Friday Fire is a prayer meeting held on the second and fourth Fridays of each month. It has been the setting where the most powerful outpourings of the Spirit have taken place for New Philly. We pray for the community, Israel, North Korea, and the nations. Open to all those who are hungry for more.

  • Friday Fire Busan – 7:30pm (NPC Busan, Marine Building 8th Floor)
  • Friday Fire Sydney – 7:30pm (Pastors Paul & Jamie’s home)

The History of Friday Fire

The ppt used at the first Friday prayer meeting.

On Sept 22, 2006, with the support of the pastors, Pastor Christian gathered together about ten people for the first “Friday Prayer Meeting” and then proceeded to form a prayer team. For weeks, attendance was sporadic at best. There were also organic, unstructured prayer meetings happening in people’s homes that helped fuel the call to pray. In time, more and more people saw the importance of the church’s corporate prayer movement and began to commit their time and hearts. During its infancy the lead pastor of the church, Sam Eapen, played a key role in providing the covering for the prayer movement to grow. As the Holy Spirit moved powerfully in signs and wonders, the prayer meetings became affectionately known as “Friday Fire”. A year and a half later Pastor Sam moved to Chicago and Christian was asked to step up as the “Lead Pastor” of the church. Without a seminary degree and with no pastoral training, Pastor Christian did the only thing he knew best, which was prayer. That pattern has continued and he is still the primary prayer leader at New Philly today.

Worship at a recent Fri Fire (July 2013).

Praying together at a recent Fri Fire (July 2013).