This is Pastor Christian & Erin. Below is some information for those who are wanting to come into covenant with us and the entire New Philly family as a spiritual son. (You can find more info on sonship here and here). For those that feel led to relate to us in this way, we hope that through the Sons From Afar ministry you will be richly blessed, mature steadfastly, and experience the love of God the Father in a real and intimate way. We also want all our Sons From Afar (SFAs) to be actively involved in their respective local churches or parachurch ministries. We want you all to have a reputation of being the most loving, Christ-like, Spirit-filled, and loyal church members! We know you will all make us proud!

Spiritual Fathering is All About the Teaching

First of all, we want to emphasize that spiritual fathering takes place primarily through the teachings that we release to you. If you listen to and apply the words that you receive from our sermons, you will find that almost everything you need to prosper is there. When Jesus covered His disciples as a spiritual father and rabbi, He did not go out for one on one coffee with them. Most of the time, He spent it teaching them in a group setting. Whenever He had a free moment, He would steal away into times of isolated prayer. Thus we don’t want you to think that you are ever in a deficit or deficiency because you don’t ever get face time with us. Fathering takes place most powerfully when we receive the words of our spiritual father. We ourselves only see our spiritual parents (Pastors Benjamin and Sunhee) twice a year. Most of the time, we are fathered through their podcast ministry (we also connect via phone/FaceTime here and there).

Smart Commenting

Since spiritual fathering takes place primarily through our teachings, we want every Son From Afar to get into a habit of “smart commenting.” After you listen to a New Philly sermon, go to our FB Page and post a comment under the mp3 or YouTube link of that sermon summarizing what you were blessed by or what stood out to you. We encourage you to do this as much as you are able. If you neglect this or despise your inheritance and do not listen to the preaching, the sonship covenant will not have much spiritual impact on your life.

Relational Connection

SFA Director
Lisa Kim

Although fathering takes place primarily through teaching, we are committed to providing a relational connection for you. We would love to chat with each of you and hear your life stories and pray/prophesy over you but unfortunately, this is not logistically possible. Thus we have appointed an SFA Director (Lisa Kim) to connect with you via Skype and social media periodically. She has been assigned to serve and pray for you guys and provide relational connections on behalf of us and the entire house. (As the SFA ministry grows we will be assigning more ministers to serve in this capacity). The more intimate you get with the SFA Director and other mature sons/leaders in New Philly, the more you will discover that you are part of an amazing and loving family!

Sons From Afar Covenant Form

Well without further ado, please go to this link and fill out this form. We tried to keep it simple and basic. Read through the benefits and responsibilities of sonship and let us know where you are at, whether you are ready or not. We’d love to hear from you.


Once you’ve filled out the covenant, the SFA Director will add you to our “Sons from Afar” Facebook group. Please email “lisakim@newphilly.cc” if you are having issues in joining the Facebook group.

With Love from Seoul,
P. Christian and Erin


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    If someone who is already a pastor wants to serve with your Church in Africa, what are the requirements?

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