Theme: Open Heaven
Number of Teams: 3
Number of Troops: 40

The theme of the 2010 summer missions season was “Open Heaven.” As we sent out the mighty army, we prayed and believed for signs and wonders unlike anything we had ever seen before – and God answered our requests! Each team returned with great testimonies of God’s power in Indonesia and China! One team ministered to over 50,000 people through a radio broadcast, while another saw 100 recorded healings!

Country: Indonesia
City Visited: Jakarta
Dates: Jul 28 – Aug 4, 2010
Team Leader: Caleb Lee
Team Preachers: Myunghwa Choi, Erin Lee
Team Members: 13
Focus: Revival services and village/church visits.

Country: Indonesia
City Visited: Manokwari (West Papua)
Dates: Jul 29 – Aug 7, 2010
Team Leader: Lisa Kim
Team Preacher: Christian Lee
Team Members: 14
Focus: Revival services and village/church visits.

Country: China
City Visited: Shanghai, Nanjing, X’ian, Shimchun
Dates: Aug 2-9, 2010
Team Leader: Megan Napier
Team Members: 13
Focus: Vision trip, prayer services.

The Jakarta Team

The West Papua Team

The China Team (faces blurred to protect identities of NPWM partners)