Signature Sin Profiles
(from Signature Sins: Taming Our Wayward Hearts by Michael Mangis, Wheaton College professor)

Strengths: Lives with an internal standard of what is good, noble, and beautiful. Calls others to live better lives.
Weaknesses: Can be arrogant when unredeemed. Has high standards that can lead to a secret, inner sense of inadequacy.
Example: The prophet Amos, who carried a plumb line to show Israel the standard God expected of society.

Lives out love in action. Has a natural other-centeredness that makes people feel cared for.
Weaknesses: Can use “giving” to manipulate others. Sometimes mistakes servanthood with fear or low esteem.
Example: Martha, who was busy serving while her sister Mary sat at Jesus’ feet

Strengths: Has a strong desire to grow. Has the ability to accomplish things and add value in the lives of the world around them.
Weaknesses: Has the temptation to be preoccupied with one’s own success. Sometimes uses other people to receive applause or approval.
Example: Solomon, who sought achievement in education, finance, culture, statecraft, and the arts.

Strengths: Loves beauty and goodness. Brings imagination to life, love and faith.
Weaknesses: Finds that the need to be different can become an end in itself. Can be tempted to give in to impulses and live an undisciplined life.
Example: King David, who had strong gifts as a poet, dancer and composer of many psalms

Strengths: Is a discoverer, inventor, and lover of logic. Holds a passion for truth – even when it is costly.
Weaknesses: Having conviction of being right can lead to arrogance. Can be tempted to withdraw from relationships and love.
Example: Paul, who loved to study, reason, explore, and teach.

Strengths: Is faithful and dependable when the chips are down. Loves to be part of a great team.
Weaknesses: Is prone to skepticism or cynicism. When threatened, can be pushed into isolation by fear.
Example: Elisha, who became Elijah’s steadfast companion and protégé.

Strengths: Has high capacity for joy and emotional expression. Has enthusiasm that is contagious.
Weaknesses: Can have a need to be the center of attention. Has a need to avoid pain that can lead to escape or addiction.
Example: The apostle Peter, who was the first one to leap out of the boat – even if it meant sinking.

Strengths: Has a passion for justice and a desire to champion a great cause. Has charisma to lead that inspires others.
Weaknesses: Has a need for power that can cause others to feel used. Sometimes relies on fear and intimidation to get one’s own way.
Example: Nehemiah, who was moved to action – rallying followers and defying opponents – when he heard Jerusalem was in ruins.

Strengths: Has a natural ability to listen well and give wise counsel. Has an easy-going, low-maintenance relational style.
Weaknesses: Has a tendency to smooth things over and avoid conflict. Is passive.
Example: Abraham, who was a peacemaker with his wife, his nephew Lot, and foreign leaders – even attempting to mediate between God and Sodom and Gomorrah.

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