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Do Not Go Naked

Sunday, December 26, 2010
Sunday Service (Hillside Campus 1pm)
Speaker: Christian Lee
Passage: Revelation 3:14-19
Duration: 00:57:30

A message about the importance of being under covering.


  1. Jasmin Agese says:

    Jasmin Agese: so true…. with out a covering and proper leadership you become a sheep without a shepherd. We all have one father but we still need an instructor….. Besides you need that person to seek advice which you will heed as without it you are as good as the guy who didn’t heed to instruction.

    • Rona Babb says:

      Jasmin, I’ve been so blessed to see your hunger for truth and for the word. God is really breathing life into you and putting in order all the things you grew up knowing about. I can see so many lightbulbs going off in your head now! You are such a woman of zeal and joy, Jasmin!

    • Wendy Younghyun Kim says:

      I had thought that I could have worship at home by myself When I’m busy with my works. I had thought it’ not bad. But through this sermon I recognized  it would be dangerous.. Like a baby right came out of his mom we were all naked at first in spiritually. So we need covering and  protection. If I get worship by myself at home, I can’t receive covering and protection. Because We can receive them through the relationship with our pastors and leaders. I reallize my thought was totally wrong and dagerous through this sermon.

    • Nandawula Elizabeth says:

      Do not go naked is a sermon i have truly enjoyed.It has really spoken to my spirit. it has made me realise the importance of spiritual covering.I need the spiritual covering and i do not wanna ever go naked!!!!!!So i will submit to the God ordained leaders so that i will always be where i am supposed to be. Am so glad i joined NP,excited to learn more!!!

    • My Phan says:

      Listening to this sermon really spoke out to me as I had never realized the importance of spiritual covering as this is something I never had growing up in church. I like how Pastor Christian used the comparison of Christian babies to newborn babies. If babies don’t have extra care and protection, they could be vulnerable to diseases whereas Christians, we can easily fall into temptation and sin. That is why I am blessed to attend NP and to have a community with leaders that we can submit to so that they will spiritually guide us and protect us in ways we would never imagine!

  2. Della Collins says:

    I love the comparison between real babies and Christian babies. It’s awesome how just about everything on earth and how things work reflect God’s glory. Good point made about covering being about relationship and not just being a Christian and getting spiritual food from books, tv, podcasts or online. I have more basis now to encourage my friends to go to church, and I’m glad to be at a church that truly cares about giving proper covering to their members. I recently changed churches at home in the states, and although the teaching is great, I realized the reason I wasn’t fully connecting was I didn’t get that small group aspect. People know my name and some know I’m in Korea, but nobody really knows what’s going on in my life. Relationship is so important!

  3. Janice So Hyun Lim says:

    The sermon helped me understand why I wasn’t growing much during the time I refused to submit to my pastor back in Indonesia. I didn’t know that covering comes with relationships! I was blessed and encouraged by sermon podcasts and devotional books, but I missed out on the discipline/covering that’s provided in the church. It was only when I decided to commit to my local church and accept the pastor as my spiritual father that I started to grow. It all makes sense now! I also think that PC pointed out an important point that receiving covering is a daily choice we make just as we put on clothes everyday.

  4. Jina Nam says:

    I loved the point PC made about how with higher and new levels, there are new devils attacking you. I’ve been feeling that as my faith grows in God, and as I take steps to mature in both my faith and character, there are different tactics the enemy uses to get to me. He comes back stronger than before to make me feel discouraged, have doubts, and feel naked. But it is because we receive covering from our Father and our community, through the relationships, and by equipping ourselves with His words and laws, that the truth empowers us and sets us free from the enemy. So I agree with PC when he preached about making important decisions UNDER covering from him and higher level leaders, and that we need to submit to authority and have a heart of servant-hood so that our leaders and Father can cover and protect us. It’s like we have to go under their wings for them to shield us. And I think that the relationships we have with our leaders, those who discipline and shepherd us, were God’s doings so that here on earth we have a community of leaders who can protect us with God’s covering, and not leave us alone, abandoned, to cover ourselves with what we make.

  5. I’m glad this is one of the key sermon that PC wants us to listen to. This is the reason why I find that I need to make a covenant with a local church because covering is so important. The fact that only the leaders of this church can lay hand & pray for people is for the safety of the visitors & members. Being naked is being exposed to the Devil & let him do whatever he wants with you but being covered by God means you have God as your fort & your shield to defend whatever the Devil tries to do to you. I’m excited to be under covering & submitting myself to this church.

  6. Hmm hmmm

    Humble me Lord

  7. Joyce Ku says:

    This sermon reminded me that one christian cannot be the church because covering comes from relationships with people who have God given authority. I really liked the fleeting point about “thick” covering coming from deeper submission. It’s going to be a really flimsy covering if your submission is shallow and does not allow room for someone to actually speak into your life. I had been committed to a church for several years and submitted under their leadership but it was very external. I didn’t internally process their teachings or submit and I think this is why I had struggled so much that time. Thankfully, I know that NP is a church where there is safety so I’m really eager to submit and receive the full covering!

  8. Through this sermon I was reminded of the importance of building and maintaining relationships with the community of believers in your church. Christian life, living as a follower of Christ, was never meant to be done alone. Without the body of Christ looking out for you, loving on you, speaking into your life, and keeping you accountable, you will be left exposed for the Devil to mess you up. I used to be skeptical/suspicious of leaders growing up so I never put myself under their covering completely. I tried to live my life for Jesus with just me and Jesus. But looking back, I realize that the reason why the Devil was constantly able to wreak havoc in my life was because I didn’t submit to the leadership and I didn’t allow myself the protection of my leaders. Through this message I was also reminded that if I really want to effectively utilize the skills God has given me for His kingdom and for His glory, I have to know how to submit to God-given authority because ultimately my talents aren’t meant for me to receive glory or for me to get recognition but they exist so that I can use them to serve God and serve people. My favorite and probably the most challenging point that PC spoke about in his message was about how the process of submitting to authority and then transitioning to being entrusted with God-given authority takes time. It hit me because I have an eager heart to take on big responsibilities for the Lord but God taught me through this message that if I cannot be faithful in the little, if I can’t be faithful in submitting to authority and staying under the covering of the leadership He’s placed above me, I can’t be entrusted to serve His people with His authority. I’m excited to see how God plans to mold me through submission under the leadership of NP. From the first day I came, I immediately felt like I was with brothers/sisters who can cover and protect me, so I cannot wait to undergo this process. :)

  9. Stephanie Grady says:

    Stephanie Grady: PC did an amazing job talking about the importance of covering. Wow! I love that NP really makes safety such a priority for it’s people. I can relate to so much of this message. I am a person who has seen missionary couples and singles get their lives destroyed because of their lack of covering. I really liked how PC defined covering as wisdom, prayer covering, and advice. So many of us grew up thinking that we are on our own in this world, even in the church. God wants us all to be in a loving and supportive community. We are not alone and we don’t always know what is best. We need each other so much. I’m so thankful for the amazing leaders God has put in my life over the years who helped me to be who I am today.

  10. Jessica Hyun Joo Kim says:

    Even though the sermon had a very simple message to not go naked, God is amazing to tell/show me that I am going naked and to find covering before I get beaten by satan. Ever since I heard Pastor JM’s sermon, I have been working to get out of my pessimism and I know that I have grown a lot. So what I did was, I talked with a couple of my friends back home who were going through things and I just prayed to God to use me to tell them what it is that needed to be said to them, before I told them anything. And I have found myself growing a lot so I decided to try this new thing out and asked some of my friends, (whom I did not want to ask before) what their prayer requests are. And I have them written down so that I can pray everyday for them and see the amazing works of God; but after hearing this sermon, I realized I am going in naked and do not have any covering or protection because I have not told anyone about this. I have also realized that the very first time I tried to heal someone of an illness they had, it didnt work because (now that I think back on it) I was too quick in my Spirit and wanted to already heal someone when I had no covering. I praise God that through this sermon, I was able to be told build meaningful relationships and to get covering so that I will not get beaten by satan.

  11. Eunhae Grace Han says:

    At first when I read the sermon podcast “Don’t go Naked” I was a bit confused to how the Word of God was going to speak to me but boy He sure did.

    It is so true that everything in the physical realm has some spiritual truth or principle that we can learn from! When a baby is born it isn’t born with covering, but it needs the covering of parents, or some sort of spiritual mentor over their life. For a baby to be covered it needs to be vulnerable and allowed to be intimately known. Being vulnerable and allowing people getting to know not the shallow but real me is something that can be frightful at times but this sermon was a reminder of the importance of being covered and to that I need to do the first.

    Pastor C is this a platform where questions can be posed as well?

  12. Anastasia Tin (Seaside Campus) says:

    I would like to Thank PC for this amazing sermon that really spoke into my heart. I used to be a member of a local Grace Church back in Russia (Sakhalin Island, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk City), since I was 10 years old, as I got to Seoul to continue my college education, I continued to attend my mother church, but then God moved me to Busan and I was struggling for 3 years with finding the church that would be similar to my church back in my hometown, I was missing hot and loud worship and was hungry for word, as I was going through a season of desert, there were days when I would give up on God and take the paths that this world is following on, but thanks God! He was being faithful to me the whole time. One time I got to visit one church and the guy who preached was from Switzerland, in his sermon he was saying that leaders of the church aren’t the constant sources and providers of The Water of the Holy Spirit and we have to stop to be clingy and needy and learn how to grow and get mature out in the dry seasons, by ourselves because Holy Spirit is in us and each person has that access to the Water and we can find it through personal relationship with Jesus and get nourished, so I thought, maybe that’s why God left me here in Busan to teach me how to survive alone by myself, although I had my Mom that would always keep me in prayers. Before coming to Korea I lost two family members and coming to Korea I lost friendships and connections with friends, leaders at my hometown church. It was painful… So out of it all, I learnt one thing that people aren’t going to be always there for me and I need to rely only on God. But coming to New Philly God opened my eyes that it’s not only important to rely only on Him, but also it’s good to have spiritual family that supports and covers you in love of our Jesus Christ.

  13. What touched my heart the most in this sermon was the example of Lamborghini and Hyundai cars on the Heaven’s path that PC brought up, and this made me think of how my past years have been so far. It was either being too much obssessed with who i am with given authority or who the Lord of Lords is. not holding both of them at the same time on each of my hand. There were times when I walked faster than God, not setting Him before me and wresting all glory and honor which belong to Him, and when he finally stopped me, I just stood up there yielding to self-pity and thinking I cannot do anything. and then when I started taking steps again, speeding up and then when it became too fast, God paused me again and me getting depressed, and this cycle kept going over and over again in a cycle. Simply because I was numb to hear what God was telling me and to see clearly what is going on. God had been trying so hard to teach me how to surrender to Him over years, and I did not get what is like to be disciplined under the covering of the church.
    Also, I loved how Pastor Christian put emphasis on relationships built in the presence of God and under the same roof of the church as a key to walk along with Jesus. I have grown up in churches, but not really had an intimate connection to church members. After coming to New Philly, knowingly or unknowingly i let people come into my life, and they have been just lifting me up to the higher levels, stretching my mind, making me see what will come beyond what i see, and confronting my insecurities with overflowing love. I see how God powerfully speaks to me through these people around me. Now i remember, at the church wide retreat, that God showed me all different faces I know like a movie panorama, but for some reason they all looked the same. so I asked him why they all looked like one person, and he said “Because it has been always me who spoke to you through these people. For I have never abandoned you, but always been right beside you.” :)

    • Ji Hye, I’ve been watching you and I can see that God is doing a mighty work in your life! Your comment reminds me of what PB said at the CW Retreat this year about how lasting transformation involves two things: the revelation of who God is + the revelation of our identity. One cannot go without the other. Both are required for true, lasting transformation! You will no longer go back and forth from going ahead of God to self pity, the NP family will help you to walk in step with the Spirit, free of all insecurity and walking with confidence and kingdom authority!

  14. Magdeline Goh Seen Hui says:

    It’s so true that newborn Christians,born again Christians needs covering and discipleship. Without covering,discipleship and prayers, Christians will be like sheep without shepherd,do not know which direction to go.When I’m under covering, I learnt that I must humble myself and submit under the authority of leaders and spiritual parents. I can’t wait to be under the covering of this church!

  15. Audrey Tan Ngerong says:

    This sermon was a really strong reminder to me personally, as, in the past, it has always been difficult to submit myself to leaders that God has placed specifically there in my life. In the result of that, I wasn’t able to make Spirit-led decisions and ended up making choices that weren’t properly covered by God. Through this sermon, it has led me to fully understand that regardless of whether one is a newborn Christian or an experienced leader in the House, being under covering is essential in our daily walk with God as it opens up God’s plans for you and helps you to utilize your gifts in full potential. Because covering comes from relationships, I learnt that every Christian needs to learn the basics of being in total submission and constantly having a heart of servant-hood first before even thinking about skipping ahead to exercising authority over others. I’m so thankful that God has led me to New Philly to be covered and also to grow so much more!

  16. I think it is true that you need leaders to build you up and encourage you to go out. It makes ministry a lot easier when you have a strong structure in church. It is also really good for young christians to have a safe space to grow and mature.

  17. Kristine Wong says:

    I was extremely moved by this sermon. Wow… I did not expect to have this message move me so much. Before I came to New Philly, I used to listen to the podcasts back at home and I remembered seeing this title, “Do Not Go Naked” and I thought that was a REALLY weird title for a sermon and I didn’t care to listen to it. haha~ but this really proves God’s awesome timing because this was a message I definitely needed to hear now more than any other time. The most important thing that I took away from this sermon was realizing the importance of covering. I actually never really knew the concept of having a “covering” until now and I am very thankful with this new knowledge in me. I am just like what Pastor Christian said he used to be. I’m very independent, I just want to run free, do my own thing, and see where life takes me on my own… and it was always hard for me to listen to people without thinking about my own thoughts and ways with it. Of course it’s not wrong to think your own thoughts based on what people tell you… but I think I really have to let go of my independence and realize there is SO much I need to learn and grow in, and my independence is getting in the way of that. I have never really been under the authority or submission of a leader before and indeed… with the anointed gifts God has put in me… I need the authority/covering so that I can use these gifts correctly and well according to God’s will. “God-given authority comes from submission. You can have all the gifting in the world but if no servant-hood
    or you are unwilling to submit… you have no authority to do the works.” This sermon confirmed for me even more that this is going to be a good thing for me to follow through with membership and leadership training. Thanks for a great sermon, Pastor Christian :)

    • Hi Kristine! I’m so glad that this message is both inspiring and challenging you to walk under covering! I was blessed to read what you wrote! ^^ The Lord desires to entrust great authority to you as you learn to walk under authority!

  18. Lee Radde says:

    If I were to summarize in a sentence the way this message spoke to me it would be: The importance of being a committed (submissive) member at a Spirit led church. It may seem like an obvious thing, but it’s something I didn’t even know I was without. I realized what covering is, the ways in which I have been covered, and the areas where I have lacked it. It explains the blessing of my adolescent years covered by my parents as well as the recent slumps that I encountered through trying to sew together my own covering (which was a great illustration). I think that’s such a subtle cultural influence. I didn’t even tell myself that I am going to do it alone, but naturally I followed the pattern of individual thinking- that I can discern for myself whose instruction is relevant for my life without ever having submissive relationships. Later in Revelation 3 it says listen to what the Spirit says to the churches. How can we expect God to speak into our lives and equip us if we have left no room for even the leaders of his church to do so.

  19. Samuel Choi says:

    The concept of covering reminded me of the Spartan phalanx and how the person to your right covers your right side while you cover the person to your left. It takes immense trust to leave yourself vulnerable in that way. And it all works only if everyone submits to the plan of action.

    I think this is a message that I needed to hear and apply. I’ve gone too long without covering. I’ve been practicing this lone star Christianity for too long and I’m ready to be covered under submission.

  20. Janis Pok says:

    “Covering comes from relationship.” When I look back at the times I grew the most in my spiritual walk after coming to New Philly, I have to say it was during my familia sessions. Emmaus and sunday sermons definitely have blessed me and helped me grow, but i was just one in a hundred students sitting there and listening. It was a one-way conversation, without any interaction. But during my familia sessions, I could actually build a relationship and friendship with the girls and my leader as we simply talked, got to know each other, and keep each other accountable.
    To be honest, I don’t like the concept of being under submission, and I think partly it is because I’m not used to it. Attending a boarding school during my entire high school career and seeing my parents only twice a year, I didn’t have much authoritative influence over my life for the majority of that time and I grew increasingly independent. It made me think that I know what’s best for myself better than my parents or anybody, and consequently, it built up a lot of pride inside me. That state of mind still followed me afterwards, but I can see how God is really trying to break that down in this time of my life.
    A few weeks ago, my ex-familia leader approached me to consider doing the NRTC and I was very skeptical about the whole thing. But after a bit of convincing and I guess a little force, I just decided to give the whole thing a try. Before the orientation, I didn’t want to take the NRTC because I didn’t feel like I possessed any leadership qualities, I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t a good role model, etc. Basically, it was all centered around “me.” But after the orientation, my thinking was shifted and I realized that this was an open door from God to exercise submission to my leaders. I honestly don’t see what my leaders see in me, but in this time in my life, God has placed them over me, and it’s just up to me to decide to trust them or not. Submitting to my leaders is a representation of submitting to God. It is hard and even painful for me to do, because I feel mad vulnerable and weak. But I know i have to lay that all down, because my pride and sense of independence has been hindering God from doing His work in me for a pretty long time.
    RIght now for me, it’s not the end result whether I’ll be a leader or not, but the whole process of trusting in those above me. I’m seeing this as a first step of obedience, and from what I’ve seen and read in the bible, I think it’s safe to say that God will surely reward an obedient heart.

  21. Soojin Sou says:

    This is such a necessary sermon for so many churches! This makes me reflect on my life and I see how so many problems and issues that I have now could have been avoided. In college, I didn’t have an authority figure in my life as I had in high school. This is where I backslid in my faith, even if I were involved in small groups and leadership at CCM at school.

    I completely agree that the more you do for the Kingdom, the more covering you need. People, including myself at times, think that great pastors and strong believers don’t have the need for covering and, if they did, it would be a sign of weakness. But I believe that’s the lie of the devil, trying to isolate Christians and make them vulnerable to attack. The truth is, covering is an ESSENTIAL part of the Christian life and I’m glad listening to this sermon is required to join membership. I also appreciate that submitting to authority is one of the core values of New Philly. More and more, I am discovering that New Philly’s beliefs and values are according to the Word, which makes it easy to submit to.

    And I’m glad Pastor Christian said in the end that even if you are here for only four months, you still need that covering. I think many times, people undermine their time in Korea or in another country because it’s a temporary stay. But I really believe God could do something life-changing even with that short amount of time.

    PS. the football analogy totally went over my head haha
    PPS. PC, you are such a gangsta

  22. Susanna Kim says:

    I’ve been committed to my church back at home ever since being a born again Christian and have served and submitted under many different leaders. As much of a huge blessing my church leaders and community has been to me, I have come to realise that I haven’t been walking under true covering for most of my Christian walk.

    This realisation began to dawn on me when I listened to this sermon for the first time a week after it was actually preached because my sister told me to listen to it. It was when I had made a big decision (entered first relationship) without any covering. I basically did what PC said NOT to do. I emailed my sister (who was overseas at the time) explaining to her how I made the decision to enter my first dating relationship. My sister wasn’t impressed. I was upset at how she responded because I didn’t fully understand and agree with the importance of the covering and order of steps I should have taken when making my decision. However, as PC mentioned in the sermon, God wanted to make sure I learned my lesson even if it meant learning it the hard way. I chose to stay in the relationship, and looking back I can confidently say “when you go out naked, you WILL be beat down”. The devil knew I wasn’t under covering, which resulted in doors of lust and sexual immorality to be opened in the relationship. But six months later, by God’s grace, He used my mother to speak clearly to me and command me to end the relationship. As I stepped out in obedience to God’s voice, He promised me that He had greater things in store for me. After that time, I went through the toughest year in my spiritual walk but I knew it was a season of preparation and refining that God was taking me on. During that time, I was still committed to my church, but deep down I was longing desperately for true covering.

    It’s been five months since coming to Korea and through PB’s “Hold it down” sermon at the church wide retreat, God reminded me of the promise He gave me 2 years ago of “greater things” and said He will fulfil that promise during my stay in Korea. I believe this TRUE covering that I am stepping into is one of the greater things that God had promised to give me. New Philly is a church that knows how to provide true covering. This powerful sermon continues to bless me from two years ago and I am so thankful that I can experience a new level of freedom as I join membership and submit under New Philly’s leadership and covering.

  23. Joee Teng says:

    I am really blessed by this sermon. This sermon reminded me on what God had been constantly being by my side and had not been giving up on me. I did not attend church for around 6 years and all the memories I had about church is those times in sunday school. I believe and trust in God but I did not plan to take a step to approach God again if it’s wasn’t Emmaus and New Philly. If it’s wasn’t the church wide retreat last semester, I would not realize how long God had been waiting for me to be back into His house and how I had been going naked in my christian life. I felt that I am reborn in my christian life and I am hungry for covering from God. As mentioned, ‘Covering comes from relationship’, I want to be a child of God and not to wander with an orphan spirit anymore. I am truly thankful that under the authority of both my familia leaders, I’ve learnt so much through their words of wisdom and life and felt so much closer to God. I consider myself a baby believer but now I am ready to submit myself to NP and Emmaus. ‘Receive covering is a daily decision just like how we put on our clothes everyday’ I personally like this message very much. It tells me that as long as I choose to submit myself and willing to have a heart of servant-hood, I am protected and covered by Him. I know that God has His plan for me, and coming across NP and Emmaus is definitely one of His plans. 😉

  24. Sharon Shin says:

    As I was listening to this sermon, I found myself realizing things about being a Christian that I hadn’t before. I’ve been so used to the importance of the actual being born again that I’d forgotten how IMPORTANT covering is as well. That, even though being born again is important, it’s only the first step on the path of being a true *servant* of God. This was the first time that I’ve really heard a sermon on covering as opposed to being saved, and that the two don’t equate each other. I was blessed because it helped me to realize that, even if I believe in God, it doesn’t mean that I’m “done.” And that I still have a long way in front of me, and the path is long but it won’t work if it’s lonely. I used to think that having a community to rely on with such faith was a blessing, but now I see that it’s necessary, and I feel so much relief and happiness.

    I also liked the concentration on, not only “baby believers” but mature believers as well. Even when we “grow up” we won’t be expected to go on our own, and that “God doesn’t leave us as orphans” is also a powerful message. Even though I’ve been surrounded by the church my entire life, I had never really considered this. I feel so blessed because, from my experience with churches, I never really had that community/covering that Pastor Christian talked about. And now that I’ve found myself at New Philly, I feel that God knew what I needed and brought me here. :)

  25. carol lee says:

    I know how hard is for me to depend on others and to not do everything by myself. I used to call that “independence”, but I realized that, in fact, this attitude is really related with my pride. The problem of always striving and thinking that you need to do everything by yourself is the exhaustion and the feeling of carrying a burden on your back afterwards. Through the message, I could understand how the passage of Jesus carrying my heavy burden and giving His much lighter load is not only an abstract idea, but it is very practical. Having the covering of leaders from church in my life is like sharing my burden and not getting overloaded at all. And it is funny to think that we are used see authority as something heavy that requires a lot of effort, whereas the real purpose of it is simply to make my choices easier and to feel my back much lighter.

  26. Natalie Cheung says:

    I liked how the nakedness mentioned in the sermon was tied to the story of Adam and Eve; especially when PC mentioned that coverings we make for ourselves will not cover our nakedness. Coverings need to come from God Himself in order to be truly protected. Since I was young, I was blessed to have a mother that covered me greatly; she would make sure that I would attend church, go to Christian schools and even teach me with Biblical morals and values. I myself never had much of a problem with church hopping even after I lived apart from my parents, but sometimes I still felt kind of ‘orphaned’ because I never built a relationship with the pastors of my church. Besides the usual small talk, I never really let them into my life with my decisions and spiritual walk. I came to a point where I didn’t even want to attend my church during university because it felt so spiritually dry that I lost a lot of motivation to go. Although I still attended (but less frequently), I didn’t have my heart in it and was often beat down and easily swayed by the people around me. Submitting to authority thankfully wasn’t a problem for me because I guess I was trained in obedience (very traditionally Asian values), but being joyful rather than apathetic in submission is something I need to work on. This sermon blessed me to know that New Philly really cares about the covering of each individual in the congregation and although I am only here for about two semesters, I believe that joining as a member and being covered by New Philly will be a fruitful decision in this season of my walk with Christ.

  27. Christina Parchem says:

    I was blessed by the part when PC reprimanded the active leaders for making big decisions without getting covering. Looking back on my life, a lot of my spiritual journey has consisted of a lot of authority figures who one would expect to provide covering, but really, it was more of a lukewarm sermon here, an encouraging word there. No one would really tell me if I was about to go out naked or make a stupid decision, which lead to me feeling the need to make all my decisions independently, which lead to a certain amount of distrust in the Lord that I really was making the right decisions, which lead to a feeling of stumbling and bumbling my way through my spiritual journey since I was trying to do everything on my own. I wish I’d had from an earlier age someone to cover my decisions, build me up, and make sure I was headed down the right path. I’m excited to get rid of my orphan mentality and experience this covering!

  28. Rose Balais says:

    I think the point that struck me the most from PC’s sermon was when he said that just because we have a personal relationship with Christ, it doesn’t mean that we are covered or protected. It reminded me that Christianity is not only about having a relationship with the Lord but it is also about creating fellowship with other believers and the leaders of the church. It struck me the most because for almost year since I left home (and my home church) to study in Korea, I have been moving from one church to another, scared to commit to a church because I always felt out of place. During those times, I felt that I was walking my Christian life in nakedness. My faith in God and my relationship with Him may still be there, but because I was not committed to a local church, and had no one to guide me, it became easier for the devil to bring me down. It came to a point wherein I would attend church and meditate on the word of God less frequently, make decisions without God’s discernment etc. However, in the midst of those “dark” times, I thank the Lord that He led me to New Philly wherein I feel welcomed and comfortable and most importantly wherein I am receiving true covering.

  29. Yii Koah Kien says:

    I agree with the fact that lukewarm Christians are similar to those who run around naked without any covering, exposing themselves to what the devil is planning on them. In fact, they are not even aware of the truth that they are living their lives without covering. However, what actually stood out for me in this sermon is the analogy of the lamborgini and hyundai. It just reminded me that a good leader isn’t good because of how great his spiritual gifts are, but the willingness and humbleness to submit under authorities. From what I’ve learned, humbleness is the key to a good and faithful member of an authority, and it’s also what makes a leader even greater than who he is. In our lives we just have to humble ourselves to look for covering not only for our spiritual lives but also regarding whatever major decisions we make. Only through covering we can fully receive the grace of God and the inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

  30. After listening to this sermon, I finally have a way of explaining how this this past year has felt in comparison to previous years. When I started college, I was under a lot of covering. I was in submission to a local church and had a solid group of believers and leaders speaking into my life. However, last year I transferred schools to a new city. It took me months to find a life giving church but even after finding it and faithfully attending I was never really plugged in there. Although I was also attending a local bible study at school, there was no one to speak into my life and a huge lack of prayer. I wanted to be growing so badly, but hardly seemed to be moving anywhere in comparison to the years before. Now from experience I really understand how crucial covering is, and I’m so excited to be under covering again!!

  31. Bea Bettina Ramos Francisco says:

    I’m grateful and blessed to hear this message because I’ve been lukewarm for quite some time now. Despite accepting Christ in my life and attending only one church for many years, I always fail to follow through – committing and submitting to authority. There were so many instances that I was invited and called to join our small group and college ministry but I always had this excuse, “I’m busy with school. Maybe next time”. I’d been delaying or putting it off for so long that I didn’t realize I was running around naked. I used to think that having a personal relationship, attending Sunday services, doing devotionals, reading the Bible and praying were enough to consider myself as a member of His body. But I thought wrong. I don’t know if it was because I was trained to be independent and self-reliant at an early age that I got used to doing things on my own – thinking that I was strong enough to go out there without any covering. For this reason, I’d always fallen short of God’s glory when the evil one attacked and deceived me.

    Then just a few months ago, for some unknown reason, I was finally determined to find and join a college ministry in South Korea before I left home. I felt something was lacking like I was completely lost and naked. I’d also been praying for a good community that I can belong to during my 4-month study abroad period. True enough, by God’s grace and faithfulness, I was led to Emmaus and eventually, to New Philly. And again I am reminded that covering is for everyone, whether you’re a baby believer or a mature leader.

  32. This sermon really helped to reshape my view of authority and submission within the church. I had always been a firm believer of our spiritual journey as children of God being one that is not meant to be alone, and I’ve always treasured the precious relationships with sisters I relied on to keep me accountable, or other mentors I’ve had in my life, but never really considered it necessary to be in regular submission to church authorities… I think I always saw it as some kind of option–if I disagreed with a pastor, I’d just ignore that part and go about my own ways. But this sermon awakened in me a new mindset of the whole Christian community paradigm by presenting the idea of authority as not only being there to keep me accountable, but to keep me SAFE. If I have people I submit to regularly, I in turn am meant to be empowered, clothed and cloaked in the right ways to be more bold about my faith. And that is something so powerful to me–only in humility are we entrusted with more.

  33. Shin Young Park says:

    I really fell in love the with word “covering.” Can’t believe how warm and powerful this English vocabulary can be. I also like the point that “not only baby believers… but the more intense work you do for the kingdom of God, you need more covering.”

    God wanted me to become a mighty warrior. I knew nothing about the spiritual battle at then but he told me a warrior becomes storonger by experiencing lot of spiritual battles. So whenever I matured and grew in him, I was also more exposed to the spritual attacks.
    Once, when I seriously knocked out, I was so ashamed that I hibernated(?) in my room, didn’t had any energy to cover myself up. I couldn’t ask the church for ‘covering’ because of my fear, distrust, and self-pride. However Jesus was still there praying for me (1Thimothy2:5). I was able to gear up to put on the full armor as well as asking the church for covering, fighting the battle with me in prayers.

    I’m sure there will be more and more hardcore battles in this world before Jesus returns, but I pray to be really covered like Ephesians6:10-18 through him, through the Church.

  34. “Do not go without naked.” I’m so glad to get a chance to listen to this message. As a human , we sin and of course we do face lots of obstacles and problems which will deter us from putting more faith into Lord. But when we go naked, we have no covering. We are being exposed to devils who work to hold down our faith towards our Heavenly Father and trying to sow evil seeds into our hearts. I was once a depressed and aimless and a very pessimistic person, and I think that’s what made who I am now, because through all of these, I grew strong and having more faith towards Jesus. Covering of blessings, grace and caring from God, truely bring me happiness and hunger for more about Lord towards eternal life.
    “Do not go without naked.”

  35. John-Paul says:

    I Liked the Sermon. It shows me that we as Christians it’s important to keep ourselves under covering and have belonging to a local church. And that we shouldn’t go out naked because that’s when we are vulnerable but instead be under covering and Protection. The Message was good and spoke to me.

  36. Well that was an interesting and graphic take on the concept of “spiritual authority” and “submission”. It was really eye opening way of describing these too very important principles. I’m very thankful to find out that New Philly takes these principles seriously. It makes me feel so comfortable that those in authority will not be praying some funky stuff cause they don’t have the alignment right. New/Fresh metaphors are always a blessing. (^_^)

  37. I was really blessed by this message because there have been so many times that I’ve tried to contend for the kingdom without proper covering. I’ll try and “serve the lord” within my own strength and wisdom, with out properly understanding what it means to submit first. I’ve realized that a lot of times I can’t serve to the fullest extent that the Lord has planned for me because I wasn’t in His covering to begin with. This message was a humbling experience for me because I needed to be reminded that I’m regardless of the gifts I have, whatever they may be, I need to learn how to submit to His authority.

  38. Nina Park says:

    It was actually the first time that i heard of the notion of covering! I’m glad i got to know this and look very much foward in experiencing this!
    A very close family member is leading a ministry for migrant workers in Korea and i see how much she struggles at time, which made me realize how much being surrounded with a church family and having that protection of covering through relational interaction with pastor is important and a blessing!
    This is all new to me but it really makes sense! Everything is new but I pray God shows me his way!

    Thank you pastor C!

  39. In-Ae Seo says:

    This message reminded me of the time when I was 20 years old. At that time I experienced Holy Spirit for the first time in my I thought it would be the starting point for me to perform God’s super power because the experience was powerful and I thought I was given the power of God and all armed to go out to fight with the world. But it was not like what I expected it to be. only being given the gifts or power didn’t help me to grow up and influence others. I needed covering through relationships.. but I didn’t know that. I think I was a bit arrogant to think that I could do the work of God without covering such as community. The fear of being abandoned or outcast made me refuse to get involved in a community. Now I can figure out what was wrong in my faith life.
    And also, I hardly could get the willingness of committing and submitting to God’s community because the positions and the jobs that I got while I was in a Korean church was quite too much for me and I didn’t take the right steps to grow up to serve. I wish I could learn more before I had to start the jobs that I was given. And I was convicted with the comments that we don’t want disciplines and just skip the process. Yes. I have been so impatient in every part of my life… Even in the relationship with God.. I just hope that God leads my life as he wants to.
    Thank you for the wonderful sermon for the new comers :)

  40. Alice Lim says:

    I never heard a sermon on nakedness before, so it was really eye-opening to hear how important proper covering really is. I realized that I’ve been really blessed throughout my Christian walk, with mentors and pastors that have spoken truth over me and have supported me during the good and bad times.

    But last year was something different. As an exchange student, an individualistic mentality took over me. “I’m here on my own, so I’m going to do everything on my own”. While I was learning to be independent, I also saw myself shutting away from the very people that were trying to bring light into my life. Even though I was a part of Emmaus, I kept telling myself that I needed to be strong and independent, and I didn’t need covering any more. What a mistake that was! PC’s part about how all Christians need covering, not just baby Christians, really convicted my heart. Just because we have a personal relationship with Jesus, doesn’t mean we are properly covered! So here’s to a fresh new beginning, one that will be filled with learning, submitting and building relationships at NP!

    • Emily Suen says:

      Great Takeaway Alice! Sounds like this message spoke directly into your situation!

  41. Nneka Anunkor says:

    So much of this sermon makes me reflect on the way that I Two things about this sermon really stood out to me: the idea of being an orphan in your spirit and the idea of having full access to your gifts under covering and after submission. During my senior year of high school I started attending church on my own accord and found a church that I really enjoyed. However since I attended boarding school I was only able to during certain times of the year. I would then go home and still desire that fellowship but the only church I knew was one that I didn’t like and I just grew lazy. In college I attended meetings with the Christian fellowship and went to church occasionally but never felt as though I truly belonged there. I was wandering around with an orphaned spirit. I bounced from place to place and heard the word and thought “all of this sounds so nice but why isnt any of this happening for me?!” I think that for one thing I definitely had misunderstood definitions of what it meant to be a Christian and then I didnt have the covering of a church so I was very vulnerable. New Philly will be the first church that actually gives me covering and that excites me. In the sermon PC touched on how everyone has great gifts and that only after we submit to God and the church will we be fully able to hone those skills. This idea is something that really intrigues me just because in my life at this age I do think about “what am I good at? What is my calling? How can I be used?” Im glad to know that on this journey with God that will be revealed to me in time.

  42. Sharon Ahn says:

    I realized that I have been running around ‘naked’ going around unprotected and vulnerable, and realized the importance of having a living and breathing leader who can speak wisdom over me, correct and rebuke me and speak the truth of love for me. No amount of online sermons or podcasts can give me that. Covering comes from relationship. We are going to get beat down by the devil when we go out ‘naked’. To have the heart of servanthood and willingness to submit to authority is very important. Even if you have all the gifts and abilities inside of you, without that the heart of servanthood and submission to your authorities, you won’t be able to exercise those God-given gifts because you are not prepared or ‘mature’ yet. To have a leader that can keep me accountable is such a blessing. I used to have an ‘orphan spirit’ – moving around from church to church. This is my first membership at a church and I believe that it is the beginning of a new spiritual journey in my life. Being part of a church means that you will also get ‘disciplined.’ The covering needs to be provided by God! Before making a big decision, I now know that I should ask for a leader’s covering first so that I don’t do it naked.

    • Emily Suen says:

      What a beautiful reflection Sharon! I can tell you really GOT the word. So excited to see how your understanding of being covered coincided with your decision to turn your life around is going to bless you! God is going to do mighty things in your life because he sees the eagerness of your heart to serve him.

  43. Hye Ryoung Rhee says:

    Before becoming committed to New Philly, I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with church-hopping. In fact, every now and then especially when I would miss church I would justify myself with the thought that as long as I had inner faith, I did not necessarily ‘have’ to go to church. Little did I know that I had been shamefully and dangerously going around naked with an orphan spirit in my walk with God. Through this sermon, I encountered the idea of “covering” for the second time (the first time was when I watched the video on sonship for NRTC) and the analogy Pastor Christian made between a born-again baby believer and an actual baby really stood out to me. I realized that faith is not something you do alone — just as a real baby cannot grow by himself, a baby believer can only grow under the protection and covering of, and submission to, proper spiritual guidance. This sermon made me realize how arrogant I had been and how dangerous a path I had been walking in thinking that I could do this faith thing alone. As Pastor Christian said toward the end, covering is not something we “make” ourselves — it must be provided by God. I’ve been realizing more and more that my decision to commit myself to New Philly while taking a break from school to stay longer in Korea was not mere coincidence; it seems like this was a way of God telling me that I needed to humble myself and of Him putting me on the path where I could receive proper covering. I am excited to no longer be an orphan but to be accepted as a proper “son” in a community filled with some of the most passionate and God-loving persons I have ever met! :)

  44. Yoon Jung Jung says:

    As PC described, I went around naked with an orphan spirit for past few years. Though I was provided good teachings and had a personal relationship with God, it was so hard to make changes in my life without any leader who breathes into my life. I was vulnerable and fell down over and over again. I had a thirst for a trusting leader who speaks the wisdom and truth over me. I am so thankful that I came to NP. It’s a blessing to be disciplined and I look forward to learning submission and relationship.

  45. Masande.G says:

    Do not go naked!!!! We cannot do our christian walk without covering and covering come’s from relationships.. Its important for Christians to be plugged into a local church where they can be covered and build relationships. we cannot be Christians who are covered by podcast’s and YouTube sermons. Those things are of course essential, important and helpful for our spiritual growth but they cannot be our sole source of covering.

    when we go out naked we will get beat down by the devil and that is something i do not want. we need the covering of a local church. i also liked how PC says God given authority comes through submission!!!!we need to submit to authority and be released from there!!!

  46. David Ha says:

    The 3 points that I really enjoyed from this message: 1) Covering comes from relationship, 2) The devil doesn’t necessarily want us to go out, he wants us to go out naked, and 3) Whatever lessons you don’t learn right now, God will repackage it again for you to relearn in the future.
    I love how New Philly really reinforces the message of covering and sonship. I feel like many Christians, including myself, have no clue how to actually live a Christian life or to have a relationship with the Father. How good it is for someone to not only show us and guide us but to protect us along the way. But this requires us to be in relationship with a spiritual father.
    I feel like I’ve been stuck trying to relearn the same lessons for awhile but there hasn’t been much guidance or covering in my life. I’m pretty excited to see how far I can progress under proper covering.

  47. Suzie Im says:

    This sermon made me realize that I’ve been naked my whole life. I always went from church to church to church. Even churches I attended for years, I attended without actually committing and submitting to it. Like Pastor Christian said, covering comes from relationship. I had relationships with the people in it, but I wasn’t connecting through submission with the pastors.
    I want to reach my full potential on this earth– to use my abilities, gifts, and anointings to cover the earth. I like that Pastor Christian said that covering is a daily decision that you make. It’s a decision to submit to trusted leaders speaking truth and discipline into my life for edification. I didn’t realize how going naked could ruin God’s plan for me. Thank God that I am no longer a naked orphan who only gets the scraps, but that I am a covered son who walks with full access to my inheritance. Hallelujah!

    • Rona Babb says:

      Suzie, what a joy to see you access your inheritance and take your place as a son! I’m so proud of you for the way you’ve been walking in faith and trust in the Lord. God is truly doing a new thing in your life and I’m overjoyed that I get to be in the front seat witnessing it! You bless me so much and I love you!

  48. Charlie Lee says:

    Do not be without covering or protection, because you will be exposed to the works of the devil! When a person is born again, they need to be covered immediately. They need to form intimate relationships and need people praying for them. You need covering from your spiritual father and within your community. I think I’m beginning to see recently in my life that I’ve been going around without much covering! There weren’t people praying for me or encouraging me or overseeing my actions . And it’s so true that the more work you do for God, such as missions work, you need more covering because the devil will attack you more. If you aren’t covered, the devil will beat you down, and you will burn out!

  49. Rae Kim says:

    It was a surprise and a great pleasure to see pastor Christian speaks about the importance of relationships. It’s a real fresh perspective compared to most of the messages you would hear at church, which are mostly focused on ideas of personal development only. Personally, the message really encouraged me to try my best to be involved in the church whatever way possible, as God will provide me a part of his work which may be best for him, be it mopping the floor or putting chairs. Furthermore, the sermon was able to answer my questions what church you must choose to attend. I have seen many people including myself loosing having a relationship with God after becoming removed from their church locale, and the sermon really made me reflect on the importance for christians to seek out a new local church in the new area which will hold you accountable through relationship. It’s great to see such a relationship focused church and I look forward to having a relationship with the church.

  50. Lily Oh says:

    This sermon made me look at my past when so many different leaders tried to approach me to help me and look over my life. When I first met Jesus, I was always committing and submitting at my church and CCC willingly, but things got very tiring. Eventually, I thought I needed a break and I ended up drifting away from my church. I was happy to live a life with freedom, without people getting into my life and trying to discipline me. I wanted to serve God, but I wanted to do it my way. I was arrogant and tried to do God’s work without any covering. When things went wrong, I would just say it was my weakness in character. I was satisfied with my life because I was still serving God and I never knew I was lacking covering or that I was being arrogant. I wish I live my life and make every decisions with more covering.

  51. Firstly, I feel more and more the great gap between a life and world without God and with Him. And not just with Him, but under him. And as a child I remember wanting to be more like Jesus, and love as God loves in perfection and grace. I remember thinking it was simple and easy and innocent. But eventually I came to see it was really complicated and difficult, especially because my center was off and confused. The lines blurred with bitterness, pride, and distrust. And in this world and especially today’s generation, submitting to authority is seen as weakness and foolishness. Independence and freedom are sold like a product and falsely advertised, presented as something it’s not. I was reminded once again that living life just as I want to and going about today and tomorrow recklessly or without a care is in fact weak and foolish. I was reminded that the real challenge and truth lies in what God has for me, and in His ways. Listening to this sermon helped me see the picture behind why we repent and the importance of submitting under authority. Covering seemed like a vague general concept before, but now it is clear to me what it means and how necessary it is in my life. And also, that talent and power is wasted and corrupted without covering.

  52. Heidi Anna Chae says:

    – The part that really resonated with me was when PC mentioned the part about missionaries (or anyone in full-time ministry), how if they are not under covering, they will come back confused, tired, defeated and in some cases divorced. IT’S TRUE. I remember coming back from outreach last year, and even this year too, and just feeling confused and alone – like a wandering, lost… Sheep! Desperate for spiritual parents/leadership who I could glean and learn from, be challenged by and just follow! I realize I was longing to be covered..

    – “The deeper the commitment and under submission in relationship, the thicker the covering” was another part that lit it up for me because ever since being in this house, and joining small groups, I have definitely sensed the spiritual covering growing over me. For example, as I have been connecting with my small group leader, having simple interactions with people, and especially as I’ve been watching the leaders do their thing, I’ve noticed that they all walk in authority through permission and because they’ve been entrusted with it, which makes me feel safe because the PC has called them to… Through this, I’ve noticed the wealth of covering that’s on everyone from the top to bottom. Therefore I am super covered!!!

  53. “How is it I have gone to a Korean-American church all my life and this is the first time I have ever heard a sermon on spiritual covering?” This question along with so many more kept coming across my mind as this sermon really pierced my perception of a Christian. This was really challenging to hear because it feels like I am taking baby steps all over again and really learning the TRUTH in being a follower of Christ. It’s alarming to think most of what I thought was a lie but also refreshing that I am blessed to learn the truth. To sum up my life in one word would have to be: naked. Everything PC said not to do in your Christian journey I did–building a wall where I would not let anyone in and none of me out–thinking I could be a Christian in my own little time, all by myself, just me and God. Thanks to this sermon, one of the questions I had to God for the longest time, about the verse Matthew 18:20, was answered. It says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” I couldn’t help but get angry every time I saw this verse because my naive self thought this was referring to His love for us. I somehow always mistook this as saying if I seek Him by myself, He won’t love me. Now, I realize this verse isn’t referring to His love, for we will always have His love but it means that when you try to do everything by yourself, you are not covered by the fruit of the Spirit and instead making plans away from God. So, I want to declare that I will seek covering from now on! Thank you for this Godly-appointed sermon!

  54. Su Jin Jeong says:

    It’s so true that covering comes from relationships with other Christians. This sermon reminded me of the time I sort of drifted away from Christ because I had no one to really answer my questions. I didn’t have anyone I could confide in and I felt so much pressure to do the “right things”, to lead a perfect Christian life. This sermon made me realize the importance of commitment to other Christians and have real face-to-face meetings like my familia to keep me covered, to keep me protected. I’m so thankful I found New Philly and its warm, open-minded community.

  55. A few months ago, I saw a movie poster, the title was “shame.” In the poster, there is very pare man with a empty heart. The story was about a loose and dissolute life of a man. Although I didn’t watch the movie, the rough story and movie title “shame” is not forgotten easily to me. I could see myself through his empty eyes. and I could sympathize his mind.
    “Do not go naked”, the simple, clear, powerful message reminds me of my old. For most of my life, I’ve felt anxiety and unsafety when I was in my home. Usually house should be the most safe place. but many cases it is not. I needed covering but I didn’t receive it. So I went out and choose even more unstable, uneasy person and circumstances to dismiss my anxiety ironically. and I didn’t feel shame for my behaviors but myself. And I used to think the reason why many christians who live morally is a sort of ‘duty’, for reward or cost to rely on God.
    But after I met God. my mind is moved. the first noticeable change was that I didn’t want to drink. and I understood the real reason ‘why many christians don’t drink’. because they want to meet and communicate with God more deeply, vividly, healthily, “Staying awake”. And in God. there are enough joy and peace. So it doesn’t need to go out and search for other unsafe place. I realize the life style of christians is not by “Have to do” but by “Want to do”.
    and when I was painful because of my memory of old life. I felt like that God told me “the sins was shameful but you’re not shameful”, through people. Shame is not myself anymore and I’m in safe place. This understanding was so amazing to me.
    And now I feel sense of belonging and security from SG. membership training, NRTC, and every connections with person in NP. I believe God will keep leading me to the way to wear his love and word, Not be naked.

  56. Derek Cho says:

    I always committed and served the churches where I attended before. But there was the moment I was just “attendee” which had been about last 6 months before I committed to membership of New Philly. During those dark days, I went in and out churches here and there by myself. I was like spiritual itinerant. And consequently, I sensitively felt left out(orphan spirit) and attacked and beat down by satan(like PC mentioned..) I also felt like sin stripped my moral clothing. So I tried to hide myself from people(becuz I was naked..) and cover myself with “my fig leaves”(that could be my ego, self-justifying, distorted viewpoint of myself…)

    “men will not cover themselves with what they make.”

    I kept trying to deal with it by myself and relationship with Jesus “alone” as I tried to read more Scriptures and some Christianity books and listen to thousands of good podcast sermon. But today PC clearly pointed out that “covering comes from relationship” not from podcasts and those kinds of good sermons or reading famous pastor’s Christian book. I can’t agree more that they cannot give me covering. The combination of this excellent sermon and life lesson that I experienced now teaches and means a lot to me.

    “11 Like h a dog that returns to his vomit
    is i a fool who repeats his folly.”

    I can once fail it, but do not let the same fault happen again.

    Last of all, through this membership, it’s begun to move me from orphan spirit to Sonship. Thank God for being the member of the body of Christ in this spiritual-well-built church.

    p.s. : This dope pic(link below) describes exactly how I like the membership. Yeah New Philly is so protective toward me “under the wing”. PTL!

  57. Do not go out Naked. The devil doesn’t necessarily want us to go out, he wants us to go out naked and when we do so we will be knocked down. We all want to serve but we must do it properly. Don’t be destroyed by the devil, be under covering, gain relationships to be safe. Then only can god use us greatly. Because we will be his sons. And Sons are granted the Kingdom.
    Don’t go out Naked.

  58. Katie Voytasek says:

    This is definitely a foundational teaching! I loved the distinction between anointing and authority. The car illustration really helped me understand that we might have power and great talent but without authority to use it, we will be reckless or hurtful eventually. I have seen abuse before and it is sad. God is really building a desire in me to serve and go low so He can build that character and humility in me. Character so I know how to administer my giftings effectively and under submission. It is true that if we are pushed into leadership too soon it will be our demise and we may even hurt others. It goes right along with our heart must be greater than our ministry always or we will burn out and fail. I loved the statement ”patience isn’t birthed until tested.” I have patience issues and am believing for a chance to see the fullness of the fruit of the Spirit manifest in me through testing and circumstances. Wouldn’t that be glorious! This was a very helpful teaching for me.

  59. Jihyun Roh says:

    Even after I got saved It took me so many years to even start understanding why I should submit to my church and spiritual leaders, not just being nice or polite to them. I remember when I disagreed with my pastor on my relationships with people about 1 and a half years ago, I didn’t listen to his command, thinking that he was wrong and I was right and that I should fear God but not men. It turned out he was right and I was wrong and foolish. The pastor was so merciful and forgave me later on. I can totally relate to what PC is trying to teach us in this sermon. Yes, we should submit to our spiritual leaders because we trust God who puts the spiritual leaders in our lives. Sanctification and discipleship take place through committing to your local church with the covering of your spiritual leaders

  60. Jimmy Kwon says:

    So I learned that Michael Vick is an anointed man..haha. But man, this message revealed a lot of things that I never really thought about. As I decided to come to Korea to intern at MyeongJin Children’s Home, I didn’t seek for the proper covering from my home church. Fortunately I had my college fellowship and others that covered me in their prayers but I can’t imagine how much more effective I would have been with the proper covering.
    For the topic of submission, it made me think about something different. I haven’t had much trouble with submission but I realized that it might be because I don’t acknowledge the power and the gifts that I have under Christ. I feel like I’m thinking of myself as the old Hyundai, thus not daring to disobey the authority. Submitting to the authority is good but I feel like I need to focus on acknowledging the power and the gifts I have in Christ.

  61. John Kim says:

    I was looking for a covering from a local church. I am looking forward to entering a house where I will learn to daily hourly by minute hear fresh words of God.

  62. Michelle Kim says:

    I loved when Pastor Christian said, “covering comes from relationships.”
    One of the main reasons why I decided to join the membership/ New Philly covenant
    after a a year of church hopping was because out of all the churches I went to, New Philly was different in the way they emphasize covenant/family/covering.
    As I began to see this, I began to yearn to be a part of the New Philly community as well.
    I also love how New Philly emphasizes authority as well. To be honest, I am pretty independent, and I’m not very good at “submitting” sometimes. But I realize that I need to have a “heart of servant hood” like Pastor Christian said, and submit to the authority that God has placed over me.
    I no longer want to be “naked,” and this sermon just got me more excited to be part of New Philly’s covering!

  63. Sonya Lee says:

    I really enjoyed this sermon because I was able to reflect on my past walks with God naked. We definitely really need covering in our lives! I was reflecting on my life back in the states with leadership positions at church since high school. Ever year after serving, I felt really burnt out and distant from God more than ever. I couldn’t even share these problems with others because I didn’t want to show that I was struggling as a leader. But it really struck me when Pastor Christian said the more you lead, the more covering you need. I was leading without proper covering and I was immediately attacked and beaten down. I can definitely testify to the statement that Christian walk without covering is very dangerous and I am so glad I was able to hear this message because whether you are a newborn or a leader, we all need covering. I feel assured that here at New Philly, I will be fully covered :)

  64. Kayla Black says:

    I just want to submit myself and learn ASAP! (if that makes sense?) I’m not excited about discipline, but I want to see how my life can change for the better with trust and love from church in my life! I’ve always been at churches with ‘teachers’, but not necessarily leaders who I needed to feel ‘responsible’ to or ‘submit’ to, so it’s still a foreign concept to me. But I recognize this is a new level of intimacy and trust.

    Ah slowly learning more about sonship better. I want to experience the covering of New Philly.

  65. Wonderful word! This sermon solidifies what you had said in your last sermon I heard, “The Anointing Flows from the Top Down”. Submission cannot be overemphasized, for many have difficulty practicing it.

    Though many want to proclaim independence and autonomy, it is true that they, without accountability, can fall into the ways of this world, even to the point of hurriedly rash decisions that can postpone or delay God’s calling for their lives.

    In my nakedness, I have made many bad decisions, even though I had proclaimed myself a Christian. A part of it may have been due to circumstances upon which I wasn’t being proactively discipled. I do however feel partially at fault for not proactively seeing to be discipled.

    At New Philly, it is a blessing that Roy, Noble and the campus pastors are reaching out to me. Through submission to their authority, I’ve felt freedom, blessing and protection from the vices that daily tempt me. I’m grateful for all they do to give me covering.

  66. Pingping Kan Rogers says:

    I agree that proper support, covering, and accountability through church community and relationships are vitally important in Christian life and spiritual growth. May God in His grace provide such a covering, and teach us about trust and submission!

  67. Yong Shu Hua says:

    It was a good reminder of the importance in getting covering, because without it, we are left naked and vulnerable. According to Ps Christian, the fact that we have direct relationship with Jesus does not necessarily mean we are covered. All believers need covering, and that covering comes through a direct fellowship with the local church. Covering is a not man-made but a gift from God. Covering through relationships with fellow believers from the church can come in forms of protection, wisdom, godly correction and accountability. There is value in covering, and in context of covering, there is authority. When believers learn to serve and submit to authority, wisdom and character is built. Giftings and abilities in us are also nurtured and manifested when believers commit to authority. Practise the spirit of sonship, get covering by committing to a church.

  68. Rachel Shin says:

    Hm.. this sermon made me feel… guilty. It led me to self-reflection. It reminded me of the times when I was given authority too early in the church and ended up getting hurt and causing division not within my peers, but it broke down my commitment and faith. I thought I was doing what was right for God and for the church, but my place in the church left me overwhelmed and hurt. I was a naked leader. However, God has shown me so much grace and love that he showed me the way and I left the leadership position. Honestly, it was not even me that left the church, out of no where God led me to this study abroad program in Korea and thus left this church. When I first got to New Philly, I was immediately planning on getting involved and showing my gifts that God has given me. I wanted to be a leader here, and was making plans already. But I’ve already learned from God about the importance of submission, and He reminded me once again to kind of be in the background, and be patient, and learn. I am so thankful for His covering. I know that He has great plans for me. He’s told me. But He is also telling me to be patient, that my time will come soon! Thank you for reminding me of this again, PC. Always so blessed by your words. And loved that Lamborghini vs. Hyundai analogy! Thank you!

  69. jinny kim says:

    It’s so good to have a message clearly outlining what is needed to be fully covered! It’s so true that only when we are able to establish personal relationship, we are able to grow more in God and keep in track with our walk with God. I was reminded when I was struggling to see for myself what God had planed for me, or where my walk with God was going, having a sister in Christ just speaking into my life had encouraged me so much. I was really blessed to be able to look back on this time.

  70. Lillian So says:

    Before New Philly I was extremely commitaphobic… I couldn’t imagine being able to commit to a local church, develop real friendships, or keep up regular attendance (literarily felt incapable of this)… My personal life was also commitaphobic – people came in and out of my life and I had no long-standing friendships with anyone who knew me intimately. I was proud to be independent but always struggled with underlying meaninglessness and loneliness.
    I knew that my independence and separateness from The body of Christ was keeping me a lukewarm Christian but felt powerless to do anything – however I had a hope that one day in the distant future I would be settled in a community (after traveling and seeing the world a bit – maybe) eventually a time would come where I could “settle” maybe.
    I have known that spiritual growth is severely stunted when we live as “orphans”, and there is constant insecurity and anxiety about the future when out in the world without covering. But this sermon reinforced well that we live outside of God’s will when we are not submitting or committing to a family provided by him. When we do not allow God to “in all things work for our good”, it is impossible to live out our destiny and we become blind to God’s perfect plans for us. Living without support in a world that is hostile to God and his ways, and sometimes deceptively more appealing, we end up vulnerable to the devil’s schemes and may end up dating the wrong people, moving to the wrong countries – sad and disillusioned in the end.

  71. James Kang says:

    New Philly is distinct in the sense that covering is an essential part of the Christian walk, not a mere option. Having experienced what a naked Christian walk is like and how difficult, confusing and foolish it can be, I am so blessed to be part of a house that is committed to covering its sons. Though submission is not the easiest thing to do in the world, especially when there are many matters which may be disagreeable, I can say that it can be done in this house because the exercise of authority is ordained through God and the submission of those in authority to him. The best part is that submission to this house is full of joy and peace through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

  72. Myko "Kaori" Okada says:

    It is an honor to be able to listen to this message from PC. I was thinking how privileged I am,because this message made me realize the importance of covering and relationships more. Being lukewarm as mentioned in Revelation 3:14 is very common. Some Christians were vulnerable to harm (“naked”) even if they think that they are knowledgeable enough of the word of God.

    I learned that the need for prayer, protection and covering is a choice. Submission to a leader who will cover me is a choice, but not all people have the willingness. When I heard the word “sonship” through PC, I felt a different form of happiness,because I didn’t know what it feels like to have an earthly father/fatherly authority, however, through mentorship and having PC,PE, and new pastors/leaders as my new discipler, I know I’ll be protected and covered.Submission must be an “i want to” not ” i have to”.I know it’s hard at first,but I want to get used to it and let community be a part of my life.

    I was used to focusing on others needs,but then I learned that to do the work of the Lord and be well- equipped, I need to be in proper covering first, Instead of going to a battlefield without protection, I want to be disciplined and trained by a spiritual father.

    When PC mentioned that the thicker the covering/relationship the better, I was so blessed.Having people to speak over my life to help me make spirit led decisions is the best thing. I am now more ready to receive,be disciplined, submit to leaders, and experience the Almighty Father’s covering and love for me through them and through community.
    More of HIM and less of me.

    It is easy to go naked in this world without noticing it, but through God’s words and promises,there is hope and redemption if we could learn how to recognize or acknowledge authority.Thanks to PC for a wonderful message.

  73. Gil Su Kim says:

    I learned below during listening to PC’s sermon.

    First of all, I was quite surprised to hear that due to this principle of “Do Not Go Naked” NP pastors may be willing to provide proper coverings to its congregation. I’m saying this because to provide proper covering, they need to invest time, energy and even more. Haven’t heard such a message to be verbally expressed instead of being assumed and implied.

    Secondly, In today’s post-modernistic world, I’m thankful to hear about authority-based Christian living. Haven’t paid great attention to the importance of submitting myself to authority. The message reminded me of Jewish people known as wise and intelligent in human history perhaps because they understood the mystery of hierarchical leadership and practice submitting themselves to authority. I am willing to submit as well.

    Lastly, I would like to know more about this covering system: how it works and who will be covering and such. Can’t wait to be covered! :)

    Thanks PC for pointing out one important aspect of not just Christian life but living in general.

    • Did you know that Jews are considered to be the most mentally healthiest people on the face of the planet? Yeah, it is no wonder that they are successful in many areas such as finances and business. They practice the Laws of Moses intricately.

      Thanks sharing your thoughts.

  74. I was struck by the account of the Jewish exorcists who tried to use Jesus’ name. It was so pointless for the Jewish exorcists to try to harness the power of Jesus’ name while functioning separately from the church that Jesus set up. Functioning as part of the church is God’s design for Christians to live in His power! We don’t belong to ourselves!

  75. Wonderful message about covering, sports, and encouragement! One of the many things that I felt was stressed was submission. This is something that the Church has done a great job teaching within the past centuries but has not been followed through with nominal believers. I see how the LORD has led me to New Philly because of my willingness to submit, and I believe God is honoring my openness to follow such wonderful people that God has put in my life to pour into me. I cannot wait to see what happens in this next chapter of my life? Hallelujah!

  76. Justin Hamilton says:

    I really enjoyed this sermon by Pastor Christian, and loved some of the analogies that he drew reference to. I immediately thought of the “Father the Fatherless” core value that NP has and feel so blessed to have been led to this church. NP and its leaders put so much emphasis on eliminating the “orphan spirit” and ensuring that all of their brothers and sisters can feel covering in their walk with the Lord. It is so important to be surrounded by other believers and to worship together as we see what God has planned for us. I look forward to receiving full covering from NP and strengthening my relationship with other Christians, and ultimately with God, through the prayer, discipleship, and safe covering that NP offers. Thanks PC

    • May you be formed and grow in the community bro. You are in a place to receive from God through the Spirit and through others. God surely will answer your desire to be discipled, to be covered and to grow.

  77. Kirby Beneventi says:

    Throughout the message I kept thinking to myself, “Oh my goodness this is totally me! I grew up in the church, how did I miss this?” The orphan spirit PC spoke of is something I have felt, which branched into other lies from the enemy due to my lack of covering and therefore susceptibility.
    The necessity and benefits of covering are obvious, discipleship/accountability/submission/community, etc. …which I think in turn reflects the heart of our good Father. He is a God or order and covenant. When PC talked about about the linkage between growth and those components I couldn’t agree more.
    I feel excited about this new season of covering. I believe the Lord has been leading me to this place and I am eager to embrace the responsibilities and benefits; to go deeper in my love and knowledge of the Lord and become more Christ like in loving others.

  78. Keketso Makape says:

    I think in a day and age where people keep pushing for independence, it’s so refreshing to hear a bold message like this that emphasizes the importance of relationships. I’ve experienced it myself and have seen it so often with people who are new to the faith- having that deep desire to grow, but feeling totally overwhelmed, confused and lost. This message just confirmed in my heart the importance of taking our walk with God to the next level; that getting that covering proves how serious we are in wanting to flourish in our walk with God and it accelerates our growth in Christ.

    The part that really stood out to me was when Ps. Christian mentioned how roaming freely (naked) can get in the way of us flourishing in our gifting (no matter what a rock star you are at how God’s gifted you). There’s just beauty, blessing and growth in submitting to the sound covering of leaders who’ve been where you are before.

    I love that we don’t need to make the mistakes that the those 7 Jewish exorcists made in the passage. As long as we get covered.

    Thank you for this!

  79. Donnae Shone says:

    Covering comes from relationship. Relationship is developed through commiting to a local church and submitting to its leaders. God-given authority comes through submission. Covering is provided by God, it cannot be self-manufactured. Living without covering will mean thwarting God’s plans for your life. For a time I wondered if being motivated by, as PC says, “sons get the inheritance, orphans just get the scraps” meant my pursuit of sonship was purely selfish. I soon came to realise, however, that if I am not walking in the fullness and authority that sonship affords I am, in fact, robbing others of the freedom they should be experiencing through my prayers, actions, words, etc. that are the direct result of the inheritance flowing from the top, down.

  80. This message totally changed my thoughts about the importance of commitment and submission to a local church. Without both or one of it we will have “seems normal” life and never fully received God’s blessings in our lives. I have committed to be a member of a local church back in my home country but never really submit myself (or be opened about myself) to one of the leaders and PC really caught me on that point. In order to grow in spirit, not just the relationship with God is important, but also the relationship with the church’s leaders and other brothers and sisters in Christ.
    I love how PC explained about the importance of covering in daily basis. Not the covering that we make ourselves but the protection or covering that comes from God through church leaders.

  81. Henry Spice Ikhimiukor says:

    I learnt from this sermon that even mature believers need a covering from a higher spiritual authority. And for me to grow and be entrusted with authority I have to submit to authority and serve faithfully. I also realize submission to leadership will build up my character with wisdom which leads to spiritual maturity.

  82. Eddie Mun says:

    I was reminded that my Christian walk is not something to be done alone, but with the full protection of the church. I learned that covering is a result of commitment and more importantly submission to my local church and to the economic authorities God placed above me, to guard my spiritual walk with Him. I learned that walking naked is foolish and dangerous, because it is inevitable that the enemy will beat me down and hamper my spiritual growth, keeping me from all that God created me to be. Above all, I learned that only through covering can I do kingdom work and truly make progress in advancing His Kingdom!

  83. Felix Baumer says:

    The first New Philly event I ever attended was a Sunday Swim. I remember all the wonderful people I got to know at that Sunday and how I felt as welcome and at home as I never felt in a church community before. People became good friends, friends who prayed together and friends started praying for me and I started praying for them. Together, I feel, we can mutually edify one another and in community, grow even stronger with the Lord. The Sermon reminded me of the first time I had this unbelievable feeling. Moreover, it opened my eyes for the importance of leadership, sonship, accountability and discipline within a church community in order to become a healthy up building family (yes, I attended PC’s awesome Sermon about Mutual Edification – one of my favorites) who keeps growing with the Lord and is able to provide covering. Thanks to all the Pastors, Staff, Leaders and all the amazing people for not letting us walk around naked, for protecting us and being the heart and mind of this family. I’m looking forward to finally seal my commitment to New Philly and this community by becoming an official member. Furthermore, I can’t wait to receive even stronger covering once the community groups are going to start.
    #Fatherthefatherless 😉

  84. I never realized how much covering is important and needed in my life or how much Pastor Christian loves football haha :) God has allowed me to recognize that I am living a Christian life, but a life that is without proper covering. I am currently a high school student constantly surrounded by immoral music, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. It is always tough to learn to have discernment and I realized that I need covering to help me. I was mistaken to think that God had wanted me to learn and live through these temptations alone, He had a greater plan all along. He wanted me to have proper covering to receive even greater wisdom and discernment.

    I feel that God has allowed me to find New Philadelphia Church to be able to get His covering through a spiritual authority. Someone who would help to guide me towards Christ in all and every situation. I felt a strong need and desire to find covering as I realized how much more I could mature and grow in Christ. But this sermon does not say that having that covering is all good and easy, it also emphasizes the need to have respect, submission, and patience. God will give us authority, but if that authority comes before its due time, then it could prove to be disastrous rather than helpful.

    There are so many Christians living naked and with an “orphan spirit”. And then there are those Christians that are impatient and choosing to go out on their own, using their gifts and authority without discernment or wisdom. Both are ways in which you can tell if a Christian is going out “Naked”. I suddenly felt a strong need that we as Christians are responsible for helping those that are “Naked”. When we see a “naked” Christian, do we ever go out of our way to clothe them, or even tell them that they are “naked”? I certainly wish that I had known and am very grateful that I learned from listening to Pastor Christian.

  85. I was so touched by Pastor Christian’s sermon on “Do not go naked.” After listening to it, I refreshed my mind to fully submit to the church. From the very smallest thing to leadership, I am encouraged to submit myself to the church. I should exercise my Gift to edify the body of Christ as the scripture says. Among the touching messages he provided, I totally agree that “The real growth is from the relationship with leaders who can rebuke me and discipline me. I can have accountability under proper covering by leaders of God. In addition, I agree that honoring the pastor is making decision with the pastor’s permission. Surely, this will lead me to make a spirit-led decision. Thank you for your wonderful message, PC!

  86. Vivian Fung says:

    Wow. I think this sermon “Do Not Go Naked” really speaks to me because I just arrived in Seoul a month ago and I just finished taking Membership class. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I should become a member since I’m only here for a semester. However, all of the sermons that I heard really touched me and so I decided to become a member and to receive the protection of this church.

    Through this sermon, I realized why my pastor back home hates it when people go “church shopping”. They move from church to church because they don’t like the format of the church, they don’t like the sermons or any other excuse. I think the example that really stood out to me was that if we go from church to church then we are like orphans. We never truly belong to a church and we don’t get to receive the benefits and the blessings from being part of a church family.

    By becoming a part of a church, we are essentially obeying God’s commands for us to submit and to know that there are people who care about you and will pray with you when you’re going through hardships in life. I think I’ve been really blessed to be born in a Christian family and to attend church ever since I was little. Before I came to Seoul, I kept on thinking that I was going to be alone and that I would have to be really independent. Through this sermon, I learned that I can be independent to some degree but I also need to rely on God. He knows what is best for me and He can protect me even when I’m away in another country.

  87. I always thank God for bringing me into a community like NP where there is the undiluted word of God for His children to feed upon, and listening to the word every time just confirms that.

    Upon listening to the teaching on ‘Do not go naked’ preached by PC, it reassures me that it is never the desire of God for any of His children to stand alone no matter where, or what happens and that is why He relates the church most of the time to a flock of sheep and a shepherd. I have received a deeper revelation of God’s intended desire towards belonging to a community and submission to authority.

    Submitting to authority comes with the spirit of son-ship and when you are aware that you’re a son and daughter of a house, you know that you have possession of valuables in that house. The awareness of being covered encourages and builds up my faith to live in the fullness of my God-ordained life because you’re assured that no matter what happens you’ve got a community or someone who’s got you covered in love and through correction.

    For this reason, I must make conscious efforts on daily basis through my decisions to stay covered and in full submission to the people God has placed over me.
    Thank you PC for this seasoned word, Bless you all.

  88. Suzy Shin says:

    This sermon refreshed my attitude towards the local church. For some reason listening to this sermon I felt the love of the church which is really rare for me. I’ve been moving back and forth so it was really hard for me to fit into church so I wasn’t really involved and lost searching for guidance. When I did discipleship training the pastor always talked about being under authority and I always knew it was important but hard to summit. But listening to this sermon it really refreshed my heart and attitude to honor and summit to local church. Only by covering I can grow properly and be safe. Most of the time when I was struggling it was when I wasn’t covered. Now I understand why I was going through a hard time. From now on I know I can receive covering from the church!!

  89. I remember learning about spiritual covering from PB about two years ago and it was a completely new concept to me that was difficult to grasp, since I grew up being very independent and rarely depending on anyone, even my loved ones. This message brought forth a deeper clarity about the meaning of spiritual covering and how important it is to be in relationship and submission with our spiritual leaders. It’s so good to be reminded that we must not go into the world “naked” but to be fully covered. It reminds me of the quote, “If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Thank you Pastor Christian for this amazing word!

  90. Ma-Abena Aduonum says:

    This message is very powerful. Many of us go naked thinking that we are covered or, thinking we don’t need to be covered and we are wrong. Covering is very important and protects us and keeps us fulfilling the purposes and callings that God has over lives.

  91. Paul S Kim says:

    Enjoyed listening.

    Summary of what I learned: A Christian going around “naked” = without covering or protection, exposed, vulnerable. Covering comes from relationship = commitment and submission. God-given authority comes from submitting to God-given authority. From submission comes wisdom, patience, selflessness, accountability, and discipline. Going in and out of churches = orphan spirit. Staying in one place, committing and submitting = being a son.

    How I was blessed: I don’t want to be naked. I want to be covered, protected. Submission is kind of not automatic for my nature / personality, I feel. I would not want to submit to someone who I felt did not care about me. Guessing that is a trust issue. Maybe submitting in small things first makes it easier.

  92. Aram Lee says:

     ”…They expose themselves to harm, go about unprotected, vulnerable.…”
    This sentence made me to look back on the past 4 years, and this was what I exactly went through.
     I can’t believe that I was there when Pastor Christian preached on this message. Though I had what I learned from New Philadelphia Church in my head while I was gone, I barely applied it to my daily life.
     ”…Covering comes from relationships. That means you need to submit.…”
    I remember Pastor Erin asked me “Are you fully under the submission to this church, Aram?”, after I told her that I started dating with somebody. Both PC and PE told me to break up.
     PC especially said he was concerned about my purity. I was a little surprised because I was confident about it.
    Anyways, I broke up with him. But a month later, I started dating again in secret. That’s how I started getting rebellious and acting like an orphan.
     I was wondering how everyone except me is so obedient, follow everything the church teaches very well. They all looked holy and joyful. And I felt like I don’t fit in.
     PC told me in Korean that he wants to help me because it’s too hard to do it all by myself. PE held me in her arms, was crying and praying that she’ll never give up on me.
    The church did everything they could do, but I pushed them away every time they reached out to me.
     Without covering, all kinds of evil things happened in a row by men and women who call themselves strong Christians.
    Satan’s targets were always the purity and the relationship with the church community. As a result, my purity were protected in every danger. But they always left the damages anyhow.
    And the more things happened, the more I hid.
     But God has been faithful all the time. I am so thankful for that all things worked together for good. I finally got to know how precious the community I have is. I am willing to commit and submit!

  93. It is not enough to just have an intimate relationship with God but you need relationship. Covering comes from relationship. You need a living and breathing leader in your life that will speak wisdom and truth into your life. Amen! Everyone needs covering whether they are baby believers or mature leaders. This is my second time listening to this sermon and I just learn new things and receive new revelations! The higher you are, the more intense work you do for the Kingdom, the more covering you will need.

  94. Luc Silva says:

    The sermon from Pastor Christian made me understand how it is important to submit to the local church does not matter who your local leader is.

    And by this submission get the covering of the church of the family and receive the blessings the are waiting for us.

  95. Eunbi Lee says:

    After listening to the sermon Do Not Go Naked, I began to understand what covering means more clearly. I would always hear people who are members of New Philly talk and pray for covering but I never knew what it really meant. The previous churches that I have attended and committed to did not really teach the importance of covering so I did not even realize I was going around naked or what it really meant.
    After listening to Pastor Christian, I realized what going around naked meant for Christians and how dangerous that is. And a lot of Christians tend to think being saved means that you are covered but what a lot of people do not realize is that covering comes from relationships. Also when you try to do God’s works without being covered, the devil will do everything to make you fail and beat you down.

    When Pastor Christian went on explaining that covering also comes from submitting to a local church I once again felt how important being in a church meant. For me personally coming out to New Philly and listening to this sermon helped me understand what I need and what I should not be doing. Also this sermon really helped me learn more about New Philly and helped me reach another level of trust with any of the leaders I might go to seek for prayer even though I’m not a member of the house yet. I think for a big portion of my life I thought being saved and having a relationship with God was what covering was for me but through this sermon I learned that it’s not just that but even more.
    I really think that anybody who is struggling to understand the importance of submitting to a church or think that they’re okay without the covering of a leader should listen to this sermon! Throughout the whole sermon I was really at a place of learning and applying it into my life and my relationship with God and the church community,
    Thank you Pastor Christian for this very important sermon! : )

  96. Lisa Young says:

    Before coming to this church I had no idea that there was such a thing as covering. I thought church membership basically meant siding with one denomination as opposed to all the others. Even though I went to church regularly and didn’t move around between churches, I never talked through spiritual life with any leaders, and I hardly grew at all for years and years. The focus on covering and relationships here is invaluable! And it’s great that the head pastors can specifically tell anyone who their spiritual authorities and fathers are too! I’m glad this sermon emphasized the importance of sharing decision processes with spiritual authorities and listening to them. And the part about how grabbing for authority just because you have a gift is dangerous was also a good point. I have the opposite problem though! I hate having authority and always want someone else to be in charge.

  97. William Kim says:

    Hebrews 13:17 tells us that our submission to the leaders will cause them to watch over us with joy. It has been instructed by God with the ultimate goal of love amongst brothers and sisters in mind. Therefore, true meaning of submission to authority can only be fulfilled through our genuine love and respect towards God who gave us the instruction. A church must be a gathering filled with mutual respect and love between members and leaders for a common goal to glorify God (by fulfilling his will). I believe submission is a must and not an option for all believers to achieve the common goal but it has to derive from a genuine relationship with God not from an instruction by leaders. Without God in the initial equation, submission to church leadership becomes somewhat similar to the submission to leadership commonly found in the secular world where the respect towards men becomes the main reason that shapes an organisation. I have witnessed far too many churches where leadership became the glory and honour and it truly grieves my soul. God is love and is the true essence of the kingdom culture and it should form the backbone of any church leadership. Where there is love there is true freedom and when we are free from all the bondage, we can effectively serve one another with love and faith. In that gathering God’s presence is found, leading the ministry to places where He wants them to go and in His presence true authority is established.

    It is my prayer that a strong and effective heavenly leadership is established at New Philadelphia Church to put a huge smile on God’s face.

  98. Susan Shin says:

    I really liked this sermon. I learned a lot about what it means to submit to other’s authority and what it means to be naked out in the world. This sermon really helped me understand why “Covering” is so important in New Philadelphia and why it is important for me and everyone else! Also it taught me the importance of being in a church and building up that relationship to have covering.

  99. Sophia Sitorus says:

    “The devil wants you to go naked.” I realized as i learn more about the kingdom of God and its’ righteousness, especially about authority, covering and submission, i feel that the enemies are upset. They want me to stay vunerable and go around in orphan spirit so that I never live out God’s plan on me to the fullest. They don’t want me to be properly clothed in my true identity as God’s son. Just like the prodigal son, how he actually was a rich man’s son but due to his own righteousness he left his identity and got lost, ended up clothed in humiliation. However, the Father’s love is so abounding that when the prodigal son went back, He clothed the son with the best robe!

    I think the clothes we wear reflect our identity. When we go out of the house (church) we will try to clothe ourselves with what we actually are not; and we become poor in spirit, spending God’s grace until we find that we are broke then we clothe ourself in humiliation. However, if we stay in His house, we are clothed in the proper clothing as sons of His kingdom. Then we can live out our true potential and His calling because we have the right equipment.

  100. Alina Cho says:

    Being under submission is something that most people do not like to do but through PC’s sermon, I have come to further understand that importance of submission of leaders in the church. Although we believe in the Lord, He uses the leaders of the church to help guide us and give us discernment. If we try to do all things by ourselves, we will be easily knocked down by the devil.
    I am blessed that God has led me to New Philly and I am able to be blessed by the amazing leaders of this church!

    • Susie Baik says:

      We’re so blessed to have you! Being in community allows church leaders to speak into your life and to build you up as well as vice versa!

  101. Taylor Herman says:

    I don’t know why, but I never heard about this concept of going naked spiritually, even in the church where I met God. I never really though about always needing spiritual covering before, but now that I look back, those times where I stumbled, fell, and struggled the most were the times that I was ‘going naked.’ I just thought that I needed to pray more or get into the word more so I could be a stronger Christian, but what I was really missing was covering. Now that I know about this concept it really hits home, and I understand just how important it is, just as never going outside without clothes on is. And it’s really easy to get cocky about your faith when things are going well, but the calm always comes before the storm, and when we feel like we don’t really need covering because things are going well, that’s when we begin to falter. No matter what season we’re in, we always need to be covered~

  102. John-Paul says:

    I thought it was a good Message. It made me understand that it is important to not go naked but instead be under Covering. And how to fit into the body of Christ by submission to church leaders. And New Philadelphia is a good church to be under covering.

  103. Caroline says:

    This message is straightforward. It doesn’t matter where we are in our spiritual life, we all need covering. And for those who work for the kingdom of God, more covering is needed in order to do His work. I like how PC explains how, us not being protected and prepared, is the same as if we were to go out into the world naked. We are already vulnerable to the secular world as it is, so without proper protection, we can only be more easily affected. I will admit that there have been times in my life, where I did not commit, especially in college. I allowed myself to go out into the world naked and digress from what God had planned for me. Having to submit to authority has been difficult for me, both in and outside the church. However, God has been testing me and has been opening my eyes to change my outlook. PC is point on when he says that we need to go through this process to build maturity, wisdom, and character. We live in a generation that expects instant gratification. We go to school, go to college, graduate, expect a high paying job, and keep expecting something better…and fast. I too, thought if I graduated early, that it would put me on the fast track in life, only to be slowed down and to learn patience and to turn to God to guide me. And through all that we go through, we will allow ourselves to fail, if we go out into the world naked.

  104. Ahreum Kim says:

    Ahreum Kim
    Being under the covering of the church, I didn’t realize it’s that important. I like the parable; baby just born needing protection and care likewise our spiritual life needs care and covering. That covering comes not from books nor listening pot casts but from living relationship! Everyone needs someone entrusted with spiritual authority to speak over their life and for this to work,submission is required! This was new to me but made perfect sense. And I became to have better understanding of exercising church authority! After all listening to this sermon, I don’t wanna be naked and under the all attacks of the devils and this world. I want to learn how to submit to church authority and be protected under the covenant covering!

  105. (Mercedes Dean)
    This was my third time I think listening to this message and it still gets me every time. Do not go out Naked. I remember hearing about covering in passing one time from a lady that used to minister to me on the bus. I remember wondering about covering and what that meant. At that time, it was the first time I had really committed to a church community, my Korean church, but I didn’t understand what that meant spiritually. Now I do. It was because of my committed relationship with my church that I kept out of a lot of things that could have really hindered me. And now at New Philly, I really understand this concept. It is really cool to listen to a sermon not really understanding, then coming back and listening again and not only understanding but seeing it happening in the church community. I am really grateful.

  106. I’m blessed by this sermon. Our generation is a generation of “selfies”. It’s much more difficult to establish relationships these days than it was ten years ago and we are running around naked because it’s much easier. It’s easier to stay at home and just listen to a podcast or just going from one church to another. I’m blessed to know the importance of going under the covering of somebody with spiritual authority!

  107. I was reminded of the importance of church community, accountability, and submission. Church leadership and community are powerful gifts and commands from God to the Church that we should fully live under.

  108. Jeff Moses says:

    This covering is the main reason we were searching for a church like New Philly. For the last few years, my wife and I have bounced from church to church. We never felt satisfied with the English Ministries that we found. So many seemed focused on just the short term, 1-year-in-and-out foreigners in Korea. We wanted to find a church that would hold us accountable and bless our lives for many years. We have already felt the difference in our lives through the relationships that we are developing and see the impact it can have on us. Growing up in a spiritually oppressive Mennonite church definitely inspired an independent streak in me so I know submission is something that I need to learn to accept more fully in my life, and it’s good to know that there are strong leaders here who can shepherd me in that.

    It’s also important to note that while I may not feel the same way about Michael Vick as PC does (Nick not Vick!), it’s good to know that we have a pastor who understands that the Philadelphia Eagles are a powerful symbol of all that is good in this world.

    • hahahhahha so blessed and entertained by this post. You are awesome Jeff! So excited to have you guys in the fam!!!

    • Hahahaha. It has been good getting to know you guys. Continue to be intentional with the relationships you guys are building, it is great having you as part of our community and CG!

  109. Tachie Maureen says:

    Thank you Lord for the unfailing grace and the reminder that “if I humble myself you will lift me high. I am humbled my you Lord and I am nothing with you.

  110. Matt Anderson says:

    There were several main points I related to in this sermon. First, the more responsibility you are given, the more covering you need because you are more vulnerable. I agree with this, for people in leadership are more susceptible to attacks from the Enemy. This why spiritual mothers and fathers are vital. Second,you need to show you are responsible enough in being faithful with the small things until you are given more authority (regardless of the giftings you have). Joseph had many giftings, but the Lord took him through a series of hardships and trials to humble him and to prepare him for the positions God would place him in the future.The car and speed limit metaphor was spot on. Last, I was enlightened when I heard testimonies about missionaries going off without covering and returning dried up. Even the most anointed need covering regardless of who they are and what they do.

  111. Paul Youngbong Lee says:

    To be honest, it is hard for me to understand sermons by heart, especially to live according to applications of such message. Hopefully I will be able to mature through New Philly and get to pursue Jesus sometime soon. Nonetheless, I sense something true, warm, and powerful in Pastor’s sermon and in New Philly atmosphere. Much looking forward to my upcoming stay in this unique community :)

  112. jaesin nam (jason) says:

    Revealtion 3 : 14~17
    Acts 19 : 11~16

    = Exec summary =
    0. why we need to be covering? : can be beat by devil
    1. If I want to to do his work, don’t go naked
    2. covering comes from Relationship
    3. learn the fellowship & submission
    4. If I skip, god will give me SAME LESSON in different form (!!)
    5. submission does not means I can agree with EVERYTHING what leaders says

    – they go naked and dont even feel shame.
    – Baby needs covering
    – it is not about books & podcasts – covering come from relationships – personally.
    – it’s not just for the baby christians – matured evangelist missionaries needs covering either since they can be beat too.
    – why? – will be beat out by devil.
    – if I Try to do his work, not to be naked.

    – Authority is like Speed limit on the road
    – Police cars except for that authority when someone break the speed limit.

    – lots of christian want to abuse power – however, they dont want to obey the authority
    – Too quick to have authority is super bad.

    – if you skip press god will give me same lesson in different form sooner or later.
    – submit. accountability. duty.

    – Its like teach discipline children whom their parents love.
    – We can not cover ourselves with what we made – it must be given by dad.

    – Don’t email me after you made major decision in your life.

    – Even before salvation, we should go church for being protected (covering).
    – PC submited to leader even though he disagreed with him for bunchs of things – because of fellowship

  113. Jessie Lee says:

    I have never thought about the importance of ‘covering’ before coming to New Philly, and hearing that it comes from the relationship with other people was a complete revelation to me. It helped me realize why just attending Sunday services and trying to seek God on my own were not enough, and also the reason why I need a ‘breathing and living’ leader whom I can have a relationship with. Seeing how everyone is covered by and submitted to one another within this church gives me a sense of security and makes me want to take part of it; not just because of being in a community that truly cares and speaks the truth into the lives of each other, but also for not missing God’s plans for my own life.

  114. Deborah Uwera says:

    I am very thankful that God has led me to NewPhilly a place where the leaders are so commited to providing covering to the members. Listening to this podcast just shed so much light on the importance of being under submission of your church leaders and that the level of commitment you show is directly proportional tothe amount of covering you get. This has made me reflect a lot.
    And as i step out in faith and seek to serve the Lord everyday, i realise that if i try to go out naked,and without covering then exposed to the devil, i might end up like the sons of sceva..
    Listening to podcasts or reading a particular authors books doesnt give you covering. You need to be in a community and have leaders whose authority you submit to. Just like a speed limit, their authority keeps you in check. Despite your giftings, its important to operate in submission first.
    I am excited for this new journey, and that im not goin out alone..but under the covering of NP!!!

  115. There is a lot of truth in the need of covering for people who have great gifts and positions of influence. The potential to bring shame to the house because you are reckless, irresponsible is very real. Even with good intentions, it would be naive to think you can handle it alone.
    Sometimes God will not let you do what you’re called to do until you are covered. As frustrating as that may be, it’s in our best interest.

  116. Halima Dodo says:

    This sermon really painted a picture perfect view of my previous walk with Christ. Like members of the Church in Laodicea I myself as do many other believers have wandered naked by physically separate ourselves from the body of Christ that God places in our lives. Baby believer or not we all need protection. I learned that it’s not just by reading holy books or listening to wise podcasts that we are fully guarded by the Lord. To be covered on all sides is to be covered in the form of face to face relationships. It’s great to be covered supernaturally by our personal covenant with the Lord loving but he also extends His love and full covering through the local church community and through discipline under church leaders.
    The message especially gave me clarity on how important it is to not go naked with His gifts and anointings. If we alone put ourselves on a stage or platform we will step down defeated because we went up there naked! Likewise, I learned that if we try to cover ourselves with our own shield we essentially forfeit God’s calling on our life and delay the lessons and stages of maturity that He is trying to carry us through. To receive our true inheritance is to be a son, and after this sermon I realized that I’ve never seen a son prosper without the blessings of his father and resident authorities. Submission is the pathway way to true power. It’s a stage in which we cannot fast forward, but if we let God’s plans play out under accountability and church covering we will emerge without defeat.

  117. I was very blessed through this sermon. I didn’t know that covering would mean so much to a christian life. I maybe I’m still going around naked hahaha… But yes, the devil would never leave us alone to be nurtured and grow so that’s why it’s very important to do everything under covering of God, church, and family. From times to times submission can be hard, however it is an essential lesson that we have to learn in our journey.

  118. Luke Woo says:

    Wow, being covered, now that’s one great thing I am expecting!! This sermon made me realize the importance of covering and relationships more than ever. Even some of the most devoted Christians are and will be exposed to harm, even though these people may think they are already covered and know the words of God.

    I learned that praying, submitting, and covering is not all just mandatory; it’s a choice we are allowed to make. Submission is difficult; I think many people will understand that. Being in the status of Sonship is a very complex feeling. Being in Sonship made me feel very warm and seemed like I was being cared for. Wow, that was something. However, it is all a choice we CAN make; it’s not an obligation. But I think we will learn to understand that as we walk towards Christ.

    I just realized that having people speak to me and help me make decisions on spiritual terms is a very good thing. I can make decisions with more people considering whether that will be suitable. Because I have the confident idea that I am being covered and cared for, I am ready to receive Christ, to submit to the leaders, and meet God. His coverings will bless me.

    I know going naked in the human world is and has been and will always be so easy, but God’s words will give us hope. The big word: Hope. We need to learn to recognize authority first, though. I love you, PC. Hope to meet you soon. Amen.

  119. Joseph Lee says:

    I needed that. Staying and submitting. I need to be grounded and obey by being covered with authority and go forth protected.

  120. Trash Yang Moses says:

    It was really good to listen this sermon for reminding me “wearing Jesus’ clothes(Holy spirit)” that I learned from my korean church. I forgot how important that I have to be noticed I am a christian no matter what sometimes is. I will hold this sermon and try to live my months.

    • Trash Yang Moses says:

      My Hubby and me wanted to find a church to serve till we get old in Korea, so we bounced between a few. Finally we found New Philly. Here people welcomed us and make me feel comfortable to stay. I am so glad God sent us to this church. So now I started to go to CG every Wednesdays in my first time of my life. And I am learning lots of things from the CG. It’s been a while since Having a continuing relationship with church people to me. So I feel I am more close to God in my life. This is definitely the covering Pastor Christian is talking about.

  121. Eunsoo Timothy Kim says:

    For the longest time, I had a hard time committing to a local church. I never really understood the importance of being connected to a church community and staying there for spiritual covering. It wasn’t like I was backsliding but being a pastor’s kid, I knew that commitment to a local church community meant there would have to be sacrifices on my part and truthfully, It was something of great inconvenience to me.

    After listening to this sermon, it is very clear that being connected to a community of believers is not just a matter of convenience, it is life or death in my walk with Christ.

  122. John Han says:

    I like how Pastor Christian talked about watching our backs. Maybe if we were fighting just our old selves, a covering may not be as necessary. That’d just be 1v1. But we’re not just battling ourselves but the devil, the demons and culture etc. It’s foolish to fight alone when the enemy is bringing all his boys to the fight. Yes we are covered by the blood of Christ, and the Holy Spirit fights our wars for us. But in order to stay that way, we need to make sure we don’t lose favor with God and grieve the Holy Spirit. We all need those relationships that will slap our face toward God so that we would look to only God for satisfaction whenever our eyes wander.

  123. Youngha Park says:

    This message made me learn why it is important to submit to a church and to the authority and leaders of the church. A person needs a covering from being naked because naked person is bound to lose to the devil. This covering can come from relationship with a leader, which gets thicker as the relationship becomes deeper. Covering is so important for anyone because the more intense the work one does for God, the devil will find more ways to tempt one away from the work of God and only covering can help. I can’t cover myself with what I make, covering can only come from God and if I want deeper relationship with God and thicker covering from God, the church can guide me and cover me from other temptations.

  124. Gon Kim says:

    What struck me the most was how often I’ve walked around naked, without the covering of a church. At certain points in my experience with the churches I attended for high school, college, and post-college, I think there was some level of covering. Most of the time, however, I was doing my own thing, partly out of my affinity for independence, and I wasn’t even aware of my status as being naked. This message shed light on my tendencies and how spiritually fatal it is to continue to go on about my way without proper submission to the leadership and covering of a local church.

  125. Philip kuhns says:

    This message has a lot of solid, practical advise for the church today. As I have experienced many times in past few years, have people to spiritually encourage you and be an example is such a huge blessing, and can seriously take you far in a relationship with the Lord. Being unfamiliar with this concept, i was challenged to look back on my life and realize just how much i have been affected/blessed as a result of people speaking into my life through prayer and conversations.

  126. Annie Weiss says:

    This sermon explains one of the main reasons that I am so honored to be at NPC. In the past, I have seen churches have someone come into the church and they show that they have great gifts from God and they are allowed to go straight into leading people. The problem with that model is that those people have their own thoughts of what a church really looks like and what they want to do in the church. But that may not be where that particular community is called to go. The Lamborghini illustration really hit home for me. God gives powerful gifts, but unless they are under covering (like the car on the road where it is permissible) the results of using that power could be negative rather than positive. Being at NPC, we are given a chance to get the heart of the father of the house before moving in authority to practice the power that God has given us. This is a great honor.

  127. Oscar Sun says:

    For me this is the first church I’ve been to. I am not so familiar with the whole church community, so I don’t know what having covering is like. I would always depend on myself. I guess I’ve been walking around naked my whole life. I had always fought against God, I never wanted the things he gave me, and so I was always lost. But since I’ve submitted to him, I have been blessed by his love. He had clothed me with his love and given me a chance to get to know him. And now I feel blessed to have the chance to part of the New Philly Family be covered by this church and family.

  128. Choi Lok Yan Sharon says:

    This sermon is very inspiring to me.The concept of “son-ships” is brand new for me as my church in Hong Kong has never emphasized or even mentioned about it. This message reminds me about how often I have gone naked when I was serving as a guitarist in the worship team back to Hong Kong. I realized that I did not build up much maturity or characters because I did not have a spiritual father to guide me and adjust my attitude towards my service. I will introduce this concept to my peers in church and make them think about the problem of “Go Naked” too.

  129. Kimberly Ahn says:

    Woo! PC on point! I was completely and wholly convicted by this message. I giggled and laughed with sheer bewilderment because PC was saying everything that I was thinking prior to coming to NP. I told myself last year when I arrived to Korea that I would get fed through iBethelTV. And when PC said those exact words, I laughed at myself because I was reminded of how ignorant I was being then. It’s so clear in the Word that we need to be under the covering and authority of a spiritual leader, not just to grow to be protected from the enemy in our daily lives. I’m thankful, honored, and so excited to see the fruit of this commitment not just only under PC but also alongside with my new NP family. No longer will I nomadically wander naked, but fully dressed, armored, and clothed towards the straight path.

  130. I really needed to hear this sermon in that it emphasized the need to be covered. I personally experienced the devil’s attack being stronger when I am not full submitted to God and His will. So im that, the need of a strong leader keeping me accountable is so important. It is so easy to lose sight of what is truly important. So I really appreciate the emphasis and I look forward to the strengthening of relationship with God through the help of leaders around me.

  131. Janet Cushey says:

    As a child, my parents switched churches frequently because of issues that they had with the pastors. In my grade school and middle school life, I attended a total of around 6 different churches. As a result, whenever I went to a new church, I found myself holding back from giving in when I attended youth group, because I figured that my family would be taking me out some time soon anyways. I realized that I have never really been able to submit myself to a church community in my life, and I am blessed that I have found such a supportive church with such amazing church leaders as at New Philly.

  132. Daniel Kim says:

    Covering is an unfamiliar concept to me within the church because I have never really experienced it in my church history. However, I agree that there is a need for it within all churches. What hit me hardest within this sermon was that if you submit to the leaders appointed in your life, you are submitting to God. This is one of the main things I have been thinking about since starting membership, because I have often struggled with putting faith within church leaders I do not know well. This sermon has cleared up some of the misconceptions I have had about relationships with the church.

  133. Chuck Chun says:

    “Don’t go naked” was about submission under proper spiritual authority for me. What does it look like to surrender not only to Christ but to people who are meant to speak truth and provide guidance in your life. I agree that God sends us out with the intention of being covered. Although surrendering is never easy, it is necessary in a covenant relationship if you are in it for the long run.

  134. I believe that covering is important and submission to spiritual authority is absolutely vital to a Christian’s life. I also believe that it is a double-edged sword. It’s a reciprocal relationship in which I must learn the basic fundamentals of trust. I feel like trust can be given initially, but in order for that trust to solidify, it must be earned. I am happy to say that I trust the leaders here and am thankful for the covering that they provide.

  135. Lydia Ju says:

    This was a powerful message for me. First, it was encouraging for me to want to definitely pray of missionaries, pastors, mature christians, baby christians as well for the proper covering is needed. I definitely agree that although being born again means to have a direct relationship with God that doesn’t mean you are covered and if you want that covering that comes from relationship with leaders/ people with God’s authority. I really like the car analogy and how you can have all the power and gifts from God, but without authority all that power is basically not useful. I hope that I can be that someone who has the continuous heart of servanthood under proper covering and I am thankful I have that opportunity to submit to God’s anointed leaders.

  136. Jeremiah Silvey says:

    The message conveyed great biblical wisdom. Covering is such an important topic to understand throughout life. I was reminded daily of how we are to put on the full armor of God. Applying the armor of God protects us from daily assaults from the enemy. Without certain parts of the armor, we can be vulnerable. Through humility and proper covering, the church body can see the vulnerable parts within ourselves and can take the necessary steps to heal those broken and battered areas. Through submission and discipleship, proper armor can be given accordingly to each person’s area of expertise. A warrior is created overtime not overnight.

  137. Katrin Paul says:

    The statement that stood out to me the most was, that going naked will successfully ruin the plans of God for my life. To me it never seemed like that big of a deal to live without covering. The sermon really opened my eyes about that topic.

  138. Tiffany Maxwell says:

    I never thought about how covering comes through relationships. How absolutely beautiful that is! And it makes so much sense. Listening to this, I feel even more grateful for the awesome relationships God has put in my life and I look forward to even more relationships.

  139. Alex Quach says:

    I use to struggle a lot with not being able to share issues that i may be going through because i was very prideful and didn’t want people to think less of me in any way, through this sermon it reminded me the how important it is to stay connected with your leaders/pastors and being able to share your burden with them if not you will get shanked by the devil
    It is extremely important for you to be covered by a community of believers within your church, covering comes from having a personal relationships and it is essential for you to have someone speaking wisdom into your life, correct/rebuke you and holding you accountable.

    I no longer feel like an orphan spirit, maybe sometimes…. but if i do ill share my feeling hahah

    • Michael Chan says:

      Very glad to have taken on membership and listened to this sermon! It was a really good reminder that we NEED to be covered and submit to our leaders.

      Thinking about it now, I was going to my local church for a long time, they provided covering for me but I wasn’t even interested to have any real, strong relationships with any of the members/leaders there, let alone submitting to them. That’s why I felt so disconnected from the church and especially disconnected from God, I was butt naked. The verse from Revelation really spoke out to me. Even though the sermon wasn’t talking about being “lukewarm”, it really struck me and reminded me how I have been living my “Christian” life, not even lukewarm, pretty cold and naked.

      I really see the importance of a church “community”, with real relationships, even though you won’t be close to every single person, it’s important to be tuned in to the community and be covered by people who have the authority. We gota think less of our selves and accept what and who God is gona provide us in our lives, correcting us and keeping us accountable. Man, this was powerful! Looking forward to see what God has in line for me, step by step and also for NP Sydney!

  140. Andy Cheng says:

    So true. A lot of things mentioned in the message pretty much revealed and explained what happened to me last year. Last year at this time I was not under covered even though I was in a campus ministry and ended up getting beaten up by the devil until sometime later I opened up to one of my old church leaders. I used to not like the idea of having a church leader and authority until I fell into my own temptation and didn’t even know why – because I was naked! It is only a matter of time for anyone to get beaten down by the devil if this person is not under covered within a local church community. Really blessed by this message and again reminded by PC that covering is absolutely essential in one’s Christian life as we guarantee to get beaten down by the devil if we go naked. This is also one of the most important thing I learned from the church I attended during my college exchange 2 years ago – invest deeply in a local church, submit to the leaders there and the authority, commit to each other and hold each other accountable so we can grow and mature in Christ. Really looking forward to all the things God put in my life at New Philly community.

  141. Yery Reyna Yoon says:

    I really enjoyed this sermon. Growing up in a fast paced culture where instant results with minimal input is desired and also a cynical generation that somewhat belittles authority, to be reminded of how essential covering is so that we can bear the fruits of God’s calling was something that had not crossed my mind before. This isn’t just with church but even at work when small things bothered me or challenged me I just wanted to bail from it but I was told by my boss who isn’t a believer , sometimes to be a good leader you need to know how to be a good follower. This message really nailed that comment into my conscience. I am actually delighted to think there is a community that will be accountable and loving, even when rebukes may come that in my youthful impatience i won’t act out in folly but mature to be walking out the plans God perceived in my life even before I was conceived.

  142. Na Hee Kim says:

    I really needed to listen to this sermon, thank you Pastor Christian! I have been a follower of Jesus for half of my life, but there was always something missing. The faith I had for Him was very lukewarm and I never grew as a Christian, in fact, there were moments in my life where I was definitely walking backwards in my faith. I really did not have any direction and life to me was meaningless. I was attending church but I refused to submit to my leaders and accept any authority into my life. I blamed my previous church, however it is not until now that I realized it was me. I was walking naked, without even realizing. This sermon made me realize that God never left my side and never gave up on me even when there were times when I gave up on him. If it weren’t for my best friend, urging me to attend the New Philly opening service in Sydney, I would have stepped too far into depression and loneliness. It was not until I decided to commit to New Philly and join CG and accept prayer and wisdom from the leaders that I saw myself grow and heal. I now realize that I cannot walk this Christian path alone, without the covering and protection of a community. I feel like I have been reborn as a Christian and can feel a sense of excitement and hunger inside me for God. I am so thankful and blessed that God has led me to New Philly and I really do believe that becoming a member was one of the major plans he had for me as I begin this new season in my walk with Christ.

  143. Michael Chan says:

    Very glad to have taken on membership and listened to this sermon! It was a really good reminder that we NEED to be covered and submit to our leaders.

    Thinking about it now, I was going to my local church for a long time, they provided covering for me but I wasn’t even interested to have any real, strong relationships with any of the members/leaders there, let alone submitting to them. That’s why I felt so disconnected from the church and especially disconnected from God, I was butt naked. The verse from Revelation really spoke out to me. Even though the sermon wasn’t talking about being “lukewarm”, it really struck me and reminded me how I have been living my “Christian” life, not even lukewarm, pretty cold and naked.

    I really see the importance of a church “community”, with real relationships, even though you won’t be close to every single person, it’s important to be tuned in to the community and be covered by people who have the authority. We gota think less of our selves and accept what and who God is gona provide us in our lives, correcting us and keeping us accountable. Man, this was powerful! Looking forward to see what God has in line for me, step by step and also for NP Sydney!

  144. Hannah Chong says:

    In all honesty, I can say in the past three and a half years of my Christian life, I very much underestimated the importance of spiritual covering. I always sought to go about doing things alone, whether that was in relation to stewarding my gifts, making decisions, better understanding the Word, and so forth. I can certainly say I was wandering about naked, and did not place myself under submission to leaders perhaps due to my own insecurities, pride and fear. One of the reasons why I recently joined NP is because I recognised this in my own life and realised I was only isolating myself from community and hindering my growth. As much as I did not want to admit it, I longed for a place where I felt I could be vulnerable and know that I had people speaking into my life and praying for me. In the past month I have been at NP, I have never felt more safe, protected, and assured that God has surrounded me with brothers and sisters as well as spiritual authorities who are willing to cover me with love, prayer and support. It is a process letting go of my own fears, and learning to trust the people God has placed in my life, but I constatnly remind myself that He ordains and works together all things for my good and that ultimately He is my Father who provides me with the greatest covering – His grace, which wipes away my sins and makes me new.

  145. This was a very vital message on the importance of spiritual covering in our walks with Christ. I think Pastor Christian addresses one of the most essential longings/needs we have as Christians (whether baby believer or matured believer) and that is to be in healthy and trusting relationships. These are relationships in which we can not only share and grow with one another but also provide wisdom, direction and loving rebukes when needed.

    I don’t think I fully grasped the meaning behind being “covered” by a spiritual leader or person of authority before, nor was it ever addressed or explained like it was in this sermon. Hearing the examples of a baby needing covering as soon as it is born really helped me understand that the intention of the person you have submitted to is to provide for your needs lovingly and with foresight into what is best for you.

    There is a safety in being submitted and not a fear, a benefit and not a punishment, a humility and not a weakness.

  146. Yu Jeong Park says:

    This sermon really allowed me to understand the importance of covering and submitting under leaders. Until I joined New Philly, I didn’t even realise that I was walking a vulnerable path alone, without covering or the protection of leaders. The sermon emphasised that relationships and community is such an important aspect in ones path with The Lord.

  147. Samuel SC Choi says:

    The statement that going naked will successfully ruin God’s plan for my life was a shock to me.I have never thought of spiritual mentorship to be of upmost importance in ones’ spiritual growth. PC clearly points out in this sermon that in fact having covering is a necessary ingredient for spiritual maturity in a Christian.

    I now realise the importance of spiritual mentorship. Much like the nuclear family being the best environment to nurture children in, this idea seems to also carry through in the spiritual realm. Having a spiritual father who rebukes and disciplines may appear harsh from the outside but in fact it is a great blessing and a gift from God. What can be a greater blessing than someone who cares enough to lead you towards God in every facet of life?

    I am impressed with PC and the NP leaders because they practice what they preach. They are humble enough to also have spiritual covering from their own spiritual mentors.

  148. Kevin Choi says:

    May I be covered by the leaders of NP so that i can make spirit-led decisions for His glory. Through wisdom, spiritual intelligence and patience. To have a heart of servanthood, the willingness to submit in the anointing power of God and to be in sonship has been realised and renewed.

  149. laurenjhchun says:

    Having been church-hopping for few years before I settled in New Philly Sydney, I had the orphan mentality that was never quite satisfied with anything. It was clear that constant hunger for more and wandering were due to lack of relational, spiritual covering from a leader. A true Sonship consists of submission and a heart of servant hood. It was a radical paradigm shift once I realised my identity as a son of the house, especially my attitude towards submitting under the covering of a leader: spiritual figures in my life are not authorities to fear but rather are those whom I can trust and be loved on. I am excited to see how God matures me in this season through New Philly’s covering.

  150. Jason Jung says:

    I was born and raised into a church and I feel like I unknowingly submitted to the leaders of that church. Throughout those years, my life was very fruitful and my relationship with God was very intimate through their guidance, wisdom and nurturing. After moving to another city for school I had to find a new church which was very difficult for me. I attended one church consistently but never got involved with membership and I did not submit to the leaders of that church. Since that time, I have been wandering naked and have not been bearing witness to any fruit in my life. I always thought that it was due to circumstances that I could fix on my own, but after listening to this sermon, I am realizing that my relationship was become stagnant because I need to commit to a church and receive spiritual covering. I am excited for the next season as I commit to New Philly Sydney and hope to receive many blessings.

  151. Louise Kim says:

    When we don’t recognise our need for covering, spiritual authorities seem like a hindrance to our growth and our plans. But the truth is that as we go through the process of submission and being disciplined, we will grow to full maturity in character, spiritual gifting and anointing. Leaders who are fully covered are the ones who bring honour to the house!

    Covering comes through relationship with real spiritual leaders, where greater levels of commitment to and submission under these leaders will lead to a stronger, thicker covering.

    Also, just like getting dressed each morning, coming and staying under covering is a daily decision – submission is a heart attitude!

  152. Helen Kim says:

    I’m so happy that I made a decision to join New Philly and take the membership course.
    It’s such a blessing that PC has a lot of relational wisdom.. something that I seek to gain more of this year. Thank you for the reminder of the importance of community, spiritual covering and submission!!!

  153. Alyssa Yan says:

    I’m really blessed to be a part of New Philly. I’ve been to several churches before this. And I’ve never felt any more connected to the church members, leaders and pastors than at New Philly. I am excited that I will do the Christian walk with the covering from relationships with the church leaders, pastors and other members. Submission to these leaders will allow them to speak wisdom into my life. I am excited for the new season as I commit to New Philly!

  154. This message really made me realize so much about my own christian walk, that I have never really thought about before. It has for me been years of doing ministry without the needed covering that Pastor Christian described. I have been the lonesome rider who has ventured out, without a healthy godly covering. This truth made me at first really sad (grief, regret) but again was it a needed process to go through for me to see things in a right way.
    I had to understand why spiritual covering is of such importance and repent of the individualism I so often struggle with.
    This message made me realize so much about my self and why New Philly is the right church for me to attend and commit to.

  155. Michelle Kwak says:

    It was so interesting to hear that passage in Revelation 3 with a different focal point! This blessed me in that it laid out a lot of what I’ve come to learn but had not necessarily verbalized, and it also gave me new insight and revelation. Because of that I also feel better equipped to encourage others to find covering under a community/church. I love that the point of relationship was emphasized. It is so true that you cannot just listen to sermons or podcasts from afar, try to slip in and out of service unnoticed, and then claim to have proper covering. I also totally agree, as a missionary myself, that the more intense the Kingdom work, the more covering we need. Even with covering, attacks are inevitable and it is never easy! It was freeing and assuring to hear that even if only for 4 months in a place, covering is necessary. As someone who has been nomadic and still open to a geographically/physically transient lifestyle, I have come to realize the same thing, and it was liberating to hear it preached.
    Also, I hadn’t really linked the concept of covering with character development through having to embrace the process, but this is so important! Such wisdom in this. It isn’t just about receiving teaching and prayer and discipleship, but about learning to serve and submit and go through a process at a wise pace.

  156. Michelle Euperio says:

    As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized the need for proper covering. I love that PC said that covering does not come from listening to podcasts or reading books. Years ago, I thought that was enough and I realize now that the more one steps into proper covering and submission, greater authority is released. “You forfeit the promises of God, gifts, ability and anointing if you do not submit and commit to a church.” Wow, that really impacted me because I had never really thought of it like that before. In recent years, there have been times where my independent free bird spirit just wanted to go but as I look back, I can see the times the Lord greatly rewarded me and blessed me abundantly for choosing to stay and commit and finish my commitment. It was in those times where the process was hard but I know it was needed to develop more of my character. This sermon was a great reminder to not want to skip the process, the incredible importance for covering and overall a huge blessing to me. For me, it instilled an even greater desire to have more covering.

  157. Crystal Hunt says:

    This sermon definitely speaks of my experiences! I know that nakedness. It’s that sense of urgency I always get when I don’t go to church. I grew up in the church so I always had protection, a church family. But when I went to college -I was church hopping because in each different church I went to, I saw how they treated members and newcomers. All different churches have their own problems, yes, but most of the ones I went to at that time didn’t have a familial relationship. So for most of college, I was just a wandering Christian. I was always glad to come home during holidays and go to church. When I went overseas for the first time to Japan -I sought a church. It was pretty good, unfortunately it came towards the end where I could attend only twice. But during the times I didn’t go to church I felt like a drifting Christian.

  158. Zara Perciful says:

    Until recently, I never saw submission as something that’s essential to function in your God-given gifts, abilities, calling, and anointing. And oh goodness I love a good football illustration! That’s so good! Anyway, I like to be independent and I have learned so much through books and podcasts that I guess I didn’t realize the need for and importance of submission to a covenant community (though I did see the need for of a church family and the importance of serving in it, just not active submission to its leadership). Also, think the most profound thing that hit me through this sermon was that you can learn submission even if you disagree. In the past, my stubborn pride has gotten in the way… a lot… where that’s concerned. Man, I’m so excited to learn about this!

  159. Mariyah Gonzales says:

    Independence has always been a personal attribute I’ve prided myself in. The culture we participate in celebrates such character. My struggle in submission to authority was rooted in this independence yes, but also in the impossibility that our leaders and pastors truly loved us or were for us (warped, right). I wanted to believe in covering and rest in submission but I was never a part of a church family that allowed for such safety. It was a chaotic internal conflict, and I was plagued with worry and anxiety. Suspicion always insisted in every community I tried to be a part of. I’d been wearing a dress I stitched together out of what I thought was necessity. I had never understood covering or sonship until first seeing it alive at New Philadelphia.

    Going naked is choosing independence, choosing to listen to our evil hearts, declaring that we are good alone. Refusing covering is the definite way to forfeit God’s plan for our lives. It’s the decision we make to abandon the romance, creativity and fullness of God’s plan for us in exchange for something we’ve hand-drawn from a faded memory of our first sights of the cross.

    By God’s unfathomable grace and mercy, my narrative has been corrected. I am choosing to live in my full identity in Christ. I’ve begun to understand the dishonour and disrespect in my heart, the pain I’ve inflicted on people who truly love me. I see the grieving in God’s face when he saw me exhaust my mind trying to be my own saviour. I’ve been the noisy Lamborghini (yes, I googled for spelling) stuck in the garage, blinded, proud and self-involved. Submission is the only cure for both my striving and anxiety. I wholeheartedly believe that fullness, peace and freedom can only come from cheerful obedience. Proper covering saves no room for suspicion or fear. Proper covering is love.

  160. Kymberly Riggins says:

    I agree with this message that covering is important. I especially liked the insight about the man made coverings that Adam and Eve used to try and replace the covering of God that they had rejected. I do have a few questions which I will ask my Connection coach. Pastor Christian spoke on listening to podcasts not implying covering. What if you were an active member of the church (before you moved to Korea) which conducts the podcast? You were covered by them and should the covering not extend even while you are in Korea? Also, what type of relationship should you have with your church leaders? Do/Should they need to know your name, your face, your background, your history, your goals? How does one smoothly transition to being under a different Church/Pastor’s covering for a temporary time?

  161. Neil Gordon Smart says:

    Within Christianity, New Philly, unlike many churches, justifiably claims to have developed optimum church organization for the born again believer to be guaranteed passage en route to heaven. – in previous generations, frequently, believers, new and old, were conceptualized as self-reliant individuals, in reality easily picked off by Satan.

    New Philly rightly claims unique features. For New Philly, becoming a born again believer is not simply the result of an alter call or a crusade, an individual end in itself, but the beginning of entry into a family where there is constant multi-layered covering in all aspects, {including leaders}, a new identity in intimate covenant relationship with the congregation and provision of a protective environment for Christian growth – sustaining continuously the spiritual connection to God. New Philly Church has an authoritative constitution to enable this and every aspect of what New Philly is, as reflected in PC’s preaching on nakedness, impressively intentional. Acts 19 about the itinerant Jewish exorcists, being asked – Jesus I know, Paul I recognize, but ‘Who are you? – is a strong example of becoming naked and bleeding. One can almost see missionaries going without cover into a tough city area and receiving a similar bruising outcome.

    New Philly leadership is very hard to avoid – it’s in your face and it’s hard to switch off in a sermon. I might not know much about American Football or Basketball examples used in stories, but everything else that PC speaks is very, very convincing and makes a new-member-applicant eager to get his life, if he is accepted, into such a high quality safe and covered environment where things that have never happened in his life or have never even been dreamed about {but were always intended by God} could start happening, because God is turned on in that place, not turned off – thanks to the safety of intimacy. Covering and assistance with spiritual warfare is constantly available to protect the church members. New Philly seems to me like a breakthrough church, a place to enter into membership of a new generation of anointed mighty Christian warriors in constant relationship, living the gospel via persistent and effective local church-covered fellowship, witness and outreach, enhancing meaning retroactively in the individual Christian’s life by making that meaning dependent on and measured by the quality of local collective church relationships – an unusual concept to earlier generations of Christians from 20th century except in monastic environments with all their limitations.

  162. Emilie Boivin says:

    Through this message, I understood that spiritual covering is an act of love where leaders provide the wisdom, guidance and protection necessary for us to spiritually develop properly and exercise our gifts. We cannot cover our own self with something that we made(Is. 59:6), it is provided by God. Covering happens only within committed relationships where submission is implied.
    The deeper the degree of submission, the thicker the covering. You can have all the gifting in the world but being the proper covering, you will never be entrusted with the God given authority to exercise any of it. Receiving covering allows you to grow in maturity and wisdom, thus enabling us to built a strong christian character necessary to steward our gifts. Going naked, outside of God’s covering is the surest way to forfet God’s calling on our lives. In the end, accepting covering is, as I understand, the equivalent of being loved, as God disciplines the sons he loves. And love is possible only within a committed relationship where I can be held accountable. Lone rangers are never sons.

  163. David Haram Kim says:

    This sermon really hits home about how we often dive head first into situations without proper covering. From this sermon, I realize that I need to submit to the counsel and covering of the authority figures God has placed in my life and not be so naked or foolish in the decisions I make. It also stuck out to me how even our friends and family members who can know us so well aren’t ideal figures to cover us. We need objective, wise authority figures to speak wisdom and cover us so that we will be secure in our lives.
    Even the gifts that we have, no matter our gifts of prophecy, speaking, etc. without proper covering, those gifts may be used in ways that deviate from what God wants to accomplish.
    Thus, for me and my membership with New Philly, I must submit to authority and not do things my own way. And just because I listen to sermons, read Christian books, and watch sermons does not mean I don’t need covering. I can still do those things yet still be naked.

  164. Kelly Han says:

    What a humbling and powerful message about covering. It made me think about my own experiences of church going and how I would attend this church or that church and pick and choose wherever I wanted to go and didn’t think of the need to plug into a church and receive proper covering for my life. I loved the analogy of a newborn child being born naked and needing proper covering after being born. In the same way, after many years of straying away from Christ and eventually reconnecting back to Him and essentially starting over like a “baby” it made me realize that He has been speaking to me through the message about receiving proper covering immediately, just like a newborn baby would. It is definitely humbling and difficult for me to be under submission especially in the church and to leaders based on past experiences, but I believe that He is speaking volumes to me about this struggle and allowing this season of submission and undergoing proper covering. What a blessing it is that there are leaders and people that He provides to pour out love, speak wisdom and truth over our lives!

  165. Jessica Kim says:

    The part that stuck out to me the most was about forfeiting God’s plan for my life by going around uncovered. I would never actively choose to forfeit God’s plan for me but may have been inactively by not being properly covered. I’ve been a part of different church communities since high school but have never been a formal member with accountability & submission. Reflecting after hearing this sermon, I wonder if I’ve been getting in the way of God’s plan for a fruitful life for me. I wouldn’t want that! I feel blessed that God has put in my life this well-structured body of Christ with leaders who guide me out of love & who I can submit to.

  166. David Kim says:

    There is so much wisdom in this sermon. You can have all the gifts in the world but if you don’t learn to submit your gifts can go to waste. What stuck out the most was what PC mentioned about how we can delay or even forfeit God’s plan in our lives if we continue to walk uncovered.

  167. Dave Jung says:

    A lot of truth spoken in this message. I believe in the covering of the leaders and a church, hence, even if I’m here in Seoul for a short while, I’m glad I was able to take membership, and continue under His protection, and blessings!
    It is so often forgotten, as PC mentioned, that even if there are fundamental things that you cannot agree on, or see eye to eye, it is still important to submit if God had called you there.

    Wisdom comes with age… or God. Wise is the person who listens the first time around. ^_^

  168. I remember when I was first introduced to the importance of Spirit of Sonship by my mentor. She went to Korea for a year and attended New Philly, which was where she learned about spiritual covering. The sermon shed so much truth about the importance of following and submitting under leaders. Whether those who have just received Christ to those who have known Christ for years, everyone should be covered and protected. I liked how PC mentioned that it’s not just the Christian babies that need protection, but the leaders and pastors in the house need it as well. Spiritual covering is so important because no matter how mature and more responsible we may be in our Christian walk, that should never mean that we’re “too good” to receive prayer or “too wise” enough to go to a leader for wisdom and council before we make a final decision. God has entrusted leaders and mentors in our life for a reason, and just like how Jesus as the son submitted under God, we too should walk in the spirit of sonship, to have a heart to follow and submit. There are so many benefits to spiritual covering. Not only do we become equipped and built up from the leaders God has appointed us in our lives, but we also receive the blessings that flow from top to bottom. I greatly enjoyed this sermon, thank you PC!! :)

  169. Amanda Hawkins says:

    The concept of covering was new to me until I started attending New Philly. But I love the idea. It just makes so much sense. I think so many Christians want to grow and live the right way, but most try to do it on their own, and it’s really hard. I’ve been in and out of church most of my life, but always trying to do it on my own. And until coming to new philly I realize why I was in a vicious cycle. One of the lines P. Caleb mentioned really spoke to the situation I was going thru at the time of this sermon, “more levels, more Devils” So true! Growing closer with God seems to bring enemy attacks as well. I’m so grateful for all the prayers and people I can talk to during these times. Great message Pastor Caleb! Thank you!

  170. Ann Lee says:

    Yes, covering is primarily about relationships and it is essential that one submits to a leader through commitment and honor. The higher the level you grow, the more of the devil you experience! No matter what level you are in your maturity in your relationship with God, it is important that you always receive covering by being plugged into one church and being under submission of a leader. It was interesting that PC mentioned in order to break all of God’s mighty plans for your life and His calling, the one simple thing you need to do is to walk naked!

  171. Jorie Bonham says:

    I grew up in church all my life but never heard the concept of covering. This was very eye opening. The thing that stuck out to me the most was that we cannot fulfill God’s plan in our life if we are not covered. The thing that really made me love New Philly was the emphasis on community. Covering and submission are embedded in that as well. I realized that during my college days I wasn’t covered and I felt the consequences of that. This message was amazing and really puts things into perspective about the importance of being fully committed to one church and fully submitted to church leaders. Thanks PC!

  172. I honestly had never heard of “covering” before until i came to New Philly and this message explained this concept so well! I also did not realise how important covering was, until i listened to this, and it’s actually so blatantly obvious! God created us as a family and I need to honor that. We are loved and protected within our natural family, how much more are we loved and protected within our spiritual family?! Wow, God really knows what He’s doing! Father, help me be more patient and humble! :))

  173. Listening to pastor Christians message was really important to me because prior to his message I had never considered the importance of being under a covering. I knew I was covered by the blood of christ but I have never been under the covering of a church community. I also learned that submitting to authority was also equally as important. Submission is important in our christian walk with God. However, it is also important to submit to those that God has put in our lives such as leaders or pastors that can speak into our lives and help in guiding us.

  174. The importance of being covered as a Christian is huge. After being involved with church my entire life, it is comforting to hear a sermon about biblically authentic communal living. It goes so much deeper than mere social interactions, but covering within Christian community is about spiritual growth, accountability, and growing in the knowledge of Christ. Personally, the big take away was realising the importance of listening and submitting to the people God has ordained and will ordain as covering in my life. Listen and Submit!

  175. Amy Loi says:

    Thank you PC for this sermon. Being a new Christian and know little about what’s happening in God’s world, this is such a new wisdom that I first know, but am blessed with, to not go naked but stay covered. I have tried to bring my non believer friends out to Emmaus and New Philly so clumsily, without even submitting myself to NP, and I saw no fruit. So I really appreciate the clarity and wisdom told in this sermon. It spoke to me so clearly that if I do not acknowledge the authority of the church and submit authority to the church, I will just like the Lamborghini, making a lot of noise, but is not going anywhere. Now I understand the importance of having the heart of servant hood and staying under covered by a church with entrusted authority. I am thankful that I signed up for membership class in NP to learn the right way in building the intimacy with God and also the relationship in a church community.

  176. Good word! I would definitely say I’ve been in the “gifted but naked” category many times. I’ve been part of 5 churches in my life but only at one of them did I have the opportunity to partner and have a real relationship with the leader or pastor and come under his submission. I’ve always kept my head down, played my guitar, sang the song and then my job was done. At all the other churches I always felt, as you said, like a spiritual orphan. I’ve seen the power of having a home and a church family, it’s soooo good, and so far at New Philly I can really feel the tangible manifestation of this principle at work. I will say the rebuke of the active leaders felt pretty harsh at first but the more I contemplated it I could understand. Even in our own families we can get upset and hurt when our siblings/parents/children wrong us, its even more of a wound when it’s them. I love the transparency.

  177. After listening to this sermon, the holy spirit led my heart to repent of all those years of me going out and about naked in the spirit. I actually felt quite ashamed and frankly got quite angry with myself for letting my nakedness delay the plans and calling God has for me. I believe pride and rebellion are probably the most common factor in why I refused to stay under the covering. Because of the wounds from spiritual authority figures from the past, I had trouble trusting and submitting to leaders. Then God led me to do Discipleship Training School and Counseling School with YWAM, where I got major healing in that area. But pride arose after coming back to Korea, as I thought now I know everything about how to maintain “freedom” and therefore I do not need church. Little did I know I was setting myself up to be a target for some major blow from the enemy. Thank you pastor Christian for this sermon because I can really feel your love and genuine concern towards those of us who go about naked. I am excited to be fully covered by submitting to the leaders at NP.

  178. This message was SO good. Being here at New Philly for a little over 6 months now, I’ve been aware of this topic of “going out naked” but never got the chance to sit down and listen to a sermon related to it. I was personally able to relate to so many of the examples of how it looks like it to “go out naked”, having first-hand experience when I left for France two years ago for college. I was completely unaware of the spiritual condition there (only knowing that it was extremely dry) and went out no properly covered from the church that I was attending at the time. Although I was registered under the church, I never had direct mentors/disciplers over me whom I knew were praying for me and could speak life into me. Hence, when I left in 2011 for France, I was literally running out naked, thinking I could start evangelizing every French person I met and bring instant hope to the country. Little did I know that I was giving full access to the enemy to come at me with so many different kinds of attacks that I’ve never experienced before. Every time I would walk onto campus, I would literally feel like all hell was breaking loose at me and I had no one defending me. Even though a close Christian friend and I had been attending a French church for a few months, we both decided it’d be better to just do service at home (like a home church) – tuning into online sermons instead. We even organized a prayer night every week to pray for specific issues happening around the world – but to be honest, I always felt like I was hitting a wall every time I tried to pray for anything. I didn’t understand why everything was happening the way it was but after listening to this message, a lot of clarity was released on the importance and absolute necessity of spiritual covering from a local church. I especially liked the part when P.Christian mentioned that it doesn’t matter how gifted of a person may be because gifting and anointing is only properly showcased and released when we are in complete submission to the authorities of the house. That walking through the process of submission will build within me a greater sense of maturity, wisdom and character to later be able to exercise authority when it is given to me. Even though I’ve never blatantly gone against authority before, submitting to my leaders was something I did rather grudgingly than with full joy and full understanding. I now understand why spiritual covering is so important and that it is definitely something that God desires for every one of his sons. I am thankful for this house and for the leaders that are covering this house with such great authority. I can’t wait to see how much revelation and favor God will release over my life as I learn to walk in submission to this house!

  179. Stella (Eunseo) Lee says:

    Aside from the amusing football tangent, PC’s message struck out to me in prominence. It made be reminisce that time when I despised and was constantly wary of authority particularly in the church, because I didn’t trust it. For the longest time, I foolishly went out spiritually naked and took twisted pride in it. I thought I was being independent and strong, but like PC said, you will be beaten down. Looking back and seeing where I am now, where I finally relented in my tiredness and offered myself to God and to NP to be lead properly, that submission has nurtured me more in its 6-7 months than my years of “solo walking”. Sheep, lamb in particular because I’m still young both spiritually and physically, without its flock and shepherd, will not survive. In a way, my trust in my leaders and community at NP is a way of trusting the Lord’s way for me. Going further on what PC said in insulting him and my leader by not informing them of a big choice/movement in my life, it would also be an insult to God. If He, God the Almighty, my Lord, trusts these people to help me grow in Christ’s path for me, why shouldn’t I?
    This message helped concrete my choice in relenting to follow those leaders and pastors God has put into my life. You could say it has covered my covering like a cloak over my armor.

  180. Jason Yang says:

    Don’t go out naked.

    After listening to this sermon, I simply realize that I still have so much to learn about The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I felt fairly guilty myself while listening to this sermon because I too have “run around naked” before. Too many times have I resorted to finding my own coverings to either justify my actions and rejected the coverings from members within my church community. Further, submission and servanthood are concepts that stuck out to be as imperative. It’s rather basic and easy to follow, but I just never thought about it until the ideas were put into words.

    I particularly enjoyed the part when PC talked about how after Adam and Eve committed sin, they covered themselves up with fig leaves because they acknowledged their wrongdoing and sensed their vulnerability. It was after that the figurative term, “nakedness,” finally became clear to me.

    What I took most from this podcast is that we all have our own forms of covering, but this is undoubtably improper because covering needs to be provided from an outside source.

  181. Minah Kim says:

    “Covering comes from relationships. You need a breathing and living leader.
    Baby believers are not the only ones that need covering. Mature believers need covering too.”

    After listening to this amazing sermon, I realized the reason that I had been exhausted during the past years. For past few years, I experienced that if I am not under the covering, maintaining an intimacy with God is too difficult.
    Though I had a personal relationship with God, I didn’t have relationships with the community of believers.
    Looking back on it now, it was time that I alone in the desert. I felt frustrated and anxiety. More importantly, I did not have the courage and strength to go forward again.

    Nowadays, when I was in NP, I felt safe and secure.
    I’m so thankful and excited to be under the covering again.

  182. Dani Ashcraft says:

    Listening to this sermon really helped me realize and understand why the past 2 years of my life have been such a spiritually dry desert. I went to a Christian school from Pre-K to 12th Grade and was constantly living with the coverings of my classes and church. However soon I went to college and never settled on a church. I tried 3 within those 2 years and neither of them ever called me back, like Pastor Christian said I was in and out of churches with an orphaned spirit. So, I tried to do everything on my own. During this time I started to lose touch with God and it wasn’t until coming to New Philly and Emmaus ministry that I experienced revival. You truly cannot cover yourself with something you have made. But like Pastor Christian said, everyone from newborn Christians to mature leaders need covering. Because I spent years in this dry spiritual place all alone, I lost my covering and I was weak to all the things that the devil was telling me. Coming here has taught me the extreme importance of being in a community of strong and dedicated believers. But not only that, it has also taught me the importance of being a PART of that community, whether that means being prayed over, praying for others, or simply helping out. Covering is a very important part of the Christian walk and I think I have finally found a place where God is telling me I need to be in my current faith. From the moment I walked into New Philly it was unlike any other church I had been to before. Sure, I was greeted and smiled at elsewhere, but I felt that New Philly was truly the first church where anyone has ever made an effort to get to know me as part of the community. I know this is why I was immediately taken with the ministry, because this church understands the importance of fellowship and community as a part of the Christian faith. I also really liked the section on authority with the analogy of the cars. I think it is is so important that New Philly and Emmaus don’t just let anyone put their hands on anyone. If that were true, I might never have received the prophetic words of God that brought me out of my desert place. I think people in authority in the church can truly be used to speak love over you, and I’m thankful that New Philly takes this seriously.

    • I’m glad that you’ve been having a good time building connection here at New Philly Dani! It’s really encouraging to hear how much you’ve been blessed by our community and fellowship! :)

  183. Atembe Fonge says:

    This message made me feel a little uncomfortable for a second but overwhelmingly comforted as it progressed. The discomfort comes from when someone tells you something that makes a lot of sense and you feel like you should’ve known it the whole time, like “Hey, don’t walk out the house yet, you forgot your pants!” You might have walked out of the house feeling great but that person who is looking out for you makes you take a good look at yourself and you realize…how could I have missed that? Maybe I should have just consulted with someone in the first place.
    The church I grew up in didn’t discuss or actively practice a lot of the things I’ve learned and been blessed with at NP, including being covered. I was comforted when Pastor Christian mentioned how in a way our parents do cover us as children by making us go to church and listen to the Word and keep us out of sinful activities, so I was glad to know that we may be covered at times when we don’t realize the necessity. Now that I’m older and actively pursuing Christ because I want to, I understand that I can’t do the work of the Kingdom alone, as PC said. I am also very independent and try to do everything by myself sometimes; it’s not really from a place of arrogance but from a place of meekness, maybe? I don’t like imposing on others or feeling like I’m a burden so I don’t always bring my problems or challenges or even my goals and desires to others, and I’ve already seen where I have missed out on a blessing or two because I couldn’t humble myself to approach a peer or leader for advice…so maybe there is arrogance in that after all.
    It’s nice to know that NP is concerned with how we are covered and that the church is ready and eager to actually cover us! I look forward to the sonship and various forms and sources of covering.

  184. (Dilys Efesoa) This message was particularly humbling and eye opening for me because it is an aspect of the Christian journey that I have never initially considered such as the need for having a covering. Prior to coming to New Philly I was merely a church go-er. I was there to receive the word of God pay my tithes and move on. Therefore no one really knew who I was. But after coming to new Philly and listening to Pastor Christian’s message I have realized that having a covering spiritual covering is important because we can never be too wise to receive spiritual advice and wisdom from others. i hope that being at New Philly will help me open up to others as well as submit to the leadership that is at New Philly.

  185. Covering: Submitting yourself to God-appointed authorities who will hold you accountable and oversee your spiritual growth.

    We need covering because we aren’t meant to only seek a vertical relationship with God. Jesus says the second greatest commandment is to love one another as yourself and Paul says for us not to neglect meeting with one another as is the habit of some. Submitting ourselves to covering allows other people to come to our defense and aid when Satan attacks God’s plan in our lives and also acts like the prophet Nathan and warns us when we are doing wrong.

    Without covering we end up like the sons of Sceva, beaten, naked, and ultimately unable to prevail over the powers of darkness.

  186. This sermon really blessed me. I never heard a sermon on nakedness before. This sermons helped me realize and understand that I’ve been naked for a while running from one church to another. Not wanting to submit under leaders and always going against what they say/believe. I love how PC said “covering comes from relationships”. This is so true. Attending NPI, I have met some wonderful annointed leaders and with submission and a open heart, I have recieved covering through prayer, dicipline, and God centered relationships/fellowship. I don’t feel nor believe I’m naked anymore. This is something so different yet so exciting for me. Praise God.

  187. I was really blessed when Pastor Christian pulled out an example of the bible of people who walked in the name of Christ to do their ministry work. But because they were without covering, they were wounded. Something else Pastor Christian said really convicted me as well of the importance of covering. He said something along the lines of ruining God’s plans for you by going without covering. I found that to be a really powerful point, because it shows God’s divine hand in keeping His disciples from participating in their anointing without the safety of covering.

  188. Another central and powerful message by Pastor Christian.

    One of the first lessons I remember learning after meeting Jesus is that I’m often wrong. As Pastor Christian puts it, “I can’t see the back of my own head.”

    We need to submit to authority that will speak into our lives and provide the right type of covering as we walk out our callings.

    I was speaking with James earlier today about how a lot of churches are bottom-heavy, with a lot of passive “members” and a huge need for leaders. It’s often so extreme that they’ll see any gifting and try to throw you in leadership positions without the proper preparation.

    I praise God that New Philly is the type of church that wants to see members and potential leaders faithful with the small things first.

    I also fully agree with Pastor Christian’s point that, “Not only do baby Christians need covering… in fact, the more intense the work you do for the Kingdom, the more covering that you need.”

    I believe that God has led me here to experience a season of submission and obedience to the leaders placed over me at New Philly Shillim. I pray that I learn to put first things first, and be faithful with the small things.

  189. Kristen Whitney says:

    This message was very interesting to me because I have a grown up in a Christian family that hasn’t had much luck with churches. For most of my life I’ve been in and out of different churches, all the while struggling to have a deep, meaningful relationship with God and wondering what it is that I’m missing. I understood the importance of having fellowship with other believers, but this sermon put it in a new perspective for me. I completely agree that it is important to have leaders who can hold you accountable and provide you with covering.

  190. Claire YuJin Choi says:

    While listening to this sermon, I realized how “naked” I was these past three years I have been in Korea. I felt so lost and vulnerable, not able to find a church that I could commit myself to. That is why I am so thankful to God for bringing me to New Philly through EMMAUS. Having great leaders in large group and familia is such a blessing because they provide so much wisdom, encouragement, and love that keeps me strong to fight against any hardships and temptations I may face as a college student. Before this fall semester started, I promised to God that I would be more committed to EMMAUS and New Philly. And now after listening to this sermon, I know why this is so crucial. This sermon taught me the importance of covering, submission, heart of servant-hood and I pray that I will be able to put all this into practice and slowly grow to become a Christian that demonstrates maturity and selflessness.

  191. Megan Holmes says:

    This sermon provoked so many thoughts and lead me into an in-depth bible study on what scripture says about submitting to authority/leaders- which is always a good thing! After listening to the sermon, I reflected a lot on the message of Revelation 3:16-19, which is to not be a “lukewarm” christian. I have experienced times during my relationship with Father of being very “hot”, pretty “warm”, and then in the last couple years as I have become super busy with school and work, closer to “lukewarm”. The times that I have been “hot” for the Kingdom were a result of me spending lots of one-on-one time with Father in prayer, worship and in the word, as well as a result of increased fellowship with other strong believers, and involvement in ministry with a consistent and organized body of believers (whether Campus Crusade for Christ, my local church, etc.). I definitely had a strong “covering” from God during these times.

    Pastor Christian said, “Covering can only come from and be provided by God.” I agree with this (Isaiah 59:6) and I believe that it is very important for mature Spirit-filled leaders, pastors, and brothers/sisters-in-Christ, to help lead us and one-another to continually stay in God’s covering. When listening to the sermon at first, I was reminded of my concern with how many pastors and leaders these days have been “submitted” to and looked up to/viewed by members of congregations as their primary spiritual “authority”, which the enemy has often used to crumble many churches and/or christians’ relationships with God. I then heard Pastor Christian talk about the importance of all christians, including leaders and pastors, being held accountable in their “covering”. I really like how New Philly stresses the importance of this.

    Another point that Pastor Christian made that I was blessed by was how, “You need God-given authority to operate and function in your gifts, abilities, and annointing.” While we need to listen to what Holy Spirit is telling us to do in any given moment since He is our ultimate authority figure (assuming that we are in a place in our walk that we can accurately discern His voice), it is also very important to take time to be properly trained in our giftings, etc., by those who have more experience. Father reminded me that He had JESUS wait and “train” for 30 years before He started full ministry! Having a submissive and serving spirit is so important. My husband and I have seen what can happen if churches do not ensure that their members have a strong christian foundation (accountability, understanding of scripture, etc.), and are immediately asked to start using and practicing various spiritual giftings. We were hoping to find a church that balances the two, and it sounds like New Philly tries to do this!

  192. Yun Jeong Seo says:

    Months ago, when I first came to Korea, I found it hard to concentrate on God. This new change and beginning made me lose focus, so I wandered for a bit. As I listened to this sermon, I realized I had been naked. I had no church or leaders I could submit to here in Korea. I think New Philly has been a great church so far; I’ve seen and felt God’s presence every time I go to Sunday service and been blessed by it. Also, I believe God has led me here to find living and breathing leaders who will speak into my life and give me covering. Through this I realized how establishing myself in one place with the spirit of sonship is important and such a blessing.

    • Jae Hee Suh says:

      I’m so blessed to hear your response Yun Jeong! That’s right, God does speak through living and breathing shepherds in our lives and He wants to provide that covering over your life! I’m so proud of you for taking these steps to be covered even before college begins! :)

  193. “Covering comes through relationships”. As a person who isolated myself for my entire life, I didn’t see the importance and use of having community and leaders in my life. I sought the knock-off versions of love, covering, and God through online materials, sermons, and scripture, but never actual relationships. The lie that leaders were typical humans and were capable of hurting me was part of my past life. I realize that although part of this lie came from past hurts and traumas, it was also a part rooted from my arrogance and pride. Yes, people did hurt me and that was very real, but I wanted to be only seen as a victim. What I really needed and need is to be confronted about my own problems and sins. Discipline and confrontation through my spiritual leaders is in Love, not criticism or wrath. Just like parents say things out of concern and truth for their sons’ well-being and health, my leaders want the best for me. God’s love is shown not just vertically, but horizontally, through his People. And commiting myself to a church and spiritual community and submiting to myself to church leaders is a step to obedience, growth, and maturity. It’s actually a liberating process, not a caged one.

  194. Dont go naked. A simple but powerful sermon.
    I just accepted Christ few months ago. I was reborn in Christ and am a new born baby Christian now. Being a new born baby, as PC mentioned, I need covering, the covering through relationship, commitment and submission. As I listened to the sermon, I began to realize the importance of being under covering, the importance of commitment to the church. A person who go naked without covering, even he has amazing gift, anointing and ability and possess leadership, will not go successfully in Christ’s kingdom. Back in Malaysia, I have seen some Christians who go in and out of churches in accuse of finding the best church or church that is suitable for them. They are strong Christians who will do everything that God commands, but without covering, they will never go success in the kingdom of God. Personally I dont see any reason or necessity of changing church. I love NP, here is where I found God love, peace and happiness. I am so blessed by all the people in NP, my leaders and friends. I receive wisdom, encouragement and love from the pastors and leaders and really submit to their authority and leadership. I believe God is doing something powerful and supernatural in NP and the sons in the house will be fully covered and blessed by the Lord. We are a family in Christ, possess spiritual father-son relationship and will never go naked. We are the mighty warriors of God who will contend for the kingdom of God and not be defeated with the covering and blessing by the Lord! Hallelujah!

  195. I’ve heard many sermons about being lukewarm and how dangerous it is for a Christian to be lukewarm. But this is the first time hearing about being naked. This is definitely important because even though we become a believer, it doesn’t mean we are automatically covered. \
    Covering doesn’t come from listening to sermons and reading Christian books. “Covering comes from relationship.” – I think the spirit convicted me with this because I’m realizing my own spiritual walk was based on these. I would avoid the Bible, avoid QT time, avoid prayer…and read Christian books instead. I would be blessed by those and think it was enough. But no. Those are just teachings and it doesn’t deepen my covering and deepen my relationship with the Lord. To receive covering, relationships need to be made. And not just shallow relationships, but deep relationships with those who love and care for you and will constantly pray for you.

    Just by simply going naked, we can forfeit all of God’s plans for our lives. This takes me back to the last 5 year of my life- I was constantly church hopping and never committed to a church. And even on my campus, I was never fully committed to my college Christian ministry. I think during those 4 years in college, I was missing out on God’s anointing and perhaps that is why I was so confused with what to do with my life. I was constantly anxious about my future and didn’t know what to major in or what to do after graduation.

    PC stresses how important it is to learn the lessons and submit to authority and to not rush that process. A lot of Christians want to lead or be part of the authority in the church without properly learning how to submit to that same authority. If we have gifts or abilities, that is all the more reason to be submitted into one church, and learn to be a son. Otherwise, we won’t be able to fully manifest our gifts/edify Christ, but instead hurt ourselves and others. PC also brings up active leaders who make major decisions without covering- it really contradicts the benefits of being a leader. Why wouldn’t we talk to our spiritual father and seek covering over our lives when we have complete access to it? This sermon is convicting me more and more that I myself am naked. I’ve been naked for the past couple of years. I’m so thankful God has really placed me in New Philly where I finally want to fully commit to a church. But now it is my journey to submit to authority in order to learn how to be a leader.

  196. Charles Ting says:

    When listening to this sermon, I just realized that I am the one who always go naked into the community back in my hometown. I didn’t submit to the pastors and leaders of the church that I used to go before. I thought there is no need to submit to their authorities as I didn’t even see any authorities on them. But I knew that I was wrong because I used to look at them by my physical eyes and my spiritual eyes were blind.

    Through this sermon, my spiritual eyes could see the authorities that given by God on pastors and leaders in New Philly Church. I learnt I need to submit to the leaders in God’s house as I submit myself to God. I learnt that I need covering from the community church to prevent the attacks from the enemies. I learnt to believe only God can provide covering for myself and as human, we can’t cover ourselves with things that we made. I am looking forward to the anointing of Holy Spirit to make my heart submit fully to Him and to the local church.

  197. Jason Yoon says:

    Like Pastor Christian mentioned in this sermon, I never realized how truly naked I really was before I came to New Philadelphia Church. I used to Church hop a lot because I never truly had a intimate close connection with the Church community. I never got the answers I really wanted, I created rifts with people and hated other because people never tried to answer my problems/questions or help me when I demanded answers. Only now I realized that I didn’t even try to do the most basic thing which was to build a relationship with the church and submit to my own hubris. I wanted direct answers and denied everything when the result given wasn’t instant I was let down and dissatisfied with the church. I didn’t notice why people didn’t build relationships with me, and it was that I was turning them down myself by trying to rush everything. I never bothered to obey my pastors teachings, and was angered when I never got any result in terms of my own spirituality. I never tried to understand my church’s teachings and principles and just took it for its external value instead of actually taking my time to truly understand them. I realize now the importance of why we need to build a relationship with a local church, and be given guidance by experienced leaders of the community. Before authority and respect are handed down we need to earn that respect and authority first by building up relationships with other,walking a road of submission to the church and its leaders, and build up wisdom and maturity by understanding both the church’s and each individual leader’s teachings. Like a real journey we can’t rush to the end, we must actually travel the distance, observing the spectacles in that journey and take in everything to get to the end.

    • I’m really glad you have joined our community Jason! :) And I’m glad that this sermon helped you realize why your church experience was so limited before. You have been very honoring and respectful throughout this membership process, and I am glad to be your coach!

  198. Albert Lee says:

    As you submit to authority, you learn the wisdom and maturity to handle authority when it’s given to you! Love that part!! I will submit to the authorities God has placed in my life so that he can powerfully work through me and be glorified! Praise the Lord!

  199. Jina Yu says:

    This was a great reminder about one of the touchstone characteristics of this house and of the sonship covenant that is in place here with new philly. The idea of covering is so important and the message really provided clarity that covering is to our benefit and growth. However it only comes through relationship and submission to authority. Despite powerful giftings and anointing, without the wisdom, character, maturity, and selflessness learned through seasons of submission and covering, a person can go out naked and end up crashing and burning. The message also mentioned the fact that God will ensure that you learn the lessons you need to learn and if you don’t learn it the first time it’ll come back packaged in a different way. So it is best to learn the first time around under the covering of spiritual authority.

  200. Jon Snyder says:

    Loved this! Convicted me to surround myself with even more covering and Godly influences. I’m so glad I’ve found New Philly and I’m excited to learn from all the leaders and pastors. Since I arrived in Korea I was that person who went from church to church, and whenever I had disagreements I eventually tried another a different church. It was pretty stupid and selfish because I was wanting to be fed without wanting to give anything. But God is teaching me a LOT these last few months through New Philly! Thanks guys! SHALOM!

  201. Winnie Chan Wei Ling says:

    This sermon just make me realised that all these while before I came to Korea, I was actually trying to go naked in this Christian walk without proper covering. This explain why I felt myself striving so hard but kept falling back to the old way that I’ve used to it. Without proper covering, I felt disconnected with the church everytime when I went back to normal life. It wasn’t until I’ve decided to take an extra step further to sign up for membership, I realised church is not just a place that we just sit through every Sunday. Through membership and leadership, I’ve realised it’s such a blessing to submit to authority of church and to be under covering. All of us need covering and community for us to grow in Christ. We can’t denied the importance of staying under proper covering and the submission to spiritual authority and try to figure out things ourselves as we’ll most likely find ourselves vulnerable to the enemy and being attack without any covering.

  202. Dennis Lee says:

    Yes! This message answered a lot of questions for me and gave me a great deal of humility. As a Korean-American New Yorker, I grew up with so much pride and stubbornness. And even after I met Jesus, I still held onto my stubbornness and no matter what, everything had to go my way. I wanted the authority and felt like I had been equipped to do what I wanted, but I had never been properly covered. I was going out naked and was going way too fast, but never understood why things would not work as planned or why I would always find myself burnt out at the end of it all. I can see now that it was all due to my lack of submission and covering.

    Now, as my time as an exchange student is coming to the halfway point, I now realize and appreciate the work of covering and accountability that is done by the leaders of New Philly, the staff of Emmaus and my Familia group leader. At first, I was a little turned off by the amount that they wanted to sow into my life, but I am realizing that it is through their covering that I will no longer be naked and once I can submit to the leaders who will disciple me, I will understand what it means to steward the gifts and plans that God has for me. Thank you Pastor Christian for delivering this powerful message!

  203. Sally Kim says:

    I’ll first summarize what the sermon was about.
    There are many Christians running around naked without feeling any shame, but we should not go around naked. There are plenty of baby believers, unprotected, vulnerable, and exposed. Just because I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, it doesn’t mean that I have covering. My covering does not come from reading, listening to sermons, watching sermons on TV. Covering comes from relationships. We need a breathing and living leader. Mature leaders need covering as well. We need to have a mind of servant-hood and submission to God-given authority.

    I appreciate so much that New Philly recognizes that we need to be in a community that is entrusted with authority by submitting to authority. In order to not run around naked and be vulnerable we need to receive the covering of the church and the leaders. We need to be covered through relationships within the church. I appreciate this message so much because it makes me feel secure in this church.

    Although it’s very important to recognize submission to God-given authority and receive covering, I think it’s more important to recognize that God is always first. There are a few odd communities that blindly follow the pastor, the leader, the minister. Many Christians loose their faith when they see a case in which the leader of a church commits sin. Many Christians also blindly follow the pastor when they move to a different church. Even though it’s really important to submit to a church and be accountable within a church, I think it’s also important to realize that they are humans as well and that we need to be ultimately submitted to God.

  204. Ericka L. Mack-Andrew says:

    I love the fact that PC chose such a familiar passage and then put an emphasis on a part that is often passed over. I am so familiar with the “lukewarm sermons” that come from this verse. However, this was my first time hearing the naked sermon. I definitely felt the need to be covered after hearing this sermon and I also feel the need to make sure that my daddy is getting covered as well. I mention my daddy because he has such a hunger for a relationship with God that he often will spend his free time watching Creflo Dollar and T.D. Jakes preach on T.V. However, he sometimes will neglect to fellowship with a local church because he believes that he has already had enough word through his T.V. and so it is not necessary enough to make the effort to fellowship in person. Now, I know how to pray for him and how to focus my own faith walk.

  205. Shine Jang says:

    I loved the part where PC said relieving covering is a daily decision that we make, just like we put on our clothes everyday. I think being humble is one of the keys because no matter how long you’ve been Christian and how strong you think you are in faith, you always need to be covered (it’s not like you don’t need clothes to cover you because you are a grown-up). Sermons like this always make me feel safe and blessed. This sermon was a great reminder of the presence of all of the leaders who nurtured/ sowed into/ covered me in their prayers.

    • Jae Hee Suh says:

      Mm that’s good~ Humility is definitely key. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve done church, you still need to be covered! I’m blessed to read this response Shine! :)

  206. Mirae Lee says:

    Ever since I came back to Korea, I’ve been in and out of different church trying to find the “right” church for me. I agree with PC when he said covering comes from relationships. I think that’s one thing that really had me keep searching when few of the Korean mega churches I attended felt lonely despite the number of people. By doing so, I realized how uncovered I was all these years, running around naked without proper covering. This sermon also helped me ponder on my lack of commitment, and submission to authority. Thank you PC on your word to correct and rebuke, speaking truth into my life.

  207. Kyu Won Kim says:

    I learned how it is important to stay under His covering while I am walking this life as a christian. In addition, I am happy that I am meeting NP leaders at the church and campus small group who are sincere about me ‘putting clothe on’ against the world. I would not isolate myself no more.

  208. I was really blessed to hear the message on the importance of covering because it was never really explicitly emphasized or defined in my entire Christian walk until now. Before moving to Seoul, I felt at home in spirit whenever I watched PC’s video sermons, and so when I prayed about which church I should commit to in Seoul, I just knew that God was guiding me to come to New Philly. After hearing this message & PC displaying out the importance of covering, I feel really safe about committing to this church in knowing that I will be covered under true & strong leaders of God.

    I couldn’t agree more with PC when he said that covering comes from relationship. It’s so logical and self-explanatory that covering comes from a physical person who you can interact with and have a personal relationship with. How can a leader cover someone when he/she doesn’t personally know that person in order to speak into their life? I’m really blessed just seeing PC’s heart to cover this church.

  209. Yeo Kyung Yang says:

    Reading your favorite author/pastor books or listening to their podcasts does not mean you have a relationship with them. I think we try to trick ourselves that we are under covering and have a relationship with that pastor and with that church,But in reality, we don’t commit at all (but we think we do) but expect the most. I feel like our generation really has commitment issues and isn’t even interested on how to submit. We just want to fast forward the process and gain the benefits without actually working for it,and this results to a life without responsibility. Why do we stop ourselves from receiving inheritance as a son and instead receive crumbs as a orphan but get mad at God and accuse Him of withholding His blessings? I’ve learned that submitting and committing is a honorable thing in Gods kingdom,and I am so thankful that I have a chance to at a safe house of God.

  210. Calvin Bodiford says:

    If it was left up to kids/babies, they will run around naked even in the zero degree weather thinking they are just fine. Parents have to make their kids put on proper clothes and also teach them to dress themselves. When it comes to spiritual covering spiritual parents have to do the same thing. Proper spiritual covering is not an option, it is required.

  211. young rae kim says:

    Covering! How crucial it is to our spiritual walks, yet for most of my life I was without it. Yes, I learned a lot from my favorite preachers by listening to theirs sermons but I couldn’t receive any covering from them. I just took what I learned and tried to apply them in whatever way that I thought was best. However, this sermon really showed me that it is through submission that you can be covered. I wish I heard this sermon sooner because I feel that it would have prevent many of the mistakes in my past! However, God has a perfect timing for everything. Also, as a community we need to cover each other. Even if we stumble or fall we need to show each other grace and love. Sometimes when I would seek God’s voice in my private space, on my own, and He would be completely silent. But I realized that most of the time God hides his voice inside the people around me, and it is through them that He speaks. This shows that community is absolutely important and I am beginning to realize that more and more.

  212. Minsook Hong says:

    Comments by Hye R. Song: I was born-again 15 years ago and never left the church since then. However, this sermon struck me as a totally new thing. Even though I am a longstanding listener to the sermons/bible messages, I realized that I’d never been exposed to this theme. In particular, at the beginning of my New Philly engagement last May, I thought “Covering” is a New Philly jargon. Now I got a clear sense of it. Thanks a lot, PC for this outstanding message! Once listening to this, I shared it with some of my Christian friends who have been looking for a “Covering” from the Lord as well as the local church.

  213. Gina Park says:

    The podcasts that I had to listen is really challenging me in so many ways. They are dealing with the things that I have been avoiding to face it.
    Through this sermon, I realized that in my entire life there wasn’t a good figure to show the authority. Therefore, I feel like I never learned how to submit to the authority. Moreover, I think I don’t even have an authority in my own life.
    Now I really want to learn what is really mean to be entrusted with authority in church in God.

  214. Ariel Jung says:

    Now I think I better understand the meaning of covering that comes from a local church. I always confused covering or any type of attention from the church because I considered it as controlling. Never thought that I was spiritually naked without covering.

  215. Christopher Ju says:

    PC refers to and uses the example of the “Rambo Christian” in many of his messages as an example of the Christian who goes out naked without any covering. This analogy characterizes the first few years of my Christian walk; not because I was indifferent to authority, but because shorty after making a commitment to follow Christ I left my home in the US for the Far East. During that period my life style was very transient as I was frequently moving around different cities and regions. I was always committed to a church or Christian fellowship in each of the places where I lived, but didn’t know what it truly meant to submit to spiritual authority.

    Shortly before visiting NP for the first time in 2011, I was introduced to some podcasts by a friend and began listening to many messages on sonship and spiritual authority. I understood then the necessity of being covered and submitting myself to a spiritual leader. Upon returning to the Far East I began to shift my attitude towards the different pastors, gansas, leaders, etc. who I was serving under. Many times in NP I’ve heard PC says that before entrusting an individual with greater responsibilities that person must learn to be faithful which more menial duties such as “mopping the floor.” I was never sure if PC meant this literally, but under those leaders in the Far East I learned to serve by literally mopping and cleaning floors! Being under covering and learning to submit to God through being obedient to spiritual authority, I was able to witness a greater anointing in my personal ministry.

  216. Toko Kim says:

    Aaaaamen. Definitely something that stood out for me out of the many things P.C mentioned was that if as Christians we are not properly covered and walk naked, the devil sees that from a mile away and we are going to get temptations and suffer like a fat kid getting his candy taken away from him because we have no support or protection from anyone. Independently of position within the church, this could happen to anyone including a baby believer, or core leaders of the church. That is why is so important that we learn submission period. At church, we should learn how to submit to our spiritual leaders when they speak spiritual words into our lives and in the work place, submit to our bosses. But more importantly, we need to learn to submit to authority because if we do God will bless us with patience, maturity and wisdom.

  217. Audrey Anderson says:

    This message really showed me that even if a person has good intentions, and thinks they are doing the will of God, they can be taken down by the enemy if they don’t have the proper covering. Though my body is a teenager, my spirit is still a baby, and really needs protection. Thankfully, God has conveniently and lovingly set up a system to protect me! This message helped me realize deeper how God works through relationships to carry out his plans.

  218. Yeakyung Kim says:

    I feel like I have been a ‘baby Christian running around naked”. I did not really understand the meaning of “being covered”. I did not realize that covering does not automatically come with accepting God as my Savior.

    I was often pressured into positions of responsibility without covering in past church communities. I felt uncomfortable and burdened most of the time. However, I also felt like I did not have much choice in the matter then. I eventually began to think it was something normal when anyone who appeared to have talent got put into positions of authority in church – even if they had no spiritual covering – because this seemed to happen around me so often.
    I realize now that this is not the case.

    Covering comes first before spiritual authority.
    Therefore, those already with authority can and must be respected with trust.

  219. Linda Lam says:

    I am happy and blessed to have taken membership class. This sermon has emphasized how important it is to have covering and to part of a community where there is accountability as well as submitting to authority. One thing that stood out was the orphan spirit.Although I am not yet a member, I feel like that has been me for a long time until I finally started to attend the Hongdae campus. Before that, I attended church as an anonymous person not interacting with people if I could help it or allowing people to speak into my life. In addition, for a long time I avoided membership to avoid accountability but see how important it is to have covering. Hope this makes sense^^

    • You really caught the heart of this message, Linda! Covering is so important. I’m blessed that you took membership class too and even more blessed to see you go through the process with such enthusiasm! :)

  220. It was so powerful for me what the covering is. The biggest thing giving me a notion is that relationship is the source of coverings. I had a quick recap of my past several years. I am a church grown-up guy mainly forced by my mom. Once I graduated high school then, I began to follow what usually Korean college freshers do. But, several years later I came back to him through YWAM. Once I listened to the sermon, I realised that I had the covering at that time even I did not know the term of coverings. After leaving campus, I had a tough time again. It was very simple. Why? I did not have a proper covering. At this time, I have made a decision of getting a thick covering. Accountability in this community is what I am supposed to do. Plus, I got a caution why the authority is important. When I was in the senior year, a professor who frequently got me advices recommended me taking DTS(Discipleship Training School) with the clear biblical root(Matt 6:33). But, I made so many excuses ; I am a senior and a late comer on campus(I started my undergraduate after the military service), so I need a job urgently. Then I chose going naked. There is no IF in our lives though, one thing absolute is that I kicked out a chance of getting a covering. I will never do these foolish thing again and be a son of him who has his own place provided by our Father.

  221. Listening to this message, I realized just how blessed I have been by the people in my life who have provided covering. My mentors, my leaders, those who prayed for me at different points in life – I see the incredible difference they have made and I thank God for them! As I step into a new season of my life in a new country, I still need covering – I need a community, a godly family that supports and keeps me accountable, and that only comes through commitment and relationships.

  222. Allowing Godly people to speak into our lives shows our willingness to lay down our will and plans into God’s hand. It reveals our commitment to Him. It shows our trust in God and the people He has chosen to lead and watch over us. Accountability is the most powerful tool for growing a Godly character. It may sometimes be uncomfortable, but it equips us and makes us stronger in our walk with Christ. I want to be covered because I recognise my need of God. I need Him desperately in every area of my life.

  223. Lawrence Bowlby says:

    It was a blessing to learn about nakedness and covering. I had been going naked, without a community for many years now. It’s no wonder I had stumbled in my walk.
    I am thankful that in the short time of attending NP I have gotten some covering from Chris Prasad, and my CG leaders Jason and Sarah.

    I have realized that, as a football coach, in order to effectively pray for and cover my team when we go into games, I need my own covering.
    I am reminded of a disaster of a game last season VS a powerhouse team. Even after I prayed for our safety before the game, I knew it wasnt going to go well. I had been living wildly, drank the night before the game, and was naked. We got beaten down. Some of our best players were injured in the 1st quarter. We needed to be at full strength and covered to have any chance that day.

  224. Bontsi Zione Morewane says:

    This message is thought-provoking. I learnt that relationship and covering are not an option for us as Believers. God puts us in community for a reason and for a purpose. This is where we can grow and learn the basics, like submission, humility, serving others, patience, and so on. As a new member and also new to South Korea, it’s easy to feel lost and out of place. Regardless of what we feel like, it is important to give heed to God’s word because really, He’s looking our for our best interest. What stuck out the most for me while listening was how when one person keeps moving from church to church, that it might be because of an orphan spirit. Not always, of course, but it could be, always running away when the pressure is on, refusing to accept the authority that God has put over you. We are sons and daughters of a loving Father who desires for us to grow into maturity but that can never happen unless we learn to allow Him to speak into our lives, teaching us, encouraging us, rebuking and strengthening us through the men and women He sets over us as shepherds. I really needed to hear this because I never realized the significance of covering – and now I know. Thank you, Jesus!

  225. This sermon really addressed many struggles, questions and fears I’ve been battling with for some time. Whenever I think of my faith I always picture a boat being tossed by the waves more than a steadfast flow. In college, when my understanding of God changed from being a distant star I wished upon into a Father, it felt like I had finally come up for air. Although, the embrace of God felt so sweet and indescribable I did not feel the same love trickling down into the Christian community, which eventually led to a fear of the Christian community. I attributed the natural personality traits of “intense” Christians who do “well” as the reason to why they fit in, similar to attributing Michael Vic’s (?) athleticism to the color of his skin instead of his anointing – and that it didn’t apply to me, although I desired it.

    I couldn’t understand why being a Christian felt so exhausting on my own – I didn’t fully understand the problem was that I was cheating my soul running around naked without covering or a community until I listened to this sermon! When I started attending CG at NP I remember I felt the prayers and love of my two CG leaders so intensely even though I didn’t speak with them that day. I just knew that they were sincerely rooting for me and I was so moved. That was sort of an indirect introduction to the concept of “covering” for me. I truly felt grateful to them and the community and NP for this love that filled me up. I’ve been praying that I don’t want Christianity or God to be something I fall into just because I believe it is the moral thing to do, but that it can really become the foundation of truth I can stand upon without feeling like I’m about to fall off. I’m very touched by Pastor Christian because he always seems to care so deeply about his members. I want to learn how to commit and submit.

  226. Choy Jun Ai says:

    After listening to this powerful message, I looked back through my life in the past and I figured out myself used to run like a naked Christian. No hunger about God’s words but only the verses that I wanted to look into. Even when I was young I thought that baptism is the highest “level” in Christian, so I went to bible study or being a leader in the fellowship as I wanted to collect the points through those levels. Fortunately, there’s a lot of spiritual leaders of my church have covered me in God’s words that really changed my mind into God’s heart. Till now, I keep praying that God’s words bring me refreshment everyday and cover me safely. I want to keep myself always connected to God and community to keep accountable as I knew that walking in naked was really really bad.

  227. The message was about being or getting to be mature believers by following rules of our authorities. Leadership is given by authority. Authority is power, and it is given by responsibility. Without it, we do not have an audience, neither we do not receive love. Discipline is in love. Anointing is given by God and that is our proper clothing. God is submission and although we want to skip a situation or test that He is giving us, lessons will be learned some other stricter way. That is being mature, learning to live a life in discipline.

    Throughout this powerful sermon, I felt ashamed not for the person that I used to be, but for the naked proud Christian I was. While listening the message, I could only picture myself bullying someone and feeling proud of what I had done, even self-praising for what I was doing. Although I was never the bad girl at church neither school, in my mind I will always do horrible things to others. It is a pleasure for the Lord to give us the perfect measure clothing, but unless we are truly ready to receive it, we are just naked people fooling around with no destination. Covering comes from relationship and I just learned that I cannot cover myself with clothes I made.

    I was truly blessed by getting to know that I live surrounded by a community with authority, where God is really expecting a lot. Although I was saved and accepted years before, through this church I feel more joyful. Even though I am in hardship and getting to experience rapid change, I feel so blessed and encouraged. Most of all I feel respect towards everything and honored to be able to go through this membership process.

  228. Young Ko says:

    I love war movies especially when soldiers deal with valor, sacrifice, and honor. Similarly, this message spoke to me about the truth/self-discipline in covering bro/sis in Christ while we are fighting the war/while we are running the race to receive the prize that will last forever. (1Corinthians 9:24-27)

  229. Wow. I never want to go out naked! It comforts me to know that the leaders of this church are all under covering and to know that I won’t have to walk naked in this church. I agree on how important it is to have covering with someone who will have a committed relationship with you, to speak into your life, and to guide you in your spiritual walk. I’ve personally seen some of the bad things that can happen when Christians step up into authority and exercise gifts without anyone providing proper covering, so I really like that this is one of the key sermons for the community connection assignment.

    Also, I agree on the importance of submitting to authority because or else, it’s like a mad dog running out into the streets by itself pooping everywhere. Not good. And just as a child needs new set of clothes as he/she goes through growth spurts, as we grow spiritually, we need more covering because as Pastor Christian mentions, new levels= new devils… yikes. As glorious as our birthday suits may be, somebody give me some clothes cause I ain’t going out naked!

  230. Grace Ko says:

    Thank you Pastor Christian for your message. As someone who recently moved across the world, it was probably one of the most daunting things to think about having to “start over” with building relationships and get plugged into a new community. I found myself wanting to push this task aside out of fear. But I have felt welcomed at NP as soon as I entered and am thankful to God for this community of believers and after hearing this message I am all the more excited about what more God will do and reveal through being a part of this community!

  231. Thank you Pastor Christian for this amazing message! The message really opened my eyes about how so many of us Christians walk around naked and never realize it. I can say from my own experience I spent most of my Christian life without the covering. I had always felt that I never had a leader or anybody to speak into my life and pray for me when I needed help. After coming to NP and getting plugged into the community I now realize how important it is to have a community of people to offer you protection. I really felt how much my life as changed since I gained some covering.

    It was fascinating to hear that you could ruin the plan God has for your life if you do not have covering. Being covered by God helps you to be in tune with God’s plan for you and to help you utilize the gifts God gave to us. I know none of us want to run around naked and blind to our path. It can only end with us being beaten down and left naked.

    I really love this this particular sermon was chosen as one of our key sermons. This sermon opened my eyes and really helped me to understand the importance of covering. Thank you :)

  232. I really enjoyed that Pastor Christian covered both new believers as well as “seasoned” believers. We are all the same. human. with human nature. Also I believe what Pastor Christian is touching on is really, the spiritual battle surrounding us every single day. As he mentioned, people in positions where they’re doing more for the kingdom of God, the more they need covering, not less. It’s so interesting that often, people assume the opposite. I used to also think that if I grew in faith, or as time passed on, I wouldn’t need covering because I’d grow out of my sinful nature and foolish ways. Wrong. As I have been a Christian more and more years, the more I realize how weak I am, and how desperately I need the covering of people who have gone before me and my peers who will speak into my life with the truth and grace of God.

    I think it’s a shame that a lot of churches miss this point. A lot of Christian organizations also miss this point and let the leader “take care of themselves” once they’re in positions of leadership. That makes no sense. I really appreciate knowing that Pastor Christian is also covered under other pastors and peers. I can trust Pastor Christian more knowing that the is covered. I don’t like churches that don’t cover the pastor thinking the pastor must be perfect because he’s the pastor. Human beings don’t operate that way. We all need covering. I love that New Philly emphasizes this.

  233. Paul Lee says:

    There were three highlighting points from Do not Go Naked sermon. I am constantly reminded of the three even after the end of recording.

    1. Emphasis on greater willingness to submit over greater set of gifts. It seems obvious that for God to manifest a greater level of work in my life , it is my duty to prioritize on submission than talent manipulation. The sermon revealed my eagerness to pursue after gifts but, in some sense, showing reluctance to fulfill the very fundamental aspect of the relationship.

    2. I realized that I have always been in need of such covering, and am still in such need.

    3. I felt thankful to the leaders of my community group who have been so understanding and waiting despite of my reluctance.

    I have no clue when or in which form the change will take place in my life. However, I am sure that my willingness to make submission and seek covering will be the head-start of the upcoming progress.

  234. Claire Ramsey says:

    Spiritual mommas and poppas are so important in our lives!! It is impossible to mature and grow in the gifts and authority God has for us without submitting to and learning from others already placed in authority by God. I really like how PC said that submitting will give you the wisdom, character, selflessness to mature and be entrusted with authority. It is this definition of submission that we need to understand, not the one the world or the devil tries to sell us.

    This sermon was also a challenge for me to hear because I have such a hunger for the spiritual gifts that God has for us. I grew up in a very conservative church, so the Holy Spirit was not talked about really…at all. As I have learned more and grown in my relationship with Jesus the last few years, I have discovered awesome gifts such as prophecy and received words from others of future gifts and anointings, like healing. This sermon has helped me to realize that while my excitement and hunger to have authority within the church in these areas is not bad, I cannot skip over the time it takes to develop relationships with leaders in the church and to submit to their authority that has been given to them by God. There is so much more for me to learn! Yea!

    Phew! A lot to take in, but thank you God for your Word and your faithfulness!

  235. Julian Cheung says:

    Authority without covering can lead to your own demise/shame to the body of Christ.
    Proper covering and a heart of servanthood/maturity is necessary for authority.
    You cannot cover yourself with what you have made it needs to come externally.
    Giftings are different to authority.

  236. Eugenia Oh says:

    I have been New Philly church for 4 years but I didn’t involve to membership because I don’t
    know what I will stay or leave. But when I consider to move other church, God all the time
    used people randomly to say something to me It is blessing I am there or sometimes God told me through the sermons that is God’s plan I am in there. so I change my mind
    I really need who covers me, I know I can say God will cover me but God will use people
    and church community. It will be a huge weapon to destory my enemy when I am going to go mission field again. And also I can cover someon else with my prayer.

  237. CK Tong says:

    In this sermon, I learned the importance of submitting yourself under God-appointed spiritual leaders and committing to a local church.

    One key reason to commit and submit (haha!) is to gain protection from the attacks of devils and demons. Without this covering and protection, failure in life and in the plans God intended for you is guaranteed. Another reason is to gain the authority necessary to properly use the gifts and anointing given to you. Again, without the proper covering, failure is guaranteed.

    Covering is gained through relationships in the church. These relationships will bring discipleship and discipline along with other things that will teach you the life lessons necessary to properly fend off demonic attacks and use your gifts. Covering under a church will also change how you see yourself – as a beloved child of God.

    • Judy Choi says:

      Very detailed highlights of what covering is about. I’m so excited for you CK to come into a house with strong covering. You’re right failing and falling is part of our sin nature, but with covering the proper steps to restoration and rebuilding will happen, and it is amazing to be empowered that way. We want to be a healthy house that grows, and I think personally I learn about how I can build even my own healthy household as I learn more about covering.

  238. Jessie Behrman says:

    I’ve never heard this analogy of being a baby Christian and needing covering and protection. It made me think of how I’ve been living my life for the past few years since becoming a Christian and how I thought I was living my life with covering.

    Especially recently I have realized how lucky I am with my community group and how well my leaders take care of me and lead me so well. This sermon was a great reminder to me of the importance of community, cg and relationships. I’ve heard sermons about how key relationships are but this sermon really showed me how essential it is in your life. It really stood out to me when PC said, if you refuse to commit, submit, you go naked and without covering, you will successfully forfeit the plans of God for you life.

    Knowing that we all have incredible gifts and that God has something big in store for us and that we can waste our gifts by not protecting ourselves.

    I love being a part of this church that lives out the importance of relationships and accountability. This sermon was a fresh message to hear as my contract in Korea is ending soon and in the midst of decision making and not knowing what my future will look like. Not only trusting God in this time but seeking Him and seeking the covering I need from my community in making these types of decisions.

  239. Elbert Hayama says:

    Through this sermon I was able to get a clear understanding of the importance of covering and healthy relationships that are established within the fellow members of the church. I really feel that God has led me to come to New Philly this year to have a strong covering and accountability that I was lacking for most of my years at church in Korea. I feel that I was living a naked christian for the majority of my life, thinking I could deal with everything on my own whilst keeping everything to myself without letting a fellow church member to know about it. I am excited to be covered in this church and establish healthy relationships with fellow members of the church.

  240. Kate Jihae Park says:

    While I was listening to this message, the main thought that went through my head was “love.” I felt the love that Pastor Christian has for the active leaders in the house as well as the members of the church, and the more I get to know leaders and members at New Philly, I feel the same love through covering, building relationships and keeping one another accountable. The opposite of love is indifference, meaning that covering can only come from a place of true brotherly and apostolic love, and it almost seems foolish not to want covering simply because we may be offended by rebuke or because we don’t want to submit to leadership. I’m thankful that I found a church that takes covering and commitment seriously. I can’t wait to grow and mature under covering, in the hopes that one day I too would be able to cover a fellow brother and/or sister with the same love that I’ve received from leaders, pastors and God.

    • Judy Choi says:

      I totally agree, that was the same thing that I felt as well–so much love from the Father. Covering not only should be the norm, but it also accelerates your growth. And I believe this generation needs covering, as uncomfortable as it is for us at times.

  241. Joen Lee says:

    This message brought new perspective on having a life that is rooted in God’s truth and God’s love…especially through therelationships in our lives and through servanthood. Having experienced seasons of both covering and no covering, deep inside, I know the importance of not “going naked.” But even with this knowledge, I had fallen into a place of no protection during my first months in Korea. Finally starting this new process of settling down at New Philly, I feel so much more safe and indeed as PC said, protected. Re-establishing my heart of submission and commitment, there has been a great sense of peace. I know that God is disciplining me and I am excited for this new season of family, discipleship, covering, and growth.

  242. Diane Yoon says:

    The central message of this sermon- that you need covering in the form of a spiritual leader- really resonated with me. From my experience, I completely agree with Pastor Christian when he says you are successfully forfeiting God’s plans for your life if you choose to go without covering. I used to believe that the Christian walk was all about just me and God. But now I realize I was wrong, as I look back on the ups and downs in my faith ever since I accepted Christ. Yes, your relationship with God is most important, but without a leader guiding you and pointing out reality to you, it’s hard to keep going without stumbling, I realized. Without a figure of spiritual authority in our life, we are bound to struggle because we are sinful by nature. I think if our relationship with Christ is that of the spiritual realm, our relationship to a church/ church leader is the physical reminder of that heavenly relationship. I’m excited to grow further as a Christian under the covering of New Philly and find out what God has in store for me!

  243. Crystal Smith says:

    This message hit very close to him for me, and actually unlocked a big piece what God has been doing in my life since we moved here. Luke and I moved here after going through YWAM. In YWAM we were constantly reminded of the importance of covering and authority. But something happened – once we landed in Korea – we did not carry ourselves like we were moving to a mission field – we did not step in with authority and definitely not covering. We immediately looked for a church – through a series of interesting events we wound up attending a Korean church with everything in Korean – of course we grew to love the people of the church – but our need for a deep community and fellowship was felt regularly. There is only so far you can go when you can’t communicate ;). Last year was a pretty dark year for me. I was constantly defeated. Listening to this message brought even more clarity as to why last year was as hard as it was and brought hope for the year to come. Pastor Christian’s message was so on point, especially for this generation. So much of us have been jaded by the church and believe that gives us permission to abandon the church – replacing it with sermons online, private study, and worship nights. But after thinking about what P. Christian said – I fear that is producing a generation of Christians who are absolutely in love with Christ – but not able to submit to and therefor walk in the empowering authority of Christ. Interestingly enough, there is another side of that – the side that I find myself on. I actually love the church – for some reason I have always loved the church. (Thank you, Lord!) But, I have always found myself in a position of leadership at the church. Over the past few years that has changed, and I haven’t known what to do with it. But this sermon has affirmed what God has been speaking to me over the past year. He is trying to teach me to submit, and it is only through truly learning to submit to His authority that I will ever be able to walk in the authority that He has for me….that He has for all of us!

  244. Paul JS Park says:

    The message spoke to me in a way that was both humbling and encouraging. What I remember most is the analogy of two cars. The point of the analogy, that authority is not sth innate but given, is sth I have been struggling with for the past few months. Placed in a new environment, surrounded by different people, in a new community, I’ve been frustrated on how uninfluential I haven been to those around me, and how I’ve not been able to bear fruit in my surroundings. Losing motivation, I picked up some past bad habits and sins, and my relationship with God started to erode. I tried so hard to put things back into order, discipline myself, and restore the passion and love I once had for God. But to no avail. From this sermon, I see I was going around naked. Pastor Christian said that to be covered is a daily decision you need to make; receiving covering is sth that will or should extend throughout one’s lifetime. Everyone needs covering. And everyone needs it in every stage of their life. I look back, and I realize that whenever I grew further in my walk with God, there has always been someone in my life who challenged me and encouraged me. For some reason, I had mistakenly thought that I was now strong enough to fight on my own. But again, you can’t cover yourself with what you have made. I am thankful to God for this season. I am thankful that He has exposed to me my weaknesses once again to humble me and teach me that I wasn’t made to walk this path alone. As He is calling me to learn how to submit and be obedient again, I am encouraged as I know He disciplines those whom He loves. By submitting to this house, receiving the covering of this house, I hope to see God’s sovereign plan for me unravel in my life.

  245. Like others have said, this sermon was eye opening to me when reflecting upon 2014 and the year Crystal and I spent at a Korean church in our little town. It was not easy to hear at first because it was kind of like that dream PC mentioned when you find out you are naked at school or some place public. I’ve had those dreams before…and even sometimes in the dream I go on pretending that nobody else notices that I’m naked. It’s actually humorous to think that somewhere in my subconscious I think that if I just act normal, then nobody will realize how exposed I am. So when I realized that I had spent the last year naked, spiritually speaking of course, I thought “How can this be?!”. After thinking about it for a while, I started to remember the times where Holy Spirit was urging me to come closer and to reach out and to connect with more people SO THAT I could go deeper with Him.
    I like what PC said about gifting without authority not being effective because I sometimes don’t feel effective (and now I understand why). If I don’t have a community to support me and hold me accountable I don’t have the authority I need to go further with my friendships, to connect deeper with my wife, to work harder at my job, to dream bigger. Eventually a log that is pulled out of the fire will go out, and I’ve seen that happen in my life before. I am so thankful that God is ever faithful and continues to draw me closer to him even when the decisions I make aren’t perfect. I am thankful that NP church seems to be a place that doesn’t shy away from commitment and I am looking forward to growing in authority and effectiveness and to finally be walking around with some decent sneakers.

  246. Macey Martinez says:

    This sermon is amazing. It was extremely eye opening and even shocking to some degree. I never really thought much about the nakedness in the book of Revelation. I always just thought about the lukewarm part. So hearing this sermon really gave me and understanding of what it truly means to be covered and that I am not walking out into the world naked. It also really made me really think of Ephesians and the armor of God. It really showed that even though you make not always agree with your spiritual leader in your life; the battle isn’t against flesh and blood but against the devil and his works. Without the guidance and the covering of a spiritual leader, you are more likely to stumble and struggle. A lot of times when you are struggling against sin, it becomes easier when it is revealed and spoken against. God put spiritual leaders to help you prepare you for the will of God. So yeah. This sermon made me think a lot of what it means for me personally and generally.

  247. “Without covering, you will get beat down.”

    God’s blessed me with a church that I call my second home back in NY. I loved going to church every weekend and meeting with my sisters on a regular basis. Community nurtured, protected, cared for, and loved me. I lacked nothing in spiritual blessings – I was discipled and part of life groups. However, when I left NY to go overseas for school, I felt the full effects of community-withdrawal. I walked as a naked believer, unprotected and vulnerable. Unwilling to share my life with another group of believers in a foreign land, I did not attend church. To try to make up for it, I relied on podcasts (Mark Driscoll, John Piper, Paul Washer) and books. I did join a campus Bible study, but fell short in committing. Being physically away from my community led me to easily believe in lies that they didn’t care about me anymore. I even considered leaving the church and faith altogether, though I clearly knew that the world couldn’t offer me anything better than God.

    By God’s grace and favor, I’m in a far better place! Before coming to Seoul, I took discipleship classes led by my pastor/discipler with a few sisters. He emphasized the importance of spiritual friendships for Christians. Spiritual friendships = community, covering, accountability, and etc. God’s timing is so perfect. There’s a reason I got equipped before my Korea venture.

    So thankful for the covering I’m receiving here through new spiritual friends and Emmaus.

  248. Mary Jung says:

    I think that this sermon would resonate with so many expats that come to Korea. We leave our comfort zones- our familiar church environment, our church groups and friends to a place where we feel that there is no warmth and no one to receive this covering from.
    We often find ourselves in a vulnerable place where since there is no one who really holds us accountable that we can do things that we normally wouldn’t do back at home-excessive drinking, partying etc. and think that we will be okay. We start to slowly but surely shed off our spiritual armor and become “naked”.

    I think this sermon has opened my eyes to how this definitely can be prevented through practical steps as PC mentions. First would be to really understand how important it is to be covered in prayer and guidance. This would prepare us before the actual departure and ready the place that we are to arrive at. Knowing this importance of being covered would push the person to settle as fast as possible at a church upon arrival in the understanding that our relationship with Jesus can take a toll without christian relationships that understand our day to day hardships.

    I think the sermon sheds light on how sometimes we may be mistaken to think that we do not need the covering of our church and believing that we are strong enough in our faith to remain close with Jesus on our own, however as PC mentions, even passionate missionaries can become defeated in the field, even with all the amounts of training and preparation they must have undergone!

    I feel very grateful to my small group and especially the leaders who have kept me accountable and have me in their prayers and appreciate how they have taught me to keep others in my prayers also.

  249. This message helped me grasp the concept of what covering really means and how important it is to walk a christian life under a proper covering. Throughout my life, my biggest concern or focus of Christianity has been centered around the relationship with God and how to improve it more satisfyingly to God and myself rather than giving much attentions to the one with church or its community. However, as I look back my past walk with God, it was flourishing and yielding many fruits under a proper covering of strong church and its leaders and went the other way when there was disconnection from them despite the efforts of reading scriptures and praying as passionately as possible. Understanding it now, I wish to stay under a mature covering of NP church with its leadership and hope my spiritual maturity will grow continuously as a result.

  250. Ruth Lee says:

    This message was a slap in the face–in a good way. Even though I grew up in church, once I got to college, I became lazy and had no desire to find a community, let alone submit to any spiritual authority. After all of my experiences in college and also my experiences in Korea, I realized how much I needed covering. Because, spiritual authority and covering will keep me accountable for my actions. Knowing that I have my CG leader supporting me and being there for me, especially through my transition in Korea has been so encouraging.

  251. Spring Park says:

    I do love the title, “Do not naked” and I Imagine If I live without any clothes. Oh, no!hhaha. It is an absolutely simple message and I can clearly understand how the covering is so crucial for anyone those who are baby or mature Christian in our faith walk. I once got disappointed toward some Christian leaders, missionaries who are just act like moral but are not covering and cold. They did not have a problem of preaching or teaching, but they did not honor to their leaders, and the naked reached down by the devil eventually, therefore, we need to be in the profer covering.
    I agree that is authority comes through the submission, and the covering cannot make by yourselves, it is made by God. It was a good memory of attending in a leadership banquette last year, and I was suprisingly inspired to honoring to the leaders. I’m gonna expect to learn how to submit to God and love people through this lovely and faithful community.
    I thank to God to meet great people of NewPhilly around me since a few years already.. they are so secure and covering by the humility-spirit. I pray every newmember will enjoy in the beautiful covering of this community by the spirit of the son, not by the orphanage sprit. I love PC’s faith in his testimony in the midst of sermon, and will keep pray for you as a spiritual father and a man of faith. Thank you.

  252. Natalie Weaver says:

    I really appreciate the seriousness of this membership process, and openly admit my hesitancy to make statements in a forum setting. That being said, I actually crave a church body where I can submit and gain covering. I feel exceptionally vulnerable when I am too far removed from the church, and I’ve seen the effects of being unable (and at times too lazy) to submit and thrive beneath the authority of a God centered church have on me. I am also of a very serious mind when it comes to such things, testing myself and the authority to which I would be submitting as this submission is done voluntarily to a church – to ensure I am being nurtured by a church that is submitted to the authority of God and His Word. I often contemplate these decisions for quite some time, not wanting to rush into a decision based solely on emotion or desperation for any community, failing to seek out the right community.

    One thing that particularly impressed me about this message was the statement that it is not just church members or baby Christians who need covering as a sort of incubation for growth, but rather it goes up into leadership of the church and into the mission field as well. Missionaries go into enemy territory – piercing the darkness, and they often go without any support or covering over them to protect them or to ensure they are not falling prey to the enemy’s attacks (or even altering the gospel from how it was taught to them). It brought to mind Paul’s comment in Galations 2:2 where he speaks about going back to Jerusalem to meet with the “pillars” of the church and present the gospel he was preaching to ensure that he “was not running or had not run in vain.” I found it really comforting to know that this church is committed to nurturing and covering all those within the church as well as those they send out, and that they take it as seriously as they do.

  253. Interesting sermon to listen to.

    In my opinion I felt it was more of an exhortation to the then current leaders of the house but there were a couple of points that stood out to me and blessed me.

    The first being the reminder of the importance of remaining in a place of coverage and accountability, seldom I walk around with the mindset that the battle is real and active and that we must be constantly aware and ready to enter this arena, through the power of His spirit in us, through contending in the place of prayer and by deepening our relationship with The Lord first and foremost.

    I also liked the analogy of the Lamborghini (or however that is spelled). This spoke very personally to me as I have before being in this position in and out of the church. I am encouraged me to pray for a more humble and submissive heart.

  254. Christina Kim says:

    Attending New Philly’s church-wide retreat in 2014 and regularly attending NPC since then has been an incredible blessing and an experience. One of the biggest reasons for my deciding to be a part of NPC was because there was a real sense of family/community, where individuals (newcomers and old timers alike) weren’t just left to his/her own device but each one of us was cared for, fostered, stewarded by, and held accountable by others. It was one of the most poignant messages that addressed one of my previous concerns about where such authority comes from and what it means to truly submit in the church; that covering and accountability isnt just a protective, one-directional measure for the more infant believers to be guided and nurtured within, but that those who are more seasoned and mature in faith also, perhaps even more than anyone, also need the community to reciprocate the covering for them as well, and strengthen and encourage each other. Through this sermon, and seeing/being a part of the house’s covering, I can now truly testify that I am no longer an orphan but a daughter of His in this house.

  255. Pedro Gregorio G says:

    I realized I needed to look for some cover before I came in to NP, however it kinda took me around 2 years to know what being under cover means. Comes to my mind the times when I was covered starting from when I was kid going to a local church in Guatemala with my mother, then moving out to another church as a personal decision when I got into college. And now here in Korea, I have found how important it is being under covering since I do feel like I’ve been wandering around for around a year. but still there is this word PC mentioned, “submission & commitment”. During this time I must be sincere that many times I’ve feel close of forfeiting the plans of God over my life and the reason why He brought me here because of wandering without covering. And of course many times I have been blessed by preaches in internet or books, but now knowing that those things do not replace a communion through submission and commitment with a House was really something that I particularly identified with. And even thought this submission and commitment might come in ways that I do not find attractive etc. now I know that God is urging me to prepare through this to be able to do the work of his Kingdom properly and to have a healthy and prosperous relationship with him!

  256. Sarah Lee says:

    This message was such a great reminder for me that covering is such a crucial element for my walk in Christ. I think something that really stuck out to me was when P. Christian said that covering isn’t just for new believers, but is something that mature believers also need, maybe even more urgently than new believers and that the more intense work you do for the Kingdom, the more covering (prayers, encouragement from others) you need. This made me think of how important community is and how blessed I am to be placed in a community like New Philly with so many great leaders and members that can help keep me accountable and are willing to pray for me and encourage me. Through this sermon, I also thought about how important it is to be open and vulnerable to our brothers and sisters in our church community in order to be properly covered. And again, I just feel really thankful that God has placed me in such a safe community like New Philly where I can share my heart and be covered with prayers and encouragement without being afraid that the words that come out of my mouth will bring me shame or negativity in the future.

  257. Brian Lee says:

    As I heard this sermon, an interesting incident that happened to me recently came to my mind.

    Back in my youth group I was a leader of quite a lot of people. After graduating from that ministry, I was led by the Spirit to a lot of training for a year, and then I entered college. When I got into college, my mindset was, “God made me undergo so much training, surely it must have been for nothing.”

    Along with that,there was quite a lot of young christians in my department whose faith was shaking because of the influence of college life. A lot of them were starting to skip churches.

    In the meantime, I got to know a professor at my department who was leading a bible study group with the undergrads. I was thinking anout joining, but then after seeing how things were going there, I wanted to start a bible study with just my peers, for I thought they would feel more comfortable that way. I was also very confident, for I led many bible studies from my teenage years. So I went to ask the professor for permission.

    He and I had about a half an hour talk. He told me that he saw the qualities I had, the biblical knowledge, the discipline in prayer. But he questioned me, “Would your peers know?” He asked me if my leadership would be established in an instant, because for sure, I’m new to them as much as that professor is new to me. He told me the struggles that would come. He told me that rather if I submit to his leadership, it would be a good place to start, and after I finish the period of submission and become a leader, people would acknowledge my leadership because it started from his. He told me about Paul & Timothy and the generations of faith how each submitted to the upper and stewarded greater levels of leadership through the submission.

    As I listened to him, it reminded me of the fact that before I became a leader, I too had a period of strong submission. And even in the midst of my leadership, I submitted to my teachers and asked them for advice. Time had quite passed and I had forgotten that I had such a period. Oh how my thoughts were so short to have forgotten that!

    So I told him that he’s right and that I’ll submit to his leadership. Since then I have been faithfully attending his meetings as the youngest, perhaps as the lowest.

    The most interesting thing was that after a year of intense training, God’s work in my life for this year started with submission. And Hallelujah for that. He is just in what he does. He keeps me clothed in the Christ, in the body of Christ.

  258. Ines Yoon says:

    I loved the part in the sermon when Pastor Christian spoke about covering comes in community. I attended a church where I was completely dry spiritually and was not getting filled. However I convinced myself that through listening to Christian music, short prayer, and sometimes listening to sermons would help me. However nothing really changed. I still felt like I was not growing spiritually, and I was not walking in the path that God had planned for me. Life just felt empty. But as I made a leap of fatih to attend New Philly and Emmaus I’m starting to feel like my soul is being filled. Even though I am tired physically because of work, I am full of joy when I attend the services and LGs! The community is so vibrant and diverse that I just can’t stand and smile when I think about going to church. :)

  259. Keith Yang says:

    I thought the message served as both an invitation and a warning. An invitation to those who can see the importance of being in a community. In this community you receive protection and guidance. But it serves as a warning because these benefits of community are available with a humble heart. There’s a need for submission to grow.
    It didn’t occur to me that I needed more time being molded and nurtured by others. At some time in my life, I believed that I would be ok as long as I kept myself in check, as if that were possible. This sermon has shown me where I have been dropping the ball in my spiritual walk with God. With invitation in hand, I am looking forward to being a part of a community.

  260. Wow this has blessed me a lot. It made me realized how important fellowship is. It is important to have people in your life that will help you to be the best of you. I need to know that I’m loved and through that people will discipline me because they love me and not because they want to show me all the wrong things. I thought that if I had a personal relationship with God, I’m covert! It made me realized that we have a family in Christ for a reason and we need to open up and stop trying do go out without covering. I need to submit into relationship with people how can speak truth, love into my life. God gave me a family (Church) to help me through different choices that I have. I have to embrace it. Commitment, submission is important in my life. I can’t go out without covering, I will be beat down. I’m excited to be on this journey and to have a new family through Christ!!! :) :)

  261. What is the garment with which we are covering ourselves? Is it Christ or is it the church? I’m not saying that the church is not a necessary part of a healthy Christian’s life, but surely the garments of which we speak in the passage given is the garments of salvation— or in other words— that of Christ? Are the not the characteristics of the Laodicean—that of whom Christ calls wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked not the characteristics of a man without Christ be it a “Christian” or “non-Christian”? It is not the church that conquers, but Christ that conquers. We must not forget that we are not holy because we are somehow made clean or made greater—it is because we actively put on Christ as a covering.
    This garment of salvation of which is being spoken is one that is a daily choice. One does not choose to follow Christ once in their life. It is a daily struggle. We are called to deny ourselves, to pick up the cross, and to follow him. It’s not an easy task—hence the need for a church—a group of disciples to maintain a healthy relationship with Christ. It would be a man’s folly to think that following Christ is easier alone—as it’s said in Ecclesiastes, “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

  262. Valentina Kim says:

    I was so blessed with the testimony of pastor Christian about his walk to the maturity through commitment and submission to the leaders that the Lord had appointed in his life.
    It really opened my eyes when he said: “the relationship with Jesus doesn’t mean you have that covering… the covering comes with the relationship… leaders who will speak life, love, rebuke…over you”. I realized that this is the way that I must live, a life of commitment and submission to God appointed leaders for my life… it sounds tough but I feel like today I found a gem to keep.

  263. Michelle Park says:

    I believed in God’s special plans and gifts for each one of us, but I didn’t I realised the importance of having covering so that I would not go astray like a sheep without a shepherd. God places people with authority in our lives so that we have covering and learn to commit an submit.
    Often we do not want to confront our sins and shortcomings. However, God place people who can speak into our lives because He disciplines His loved ones. Be grateful for this as God disciplines His children. You cannot cover yourself with that you made. Covering is provided from outside.
    This sermon made me realise how I have been justifying myself for not letting people talk into my life. I pray that I will continue to see and hear God through the people God sent in my life.

  264. David Chong says:

    Before I had a chance to listen to this sermon, my understanding of spiritual covering was really more akin to something along the lines of receiving wisdom, counsel and occasional prayer from spiritual authority. This seems to be true on a basic level, but the sermon both convinced and convicted me that covering is both established and maintained by way of a heart of submission and humility.

    I liked PC’s reiteration that there needs to be personal relationship between the person seeking covering and the person giving it, for it to exist. It took me back to the many times I was seeking something more from podcast sermons, than just good teaching and wisdom. I guess I couldn’t pinpoint what that was at the time.

    And finally it was all wrapped up for me in a powerful reminder that there should always be covering over every important decision in my life or risk forfeiting the plans that God has for my life. Accountability and discipline and being committed to one church, committing to sonship, are things that I will be seeking to establish in this season.

  265. Young Cho says:

    The part that moved my heart the most was when PC said “Covering comes from relationships…Deeper the commitment and submission, the thicker the covering”.
    I was walking on struggle street for the last few years with my spiritual life with God. I was definitely walking alone and never let my guard down with church members because I always thought there would be a certain level of judgement. When I decided to re-attend New Philly Sydney in the beginning of 2015, the first sermon PC preached was about this year being the “year of wealth”. Something from that sermon moved my heart and I felt really strongly about investing my time and effort in building an intimate relationship with God. Ever since then, I started open my heart and had the urge to get to know every member of the church. Now that I reflect back listening to this sermon, I felt that God was preparing me and guiding me to have entire covering before I dive into it all by myself, and going naked. For so many years I was the one who was driving my life, making my own decisions, and never seeking for guidance from authority. The sermon reminded me again that as a born again Christian, I need to build relationships and have discipleship from the authorities, to guide me in the right direction. I feel really blessed knowing that I’m not doing life alone and that I have protection left right and centre, so I’m looking forward to the long journey ahead☺

  266. What an amazing feeling to know your are loved. It made me realise that I can’t expect something without giving anything. How powerful is the meaning covenant. For long I did not knew what it really ment but though this sermon I got clarity. It is relationship with commitment. If there is intimacy people look for deeper relationship in you even if they find out who you really are. We are created for love, true love. For so long I thought that having my relationship with God is enough, I need a relationship with God and his people. I never had that family when I was born again, it was me and God. Trough this sermon and membership I now have the opportunity to commit in a family that can speak into my life. To have intimacy you need to be in covenant.

  267. PC, I’ve been blessed by this message. It made me understand how covering was an integral part of my faith and a growing Christian within the NP community. Since I started going to NP, I have been so blessed and felt so loved by being in the community that has surrounded me because they’re always building me up! Listening to this message has made me want to be more apart of the NP family and I can’t wait to be a member!

  268. Julia Hong says:

    Growing up I would attend church camps where I was touched and convicted by the Spirit, only to return home and have that passion fizzle in a matter of weeks. This ‘spiritual high’ closely followed by hitting rock bottom became a yearly routine and with every disappoint and frustration, my heart gradually became cynical, numb and doubtful about whether God could permanently transform my hard heart. As I listened to this sermon, it hit me that a major reason why I would experience this rollercoaster was because after encountering the Lord and being filled with joy, I tried to pursue Him alone. Although eager to learn more about Christ, I was reluctant to open up to other members of the church. Not only did I feel as though I couldn’t trust them, I feared judgment if I was to become vulnerable and expose my insecurities, struggles and past sins. Never did it cross my mind that the absence of covering played a significant role in the resulting futility of my previous attempts to grow in my faith.

    Having attended New Philly Sydney for almost three months now, I’ve come to understand just how precious and important community is. On that first day, I walked into New Philly highly critical of the notion of church relationships and unsure about my faith. However I was so surprised because from the moment I walked in, both members and leaders approached and took me under their care, not out of obligatory duty, but because they genuinely cared about my spiritual wellbeing. Therefore having witnessed and experienced firsthand the overflow of raw love and care for one another and acceptance of imperfections and flaws, my previous negative perspectives have drastically shifted. Slowly but surely, I’m learning the intrinsic connection between relationships with members of the church and my understanding of and consequent closeness to Christ. Therefore I now seek and look forward to becoming part of a covenant and submitting to its leaders whose guidance, wisdom and covering can protect and guide me in my continual search for and growth in Christ.

  269. Terence Tam says:

    From this sermon I’ve learnt that without covering we open ourselves to not only risk but stagnation in our spiritual growth without shepherding. Through covering I see a strong community and foundation of Christ, love, protection and accountability.

  270. Andy Cheng says:

    This sermon makes even more sense as I come to see more on how evil and wicked my heart is and how desperately I need God’s grace. I am confident to say that I will certainly get “beaten up” without the covering of my leaders and the community. At the same time, I know clearly that my evil desire in my heart is telling me to go naked. This is one of the things that I am not able to fix myself but relying on people around who are able to shepherd my soul. I became a Christian at the end of my exchange 2 days before I left America. I remember the first year I was pretty much going full naked. My strong pride put up walls 360 degrees around me and God more or less intellectually made relevant to me while being mostly disconnected in my life. However by his grace, I started to understand this slowly but my rebellious heart did not like the idea of submission. Meanwhile it is also very difficult to have anyone who could truly hold me accountable especially when they don’t even understand this. It was only since the first day of new philly sydney I started to reconnect my faith in a community. Christianity is a personal relationship with God but only works in a community. As I continued to attend the church, the love of God in this community started to break my walls down and I was able to open up to the pastor and the leaders. Now I could say it is truly my honor to have these righteous men of God speak into my life. It was a blessing every time and I was able to understand more of God’s heart and character. Indeed by his grace, I may have life.

  271. Jane Kim says:

    This is the first time I’ve had highlighted to me the principle of nakedness being directly connected with submission. I’ve always thought they were two different issues and even then, in hindsight, they were two misconceived ones at that. Firstly, I never thought I was “naked” because I had made myself a covering. Little did I know that this was insufficient and that only a God-made covering will cover true nakedness (Isaiah, Genesis). Secondly, I always viewed submission as negative thing, more a matter of control and force. But as PC said, church authority is not there to control every decision in your life but rather help you make spirit-led, wise decisions. I realise now that God-given authority, in turn, is birthed from submission too (heart of servant-hood) and this gives me great comfort.
    From this sermon I’ve learnt that covering comes from a relationship which includes submission to a leader whom will speak wisdom over you, correct you, rebuke you, speak the truth in love over you and hold you accountable. Refusal of this will only lead you to being beat down and forfeit God’s plan over your life. You cannot grow in power and authority without going through the process. In order to be entrusted with authority, you need to learn to submit to authority first.

  272. Michelle Na-Hee Hwang says:

    I am so glad to have heard this message. At first I thought it would be similar to other messages on being a ‘lukewarm’ Christian, but after listening to it, it had so much substance and depth with refreshing revelations I hadn’t been privy to before.

    Although I was born into the church, and I have been heavily involved in church before, I don’t think I ever received sufficient covering in my Christian walk. However I often was in a position of authority. This eventually led to me leaving the church, backsliding and being fatherless for a while. However through New Philly I have been able to learn the art of submission, the beauty of obedience and how necessary it is in our Christian lives. It made me thankful for the relationships I have cultivated through the church. They have encouraged openness, allowed walls to be broken down, bestowed wisdom and grace into my life, and truly provided me with covering. This message allowed me to appreciate being in a position of submission with healthy covering rather than one of authority void of any covering at all. I also feel that it convicted my decision to be committed to NPC. I was always afraid of commitment and relished what I perceived as ‘flexibility’ or ‘free-will’. However, this message really allowed me to reflect on my orphan spirit and pursue sonship. Particularly when PC said that covering is a conscious decision. I felt truly convicted by that.

    The emphasis on patience and a slow walk was also enlightening. Being an impatient person who loves to get things done quickly and efficiently, I have never been able to stop, learn lessons to its full depth and grow from there. I have been more of a “do and learn” type personality. I think this has allowed me to realise that I should always be present, take my time and really exhibit patience in my walk with God. It isn’t a race to the end and it is only through a divine process that my life will be fruitful and meaningful.

  273. Aaron Colquhoun says:

    I think a lot of Christian’s have been under attack and failed due to their “nakedness”, especially those in the evangelical missions field. Pastor Christian really speaks the truth when he talks about Spiritual covering. Spiritual “nakedness” is not only for the new Christian’s but everyone really, especially those in spiritual authority (leaders, missionaries, etc.)

    This message helped me realise the importance of spiritual covering, especially since I am planning a life as a missionary and one who lives on the missions field. I’ve never really had a lot of experience of being under a “mentor” or being under “submission”, but I am now realising its importance.

    We should not be living life alone as Christian’s but we are all one community as the Bride of Christ the Church. We should start realising and behaving like real brothers and sisters like real family and clothing one and other.

  274. Grace Lee says:

    This sermon made me realise that without proper covering from the church, there is no way I will be able to maintain and grow my spirituality with God and know my identity. I was put in a leadership position within my previous church and created my own covering thinking it would suffice. Over the years, my faith began to deteriorate and I basically became a lost soul, resulting in hardship, negative perceptions about the church and most importantly, growing apart from God.
    Knowing that NP has proper covering through trained leaders and with the guidance of PC through his teachings and leadership, I am convicted that my spiritual walk from here on will only rise up and I feel very safe to jump on the NP membership bandwagon to spiritual growth and accountability. I am so so so grateful for the leaders and pastors at NP Sydney! They are so awesome and I very much look forward to how God will continue to work His magic.

  275. Yoon Han says:

    I grew up in a Christian family and was always familiar with Christianity and the Bible, however I had some views on Christians within the churches in Sydney that I did not understand completely and felt a lot of people in the community as ‘Sunday Christians’. This was one of the main reasons I turned away from Christians and never went deep with conversations I had with Christians. I had no identity with any churches and had created my own beliefs and views about life that was to live a ‘good’ life. Eventually, living this life lost meaning and had no answers but to keep living life with grit and hard work. This experience made me to realise that I didn’t have answers to life, along with many leaders/role models I had looked up to. New Philly Sydney’s leaders and the community has provided me some answers that I can say more confidently that there is a real God and can live out as a Christian through everyday life. I saw glimpses of this kind of life by looking into the Church Plant team members’ lives and the strong faith they had in God. With all the ups and downs of life, they had God to look up to and knew they were loved just as they were. I wanted and needed this guidance and taking a step of faith to have this kind of covering from God. I now know that God is real and need Him in my life. I’ve always walked alone and always pondered on what my purpose was in this world alone, but this sermon was a confirmation for me that I was not alone and there is a purpose for me that God has already planned out on the day I was born. I would be glad to take these steps of faith due to the influence and blessing of NP Church and look forward to what is planned ahead for me.

  276. Ashleigh Kwak says:

    This sermon once again blessed and challenged me to more fully grasp God’s heart for His people to be covered and connected with each other. This truth that covering comes from your appointed leaders and community, presents a challenge to the mentality of just Sunday Christians. Or those who think Faith is an independent journey. Yes, on that day of Judgment, we will all have to stand alone and answer to Him alone. But this sermon is a good reminder that until that day comes, the journey of Faith is developed and nourished within His community. Doing Faith without this, or without the covering of His appointed leaders, can be quite a lonely and also dangerous journey. And if Christ has called us to be one in Body as His church, then we need to see our church as that – One in Him. Having just left my own church community and now finding my place in New Philly, I realise ever more the importance of the covering, guidance and friendship that flows from the Church. Which has me excited for all that’s to come! :)

  277. Up until one year ago I had been walking my Christian walk entirely on my own. Guidance and wisdom had come here and there but whenever I tried to grasp it or seek it again, it would drift away. It really felt like I was chasing ghosts. Nothing was ever established inside of me. This sermon has allowed me to contemplate on the past year that I have been attending NP. It has reminded me to give thanks and to remember all the people who have shepherded and been shepherding me to get to where I am today.

    The leaders at NP have helped me not to go out naked. I really believe that God has appointed each leader interaction to me, whether that be in the form of a conversation that I may have or a deep friendship. When I look back in retrospect, the covering feels like a layer of textile. The more covering and wisdom I choose to accept and use, the more layers I have, the warmer and more closer I feel to God. NP is abundant with strong loving leaders who are real. Having these leaders accept me for who I am and hearing their testimonies, seeing their lives have been such a blessing. It is really awesome to have them establish truth into my life.

  278. Tri Thanh Nguyen says:

    I appreciate this message. Particularly with the way there is a firm focus on how love and discipline go together in having spiritual covering. Submission to a local church and leadership whom we can be accountable to is God’s plan, it’s His heart. It’s like Pastor Christian is simply putting forth the FULLNESS that there is in having covering. There is an exhortation to son-ship which is also very encouraging. The “speed limit” is also a good picture.
    I appreciate the safety and purity that is found in the heart of Pastor Christian. The humor used is also helpful. This is actually quite an important message. It is also true, that you can not cover yourself with “what you have made”. Grateful for the submission aspect of Pastor Christian’s testimony. Seems there is a lot of submission, and it’s very good. I am grateful for the covering I have here at New Philly. Hallelujah!!

  279. I could really resonate with PC when he talked about how with higher and new levels, there are new devils attacking you. A while back I thought it was just coincidence that there would be attacks when I’d be reaching new spiritual levels of maturity, but after a while I realised that it was because I hadn’t surrounded myself with a strong community to support me through tough times.

    I can wholeheartedly say that since coming to NP, for the first time in my life, I’ve been challenged to mature, grow and dig into what I believe in and I’m making my faith my own. I know that this is comes from submitting to an authority that is covered and walking in humility which then overflows onto everyone “underneath” them.

  280. Rebecca Kim says:

    New believers need covering + need relationship. I was convicted because many of my friends have recently walked towards becoming new believers. However, I feel I have failed to followup on there current walks with God. Failed to provide continual prayer and intentional conversations about questions they have. Further, PC made clear that mature believers ALSO need covering. I need to seek covering from our NPS house.. seek prayer, prophesy, and renewal. I feel my lack of covering is what makes it difficult for me to go on and cover for my new believer friends.

    Further, once again I was able to establish the need to submit to authority. By submitting you can gain authority. This makes sense to me as you see so many corrupt leader in the world. If these politicians really had a heart of servanthood to the people they represent this corruption could have been prevented. As a new leader in the church I will continual strive to serve and submit.

  281. Benjamin Wong says:

    The sermon was insightful and gave me further understanding into the importance of covering. As a child, my mother provided covering by taking me to church and praying over me, growing up this sort of indirect covering and protection worked quite well.
    As I grew up, this sort of covering and protection was lifted. I was still attending my local church regularly but was never a member.
    Growing up even more, being exposed to the world and the values of society I was naked in facing many things, relying on faith and teachings from my childhood covering I was able to take a lukewarm approach to both the Church and the world.

    In recent years, as my power and influence on society began to increase through my career, I begun to also become worried about myself. I understanding the dangers of power and influence, and hope not to abuse or take advantage of the power gifted to me.

    Pastors Christians’ sermon confirmed my thoughts. The need for covering and protection is not limited to baby Christians but also mature Christians. Submitting to authority and having someone to speak into my life is something that I have been searching for.

    We all live our days out on this earth, living through the corrupted morals and values of modern society, it is unavoidable. It is better to plow through this world covered and protected than to go out naked. To be covered is and will be a gift and blessing.

  282. Greg Salvo says:

    Covering is much of what I have lacked in my life. The times I have been spiritually covered have been immensely more comforting and profitable for me. Without covering and submission, our culture has become “defeated, depressed, and divorced,” myself included. Iv’e never been married, but I mean divorced in the sense that without covering I am removed from the blessing that will occur if I were to submit to spiritual leadership.

  283. Brian Lee says:

    This sermon was refreshingly convicting. The importance of covering can not be understated. By covering pastor Christian is referring to submitting to a local church leadership and letting them help guide your decisions, pray for you, and convict if necessary. One concept i gained from this was something i learned in business school. “In order to be a great leader you musy first learn how to he a great follower.” It was important for me to hear.

    I also believe that God is teaching me lessons that i ran away from and avoided before and bringing them back for me to learn.

  284. Christian Loro says:

    I’ve never really heard about spiritual covering until I came to New Philly. It was something I just wasn’t aware of. I guess right from the get-go, the people I met at New Philly started talking about covering and spiritual covering. I watched from a far what it looked like and I guess I started to learn more about it during CG. I realized how important it was and realized how it was missing in my life.

    Then after listening to this message and during the part where PC started listing down his spiritual coverings over his life, I started to think about mine. My parents who brought me to church every Sunday and made me go to Sunday school to the point where I wanted to be there. Then when I started my teenage years, my pastors and youth group leaders became my spiritual covering. But I guess about 2 years before I left for Korea I decided to go naked. Something went wrong in my home church and I became searching for a new one. I churched hopped during that time not wanting to be committed. I was consuming what churches gave me and not giving back. I was walking around naked.

    This sermon and my time at New Philly made me realize how important a spiritual covering is.

  285. Jenny Shi says:

    Can’t agree more on Pastor Christian said “its not a good thing for having too much authority to soon.”
    After I finished my first two-year college in Miami. I return to Shanghai and work for a well-know marketing company for two years and a PE company one year. but I still feel empty, not going to church just make me feel empty inside. also feel insecure with the things and people surrounded.
    Covering, I feel like I was so protected by Lord Jesus. Every single time I had a crush on someone at school or at church, I was sad about whoever I liked doesnt like me in a same way. in 4years highschool and 2years college..none – –
    But after this preach which is really a turning-point of switching my mindset on this;
    I realize that how God worked on me. I actually was so covered and protected by our Father Lord Jesus! He cares about me,n to avoid all those highschool drama for me; such a blessing.
    Thinking I was so blessed? I was doing my one-tenth for church and community service ;never missed a Sunday. how amazing our God worked on me when I was young.

    Things changed after I finished first2years college in Miami when I was 20. I got a nice opportunity work for a Global marketing firm in SH. Some says my life &work was substantial &busy..but I know it was just a mess. Pulled me away from church and disconnected me with God. (actually before I decided to take the gap year for work, my mentor and pastor in Miami we prayed a lot for taking this step, I known my soul was deeply against to do this and I couldn’t understand why God let me go back.)
    I thought my spiritual power was mature enough to know what should do or what shall not to do as a christian. but Satan easily gave me everything I want( including authority, well-paid, any comfy zone I wanted in past years) which I took it as my authority. ( at that time I thought God provided all these to me) but thats not true. How can I be blessed and covered by not attending my Father’s home. He wouldn’t even know how i was going without talk to him.
    Disobeyed God and living the life without Him would be my worst experience so far.
    To others, I had an admirable job without the BA degree; no one could understand why I quit and wanted to back to school.
    But I am the only one know what I gained and what I lost in past 3years.
    After so many painfulness and repent, we prayed for a change a hope for the new start. I always know i will need to finish my4years university somewhere, and Korea opened door for me which is a blessing. (i have no idea why i am here in Korea and still seeking the why .. but I need to believe that God sent me here for a reason.. the only thing I committed is I can’t walk naked anymore especially with knowing the fear & failure of going naked)

    When you naked you feel ashamed. and when I think about the things I have done unpleased God I feel ashamed ..which like something i didnt want to be mentioned; I would bring it to Jesus for confess my sin, ask Him for forgiveness and repentance for walking naked.
    Thank you

  286. Heather Smith says:

    I am so grateful that I listened to this message today. Over the past couple years I was working with YWAM and I learned a lot about what it means to live under covering, but coming out of that season and into my time here in Korea I have realized with immense appreciation the importance of covering.I needed to hear PC explain the vital importance of not going naked, and I am particularly encouraged by what he said about how going naked is a sure way to ruin the plans God has for us no matter how great our calling or gifts and even if we are living a decent, good Christian life. This is not new information for me, but PC’s message made it sink in deeper and made me really evaluate my heart and the essential need for submission and commitment in order to grow in authority through discipline in a spirit of Sonship. This message has really come at the right time for me to be deeply blessed. Thank you!

  287. Deborah MJ Kang says:

    Coming to New Philly has been a true blessing in my spiritual journey. And I believe the key reason is nicely summed up in this powerful sermon. I have known the Lord since I was young but never realized the significance of covering until recently. Looking back, I have resisted covering and discipline because I have experienced abuse in authority by leaders and was extremely hurt by discipline without love. Yet, just before coming to New Philly, God revealed that I carry an orphan spirit and how much it has been detrimental to my spiritual growth. This sermon confirms that without covering there is no fruit, nor maturity. Thus, I came to New Philly, broken but ready to be covered and submit to authority. Through this sermon, I am confident that God loves me and therefore chooses to discipline me. His heart is not in seeing me go fast and simply have access to authority of my own but rather in seeing me learn how to submit to authority and serve others. And thus I say, “thank you Father for letting me know and follow your heart.”

  288. Grace Choi says:

    This sermon helped me to better understand the heart of Pastor Christian and NP leaders, why the importance of proper guidance, covering and accountability is so greatly valued in this church. It was convicting and refreshing to receive a sermon so direct and clear cut about the crucial value of covering and need for commitment to a church body. Avoiding God’s discipline, guidance and form of love is only delaying my calling and from living out the fruitful life that God has planned. To hear that refusing to commit, refusing to submit and not finding my place in the body of Christ will only lead to forfeiting God’s plan for my life was an eye-opening reminder that a life without Christ is headed for failure and difficulty.

  289. Jessica Jin says:

    This message helped me to better understand WHY covering is so important as it helps build the foundations of our spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. It helped solidify the fact that even though you may have a personal relationship with Jesus, that doesn’t mean you have covering. Covering comes from relationships. Covering should come from people that can speak into your life and help steward you.
    Walking with Jesus isn’t something that you must do alone, it is something that should be done with a community who you can trust, share your burdens with and go to for spiritual encouragement.

  290. This sermons really illustrated the importance and need for covering as we continue to go out and go through our daily lives. I wish that I had listened to this sermon when I was in university so that I would have been able to enter covering and possibly receive even more out of my time in university. It was really good to hear why it is important and the benefits of entering under it.

  291. Tina Chen says:

    “Just because you’re a believer of Christ does not mean you’re being covered. Covering comes from relationship. And this applies to every Christian whether you’re a mature or newborn Christian… If you go out naked, you’ll get beaten down by the devil.” This helps me better understand P. Christian’s heart for this community, and why we have CG, leadership, accountability and so on. Being covered is important, but submitting is not always easy. I’m so blessed by all the pastors and leaders at new philly and I know this is a safe place because they’re all being covered.

    • Yes, Tina. I am so encouraged that you’ve been learning about covering all these months even before going thru the membership process. I already see sonship being established in you and you growing and maturing during past months. our ceiling is your floor and you have a full access to the anointing of those who are covering you. I am deeply excited to see you growing in this community.

  292. Ricky Lee (Lee, Kidong) says:

    I was in Australia where I met God and I would be on fire for God everyday there. I came back to Korea a year ago, thinking that I would be able to remain the same even if I don’t commit to any community. I was totally wrong and arrogant. This message reminded me how my life has been challenged because of my stupid decision not to commit. I wish I had listened to this sermon much earlier.

  293. “But what does Isaiah 59:6 say? You cannot cover yourself with what you have made!”

    Listening to this sermon opened my eyes to an inner pride that I hadn’t noticed was there. I had believed that even if I was committed to a church or submitted to a leader, I would be able to work within God’s authority. I understand now that in order to work in God’s authority, I must learn how to submit to the leaders that He has anointed with authority. I need to learn how to be open to stewardship, how to allow people to speak into my life.
    There is no amount of books, podcasts, or teachings that will be able to provide that covering for me. Covering is provided by God. And there is no fast-forwarding in the process that God has planned for me.

  294. I appreciate Pastor Christians message “Do not go naked” with the use of various metaphors and anecdotes to help his listeners understand the importance of being covered and not going out naked. I feel that I have always been blessed as a PK and have always had some sort of covering from their constant prayer over me and their words of wise truths throughout my life as they have authority over me as my parents. From what I understood from this sermon, covering equals submitting/serving in humility. This is a challenge for me as I have not submitted anything in my life to any church or pastor besides my willingness to commit to my current CG leader. I am strangely glad to hear this convicting and uncomfortable message.

    • Hey jonathon I’m glad you are being convicted with this “uncomfortable” message. I much rather know that someone is working this message out and understanding the implications of this message than blindly following it. Covering is a funny thing it seems like it supposed to restrict you but it actually gives you full freedom in being who God created you to be. Looking forward to unpacking the message with you.

  295. Emily Pack says:

    The first word that came to mind after listening to this sermon was “humbling.” This message clearly explained the importance of covering in the lives of new and mature Christians, which was a topic I had surprisingly never heard preached on before. Specifically, I learned that covering takes place via three areas: prayer covering, wisdom, and relationships.
    Practically, covering looks like accountability with and submission to mature and healthy spiritual leaders. The specific title of covering is new to me, but I do feel that I have had small forms of covering over the years (through pastor’s and Christian mentors in my life). They did not use the term covering, but many of the ways they lead me, kept me accountable, and protected me spiritually and emotionally seem the same. As I listened to the message, I found myself grateful to attend a church that sees covering as a vital part of being a Christian.
    One part of the message that stuck out to me was when PC said, “If you have gifts and abilities, you need covering.” I know God has gifted me with certain gifts and abilities, but I can easily see how those gifts and abilities can either 1) not be utilized at all or 2) be used incorrectly or for selfish purposes if I am not under the covering of a spiritual authority. It’s so easy to doubt ourselves or to think we know it all, both of which are harmful to us and to others. Under covering, you can be challenged or humbled in these areas. I look forward to this!
    Finally, this message convicted me about my “church hopping days” during college. Having grown up at the church my parents chose, I never had the chance to try out other churches. When I entered college, I jumped from church to church, hoping to find the “perfect place.” Surprise, surprise, I never found it :) Post college, I did stop wandering and commit to one church. However, covering was not something of importance to that congregation. Many times, I felt a lack of encouragement, a lack of challenge, a lack of accountability, and a sense of loneliness in my walk with the Lord.
    All that to say, I am thankful to be apart of New Philly and I welcome spiritual covering in my life. I want to grow and learn and thrive in my relationship with Christ and I know that covering will play a huge role in this.

    • Yes! Having covering not only means receiving prayer and wisdom, but also having life and vitality breathed into areas of our lives that might have been hidden in the past seasons. It also means relying on the faith of your covering when you feel weak or lack faith, which means under covering you are most definitely not alone, you will be kept accountable for, and your covering is committed to challenging & encouraging you. :) So excited for you, Emily.

  296. Sharon Park says:

    In the sermon, PC preaches about the crucial importance of coverage. Apart from my parents, I don’t think I’ve ever truly been covered. In the sermon he talks about submitting and letting your leaders enter and speak into your life. I think this opens my eyes to parts of me that I didn’t really give much thought to. It challenges me because submitting to someone who doesn’t know anything about me and letting them tell me as it is isn’t really something that I’ve allowed before.
    I always knew that a large chunk of church was the people and the fellowship. But I think for way too long I’ve only been going to church to listen to the sermon, give worship, pray and go home. Having ‘fellowship’ and talking to other members didn’t really go beyond general small talk. I believe the reason for that was because I never genuinely opened myself up. Growing up, our family moved around alot which meant new churches all the time. So subconciously, I thought that there wasn’t a point to really sumbit because we were going to move anyway. Through PC’s sermon I understand that that can no longer be an excuse. Having coverage isn’t a one way thing. Being covered means that I need to sumbit and open myself up.

    • Sharon, it’s really great to see that you got the point of the message and how it applies to you even though you and your family have a history of moving around a lot. I hope that your act of submitting to the leadership to this church will bear a lot of fruit and growth in your spiritual maturity!

  297. Nick R. Pack says:


    PC’s sermon made me think a lot about my college years. I grew up in church and when I went to college it was the first time I was left to my own devices. I was heavily involved in different churches and ministry but, unfortunately, I floated. I wasn’t planted. There was actually a church I was doing youth ministry at and one of my biggest regrets is not submitting to the spiritual authorities there and not dedicating myself to grow, learn and develop. I was over certain rules and restrictions and, rashly, I left it all behind.

    I am blessed now to understand this important truth. It resonated with me when PC was talking about gifted people who fail to grasp why they need to submit and dedicate themselves to being under their leaders. I want this for my wife and I, for us to be humble, to learn and open ourselves up to the wisdom, direction and rebuke of those God has established in authority over us. I am thinking about many close friends who are so stinkin’ talented and gifted by God but I just don’t see them taking the proper steps to submit to authority and grow up in the house of God. It’s frustrating and sad.

    Thank you PC for this wisdom. Good stuff.

  298. I’m really thankful to hear this message as I was able to reflect on my past walk with God.
    It led me to think back on my life in college with campus ministry KCCC. I was under a lot of covering with submission. But I didn’t know how to keep balance between local church and campus ministry that I was in. Since I had full covering with deeper relationship with KCCC than local church, I had no submission to local church. I didn’t share my problem with church memebers but KCCC memebers and no relationship with church congregation. This is why after I graduate the college, it took me so long to find life giving church.
    And as I had misunderstanding that I don’t need covering anymore after college years because I’m independent and mature enough. It was a huge mistake and full of pride!
    And now I feel so assure I’m in the right place here at NP God puts me in. This sermon made me humble myself to submit and receive the full covering!

  299. Young Cho says:

    This is the second time I listened to the sermon and I feel once again so blessed by PC’s words. I feel like the worldy influences that has shaped who I was in the past is being stripped away and then reminded how I need to submit to the spiritual authorities within the community and have the heart of a steward to serve God. I liked it when PC says “Receiving covering is a daily decision just like how we put on our clothes everyday”. Putting on our clothes when we wake up in the morning is something that is embedded in our daily routine, and as long as we choose to submit and have a humble heart to serve our God, we will always be protected Him. Also when PC said “Covering comes from relationships” really spoke out to me. As I got to know the leaders, and the brothers and sisters at our church on a deeper level this year, I knew God was leading me to a place where my heart can be properly moulded into submitting and being a faithful Christian. I honestly think the more I get to know the the church family, the more submissive I become:).

  300. Yongchan Kim says:

    Two key things that have struck me the most whilst I was listening to PC’s sermon were that the “covering came from relationship” and “a child that is loved will be disciplined”. For years I have struggled to maintain my relationship with God and I felt that I was always drifting further and further away. At NP Sydney, members and pastors have given me so much support and guidance while I was vulnerable and lost. The covering that I have received from having such relationship has been a huge blessing and has definitely been a turning point in my life. This message has helped me to reflect back on my past few years and realise that I was disciplined out of love of God and that I was never abandoned.

  301. Isaac Park says:

    When I listened to PC’s sermon, I realized that I didn’t have proper covering to me. I thought that I had a good relationship with God, and was not naked. But now that I look back and see, I see that i am not properly covered. I was in the danger and the exposure of Satan. I now realize that to have proper covering I am supposed to commit and submit to a leader so that I can do the works of God with proper covering.
    This message that PC had said really helped me understand many things.

  302. Tom Lim says:

    This sermon helped me to understand the role and the importance of covering and the leaders at church. Christian walk isn’t a DIY self-help deal. Christians need to be guided and spoken into in order to grow and not go astray. Solo-ing the Christian walk, i think often leads to doing only the things I like and feel like doing. Having a covering may push one out of their comfort zone but it is needed to take us away from lukewarmness. The message helped me to understand commitment and servanthood under the spiritual authority.

  303. Danny Fung says:

    As new Christian, this sermon really helped me to understand the being covered and not going naked. It was eye opening to hear that covering and protection is not only limited to baby Christians, but also mature Christians. It was interesting to see that the more intense the work you do for the lord, the more covering you need.

    I like how PC explained that covering does not come from listening to pod-casts, listening to pastor’s sermons or watching a video from YouTube. Covering comes from building relationships and having leaders who will speak into your life who will correct you and rebuke you. I feel blessed that NP have such leaders who will take new Christians under their wing to offer covering so we are not ‘solo-ing the Christian walk’.

  304. Somyoung Choi says:

    I’ve been struggling all my life with my walk with God. Since I’ve always prefered teaching myself to do things rather than having a teacher, I’ve tried setting apart praise and bible reading time, read christian books, watched a whole bunch of sermons online, and tried to take my spiritual walk into my own hands by disciplining myself. I roamed around like a lone wolf, not submitting to anyone, and honestly was proud of it. I confess that i scoffed at people who were commited to the church and small groups, and thought of them dependant and weak. I realize now that I am the weak and foolish one. This message really ripped into my heart and releaved to me how arrogant, proud and naked I am. I am in desperate need of covering, and am now ready to commit and submit to authority.

  305. Stella Kim says:

    Thank you PC for your clear concise message about the importance of being under covering. It really open my eyes, ears, and heart to God that I need to obey, serve, and submit. I am tremendously excited to be covered under NP.

  306. Kayla Vezeau says:

    This was an amazing message!! I never fully understood the importance of being under a church covering. I was always a bit nervous to be under a church organization (I used to attend a PAOC bible college and hesitated to apply to be credentialed as a missionary) because I felt that I would be restricted in some ways and thought that I could just do mission work independently. Thank you for unveiling the truth and importance of covering! I’m very excited for what this new season will bring being brought under submission to and to be covered by NP!

  307. Daeyoung Kim says:

    Growing up a pastor’s kid, I had not come to personally realize pastor’s concept of “covering,” until I moved out of the house several months ago, and subsequently, out of the covering of members of my home church– parents, leaders, Christian friends. Pastor’s sermon illustrations were very insightful, and reminded me of the importance of spiritual leaders, and God-centered relationships. I am blessed to be covered by the leaders of my small group here at New Philadelphia Church.

  308. Younghyun Kim says:

    I had not realized that everyone needs “covering” until I listened to the sermon.
    Growing up a pastor’s kid, I have been thinking that I can’t say my whole heart even to my closest friends. So I have taught myself rather than learned from others. I still have difficult to share my feeling with someone, but I will try to connect to others in Newphilly (especially leaders) for not going naked.

  309. Jongwoo Lee says:

    I think this sermon was really relevant to me in a few different ways. I am the only Christian in my family. I have been educated for my entire life to pursue the values that are considered important in Korean society (both traditional values and secular values), and I have been heavily influenced by those values even after I began to go to church six years ago. Finding covering in a church is a necessity as I cannot be covered by my family and it is easy for me to go naked in my situation. Looking back, I was able to grow and stay close to God when I was actively looking for advice and teaching from leaders, but I moved away from God when I tried to live in secular ways and look for solutions alone away from the church. This sermon reminded me of the importance of committing to a church and listening to the teachings of pastors and leaders, especially as I have to make important decisions in my life in the coming years.

  310. Jin Kim says:

    When PC said “we cannot cover ourselves with what we make”, that really struck me. I thought I could cover myself by listening to podcasts and reading books but now I really understand what it means to have proper covering. I’ve heard this message before, but listening to it again really deepened my understanding and importance of not going out naked. PTL for He knows all our needs and provides us with everything!!

    • Spiritual covering is something that is vital and yet so many christians go without it. I’m hopeful that you will see a difference in your spiritual growth and a deepening of your faith in covering!

  311. Mina Kimball says:

    Amen and Amen what pastor preaching, i was so bless with this message. I never want to go necked without cover from the church or my leader. I understand deeply how important to be cover by authority and praying from my leader.
    How i can start to do my ministry or what calling me to do without cover, how i cam receive the power of God without cover, how can be a good servant without cover and commitments. I dont want to be orphan in my spirit I dont to be lonely in my batle of spirit.

    Yes, The Lord Jesus was cover me by his blood for we declared with this wolrd we belong to him and i need to be cover by my church leader who love me, encourage and discipleship me and give me authority to do what God want me do freely.

    I was looking for commiment, decipleship and under the cover for along time i understand deeply how to be an orphan of spirit.

    Thank you Lord for this message for one more time you call us to be humble, commitment and dont be a nacked

    Thank you PC for this sermon.
    May God use you more and more to light up the world.

    Mina Kimbalk

  312. Although I fully agree with what he says in this message, I find it disturbing that it is hardly ever communicated to the body of Christ. It is incredibly ignorant for a person to believe that they can live their life apart from a church body and have no problem with it.

    While I understand why some may be hesitant to put themselves under the covering of a Godly pastoral staff (due to prior negative experiences), it does not negate the fact that it is essential for every Christian to have other believers constantly speaking life and truth into them. By putting oneself under a Godly covering, they are ensuring the continuation of spiritual growth and/or healing. This is because they have other Christians that can lovingly keep them check by helping them pursue God to the best of their abilities.

  313. Wow!! :) This sermon was very inspiring for me. It really made me realize how as Christians we need to be under the protection of godly pastors and leaders praying, discipling, and caring for us. It really affirms my decision to become a member here at NP, because I really want to be blessed. Thank you so much for the wonderful message.

  314. Emily Lauren Kim says:

    I really loved the example of the two cars. A Ferrari that doesn’t yield to the driver (the Lord) is worse off and useless compared to a Hyundai that has little power but is willing to do the work of its master.

    I agree that anyone who is in a powerful position is more likely to fall privy to sin– and his sin will birth greater consequences for the body of Christ and the world than the sin of someone in a lesser position. And so those in power and those being prepared for positions of power must learn to be and remain humble. For this, I call to mind the examples of Joseph and Daniel.

    I only pray that our love may be so great that it brings many to obedience– first to Christ, then to us, for they love Him in us. Like the sun that melts ice, may our love melt others’ hearts. Because our love is so great. I also pray that when our inner beings lack Christ, God will have mercy and show us grace upon grace to restore Christ in us, and continue His powerful work of love.

  315. soojiskyekim says:

    I came to NPSyd hungry for a community, to keep accountability in my walk with God, so I am blessed and encouraged by this sermon and learnt what covering is all about, and why it is so important. One main thing that is left on my mind from this sermon is that receiving covering is a daily choice I make just as we put on clothes everyday. I am looking forward to this journey with our sisters and brothers at NPSydney.

  316. Enoch Than Woo Cho says:

    This message is pivotal for a church like NewPhilly where the majority of the members received quality education from esteemed universities. Most of these students have minor experiences to digest humility for they have excelled throughout their life. We became prone to dangerous arrogance and self-confidence that we forget to see how “cocky” we are perceived in the bigger picture. No matter how gifted and matured we perceive ourselves, in the house of God we need to humble ourselves and bow before the authority.

    Most of us in the Korean Generations are worried about our image, how we are perceived by others. Trusting someone and revealing our weaknesses is undoubtedly a wall we need to break.

  317. Sheila Moh says:

    I agree to the importance of coverings from the church community, where relationships with someone reliable – a leader in church allows God’s wisdom, truth and love to speak into my life. Ever since I became a believer, I have no proper covering. I do not how to carry myself in knowing more about God and having close intimacy with Him. Therefore, in order for me to grow more in my spiritual health, I see the importance of submission to someone with authority. It will help me to be more accountable in my walk with Christ. With proper discipleship and prayers, it will then help me grow.

  318. Clive Poh says:

    Learning from the sermon, I felt that God is speaking to me that He delights when His sons & daughters as a family of God to worship and importantly as a family of God to live life together.

    Living life in the counsel of the Lord is not limited to the direct counsel from His spirit but also receiving counsel from those to whom He has given spiritual authority – the strong call to submitting to the spiritual leaders. I’m reminded of which there are many biblical instances where God spoke to His people through the prophets and saints.

    Personally, I find that the Pride of Life is the only inhibition to FULL submission and reverence to God’s given spiritual authority. From this I have asked for His forgiveness for such a contempt.

    Quoting from Ps Christian: ” Wisdom, Character, Maturity and Selflessness comes when you submit to the authority.” With this, I will be truly covered and never will I walk around “naked”.

  319. Anna Suber says:

    I have never had a paster explain the importance of community and the role the church is supposed to play, like Paster Christian just did. I finally understand why accountability is so important. All my christian life, I thought I could just hide behind the curtains and do my walk alone. I didn’t want people to judge me of my sins, big and small, when it came to accountability. So I ran from church and people. I was prideful thinking no one could understand where I’m was coming from. I didn’t feel the need to explain why I did the things I did to someone I didn’t trust or know. Doing life on my own was, to say the least, one of the worst decisions of my life! It’s hard to grow as a person in Christ when you keep trying to dig yourself out of the same hold you keep digging yourself in! Anyways, covering is so powerful. I can’t wait to see what God will restore and establish in this season of healing and moving forward.

  320. Dae Kyung Jung(Cole Jung) says:

    As PC said, I was naked and even I was not a christian until last year.I thought Life is anyhow alone. Nobody could believe except my biological parents and all people died alone as they come to the world first. Life is alone. Frankly speaking, I don’t know being a member has quite diffrences than my previous life. I still have a problem to open my mind naturally. By the way, Pastor Chirstian’s preach is good to understand. I have never experienced this kind of preach until last year. So practical and have lots of examples.

  321. Steven Nam says:

    XD *Baby comes out wearing a T-Shirt and Jeans*. I love all of NP sermons because they are so unique to me. They speak on my level.
    I admit to being a baby believer because that’s just how it’s kind of been for me. As a PK I was told to submit without even knowing what that means. I could never build a fulfilling relationship because I had no idea how to since I had done it mindlessly. I would feel double the shame because these people were my family and my church, and so I would run.
    But just that line there….”Just live life…you will successfully forfeit the plans that God has made for your life.” If that line didn’t give everyone chills then I dunno. Because I felt a chill rise up my spine with a voice saying “That’s you.” And I tell you that I don’t want that. I want covering and NP + Emmaus has just shown me so much more than all my years as a PK. Just from PC and everyone else being able to speak on my level :).

  322. Jennifer Kim says:

    I learned that there are many Christians today are “naked”- meaning we are exposed to harm and unprotected. It’s so important for all believers to have guidance, which means we need wisdom and counsel. I can relate to Pastor Christian’s sermon because when I first accepted and was saved, I ran naked without any counsel- which left me confused about what it meant to be a Christian. I felt very discouraged as well, because I didn’t have support to truthfully guide and rebuke me when I needed it. It left me feeling defeated. I am glad that Pastor Christian mentions this in his sermon because many times Christians believe that once they are saved, it is enough to just attend church and listen to sermons. I think it’s so important for every Christian to be protected because it’s like a domino effect- when one member in a church is running naked, everybody else may be influenced as well. I agree that we all need authorities in our life to correct us. I agree everything about this sermon! Loved it!

  323. Max Park says:

    This sermon really helped me understand the true meaning of follower-ship and leadership. I am very familiar with the military maxim, “You must obey before you can lead.” Like PC mentioned, I must submit to authority and learn how to obey and implement the instructions from my authority. Through such process, I can learn how to handle stressful jobs and think about what I can do for God. Although submission is a very long and tedious process, I realized that it is a necessary process from God because such process gives me cover, protection and discipline. Since the leadership is a very stressful position, it is clear that I must learn to endure hardship as a follower. When I become a leader, eventually, I would be a much more matured minded man who can give protection and discipline to my subordinates. Such cycle produces very effective leadership and follower-ship that results in effective and faithful church organization. This sermon, Do Not Go Naked, really gave the full meaning of the military maxim of follower-ship and leadership.

  324. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    “You cannot cover yourself with something you’ve made.”
    Unknowingly, for most part of my life. I’ve been striving to cover myself with my own understanding of what God has planned for me. But this sermon has really highlighted the importance of relationships and also helped me see what true covering looks like. I realised that without relationships and covering of a local church, I would just be complacent with my faith. My walk with God would feel like a lonely one. Hence, with proper covering and leaders speaking into my life, I have full confidence that my walk with Jesus is one that is pleasing to God. And even when I fall, I know that leaders over me will help me get right with God again. It is amazing to be blessed with a community who understand and walk out the importance of covering. “Do not go naked” and from this point on, I shall not.

  325. isabel syers says:

    What a blessing and a comfort it is to know we have a God that cares about our growth so much. I like the idea of being accountable and submissive to the leaders of the church. And i believe it’s good practice to truly learn how to be submissive and fear the Lord. I wish that my past church leaders at my previous campus church had a heart to give me covering when i was seeking help during a major decision.
    I’ve felt a new anointing and direction that God is leading me, through the Holy Spirit, sermons and prayer/Gods word, but this encourages me to “submit to the ministry of eli” so i can have further comfirmation, grow more, and gain more wisdom.

    It’s a foreign concept for me to be accountable to leaders in the church and seek wise counsel vs socialize, tell burdens and ask for prayer. This is far more personal and humbling, but I know it’s for my good, and i need all the help i can get.

  326. Jenny Han

    I went naked a few months ago. It was because of that time that I realized that it is absolutely impossible to hold onto truth all by yourself. As a Christian, I am a fertilized egg. Before, I was just an egg waiting to be eaten. I was cracked open a couple months ago, my yolk and whites exposed to all the bacteria and kitchen utensils in open air. I was fried, scrambled, whisked with chopsticks, boiled with so many LIES. “Happiness is key.” “Self-confidence is what will save you from your disordered thoughts/behaviors and you are the only person who can bring yourself out.” “Your parents and everyone around you are at fault for the way you are now.” It was all pointless. Yes I was being 유도해ed in different directions, mindsets that led me to become different variations of egg, but all these directions had the same ending: in someone’s STOMACH (satan’s stomach). Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe God fertilized my life so that I can grow and transform into something completely different, like a chicken? Something that’s actually living? I cannot become a chicken without my shell, my church community, someone to hound me down with questions and accountability. It’s incredibly uncomfortable for me sometimes to just stay put in one place and receive nourishment/discipline. I will remember how much it sucked to be alone and naked. Staying in a shell isn’t so easy either but it’s definitely better than becoming satan’s omelette.

  327. Paul Lee says:

    Paul Lee

    I just took the membership class of this church a couple of weeks ago. But before that, I’ve always read the church of Laodicea in Revelation 3 and always come to the conclusion that I should never be a “lukewarm” Christian. However, this sermon that Pastor Christian gave was a total eye opener for me, as I had never seen the scriptures as describing “naked” Christians.
    I was pretty much surprised by the message because I had been naked for a long time. In 2003 when I was 15, while I was staying in England for a short period, I went to this Korean church just to hang out with my friends every week, since there weren’t many Koreans in Oxford. And I certainly didn’t know the meaning of the Gospel or Jesus or the Holy Spirit. But one day, as we were having this small group session after the service(mainly teenagers like myself) as usual, we started to pray as usual but this time it was very unusual. Everybody just started crying including myself and I felt this presence and his unceasing love. Since I didn’t know the word “Holy Spirit” back then, there was no one to tell me that it was the outpouring of the Spirit, let alone of having someone to nurture me. Since then, though I had the desire to know about God, to know about Jesus, I just didn’t know how.
    And I then I took the membership class of the New Philly, and I certainly do not think it as a coincidence that I happened to hear this sermon, whose been naked for so long.
    Because I have been naked and had no desire to submit to a local church and its leaders in the past, I have been beaten by Satan so many times, to the point where I almost “physically” felt his presence.
    This sermon has awakened me to the important truth that I should humble myself by submitting to the authority within the church, and I finally understand that it is absolutely to my own advantage that I do it with passion.

  328. Bekah Cho says:

    This was such an eye-opening message for me. I’ve in the past till now understood that I need to submit to my leaders because God gave them authority to speak into my life, but I never really understood why. I really liked the point that PC made about submitting in order to build character- as a way to prepare myself for the responsibilities that God might give me later on in life. Also when PC says that “covering comes from relationship,” it seems like an obvious point, but that hit home for me as if I was hearing it for the first time. There are so many times when I think I can do everything on my own but God constantly reminds me that it’s not possible.

  329. This sermon really showed me how important being “covered” is to maintaining a spirit filled, relationship with God. It’s not enough to just have a spiritual experience or to be on fire for God; to really use the gifts he’s given us we need to be committed not only to a church, but also to mentoring relationship with someone who can speak into our lives. I’ve heard about the importance of having a mentor who can speak truth into your life and show you when your making mistakes, however, It’s the first time I’ve really considered how important that process is to becoming a more mature Christian. It’s also a bit frightening to think about how we could forfeit God’s plan for our lives by never truly learning how to submit to authority.

  330. Ken Bowden says:

    “New Level, New Devil!”
    “Do not try do to the work of the Lord, on your own without covering.”
    “Gifts operationalized within the parameters of submission and authority.”

    In listening to this message, there are so many key topics covered which address relational values, spiritual submission, matters of the heart; pride, ambition, trust in the Lord, trust in His plan in our lives and a realization of where we stand in a spiritual sense.

    How this message impacted me?
    I could not help but sense an immediate analysis taking place drawing upon the key points of discussion from Pastor Christian and reflecting upon how they affected me and where I fit in on the “coverage” scale. In my heart, matters were addressed concerning submission and the immediate “risk analysis” that takes place when one must decide to open the personal confines of intimacy with others. In a relational sense, covering seems to be a logical step in the Christian faith, as seen and modeled by Christ and his disciples (now that I think about it). Christ provided cover for his disciples, empowerment directly reflects efficiency. Therefore, under the stewardship of New Philly, as a member we should take relief to be covered by the annointing bestowed upon the Pastor and ensure we take our responsibility to support the structure which supports us.
    In a realistic/practical sense, covering ensures relief from the Devil. In mentioning covering, it is implied, the question begs, from what are we being covered? Therefore, the spritiual warfare that takes place, knowingly or unknowingly is a key theme which one can take away from our walk with God, again knowing how and where we fit in. In a sense, covering states that alone and individual we are weak, but together we are strong. Strength is found in community.

    What have I learned?
    With matters of the heart, i felt a personal surrender to helplessness when realizing one has to be dependent upon another for “covering.” This is strengthened by my own fear of inadequacy, yet also an impatience I have for developing the proper relationships which are foundational for spiritual insight and pertinent revelations (unless revealed through the Spirit). Furthermore, through my own experience with selfish people, and being proven correct in the end, I have a learned distrust for unselfish behavior, “can this person truly be this kind with no hidden motive?” This message has allowed me to contemplate the character flaws I have in myself and what character flaws I disdain in others when thinking about relationship and what makes any relationship worthy. Usually, a lack of authenticity and a sense of piousness is the showstopper.

    What are the take aways?
    Humility. I personally don’t understand ambition in the church, it seems paradoxical. However, caring about your brother and sister and the willingness to lay down your life for them as Christ did for us. Seeking the heart of Christ through his creation. The weighty decision to go the extra step, and recognize that we cannot do “life” on our own, albeit at your own risk.

  331. This sermon revealed to me how important covering is and how often times, we believe ourselves to be covered, when we’re actually naked. I feel like as a Christian, there are many times when we fail and think of ourselves to be prideful of our own faith. So we’re shown to be this great leader, great believer, great Christian, when we’re actually not. We boast the amount of commitment we have toward the church, when we lack the amount of love that we actually have for God.

    So overall, this message spoke to me to put down my pride and actually listen – not just what we want to hear, but what we have to hear. Everything starts with humility and every decision needs covering from the community around you, and also through prayer times in your walk with God. To this, I pray that I have more submission and show more servanthood in my walk with God and show it to the church community around me.

  332. During this sermon, I felt as if a lot of the time christians are involved in a church and are not truly covered or submitting to church leaders. I thought that this message was an interesting way to see how we should not be naked, but instead that we should be covered in the family/church that God provides us. The way that PC has portrayed covering in life examples has helped me understand why we should have covering. In my personal life, I have always felt covered, especially through the constant prayer from my parents. I also was able to be reminded that relationship is so important and I see that we are made in His image, as God has the best community/relationship of all through the trinity. I pray that I may be able to submit and be humbled by the word of God.

  333. Irina Jang says:

    Before listening to this sermon i never thought that the covering has such a big role in a christian life. I was always covered by my mom’s everyday prayer for me and my church in Kazakhstan but i never considered it being so essential for me. Now after i got to listen to this message I can say for sure that more than understanding the importance of covering i want to be covered and be disciplined by church and its leaders. I have a feeling that all this time I’ve been covering myself with “something I made” and now, knowing that God doesn’t consider that “covering” as a true one, I want to learn how to submit and be disciplined by church. Since i came to Korea I used to live a self-teaching and independent from other christians life because I couldn’t find the church here where I would feel myself a part of a family. The period when i was looking for a church here in Korea, I promised myself that as soon as i find my church, God seeking church, I will dedicate myself to it and serve it with all i am. My first day in New Philly church made me want to stay and become a part of it because I felt this connection with people, this unity of mutual visions for God and His work, and passion to complete them. So now when i found the church, I want to put some clothes and stop walking naked.

    • Irina, God surely has heard your prayers and the desires of your heart. You’re right, we cannot “cover ourselves” with something we made. Instead, we receive so much clarity, freedom, and Godly guidance as we submit to the covering He gives to us.

      So proud of you!

  334. Jennifer Choi says:

    I believe in accountability and structure. Being covered is not just a sign of obedience, but a sign of faithfulness. Just as Pastor Christian said, it is a form of submission to God when we are covered by another person of God. As a personal testimony, I did not grow up in a Christian background, so I was blessed enough to go to a church that provided discipleship and a heart of submission (because I am the youngest of the family). Growing up, I thought submission meant that I couldn’t say a word and I would just follow, but to God, He already knows your thoughts; there is no need for words. He will guide you to where you need to go in His time. But He uses people around us to show His heart and His plan for us. We can’t give an excuse and accuse God of not warning us of the storm ahead of us because He HAS been constantly speaking, probably through people around us. It’s important to have covering because it reflects, not only the body of Christ, but the Great Commission. He called us to make and be disciples. Our way of submission and being covered is a sign of faithfulness and obedience towards the Great Commission He gave unto us. He ENTRUSTED us with such a great task: a mission to build up His Kingdom with one another. Ignoring our own authority (leaders/covering) is a sign of rejection of His love for us and His trust towards us. No church will ever be perfect, but that should not be the reason we leave. My church was not a perfect church, but God LOVES my church regardless. In respect to that, I decided to stay, even though I was bullied (even at my own church). In the end, our faith should never be about us. It should be about the Body of Christ and how we can edify one another to fulfil the Great Commission.

  335. Tina So says:

    A timely reminder that God works through submission and this is a constant lesson in our lives. Humans are prone to rebellion even as early as Adam & Eve. I am glad that God cares and loves us so much that he provides us with covering, however we need to choose to accept that covering.
    By submitting to God, He equips (blesses) us for the plan He has prepared for us.

  336. Christina Yoon says:

    Covering is a new concept for me in that I thought I was good if I come out to church after I am saved. I have dealt with many difficulties but I thought it was me who was having problems not my commitment. Honestly, the concept needing to submit or commit still daunts me a little bit because I am very independent and very strong-opinionated. I have my views very straight and sometimes it’s hard to submit myself and accept that maybe I don’t have the best answer. I was without covering many years and still I am in the process of learning how to obey God and to his people.

    • Christina, I’m so glad that God has led you to NPC. It is sometimes daunting to be enlightened to the revelation held in His Word, to see the standard by which we are called to live as believers. I can understand that it can be a bit frightening or uncomfortable at times. Rest assured that our Father is patient, kind, and gentle. He will take you by the hand and guide you step by step as you continue to open your heart to your leaders, community, and the Holy Spirit. Love you, Christina!

  337. What a new revelation it is.This sermons has convicted me good. Hallelujah!
    Ever since I moved to Korea last year, I’ve been struggling with myself – many questions of “what am I doing here?” “why am I here?” “God you told me this and that but I don’t see it coming into the fruition?” and… basically confused feeling stuck. Now I look back at it, after I was connected to one church community, serve in worship team, sign up for leadership class, healing class and also submit to the authority of the community, I could sense the protection and discipline of God. Then, God brought me to Seoul in April. I missed my community back home in Daegu so much that I went home every 2 weeks (till now, even though I go home a little bit less than before) because I missed them so much!! wow. that’s how I knew God created men for reasons! Ah! I wanted that community here in Seoul too. I couldn’t settle at first because it was a temporary move (I thought so) then, my stay in Seoul got extended a little longer till spring next year,2016. after going to many churches in Seoul, I wanted to stay and commit to one church, New Philly. I didn’t feel connected or related to many people here for few weeks but now, I am feeling a little more connected with my CG and others who reached out to me and vice versa. Okay, that’s enough of my intro. As a 6-yr-old born-again believer AND mighty daughter of God, I want nothing more than God’s will to be done in my life. That I know for sho! and also, I don’t want anything less than His plan to be fulfilled in my life. I may have been detouring on the pathway going uncovered to just do whatever He shows me to do but, now I have decided – I want to be covered through living relationship with God and others by being committed and submissive to the authority of the body of Christ. I don’t want to wander around anymore which I feel like I have been doing. God, you are my perfect guidance. Lead me to Your way. I want to please You in all that I do.

  338. Gloria Lee says:

    All of the sermons opened my eyes and made me more aware of things I was naive to. I didn’t think of the ways I was going into certain situations in my life “naked”. The Lord never does anything without a purpose, He does everything intentionally. In the same way, I would never leave my house without clothes on or be at work without the proper supplies and equipment. Therefore we should not approach our spiritual life that way. We need to make sure we are prepared and aware of the situation we are going into.

  339. Fanny Choi says:

    This sermon slapped in my face, pointing out my nakedness and making me think and reflect on how poor was my own interpretation and understanding of what God’s Word teaches about covenant and community life and for so how I deprived myself of enjoying His grace, love and joy within the faith family here in Korea. It was only after listening to it that I realized how precious was being a member of a local church at hometown and that, actually, it was because of my lack of commitment to a local church and the distorted idea that I could cover myself without submitting to spiritual authority/leadership that I wasn’t able to grow in faith and maturity during this time.
    Another point that touched my heart was the simple but significant fact that being under covering is a “process” and takes time… I think I have been too focused on immediate, fast results and forgot this simple truth… through it, I realized the need to humble myself and begin the process of submitting to my spiritual leaders and learn to walk with Jesus in my daily life. I am expectant for what God will do during my time in NP.

  340. Natalie Weaver says:

    The emphasis on covering is one that I appreciate, and definitely need to hear again and again. There are times I feel very much like Adam and Eve in the Genesis 3 reference made during the sermon, where the moment I step out from the covering God has given to me, I immediately want to run. When Adam and Eve realized their nakedness, they did not run to the One who could cover them, but instead hid in the garden and tried to fashion covering for themselves from the very gifts of God from whom they were hiding. I find that sometimes my own heart urges me to run from covering, to hide and fashion it for myself, though repeatedly through the Word shows that we cannot fashion it for ourselves. Covering is a gift from God. In Genesis 3:21 we see “And the Lord God made for Adam and his wife garments of skins and clothed them.” Going back to Revelation 3:18, we hear “I counsel you to buy from me… white garments that you may clothe yourself and the shame of your nakedness may not be seen…” I also was brought back to the recent sermon series, particularly the message about being awake and alert; Revelation 16:15 “Behold, I am coming like a thief! Blessed is the one who stays awake, keeping his garments on, that he may not go about naked and be seen exposed!”

    I also was really blessed by the reminder that “gifts and anointings operate best when they are under proper covering.” We need the protection and the boundaries to be able to fully explore and enjoy those places where we are called and gifted. The image I see is a picture of water continually flowing from God to the leaders to the body, just like the picture in Exodus 17 where Moses at the direction of God struck the rock and water flowed out for people to drink. God did not simply give the people water, but it was given through the obedience of Moses to God for the sake of the people in spite of their grumbling. If you cut yourself off from the covering placed over you, there is no fresh water flowing into your life, and I believe that you will all too soon empty yourself by trying to stand on your own strength alone.

  341. Jean Park says:

    What convicted me was the point regarding the importance of submitting to leadership, despite any differences of opinion. I have found that whenever I have a strong conviction, it is almost always a pride thing. The lessons learned through submitting to leadership, especially leadership that can pray with and for me, stretch me (however painful it may seem), guide when needed, etc is actually something I have been praying about for a while now.

  342. Sohjeong Maeng says:

    The whole time while listening to this sermon, I wondered when I felt naked? But it came to conclusion, I feel naked whenever I found myself loving World so much or have had not enough time talking to God. Even though ultimately God is the one who cover us and protect us, I was reminded of the times when I didn’t go to church for more than 4 months and that was the worst period of my life, I felt very empty. It is so true that we need covering, we need someone to pray for us, encourage us and guide us to have stronger relationship with Christ.
    Often I used to find myself boasting in front of leaders whom I thought not worthy of the authority. But then I realised, God has chosen that person to be the leader and all I need is to love on that person and submit. Just like How God covers Adam and Eve, I was reminded that it is God who cleans our shame and sin. We cannot do it with our strength, but it is God who makes us clean and clothed.

  343. Wendy Younghyun Kim says:

    I had thought that I could have worship at home by myself When I’m busy with my works. I had thought it’ not bad. But through this sermon I recognized  it would be dangerous.. Like a baby right came out of his mom we were all naked at first in spiritually. So we need covering and  protection. If I get worship by myself at home, I can’t receive covering and protection. Because We can receive them through the relationship with our pastors and leaders. I reallize my thought was totally wrong and dagerous through this sermon.

  344. Chai Kim says:

    I feel very thankful for people who have provided me with covering in most of my life. My parents, sister, youth ministry pastors and teachers, and leaders of small groups. From this sermon, I realize that I am able to live my life here and now not because of my own ability and gift but because of the people who have covered me with God’s love and grace. I also had time being spiritually naked and not submitting to church and leadership in my life. It was the time when I was studying and working in the stated by myself. During that time, I realized how important and blessing to be protected and covered by community and church. I learned that I cannot survive without coverings and protections as a Christian and a son of God. I began to come to New Philly about 7 months ago through. At the first time, during the transitioning time from my old church to new philly, it was not easy for me to stay strong spiritually, not only because I had to adjust to the new environment, but also because I stopped attending the small group at my old church and didn’t start going to the community group in new philly yet. I felt so vulnerable and weak during that time. I knew that I needed a community and leaders who can cover me and lead me spiritually. Soon after I felt that way, I began to attend CG and connect with leaders and spiritual friends in NP. I felt so blessed and peaceful since I have connected with and been covered by them. I thank God that He led me to this community. I just took the membership class and submitted to NP church. Pastor Christian said being covered is an everyday decision. I need to decide to submit to and be covered by this church and the leaders in this house every day.

  345. Hyun Jung Oh says:

    I have learned that being a Christian is not just going to church but being a part of the church community; get covered under the authority of the church and the Lord. I am very thankful that I belong to a wonderful community group and by serving the house and belong to a covenant I feel protected everywhere I go. I shall make a decision to submit to the command of the Lord and of the authority everyday.

    • So glad you are part of our community Hyunjung and its good to see you actively take your place through CG and tech team as well. I pray that as you feel protected and safe and accepted for who you are, you will receive many personal breakthroughs!

  346. Yuna Lee says:

    So true! Everyone needs covering and it is very important. I totally and deeply agree with that because I have experienced a lot of difficulties in my life without covering and I am learning it more clearly through this sermon.

    Covering comes from relationship. I am yearning for covering such as small group gathering, receiving prayer and counseling, and having Bible study in safe community.

    I really expect to receive covering so I can grow up in safety.

    I have been dealing with some problems by myself or only with my husband so I have felt hard time opening up my heart toward others and that made me feel insecure and unsafe whenever I share my personal story..

    I want to feel safe through covering rather than going through touch season by myself.

    I’m going to take courage not to go naked without covering anymore even if submission would be a big challenge for me.

    But now I want to submit joyfully:)

  347. Walter Doyun Kim says:

    Do Not Go Naked : When I was living my life naked without God, I realized that I haven’t cared about my soul, denying His authority, not submitting to what was right, leaving behind the calls from God, etc. In the past, I thought that a man could live his life according to his own way. However, listening to this sermon and having experienced how harsh & vulnerable it was without the covering reminded me once again that I need God and His proper covering.

    • That’s great Walter and importantly, God has provided covering for us not only through the Holy Spirit but through the local church. We can’t just live by ourselves, we need leaders to cover us!

  348. Lindsay Costello says:

    I really wish I could have heard this sermon years ago, it would have helped me to avoid learning some lessons the hard way. I really liked PC’s point about how we like to self-cover (gen 3)when in fact we were made to receive covering from God. We fight for autonomy even though we weren’t made for it and we will never find the freedom we are looking for. It’s only in the surrender and submission that we find it. I was challenged by the part about making excuses for others being ‘too busy’ and not giving them a chance to speak into our lives. I don’t think I would have realized the problem in doing that without hearing it spelled out like this.

  349. Seungmin lee says:

    Many Christians today that try to live their Christian lives without any covering or protection. As time goes by, I also feel to become lukewarm. It is very excited for me that the other people renew their commitment to Jesus Christ in Newphily church through powerful testimony. So why do we go naked? And How do we go out naked. PC’s answer is simple. We have to have relationship. Covering comes from relationship. If I do the work of the Lord, I do it with proper covering. Therefore we just want to love and honor them Lord. Because we know that it’s not easy to provide that covering. We want to honor them and we also joyfully submit to the men and women that you sent into our lives.

  350. Tanisha Cosby says:

    “If you can’t submit to authority, you can’t handle authority”.
    I was so blessed by this powerful sermon. This was my very first time hearing a message being preached on the importance of being covered and submitting to authority. I used to be so prideful and think that I could do it all on my own. As I attend New Philly and really study what God’s Word is saying, I see the importance of having spiritual coverings and intentional relationships with our spiritual leaders. This sermon directly reflects Hebrews 13:17. “Obey those who rule over you, and be submissive, for they watch out for your souls, as those who must give account. Let them do so with joy and not with grief, for that would be unprofitable for you”. I am so grateful to have a church to commit to, that speaks the truth of God’s Word into my life!

  351. James Jung says:

    For a long time, I was struggling with questions like “should it be necessary for christian to go to a church?”,”How can a christian hold to his faith without engaging in church or a community?”. I am very grateful for pastor Christian for providing a sound biblical reasons for such questions. We definitely need a covering, and is essential for our spiritual growth. There are some people who part their ways from a church community and have a spiritual life of their own.Some might have had hurt, others may have had a different interpretation of the bible with their church , But whatever their reasons are, the fact that they need a certain community to cover them does not change. In that sense, I am really grateful to New Philly church and my community group for covering my nakedness and the fact that I have these blessed people who I can be accountable for.

  352. In order to continue to walk in freedom I need to be spiritually covered with the prayer and directions from leaders, because Devil is not going to sit and do nothing about it. There will be temptations, trials and delusions, and if I am not a part of community that covers me with prayer I won’t be able to stand strong and victorious against Devil’s work.

  353. Bongseok Shin says:

    For six monthes I gradually got to realize that there are my community members who cover me. Ive been like literally naked baby, either as a human or a christian. Even small things used to shake me and make me cry. However, the community members, especially two men in my CG covered me by giving words of god and wisdom to protect myself, especially from my delf destructive thoughts. I just want to say how much i appreciate for those church people and how holy spirit lead them to cover me… so that i can stay in a stronghold, this church, and raise me up toward christian life.

  354. This sermon really touched me. I have basically grown up in church. As a child I would get quite annoyed when I was forced to go my parents. I did not understand why attending church was so important. I grew up as a military brat, which means I moved around frequently. Even though my parents had one home church, whenever we moved to a new location they always found a church too attend. I did not understand why did we have to go too attend church even if our home church was miles away. I realize now my parents were not trying to torture me by making me attend church when ever we moved.They wanted to cover there family under God. By having a church home you are covered by not only God but by the congregation. As soon as you move into a new place you have to find a church home.The importance of not going “naked” is so extreme. By fellow shipping with God’s people you can learn how to appreciate his creations.

  355. youngok kim says:

    corvering is impotant for christians. It’s not good spiritually to do things alone like it is hard for
    an orphan to live alone without his parents. I’m thankful that I’ll have covering through membership in New philly.

  356. Joshua Kim says:

    I thought i was safe and protecting myself from the wrong direction until I listened this message but actually I was on a wrong path. In order to live free and follow Jesus’ footsteps, you need spiritual covering and it only comes through relationship.

    I’m glad that I found New Philly and good leaders.

  357. Deborah Kim says:

    Because God is relational, there isn’t a single part of our relationship with him that excludes community or leaves us abandoned (and thus calls for active commitment). Throughout this message about covering, P. Christian highlighted the role and importance of relationships. While listening to this, I kept reflecting on the figurative definitions of ‘being naked’ as referred to by Jesus vs. how it’s perceived in the world. On one hand, it demonstrates lack of protection and exposure to harm. On the other, it represents individualistic freedom – each being elevating themselves from community and a celebration of managing to protect oneself separately from others. Given that the source of our existence is based on a relational foundation, it makes sense that we require relationships to be fully functional and fruitful. There is no point at which this relational cycle reaches a ‘final level’, as ministry leaders/missionaries/etc also need (more) covering. As PC put it, refusing to commit (and find a place in the body of Christ) and refusing to submit (to God-given authority) – aka individualism – is the sure way to disconnect from God’s plans for us. (Also, individualism and independence increase isolation and do not equate to abandoning our unique God-given identities.) Isaiah 59:6 teaches us we aren’t self-sufficient; I think this is how covering by God and control by other humans often gets mixed up. We can’t cover ourselves with what we make for ourselves. Submission, authority, and leadership are all part of the necessary process of building accountability, integrity, and maturity – which all keep a community and its members going.

  358. 김정경 says:

    하나님과의 관계로 커버링을 형성하고 하나님께 헌신하고 순종하여 더욱 깊어진 커버링으로 나아가면 불행이 코앞에 다가와 있어도 이겨낼 것이고 행복이 코앞에 다가와 있다면 더욱 기뻐하고 감사한 마음을 가질 수 있지않을까라고 생각된다.

  359. Orji Noble says:

    Submitting to authority and commiting to service in the house is just a sure way to preserve my assignment, calling or purpose in life, My covering come through relationship and not random teachings and broadcast it comes through personal relationship

  360. Sunny Kim says:

    I’m thankful for this message that reminds me of the basics of Christian life, especially explained comprehensively and tangibly with a term, “covering.” “Covering” refers to the importance of prayers, Word of God, as well as the local church fellowship, which I’d like to exercise on a deeper level at NP :)

    • Sunny Kim says:

      Also, I’d like to add “submitting to authority” to my previous comment, which PC addresses as part of “covering”. Jesus Christ lived His life making disciples and also letting His disciples be the disciplers of others. I’m really hoping that I learn more how to submit and to be covered by church leadership and also to cover others with love like Jesus did.

  361. I was really blessed by this sermon. The last few years I’ve gone from church to church and more often then not, without covering. More specifically I really like what pastor Christian said about sons receiving an inheritance, sons have access to anything in the house. We are called to be sons, to be covered, not orphans only hoping for “scraps”. I never thought “going naked” could forfeit the plans of God in your life. I understand how we can miss out on what God has for us when we are not walking under a covering. Great message.

  362. I didn’t know that a covering is that important although I always knew it was Gods will in the bible to join a local church and fellowship. It is very true that sermons on the web and books are beneficial, but it is also vital that believers meet regularly for fellowship and services to worship God.

  363. Hope Schaeffer says:

    It’s been true in my experience that while I can benefit from worshipping, studying God’s word, or hearing teaching on my own, it is no replacement for meeting with other believers and being committed to that. It leaves me vulnerable to temptation and spiritual attack, without accountability. I don’t entirely understand the concept of spiritual covering, but I know it’s something I need for growth, and just for survival. I’m asking God to teach me better how to submit to the authority in my life, at church but also at work and in my family. And I’m thankful for the covering of the Spirit in my own heart as well as through the guidance of Godly leadership provided by the leaders at church.

  364. Sindy Montgomery says:

    Many people associate submission as total loss of self or independence. True biblical submission was created to shield us from the attack and snares of the enemy. I can’t imagine reliving my childhood, teenage years, or young adulthood without that covering. Those periods were some of the roughest and yet without the anointed prayers of my mom, pastors, and church members I would be a completely different person.
    This sermon has made me even more excited to submit myself to a new church and work my way up to the place he has for me.

    Sindy Montgomery

  365. Hyejo Ahn says:

    Hearing this message really blessed me. I once thought that accepting Jesus in my life meant that I was adequately covered, but in reality I was naked, and remained uncovered for a long time. It was only after I began to surrender when I started to receive coverage. I’ve always struggled with forming and maintaining relationships, but I feel really encouraged to persevere after listening to this sermon.

    • Yery Yoon says:

      Your journey with Christ is not alone Hedge :) And I want you to know, forming relationships/maintaining it is not easy for anyone, not just you! But in our weakness, Christ’s strength is revealed and I pray for solid relationships to be built both in this house and when you return home, where you are covered and supported.

  366. Seojung Ha says:

    This reminded me of my early phase of Christian life which was only a few years ago. What Pastor Christian said about how the devil will attack in a way that just lets you do whatever you can described my experience from when I was naked. I was naked and very shameless. However, I have also experienced how relationships are significant for spiritual covering and it is something I am looking for at New Philly. This also brought me great hope and excitement for my future. I look forward to not only being covered but also the days I can cover someone else.

  367. Dave Albano says:

    I think this is an incredibly important word that myself and people in the body of Christ need to hear. Being covered by a community is something that I need in my life and something I have lacked. Their are so many important decisions in life and after hearing this sermon and being apart of the New Philly community since moving to Busan, I am excited and in need of covering.
    Submitting and serving is something that can be very difficult to do but I also think it is the key to going further. I also loved the part where Pastor Christian spoke about when you go to new levels, there are new devils. That is so true and important to be covered by a body as you move into a deeper relationship with God.
    I have gone to long without submitting to the house.
    Solid message.

  368. Rebecca Shin says:

    I have never heard a sermon preached so strongly about covering and I wish I had earlier. This sermon carried a lot of truth for me in that when we are without covering, we are exposed to harm and it is only in covering and relationship that we are protected. I appreciated the distinction between a covering which comes from relationship versus learning about theology, hearing sermons online, or reading Christian books. There is a special growth and protection that comes out of covering and being known, encouraged and partnered with. The most interesting part of this sermon to me was the story about the Jews who tried driving out evil spirits in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches, yet, because they did not have coverings, the evil spirit was unafraid and overpowered the Jews. To me, this story was compelling because we have so much good intentions to see His glory but without covering, we are still vulnerable to being overpowered. Despite our good intentions and the power in the name of Jesus, we still need covering, protection and guidance so that we can live out our calling fully and responsibly.

  369. Bora Kim says:

    As a baby believer born again, I can see the importance of being covered. Being covered is something I needed in my Christian walk but I lacked for a long time. I was in an orphan spirit going in and out of Sunday service, without taking part of community and walking free spirited. I was not only naked but I also forfeited the plans of God and delayed his lessons by putting on my own covering. But as God disciplines those whom he loves, he has put me here where I am covered with community group and leaders through prayer and love, and I can learn how to submit to authority. I look forward to walk into the house, be in sonship with God and be covered through membership and leaders in this house.

  370. Stacy Kang says:

    So, I’ve been out of touch with God for a while. I never really looked at as being naked until I listened to this message… And then I came unto the realization that I’ve been incredibly complacent in my faith in that time period. I’m sure it’s that complacent part of me that’s hesitant to start in church again, but I do know that at this moment I couldn’t even say for sure that if I were to die tomorrow, that I’d even go to heaven, and that’s absolutely terrifying. Coming to Korea was one of those things that I needed to really ground and cover myself, with the help of the community and leadership, and not walk around so naked anymore. It’s going to be a challenge, but I know it’s going to be such a big blessing.

  371. Yoomin says:

    What a timely message of fresh revelation this sermon has been for me. Growing up in the church, I can now reflect back and acknowledge that I had taken covering for granted, and did not fully understand the importance of it. Having spent a few years abroad now in different cities and countries ,I have always sought out a church community to belong to, with a stronger desire to connect with fellow believers in the city on a social level, moreso than a spiritual hunger for covering and accountability. Whilst trying to smoothly transition into this new chapter of life in Seoul, I have felt particularly vulnerable spiritually, and hearing this sermon revealed just how ‘naked’ I was, without the covering of a church family for a few months.

    Committing to the New Philly membership covenant and becoming a part of this family means that I can boldly walk out in the truth and light that God has destined me for during this season, and my time in Seoul. I’m truly grateful for the community here and the leaders and Pastors of New Philly, and look forward to continuing to be challenged and edified.

  372. Jaden Ho Hyeon Choi says:

    I was born in christian and had gone to the only korean church. There is not enough covering to be supporting each other. It is a best thing that one can establish his/her spiritual thing by oneself. But, as you know, living in our society, you always encounter a bunch of temptation of many thing God hates and forbids. So many christian sometimes slip in this situation and even they do it although knowing it’s definitely wrong. Also, probably they may not perceive they are ‘naked’ even if they are christian.
    However, If they get a covering, can more easily build up spiritual thing God loves and live in the God’s love. All of Christian absolutely needs to get a covering.

  373. Christine Kwon says:

    I had to listen to this message a few times to let it sink in, because the first time around the truth of Pastor Christian’s words actually stung a bit. I hadn’t heard of the concept of covering before listening to this message, but much of what he was describing was familiar to me from my own experience–choosing to go it alone, struggling as a result, trying to work through it alone and get up again, alone, but always stumbling, always confused. I don’t think I’ve ever let a pastor or church leader get close enough to me to say the kinds of things Pastor Christian was saying to the NP leaders in this message, or say anything so directly with such sincerity and depth of concern and care. It was sobering to realize what a distorted and unhealthy view I have had of authority and submission and to acknowledge that my years of idealizing (idolizing?) my own freedom and independence did little to make me a “free spirit,” and instead did the opposite, leaving me vulnerable to harm and misdirection. This is what’s been so encouraging and nourishing about this teaching, though, because now I am starting to establish a proper understanding of covering as part of God’s design, intended to benefit and nurture me, not stifle or harm me, and this is changing the way I relate to God. Because when I process my past from this perspective, I can see what I didn’t see before–God’s continued involvement, His incredible kindness and patience in coming to find me in my naked state, and His efforts, even now, to get me clothed and under proper covering. As I come to understand submission and discipline as expressions of God’s love for me as my Father and His desire to give me life and bring me to completion, I’m starting to want those things rather than be afraid of them, and I am really thankful that I’m being connected to a community where these principles are valued and lived out.

    • Christine, I am excited for your new season. Community is here to provide covering and safety. I like how you mentioned about covering as God’s love. Yes, covering is not to control you but rather to provide safety so that you can grow in maturity.

  374. Sarah Al Homadi says:

    This sermon has blessed me in that it has helped me to understand and articulate my own experience. Now I see the corellation between my church attendance and a breakdown of faith. It is no coincidence that I became susceptible to wrong teachings during a time of non church attendance. I ended up beaten, bruised and ultimately spiritually naked. A bible study group did not provide covering. As I seek to draw nearer to the Father, and to flourish in my walk with Christ, I can see the purpose of the the spiritual covering from leaders and elders.

  375. Chadol Lee says:

    I’ve always felt like I was a orphan in my walk with the Lord. But as I listened to PC speak it made me realize how important it is to have covering over myself. As Christians we sometimes forget that we need others to grow and mature. We should submit ourselves to leaders that can help guide us. It was a great reminder that even if we have amazing gifts, without a relationship with the Lord we are spiritually naked. I like how PC tied in lukewarmness/being wary with spiritual covering. It was a edifying sermon indeed.

  376. Sarah Oh says:

    I realized through the sermon that I was lacking in covering. I think I missed out on the covering that was available to me because I thought that because what I already had and was doing was enough. I’m really glad that PC addresses that everyone needs covering, missionaries, pastors, church members, etc. This message encourages me to be more relational so that I can be covered from my ‘nakedness’, but also to be able to cover others with the gifts that God has given me.

  377. Valerie Ng Hui Sze says:

    Through this sermon, again and again, I’m reminded of the importance of the covering of a church community. To have someone who would care and speak life into me is a constant reminder of God’s love for me. I’ve learnt that the christian walk is not one that should be done alone. Without covering, I truly will be ‘naked’, with nothing and no one to cover/protect me from the devil’s attacks. I would have no one to believe for me when I cannot believe for myself.

    The manifestation of God’s love for us, I’ve come to realize, is shown largely through the community He has placed us in.

  378. Sarah Kim says:

    Pastor Christian said baby believers need to be covered and it is through relationships with God and leaders. Although i always viewed myself as a Christian, i am a baby believer and i realised that i am exposed to harmful environment which can limit my christian life. So far, things that could please me were ungodly things and i never knew how it was dragging me further and further away from God. When i turned myself back to Christ, i’ve realised that i need a leader who can guide me and lead me to God. I guess this means i need someone who can cover my naked soul.
    Second thing ive learnt is that i need to wait for an authority from God and leaders. I could relate this with how i struggled to pray since I turned myself back to Christ. My spiritual coach told me to take things slowly, and dont try to rush the organic process.
    When i went back to church, i wanted to speak to God straight away and be forgiven, because i believed that thinking about going back to church was good enough to form a relationship with God. I realised that i need to be ready, and i need to live like a Christian before i ask for anything from God.
    I am still afraid to be committed to God and i think it’s because i am doubting myself. I dont know if i can stay with God. I dont know if i can follow what bible tells me to do. I dont know what im going to do when i face ungodly temptations. However, what i know is that i need to hold onto God even when im doubting myself

  379. Ah Sung Yang says:

    While I was listening to the sermon, the importance of covering from the community stood out to me. Whenever I am spiritually weak, I have a tendency to hide and try to deal with the problems by myself, but I realised how important it is to be open to the community and let them remind me of the truths and promises from God while breaking any lies from the enemies that confuse me. Also, I agreed that we have to support and cover our spiritual leaders through our prayers, too. Other point that spoke to me strongly was about the submission to the spiritual leaders and authorities in the church; it is important to have a humble heart and willingness to obey to God and his decision by respecting and submitting to our spiritual leaders. Recently, I felt so thankful to God for allowing me to meet the NP community as otherwise, walking through the “narrow door” where not many people are willing to go must be a very lonely and difficult journey.

  380. Grace Ng Chia Huei says:

    This was a powerful message to me as I was never covered by any church leaders all this while along my Christian faith. Through my first year in Emmaus and Familia, I realized how important it was to be covered by leaders as they not only keep me accountable but also they are people who really care for me and prayerfully sow into me. I grew up with my parents bringing me to church but since coming to Korea I realized this was when I started to take charge over my Christian faith. I know in order to step into the fullness of the Lord I need to do more than just attending church and then disappearing right after the service ends. One way to do so is to be open to the love of the leaders and be submitted to their spiritual authority so that they could not only bring discipline but also pour words of love, wisdom and encouragement into me. I am very blessed by this sermon and it is one that I will come back and listen to it over and over again in the future.

  381. Juanita Chan says:

    It took me awhile to grasp the underlying concept of this sermon. At first I thought the tone was quite strong and slightly harsh – especially to those who may be new Christians.But after reflecting on it for the day, I realised that the message is really about submitting yourself before God and being disciplined under the authority of his anointed leaders; in essence, being ‘covered’ by the church. I use to think that once I became a Christian I was automatically covered, but in reality, many Christians live ‘without covering’; being vulnerable and unprotected against harm. This message gives me assurance and confidence in the Church to help guide me in the right direction of my spiritual walk.

  382. I listened first time, I wasn’t understanding this sermon
    Actually I am not good English I don’t understand perfectly
    But I promise I won’t be naked and I have covering already .Thank you

  383. Ryan Vogel says:

    I had a very bad experience about a year ago when I was on the mission field. I was deeply hurt and lost all trust in the Godly leaders over me. Since then I’ve really just tried to shape and create my own covering in fear of screwing up underleadership or being deeply hurt again. This message delivered by pastor Christian was incredibly convicting and freeing. I’m excited to seek a covering once again and allow God to fully heal me from my past.

  384. Jack Kim says:

    It is a good reminder that even though I have committed my life to Jesus, it does not mean that i walk in his way all the time. There will be trials and temptations for the rest of my life and I need to make sure that my relationship with the Lord is in a right path. Also covering from community is important as well. As God has commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves, we need to reciprocate covering from each other. It does not matter whether I am a mature Christian or a baby Christian, we all need covering from the start to the end.

  385. Jeffrey Yau says:

    It was a powerful speech that remind me a lot about don’t being naked. Even though I will be in this church only 5 months, I need covering. I need covering and protection, not exposed to harm. All these are done by relationship. Just like a baby who need covering after he has life in the world. These cannot done by just living sermon by MP3 but rather a relationship. I am so lucky that all the leaders in New Philly are under good covering and I can ask them opinion when I need to make decision. I really hope that I have good covering in my christian life.

  386. I said a lot in the last comment I posted here, but I’ll try to relay what I’ve gained from this message in the present. I am going to focus on the community aspect of this sermon.

    This was a good reminder that covering is a part of every healthy Christian’s walk. Throughout the sermon, I felt the Lord convicting me regarding a certain habitual self-reliance. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think self-reliance is bad per se. Emotional independence, a healthy level of self-reliance and self-trust, etc. were all important skills I learned through therapy. But I do think I’ve gotten a bit carried away over the years. Maybe I didn’t quite respect the opinions of others. I don’t know. However, I do know that for the longest time, I rejected help. I had a lot of pride. I depended heavily on my ability to think through problems.

    Then Tokyo missions happened and I had a BPD episode. Even through that, I refused help from my teammates. I didn’t even talk about what happened. In a sense, I refused “covering” from them.

    But listening to this sermon again, I see that through covering, there is safety. There is something powerful in being vulnerable with people and leaders in your covenant community. You allow them to speak into deeper waters. You are making room for protection, prosperity, intimacy, and so much more.

    In the present, I am learning how to rely on others again. I still have a lot of pride, but now that I am more connected to my Itaewon community, I have a lot of hope. I am very encouraged by what I am experiencing.

  387. Chris Kim says:

    This sermon gave me an even clearer and deeper understanding of why I need to have covering from the leaders and the community. I am especially grateful for having leaders in Emmaus discipling me. It is great and reassuring to know that I have someone I can open up to, and guide me during my college life; so that I don’t go out ‘naked’. Also, I’ve learned the importance of submission to leaders as it is God who put them in authority. It is a ‘process’ wherein I have my maturity nurtured in preparation for whatever God has planned for me.

  388. Being covered does not mean you are part of a church and you serve, listen to good sermons, read good books, or listen to podcasts. This was something that even I believed but I’m glad that Pastor Christian shattered that belief. Being covered means you have a relationship with your leaders in your church. The deeper that relationship the better the covering. Everyone struggles submitting to leadership, everyone has some pride and everyone is eager to use their gifts and talents. Going through a proper process to serve and be utilized is excellent and really teaches you to be humble and to respect authority. When we decide to not step into covering and decide to submit to leadership, then we will see changes and fruit in our lives. Because we are allowing God to work in our lives and allow people to speak into it as well. Like Adam and Eve, we cannot do our own thing and expect to be safe and covered. Only God can provide for us so that we do not go out naked. Every step of the way, every major decision is in God’s hands. We cannot do it on our own and allowing our leaders to be a part of it only benefits us. Not allowing God to be a part of our lives and not allowing him to humble us really slows us down in life. We take the long and hard road without God and we end up getting beat up like the itinerant Jewish exorcists. All the examples and analogies provided really helped solidify the concept and has really helped me learn not to go naked. I feel blessed to have listened to this sermon by PC.

  389. This message helps me a lot from my concerns. I was in the hard time of thinking why being a membership in one chruch is important since I will leave this country soon and I need to find the new church again. However, it told me the reason of belonging in one chruch and not go anyway by yourself alone because its not the way God want us to be and I hope I will not go anyway with the Naked body

  390. Michael Ryu says:

    Sermon Title: Do Not Go Naked
    Your willingness and ability to listen to sermons via podcasts and other media outlets does not mean that you are fully clothed in Christ. Your ambitions and your strong understanding of the Bible and the constant reading of it also does not mean that you are fully clothed in Christ. Rather it is your willingness to commit to the church and being submissive to its leaders that demonstrate to the Lord that you are wanting to be clothed by Him. God needs to give you the authority to operate and function in your talents, strengths, gifts, abilities, etc. I for one need to stop relying on myself, but to lean on God to get me through the trials and obstacles that I face, for it is him that gives me the strength that I need to carry on with my life.

  391. Mina Kang says:

    I was able to realised again through this sermon, that I’ve placed my faith and relationship with Christ in a seriously fragile and unstable place. Not only do I lack the discipline of prayer and reading of the scriptures, but I also lack in committing to a church and allowing the church to speak to be and I to them.
    I’ve always wondered why my faith had turned so dry and I think, after listening to this sermon, it was because I was acting out in what I misunderstood as my faith. I had just attempted to ‘do’ something for God, to try and please him. I would try and pray for others, try create fellowship, talk to friends and try help them get through their problems. I think I was doing it all wrong. Without any proper training, I acted out on my own rather than with the church in this false ideology that I was doing it for the church. In the end it was this ideology that burnt me out and led me to turn away from God and resent him for not satisfying my hunger for him. I thought, ‘I did this this this and yet why won’t God give me satisfaction?’
    This sermon allowed me to pinpoint the things I had been doing wrong and highlighted the importance of committing to a church, having the church as my backing and letting them speak into my life with all the things I struggle with, things I want to do and the decisions I make.

  392. The thing that struck me the most is that – we can be anointed, gifted, have a good heart, read the bible, listen to podcasts – but if we go out into the world to pursue our callings naked – we are likely to lose our way.
    In the next chapter of my life, I will make it a priority to maintain intimacy and strong relationship with a few key leaders.
    I am used to making big life decisions on my own – but in the future I will value the input and wisdom of the leaders who have a relationship with me.

  393. This sermon helped me realise that I need to be adopted into a local church putting to rest the ‘orphan spirit’ I had previously maintained. I didn’t realise how dangerously exposed my spiritual journey had been as I didn’t have any guidance from leaders and so I was inevitably ‘unprotected.’ I thought spiritual covering from books, podcasts or leaders far away from me were acceptable but even those things have their limits.
    I’ve been pretty independent for most of my life and so learning to build relationships with those in authority in my local church will be a valuable season.

  394. Daniel Lee says:

    I had always thought about Christ commands not to worry about clothing and food, but I feel that God is telling me about the importance of Church community and caring for one another and meeting together and eating together

  395. Soo Jeong Park says:

    I believed being saved and having relationship with God is enough to be a healthy christian until hearing this sermon. The part about a believer withouth having discipleship and relationship within the covering of a community is like a lost sheep really challenged me.

  396. Beth Milka says:

    i’ve been blessed by this sermon and i learned that i can not fast forward my work in God, because God is going to discipline me in my life and i need to obey His ways in my life and i cant live as an orphan in the christian life that i also need a reationship in the church in order to grow in Him.

  397. InnGee Kim says:

    Agreed so much with the message. We all need counsel, accountability, oversight, and when necessary, discipline and rebuke . Such care MUST come from actual relationships with wise bible-focused leaders. I hope God gives me the strength to come under deep deep covering.

  398. Jonathan Yoo says:

    Once again a reminder of the importance of being clothed and covered by submission and willingness to follow. This is a type of covering that I can not provide for myself or do out of my own effort.

  399. Jihyun Yang says:

    Our covering does not come from listening through mp3 or reading books or watching services on TV. Covering comes from relationship. We need a living and a breathing leader. This is true. Not leaning on people but only leaning on God is really good but we really need a spiritual or Christian leader who can gives us the advice whether we’re going to the right path. I first want to thank God for he has been sending me precious leaders who were faithful to God. Many Christian leaders have been changed in my life when I thought they were the best but in the next environment he always sent me better leaders. I remember during the sermon in the New Philadelphia church pastor said, Christianity is all about relationship. In my life I don’t even know what will happen in the next stage, but I want to pray God to let me stay humble and humbly obey to God’s authority and give me the grace to have close relationship with God and with my neighbors in Him.

  400. Mike Oh says:

    Becoming a Christian demands a humility in the blessing of salvation. An idea and a realisation that we need Jesus just as much as the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, atheists, or those we deem as needing the ‘most’ redemption. This need, as Pastor Christian identifies, includes the covering of a church community. Fundamental to our Christian walk is this idea of an intimate relationship with God, but also with one another here on earth. It is within this framework relationship, where we can truely be covered, both physically and spiritually. Able to live out our calling with the grace and wisdom far beyond that of myself, but the power that rests in this community we call church. PC reminded me once again of the beauty of being connected and the peace we’re able to receive under the covering of the leadership of the house. It is through the covering of a church community that I really grew in my faith, and this will always be a part of my faith that I emphasise to all those who seek or need it.

  401. Lydia Kim says:

    “Covering comes from relationship”. Listening to this message again really blessed me to know that this truth is something New Philly not only believes but is committed to. Being in relationship with a church community & loving leaders is what propels us to grow in our character and journey toward our full potential as God gifted us. Something that is very difficult if not impossible to do all alone. Like Michael Vick lol

  402. Niranjan Thomas says:

    Having a spiritual covering that comes from relationships to those in authority is a very powerful concept for me. It’s something that I perhaps have struggled with in the past. Definitely a challenge for me. Ps Christian paints somewhat of a bleak picture for those who are not covered and go into ministry or mission ‘naked’ and it is one that frightens and discourages me a little. Being in submission to those in authority in the church can make people feel vulnerable which may lead fear of reproach from those authorities. But it also helps me to see a pattern in my own walk. It may take me some time to reconcile this but I hope that the church community at NP will help me do this.

  403. Michael Kang says:

    This is such a relevant message. My thought of ‘covering’ was more like an umbrella when you needed it. Although true – the reminder here for me is that there should always be covering in my life or risk forfeiting the plans which God has for my life. I think back to the moments where I’ve felt lost or directionless and they were times that I had lacked in relationships and covering through wisdom, counsel and prayer.

    I love how all the leaders are so committed to this and it is contagious.

  404. Danielle Kang says:

    Making important life decisions and walking out my calling with anointing is very important, but when I try to do it without spiritual covering I am foolishly setting myself up to be alone, hurt, discouraged and disappointed.
    Although, I feel as though I’m not REALLY walking out my calling if it’s not HOW God intended for it to be done (under covering), because ultimately the mandate on my life is to walk in obedience to God (reference to the Kangs’ testimony), rather than solely being excellent in a given role or function.

    Covering is crucial because it allows leaders to speak truth, wisdom, loving rebuke and correction into my life. The older I get, the more I realise that what seemed like my parents disciplining/lecturing me, was actually for my own benefit. The content of what they were saying came in the form of discipline, but it was from a place of love, rich life experiences and profound wisdom. Had I listened to them more, I’m sure it would have counselled me in the way of righteousness.
    Likewise, having to submit under leadership might be tough at times, and I might not understand or agree with everything all the time, but I know that in choosing to submit, I will not only increase in maturity and character but I will live a life that is honouring to the house, and that truly blesses the heart of God.

    Thank you for this teaching!!!

  405. You Sup Park says:

    This message clarified a lot about the importance of covering in my spiritual walk with God. In my previous church experiences, the lead pastor emphasized covering, thus I followed the pastor’s lead but never fully understood why. With this understanding in mind, I am very glad that NP is a church that is very committed in covering its members, not because NP wants to rule and control my life, but because it is doing it to truly protect me from going astray in my walk with God.

    I really liked the part when Pastor Christian mentioned about the two cars, lamborghini and hyundai as an analogy for submission and authority. I agree that submission must come before one can wield authority. Although submission may be hard at times, I truly believe that it is a humbling experience for God to mould me into a better son. I’ll take that any time. 😀

  406. Eun Woo Hailey Park says:

    Thank you P.Christian for emphasizing on the importance of not running around naked. Clarifying that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is not enough, and that you cannot get covering by podcasts or books finally made sense in my mind. Relationship is crucial even though it might take a lot of energy, time, and sacrifices. As a Christian, having leaders who can speak into your life, pray for you but also rebuke you in times of need is essential in order to keep growing and maturing in God.
    There are many times when my daughter desires to “run a round naked”. She would rather eat chips and candies, wear the same Frozen clothes no mater how dirty it can get, watch egg surprise video on Youtube for hours… BUT! because I love her and know what is best for her, I do not allow her to do whatever she wants. Same goes with me… because of the relationship I will have with the leaders, my heart’s desire is to trust them and allow them to speak into my life whenever it is needed because they will guide me to way of righteousness.
    I am thankful for NP Melbourne because she have shown me and our family the Father’s heart. In small and big ways, they have shown us love and care. It humbles me to see such people pursuing after me :)

  407. James Bernal says:

    Such a great message and thank you Pastor Christian for sharing so thoroughly. This made me even more alert to the understanding of covering and protection & that we MUST NOT GO NAKED! Through the recent months I’ve been learning to walk in the spirit and i must say that i cannot do it alone, i definitely need covering & support. Submitting to leaders which I may have once thought to be scary and an overwhelming process has now turned around and actually been so good for me to do, I have learned so much through submission. I realized that we must learn to commit and obey so that we do not go running around naked into this world. Although it is still a learning process, It is so true that by receiving covering and listening to our authoritative leaders we can grow in maturity and character.

    I am so grateful that God has blessed me with so much love and support by the leaders and members of this house at New Philly Melbourne, I love you all. Another good point that PC made was that in every season we must be in submission and that we must learn as much as possible and not skip or fast forward the process of God. I’ve learned that I cannot go anywhere on this walk by being alone, for receiveing protection and covering means more safety. The more we learn to submit, creates a better and thicker layer of covering like PC mentioned. Being here in Australia on a student exchange this semester going around naked is definitely NOT or should ever be the option. This message was awesome and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to listen to it.

    Again, thank you Pastor Christian for elaborating so well and efficiently, you are so good!

  408. Janice So says:

    Do not go naked

    While I have seen the consequences of Christians living without the covering of their local Church and that bilateral commitment – i.e. stagnated growth, not progressing well towards fulfilling their God given destiny, drawn away by the world…It was excellent to listen to this sermon and reflect on the biblical context and basis for the teaching on the importance of covering. E.g. passage in Revelation of the lukewarm and naked Church of Laodicea; Adam and Eve creating their own coverings for their nakedness; Jews attempting to drive out demons in Acts 19 without covering.
    This all pointed out that to have the covering in the local Church is part of what God ordains for his people, and wants for each of us even today. Even if we have tremendous spiritual gifts, these can only come into their full effect when we have covering.
    I also was blessed by PC’s sharing about his seasons of submission to Church leaders, that this was a constant theme in his Christian life, and how submission to the leaders God has placed over him, even though they are not perfect, was a demonstration of trust in the Lord, and prepared PC for the unfolding of God’s destiny for him.

  409. Katie Wong says:

    This sermon provided me with sooo much more clarity about the reason and necessity of membership. Growing up in church, I would often hear the word membership to a church talked about but did not really understand the reason or importance. Then, joining membership at my home church, I thought then that I understood what membership was. However, this sermon finally tied everything together. The importance and necessity of covering was made so much clearer through the fact that covering directly comes from relationship. Reflecting on the past couple of years, I was definitely floating around churches and never pushed myself to really find one that I could be a part of and serve. I was indeed going out naked and did not think much of it but looking back I can see how much I drifted away without even knowing it. Having personal relationship with a leader to lead you, teach you, pray for you, and rebuke you is crucial to growth and I am excited to grow with New Philly. I yearn to not only submit to God’s ultimate authority so that I may see His plans for me more clearly, but also to the authority of the church so that I may bless others with my talents and better imitate and reflect the person of Christ. I am excited for this time with New Philly, even if it is just for 1 more semester.

    Thank you PC for such a powerful and clear message!:)

  410. This sermon really spoke to me as in some way I felt naked prior to really commiting to New Phily. Going to church doesn’t always mean covering and at the same time you open yourself to being beat around. Putting up a strong face doesn’t mean anything when youre getting rocked in the waves of life by the devil. It’s a lesson learnt but could’ve been avoided to an extent if I had the correct covering. The transition from a spirit of orphan to a spirit of sonship is something I’m really joyous about. I hope in the process of being clothed and shepherded I can become a good son that can bring honour to the house and to God

  411. I have to admit, as I was listening to this message my initial reaction was defensiveness. I was quite taken aback as the comments made the speaker seem very “controlling,” as though the term “under covering” was a nice euphemism for “under my close watch and scrutiny.” I did question the motives of the speaker, although of course I also considered the genuineness of his points. The latter proved to be true (what a relief) when he said “I am not interested in controlling your life.” I like the accountability that being under covering provides. The point of how Brittany Spears got too much too quickly was a good illustration (though I’d understand this point better if it was the Olsen Twins or even Miley Cyrus) of how being given responsibility at the right rate is important, further supporting the need for good authority in one’s life.

    This message conflicts in me in some ways, particularly as I am a bit of a rebel and often question the status quo. The logical person in me understands the necessity of being under good spiritual authority, but my flesh would rather not have to answer to anyone, except maybe God. This is a good time for me to exercise discipline, to do things because I know they are good for me, whether I feel that way or not.

  412. Jiyeon Yoo says:

    1. God is the ultimate shepherd for all the christians.
    Then amongst us, God has appointed certain people to be the pastor and leader above us to manifest Himself. Pastors are synonymously called shepherds. It is the shepherd that decides the course and directs the sheep, not the other way. The sheep is alive and well as it completely trusts the shepherd. Some of our fears in trusting a pastor/leader maybe from our abusive experience in the past with authority. Jesus refers to Himself as “the good shepherd that lays down his life for the sheep. (John 10:11)” I am so thankful for our pastors and leaders that have laid down their lives for the sons and daughters of God. Thank you for all your labour in covering us!!

    2. Church is synonymously referred to as the Body of Christ. “Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. (1 Cor 12:27)” No matter how awesome of a hand, if it is detached from the body, it is a disabled-dysfunctional-dead piece. It is never fully healthy and functioning. We’re not meant to be alone!

  413. Don’t go naked.
    Always such a powerful word. I believe submission is like choosing in loving our neighbours. Its not a once and for all thing but a constant reminder to ourselves in ongoingly choose to submit and honour the leaders set before me.

    Heart of servanthood and willingness to submit, the two aspects of the sermon that spoken to me; requires a humility and ears to hear and a teachable heart. Praying God will take every particle of pride in my heart and refresh my heart to love and enjoy submitting and being under covering.

  414. Shannon Chien says:

    This sermon was a good reminder that sometimes God holds us back from doing what He created us to do, for the specific reason of providing us with the leadership we need to submit to. We can only act with authority when it has been given to us, and not going naked ensures that there is a living, breathing, RELATIONAL person that will be there to intercede on our behalf. Shying away from godly submission is rejecting the greater destiny that God desires us to step into.

  415. Ella Radwan says:

    This sermon may sound simple at first, but makes me realize how important it is not to go around naked, unprotected. This is exactly what I have been struggling with ever since I came to Korea, 6 months ago. I left a community in my country where I was protected and covered, but came here using the excuse of “adaptation process” to postpone my search for a spiritual family; search for spiritual protection. I have been extremely vulnerable, fighting my own battles, keeping inside my thoughts and fears. Not building relationships in these last few months just created a barrier between God and me. Day by day it has become more difficult to seek God, listen to God, and even talk to Him. Deciding to become a member in New Philly for me means more than “being part of a group”. It means having a family with the principles of God, who are walking in the same direction in becoming more like Him. If a person wants to live to satisfy the desires of the flesh and walking around naked, that is their choice. But once you receive protection and you are able to see and feel the difference of being clothed, walking around naked will bother you. You will feel ashamed and think back on the days that you were once protected.

  416. Yeagee Jung says:

    Wow did I get conviction from this sermon haha. Back at my church at home, there aren’t really are leaders anointed through the word because it’s more of a student run fellowship. Because I didn’t really agree with the way they conducted themselves outside of church, I turned away from this church and decided to pursue a single relationship with God. I thought it was okay because it was between God and I and I didn’t need to answer to anyone but God!
    But wow when Pastor Christian was rebuking his leaders that don’t submit to his authority, I realized that God can use other people to sow into us to see fruit. And not only does he use others, but we NEED others otherwise we will craft our own downfall.
    Again, I’m reminded of the importance of community and accountability in our walk with God. Submitting to be a servant and to be humble to brothers and sisters with authority so that we don;t leave naked anywhere we go! AMEN!!!! haha

  417. Enoch Kim says:

    Every Christian need covering either we are a pastor, missionary, leader or member.
    This message taught me why do I need a covering and how can I get a covering.
    I thought myself I could cover myself through reading a good christian book or listening spiritual pastor’s teaching. But covering is not about one-way relationship at all.
    Covering is provide from God. And it comes from a relationship.
    I don’t want to go naked anymore and I made my mind that I won’t let any devil beat me down!

  418. One Jea Lee says:

    I think that the whole sermon about how to trust one another as a family in the body of church and to give trust to those who pray for you. Covering is not coming over me for free… I still need to strive to have intimacy with him in his grace. I think it is difficult thing to follow as a christian to do this because it is hard to judge, maybe evaluate myself, about my current status with Christ as well as to understand the mission that has given us to tell the gospel of God(Act 20:24) I trust that the salvation doesn’t not come through my own will or any religious devotion. And I think the sermon told me that it comes through the grace of blood of Jesus who die for me and rose from the death and to me confessing my sin before God… have intimacy. I think the mission is not easy to accomplish time to time because the definition of mission can be defined depending on how i am being holy in God, uncovering my own sin. (Timothy 4:5)

    Praise the Lord!

  419. Lydia Park says:

    Through this message, I was able to understand the importance of being covered through relationships within the church. Without such covering, we are naked and we give a foothold to the devil to come and beat us down. In a society where in-person interaction is decreasing, it’s so easy to avoid relationships or even commit to a relationship. But we are all in need of a covering and that covering can only come from a physical body of Christ.

  420. Lexie Okosa says:

    While listening to this sermon, my older brother kept coming to mind. I helped lead him to Christ over the phone back while I was away at college. I remember being so happy but so worried because he did attend Catholic church regularly but in that church he had no relationship. When I would come home I would try to disciple him as much as I could and tried to get him to come to my church, but as his little sister it was awkward for him, and he seemed to be reading the bible on his own with great zeal. So, I stopped worrying about him and just prayed that the Holy Spirit would be enough to teach him what he isn’t getting from a church community. How wrong I was. When I moved to Korea after college, he ended up joining a cult with my eldest brother. He still is in that cult today. Its a super legalistic cult and it doesn’t believe the Holy Spirit is God. He’s become such a judgemental person who I can’t discuss God with without having a huge debate. I feel so much regret for letting him run around naked with no covering. I didn’t realize how serious the repercussions of not pushing him to connect to a bible believing church would be.
    That said, I also realize that it is really hard to enter a relationship of sonship with a local church. I have walked into different churches looking for just such a relationship, joining bible studies, and trying to make deep connections with members, but there isn’t exactly a sign up sheet for becoming someone’s son. There have been many times I felt like I was wandering around naked, vulnerable to attacks, needing guidance, but afraid to be a burden to someone. Even among church staff, no one’s job title is “burden sharer.” I think there are a lot of orphans who are weak and needy and wish to be someone’s son very badly but don’t know where to turn for fathers.

  421. Sooky Park says:

    Do Not Go Naked
    The importance of covering. Covering comes from relationships. Submitting to a preacher that speaks into your life. New levels, new devils. If you go out naked, you will get beat down.
    I remember when I went naked, without a church, with an orphan spirit, for 5 years. It was scary when PC said if you want to forfeit God’s plans for your life, go naked. It’s true. I ended up in the worst place possible. What a lesson I had to learn the hard way.
    And I know I have gifts. I hope I can submit and receive authority from my covering authorities to use those gifts.
    It is not an easy teaching that whatever happens, you must learn in patience to submit to authority. But if, like PC said, fast forwarding is rewinding, I will play at the normal rate.
    If you are loved, God will discipline you. Important decisions cannot be made naked.
    PC’s testimony about going naked got me thinking about clubbing. Perhaps it is the act of going naked in itself. Perhaps I should not go.
    What really hit home is when PC said “I have a free spirit. I’m like a wild stallion. I like to run loose. And God said I need to beat you into submission. I need to put you into a place where you learn and understand my heart.”

  422. Katherine Yang says:

    Do Not Go Naked – Katherine Yang
    Covering comes through relationship, that’s why it’s important to get plugged into a community where not only you get fed, but also have room for leaders to correct, rebuke, and speak truth with love. I have seen the value of what a deeper and more committed relationship can do when receiving correction and how much deeper the covering becomes. I love when PC mentioned that everyone needs covering and that the higher the calling, the deeper the covering we need. To carry authority, there needs to be submission and covering. No one is excluded from covering. I want to make spirit led decisions where I have leaders whom I trust to speak into my life! It’s a gift to be covered and shielded from the attacks of the enemy… When we are covered we are not alone to our own thoughts and ideas, but we grow because we are sharpened by those we trust and honor!

  423. I have gone to other churches and even grew up in a christian family, It has been an issue for me to get more involved spiritually with people and under the right authority like leaders. I love how PC pointed out how much of a importance it has to be under the proper covering to deal with the world out there. It made me realize it was always me running away from things I really needed or God has prepared to bless me spiritually and where God wanted me to be. Now I understand it might take time, may not happen in a second to learn how to submit to the authority but I am sure God will be with me through the whole process of me growing up.

  424. Kasey JooHyang Lee says:

    This sermon made me think about being naked and being covered through relationship within the church (by being part of body of Christ.) Being covered within the church starts with a heart of servitude and willingness to submit to the authority. Servitude and submission to the authority builds wisdom and character so that YOU can later handle the authority. This process and covering involves discipline. It will take a long time and will sometimes hurt. As a person who has difficult time with a long process and waiting, it will definitely be a challenge. However, if I want to discover my gifts and use it with power, I need to learn to go through the season of submission.
    The sermon reminded me of my father who never let me skip church or even doodle during service. I complained about it so much to him during those years. However, now to come to think of it, like PC’s mother, my father was making sure I was being covered at the church.

  425. Miles H. Rost – “Do Not Go Naked”

    The biggest thing that I received out of this message is something very simple: Covering is necessary if you are going to be walking in Christ, and it comes from being in relationship with the proper authorities. A wandering spirit, someone who jumps from church to church in order to find something that’s right, needs covering that they are not getting.

    It’s an active thing. It’s something that has to be sought out, and without actually taking the initiative, it exposes your flesh points under the armor of God that you’re supposed to be wearing. Even those who may be considered part of a “remnant” are needing covering, and without someone giving wisdom and speaking in, they get lost and broken…sometimes permanently.

    Personally, this is something that’s been hard to deal with in the past. Part of it comes from the idea of being independent, being answerable only to God or to yourself, which is a typical thing in America. I used to follow that ideal at one time, but realizing last year that if God’s calling someone like me to do big things, it cannot be done without having good authorities around that will speak in or to admonish when necessary. It takes time to realize it, but it is important that once a person realizes it, they get it taken care of with submission and recognize authority.

  426. Harry Kim says:

    This sermon let me think again that i’m still naked or covered.
    I thought i was born again in christ. But i have never thought that i was immediately covered after i was born.
    if i’m still naked i wish to be covered with relationship and be fed.
    By summiting my life to house, hopefully He will cover my life with the cloth that competely fit to me not to be hot and cold for every season ~

  427. Hannah Lee says:

    Do Not Go Naked – Hannah Lee
    Thank you PC for emphasizing in such a refreshingly practical, yet direct way of why we need covering within a spiritual community! This sermon was so relevant to me from personal experiences of how life is with and without covering. Experiencing the consequences of running around naked really took a toll on me. The community and the membership process from New Philly Itaewon is helping me kick that orphan spirit out of me. To know there are people, leaders and pastors that I can be accountable to and call out my strengths and weaknesses is such a BLESSING! Thank you again PC for such an important message!

  428. Li'amanaia Lealaitafea says:

    Wow, I’m not sure where to begin. This confirms my uncertainty. Submission, accountability, covering, and protection. These Are The Things That Are Causing My Worries And Indecisive With Commitment Toward My Spiritual Growth With God. “I Need God Given Authority” Man I Was Wrong, Thinking That I’m On The Right Path. But After Listening To This Sermon “Don’t Be Go Naked”. It Hit It Right On The Nail. Submitting To God Authority Allow Me To See And Use My True Potential Instead Of Forfeiting It. All That Horse Power Going Waste Due To Being Naked And Not Being Covered And Protected By God.

  429. Aaron Krumsieg says:

    As I listened to this message, I realized how often the intentional practice of spiritually covering oneself (and others) is overlooked in the Church. As long as things are generally going well, it is easy to forget the importance of asking for prayer and seeking personal spiritual guidance. And when we are reminded of this vital aspect of spiritual development and protection, it is often an unwelcome message.

    I often think that I’m good to go; that I’m doing well enough that I don’t necessarily need to pursue personal spiritual mentorship. But it is absolutely true that it’s not enough to listen to podcasts and read our Bibles in isolation. The church should not only be a place where members/attendees receive “good messages” and healthy social interactions/affirmation, but the church is especially called to be a place of fellowship and discipleship where people are held accountable to their commitment to Christ and encouraged to continually grow in their knowledge of and relationship with God

  430. Heh heh…submission is one of those thing things I do not excel at. I have a very low rolerance for incompetance in authority. Since even the best of church leaders are still sinners, I have used this fact as an excuse to say “I submit to God and God alone.” In reality, submitting to God requires submitting to those He has put in authority over me. And I realize now that this submission never ends – there will always be an authority over me, for my own protection and growth. And even if I were to reach that position which from a church organizational prespective is “top”, “head honcho”, I would still need covering not only from God Himself directly, but also from brothers and sisters in Christ – not because God isn’t capable of fully covering me Himself, but because He created us to need each other, and need relationships. It is through relationships that humility must daily be applied, and in fact the “head honcho” needs as much if not more humility than those he is in authority over, (1) because it takes more humility to recognize God-given correction from a peer or a subordinate than from a superior, and (2) Satan’s attacks are that much more strongly focused on the leaders in the Church of God.

    I will always need to submit; and when I feel defeated in my life, odds are more covering (not just more effort) is called for.

    As a minor side note, this message also convicted me of how important it is for me to pray for leaders, pastors, missionaries – those with the most intense ministries – because prayer, even from me, helps to provide that covering they need so much of. I feel this is even more the case with those leaders I am close to (*cough cough* my brother, who is a missionary). I should keep them in my prayers constantly.

  431. Jean Sung says:

    As someone who generally struggles with vulnerability, the concept of becoming submissive to church leaders seemed to be something towards which I felt incredibly recalcitrant. Often the only times I feel comfortable enough to share with others about my struggles, or even something positive yet still personal, is if I feel as though their reaction will make me feel reassured about my decisions. Even if my decisions are favorable, I fear the vulnerability of giving someone control in what they think of me.
    As a pastor’s kid, I never felt that it was appropriate to share my stories with those at the church because they whether they were good or bad, it would all reflect on my father and his ministry. If it was something good, I’d be bragging, and if it were something bad, I would be the problematic hinderance of my father’s qualifications to lead a church. After coming back to church in college, I despised feeling restricted and subservient to strangers who never bothered to ask my story. I didn’t understand why those who did not know me felt as though they could hold judgement in how I lived my life–especially if I felt as though God were pleased.
    After hearing Pastor’s Christian’s message, however, I now understand that God meant for us to fall submissive to those He places in leadership. Those who are ordained by the living Word of God are ones who God specifically positioned, knowing that leaders and members would need a father to keep us from walking naked. We live in a secular world that does not sanction us to easily fulfill our duties for the Kingdom. Just as Pastor Christian said, we will fail to be anointed by the plans that God has for our lives if we go about naked. Reflecting on my own journey within church, I now comprehend the vital prominence that resides in being clothed by the leadership, guidance, and blessings of God and the church.

  432. Joanna Kim says:

    This message required a lot of pausing, processing, and digesting on my part. Before New Philly, I attended a college that prided itself on producing self-sufficient, independent reformers of society. This value bled into my college ministry as well, and I found myself erroneously believing that less dependency on community/leadership = a firmer relationship with God. But the more I fell away from covering, the more I found myself relying on my immaturity to discern what was and was not wrong for me. In the end, I was doing a whole lot of wrong and forgetting what was ‘right.’

    The fact that I needed so much time to digest this sermon just goes to show how much I needed to hear it. I think through this sermon, I realized that all this time, I’ve only dipped my feet in shallow waters of Christian community, but now I want to actually start swimming in the deeper end which comes through commitment and submission. I also realized the importance of continuously lifting up my leaders in prayer as grace and wisdom trickles down, so the more in tune they are with God’s heart, the stronger their covering will be.

    • Lydia Lee says:

      Glad to hear a lot of your thinking is being reworked! :) I’m excited to see how you will flourish through a healthy commitment to the church body.

  433. Benjamin Jung says:

    I am truly blessed by this message, and it comes at such an important time in my life. The covering that a church community and its leadership provides is so important. The past 2 years have been an ongoing time of transitions for my family and me; in particular, we haven’t had the full covering that is so necessary in ministry. I’m excited to become a member at New Philadelphia, because I believe that all of the leaders of the house are earnestly doing their best to cover all of the church members through love & humility. Through Sunday services at New Philly and serving with the JPM worship team, GOD has been teaching me so much over the past 5 months, and I’m looking forward to learning and growing more with all of you. Praise GOD! ^^ (*Being an Eagles fan, I really enjoyed P. Christian’s play-by-play recap of that Eagles vs. Giants game.)

  434. JK Choi says:

    This sermon spoke powerfully to me. Having moved around to different cities over the last 10 years, I have unintentionally been going to church with an orphan spirit. I would tell myself this new city and church would always be temporary. I also realise l have been doing this whilst being naked! Being completely vulnerable, unprotected and exposed to harm. When l chose to give my life to Christ in 2009 my personal thoughts were that ‘now that l have given my life to Christ and pursued a personal relationship with Him, all will be well and nothing will be able to touch me’. To listen to this sermon and find out even mature believers need covering and that the higher the level requires more intense covering, is a timely reminder for me. I realise that it is a daily choice to receive covering, one which l will endeavour to put my ‘clothes’ on everyday.

    I am super excited to becoming a New Philly member and a son of this church. Whilst l submit to the leaders and in particular PP and PJ, I look forward to them speaking truth and life into me, even when they choose to correct and rebuke me. I choose to submit to New Philly church. l do not want to ever go out naked and be beat down again.

  435. rachel kim says:

    As a young believer in Christ, this message is very timely. The analogy PC draws of a baby being born, naked and vulnerable, illustrates an accurate picture of my spiritual life. Listening to this sermon, I understand that we need covering and protection, which cannot be obtained through the study and obedience to scripture alone, but through meaningful relationships with fellow Christians. Our brothers, sisters and leaders will hold us accountable to our life in Christ. We must remember that the deeper the commitment and submission, the thicker the covering we will be afforded, allowing us to grow into healthy and mature spirit-filled adults.

  436. Kellie Teague says:

    I feel convicted for not having previously established a relationship with a church! When my family found something they didn’t like in the values of a church, we moved to a different one. Most of them didn’t have a good community for people my age, so I felt alone at those places. I didn’t realize that I had an orphaned spirit for not establishing myself with a church. I want to be a true, blood-daughter of Christ, not just a stranger that comes in every now and then to eat. In fact, before now I hadn’t even heard of having a covering from a church– even though I’ve been a Christian all my life! This revelation is incredible, that I can begin to build a more family-like relationship with God through submission to a the church.

    I’ve been so naked in the past when making life-changing decisions, and I no longer want to be that way! I want the covering of the church so I can follow God’s purpose, plans, and teachings for my life. I can’t believe I’ve lived my life as a Christian without it!

  437. Eugenia Nam says:

    Although I always knew the importance of being covered by the church community, this semron has truly opened my eyes as to what it means to be covered ‘properly’. Pastor Christian’s emphasis on the need to be covered as prevention from defeat when working for God’s kingdom has shown me the core reason to why being ‘covered’ does not merely mean attending church or listening to podcasts. Rather, it involves building relationships within the church community with the intention of praying, encouraging and speaking words of truth and wisdom for each other. I suppose the biggest misconception people may have is that covering is mostly needed for ‘baby christians’. Pastor Christian’s statement that ‘just because you have a direct relationship with Christ doesn’t mean you’re covered’ again hghlights to me the importance of being part of a church community knowing that you are not alone in bulidng Gods kingdom.

  438. Dennis Johannisse says:

    Good message. I liked the start as it is good to remind us that being lukewarm / in the grey zone is not optimal. However I already heard a lot about that so I’m happy to hear about something related – but new.

    I do think it is important new christians receive sufficient protection, prayer and counsel so he/she can grow in faith. I agree on ensuring coverage – under the wings of God – for both yourself and your community and being (joyfully) submissive to your leadership – I personally believe it is good to stay humble before receiving more responsibility. I really believe you need a leader and a local community in order to grow. Spiritual maturity is key!

    Thanks for this message.

  439. Do not go naked.

    We make a lot of major decisions. Decisions that require wisdom. So why is it so hard to submit and seek wisdom from our leaders or pastor? Trust. We think we can only trust ourselves to know whats best for us. Foolishness! Through the simple act of not allowing wisdom to be spoken into our lives, or not being able to submit to someone in authority, shows that we don’t trust that God has a better plan than our own. The very act of not seeking covering and submitting to a local church and its leaders is saying that you don’t trust that God, in His infinite wisdom, had placed (and trusted) these leaders to cover and speak decision in our major decisions. Essentially our inability to trust and our pride gets in the way. And because of this pride we strut around naked..and proudly. The result of that is leaves us being exposed, discouraged and even to walk around with an orphan spirit.

    This sermon ultimately pointed back to God’s authority, wisdom and ultimately His abundant love. A love that wants to grow strong and moving forward in our walk. I will not go naked, I will submit and trust my leaders, my church, my God.

  440. Hanna Bang says:

    I had the tendency to hear what I want to her and do what I want to do. This sermon allowed me to see the lie I was living in. I was so consumed in my worldly being that I thought I was safe and “clothed.” However, through God’s grace, I’ve realized that I am not truly safe unless I walk with Christ day by day. When Pastor Christian spoke about Christians walking without any covering, I felt very guilty because I was treating God’s grace to save me as something I can conveniently use when I’m going through a hard time. And I believe this is why relationship with God and church community is so important because God works through through relationships. As part of New Philly’s community, I’ll have to make sure that I won’t go naked and I won’t let my brothers and sisters go naked.

  441. Huihui Wang(Vivian) says:

    “You can’t cover yourself with what you make”. God revealed to me that very often of time, I covered myself with what I made especially after I go to college. I convinced myself as long as I have relationship with Jesus, I will be fine. So that I stopped going to church when I didn’t feel like to go, even though I know that I need to go. Then I covered myself with sermons that are posted on YouTube. But in reality, I wasn’t covered at all, I was NAKED all the time. As Pastor Christian stated, “Covering come from relationship”. I want to be properly covered, then I need to commit to the local church and find my place in the body of Christ to build up relationship with church within Christ.
    I also did not realize how important it is to commit and to submit oneself to the body of Christ. Pastor Christian pointed out that God gives authority through submission. If you don’t submit yourself, you don’t have authority to use the gift, the anointing that God gave to you. I want to have the authority to use the gift that God gave to me to do God’s work. I also want to be properly covered. So that I don’t go out naked and get beaten down by devils.

  442. Deborah Kang says:

    The part of the message that really speaks out to me is where it is necessary to serve and submit to authority in over to experience covering. Often times, as I am a private person, I do not really like to share what is going on in my life and it makes me fall very easily during my walk as I isolate myself. Making major decisions can be a daunting and intimidating process. Opening up to someone during that process is also a vulnerable thing to do. But in order to experience freedom in the Spirit in whatever decision, it is important to have someone of authority to speak truth over me. Although it will be tough for a closed individual as myself to open things up, this message places a sense of urgency in my heart to find covering through relationship with someone I can serve, submit, and respect. Thank you for this message.

  443. Ayeon Lee says:

    Every christian needs to walk under covering(protection) whether they are a newly born, a missionary, a leader, etc. Covering is given through commitment and submission to a spirit filled church. It is not promised through on-line sermons/teachings or reading good christian books because God intended it to come through real relationships providing prayers, wisdom and counsel.
    This message has given me a clear understanding of the importance of covering and why christians need to be committed to a church in order to grow maturely with other members of the body in christ.

  444. Catherine Koh says:

    This sermon helped me realise that it is important to have trust and faith in not only to God but also to the church community. It highlighted the importance of church commitment and also the strong relationship between other members and leaders of the church community. It is not just about me believing God but also how I am covered and protected by the church. Through listening to this sermon, I refected back on myself of how vulnerable and shy I was to approach others (i.e. Leaders). I was hesitant to seek advice and help in areas I was always questioning about God and being a christian. However through listening to this sermon, I feel like I have gained confidence and assurance in opening up my heart and not being naked.

  445. Kwok Hei (Otto) Ng says:

    Covering comes from relationships. The more intense work we do for the kingdom of God, the more covering we require. The relationships to God, church, brothers and sisters provide us the strength and necessities that we need to do God’s work. Although everything ultimately is from God, God does give us a privilege of having churches to support one another. It is tiring or even impossible to just rely on one’s own strength alone.

  446. Beatrice Chum says:

    I’ve never really felt planted into a church. I didn’t grow up going, and when I began to attend church regularly, it was exactly as Pastor Christian described: I had a relationship with God, but I wasn’t covered. I didn’t know what was wrong. But I was so disconnected from its leaders and members that it made it easy for me to habitually cast aside my relationship with God, only to return when I got scared. When I took on leadership in our college fellowship, I was ill-equipped and I left feeling defeated and doubtful of God. I’m someone who has a lot of ideals for myself and I often beat myself up for failing to achieve them, and yet rarely do I let myself receive the covering I need. It is so true and yet so often forgotten that we would forfeit all the plans God has for our lives if we go out naked. Only God, through the entrusted leaders in our church, can provide us with covering.

  447. Scott Barker says:

    A humbling reminder on why we submit ourselves to leadership and authority. Covering comes from relationship! Once again religion is destroyed by the truth. Everything the Lord calls us to do is a reflection of how we are meant to be in covenant relationship with him. How nothing else works. How in community we cannot just go through the motions, live a “holy” life, go to church, read our Bible, but not be invested in relationship and have others invested in us as well. I loved the reminder of us often wanting to go fast. It’s a powerful reminder for me that God is not in a rush with me and that he is not anxious about what I should be doing, but about how I am doing. He is a relational God, a Daddy. He wants to care for my heart and our intimacy above all else. If that’s not in check then he won’t set me up for failure by ushering me into things I am not ready for.

    Will I submit? Above my feelings, above whether I agree with something or not, above things not looking the way I thought they would or should. God honours us, his kids when we do. Through his discipline (only those he loves), intimacy with people, the ability to serve others, the ability to bless people with our gifts; in countless ways he will keep us covered.

    Thank you Pastor Christian for you years of submission and for fighting for this message.

  448. Hwamok Kim says:

    People usually thinks it natural, we need to be covering and we always do this way.
    We already do like this. It’s also natural thing in spiritual area as same way.
    I have a relationship with God, my father and I believe all of us make one body of Jesus, church.
    so I can hear my father’s voice from them. Thank you for this sermon to remind

  449. Hwamok Kim says:

    People usually thinks it natural, we need covering and we already do like this.
    It’s also natural thing in spiritual area as same way.
    I have a relationship with God, my father and I believe all of us make one body of Jesus, church.
    so I can hear my father’s voice from them. Thank you for this sermon to remind

  450. Chaelin Kim says:

    I felt that this sermon really spoke to me. I have never fully settled in a church. Since I have often moved, it was hard for me to settle down in a local church. Pastor said “Naked, but they don’t even know that they are naked.”. I think it’s who I was.
    Even I went to church every weekend, I have never fully had community relationship in church.
    But, after I went to New Philly, large group in campus, Familia, I realized community and covering are crucial.
    To be close with God, to live a Christian life, covering is important, and covering is from relationship.
    As pastor said, it’s from breathing leader! not just from reading books.

    Especially, I felt this when I came back from retreat. I was very happy to be close to God at the retreat, but when I came back to my life, I started suffering from the same issues. The freedom became fade. However, by sharing about retreat in Familia, I was able to work on what I heard and felt at the Familia in my real life. If I didn’t get covering, If I went out naked, I would have been get beat down again. Church community truly help us to live life in God. Not just in Sunday but living my life in God everyday.

    Also, by this sermon, I realized that my leader, and other people also need covering. As he said “more intense to work you do for God, more covering is needed”. I thought my Familia leader is just strong and powerful, but I realized that she also needs covering. Not only her, but also other church leaders, people in church, or church itself need covering. So, I need to commit, submit to church and serve the church.

  451. David Lee says:

    Sermon 1: Do not go naked

    I’ve always believed in the importance of belonging to a local church, but I was really compelled by the notion that believers – laymen and pastors alike – need to be covered within the church. It is easy to say how accountability and submission to the pastoral authority are important aspects of faith, but the sermon made me ask myself whether I’ve been able to apply these things in practice.

    The three sermons had a unifying message for me. For me, the church has been a place of worship, where different worshipers come together and praise God. But I neglected the commitment and intimacy that make up the Christian walk of life. As a Christian, my belonging to a church involves beholding the other members of the church and to truly assume the responsibilities that fall under my covenant as a member of the body of Christ. There are some revealing truths worth meditating on!

  452. Angel Jung says:

    I am a firm believer of the necessity and importance of spiritual covering.
    I have seen too many times the hurt and brokenness that occurs when Christians (both leaders and not) have no covering or accountability.
    On the other hand, I have also seen too many heartbreaking cases of spiritual abuse by a leader within a spiritual covering relationship.
    There is always room for temptation and sin, because unfortunately, there is no such thing as human perfection.
    However, when both leader and follower – both he who COVERS and he who IS COVERED – have a mutual understanding that neither is perfect, then a more edifying and wholesome relationship can take place.
    Although I do not believe that a spiritual covering relationship must occur only within your own church setting, I am very glad to know that New Philly holds spiritual accountability to such high standards and maintains it as a crucial part of the ministry.

  453. SooJi Suzy Kim says:

    The sermon really opened my eyes to the importance of nurturing a strong relationship with leaders of the church. I was already aware of the need for community for spiritual growth, but this sermon further reinforced the fact that we really need to be under protection of mentors to defend ourselves from the enemy – Acts 19:16 was a powerful reminder that nakedness leads us to backslide and even get severely hurt. We should be armed in the spiritual battle through intimacy with God and with members of the church. It is so easy to think that going through the spiritual walk alone through listening to sermons and reading books is enough, but just seeing my life in the past couple of years, I realize that the lack of commitment to a church and relationship with leaders has delayed my growth. I hope that plugging into New Philly and submitting to leadership will provide me with proper covering to really begin maturing as a Christian.

  454. Samantha Johnson says:

    Christians must not go without covering. Covering does not come from podcasts, sermons on-line or books, covering comes from relationships. I think this message is especially pertinent in this time – for this generation. We are so conditioned to immediate gratification and making things easy on ourselves – it is much easier to avoid relationships because relationships take investment. We believe work-life balance means the ability to work from whatever location is best for us – it isn’t surprising that we also carry this mentality to our christian lives/relationships. But we must be diligent in our christian walk and committed to building relationships in order to be covered. Missionaries often go without covering and come back beat up and divorced – the more work people are doing for the Lord, the more we are attacked. You may be doing something great but you cannot do this work without covering. God-given authority comes from submission. This sermon is particularly relevant to the membership process. As Christians we desire to be clothed and must be covered so that we can move forward in our relationship with Christ.

  455. Robin woo says:

    I’ve never connected “naked” with ” submission” before. I was told that “naked” is about “without righteousness as a saint”. Anyway new interpretation about “naked” kinda is quite interesting. Also, I love how the sermon highlight the importance of sharing things with leaders or pastor, which i don’t think I am good at.

  456. James Kang says:

    I believe being under covering is a challenge worth overcoming. Surrendering parts of my life to the authority of spiritual leaders has in many ways made following God more fruitful. As christians, it is definitely true that covering is necessary to grow and mature.

  457. I always was a christian but my whole life but covering was not someone that was constantly preached. After coming to new philly I felt like there was something different about the church. Pastor Christian’s message only further emphasized that by challenging members to seek covering in order. One of the things that stood out to me was when pastor christian mentioned that sometimes we delay our calling because we are not covered. So it’s important if we want to be able to mature in our spiritual calling.

  458. Young Suk Moon says:


    Throughout my life, since I was very young, my thoughts revolved around becoming a good leader. If I was in a soccer team, I needed to become a team captain. If I was in a class, I needed to become a class representative. When I was serving the country in the army, I’ve been thinking about how to become an effective sergeant since I was a private. As a christian leader, I always thought about becoming a serving leader, but not about submitting and following a leader. My personality contributed largely to these strong aspirations toward leaderships, but, at the same time, I see it partially coming from today’s cultural context that emphasizes the leadership and independence.

    On the other hand, I spent the smallest amount of time thinking about Submission. Nobody has mentioned how critical covering is to christian living, and where that covering really comes from. Pastor Christian specifically stated that covering does not come from your personal and direct relationship with Jesus Christ, but it comes from relationship, commitment, and submission.

    It humbles me. It will be a tough transition for me if I were to change everything all of sudden, but this is something that I, over the time, want to put my heart into and remember while I go through my Christian life and make valuable relationship with God and his people.

  459. This sermon clarified the idea of being covered. Even though I became a christian a long time ago during my high school years, I had no covering. No wonder why I struggled so much around that time and even now in some ways. Gladly, I got to have this topic covered. I pray that I decide to wear my clothes everyday.

  460. It is shocking that intimacy without covenant and responsibility can be damaging and even destructive. Because it is the way many people and I myself have been in forming friendships because of the fear of getting rejected or hurt. However, through this sermon, I’ve learned that covenant relationship is essential in order to truely grow in Christ.

  461. Sam Johnson says:

    I found in this message that covering comes from relationship. Moving to Korea, I listened to the sermons from my church back home. Even though the teachings were great, I now realize that I was missing the relationship piece. Also going out without covering is a very easy way to fail on your calling. And the more work you do for God , the more covering that is required. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be on the mission fields and not have the covering from strong relationships with leaders and teachers. I can think back to points in my own life where I completely failed, and a big piece of it was because of my pride. I thought I could do it on my own, and I was naked.

  462. Hannah Boehmer says:

    This sermon was a great reminder of the dangers of being lukewarm and not intentional about being a part of a local church. We need to make a local church an important part of our lives and involve others in our life to grow both spiritually and in our leadership skills. People who are more independent can struggle with this idea that we need to submit to something outside ourselves and this sermon was a good reminder.

  463. Jamie Boehmer says:

    This sermon was good. It spoke a lot of our need to be intentional about being open and honest with a local church and with a physical location with a physical pastor who can speak into your life and who can pray for you and care for you spiritually and also to correct you when they see an area of your life that needs attention. Our generation is so hesitant to surrender to anything that is outside of our identity and this sermon was a great challenge to that. Books and sermons are good supplements to an already healthy association with a local church. Jesus chose the church as his vehicle to change the world and we are called to be active and faithful members.

  464. Rebecca Kim says:

    From this sermon, I learned the importance of being covered and held accountable by a spiritual authority. For the past three years, I’ve been leading a nomadic life constantly moving to different cities, states, and countries, not being able to identify myself in any community–it could’ve been from the physical limitations of constantly being on the go, but it could’ve also been from my reluctance to submit to an authority due to a lack of trust. I take from this sermon that if I want to grow into becoming a healthy Christian, that I should take a leap to entrusting my immature spiritual self under the covering of the trusted leaders of New Philly. I am blessed to learn that I found a community with a solid foundation, where people keep each other accountable to lead a spirit-led life.

  465. Andrew Kim says:

    The sermon blessed me in reminding me not to go naked. Christians need covering in order to use our gifts effectively, with the power of authority behind us. We need to join local churches with leaders anointed by God who can provide us with the guidance in glorifying God and to ensure that we are not only edifying ourselves and following his word. We should not live like orphaned Christians hopping from church to church misusing our gifts and to seek to be covered. Like Adam and Eve, when we are not covered, we cannot be with God and will be ashamed. Authority is built through submission, and we should seek to submit to leaders of the church who are themselves covered.

  466. Robin woo says:

    I used to go to church, which really emphasizes the submission to leaders and church. I tried to follow their leadership and i spent most of time at church for church work and mission. I can not deny how God blessed me because of my submission for church. However, sometime I felt that my leaders pushed me too much to do church work. I spent last one year all by myself without any churcch’s protection for the first time in my life because I left my old church. I think that it was needy for me. But i also felt so lonely and miss the covering and protection from church. Now i wanna be a member of new Philip. This sermon makes me to hope i can have more healthy relationship with leaders and church than before.

  467. Vivien Nguyen says:

    This sermon has taught me the importance of covering and how being covered is not only given by God, but by the the leaders He has put in our life. This sermon had shown me the importance of being part of a community. We cannot go around naked and jumping from one church to another. If we do that, we will never fully recieve covering. This had blessed me bevsuse for a short time in my life, i believed that no matter what church I went to, God would still bless me. So I would jump from one church to another. Eventually, I realized I did not recieve the same blessing as I did when I went to one church. This sermon has shown me that I should be deligent in whatever church I am in and believe in the leaders God has put in my life.

  468. John Palmer Moise says:

    I found this sermon very pertinent to where I am in my walk with God. I grew up attending a church which taught a doctrine that I disagreed with, so I never truly felt a part of the church community. I sewed together a makeshift “covering” and told myself that I could walk with God alone, but without a community and strong relationships to provide a true covering for me, my walk was that much harder.

    That being said, I am so glad that I have found New Philly! The community and the relationships that I have made are truly amazing and I hope that in my newfound covering I can continue to grow in my faith.

  469. Gavin Yoon Jonghyun says:

    After listening to the sermon “Do Not Go Naked” as part of my membership process for the first time it really got me thinking for the whole week. About a lot of things. It opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. To come to think of it, it is my first time going through a membership class at a church even though I grew up in church. As a “baby Christian” who is trying to his best to take his first ever step with his own power, I took away many new concepts that I will be in carrying with me in my heart. I am really grateful now and I just know I was really blessed to have people God placed in my life (My loving mum, grandmothers, pastor in my Korean church, mentor, stories and lives of medical missionaries in different countries and friends) even in the past to cover me, pray for me and guide me along the way. Now, wherever I may be I will choose to treasure and honor my covenant to where I belong not only to receive but to give and provide at the same time.

  470. Sarah Lee says:

    I remember listening to this sermon 5 years ago when I signed up for membership in New Philly. I took down notes and was surprised to find them still on my phone. PC’s sermon really got to me this time since I’ve personally experienced how important it really is to be covered. Covering truly does come from relationships, and it’s necessary for both newborn Christians and old school members of the church to be covered and submit to authority. A few years ago, I was lying to myself saying that I’ve received enough covering and could do things on my own. As I was walking around “naked” and doing my own thing, it was fun on the outside but there was always this feeling of emptiness on the inside. I guess I knew so well that covering and relationships in Christ were necessary, but just didn’t want to admit it. Little did I know that the more I grew in faith and walked in my spiritual path, the more I needed to submit and STAY covered. This sermon is a real good reminder that while we go around naked, we are being deprived of what God has in store for us.

  471. Seung Chan Philipp Hong says:

    To be sincere, I was driving when listening to this sermon and I don’t know if that was coincidental, but the part about Hyundai and Lamborghini kind of touched me. Maybe it was partially because I was driving an old Hyundai…before the sermon I also thought myself that it didn’t really matter how fast you drive, because eventually everyone finishes very similarly. And no matter how good your car is everyone should obey and follow the speed limit or the traffic lights. So no one is special before God…no one should think arrogantly that he could cope without any “covering” and any help. So the message struck me really hard, because that’s what I have been doing for a long time… especially after I got disappointed in Korean church and its community, for me it was more important to keep my personal faith and relationship with God and it felt like a burden to me to get involved in the community and serve for the church.. so for a long time I was just wandering around and not attending the church regularly. I was arrogant, I thought since I was christian from my mother’s womb, I knew about God well enough to live on my own. But through the sermon I realized I was “naked” the whole time and I needed covering. I am glad I could find NP Church and the people here…I don’t think I am fully open to the community yet but the preach definitely made me rethink about the value of “covering”, community and the spiritual authority.