Hillside Church Split

Posted Sept. 6, 2014.

New Philly is having a church split! Starting Sunday, September 14, New Philly’s Hillside campus will be split into two communities: New Philly Hongdae and New Philly Sillim. Two thirds of the Hillside congregation will become NP Hongdae and one third will start a new church plant, NP Sillim. The former will be led by Pastors Christian and Erin Lee and the latter by Pastors John-Michael and Sky Becker. Hongdae will have Sunday service at 1pm and Sillim at 4pm, both in the former Hillside sanctuary.

Hillside’s Faithfulness

Since 2009, NP Hillside has grown from a community of 80 to 270! And over the years, Hillside has grown numerically despite sending off its best leaders to do church plants in Itaewon, Busan, and Sydney. Hillside has also been the epicenter for the expansion of NP’s college ministry, Emmaus. We greatly rejoice over God’s faithfulness to bless Hillside for the many sacrifices that have been made. And we continue to trust his faithfulness as NP Hillside morphs into NP Hongdae and gets ready to move to a different part of the city.

Rolling with the Punches

We understand that this church split may be accompanied by some concerns or anxiety. Community Groups will need to be reassigned, ministry teams will have to be newly formed, or you may find yourself separated from your closest friends. But as you take on an attitude of faith we trust that God will turn all things for your good. Some of the immediate blessings of splitting the church into two communities is it will alleviate the space constraints that we’ve been facing, provide a small church vibe, and open up leadership vacancies for new people to step up. We appreciate everyone’s adaptability to move forward with the vision Pastors Christian and Erin have shared. God is doing a new thing!

Common Questions

When will the church split and multi-service be implemented?
Sunday, September 14, 2014. Hongdae will worship at 1pm (with Sunday Swim at 11am). Sillim will worship at 4pm (with Sunday Swim at 2:30pm).

Which service should I worship at on Sundays?
If you are a New Philly Hillside member or leader, check the “New Philly Members” list below to see which campus you’ve been assigned to. If your name does not appear below, please speak with one of our pastors after Sunday service as soon as possible (or email admin at newphilly dot cc). The preferences of members and reserve leaders were collected between August 27-30 through an online form and most of those preferences were honored.

I am a college student involved in Emmaus, which church campus should I join?
From now on, we are asking all Seoul National University students to join NP Sillim. Students involved in our Emmaus chapters at Yonsei/Ehwa University and Korea University are asked to join NP Hongdae. The Emmaus staff and student leaders serving at your university campus will be assigned to these two New Philly communities.

May I switch back and forth between the two services?
If you are not a member of New Philly yet, you are welcome to check out both communities. For the sake of building up a healthy covenant community we ask that you eventually commit to one service. If you are a member or leader with our church, you are not permitted to flop back and forth between the two services. If you’d like to change your current campus assignment, please speak with your campus pastor.

Why is NP Hongdae called Hongdae when it is still worshipping in Sillim?
Within 8 months the Hongdae community will transplant and move our Sunday services into a leased facility in the Hongdae area of Seoul. Please keep us in prayer as we start the search.

Why is NP Seaside now called NP Busan?
Pastors Christian and Erin recently decided to come up with a systematic naming scheme for our church plants. For cities with just one New Philly community, those church plants will be called by the city name (i.e., NP Busan, NP Sydney). For cities with more than one covenant community, the communities will be called by the neighborhood name (i.e., NP Hongdae, NP Sillim, NP Itaewon).


  1. wow wonderfuil things are happening in South Korea, God is really moving by His Spirit, bravo
    pastors, Elders, Deacons and entire Congregation for your efforts would never be in vain,Please keep the fire of revival spreading until the whole World is saturated with Churches and the glory of God shine in whole Wor5ld too.We African here are now knowing God is working in South Korea and hope missionaries would come to Africa from Korea to work here too. God bless you all.

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