Community Groups are co-ed meetings that meet for discipleship and accountability. Our aim is to heal (Psalm 147:3), love (John 13:34), and disciple (Matt 28:18-20) CG members into maturity and leadership.

Many Christians in the church have received the word of God in seed form. But as Jesus described seed that fell among thorns (Parable of the Sower, Luke 8) they do not mature because they get bogged down with life’s worries, riches and pleasures. Our desire is to see each person stand firm in all the will of God, mature and fully assured (Col. 4:12). But we believe this is only possible when a person is committed to a community. This is why we encourage every person who comes out to Sunday services to join a Community Group.

What is the structure of CG?

Each CG is led by two leaders, one from each gender (they are known as “CG1” and “CG2”). The CG meets all together for praise, prayer, fellowship, and/or Bible study. Occasionally, it will separate into gender specific groups for accountability, inner healing, and more intimate sharing.

How often does it meet?

CGs meet each week during our Sowing months (March to June; Sept to Dec), and once a month during our Sabbath months (Jan to Feb; July to Aug).

How do I join?

Fill out a form at a New Philly Sunday service. Sign-ups are open during the even-numbered months (except June and Dec). A 2 to 4 month commitment is required.

What if I’m not a Christian yet?

CG structure is geared toward those who are already walking with Christ, but if you are exploring Christianity, you are more than welcome to join! We hope that our CGs will help you to know God and experience His love!

How serious are you about the commitment?

Due to the intimacy of our CGs, we require those who join to follow through on their commitment. When people are going in and out of a CG with a cavalier attitude, we noticed that it’s difficult for people to open up and be vulnerable. We are serious about the commitment and we ask that you are too.

How do I drop out of a CG?

The loving thing to do would be to talk to your CG leader. We also have a policy that if you miss three consecutive CG meetings and make no effort to contact your leader, you will be automatically removed from that CG.

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Diana’s Itaewon CG (June 2016).
Itaewon Community Group

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