If you’ve taken Membership Class with New Philly and would like to become a member, you must complete four weeks of Community Connection.

The purpose of Community Connection is to make sure you are connecting with the church community and following through on your commitments. Also, it gives us an opportunity to speak into your life. If at any point you change your mind about becoming a member, feel free to share with your Connection Coach.

1 Two phone calls. Two face-to-face chats.
Within the next four weeks, have two phone conversations (each call cannot exceed 15 minutes) and two face-to-face chats with a designated Connection Coach.
2 Honor the membership covenant.
During the four weeks, honor all the responsibilities of membership, including attendance and tithes. See if this is something you can handle.
3 Three sermons.
Within the next four weeks, listen to the following key sermons by Pastor Christian. For each sermon, click the link below and post a brief comment summarizing in your own words what you learned or how you were blessed.


  1. David Kimball says:

    Do Not Be Naked: Preaches about somethingI’ve read and believed in my spirit ever since the Lord called me back. However, I have only seen glimpses of it in the communities i’ve lived in. For a community and pastoral staff to take the time and biblical call to know, know, pray and disciple their flow side by side rather than from the pulpet. I am excited to submit to my pastors here at New Philly for their covering over me and my family is to help me grow into the man, father, and most of all servant of God wants and designed me to be.

  2. David Kimball says:

    Intimacy belongs in covenant: I have had intimacy in community but not necessarily covenant and I was excited to hear what I’ve been hungry for in the communities I’ve worshiped and lived in. I’ve always sought community and did what I needed to do to place myself in programs, small groups, leadership, and seeking to connect after service to allow community to happen. It does and it is messy and we are all messy. It isn’t ideal or what we ever think it is or should be. But, I never give up on trying both out of my nature and it is what God calls us to. Community is a big part of how God specifically designed me but holistically that is how he wants the church to be. We need to be committed to each other like our parts of our bodies are to us. I don’t want a wandering eye or a broken leg. I want a whole healthy body.

  3. Clive Poh says:

    Learning from the sermons, I felt that God is speaking to me that He delights when His sons & daughters as a family of God to worship and importantly as a family of God to live life together.

    Living life in the counsel of the Lord is not limited to the direct counsel from His spirit but also receiving counsel from those to whom He has given spiritual authority – the strong call to submitting to the spiritual leaders. I’m reminded of which there are many biblical instances where God spoke to His people through the prophets and saints.

    Personally, I find that the Pride of Life is the only inhibition to FULL submission and reverence to God’s given spiritual authority. From this I have asked for His forgiveness for such a contempt.

    Quoting from Ps Christian: ” Wisdom, Character, Maturity and Selflessness comes when you submit to the authority.” With this, I will be truly covered and never will I walk around “naked”.

  4. Tae Eun Kim says:

    Do Not Go Naked

    I was reminded of the importance of being under the covering of community/authorities. P.Christian mentioned that a new Christian is like a baby who needs immediate covering and nurturing. I was reminded of the time I was first saved and the important role my pastors and my church community played in caring for me. I also remembered the year when my college fellowship’s staff left. During that year, I made decisions on my own and did what I thought was best for me. That year was the least fruitful year, and I learned the importance of being in a community and being under the covering of a church/authorities.

    • Mariyah says:

      Yes, those who are in place as your covering only have your maturity and wholeness in mind. What a blessing it is to watch you open up and permit different people to speak to into your life. God delights in your obedience and humility!

  5. David Kimball says:

    Who will Shepard your soul? I loved that pastor Christian explained the responsibility of his role and all leaders given the responsibility to Shepard that they will answer to the Lord for their care over whom he entrusts to watch over. The first time I heard about this was not at my local church but by Matt Chandler of the Village in Dallas Fort Worth. It is biblical and I am encouraged to hear it from Pastor Christian. I didn’t know friends and family are not allowed to Shepard. That was new but it makes sense short of father and mothers with under aged children living in the house. I am excited to see shepherding lived out in community in Sillim campus where we have been placed. Thank Pastor Christian for bringing the word to life in community.

  6. When I first came to New Philadelphia, this was one of the sermons that really stuck out to me. Prior to this message, it had never occurred to me that the stagnation I experienced in most aspects of my spiritual journey was due to the fact that I had been nomadic, rebellious, and self-seeking throughout my time as a Christian. I hadn’t let anyone or any institution “cover” me because I didn’t know how to commit – at least, beyond the sort of anxieties I had at the time.

    When I first came to the church in 2011, I came emotionally broken and spiritually starving. It was easy for me to devour this message and reap its fruits. However, this sermon holds a special significance for me in the present because the church – a place I enthusiastically called home over the years – no longer captivates my interest or serves me in a way that gratifies what I desire at this point in time. This is not to say my interest in Christianity has waned in any way. It’s more that the honeymoon phase I experienced with the church, in particular, is over. I’ve also been exploring ecumenism, but that’s irrelevant to what I want to discuss.

    Over the years, I have come to see that I have antiestablishment, antiauthoritarian, and thrill-seeking tendencies. In other words, I’m perfectly aware that I get bored easily. However, I will never forget what this sermon taught me and the fruit I saw in my life when I committed to its teachings. There is life in submission to God via spiritual authority. By allowing someone or a community to cover you, you are allowing room for intimacy, accountability, even expedited spiritual/emotional growth, etc. Covering provides safety and consistency. Covering can be a beautiful thing.

    I don’t plan on allowing my more natural tendencies to overtake my good sense – spiritually-speaking – anytime soon. This teaching is why I am still attending church and attempting to find ways to contribute to it. In fact, it’s why I’m taking membership. Sure, it’s harder now to submit to it, but (1) I still believe in covering and (2) I believe that the word of God is superior to my personality. I also believe the struggle has made my choice all the more meaningful.

  7. John-Mark Christopher Raddatz says:

    Do Not Go Naked spoke of the importance of being under covering not just through pod casts and sermons but an actual living leader who would speak into you and sometimes rebuke you. It is not that the leadership of NP want to control us, a lie that I contend with when it comes to covering, but rather as a PC said receiving covering is a daily decison. If I get entrusted to any level of ministry I will need covering and if I continue to go deeper I will need an even thicker covering. NP is intentional and strategic when it comes to spiritual covering.

  8. John-Mark Christopher Raddatz says:

    Who Will Shepherd Your Soul explained why I have gone through struggles in my Christian life. It is because very often I have been soulish. The soul and body have to submit to the spirit and my soul needs to be submitted to a shepherd who will Shepherd my soul. My flesh is set against my soul and I need my soul and flesh to be submitted to the Spirit so I can live a victorious Christian life. Satan takes control by setting up camp in the soul and that is why I need H&D to deal with the garbage in my soul. I like how he said that Jesus shepherds our soul through leaders he appoints.

  9. Tom Lim says:

    Intimacy belongs in covenant

    This sermon helped me to realise that not only is our relation with the lord import but also with the church community. Many times I assume that my one-on-one relationship with God is all that matters, but I learned that it through community that God wants us to find him and stay connected with him. I’ve never heard the phrase, believing is belonging, until this sermon but those two does seem inter-connected. I first thought it was out of norm that NP holds a lot of things accountable for the members, but now I understand why NP does so.

  10. Tom Lim says:

    who will shepherd my soul
    This sermon highlighted the importance of leadership and the submission as a member of the house. The house of God is a spiritual community and there is a spiritual order that God wants for his people. Christ showed the ultimate submission to the father. Spiritual blessing comes from the authorities God has established and we should not try to shepherd our own soul. we should submit to God which means submitting to the authorities God has appointed

  11. Nandawula Elizabeth says:

    Do not go naked is rightfully my message.It reminds me of how much i need the spiritual covering of my life and i can relate to this coz its so true.Am glad i joined NP and am excited to know more

  12. Carolyn Miller says:

    Intimacy Belongs in Community:
    Ive listened to this sermon i think 5 or 6 times now – firstly due to curiosity, then to chew on it, then because i had to write a responce to it. Theres some really good and touching things PC shared. I agree that in covenant theres a deepness and a trust that people can have that you can not get outside of it. I appreciate PCs desire to be a people commited to eachother – in faith, in love, and in unity.

  13. Carolyn Miller says:

    Do Not Go Naked:
    Im just really encouraged by PCs call to live in a way that glorifies God and protects us for the purposes God made us for. Even though ive been under a lot of authority and submission in my life ive not always seen it as a positive thing. Theres been really hard and even abusive authorities in my life – so submission is not a word that conotates positive things for me. Gods been very gracious to me in terms of church leaders though – and ive recieved a lot of grace, love and healing thru key leaders in my life.
    I feel like there is some healing and a clearer understanding for me of the way God desires authority to function in my life. Thanks PC – i was really touched
    thanks for sharing your own story so honestly too

  14. Wanjiru Thwagi says:


    I learnt a lot through this message and it was an eye opener. i have been going naked all the time and never had any covering because there was no real authority and submission in all the churches I have gone to. More to say that I have been more in the world than the Word because of I did not have to answer to anyone. Being more in the world, the only way to fit in was to do things the wrong way and only being a Sunday Christian and never growing spiritually.

    The few times I have been in this church the desire to get deep and grow is massive. I have been touched by the love here and want to be part of it even if it is for a short time because I know it will have a big impact in my life as a whole.

  15. Wanjiru Thwagi says:


    This message goes deep in my heart. I am those people who have been having spiritual one night stands by going to many different churches. With no foundation and Intimacy with the church, my spiritual person has always been under nourished.

    I have learned where I have been going wrong; sowing little and expecting more harvest. I have never been held accountable in my tithing or spiritual life before and honestly it is what I need to help me grow more intimately with God.

    The other thing is having community time and good relationships I am having here because they are helping me with support and growth.
    Be blessed NP.

  16. Do Not Go Naked.
    From this sermon, I have learnt that we have to be a Christian that is not naked. From my understanding, being naked means you are not covered by the church community due to self-ignorance or because of the others. Without covering from the church community, you will be easily targeted by the enemies and attacked by them.There are also people who think that they are good enough and they can go on their lives smoothly without covering and it is not true. No matter how high is your level, you still need covering from your church community.

  17. Carolyn Miller says:

    Who Will Shepherd Your Soul:
    Actually i listened to this before but i realized i had an incomplete mp3 file
    so this time i got the whole message.
    I was encouraged by PCs style of sharing this message – theres a lot of grace but also serious sound teaching that is rare to hear in our times.
    I was encouraged again to really dive deep in this community and keep the relationships i have while im here in Korea. I need this. Im here for a reason – and this is a season to grow in mew ways.

    • Carolyn Miller says:

      This is a season to grow in NEW ways.
      i didnt grow up in a safe home
      there were a lot of these principles in place but my parents used them to control and abuse us, both emotionally, mentally and physically.
      My parents were broken people who resisted authority in their life – they had nakedness and no shepherd for their soul.
      When i listened to these 3 messages there were a lot of trigger words and phrases that shot into my soul (feelings) and the Lord kept whispering verses of truth to confirm what PC was saying. Also through PC boldly preaching the Word of God i gained insight and repentence for places in my life where i realize i resisted Gods work even in regard to my parents in my life. Even under wrong leaders i realize God can still work His good plan.
      it was a really painful but good experience to hear PCs words.

      There were certain small things that i didnt agree with – but the overall messages i really agree with.
      im struggling a lot to be faithful in the things i know to be true and the commitments ive made. I spent the majority of my life pouring myself out for my family and the churches God placed me in. I consider myself a very faithful person. Perhaps i have some confidence in that. – not towards the Lord – but in other peoples eyes.
      i know i have areas i need to grow and i know that even as i strive to be honest about them, i live with them hidden.
      i know that while im here i need the immediate covering and shepherding of the leaders im interacting with in a weekly present way – who can lay their hands on me and who can see my tears and joys and weekly walk, who can correct and rebuke and advise me.
      I havent really experienced abuse from church leadership but i know i have a fear of manipulation and abuse from authority.
      i need to be challenged more
      i know that Gods calling me to trust Him and not lean on my own understanding.
      this and the call to come know Him just for Him, is the season im in.

  18. when I listened first time this sermon,
    I wasn’t understanding it . Actually
    I don’t have good English skills . So I am not understand perfetly . But I won’t be naked and I’m already had covering. thank you.

  19. Wanjiru Thwagi says:


    There is a lot of learning here. I always thought to be in spirit only comes when you are worshipping, reading the word or praying. Never knew that the soul can be so weak even while being born again if the spirit does not lead the way. When the soul dominate the spirit becomes weak and you not only loose your spiritual direction but you also become easy prey for the devil. This is another insight of why I got lost; living through my own understanding and soulfully.

    When I was younger I always said that the pastors gain wealth from the congregation by doing their “job” but not really knowing they shepherd our souls through Jesus and that we have to be submissive because they will also be held accountable.

    Being submissive to our church leaders helps us to submit to God which establishes the walk with His spirit.

    The three sermons couldn’t have come at a better time. I now understand why I need covering, building foundations and good relationships in the church, having intimacy with God and being submissive to the church leaders and our chief shepherd- Jesus Christ.

    Be blessed and highly favored PC.

  20. The thing that struck me the most is that – we can be anointed, gifted, have a good heart, read the bible, listen to podcasts – but if we go out into the world to pursue our callings naked – we are likely to lose our way.
    In the next chapter of my life, I will make it a priority to maintain intimacy and strong relationship with two or three key leaders.
    In the past I am used to making big life decisions on my own – but in the future I will value the input and wisdom of the leaders who have a relationship with me.

  21. Susie Song says:

    Thank you for this message.

    I absolutely loved the analogy about one’s identity in the world as either an an ‘orphan’ or as a ‘son’ of God. This resonated powerfully with me and it is something that I will be safe-keeping in my heart forever. I took some time after listening to the sermon to reflect on myself, my faith and my relationship with God and realised that I had lived as an orphan my whole life. Sadly, I still feel that I am living this way right now! I really pray this will change because I no longer want to be begging, pleading, feeling lost, alone, fearful, insecure, empty and un-loveable…!

    I have spent the past few years struggling to find purpose in my life and I have hopped from church to church, making excuse after excuse to avoid committing to a church community. It has undoubtedly been the most vulnerable, anxiety-ridden and darkest periods of my life but I am so happy that I am gradually trusting in and opening my heart to God. Through this sermon, I realised that living life with an orphan spirit equates to living with no spiritual food, no spiritual family and no spiritual home. In order for me to survive, I need nutritious food i.e. the bible, I need a faithful family i.e. church community and I need a protective home i.e. God. I am coming to understand that I cannot do things with my own strength and even if I try and make coverings for myself on my own, they are just flimsy bandaid solutions that merely cover the surface of my problems and issues. These bandaids eventually fall off and I always end up feeling even more vulnerable, insecure and exposed to harm than before.

    I sincerely pray that God sees my heart. I pray that God sees that my heart is yearning for His protection and His covering! And last but not least, I pray that I will be able to identify myself no longer as an orphan, but as a daughter of Christ who will walk forward in life with confidence in her faith, knowing that she is fully covered and completely loved by the Lord…:)

  22. Soo Jeong Park says:

    I believed being saved and having relationship with God is enough to be a healthy christian until hearing this sermon. The part about a believer withouth having discipleship and relationship within the covering of a community is like a lost sheep really challenged me.