The actions, behavior, and character of our leaders create a particular kind of church environment. We believe the following leadership responsibilities are essential toward a healthy, safe, and love-filled church culture.

Stewarding Your Inheritance: Smart Comments

The spiritual father/mother of New Philly are the lead pastors, Christian and Erin Lee. The teachings they give from Scripture compose the spiritual inheritance of this house. Stewarding this inheritance involves not only hearing the word but searching the Scripture to see if everything is true (Acts 17:11) and then doing it (James 1:22). Jesus called wise (Matt 7:24-28) everyone who hears the word and puts it into practice and foolish those who do not. All leaders are responsible for:

  • Listening to all sermons preached by the lead pastors.
  • Posting a smart comment[1] on 3 lead pastor sermons every two months[2].
  • Rookie leaders (those in their first year of leadership) are to post a smart comment on 5 lead pastor sermons every two months.
  • Leaders are to hold each other accountable through their accountability groups or through their CG leaders.
Being United in Prayer: Sunday Swim

Jesus said that his house will be called a house of prayer for all nations. Our prayer movement is all about embracing the various dynamics of prayer: loud and quiet, militant and gentle, travail and rest, apostolic and prophetic. All leaders are responsible for:

  • Attending Sunday Swim prayer meetings.[3]
  • Remembering to pray for the church in their quiet times.
Stay Humble and Hungry: Discipleship, Furnace and Leadership Retreats

All leaders are responsible for:

  • Participating in a discipleship ministry such as a CG (community group) or Familia with the attitude and vision of teaching others (2 Tim 2:2, “what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also”). [4]
  • Attending Furnace. Furnace is our leadership meeting. It takes place on a monthly or bi-monthly frequency. It may include teaching, training, prayer, outreach, and/or vision casting.
  • Attending the leadership retreat.
Blessed to Be a Blessing: Missions, Events or Ministry Teams

We encourage all leaders to serve the house in some capacity throughout the year. This can be on a ministry team or on an events team (i.e., retreat, banquet, conference, etc.). We also encourage our leaders to be sent out to minister outside the house on missions trips, local outreaches, local conferences, or in joint events that involve other churches.

Commitment to Holiness: Accountability Structure

All leaders are responsible for holding each other accountable and filling out an online form so pastors can verify that it’s actually happening. More details: Accountability Questions.

  • Active leaders (unmarried): Accountability is done on a monthly basis with other unmarried active leaders.
  • Active leaders (engage or married): Accountability is done with an older married couple. The frequency may increase for couples who are struggling with sexual temptation.
  • Reserve leaders: Accountability is done with your CG/familia leader.
Code of Conduct

Here are some aspects of our leadership culture we hold every leader accountable to.

  1. Dating Protocol (to be updated soon)
  2. Alcohol Policy
  3. Group Gifts Policy (to be updated soon)
  1. A smart comment is a brief excerpt that demonstrates what you learned or what God highlighted for you through the sermon.
  2. Smart comments are to be posted onto youtube (do not post on the youtube link found on NP’s facebook page). If a particular sermon is not available on youtube, post onto the mp3 link on the NP facebook page.
  3. Don’t feel guilty or bad if you are physically unable to consistently participate due to pregnancy, parenting, sickness, marital strife, or a long commute. We totally understand. Be sure to communicate with your campus pastor of your situation. Don’t retract your leadership because you feel you are not being a good leader.
  4. Some leaders are exempt from this if they are already involved in some form of discipleship ministry in their workplace or if they’ve requested a temporary Sabbath due to an intense work or school schedule.