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This page is to help New Philly leaders, members, and sons from afar conveniently locate all sermons preached by Pastors Christian and Erin Lee. It is for those who are committed to stewarding their inheritance via smart commenting on facebook sermon links.



  1. Randall Rogers (Seaside) says:

    One thing I had always doubted was how significant I am in God’s kingdom. I felt I was always lacking what it took to be powerful and effective. In a sense, I was passive about my faith and allowed my circumstances to dictate my relationship with God. This in many circumstances had shaken my faith over the years.

    In Pastor Daniels “Resurrection of the Mind”, I felt I had overcome one of the biggest hurdles in my walk with God, the distractions of my mind, which I’ve found are deeply rooted in my fears and doubts, most of which are manifestations of my past. I felt God was leading me out of the darkness of my past, where I felt powerless and afraid, and into a place of authority and confidence.

    Now, with renewed confidence as to who I am, I feel I don’t need to be afraid, that God is leading me into every season of my life. The distance I one felt between me and God is gone and I feel the relationship is deeper, more real and effective.

    Thank you for the clarifying one of the most difficult and most powerful of Paul’s teachings. I felt this teaching has set me free.

  2. Randall Rogers (Seaside) says:

    Hi, Pastor Christian. Please remove the above smart comment, for I had posted it on Facebook shortly after discovering what I had to do.

    Warmest Regards,

    • Randall Rogers (Seaside) says:

      The Facebook comments section under each sermon is hit and miss. Sometimes I see it and sometimes I don’t…Hitting the refresh button seems to do the trick.

  3. Jasmin Agese says:

    but 2 of PK’s messages are not here…

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