troubles with submitting to leaders within the church, putting fleshly priorities above obedience. This portraying the fact that I lacked shepherding by Jesus in my life journey. I now realise being in New Philly how dangerous it can be to not be under the covering of Godly leaders he appoints. It is just too easy to stray away or be a Sunday christian without this constant covering. It only makes sense that we need this covering, just like we need covering in our jobs/schooling etc.

  270. While I listened to this sermon, the direct correlation between having no shepherd and being spiritually dry became so clear. I thought back to my days in high school and how our youth pastor shepherded/covered us and thinking back, it had such a positive impact on my spiritual growth. Then came university, where I thought I’d be able to grow spiritually on my own (SO foolish), which eventually snowballed into falling further and further away from God.

    Becoming a part of this covenant community (NP) has taught me the importance of spiritual covering as well as the value (from a biblical point of view) of submitting to leaders within the church.

  271. Brian Lee says:

    I was blessed and again convicted by this word in discovering i do not have many people that are Shepherding my soul. I have moved around a lot due to my work but even in those times i did not fully submit/commit to church leadership. I had to repent of it, i always knew i needed godly leadership but i guess it wasnt what i thought it would be.

  272. Greg Salvo says:

    “Jesus shepherds our souls through leaders he appoints.” In college, at a top secular university, I was steeped in the idea that if I didn’t like something I could change it. If I didn’t like my gender, I could change it, if I didn’t like my sexual orientation I can change that too. If I didn’t like the authorities in my life that said I couldn’t live the way I wanted to, I could rebel against those authorities too. Every ounce of authority and personal discomfort was held in the balance of my own choice and held up to be fixed. Our culture teaches us that we can have oversight for ourselves. We can decide. I was taught this for 3 years while I was at university.

    1 Peter 5. I had no idea that was in the bible. I have been a bit bitter towards the church in general because of the large lack of community found in Christianity today. I have longed for that community, start attending a church for some time and realize again that I have still not found the intimacy I am looking for.
    Hebrews 13:7. I see the fruit of others who have submitted to leadership for years on end and I want to see that come to pass in my own life as well.
    1 Thes. 5:12 – that someone should be over me in the Lord?! Wow, I have been living in so much disobedience in the area of letting church leaders have authority in my life. I have to repent of choosing the orphan spirit, and not allowing adoption. The reason why our culture has pursued life coaching and counseling in mass is because church’s have failed in this area. This is the area that I have been angry towards the church. Iv’e been angry because I think the church has lost the great commission to make disciples but I never realized that in order for me to really walk out a life of a student of Christ I need to submit to teachers. I need to put some money up front and purchase that class and commit to going to class everyday.

  273. Benjamin Wong says:

    Jesus is the shepherd of our soul.
    Our existence is made up of three components; the body, spirit, and the soul. In the world we live in now, we are accustomed to fulfilling the desires of our body and soul. We have to bring our body and soul into submission to our spirit in order to walk in the light of the Lord.

    This sermon was especially noteworthy for me, the temptations of the world we live in today is ever more present than ever before, the standard of ethics and morals are being lowered day by day. We need the spirit to guide our body and soul as we live day by day.

    “Jesus shepherds our souls through leaders he appoints”
    By becoming a member of a local church, we gain access to these leaders; we are able to have someone who can shepherd our soul in our daily lives, we have someone who can speak into our lives, we have the accountability where we have to be accountable for our actions, we have sonship, when we struggle with the desires of the body and soul we have access to the covering that is provided by the spirit.

    This shepherding and covering can only be accessed by submitting to our leaders of our church, at times where one cannot handle struggles alone, there is access to our spirits shepherd.

  274. Jessica Jin says:

    This message educated me on the difference between the spirit and the soul and the very real struggles of the flesh. “The passions of the flesh war against your soul.” This really hit me hard as I feel like I struggle in my Christian walk due to my worldly wants.

    I need to learn what it means to submit to my Church leaders and allow the right people to shepherd me.

  275. Young Cho says:

    This sermon really reassured me that I was in the right place. I was going through some tough times around the end of last year and I don’t usually like to talk about my struggles with anyone, not even my family members. But as I committed myself to attend NP and CG, I really felt like my soul was being protected and being led in the right direction to get closer with God and getting to truly know Jesus. Being part of the NP community has really made me understand that vulnerability is a good thing. There were so many times in my life where I backslid from my spiritual walk and I now know that I went through this because I tried to control my own life and didn’t let anyone shepherd my body and soul. It was only during NP sydney retreat prayer session, when I realised that it was such a blessing to have leaders, pastors and members of the community to be praying for me and the church. I’m ever so grateful that I’m doing life together with this community and feel really safe to know that someone is shepherding my soul.

  276. Yong Chan Kim says:

    For all these years, I was never able to open up to anyone about my personal struggles. I have tried to practice my faith alone and I never shared or talked about it anyone else around me. But in the last few months of attending NP Sydney, I have realised that Jesus indeed shepherd our souls through leaders he appoints. NP members and CG leaders have allowed me to share my deepest struggles with ease and they helped me to overcome them one by one. Now, I feel and find comfort in confiding my concerns or struggles in my NP leaders and members.

  277. Danny Fung says:

    In this day and age it is so tempting to give into the earthly pleasures and be led by our body and soul. It is important that we do not go back to our old patterns and habits after we receive Christ. We need to break the experiences and patterns of our pre Christian lives so we are led by the spirit of God.

    My soul needs shepherding through my walk with Christ. True son ship resembles a person who is led by the spirit not by the soul. We need to trust in the lord and let Him shepherd our soul. PC shepherds the leaders and the leaders shepherds the house. We need to be under covering so we can submit and let leader shepherd our souls and be in community so we are accountable for our actions.

  278. Heather Smith says:

    Wow, wow, wow I cannot express enough how grateful I am for this teaching! “The sould must be in submission to our spirit for us to live a victorious christian life” Amen, and let it be so even more in my own walk. I also really needed to be reminded about the essential importance of literal spiritual leaders through the church to oversee me in my decision-making and in my processs with Christ here on earth. If I say I am shepherded by Christ, that necesitates my submission to my spiritual authorities here. And that is actually such a relief. I have tried to find His guidance on my own, and the voices of my own soul and also the unfounded motives of friends and family have often led me into a lot of confusion. I am so excited about and blessed by the truth of being shepherded by spiritual authorities.

  279. Grace Choi says:

    Loving the world and loving God at the same time is something that the Bible clearly states as impossible. This is a struggle that a lot of Christians face – trying to balance pleasing the world and pleasing God. This sermon revealed to me that God is a jealous God who desires my full submission and affection. To accept the Spirit of God means to let go of the worldly temptations and temporary satisfaction willingly.

  280. Jin Kim says:

    I love how PC states that the soul must be in submission to our spirit for us to live a victorious christian life! I tend to make a lot of decisions based on my emotions a lot. It really highlighted that I need to live my life based on the Spirit and not directed by my soul. Sons are led by the Spirit of God, not by the soul so I need to subject my soul to the Spirit.
    Through this sermon, I also realized how important it is to be in submission under my spiritual authority because they are the ones who will be shepherding me in my walk, even under face of disagreements. :)

    • Jin, recognising the need for spiritual covering and spiritual discernment is a huge step that a lot of christians miss in their life. Your maturity will grow exponentially as you put your strength in the spirit rather than your soul!

  281. soojiskyekim says:

    I have been hurt previously when I had shared my personal struggle with a leader at church. Since then, it became difficult for me to open up my and was no longer able to trust leaders at church. Despite I wanted to share with someone to gain wisdom, ease the burden and grow in a deeper relationship, I have pulled myself away. Walking alone in walk of faith became very difficult and lonely, I decided to leave that church. I felt like a lost sheep needing shepherding in my walk with God, and through this sermon I was comforted in knowing that I am in the right place. I feel the need for this covering, submission and trust in my life. Although I am still not fully able to open up myself, I look forward to growing intimate friendships at NP and with God.

  282. Deborah Kang says:

    This sermon explained so much why I had suffered from the same patterns of immaturity and difficulties in my spiritual walk. The answer, as the sermon highlights, is because I often went without a shepherd. Too much time I would operate from my soul and did not depend on the spirit of God enough. This sermon truly summed up what needs to take place as a next step in my spiritual journey: my soul needs to be in submission to a spiritual leader and to the church. There may be challenges but I am committed to do accordingly in order to have the mind of Christ and to live as a spiritual man.

  283. Dae Kyung Jung(Cole Jung) says:

    Until 2 years ago, I can calculate and set up my life. At that time, I think human body is same to machine. And economy and science can settle down all problems of life. Even money can buy what it is (including love and my future wife) I was a very slave of capitalism society. I don’t concern about invisible things(like soul sorry) But after coming to this church, I can see the human life,differently. Through the continuing church life, I want to know about what is the right direction. The best thing I could learn this church is being positive about the world. My soul is being saved from god. Amen.

  284. Christian Loro says:

    This sermon really pointed out a lot of things for me. Especially about someone to really speak life and call me out when it needs to be done. As much as I love my friends and I love my family for their support and their love, they only want what’s best and they can’t be the one to call me out when it needs to be done. Looking back, I’ve realized that. Even myself towards my friends. I’ve never had the courage to really say something constructive or negative because I was fearful that it would affect our friendship and make things awkward. But having a spiritual authority like a CG leader or a pastor to speak life and WOEs (Words of Encouragement) makes be so covered and blessed that my spirit will be heading towards the right direction.

    • Its important that a Christian community can feel free to speak the truth in love! I hope that we can all do that for each other, not just the CG leaders.

  285. Jenny Han

    Ohmygoodness I had written everything but I pressed the wrong button and 다 날아갔어, 내가 쓴것. Just this past Sunday when I was biking to church, my thoughts started twirling back to the past couple of months. I felt so alone – like I could disappear from the earth and no one would notice for at least a few days/weeks/months/who knows. My heart had been fluttering so restlessly, even moreso once I stepped foot in Korea. I let my mind reel back into the present – back into the facts: I am attending New Philly, part of a powerfully intimate community group, in the immediate vicinity and care of my dad, grandma, grandpa, and family members. Dwelling on these facts, dwelling on the fact that I am not only watched by a 성실한 ever-so-present God but also fellow siblings in His family… What used to be so restless inside my chest finally inhaled and said, “WHEW. Finally I can say, that I am safe.” It was overwhelming, this feeling of safe, as I pedaled along the river that morning. Large, warm, cozy blanket that nestled around me.

    I mean, I don’t completely agree with everything my community group leader says. I take everything with a grain of salt. I realized however, the only reason I cannot mindlessly swallow everything she says/teaches is that her words are not sugarcoated. Everytime I chew on a teaching, my brain puckers into this scrunchy face trying to gracefully consume a raw lemon. Much different from the conversations I have with my grandparents – caramelized toffee crunches of, “괜찮아, 괜찮아” “편하게 하고싶은걸 하라” “너무 애쓰지마.” Even in the face of something blatantly in need of truth injection, they flee out of panicked love.
    Needless to say, I am so grateful and lucky for family like them; I’m glad though, that they are not appointed to ‘shepherd’ my soul. Otherwise I’d be one big, lazy, immobile sheep.

    Pastor Christian’s words are making me seriously consider fasting. If we practice the art of what Paul calls “resisting the desires of our flesh,” there must be something underneath the haste of our scrambling to respond to a grumbling stomach. I want to know what that is. My conversations with my dad mostly revolve around the best ways to prepare a mackerel or what to feed Dango, my cat. I can only imagine (but not really) a conversation that is earthly-naked.

    As I am writing this, I feel so free. Free to frolick, explore, mess up in my attempts to chase what psychology cannot explain. I am no longer allowed to recede back into the deep, rotting corner that I was squished into a couple months ago. I feel a strong grip – TANGIBLY – on my shoulders. A grip that absolutely refuses to let me slide back. Autumn is when the salmon around the world (worldly salmon ahaha) choose to muscle their tails against the stream, back home – where they first began. God has brought me too far. It’s not worth it to flop over and let the stream carry me back to might-as-well-kebab-me-now. I’m right there with you, salmon! Time to stubbornly/stupidly fight.

  286. Jenny Shi says:

    What a lovely msg!! “amem”
    Speaking of the greek word of “soul,” which means psychology in eng. Since I was young I got a fantasy dream in meeting my “soulmate” and so many american movies talk alot about soulmate and the definition of soulmate, they just gave us a bad example and misunderstanding of “soul mate.” I believe most of the christians wasted a lot of time on waiting or searching their the one- “soulmate.” Does soulmate ever exist i wonder?( from my research and knowledged so far, it doesn’t exist in bible) just because this person is able to read your mind; knows what to you need and in someway you could meet his or her needs too( which is based on a psychologically thinking). If you never let go and give your life; lay the future to God, you cant really hear his voice and his work on you. Because everything He is telling you will be filtrated by Satan or your own thinking. Once upon a time, I have been prayed for my connection with God, I wanted to know more about Him but I just can’t hear His voice. Ofcourse I can’t hear by that time, cause I didn’t truly let go and ask Him to control my life. I just planed my future career, study and marriage on my own way. I prayed for the work prayed for the marriage but I never let Him lead my soul! God knows everything, He doesn’t control you or force you to follow his plan for you. As his daughter, He give you the authority to choose wether accept or not let him become your shepherd and direct our life on earth and in heaven, that is the true Love of Him as a father.

  287. Jennifer Kim says:

    I learned that we all operate on mind, will and soul. Non-Christians are soul-directed and flesh-directed. Without the word of God, we tend to go back to our old patterns.
    This sermon pointed out what I was exactly going through in the past and some of my own weaknesses, such as forgiveness from trauma and negative experiences. I’ve become desensitized, and as I’ve dealt with emotional distress, it was extremely difficult for my heart to remain in peace. I didn’t know what to do, although my friends, family, and counselors would tell me to just channel my anger down and move on. I felt that it was never the right answer because moving on is not just simple like that. I tried to look up ways to get over anxiety, but those recommendations never worked. Reading the Bible and praying did encourage me, but it was just not enough since I didn’t have proper Christian leaders in my life. I was still angry, and the anger just created bigger problems in my life- and looking back, I agree that this was all devil’s work. I totally agree that we need Church Leaders to guide and check in with us into the right direction of healing. I agree that it’s all rooted in the spiritual realm in order to heal. I wish I could have been at New Philly earlier for guidance, because it was extremely difficult figuring out what to do by myself, and not having others to relate to. Listening PC’s sermon has blessed me and has comforted me in that our soul needs to be shepherded.

  288. This message really spoke to me. Unfortunately for me, all throughout my churchgoing life I never really had the opportunity or situation to really be led and shepherded by church leaders, but listening to this sermon really makes me realize that it’s a really important thing for my spiritual walk. If I am to grow spiritually at all, I need a godly leader to guide and lead me towards growth and healing. Also I realize that I need to be more aware of whether my actions are soul-directed or spirit-directed. Sometimes it is really difficult for the soul to be in submission to the spirit. I’m just really glad and thankful that throughout these struggles, God is always with us and is urging and helping us to do what is right, even in difficult situations.

  289. Tina Chen says:

    Before New Philly, I thought being an adult means I’m pretty much on my own – I’m responsible for my decision, my emotion, my struggling and so on. Growing up, I’ve seen and have been taught that you don’t tell your “bad news” to your family, especially your parents, because it will only worry them. And like PC said, “Friends and family are disqualified for shepherding our souls because their primary concern is not the will of God but our comfort.” And this is also why God puts spiritual authorities (our pastors, leaders and mentors) in our lives so that they can exercise oversight over us and shepherd us.

  290. Daeyoung Kim says:

    I appreciate pastor’s sharp word and his insight. For the past 19 years I have been shepherded by my dad, who is the pastor of my home church, and although pastor urged against having parents as Shepherds, my father had the will that I grow up good, rather than just comfortable and happy. Coming to Korea, and to NP, seeing the structure of leadership, I feel comfortable and even exctied to be shepherded by my small group leader during this season.

  291. Christina Yoon says:

    I think listening to this sermon challenged me. Yes, I am saved, but, honestly, I have never submitted to anyone in my life fully. I have never let any pastors or spiritual authorities to speak into my life. I always had my agreements and disagreements. I am very strong-opinionated. Listening to this sermon, it was a more than a challenge. It was calling for me to change ultimate course of actions that I have taken these past 23 years. I am a bit awe-struck and perplexed as in what to do. I do not know how submission looks like nor what the future, or the reward for the submission looks like. I think that’s what hinders me and makes me fear of a submission. Honestly, this sermon shed light on where I am having troubles in my walk with God.

    • Wow! It seems like the words being preached from this house are really challenging you in many areas. Christina, you will experience greater levels of freedom, intimacy with God and others, and clarity as you submit to the Word of God. There is no area of your life and heart that will not be touched by the effects of the Bible, it is a living and active word that pierces our hearts and divides and cuts and exposes! Ultimately, it sets us free if we heed it. I am proud of you for being so vulnerable and open to the Lord and to your leaders. : )

  292. Stella Kim says:

    It was indeed a powerful message! PC mentioned one of my favorite verses, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” I pray that I will submit, obey, and respect the leaders that God has entrusted to shepherd my soul. Amen~!

  293. Paul Lee says:

    A friend of mine who is a christian said to me once, “Don’t pray by your soul, but by your spirit”. At that time, I had no idea what he was saying until I heard this sermon. However, it is still in a theoretical level that I understand the difference between soul and spirit, as we use those terms mostly interchangeably. But I think it makes more sense if we understand the term “soul” as something relating to our flesh and our sinful nature, and I think Pastor Christian was explaining the concept of soul in that kind of perspective.

    Anyways, the core of the sermon was that you’ve got to have leaders shepherding your soul. And hearing the Pastor;s sermon, I thought how vulnerable each and everyone of us are without any form of covering. In this sense, my life has certainly been a wild one, since I wasn’t committed to a local church fully, and I certainly had no desire to submit to anyone, with all my strong personality.

    This sermon, and with all the experiences I had with Christianity, helped me to realize the fact that being watched and covered by people in authority and trusting them is crucial to walking with God. Although Jesus is ultimately the true shepherd and overseer of our souls, this can be only fulfilled by submission to the authority at the church and its members. Although my flesh wants to resist this fact even as I write, I know inside of me that denying that fact would denying the nature and order in which God works and eventually, his Grace.

  294. Emily Pack says:

    There was so much goodness in this message, I’m not sure where to start! I often hear the words soul and spirit interchanged. I learned that our soul is our mind, our will, and our emotions. Our spirit is how we commune with God after we enter a relationship with Him. It’s important to realize the difference, as I also learned that our soul’s need to be in submission to our spirit if we want to truly have the mind of Christ.

    I learned about the distinction between shepherd of a soul and shepherd of a spirit. I found this distinction fascinating and important. Praise God He didn’t leave us to shepherd our own souls. That would be an obvious disaster! I love the concept of Jesus being the shepherd of both our souls and spirits, but that He shepherds our soul through leaders he appoints. I also appreciated that PC noted that friends and family are disqualified from shepherding our souls. So true: friend’s aren’t always willing to speak complete truth, even if it’s vital for your betterment. You’ve got to have those leaders you can be submitted to who will challenge you, help you grow, and love you in truth.

    This message 1) convicted me. Ohhh man, I struggle with submitting my soul to my spirit. I was encouraged and challenged when PC talked about fasting as a way to make this happen. When we can deny our soulish desires and be in real communion with Christ, have the mind of Christ, pray what’s on God’s heart- That is when we grow. That is when we learn. That is when we become who Christ made us to be. That is truly living. But I fully admit that as a human with soulish desires, this is difficult to do. So, 2) this message made me grateful for the spiritual leaders in my life. Particularly my CG leaders. I have only been at NP for a few months, but already, they have sought to shepherd my soul and speak truth over me. I’m encouraged by the way I see them shepherding others souls and submitting to the shepherding of their own souls through their spiritual leaders.

  295. Sharon Park says:

    Apart from my mom and dad, my soul hasn’t been shepherded (?) before. Because our family moved around alot, we never set root anywhere. So if I had struggles, problems, or questions I gradually decided to take it upon myself to figure it out. To reason with the situation with logic and prayer. PC’s sermon made me realize that even though I didn’t have a spiritual leader, it was dangerous of me to come to a conclusion on my own. PC said that your relationship with Christ can be seen through your relationships with your small group leaders or pastors. Until now all my relationships with leaders and pastors were fleeting ones. Looking at it now, my relationship with Christ isn’t as strong as it should be.

  296. Gloria Lee says:

    Having someone separate from your friends and family shepherd your soul is important. Like PC said in his sermon, you cannot see the back or top of your head on your own. The people around you can see it and tell you, but they will all offer different answers. And some may add icing on the cake and not deliver the news you’re going bald. As much as my family and friends can help me to a certain extent when it comes to my spiritual growth, I need someone who is solely interested in my spirit’s well-being. All three of the sermons have made me think more and be more intentional about the things that I do.

  297. Kayla Vezeau says:

    This message was powerful yet again! Sometimes it’s easy to forget why it’s important to be in a place of submission. PC has been making it very clear throughout these messages the importance of covering. I have been trying to make it more of a practice to seek counsel from spiritual leaders and godly people in my life. As PC mentioned, Jesus shepherds our souls through the pastor and small group leaders he appoints. Thank you for teaching us and helping us to be connected well in this NP community. I’m looking forward to all that is to come in the future!!

  298. Somyoung Choi says:

    Everyone needs shepherding. But I think it’s hard for me to wholeheartedly receive shepherding and be vulnerable because I know that even leaders are only human, and they have their ups and downs, and everyone is just too busy to really care about one another at a deeper level. I think thats the reason that I tend to act like I’m fine, because I don’t want to waste someone else’s time by burdening them with my troubles when they might not even genuinely care. However, I understand that it’s not the person that shepherds, but its Jesus that shepherds through them and It’s his anointing, and his authority that flows through them. I feel safe and blessed that I have leaders to help me with my spiritual walk, and through being shepherded, I really hope my capacity to love will grow also, and that the love overflows so that I may be used to shepherd others in the future.

  299. Max Park says:

    All this time, I have been trying to resolve my problems on my own. I tried to stay away from the sins that I have been committing but always failed. Because of this sermon, I now realized why I was not able to do it. I completely neglected God as my shepherd to guide me and tried to not commit sins without his help. It is impossible for me alone to fight sins without the guidance from God. To escape such sins, I learned that I must submit to God and the leaders he sent to shepherd my soul.

  300. This message was really interesting. I thought that PC has a lot of great insight about the importance of submitting to leaders that God has placed in our lives and keeping our submission to them as an act of discipline to Christ. I like the way that he presents the ladder that is put into place for everyone in the Church to receive a covering and receive accountability and mentoring through Church leadership.

  301. I guess PC made it clear that how important being under the covering of spiritual leaders. And soul must be in submission to the spirit.
    I still go back to physical body’s way and sometimes I didn’t even realize it that put me in the unsafety until God brought me back through spiritual leaders. If I didn’t have spiritual leaders in my previous life, I would have stuck in that pattern to regress. Because that’s all that I’ve known on how to live a life.
    And also what stood out me is friends or family members are disqualified to shepherd my soul. They don’t have clarity and oversight over me. It’s so true that parents focused on my health and safety and friends may put a word in a comfort level of our relationship. This is why I am excited to have new spiritual leaders appointed by God in New philly. I’m so honor to submit to the leaders of this house that they can shepherd my soul.

  302. Clive Poh says:

    I thank God for such a important and convicting message. It speak right into the areas where I do not want to anyone to shepherd. It tears down my pride, it tears the lies of a self-shepherding Christian.
    Verses that I thought I knew have seems so NEW again – establishing its power and truth in me.

    The last part of the sermon have sealed in the message and bring forth conviction. Our Lord Jesus has become the sheep – bowed to the Father’s will – make its way to be slaughtered on the Cross. Just so to make it POSSIBLE for himself to become our Chief Shepherd and Overseer of my soul. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. ” Lord I do not understand many things but one thing I do is that – you love me till death. I love you Jesus. I will be a good sheep to the shepherd whom God has assigned. Amen.

  303. Natalie Weaver says:

    I was again really blessed, each of these sermons building up to the next. Shepherding- I really have always liked that metaphor in the Bible and the picture it evokes of so many aspects of that role – protection, nurture and care, guidance, and provision. As the Shepherd of my soul, Christ is going to protect me, nurture and care for me, guide me, and provide for me through the leaders he places over me in my life. I can rest in the trust I have in Him as I submit to those leaders and that authority.

    The importance of having the person God has placed in my life there to shepherd my soul, to be held accountable for that, is something I’ve in recent time really come to appreciate and respect. Still it’s really good to continually hear. It is also something that gives me quite a bit of comfort despite that little part of myself that wants to rebel from time to time. I really appreciate and respect New Philly’s standing strong on this view.

  304. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    “Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders He appoints.”

    I felt both blessed and convicted through the entire message; blessed because I have been placed under anointed, powerful leaders and convicted because I have been trying to discern God’s voice for myself, by myself. I understand now that full submission of the soul-ish and physical body ways to the spirit is to fully submit to the spiritual leaders chosen by God for us. And only by submitting to the spirit, can true clarity and discernment of God be accessed.

  305. I think this sermon was definitely the one that spoke to me the most out of the three, mostly because I didn’t know it was so important. Submission to leaders as a member of a church was a concept that I didn’t understand/didn’t properly apply/didn’t cultivate/didn’t really want, which brought a lot of misunderstandings and then a lot of hurt from my pride. I was definitely encouraged by PC’s message, however, mostly because I understood that New Philadelphia was willing to offer spiritual guidance (shepherding) to its members and that its leaders are devoted in looking after the member’s spirit life. I’m not really sure what that process looks like, but I’m definitely willing to see through it.

  306. Isaac Park says:

    Who Will Shepherd My Soul?

    When PC said just because we need to be shepherd i was like wow.
    God has appointed leader that leads like sheep. But if we rebel we will be scattered. I need to submit to the leaders of New Philly to have a good direction toward God.

  307. Wendy Younghyun Kim says:

    Sermon3. Who will shepherd my soul?

     The points of this sermon was these.
    1  Jesus is the shepherd of my soul.
    2  We need a leader. God shepherds our souls through the leaders
    3  Parents or my friends can not be the shepherd because their priorities are the comfort relationship with me.
    I learned importance of  following my leaders and reallized that my best friend can’t be a shepherd..
    But I also thought about my sister Judy:) She is  my sister but she is also a leader. She sometimes gives me a hursh advice… I reallized again that she is the best gift from God of my life .

  308. Jean Park says:

    “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5
    There are so many times when the one mantra “let go and let God” has been on repeat in my life. Because I can only pray and trust that He knows the desires of my heart and will provide in ways I may not even realize I need at the time. Thank you for the reminder that trusting in spiritual leaders is a necessity, so that we can put on the brakes rather than rush into decisions or go down destructive paths.

  309. Sohjeong Maeng says:

    I thought of my Pastor from my church, ECF, how he faithfully served at our church as lead Pastor, even though he faced some disagreements that came against him. How he handled really blessed me. It is so disappointing when I see people complaining about Pastor who cannot preach (in their view) and worse case leave the church. I was reminded that we must submit to leaders who God has appointed to shepherd our soul.

    Secondly, ‘parents cannot shepherd your soul’ really touched my heart, because they were the one who disagreed and did not understood on decision of staying in Korea pursue God’s plan. I think I realised, God and my CG leaders and members were the ones helped me to see who really my shepherd is.

  310. Thank you for this message Pastor,
    You described my struggle perfectly. Why can’t I walk the christian life? My soul/body is not in submission with the Holy Spirit, and I think that it has a lot to do with lack of self discipline, and also not fearing the Lord enough!

    Submitting to Leaders authorities in terms of exposing all my dirty laundry & honoring them in this way, building them up in high esteem is a new concept. And one that I hope the Lord will humble me and work on my heart that I will not be prideful or judgmental.

    I know this is a new opportunity, and a new season for me to grow in the Lord more, and to sort of jump over this bridge that I’ve been stuck at for so long.

    It was very insightful to hear that my parents cannot shepherd my soul, and seeing God’s model in the bible, it is true he uses wiser /older shepherds, like eli for samuel, and paul & timothy… also cool to notice how there weren’t any mixed genders..

    Thankful that God speaks to us persistently and with a pursuing heart.
    I look forward to learning more as I submit to My Savior in obedience, and honor the Leaders He has already put in authority, and learning to trust Him this way.

  311. Fanny Choi says:

    Not going naked and having covering and intimacy under covenant, implies to commit to a local church, being intentional in establishing relationships and sowing love, interest, time and money into the community. But also implies wholehearted submission to the spiritual leaders that God put to sheaper our soul. In this sense, this sermon was a great conclusive message for the previous ones, as gave me a very practical tip to begin walking under covering, which being under the submission and obedience of the leaders that were assigned to us. As PC said Jesus is the Sheper that oversees our soul, and he do cares for us by appointing leaders that will sheaper and guide us. Through this message and realized how precious is the ministry of the pastors and the leaders at church and I thanked God for the life and ministry leaders he assigned to me at NP, for their love, interest and prayers!

  312. This is the first time I’ve heard of a difference between soul and spirit. I always thought the were the same so I found the concept a bit difficult to understand at first. The submission of our body (and soul) to the spirit is something I believe is a central part of the Christian walk and, although I’ve heard this topic preached before, it’s one of those topics that we need to continually remind ourselves of.

    I thought It was interesting to hear about who can and cannot be shepherds of our soul. It makes sense that our parents cannot fulfill this role as we get older since parent-children relationships are often complicated and have various levels of trust/emotions attached to them. However, I was surprised to hear that our friends cannot fulfill this role either. I’ve personally always relied on my friends for life advice, however, I see now how relying on them for spiritual shepherding could end badly.

  313. Chai Kim says:

    ” Jesus shepherds our soul through godly leaders he appoints. We need leaders to watch our backs.
    1) they exercise oversight. You can’t exercise oversight over yourself.
    2) they are examples to the flock.
    3) they must give an account.
    Your family and friends cannot shepherd your soul.”
    I often go to my family or freinds to be counseled instead of going to godly leaders. I realized from this sermon that there are shepherds that God appoints to shepherd me. I don’t appoint or look for the shepherds for myself but God does. I need to obey and submit to the leaders in NP church, and respect and esteem them highly in love.

  314. Mina Kimball says:

    Who is shepherd of your soul. Yes, many time we was got trap from satan to say that God is our shepherd of our soul and we let our spiritual away and listend our sould speak of loudly about negative things, we proud about our self and accept that we are good enough to make our season without pur leadership and fall farer than our thinking.
    I believe God is my shepherd of my soul and i want to know him more, have intimacy relationship and meditate in God’s words.
    Blessings to blessing listen the sermon to speak loudly what my soul need to be under the cover by leader and church.
    God knew my desire and he fill up my desire.
    Thank you for yiur message P.C
    May God use you to speak his truth more and more.


    Mina Kimball

  315. Bekah Cho says:

    This message brought a lot of clarity as to why its important to listen to your leaders. I grew up in a church where the leaders did not really exercise their authority in the right way and so many people were hurt. Since then I’ve been a bit wary of submitting to leaders and sometimes would question why it mattered to have them, but yeah this message really answered those questions. I’ve been both experiencing and understanding that God appoints leaders to guide me, as PC was talking about in the message. I’m really so blessed to have pastors and leaders in my life. I really liked when PC said that Christ is the chief shepherd of our souls and the prime example of submitting to authority. Awesome, powerful message!

  316. Irina Jang says:

    What a great sermon i just listened to. I got a lot of revelations about myself and my relationships with God. While listening to the pocket of podcasts i felt like God was telling me “Submit yourself to Me and My word, because if you don’t, I can’t work in you as much as I want”. All this time i was waiting for the Lord to use me and work in my heart more but now i realised that i was the one who didn’t let Him do it because i wouldn’t submit my life to Him. But since i got to hear this word and learnt how to distinguish spirit from soul, i am deciding to turn from the person of soul to the person of spirit.

  317. Sheila Moh says:

    Jesus is my Shepherd, and I want to follow Him for He is the way, the truth and the Life. Many a times I could feel that my own soul is controlling what I am thinking and the way how I always be deceived by the negative thoughts in me.

    Personally, I felt that my back is unprotected, no one is looking out for me. I know that Jesus is not fully my overseer. I do not want the evil to take control especially when I am weak. Therefore, I really seek for a spiritual authority to guide and Shepherd me, overseeing my spiritual health, so that I could lead my daily life with the guidance of God’s spirit over my soul.

  318. Jongwoo Lee says:

    This sermon reminds me of the importance of following the advice of the leaders of the church. I am at a stage of my life when I have to make important decisions that would have influence on my entire life coming in five to ten years, such as career decision and marriage. In order to make informed decisions, I need to be walking with Christ and maintaining a close and solid relationship with God. However, as I am the only Christian in my life, it is easy for me to be influenced by family and friends and therefore secular values that they consider as important, such as money, power, and security, if I do not actively look for advice from the leaders who are walking with Christ. Thinking about those decisions that I have to make in the near future, I have felt that my soulish values have been in conflict with the values of the spirit, but I have tried to deal with this problem on my own. I realized that it is essential for me to seek advice from and submit to the leaders in the church.

  319. Spirit and soul are different things. Yes. The Holy Spirit is living inside of us yet, our souls are still needed to be guarded, amen. We r given this free will and our souls want to follow our souls a lot of times but, as we look and focus our eyes on what Jesus did on the Cross being submissive to a bigger will of God, we gotta know that is how we should establish our relationships to God and also leaders in the community. We r sons of God. I want my soul to be completely captivated by His Spirit, not my selfish soul. Thank you for leaders who r there to be examples of the spirit of humility and also good shepherd. I’m always forever grateful for your Son, Jesus! Hallelujah!

  320. Sarah Park says:

    This message reminded me that Jesus is the Shepherd of my soul. Pastor Christian definitely revealed many good points about the difference in soul and spirit. In this message, PC reveals who Shepherd of our souls are which is Jesus Christ our Lord. Next, he talks about how important it is to have leaders shepherding our souls. The bible reveals that we need to respect and obey our leaders, for they are kept accountable to God for it as well. It was good to be reminded of the examples of when your soul is not shepherded. I did disagree a little bit of when it was mentioned that family members and friends cannot shepherd you, because I think different for each individual and is a little bit more case by case. However, I do understand the general idea. I want to continue to be shepherded by my leaders.

  321. Walter Doyun Kim says:

    Following the classical view of psychology, the individual’s ethical & logical part of mind are called the superego. Understanding the description of the spirit, this has similar characteristics, which guides one’s standard to make decisions and judging values. On the other hand, soul could represent the id. As mentioned in the sermon, these two contrasted part of individual’s mind conflicts with each other. Most people, including myself, experience these battles inside. The problem is even though the superego exists, it doesn’t guarantee that it comes from God. Therefore, it is important to trust in the Lord & lean not on your own understanding as PC mentioned in the sermon: “Sons are led by the Spirit, not by the soul.”

    • Thank you for sharing your insight into psychology Walter! Indeed what we see being taught in the Bible can be seen in science as well. As you point out, regardless of the fact, the important revelation we need to receive is that we must seek God’s understanding, which transcends our own.

  322. Tae Eun Kim says:

    Sermon spoke about the importance of being shepherded. Giftings don’t “immune” us from being shepherded. Sprit is shepherded by direct communion with God, but our soul must be shepherded by those placed in our lives. Trusting the Lord even when our soul lacks understanding = trust God, submit to authority and letting others (authorities/leaders) shepherd us.

  323. This message truly reminded me once again about spiritual authority. We should distinct ourselves from the desires of our flesh and be led by the Spirit of God. in doing so, we should put God first and remember to realize the sole reason and our motivation in making decisions. We need to receive, teach, and accept things, away from our own selfish desires. Listening to this sermons has blessed me to be carried by the Holy Spirit.

  324. Younghyun Kim says:

    Who will shepherd your soul?

    I didn’t know that soul and spirit are not the same thing. Soul is about mind, will, and emotion.
    PC said “The soul and body must be in submission to our spirit for us to live a victorious christian life. You begin to get preference to the new desires that is in your spirit that’s placed by God’s grace rather than the desires of your flesh and your soul.”
    I want to be led by the spirit, not by the soul.

    I frequently remained the closed people around me shepherd my soul, especially my family.
    But PC mentioned, “Your family members are not qualified to shepherd your soul especially when you become an adult. Family primary concern is not the will of God for your life. It is your comfort and safety. And theirs too.”
    This part hit me and made me realized about it. Jesus is the shepherd my soul. And Jesus shepherds my soul through leaders whom He appoints. That is so true. I need to breakthrough over it.

    I think these three sermons for membership course have very important messages. While I was hearing the sermons, I thought I have never heard about it before. I am going to listen again and meditate on. I thank God for leading me to this church. And I want to say thank my wife for encouraging me to come Newphilly.

  325. Haha, I got emotional listening to this message again. I was physically present for this message, still have my notes from it, and vividly remember PC singing that song in the beginning [I think I listened to the podcast after hearing the sermon live]. This message was nothing like anything I’d heard before. It set the tone for how I’d organize and address different aspects of the self and my walk.

    According to my notes from 2011, every human being consists of the body, soul, and spirit. The soul is composed of the mind, will, and emotions. When you experience trauma, the place it touches is your soul. Pre-Christ, upbringing, events, etc. can negatively affect your soul. In other words, your soul is particularly sensitive to getting “jacked up.” A “jacked up” soul can dominate your life and determine the course of it. When left unchecked, your thought processes will start to follow perverse trajectories [mind], which, in turn, will affect the nature of your [will] and express themselves through [emotion]al problems. Soul reformation [submission of the soul to spirit] is imperative to victorious and whole Christian living. However, despite salvation, it is very possible for the soul to lag behind the spirit and regress to “soul-ish” ways. Healing and deliverance is key to soul reformation and so is long-term accountability. And it is important to remember throughout this process that Jesus is the true shepherd of your soul and he does so through an appointed [and anointed] spiritual leader. In fact, long-term accountability often looks like submitting to a leader appointed over you.

    With that said, special shout out to Eunice Ko for shepherding the sorry excuse for a soul that I had in 2011. As a mental health advocate, I am 100% for soul reformation and shepherding via covenant relationships that provide covering!

  326. Yuna Lee says:

    Who will shepherd your soul?
    Jesus is the shepherd of our soul.
    The soul consists of your mind, will and emotions.

    We tempt go back to our old pattern and regress. We see the spiritual way but we still go back to our soulless way. We go back to our physically body’s ways.
    So I felt that I need God’s guide every moment through connecting to God. If I didn’t obey to God, I have experienced the defeat because it is so sweet temptation. For example, I have a back problem, so I have to lay down on my bed often during the day even during the study and work. It is very good opportunity to connect to God (praise God, listen to the bible, etc.).
    If I choose it, I feel God heal me physically and spiritually. But It is hard to choose good way because following the desire of flesh is easier and so sweet.
    So we need leaders whom Jesus appoints.

    I like when PC said “You cannot see your back and top of head. No one can see themselves”.
    I really understand that everyone needs shepherd.

    I have a question. PC said “Your family are not qualified to shepherd your soul. Because their primary concern is not the will of God for your life, but your comfort and safety” So I think pastors cannot shepherd their sons and daughters. So how can the pastor’s kids find their shepherd whom Jesus appoints?
    As I am a pastor’s kid, I have lived like a sheep without shepherd for my soul. Jesus was the only my shepherd. It is hard to trust leaders totally because of my experiences from not only my past pastors, but also other past leaders. So I need the abundant grace of God to trust my shepherds whom Jesus appoints. And I am happy to have my shepherds in safe community.
    I believe Jesus is making me follow my shepherd whom He chosen. :)

  327. Seungmin lee says:

    I know specific word; spirit and soul through its sermon. The soul is composed of Thought, will, and emotion Therefore It is not a simple emotion for us to believing God. Pc said when we become Christian, our spirit wakes up. Namely, Jesus shepherd my soul. Jesus only shepherd us. No man can shepherd everybody. Role of leading sheep is his of Jesus.

  328. Tanisha Cosby says:

    Before you can submit to a leader, you have to first commit to a church. There’s no way you can church hop every Sunday and have an intimate relationship with a church leader. This message was so beneficial to me. If I place Jesus as the shepherd of my life, I need to honor that by also submitting to those that He has placed in authority over me. I need to have leaders that can speak into my life and also hold me accountable for my actions. Anointing flows from the top down, and I can’t experience that anointing if I have no spiritual leader.

  329. James Jung says:

    My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.(John 10:27)
    Indeed Jesus is the Shepard of our soul and it only though his grace that the salvation is given and the revelation will be shown.
    I was actually surprised to hear that our being is comprised of three parts because back in our former church, I learned it as two. (spirit and soul is interchangable). I definitely have to study more on this, but in my opinion, what’s more important is that regardless of whether our being is comprised of two parts or three parts, we must give ourselves (our whole being) toward GOD. I have tried to achieve this only to realize that I can not do this by myself. It is only through the grace of the true shepard, Jesus Christ, that we can be saved. It is one of the most fundamental truths but we tend to look over thinking that we already know. I am thankful for pastor Christian for speaking such truth with a boldness and fervor. It really made me to humble myself again and to submit to the authority that Jesus has given upon pastor christian and the leaders of the New Philly as well.

  330. Anna Suber says:

    I have always believed that community was a plus, but your friends and family are the ones that can give you the best life advice and direction for all kinds problems. Because they know you the best and have your best interests at heart. Honestly, this is always how I’ve lived my Christian life. My family and friends would be hard on me sometimes in the tough situations but would always end with “do what makes you happy.” So naturally I felt like I was recieving sound direction without directly going through God. Since my friends and family were Christian, I thought God would directly speak to them and to them indirectly speak to me. Or, I would get so impatient with Gods answer and then base my solution on my friends and family’s responses. I would chose the solution based on which answer sounded the best. When listening and waiting on God, I would never be lead astray. But when I relied on my judgement or others, I would often make the wrong decisions. I love how PC spoke about the importance of leaders who Shepard your soul and spirit. Hopefully I will learn quickly how this healthy dynamic will look like!

  331. Jennifer Choi says:

    I thank Pastor Christian for preaching GOLD to me.

    God is so gracious and loving that He would send people to guide me and my brothers and sisters. He wants to be with us. He wants us to know His heart. As I mentioned in the second sermon, He usually speaks to us through people around us. Especially of God has appointed a person to guide me, there is a reason why that person is guiding me. It is an act of faith when I submit to authority. If I can’t submit to my physical authority, there is no way I will submit to my Lord. He wants to be with us so much that He wants to talk to us through a physical representation! What a love story!!:) Personally, I did not grow up in a household where I had much attention or covering. But by the grace of God, He consistently placed older sisters and pastors to guide me. God has placed them as my authority. Without those people, I would not have lived a faithful life. Even now, I have 3 sisters and 2 pastors from my church back in LA who still contact me and speak truth to me. Sometimes, there is tension, but tension is GOOD. It’s okay to have tension! It’s stretching me and challenging me as God wants me to go through so that I can grow and be ready for a certain season of my life. Submission is an act of faith, and God’s placement of authority towards us is one of the ways He shows His love towards us!

  332. Bongseok Shin says:

    Whoa!!! Before coming to NP i was totally a lost soul. I didnt have any idea of my existance, and my soul was like a small dot surrounded by darkness, with no hope. For six month in this church, especially in my CG, my shephered did his best to bring out from the abyss and to the light. Paster’s sermons were also greatly helpful to recieve biblical enlightenment. I cant say how much i appreciate to my shepherd. Ummmmmm… My comment is tend to towrd personal expeirence, but i just want to say my leader is literlly my shephered, always doing his best to keep me, a sheep, lead to light place.

  333. Steven Nam says:

    I like how the three sermons kind of tie in with each other. Do not go naked and become a Sunday worshiper. Do not be lukewarm in your passion for god. Create a healthy relationship with the Lord, but do not go seeking the riches it will bring. Nor should you expect God to just hand you over the treasures of heaven. Through the passion and willingness to serve God all will come in good time. Do not forsake the Lord because of earthly desires and avoid regression to a more materialistic phase. Stay strong your spiritual soul and always walk faithfully.
    But we are humans and will always err. So we need “Shepherds” to help guide us or we will be like “Sheep without Shepherds.” And as PC puts it out there, that there are angels and demons among us. Science or anything else cannot really explain these things and phenomenons, but faith can. And we all need shepherding lest we are left alone in the dark to let demons manifest in our hearts.
    So come and let not your life be a waste.
    Yeah…It’s been pretty lukewarm for me and sometimes, I admit, the temptations of the world get to me. I think that everything is “Ok” and that I don’t need anything more. But that’s when the evil just grows and fills in your heart where the Holy Spirit should be. So these sermons, New Philly, and Emmaus have been good to me. I hope never to regress after I leave NP and go back to America. XD, Perhaps my dream will come true and I’ll start my own Emmaus or something lol.

  334. Nick R. Pack says:

    This was a killer sermon from PC and I’m pumped I got to hear it. I absolutely love thinking and talking about body, soul and spirit, their differences and then trying to come to terms with each one and their relationship with one anther. This is such an important truth to understand but I’m afraid many don’t or they’re apathetic to its meaning.

    The first thing I wanted to mention was PC’s comment that our parents are our leaders and authority until marriage when godly, appointed leaders take over. It’s a simple thought, but it hit me in a way that made so much sense. I saw for the first time how God has arranged things in such a way that we will always be under authority. This is God’s heart and how great to see how He has positioned everything in a brilliant hierarchy and all for our benefit and growth.

    Lastly, what was most profound was piecing together 1) since our spirits are from God and no one can have authority over them, 2) we need shepherds for our *souls*. The light bulb went off for me. My thoughts, will and emotions need a godly leader’s oversight. Bring it on, I want it!

  335. Lee, Kidong (Ricky Lee) says:

    Although I still have some questions about distinction between spirit and soul, I completely agree that our relationship with God can be reflected in my relationship with my church leaders. I think that if I love God and can submit to Him, it wouldn’t hard for me to respect the church authorities that are appointed by God. I guess, this sermon is what all Koreans need today. I was talking with a professor who is specialised in criminal law few days ago and he said “Korea is thought to be a respectful country but Koreans have a difficulty in respecting and submitting to authorities.” He also said a society whose people don’t respect authorities cannot be healthy. I guess this is also very true of church, especially when it comes to God’s appointed authorities. It was good to see how my relationship with the church leaders to check my heart for God.

  336. Lindsay Costello says:

    There were a couple of things that really stuck out to me. First was the difference between soul and spirit, which was really interesting. I was always taught they were interchangble. Second was the importance and need for a Shepard because we can’t see the top of our head or our backs. It’s humbling to confront our own need and lack and to then choose to respond by placing our trust in God (Proverbs 3:5-6) by submitting ourselves to leaders over us. It’s an interesting system God designed and so completely opposite to the one of the world.

  337. When I was in kindergarten my teacher would appoint a line leader every week. The line leader had some of the biggest responsibilities of that week. Not only did the line leader have to get us to different classrooms no matter how far ( gym class, music class,art class etc), they had to lead the ENTIRE classroom. Line leaders would have to give account to the teacher if they lead the line too the wrong classroom. You can relate the line leader to the kingdom of God. God appoints line leaders everyday. God sends people to lead us because we cant lead ourselves.God speaks through people. This sermon made me feel two feelings: humble and thankful. I loved how PC said you have too respect your leaders because they shepherd your soul because it is pleasing to God. God is so great he knew we could not do it alone, he sent leaders to guide the way.

  338. We cannot shepherd ourselves. Leaders in the church are there to do it. Responsibility for shepherding our soul is on them. God wants to use them to speak into our lives. God teaches submission and it’s very important lesson, so if we refuse to submit to God’s appointed leaders God will bring the situation to lean it again as He wants to speak through them. Our friends nor our family can not shepherd us as they are more concerned with our feelings and comfort, when leaders are more concerned with our spiritual growth. And we won’t be able to use our spiritual gifts in church until we learn how to submit. New Philadelphia’s policy is that no matter how gifted you are you wont be given more responsibility nor opportunity to use your gift until you learn the submission to pastors. I personally have problems with submitting to authorities but I feel like God is saying ” trust me on this, submit to pastors I’m giving to you and you will see my blessings pouring out greater”.

  339. I will submit to our leaders in everything. I do not want to stray from God and His ways. I have not been able to trust others– ultimately, to trust God– in the past, but I will put this behind and trust in Him for He loves me and I love Him.

  340. Tina So says:

    All the talents in the world cannot save us. Submission is not done through words, but through our actions. By submitting to the person that God has placed over us on earth, we are actually telling God that we trust and submit to Him.
    True submission to the Shepherd, Jesus, is a daily choice we need to make.

  341. Joshua Kim says:

    This message was a eye opener for me. None can see his top of head or back and we all need a shepherd who can lead us. I needed a shepherd who can speak over me and correct me. But I now have one. I’m thrilled to be a member of this congregation.

  342. Hyun Jung Oh says:

    I believe that I need to put Jesus and God before everything I do. He is the ultimate leader of my being. And before church I had my parents to look out for my spiritual well being but now that I have the reliable leaders from the church I feel much better and confident.

  343. Deborah Kim says:

    Jesus is the ultimate shepherd and overseer of our souls, through appointed leaders. Refusal to be shepherded by appointed leaders is rejecting Christ as our shepherd. Godly leaders not only serve as our examples and provide oversight in ways we cannot do for ourselves, but must also be able to give an account of their flock’s souls. ‘Sheep’ must submit to, obey, respect, and honor shepherds, in order to let the spirit be in charge over the soul. According to 2 Peter 2:10-19, despising authority and refusing to be subject to appointed leaders is compared to waterless springs and mists driven by a storm, resulting in utter darkness and constant frustration. (Oof!) We must submit to our shepherds in order to really commune with God. Thus, we are never exempted from the need for a Shepherd.

    Christ set the ultimate example of submission, which in turn also enabled us to follow – so we don’t really have any excuses for refusal…except blindness, in which case, we need a shepherd even more!

  344. Enoch Than Woo Cho says:

    As a Christian I sometimes ponder into situations about what I would do when Jesus would return. “If Jesus returns, I will show him obey him fully.” “If Jesus comes as a beggar I will provide him with all that I’ve got” “If He returns I will trust in all he asks me to do”.
    I only tend to place these situations only for Jesus.
    However through Proverbs the Bible states “Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.”
    How we react to our surroundings set by God is important. Serving the poor as if we serve Jesus; obeying our Church Leaders as if we obey the Words of our soul’s Shepherd; trusting our pastors for God placed them to guide us.
    For our souls are weak and inclined to worldly pleasures, submitting to our shepherd’s authority and breaking our habits are the first steps of Christian life.

  345. 김정경 says:

    기독교인이 되기전의 나는 엉망이었다.내마음대로였고 바른삶을 산다는것에 대해서 거의 생각도 안해봤다. 그런데 기독교인이 되고서 바로 실행해보고 싶었던것은 착해지고싶다! 라는 마음을가져 착하게 살아보자라는 마음을 얻었다.근데 착해지는게 진짜 쉬운게 아니였다. 사탄의 방해로 나의 영혼에 의지하며 살때처럼 행동하고싶었고.그에대한 갈등이 심하기도했다. 하지만 지금은 하나님이 주신 더 단단해진 마음과 지쌤의 인도로.. 또 다른 리더들의 인도로 구렁텅이에 빠진내가 잘 헤어나오고있다. 그래서 지금 하나님 안에서 살아가는 삶이 너무감 사하게 느껴진다.

  346. youngok kim says:

    God shepherds us through our pastors and leaders in church. We have to follow our leaders and pastors because of that.

  347. Orji Noble says:

    Our safety is often found in our ability to submit to spiritual authority, and God Shepard our souls through the leaders he appoints over us

  348. Hope Schaeffer says:

    I used to think the difference between faithfully walking in the Spirit and not really priortizing spiritual things was the difference between having a good Christian life and just a so-so one, but God has been showing me in my own life how big the difference really is: it’s the difference between spiritual life and death! And after years of struggling, trying to live a right life without being filled with the Spirit and without accountability, I realize I shouldn’t have been surprised when I failed over and over. I’m thankful for this teaching on what spiritual shepherding is supposed to look like, and how I should respond to the authorities God has placed over me. I had also never heard the difference between a spirit and a soul, that was really eye opening and is helping me to better understand several scripture passages, like Romans 8, that were always difficult to make sense of.

  349. Nandawula Elizabeth says:

    Who will shepherd your soul is a very powerful message.It is speaks to me about submission and makes it quite clear that humility was the true nature of Christ and so as a child of God through Christ Jesus i must be submissive. God please bless the NP pastorsnnn

  350. Sarah Al Homadi says:

    In this sermon I learn that church leaders are called to shepherd souls. Before this I only recognized Christ as the shepherd of my soul and church leaders feed the sheep (on the Word God). The message confirmed an inkling had that as a friend or family member my guidance might be well intended but ineffective as compared to someone who is ordained and accountable before God.

  351. One thing that really stuck out to me in this sermon was when pastor Christian mentioned Jesus needed to become a man in order for him to shepherd us. I loved the connection that His death was the ultimate example of submission. In doing this Jesus showed us how to properly submit.

  352. Sarah Kim says:

    Jesus is a shepherd of our soul!
    However, as a baby believer, I really dont know how to be connected and build intimacy with Christ on my own. I think this is why we need leaders to guide us. spritual coach, leaders, campus pastors and lead pastors’ words and their wisdom really supports me to build my faith in God. I thank God for placing NP leaders in my life to guide me. Thanks PC for the sermon!

  353. Who will shepherd you soul?

    All of us need leader to shepherd our life. We tend to turn back into the old version of us because of all the distractions around us. This is why we need a leader to remind us.

  354. Sindy Montgomery says:

    Who is the shepherd of your soul? There can only be one master, one shepherd. It’s easy to forget this truth because we want to have everything, the best of both worlds. The reall truth is if you have two masters you will hate one and love the other. We can deny this or attempt to make it work but it still holds true that you will side with one master. So if there are other masters we need to break them off and redirect our glaze and devotion to our God.

  355. I believe that Jesus does shepherd our souls through leaders He appoints, as well as the people and the circumstances that we are given to us. I believe that it is God’s will that we submit to leaders however, we cannot depend our salvation on them. We are called to be accountable to each of our individual souls and even though the leaders may be judged according to their conduct towards us, we must take responsibility for our souls.

  356. Ah Sung Yang says:

    This is such a great sermon that reminds me of the importance of having spiritual leaders around me who can shepherd over my soul. It is because it is very dangerous to try to walk our spiritual journey by ourselves, discern God’s voice by ourselves and try to exercise oversight over ourselves. Also I agree that family members or friends cannot be our spiritual leaders as it is difficult for them to truly seek God’s will and plan. Also the emphasis on submission of our soul and body to Spirit really stood out to me. In order to achieve this, we need someone to shepherd our soul and this again highlights that we need spiritual leaders.

  357. This sermon allowed me to ask some deeper questions, and I was able to have new perspective on the importance of having my soul shepherded by appointed leadership. I have never really considered the pitfalls of having family and friends “shepherding” my soul, but PCs teaching really highlighted that such relationships can conflict with true shepherding. Was refreshing to have it reiterated that God communes with us directly through spirit, and thus my soul and body must be in submission to my spirit.

  358. Seojung Ha says:

    There were two points stood out to me the most about this sermon. The first point is when PC said “when your soul is not in submission to spirit you question your Christian walk.” This sentence made me realize why I had such a hard time before. I have never understood how important it is for our soul to be tied to our spirit to be shepherded. The second point was that parents and friends cannot shepherd my soul. I thought this fact just emphasized the importance of who can shepherd my soul. Lots of people tend to lean on family or friends and it easily leads to disappointment. Therefore, it is important to be shepherded by Jesus and His leaders. I would love to be shepherded through the leaders God appoints over me so my walk can be clear and safe.

  359. Juanita Chan says:

    This sermon reminded me of the importance of choosing the proper people to shepherd us in our lives. Growing up in a Christian school, I always picked my close friends to keep me ‘accountable’ or to go to youth group together. But since they were my friends, I never thought of submitting to them and having them shepherd my soul. I realize now that God has appointed specific leaders to shepherd us in the right direction; those who we will respect and submit under their authority.

  360. Chris Kim says:

    I feel like this message highlighted something I do often. There are times when I decide to take decisions/actions that I have not even asked God about—taking things my own way just because I feel like ‘what I want to do’ seems better than ‘what God has planned’. And then when things start to go astray and not the way I want it to, it is at that point when I ask God to help me and let Him “fix” my problems. The sermon teaches me that I have to let my ‘body’ and ‘soul’ overcome and submit to ‘spirit’ and have Jesus shepherd me as his son.

  361. Stacy Kang says:

    So I didn’t realize the importance of having your soul shepherded by a grounded church leader until this particular sermon… And how your friends and family can’t do that for you. It’s amazing the incredible bias that we have and how much we think differently when we are in the friend/family viewpoint. I’ve also never taken closer thought into the whole soul/spirit submission, but it’s absolutely vital, too. I think it’s been a while since I’ve sincerely committed into the submission, leading me to question my Christian walk. I hope I can truly learn to do so and be led by the Holy Spirit.

  362. Grace Ng Chia Huei says:

    When we accepted Christ in our hearts as our personal Lord and Savior, we start to understand things in the spiritual, but as humans we still tend to go back to our “soullish” ways. And it is no wonder that I stumble and give up on so many occasions throughout my Christian faith. Even though I know Jesus and have accepted Christ, it still makes such a huge difference between Christians who are being shepherd by leaders and those without. I understand that I cannot do this Christian faith only by my own, and that I need leaders who could see my back and the top of my head, the areas of limitations for us humans — the areas we would otherwise miss without proper shepherd-hood.

    Through all these three sermons, I was convicted, blessed and spoken directly into so many different areas. I realized how blessed I am to be revealed all these words of wisdom at this point of my life as a college student studying abroad, away from my family and friends. I could not imagine having to handle all this alone and I know I do not have to.

  363. The distinction between soul/body and the spirit was so good! It can be to some an obvious message, but as you go on your faith walk these two things can be blurred and you can fall in to complacency or compromise. The basic gospel in walking in the spirit (soul in submission to the spirit) is so clear and this message and a good reminder that you cannot go at it alone. We need wise and discerning spiritual leaders to shepherd my soul to walk in the spirit. I am comforted to know and encouraged that I will have a shepherding leader at NP to lead me away from my ‘soulish’ ways and truly receive and submit to the spirit of Christ and really commune with God.

  364. Rebecca shin says:

    I found a lot of truth in how PC said “shepherds exercise oversight”. I have not always been one to readily submit to authority but I am excited for this new season of submission, where there is a high level of respect and care between those who lead and those being led. I agree that it is hugely important to be people of submission and to respect and esteem our leaders. I love the the promising process of being led, being transformed in spirit and soul to bless and encourage others.

  365. Hyejo A says:

    I was under the impression that soul and spirit had the same meaning, but I am glad to have that assumption corrected. I also realized the importance of having a grounded leader in the church shepherd your soul, because friends and family cannot do that. This sermon also broufht me to realize that my body and soul are meant to submit to my spirit, and not the other way around. Really blessed to hear and learn during this season!

  366. Jaden Ho Hyeon Choi says:

    Living as christian by himself will be okay but, It’s really hard and very easy to slip their footing. So, we all christian need to be guided and get a feedback. Very important thing here is that getting these things should be performed by God’s words and his will not by axiom and consoling words by the world. We are human being so that can easily be moved and consoled by emotional things. HOWEVER It have to be performed by SPIRITUAL things.
    For this, God appoints pastor and leader as our shepherds. We always should refresh and remind God’s words and love in our life with shepherds.

  367. Christine Kwon says:

    Like probably most people, I find myself getting cautious or suspicious when authority figures call for people to submit without question, but this sermon helped me to understand the heart behind New Philly’s emphasis on submission and to see that it’s rooted in the Bible, in a desire to care for the sheep, and a genuine commitment of responsibility to the Lord. I know from my own life that the conflict between soul and spirit is real, as Pastor Christian explained, and that I cant “see my own back,” or shepherd myself. So it made a lot of sense to understand submission as a posture of obedience we take so that our leaders can help us bring our souls in submission to our spirits, so that we can relate rightly to God in our spirits, without hindrance. It was encouraging to realize again that such structures and leadership exist for the benefit and safety of sheep like me, so that we can learn how to submit to Christ, and so that we can be true sons, truly and closely led by the Spirit of God. It’s really an amazing vision, and I’m amazed at God’s heart and will to raise up his children in this way, and also amazed that there are people who would commit themselves with the same heart to shepherding the flock in this way.

  368. Unless someone shepherds your soul so that you can be led by the spirit of God, you will be a prisoner to your soul. Your will not in submission to God’s will or to the spirit. Submission to leaders is important – we need that oversight over us.
    We all have blind spots.

    I liked the point that family and friends are not qualified to shepherd – because their priority is their comfort with you.

    So it’s important to have a qualified leader.

    I will lean not on my own understanding even when my soul lacks understanding. I will subject and submit and just let that person shepherd my soul anyway.

  369. Bora Kim says:

    I learned about the what the soul and spirit truly mean and the difference between those two. Those were terms I always heard in my Christian walk, but always used them interchangeably. Also, the importance of bringing the spirit into place, where the soul and body are in submission to our spirit to live a victorious Christian life and to directly communicate with God. And part of that means that your soul needs to be shepherd by appointed leaders of the house. It is true that family or friends cannot exercise oversight on you for various reasons. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” Your soul, mind, understanding, will and stubbornness gets on the way for the spirit but completely trusting in the Lord even when your soul lacks understanding and submitting to leaders who shepherd your soul is important.

  370. Jack Kim says:

    As babies need help from their parents, we all need help and made to be shepherded. Living as a Christ follower cannot be done without being shepherded by leaders. The Bible is very clear about that and throughout the whole Bible, faithful servants of God always had oversight. For an example, King David had prophet Nathan. Therefore, whether a person is a mature Christian or a young Christian, everyone needs God to overlook their lives and secondly someone who can spiritually shepherd you. However, our culture has hijacked the true meaning of spirit. We need to have spirit led life rather than soul centered life.

  371. Mina Kang says:

    I’ve always fallen off the bandwagon, I’ve tried to discipline myself but it never worked. I think I’ve never been able to fully make my body and soul submit to my spirit, and that’s probably because I never submitted to all the leaders that I was put under. I think this is just another issue of allowing leaders and pastors to speak into my life and shepherd me, and to do this I need to be vulnerable to them, be humble and submit to them.

  372. 이번 말씀 잘들었습니다. 마지막 댓글이고 제가 영어로 표현하는것에 있어서 한계가 있기 때문에 이번에는 한글로 적으려 합니다. 저는 어릴때 보육원에 있을때부터 곁에 Jee 선생님이 계셨었습니다. 항상 제게 조언해 주시고 하나님을 믿게끔 인도해 주신것도 선생님입니다.저는 항상 영혼에게 질질 끌려다녔던 것 같습니다 선생님이 곁에 계시지 않을 때에 특히나 그랬었습니다. 지금은 사람이기에 실수는 하지만 CG리더와 선생님, 주변 인도자 분들의 말을 잘듣고 실천하려고 노력합니다. 영과 영혼 이런것에 대해서 잘몰랐었고 세상에선 한번뿐인 인생 하고 싶은것을 다 하라고 말하는데 그게 맞는것 인줄만 알았습니다. 앞으로는 더욱더 이말슴을 상기하고 저의 영적인 리더들을 더 믿고 존경하겠습니다. 어린시절 상처받았던 할아버지를 용서해드리는것도 많이 힘들었고 보육원에서 저를 괴롭히고 다른아이들을 못살게 굴던 그친구를 용서하는것도 힘든일이였습니다.비뚤어잔 애국심 때문에 미워하던 일본도 이제 더이상 미워하지 않으려고 합니다. CG리더 미정언니가 아버지께서 제 커다란죄를 아들의 피로써 용서해주셨는데 용서하지못한다는것은 큰 위선이라고 할떄 정신이 들었었고 또 이설교를 들으니 더더욱 확실합니다.끝으로 항상 예수님을 닮고 싶다고 막연히 생각해오던 제게 가벼운 한걸음을 뗄 수 있게해주신 귀한말씀 감사합니다.

  373. Pastor Christian did an excellent job in first laying down some groundwork for the sermon. He described the difference between the soul and the spirit and the constant battle between the body, soul and spirit. When we are born again, we declare that we want to live a life that is controlled by the spirit. This is a daily battle that Christians have to take part of, but often times Christians tend to go into battle alone. Unarmed and unequipped to fight the powers and principalities of this world. This is exactly what the devil wants us to do. Because demons are then able to overpower us and take shelter in our hearts. But God gives us the power to overcome that. He appoints leaders over us that shepherd and nourish us with spiritual food. The Bible tells us to be subject to our leaders; obey and submit to then, and respect our leaders and to esteem them very highly in love, as PC mentioned. This is not to control us but to protect us. When God appoints shepherds they have rules that they must abide to. For they will also be held accountable for us. They must exercise oversight, not be domineering, and must be a good example to the sheep. It was very interesting to hear that friends and family cannot take those roles. It seems kind of counterproductive to not include them as your leaders but it makes a lot of sense. Because as PC explained, they tend to favor comfort over the will of God. When we go without a shepherd, we cannot respect or esteem anyone, we cannot have discernment, and our path leads to destruction. Only when we accept a shepherd do we begin to find safety and discernment. As sons of the living God, we are led by the spirit and not by the soul. Thank you Jesus for being that perfect example who submitted to authority and thank you Pastor Christian for an excellent sermon. I was really blessed by it.

  374. Chadol Lee says:

    We must get our priorities straight. We need to submit our bodies and soul to the spirit. When we live in the mind, will, and soul we tend to fall away from Christ. When we are living without Christ, we are a sheep without a shepherd. We need to submit ourselves to the word of God and Christ. Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders. If we can’t submit ourselves to our peers, we will have trouble trying to make it on our own. With leaders we have someone to watch over us to make sure we are alright.

  375. Michael Ryu says:

    Progress to only regress. By no means do I mean to sound negative or discouraging, however the past couple years of my Christian life can be summarized by my previous statement. I never had a leader that I wished to willingly follow in the church, neither did I express the need to seek one. Rather, during the hard times, I would allow myself to be led by my parents, my brother, or my friends, only finding my spirit to be recharged temporarily. I’ve seen His glory and I’ve felt His grace, however due to negative habits, I would find myself falling back into the world. This message brought me great insight as to why God provides us with leaders in the church. He does so to further progress and sustain the spirit so that we can live our daily lives crucifying the desires of our flesh. Ultimately, the soul has to come in submission to the Spirit of God by submitting to our leaders. As a result this will develop good habits and discipline that we can practice in our everyday lives.

  376. I am having a difficult time deriving new revelation from this sermon, so I will copy and paste what I wrote last time and my comments on it.

    What I wrote in my previous comment:

    According to my notes from 2011, every human being consists of the body, soul, and spirit. The soul is composed of the mind, will, and emotions. When you experience trauma, the place it touches is your soul. Pre-Christ, upbringing, events, etc. can negatively affect your soul. In other words, your soul is particularly sensitive to getting “jacked up.” A “jacked up” soul can dominate your life and determine the course of it. When left unchecked, your thought processes will start to follow perverse trajectories [mind], which, in turn, will affect the nature of your [will] and express themselves through [emotion]al problems. Soul reformation [submission of the soul to spirit] is imperative to victorious and whole Christian living. However, despite salvation, it is very possible for the soul to lag behind the spirit and regress to “soul-ish” ways. Healing and deliverance is key to soul reformation and so is long-term accountability. And it is important to remember throughout this process that Jesus is the true shepherd of your soul and he does so through an appointed [and anointed] spiritual leader. In fact, long-term accountability often looks like submitting to a leader appointed over you.

    What I think of it now:

    I completely agree. This teaching has been so integral to my life and walk. I have tried, to the best of my ability, to keep in accord with what I learned through this sermon throughout the past several years. However, I do think it’s important to redefine or perhaps more thoroughly define what “long-term accountability” is. It can consist of so many different things (e.g. professional counseling, for one). Keeping your soul in line with the Spirit means being completely and utterly real with yourself — to look at the “man in the mirror” with complete honesty, even if one doesn’t like what’s there. It is only after being naked and transparent with oneself that one can seek to find the right/relevant forms of accountability. So many Christians refuse this sort of introspection and I believe it is one of the biggest hindrances to greater freedom!

  377. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    When my soul is not shepherded, I’d be like a sheep without a shepherd.
    If we can’t submit to the Godly authorities placed over us by God, does that not imply our distrust in God and His plans for us? Through this sermon, I’ve learnt that true clarity and safety is found in a shepherd and complete submission to the spirit. Without a leader overseeing us from the top, we are subjected to worldly temptations or spiritual complacency (that would go by unnoticed if we were shepherding our own souls). I understand now that full submission of the soul-ish and physical body ways to the spirit is to fully submit to His chosen shepherds for us.

  378. I used to know how important it is to have the person who will shepherd my soul but as time go by i forgot the importance of it and start to think living without the person will be okay and have the easier life but it seem like it’s not. This makes me realized the necessity of it and become more submitted to the pasters and leaders

  379. Ryan Vogel says:

    For the last year I’ve tried to walk out my faith on my own without a covering or without a true shepherd guiding me. This was a major mistake and it’s caused me to drift away at times. Yet, whenever I did seek discernment I went to the wrong people. Instead of going to the leaders God placed in my life, I would seek and rely on my friends for counsel. I knew this wasn’t a good idea, but I did it because it was far more comfortable and convenient. However, I don’t recommend this because it doesn’t work and it’s very dangerous. Without true commitment to God’s appointed leaders in my life I will fall into darkness and temptation. I can not and will not walk this faith out on my own any longer. I need God’s appointed shepherds to watch my back in this life.

  380. This message was one I’d never heard before and was a real eye opener. The title of the sermon made me stop and think as I’d never been challenged in this discussion before. What I took away from the message was I needed to stop trying to shepherd my soul but submit to those leaders who have been appointed. Also, I learnt I need to get my soul out the way. This was highlighted by just how important shepherds are in making the soul subject to the spirit which then helps me be able to walk in clarity and safety because I can communicate with God.
    I’m grateful that this is one of the sermons we’re encouraged to listen to because it really opened up a new perspective that I’d not known before.

  381. Soo Jeong Park says:

    I learned from the sermon that there are appointed leader by God who oversees His flock. I am thankful that I am attending a church where I am able to meet the leaders who understand God’s heart on shepherding.

  382. Jeffrey Yau says:

    It is a wonderful speech. I know that Soul, spirit and body are three different things and our soul is mind, will and emotions. When we grow up from child to adult, our soul will also upgrade and even our physical body die, the soul still exist. Jesus wants us to submit our body and soul to spirit rather than controlled by soul and body. I know I like a sheep without shepherd and easily to get lost or vulnerable to be attacked by demon and do something God did not like it. Lucky that I learn healing and deliverance in Emmaus that with leaders we trust, they are shepherd which is full of soul that bring us back to safe. I really hope i can walk with leaders and become a sheep with shepherd.

  383. JiHyun Yang says:

    This sermon made me to think about true submission to the shepherd. As the bible says “trust in the Lord, even when your soul lacks understanding” It encouraged me to rather choose to trust in God instead of doubting Him. In the beginning of the sermon it was also interesting to hear about soul, spirit and the body that while spirit says “forgive them!”, soul says “no! I’m angry. They should pay me in any ways”. it helped me to distinguish it. So I want to ask God to let the Holy spirit work in my life and let me submit to Him by submitting to the leaders

  384. InnGee Kim says:

    The message helped me better understand how the soul has to be in submission to the spirit in order for the Christian to live a victorious life. PC stating that friends can’t take on the shepherding role was insightful. My spiritual mentor in college was my professor but now that I am in New Philly, I am excited to submit to church leaders and accept shepherding.

  385. Dave Albano says:

    This message was great. I need people to look up to in the church and have examples to follow. I have had great examples in the past but being in a new place calls for a new leaders to follow. I also thought when he talked about how the Sheppard watches your back because you can’t see what’s coming. Great analogy that will stick with me.

  386. Jonathan Yoo says:

    The message speaks of submission to the Spirit and letting the Spirit be the one to shepherd of our body and soul. Clearly there is a theme here. It is closely tied with the previous two messages concerning commitment and being covered. This is all because I am weak and He is strong and the benefits of being in commitment and submission are incomparable to what the world or myself can offer. This shepherding can come from not just the Holy Spirit but through my leaders in the church and my pastors; those that God has appointed over me.

  387. Daniel Lee says:

    I’m still learning more about discernment between the flesh and the spirit, and this submission of the soul to the spirit thing seems like it’s pretty core to it all. It’s taken me time to realize that denying the self and trying to live in the spirit is a key to humility and humility really isn’t something anyone can do on their own. I can gladly heed the call for submission to spiritual shepherding – actually, i find that i can take heart in submitting to those who are themselves already submitted to the Word of God and godly authority, and ultimately to Christ Jesus Himself.

  388. Beth Milka says:

    its kinda hard for me to understand this sermon but for God himself to shepherd my soul, and sent others to shepherd me by the church makes me feel really blessed. this sermon reminds me that even the closest people in my life yet they are not sent by God to shepherd me then they cant give me protection. and also that i should look up to Him and giving all my trust in God.

  389. My Phan says:

    Having PC go into the deeper meaning of the three components that make up our entire existence made it easier to follow the sermon. We are called to be servants to take on responsibilities under the body of Christ. With that being said, it is important to have a Shepard to lead our souls so that we are able to fulfill His duties and submit to His word. If we do not have a Shepard, we can easily fall short in the glory of God and we can easily go back to our old, selfish, repeated ways. That is why I praise for Jesus and the church leaders of NP in all of the work they put into shepherding our souls.

  390. Susie Song says:

    I think I have I become more and more of a lost sheep and vulnerable to the ways of the world as I’ve stepped into adulthood. I’ve tried to depend and operate on my own flesh and soul. I’ve tried to “have my own back”. Throughout the process, I feel I have neglected God, the father of my spirit. As PC mentions, discerning Gods voice by yourself, for yourself is a dangerous thing and it is a place where I don’t want to be. I may have been a lost sheep, but I now have God appointed shepherds to lead me spiritually into the right path. For this I am genuinely thankful and blessed, knowing that they oversee things on behalf of me, set an example for me to follow, and keep me accountable to the Word as grow faith in the Lord.

  391. Michael Kang says:

    I love how all three sermons seem to flow and intertwine with one another. I have definitely been in seasons and situations where I have been in lack of covering, commitment and in shepherding. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but having oversight by a leader is even better. I can look back at certain situations and be frustrated knowing that I could have trusted God more.

    I have just exited a season without a distinguished appointed shepherd in my life which allowed doubt and bitterness to creep into my soul – and it was a struggle to work with my own strength.

    But I’m grateful that I have entered into a new season of covering, commitment and shepherding through leaders that oversee my spiritual development – but a family that I can love and receive love.

  392. Mike Oh says:

    “People who function in the natural, can’t accept the things of the spirit of God.” This phrase by PC stood out for me the most, and following on from this he talks about the need to be shepherded by leaders in order than we might not be ruled by our body and soul (functioning in the natural), but by the spirit. And that this comes form allowing ourselves to come under leadership.
    I think this raises a really good point about this idea of submitting ourselves under someone else (other than just our friends), giving them the right to speak into our lives. And this model, following the way Jesus came to submit under God the Father. Because in today’s society this idea is completely opposite, and goes against the self-centred, individualistic ideologies that so pervade it.
    I’m not sure if I’m going off on a tangent, but this issue of submission under good spiritual leadership seems to have highlighted one of the reasons why much of the world today struggles to see or understand things of the gospel. Because without the ability to live beyond the self, under leadership, we hold onto the natural desires and cannot accept the spiritual Godly ones.

  393. Lydia Kim says:

    Allowing someone else to shepherd your soul is not an easy thing. I still find in my flesh, moments of resistance where pride and immaturity creeps and to shut me off from honouring my shepherds who only desire to speak truth and life into me. But however I think about it, I know I can trust the pastors and leaders of NP to hear clearly from the Lord to cover me. Just like PC mentioned, sometimes friends and family can have an emotionally obscured perspective which disqualified them from shepherding my soul.

    It’s not easy and these days I’m learning more about deeper submission and sonship but I’m thankful that I do not shepherd my own soul but anointed pastors and leaders do.

  394. Eun Woo Hailey Park says:

    At the beginning of the sermon, it was interesting to hear about the differences between the soul, spirit and body.
    It is through leaders of the church appointed by God that Jesus shepherds our soul. We cannot watch over ourself but leaders who can do this work. Also, family or friends cannot shepherd my soul (priority on comfort level, not the will of God but their own or comfort of child)
    1.exercise oversight. (you cannot do it yourself)
    2.are examples to the flock
    3.must give an account
    Once again, it helps me understand that leaders are not appointed by human but by God. As much as Jesus is my shepherd, I also need leaders and pastors who can shepherd my soul.

  395. Niranjan Thomas says:

    As with most of Ps Christian’s messages, the main themes having my soul shepherded (being subject to elders, obeying, submitting to and respecting leaders) are powerful and at times confronting. The difference between living a soul(ish) life and a spiritual life is stark. I yearn for the spiritual sonship that comes from a spirit that is shepherded by people appointed by God. That being said, it also troubles me that he says that my family are disqualified from shepherding my spirit. To question if my parents want what is best for my ‘natural’ life (or even themselves) as opposed to my spiritual life did not sit well with me. I can only be honest about this. I understand need to be accountable to the admonishment and direction of church leaders. I know I need to submit to authorities who themselves answer to God. It is something I must pray about.

  396. Danielle Kang says:

    “True sonship resembles a person being led by the Spirit, but one cannot be led by the Spirit when their soul is leading the way.”

    “God is the Father of our spirits. We are fathered directly by Him, but my soul (mind, will and emotions) must be shepherded by the one whom God appoints over us.”

    Listening to this sermon I realise just how important it is for every believer to be shepherded. I feel as though so many Christians today take this as an optional add-on to their faith, but just as scriptures show, walking outside of submission is a dangerous place to be.
    I feel as though I am able to understand on a deeper level that being shepherded isn’t just about being vulnerable and open to advice from my leaders, but to know that my shepherd is someone who God has appointed over me to oversee my soul.

    I think at times it can be difficult to submit under leadership, especially when I might not understand or agree with them in that moment, but I think I have come to realise through listening to this sermon is the desire to trust my leaders through it all. I realise that especially at New Philly, leaders don’t take this assignment of shepherding my (and other people’s) souls lightly, as they understand it is a mandate from God. As I shift my perspective that might be so focused on struggling to agree with or understand my leaders, to one that understands that God has appointed them as overseers of my soul, I know that I can trust my leaders.
    I realise that covering and submission brings about a life of safety and guidance, fruitfulness, and the richness found in true sonship and being led by the Spirit. Why then, would I not want the fullness of the blessings found in being shepherded? If anything, it makes me hunger for it all the more!!

  397. Minho Baek says:

    Having pastor Christian explain and go through the differences between the soul and the spirit really helped put the sermon in better perspective.
    The process of how we should grow to be more attune and operate fron the spirit rather than out of our souls.
    Furthermore, to carry this aspect that Jesus shepherds over us spiritually; essentially we as spiritual beings follow the calling of our Shepherd Jesus.
    This is so important that he appoints leaders in our physical realm that we can have a physical leader who can Shepherd us as He’s appointed.
    The crux to me was the consequence being unshepherded, that they tempt others and brings shame to the house. That further encourages me to take the spirit of a son and honour the father under guidance.

  398. Katie Wong says:

    Thank you Pastor Christian for this message. I really like the point that PC made about how our soul and body must be in submission to the spirit. When we are born again we are no longer to be led by soul-ish things, but by the Spirit of God. It is through being Spirit-led that we are able to love and forgive those that wrong us. When we accept Christ our spirit is brought to life and we are not able to commune with God. Jesus is our overseer and when we are not under His covering we are very vulnerable to the devil’s manipulation and lies. One can say that Jesus is their Shepherd, but the truth of that is manifested when they look at their relationships with those that Jesus has appointed to shepherd our souls. The Bible calls us to respect, obey, and submit to our leaders who 1) exercise oversight, 2) are examples to the flock, and 3) give account on our behalf. These leaders are here to shepherd my soul so that I am able to accept the things of the Spirit of God and ultimately aim to have a character like Christ. I really want the Spirit to lead me and I want to commune with God. I look forward and am blessed to have NP-Melbourne leader’s shepherd me during this season of my life.

  399. Janice So says:

    Who will shepherd your soul?
    PC makes a very important point when he said that you cannot shepherd your own soul, you can’t have oversight over your own soul. Family and friends also cannot oversee your soul, because they have inbuilt bias for your comfort and their own comfort.

    The key passage for me was Hebrews 13:17 “Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, because they keep watch over you as those who must give an account” and Jesus being the Chief Shepherd and Overseer from 1 Peter 5. From the sermon, it was clearly laid out how Jesus shepherds the flock through leaders in the Church whom He has appointed. It gives me a lot of reasurrance to understand all this from the bible.

    It was also very helpful to learn about the how we are made up of spirit, soul and body. And that the soul is the mind, will and emotions. And that the reason we need spiritual authority to oversee our souls, is that otherwise we become soulish, and not aligned to the voice of God and His Spirit in us. 1 Corinthians 2:14 “The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.”

    The ultimate example of submission shown by Jesus to the Father, in going to the Cross, shows that even Jesus was in submission, otherwise He would not have fulfilled God’s plan.
    All these things I learnt will help me respect and submit with joy to our appointed leaders, knowing they are also on the same page will all these teachings.

  400. The pre-Christian experience is led by body and soul. I like the example of the late night ice cream craving to differentiate soul from body, as well as show how the body can live in opposition to the soul. I’ve heard the theory which breaks down one’s being into body/soul/spirit and soul into mind/will/emotions. It makes sense, though beyond semantics I think the theory’s most useful function is differentiating the natural and the supernatural.

    I like the pastor’s point on how psychology can explain things of the soul, but discerning the things of the spirit are on another level altogether.

    Christ shepherds your soul through leaders He appoints to shepherd your soul. If no God-appointed leader is shepherding your soul, then Christ isn’t really shepherding your soul. This is consistent with the view that God works through us, that we are His hands and feet.

    I was able to relate when the pastor said he sometimes butts heads with overseers of his soul. By tying back the point of how he can’t see the top of his head, he made a good argument for why we need people overseeing us.

    My biggest takeaway from this message is that in order to be like the person having a mind like Christ in 1 Corinthians 2:15-16, my soul must be subject to my spirit, which happens through submission. Submit to one who can shepherd my soul, that it can be brought into submission to my spirit.

  401. Jiyeon Yoo says:

    We are always being shepherded by something. Our next action or decision is led by (or the mixtures of) the desires of the flesh, the soul and the spirit of God. Our body is fleeting away, our soul is being sanctified but the spirit of God is eternal, hence the most valuable.

    The best way to take care of one is to see the expert. Just as when we need to train our bodies, we see a personal trainer. Hair for hairdresser. Ultimately, we need the spirit of God to shepherd us and hence it is right and good for us to follow the appointed pastors/leaders over our lives.

  402. Our souls must be shepherded by Jesus and by the appointed leaders he has called for us to take example from and submit to. Pastor Christian shared a very powerful message that really touched my heart as i acknowledged the experiences that i have been awakened too as a new believer and follower of Jesus Christ. Through the walk of this season i have learned it is important to submit to our leaders and truly honor them because they have done and prayed so much for us so that we can learn to have minds like Christ. It is important that we walk along this journey by being shepherded and growing our relationships with leaders of the house.
    I am learning to submit my soul to the spirit, so that i can walk in safety and clarity. PC mentioned that we can find safety only when we are in submission, this really made me realize that we must be clear and have direct commune with the God. We all need shepherding and this resembles true sonship which is led by the spirit. Our souls cannot get in the way because this will lead us into temptations and will disconnect us from the true connection of the holy spirit. While here at NP Melbourne i want to continue to soak in all that i can, I am hungry for the Lord and i want to learn more and more on how to submit to Jesus our shepherd.

  403. You Sup Park says:

    I find sheparding one’s soul a daunting and scary task to carry out, because of the sheer responsibility that rests on the shepard to lead the sheep correctly. On the other hand, I find that allowing someone to shepard my soul is a very scary thing to do as well, because I am to fully entrust my soul to be guided wherever the shepard is to guide me. It just gives me more reason to pray for the leaders in the church so that they will not go astray from the Lord’s guidance in how to shepard the souls that are entrusted to them. It also gives me reason to constantly check and pray concerning my state of humbleness so that I will not belittle the leaders that God has set in front of me.

  404. Ujin Lee says:

    Wow what a wisdom-FULL message. Yes, i fully agree that sheep with a shepherd = trouble. Yes Jesus is my ultimate shepherd as my lord and saviour but i couldnt agree more when PC mentions that we cannot see the top of our heads. can we see the back of our heads. Many times we walk unwilling to hear criticism because of the pride in our heart and even pride about my ‘own relationship with God’. But like PC said, as human, we cannot ourselves from every angle. I love the way PC puts it : that we would be like waterless stream. Dried up, unable to oversee my own soul and unable to live out in fullness the way he intended me.
    This message really softened my heart and stirred my heart’s desire to be led and be shepherded by the leaders of this community, for me to be led to full, maximum, sweet communion with the lord <3

  405. Shannon Chien says:

    I love the constant reminder that God has placed people in leadership for a reason. Much like “don’t go naked,” this sermon uses the practical analogy of how we do not have eyes in the backs of our heads to elaborate why spiritual shepherding is so important. I especially enjoyed the introduction of soul v. spirit. Of course the soul is a significant and important part of who we are, but it is the spirit that should be taking the reins on our decisions. This sermon was a timely reminder that I am where I am because of who God is, and He will use His servants to shepherd my spirit. Which is really super awesome, because that means I get to have both God’s fatherly protecting, and the physical in-person representation of His people. Win win 😀

  406. Sooky Park says:

    Who will shepherd your soul
    There was so much spiritual opposition while I was listening to this sermon.
    Jesus is the Shepherd of our souls. The human can be divided into three parts: body/spirit/soul. The soul can be divided into three parts: mind/will/emotions.
    “Your preChristian life is directed by soul-directed experiences”.—this would explain a lot.
    Christians should not be led by their soul but by the Spirit of God. Fasting. Deal with the junk in your soul.
    I had grown hazy on the difference between spiritual and soulish. I’m glad PC highlighted the differences again.
    Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders He appoints. My NP friend once tole me she is disqualified from shepherding my soul. I understand now.
    Three points: 1) be subject to elders 2) obey and submit to leaders 3) respect leaders.
    Psyche, the word for NATURAL in 1 Corinthians 2:14, really got to me. As a person who studies secular psychological content, I wonder what I should do. How much of secular teaching/counseling methods should I accept and practice? I truly want to be like the spiritual person in 1 corinthians 2:15. Guess I’ll need to get my soul out of the way and subject to my spirit.
    My soul must be shepherded. God is the Father of our spirits.
    Proverbs 3:5-6 means trust in the LORD even when your soul lacks understanding. This spoke to me regarding my situation right now.
    He became your Shepherd by becoming your Sheep, who died on the cross.

  407. Enoch Kim says:

    “Do not go naked” was about the reason why we need a covering.
    And the point of this message is why do we need a shepherd(covering)& ‘who’ will be our shepherd.

    -Why do I need a shepherd?
    I need a overseer because I cannot see my back my myself.
    Family and friend cannot lead(or shepherd) my soul Godly way but soulish way,

    -Who will be my Shepherd?
    God appointed shepherds to bring my soul to submission to my spirit.
    Not only the lead pastors but also those who small group leaders, campus pastors and church leaders are my shepherd.
    I should submit as they do their work. Because they are watching over me, and they must answer to God.

    I am so blessed to listen this message. I would try to chew on this over and over…

  408. Who Will Shepherd Your Soul – Miles H. Rost

    It’s interesting that the division between the body, spirit, and soul is as such. In general, we usually think of the body, soul, and mind when it comes to the divisions of a person. The change in the wording, as according to how it’s laid out in the Bible, makes things a lot easier to understand. This lays the foundation for everything else that comes afterwards.

    The lesson that I learned from this sermon was two-fold: 1) The things of the spirit take time, and that our life in Christ needs to be informed and led by the spirit and not the soul. 2) A good shepherd will help you in cultivating the spirit, to help put the soul and body under your spirit’s control. This second part is important if we’re going to be involved in becoming mighty warriors like God wants us to be, and to bring our soul into submission, our body into obeying what the spirit says. While we should always question and test what is being said by our shepherds by what’s in the Bible, we also need to understand that when our shepherd’s are right, we need to listen and understand what they say.

    This is what I have learned over this entire sermon, and it’s something that I have needed to have confirmed, especially after the difficulties that have occurred while I was sojourning in Australia and other places.

  409. Hannah Lee says:

    Who Will Shepherd Your Soul?
    Hearing the differences between body, soul and spirit from PC intrigued me and I had to listen and re-listen to different parts of this sermon to fully grasp it. Especially how important it is to guard, heal and deliver your soul from all the things from the past and present. How our life can be directed from our flesh and soul, but our spirit may want to go in a different direction. That’s why we need people in our life to watch our backs, we can’t see our own backs for a reason. For our souls to be in submission to our spirit. We need submit to others to help lead us into healing and deliverance. When he explained how friends and family can not shepherd my soul, it really made sense to me reflecting back on my life and even to my present life. This is definitely a sermon I will need to meditate and listen to over and over.

  410. Benjamin Jung says:

    I’m so thankful for this word and for all of the brothers & sisters that GOD is raising up in the house as leaders and shepherds. It’s great to know that P. Christian, P. Erin. and the entire pastoral team at New Philly cares so deeply for the spiritual health of all its members. Jesus cared so immensely about the spiritual health of His sheep, that He was willing to die on the cross for us. In a similar way, the leaders of New Philly are exemplifying the amazing love of GOD by taking on the tremendous responsibility of shepherding us and ultimately, having to provide an account before the LORD.

    I loved the illustration about every person in the room not being able to see their own back. It’s so encouraging to know that my family and I have our spiritual backs covered by the leaders of the house.

  411. Lexie Okosa says:

    I had never heard of the theory that the soul and the spirit were two different things. I guess I am a little confused about this concept. It is not as though I am unable to accept good teaching a soulish person would not be able to accept it. I fully agree with shepherding and desire to be shepherded and to get better a submitting to God through submitting through church leaders. I am guessing that a soul is not just sin nature, our natural penchant to rebellion and selfishness. I am just not that clear on the soul definition and how i can observe my soul and reign in its behavior. Maybe my confusion is just based on semantics.

  412. rachel kim says:

    It is almost habitual to turn to family and friends for advice and support during times of hardship. I had never considered that counsel from family and friends can be misguided by their priorities. How often have I withheld my honest thoughts in fear of displeasing or hurting the feelings of loved ones?
    This message teaches us that emotion, as well as our minds and our will, are matters of the soul, and a soul lead life is one that is unable to receive the work of God. We are reminded to surrender everything to the Lord by submitting our body and soul to the spirit, and ourselves to our spiritual leaders, who will account for our lives.

  413. JK Choi says:

    This sermon is so powerful. If l want to be a spiritual person – truly have the mind of Christ, my soul has got to get out of the way. And in order to move my soul out of the way, somebody has to shepherd me. I do not want to be that sheep without a shepherd and be in trouble. I have personally been there before and it does not work. I realise that Christ is the chief shepherd of my soul. I must learn to trust in the Lord more, submit and subject myself to Him and allow a New Philly leader to shepherd me even if l may not understand or may disagree.

    I look forward to the new season ahead as l subject myself to the elders of the cummuntity. Obeying and submitting to PC and PJ and other leaders. I will respect and honour each of them and esteem them very highly with love.

  414. Eugenia Nam says:

    The sermon has definitely helped me gain a better understanding of what it means to walk in truth and to be filled with the holy spirit. Especially when Pastor Christian explains the 3 components regarding our body, soul and spirit and how this effects the way we think and operate has enabled me to see the bigger picture of why we sin rather than simply believing that desires of the flesh is sinful. I have learnt that the ‘soul and body must live in submission with our spirit’ in order for us to walk in the patterns of the holy spirit and although this can be highly challenging, I have realised that this is crucial to being a mature christian and ensuring that my life is led by the spirit of God.

  415. Yeagee Jung says:

    I think that growing up in the family settings I did, I was the “head” of the house essentially raising myself and my brother. This led me to have a very independent mindset of like “you can’t show your weakness to others” and “you can handle this by yourself no one else needs to know,” but now through this word I’m seeing how arrogant I was being. I truly was living a soulful life refusing to submit to my leaders and always trying to make myself on the same level as the leaders who were trying to shepherd me. I always wanted to seem in control and this led me to harden my heart to shepherding.

    I’m blessed in this season of my life because God is truly softening my heart to see being shepherded as not a weakness, but a tool for strength. In growing in this aspect of my faith, I’m sure that I will grow because this is relatively new territory for my “independent” personality. But I’m also eager to receive and be filled so I can give to others as well in wisdom and love. I’m eager to explore this new section of my faith that I had been closed off to for so long.

  416. Family And Friends Cant Shepard Me. Powerful Massage, Being A Lone Ranger Is Not The Answer. How Can You Watch Your Own Back. I Guess Before This Sermon, I believe Is Not Impossible. Leaders Of The Church Can Only Shepard Me And I Must Submit In Order To Further My Walk With God. Which At Times I Really Believe I Able To Do It Myself. Commitment, Accountability And Submission Are Things I Realize That Were Not Included In My Journey With Our Father. A Leader With God’s Authority Was Not Present In My Life, He/She Will Keep Me On Track When I Become Complacent With My Adventure In Becoming Gods Son’s.

  417. Huihui Wang(Vivian) says:

    After listening to this powerful sermon, I have a better understanding of soul now. It helps me to understand why a lot of time I wanted to follow spirit but I failed. It’s because soul was on the way. I was controlled by my mind, my will and my emotion. I have to get my soul out of the way to follow spirit. This is so easy to say, but very hard to act it out. It’s easy to please our own will or devil which is listening to our soul. And that’s the reason why my soul needs to be shepherded.
    “You cannot exercise oversight for yourself” as Pastor Christian stated. However, before I came to Korea this was what I tried to do all the time and it turned out that it did not work. I need shepherds in my life, my lord and the leaders that he appointed to me. Because they will exercise oversight for me and shepherd my soul. After I came to New Philly, I have my familia leader Della shepherded my soul. It was wonderful, because I know God’s watching over me through my leader and lead my way. I struggled when my leader shepherd my soul, but God himself helped me to do it. I’m experiencing God through his work on me. Good is so good. I decided to subject myself to elders in the church community. I will obey to my leader and show respect to them. I look forward to this new season of my life on the journey with Jesus Christ.

  418. Joanna Kim says:

    I feel as if this sermon ties back to the first sermon that I listened to–“Do Not Go Naked”–but adds another dimension to being in covenant with a Christian community. It’s one thing to place yourself under the covering of leaders, but it’s another to submit to them and actually follow their instructions.

    Submitting to my leaders is something I’ve been understanding and developing since I joined New Philly. In school, my friends and I would share with our leaders, but then weigh their guidance and decide if we wanted to listen to it if it already aligned with our thoughts. I realize that at the root of submission is trust, and in order to submit with a joyful heart, I have to trust the leader over me and God who appointed that leader over me.

    It’s definitely not easy, especially considering the fact that as a college student, I feel entitled to the world’s definition of freedom, which is doing whatever I want, whenever I want, in whatever capacity I want. But I’m realizing that true freedom is actually obeying my leaders and living by the Spirit to the fullest in a world that’s barred by soulful desires.

    Excited to keep growing!

  419. Kwok Hei (Otto) Ng says:

    Our body and soul must submit to our spirit to live a victorious Christian life. When we do not submit to the word of God, we are like a sheep without a shepherd. Jesus shepherds our souls through the leaders He appoints. Shepherds that God appoints are the examples of the flock. Friends and families are disqualified for shepherding our souls. I agree that church leaders have an important role of shepherding the members of the church and their opinions are valuable, but I would not say that everything that the church leaders say must be right. We all individually have the responsibility to check whether the leaders say is aligned with the Bible. God is our ultimate shepherd. If we just listen to anything the leaders say, then they will become our idols.

  420. Dennis Johannisse says:

    Good message. Body, spirit and soul are all connected. As such I liked that example. We should no longer be in the flesh (body), nor in the soul (mind, will and emotion) but in the spirit of God. However I want to admit that at times it is difficult to remain in the superior way – and I want to say that regression is not great. There have been times I thought I could be my own shepherd, but I already know the truth of that reality. Thus, I’m very happy that this church understands the importance of guidance and support! Safety is really important. We should be let by the spirit of God in a Supernatural way together with our leaders. I like the last message: I don’t want to be a ‘lone ranger’ anymore.

  421. Lydia Park says:

    Our body and soul is easily influenced by the world and the desires of our flesh. This message reminded me that it’s crucial for our souls to be led by the spirit and that we submit our souls to the spirit. Additionally, just like a sheep without a shepherd is lost, a soul without a shepherd and not in sonship is also a lost soul. It is reassuring to know that the leaders of this house are committed to shepherding the members of this house and I too want to submit to their leadership and spiritual authority over me.

  422. Ella Radwan says:

    “For you to be a truly spiritual person that truly has the mind of Christ- first your soul and your body have to be subject to your spirit. ” and this is done by shepherding. Who will shepherd your soul?
    It is so pleasant to know how many levels of access to God we have. God wants us to have relationships, God gives us levels of authority, and we need to trust the leaders He has appointed to shepherd our soul.
    It is so easy to be “soulish”; act on the body and on the souls desire. In order to live through the Spirit, which is Gods precious gift in our lives, we must nurture it. We are shepherd by the Lord and must be obedient, but at the same time we must trust our leaders and pastors to shepherd our souls, and trust that they are our spiritual leaders because that is what He wants. A lone sheep will always face trouble, while a sheep that submits to a shepherd will find comfort, guidance, protection, and encounter the joy of a fulfilling life rooting in the spirit.

  423. Deborah Kang says:

    Having someone shepherd your soul by Jesus and appointed leaders allows us to walk in spirit. Often times we may fall to soul / natural desires and it is important to have leaders to guide us in a spiritual way. Straying alone in the Christian walk is dangerous and as we are called to community, submitting in a Spirit-filled life with guidance of appointed leaders allows us to avoid the dangerous path of a lone wolf Christian. We cannot see our backs or the top of our heads. Often times, it is so easy to be wise in our own eyes. We fall into the natural way without even knowing. Having a shepherd watching over us is important to allow us to have spirit-filled clarity in what it is we are called to do.

  424. Katherine Yang says:

    I really love how PC gave a distinction between spirit and soul. We need to submit our body and soul to our spirits because that is where we commune with God. Often, our soul doesn’t agree with our spirit and we need someone to shepherd us. I really resonated with what PC said about not being able to have our friends or family be our primary shepherds because their priority isn’t God’s will in our lives but their priorities are their comfort level with us or our comfort and safety. I am excited and thankful that I can commit and submit to leaders in this community who Jesus will use to shepherd my soul~ I can’t do this alone because I need someone with wisdom, discernment, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit to watch my back and see the top of my head!

  425. David Lee says:

    Sermon 3: Who will shepherd your soul?

    “We see the superior spiritual ways, but we go back to our soul-ish and flesh-led ways”. The sermon reminded me of how the soul and body must fall under the Spirit. “The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41) How do we fall under the will of the spirit? Applying “Jesus is the shepherd of my soul” in daily life translates into obeying the shepherds whom Jesus has appointed on us.

    The three sermons had a unifying message for me. For me, the church has been a place of worship, where different worshipers come together and praise God. But I neglected the commitment and intimacy that make up the Christian walk of life. As a Christian, my belonging to a church involves beholding the other members of the church and to truly assume the responsibilities that fall under my covenant as a member of the body of Christ. There are some revealing truths worth meditating on!

  426. Beatrice Chum says:

    I’m someone who always has a lot of determination – and sometimes that leads me to try to do everything on my own. What I often fail to realize is that it makes me become so vulnerable to the Devil’s lies and then become subsequently frustrated that I am not living the life of faith God called for me to live. It’s exactly as Pastor Christian said: the wolves come for the lone sheep without a shepherd. I realized through this sermon that it’s so important for me to have and to trust the spiritual leaders in my life in order to receive covering and to be led by the Spirit instead of the soul.

  427. Catherine Koh says:

    The message of this sermon allowed me to be alert by the fact that being shephered by the church, the leaders of the community and the house of God is about our souls being guided by spirit. I am still in the process of grasping this. However I realise the importance of being shephered by someone other than my family and friends that surround me. I am reassured by the importance of leadership in the church community and how I should always look toward them in order for my soul to be ultimately be shephered and sheltered by God.

  428. Scott Barker says:

    Wow! I am feeling so thankful for those who have shepherded my soul. I have never looked at it so directly before. It is such a blessing to have people willing to do this. Thank you Jesus! I loved the differentiation between the spirit and the soul. I am thankful that Pastor Christian talked about the Lord having full authority over our spirit and having leaders to shepherd our souls. This just brought some clarity to my own feeling and understandings. Submission is such a wonderful thing. Once again, the prospect of it can be daunting and unfamiliar but I want to be willing to submit time and time again. To give my leaders my yes. To give God my yes. I really appreciated Pastor Christian’s honesty about it being difficult for him sometimes to step into the process with his leaders. That gives me room to even see those things in my own life and submit them. Jesus is the ultimate example of submission. Amazing!

  429. Yaena Jung says:

    This sermon made me think what is important but has been ignored in my life. I have never given any priority to a leader having the shepherd to help my soul put under the spirit. It is because not only my heart didn’t really care what other “spiritual authorities” say in my life and minimize their spiritual power, but also I didn’t trust God would take care of me through the shepherd whom I actually needed to listen to. This sermon is also connected to one of 9 core values the anointing flows form the top down which I recently listened to in the same way PC says spiritual leaders are the ones that God designed for you to be blessed and covered. You can be deeply moved or encouraged by a book or sermon, but you never grow entirely without being shepherded by a leader. It can be sometimes uncomfortable and hard to have someone like that in your life because you so get used to get support and advice from family and my friends. It is good to be around people who make you feel loved but staying in that zone forever and get fed by only people you’re always comfortable with blind you to the growth God wants you to have. God would certainly teach me what it is like to be protected by the proper covering for my soul and learn and grow surrounded by spiritual leaders and people at NP and I will know I love that season of my life.

  430. Samantha Johnson says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard such a vivid description of the differences between the soul and the spirit. The spirit tells us to forgive but our soul wants to resist. The idea that you cannot be led by the spirit if your soul is not shepherded – or being held at bay – speaks to me. Pastor Christian talked early on about how the church needs to reclaim the idea of “spiritual.” We (I) have allowed the world to make this word to mean something that it does not. We hear people saying they are ‘spiritual’ rather than identifying themselves as Christians or saying they are ‘spiritual’ when they are asked if they attend a church. But to be guided by and to move in the spirit is to commune with God – how can one commune with God without being of God – we must change our thinking. Pastor Christian talks about the importance of being in submission to spiritual leaders – shepherds. And that safety is created by a shepherd only through that submission. It is only in this security that we can operate in the spirit. This is the importance of being shepherded – it allows us to commune with God.

  431. Sam Johnson says:

    The body and soul must be in submission, but even as Christians it is difficult to do this. And without the leadership from a shepherd in your life, you will fall short. But it’s important to find the appropriate shepherd in your life. Some people will try to shepherd themselves but, you can’t find your own flaws and you will have many blind spots when you evaluate yourself. It’s also common to seek out your family because often they raised you and provided for you. Often they value their relationship with you too much to be honest with you or their own values may get in the way of what’s best for you spiritually. Being in submission to a Godly shepherd is a critical piece of a mature and fruitful Christian walk.

  432. Jean Sung says:

    While I’ve heard preachings about the body, soul, and spirit before, I appreciate how Pastor Christian discussed it in terms of our current struggles in the world and how they affect our spirit. By understanding that our spirit is being attacked, I understand more how to be aware of the dark attacks in this world and how important it is to protect myself. I love the point of being in covenant with the church as we are no longer lone sheep but rather in protection with our herd. By going through this past month of membership, I’ve truly learned why it’s so important to be covered by a church. Our spirits are open to the things of this world and it is so incredibly consequential how we protect ourselves.

  433. Robin woo says:

    I think definition about “spirit, soul ,body” is a bit different from Korean “영, 영혼, 육”. I think the sermon interpreted “soul” as 혼, which Korean call as “영혼”. Anyway I studied this part before to teach foreigners in english , and i quite agree with the definition here when we explain it in english. The rest of part of the sermon explain which(who) will control and influence our soul in our life. This is what i struggle everyday. It reminds me of how i decide my life.

  434. James Kang says:

    I am so thankful that leaders and pastors at new philly are committed to making sure we are shepherded. Also I found that humility and surrender is a requirement to be shepherded other than trust in God to appoint the right leaders. Through my journey in new philly I have come to trust many leaders but it is also comforting to know that God is in control and is shepherding our souls through the leaders he appointed. We are but lone sheep without the shepherd and we cannot survive on our own.

  435. Harry Kim says:

    Every needs a leader to shepherd their Ghristian life to correct their mistakes.
    Whenever i took mistakes on my life while i want to do what i want to do, i couldn’t easily change my mistakes. Some times even i didn’t know what i was doing mistakes. Even after i realized my mistakes, i did same mistakes again and then that mistake just sticked on my life to do not make i want to do. That was my funny whole life. But i now believe we can be perfect being by following our shephed.
    As my shepherd who is Jesus in my life always know where we must go and he will care me every day to the way where i must go with my christians to the door of kingdom.

  436. Chaelin Kim says:

    Jesus is our shepherd. We need to follow Jesus, and Jesus shepherd our soul through leaders whom he appoints. When he talked about this, I thought of the concept that “he appoints”. We should “obey and submit to your leader” and “respect our leader ” as he appointed them to shepherd us. They see what we can not see when we walk to God. So, we need shepherd, and leaders are the example whom we should look up to, and follow. It is the role that our friends or parents cannot do for us. He appoints the leader in purpose to guide us. Guiding is different from caring about our comfort. They guide more than just caring our comfort that anyone can do for us. That’s why God especially appoints leaders.

  437. Aaron Krumsieg says:

    Yes, it is so important for Christians to be willing to be shepherded by more mature believers. Without the guidance of spiritual leaders who have been anointed by God, it is so easy to get off-track in the long run. It’s like trying to get from point A to point B in a straight line…if you start out heading in the right direction, you think you’re doing pretty well. But it’s easy to not notice if you are a few degrees of course. After a while of travelling in the direction of point B (but just a few degrees offset), you end up quite a distance from your destination. We need a spiritual leader/mentor to guide us on our spiritual journey – someone who will let us know when we are veering off course, even by just a few degrees.

  438. One of the ways that his message blessed me is when he talked about his talk with pastor Benjamin. That he mentioned he doesn’t have authority over your spirit. But your soul must be shepherded by those whom God has appointed. During the times that we live in today, we live in a very passive church culture where we don’t feel the need (often times) to commit to a church so we don’t have to commit to a church or commit to growing in our faith. There’s a lot of things that have been prophesied into my life and in order to complete the calling that God has on me I do recognize that I need to be shepherded in order to be able to go along the path that God has already designated for me.

  439. One Lee says:

    Submission and obedience are something that I am not really good with, I think because it is something that I am not aware of and forget often. I agree with we are all children who need a shepherd of soul, which is def Jesus. I agree he gave my leader a authority of taking care of me in church and in love. The reason why I submit or obey what my leader say or pastor say is that I and we all experienced the blood of Jesus, who die on the cross to set me free. Experience with God and his grace in everyday. I have faith in God if I follow Jesus through given leaders and pastors, he will work more greater as a church and a family in order to save people surrounding us. I alway think what is the perfect shape of the church or good model of the church. And there is no right answer/wring answer, but I think If I look up jesus and listen what he say through my spiritual leaders and bible in daily base. That will lead me to see the right form of the church. I trusted that Jesus gave us power to heal those who need our love and care.

    Praise the Lord

  440. Hanna Bang says:

    I feel blessed beyond words to be part of a community that values shepherding and each member’s walk in faith. Living in my worldly desires was becoming more of a common thing because I was shutting down God’s Word in my life. I was so busy keeping myself preoccupied on listening to my flesh than of the Holy Spirit. This sermon awakened me on my current situation and on the foolish life I’ve been living. This time around, I pray that I will have a healthier relationship with my leader and be more open so that I can live a life that’s pleasing to God.

  441. Young Suk Moon says:

    Who will shepherd your soul

    As pastor Christian has put, I’ve relied heavily on shepherding of my friends and family rather than shepherding of Christian leadership figures. This message, to me, was a clear and direct guidance regarding who, other than God, should be shepherding our souls and what this shepherding actually signifies.

  442. Listening to “Who will shepherd your soul” was definitely an intellectual feast for me. I found it especially interesting that the list PC gave for components of the soul (mind, emotions, and will), is exactly the same as a list I once heard which tried to detail what it meant to be made “in God’s image”…..still processing what I think about that. Especially when PC pointed out that we are to be spiritual rather than soulish.

    On that note, I think it is hard for me to differentiate the difference in Scripture between “spirit” and “Spirit”; I don’t think that the Greek distinguishes the two, though they are definitely separate entities. That being said, I’m not sure if the “spirit” is a separate part of the human trichotomy, a part which is only awakened after salvation, or if ‘it’ is actually the Spirit (capital S and a ‘He’) who comes and indwells in us when we accept Christ. I have always accepted the latter as the better explanation, but if the human consists of only body and soul, and both distract from God, it would be difficult to see how God “saw what He had made and said it was very good.” Unless both our souls and bodies have both simply been corrupted by the fall (mind corrupted – check, emotions – check, will – check). In this case, being “spirit-led” may be less of putting our souls aside, and more of allowing our souls to be conformed to match what God desires.

    Something to think about.

  443. Jamie Boehmer says:

    This one was probably my favorite of the three sermons. It’s a good message on the structure that God has laid out. For all the good that the reformation did, one of the biggest unintended consequences, was the start on a path to self regulated faith. I don’t need the church to tell me, I don’t need a bishop or a pastor or anything to tell me what I know God has told me. Playing the God card is all to easy these days and this message was a good reminder that the Church was built by Christ and is to be respected as such.

  444. Kasey JooHyang Lee says:

    The relationship between soul, body, and spirit. My body and soul is easily effected by the world. I need to have my soul and body in submission to the spirit. In order for me to submit my soul to my spirit, I need a shepherd to guide and cover me. Without a spiritual shepherd I will be lost, be fighting by myself, and will be allowing the devil to have a easy hold of us. Yes, Jesus is my shepherd but he shepherds me through the authorities and leaders of the church. Just like Pastor Christian said, if I say that Jesus is my shepherd but do not respect the leaders or take my responsibility as a part of the body of Christ, I am not doing what I say I believe. The leaders oversight and become a role model/example for me. If I am soulish and do not submit to no one, I cannot receive the teachings of the shepherds. There is no oversight for myself. To be spiritual person and has the mind of Christ, my soul needs to get out of the way. Today’s sermon answered few questions I had in my life. I wondered why I had certain difficulties and questions and wondered why I couldn’t get over them. It seems to me it is probably because I had no shepherd and covering. Now I realize the importance of be shepherded and covered. To the leaders I need to submit to the authority and allow there to be a covering.

  445. Ayeon Lee says:

    This message talks about the importance of being shephered. Jesus is the shepherd of our life and he has designed us to be shephered in our soul (mind, will, emotion) by the godly leaders at church. Through our submission and good relationship with the leaders we are provided with their oversight, examples to follow and accountability. They help us to live a Spirit led life and not flesh led life of the former days.
    This message has high lighted for me that friends and family were not meant to be our sides to shepherd us. For quite some while I’ve been expecting to be shephered by my family and acquaintances rather then the spritual leaders. My thoughts have been modified and I desire to be shephered through developing good relationship with the church leaders.

  446. Rebecca Kim says:

    This sermon was quite eye-opening in that it brought to my awareness about the realm of soul. I only believed that I am composed of my body and my spirit, but I learned a new concept of the soul, or psyche. This broadens my understanding of how although one abstains his or herself from the physical and tangible sin, the devil could still have hold on one’s soul to sin in his or her mind, emotion, and will. To prevent this from happening, Pastor Christian emphasizes on the importance of subjecting one’s body and soul to the Spirit. One way to do this is to find covering under spiritual authority and shepherds and to respect the leaders of the church. I am blessed to learn that everyone in this church is held accountable by their spiritual shepherds and to not forget the fact that Jesus is the ultimate shepherd of my soul.

  447. Kellie Teague says:

    After listening to this sermon, my eyes were opened to all the times in my life that I tried to shepherd my own soul, and utterly failed. I knew those failures were due to my own bias and idolatry when praying for direction over those situations, but I didn’t realize until now that what I needed was a spiritual mentor. I asked spiritual friends for advice, but not an actual mentor or leader. I did not have the covering of a church at that time either. I want to actively submit my body and soul to the Spirit, and I now know that having a spiritual mentor (such as my darling CG leader) will help me do that. I cannot rely on my own abilities or my own perception of what I think Christ wants in my life. I respect the authority of those in leadership at New Philly and already feel blessed for the opportunity to be covered by them.

  448. the spirit, the soul, the body.

    Your soul and body need to submit to the spirit. We may hear the same sermon, but without proper shepherding, we may still act out according to our soul or even our body. You may fool yourself thinking you’re fine because you’re saved, but without being submitted to the spirit may end up thinking and doing things that are not of God.

  449. Hannah Boehmer says:

    This was a good sermon to remember. We haven’t had a lot of churches we were a part of that practice speaking in tongues and prayers for delivery and healing, so the dangerous side of that wasn’t there either. It’s was good to know that while this church practices those things its also done under a proper submission and not allowed to have anybody and everybody do it whenever they “feel God” telling them something.

  450. Robin woo says:

    I think I can individually have connection to God and have inspiration, but no matter how you are a godly man there are God’s leading only given through church leaders. So I fully understand how important our soul is lead by the leader and church which are moved by holy spirit. But at the same time it is true that is it hard to obey leader when a leader have contradictory idea with me. That is why we have strong conviction by holy spirit that God leads us to the church and my leader.

  451. Vivien Nguyen says:

    This sermon has blessed me in showing me that theres a difference in your spirit abd soul. For the longest time, I believed thag the soul and spirit were of one thing, but after listening to the podcast, i realized that they are 2 different things. The soul and body need to follow the spirit, which is essentually God. However, it is easier to act out through the soul than the body. That is why we need a sherpherd for our soul, which is Jesus. Other sherpherds of our souls though can be the leaders of our church. Although we may disagree with them, they are still the one who help guide our souls. That sermon showed me that everyone needs a sherpherd for their soul and that it is important to listen to the sherpherds that God has put in our lives.

  452. Angel Jung says:

    One of the most dangerous and unwise things a Christian can do is to live a “lone ranger” type of Christian lifestyle. Without shepherding, the Christian has no accountability to help him/her live a well-balanced and well-rounded life that is honorable and righteous. “The Lord is my shepherd”, as it states in Scripture, but I am also in the belief that God uses people in our lives to often give us guidance, direction and exhortation. God can use a myriad of different ways to do these things – and He does – but it must also come from a relationship where there is a mutual understanding of discipleship roles. Where there is a disciple, there must be a discipler. And where this relationship exists, there must be an amount of submission involved.
    In this way, we are all held accountable for our choices and our actions. We are affirmed in our goodness, and rebuked in our sin.

  453. Gavin Yoon Jonghyun says:

    It wasn’t long ago that I embarked on my journey as a Christian through the blood of Christ Jesus the savior of my soul. I was filled with great joy, gratefulness and hunger to know God. But, I lost that somewhere along the way. After listening to the sermon, I found out what I was missing. I was saying Jesus is the shepherd of my soul but I would do things own my own. I wasn’t being herd. I didn’t let anyone to herd me. I was quick to say Jesus is my shepherd, I don’t need your help. I didn’t know that to be under shepherding for my soul I had to first submit and honor authorities and the covenant and responsibilities. Obedience to God. But once again I would like to joyfully lay down my life to him and admit that Jesus is the only shepherd in my soul.

  454. Sarah Lee says:

    It was interesting to hear that family and friends aren’t really qualified to be shepherds of our souls. While they can be supportive or not, their opinions could be biased, which makes it essential for us to receive guidance from God-appointed leaders and allow them to speak into our lives. Submission isn’t so easy since I tend to be so stubborn and get hurt easily when things don’t necessarily go the way I planned it to be. It takes alot of faith and courage (and a whole lot of putting myself down) to trust that our shepherds are here to guide us, not harm us. It was also new to hear that the soul and spirit are different. God is our one true Shepherd. I think this sermon wraps up the other two as well. We need to be covered, form intimate relationships, and allow the right shepherds to guide our souls.

  455. Hong Seung Chan Philipp says:

    As for my personality, I don’t like being told what to do, don’t like being led and I don’t really care what people think about me. So my previous church experience was very self-centered, I didn’t want to listen to the leaders, because my own opinion was more important to me. Thus my priority was to believe in God in accordance with my comfortable zone, which is relying on my soul, being controlled by my physical body. I didn’t like being compared to sheep , because I was selfish and arrogant, I thought I could do everything on my own…maybe because it was easier to rationalize and justify my behavior, my sins. But after the sermon I understood that we don’t have to be compared with sheep. Human is as week as a little sheep…we can’t see our backs, our top of our head and even our own face. So that is why we need someone to lead us and correct us if we are going the wrong way… we do need a shepherd in our life, not only God, but the people God sent to us.

  456. Andrew Kim says:

    This message has blessed me by teaching me the difference between my soul and my spirit. The spirit of God lives in us, and it is what we must listen to and follow. This message has reminded me how my soul is not in submission to my spirit. I have been and still find myself holding onto anger, resentment, and disappointment towards those whom I deem have wronged me. I realize that this will only keep me in bondage, as it doesn’t allow me to find solace in walking the path with Jesus. There have been friends, coworkers, bosses towards whom I get upset with which is fine if it’s for the right reasons, but I must find it within me to forgive them no regardless of why. It’s difficult, but I will make an effort to remember at least one such person in my life and forgive them.

  457. John Palmer Moise says:

    Before now, I hadn’t thought there was any difference between the soul and the spirit, but this sermon clearly defines the two. I found this sermon to be particularly thought-provoking: throughout my entire christian life I have been very independent in clear soulish manner, hesitating to submit to anyone, but I now realize my aversion to being sheparded has been hurting my ability to relate with God. This sermon has helped me realize and appreciate the many shepards in my life who are helping me build a stronger spiritual relationship with God.

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