CG Weekly Guide 2016 (Season 1)

Community group leaders: Use these weekly guides to lead your CG. It is designed so that everyone can participate even when a person has not yet listened to the sermon. So long as most of the active and reserve leaders in the CG have listened to the message the discussions should run well.

  1. Philippians 1: Moving Toward Completion (March 6, 2016, Christian Lee, all NP campuses)
  2. Philippians 2: The Radical Call to Oneness (March 13, 2016, Christian Lee, all NP campuses)
  3. Philippians 3: Put No Confidence in the Flesh (March 20, 2016, Christian Lee, all NP campuses)
  4. The Significance of His Resurrection (March 27, 2016, Erin Lee, NP Hongdae-Alpha)
  5. Jesus Died for People (March 27, 2016, John-Michael Becker, NP Sillim)
  6. A More Complete Faith (March 27, 2016, Marcus Corpening, NP Itaewon)
  7. His Cross is Worthy of Our Cross (March 27, 2016, Caleb Lee, NP Busan)
  8. A Hope Too Good to be True (March 27, 2016, Paul Yoo, NP Sydney)
  9. Philippians 4: No Longer Hostage to Needs (pdf, April 17, 2016, Christian Lee, all NP campuses)
  10. Philippians Bonus Message: You Lack Nothing (April 24, 2016, Christian Lee, NP Hongdae, Sillim, Busan)
  11. Saved for Relationship (May 8, 2016, John-Michael Becker, NP Hongdae, Sillim, Itaewon, Busan)