If you are a committed follower of Christ and are interested in being water baptized at New Philly, please read through this page.

What do your water baptisms look like?
This page will give you a good idea: NP baptism videos from previous years.

How often do you conduct water baptisms?
This is the decision of your campus pastor. In four-season climates, we tend to have baptisms once a year.

Do you baptize infants?
Although we recognize and honor people who’ve received infant baptism (when accompanied with confirmation) from most denominations, New Philly does not offer infant baptisms. We only provide adult baptisms. To avoid the pitfalls of a cultural understanding of Christianity, we believe it is important for each individual to make a personal commitment to Christ (through repentance and faith) and then receive water baptism.

I’ve been baptized already but I would like to be baptized again!
Baptism is not something you need to do over and over again. The general principle we use is this: as long as your baptism (or confirmation) took place after your personal conversion, we recognize that baptism as legitimate. Unlike some churches, even if you backslid from Christ for many years into a lifestyle of sin we recognize the original conversion and baptism as legitimate. If you’ve been baptized once (whether sprinkling or immersion) in a denominational (i.e., Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc.) or independent church, we do not recommend you be baptized again. Also if you were infant baptized and then received confirmation as a teenager or adult, we do not recommend you be baptized again. If you were baptized in the Catholic church, speak to your campus pastor as we’ve found many Catholics lack a personal conversion experience and therefore need to be baptized.

I was baptized before I made a personal commitment to receive Christ as my Lord and Savior.
If this is the case, we recommend that you be baptized. We believe that baptism should take place after an individual has made a personal commitment (in repentance and faith) to follow Jesus as his/her Lord and Savior.

Where do you host water baptisms?
Each campus pastor will choose the location. We’ve baptized people in rivers, oceans, indoor Olympic pools, and kiddie pools. So the location and the body of water may vary. We do not sprinkle but utilize full immersion when baptizing.

How do I sign up?
There are two ways of signing up for baptisms. First is by taking New Philly’s membership class and indicating that you are not baptized (baptism is a requirement to join membership). Second is by speaking to your campus pastor after a Sunday service and requesting that you be added to an upcoming baptism date. Each person will be interviewed to verify that baptism is the right step.

Can I invite my family and friends?
Yes! Each person is encouraged to invite family and friends, even non-believing friends (it can turn out to be a great evangelistic opportunity). They can join us for Sunday service or just the baptism portion. Your baptism is a public declaration to the church and to the world that you are casting down every idol and living for Christ alone.

What do I need to prepare for my baptism?

  • women: please wear a top that is dark and not see-through; no skirts please
  • men: a dark t-shirt (or Underarmour) and swimming trunks (or board shorts) are fine
  • hygiene: to keep the water clean, make sure you shower in the morning and avoid heavy makeup and hair products
  • post-baptism: bring a towel and a change of clothes
  • everyone is encouraged to memorize a Bible verse that is meaningful to your spiritual walk (you will recite it aloud before going into the water)
  • if you are sick, you must notify us in advance

What happens right after I’m baptized?
You will receive a baptism certificate and an active leader of New Philly will pray a prayer of blessing and prophesy life over you.


Each person represents a unique testimony of how God brought healing and new life through the love of Christ (June 2013 in Seoul).

The Pak twins ready to be baptized (June 2013 in Seoul).

In his presence there is fullness of joy (June 2013 in Seoul)!

Giving a testimony before going into the water (June 2013 in Seoul).

Baptisms at the beach by Pastor Caleb Lee of New Philly Seaside (June 2013 in Busan).

Baptisms on the rooftop: New Philly Hillside and Itaewon (June 2013).

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