We hold Communion at our Sunday services periodically throughout the year. If you are a baptized believer in Jesus Christ, we encourage you to partake in remembering the Cross of our Lord through the eating and drinking of the elements (bread and wine/juice). Please be warned that at our Hongdae and Sillim campuses, we use real wine. If you have yet to make a faith-based commitment to Christ, we ask that you refrain.

Water Baptism
While faith in Christ is the only way to be saved, we believe that baptism is important for professing that faith before God and man. New Philly practices baptism by immersion and since we don’t have access to baptismal facilities, we normally have baptisms near the summer months. If you’d like to be baptized, send an email to baptism at newphilly dot cc. Put your campus and your name in the subject header, for example: “Hongdae – John Doe.” Our admins will email you once the next baptisms are scheduled and prepare a certificate of baptism.

Healing and Deliverance
Jesus came so that we may have life and life abundantly (John 10:10). But it is difficult to experience this abundant life when we are in bondage to shame, fear, past hurts, secret sins, and/or demonic strongholds. Sometimes we just need a safe place where we can open up and take steps to be healed. Our Healing and Deliverance (H&D) ministry is here to help people get free and stay free. At New Philly, we approach this ministry holistically with a strong emphasis on discipleship and church community. We train our community group leaders to organically lead people through H&D steps throughout the year. For severe cases, we have trained leaders that can schedule a 2 hour session for you. But priority is given to our church members. If you’d like to learn more, contact Pastors John-Michael and Sky (jmbecker at newphilly dot cc).

Getting Married
We love seeing the members of our church community getting married. We believe that if you honor God throughout the dating/courtship process, that the marriage will be abundantly blessed with favor and enriched with wisdom (and if you’re already in a marriage where you didn’t do this, it’s never too late to start!). New Philly has a commitment to see every marriage in the house prosper, full of joy, love, and righteousness. If you’d like to have a New Philly pastor preside over your wedding ceremony, we require at least three pre-marital counseling sessions with designated pastors. Contact your Campus Pastor for more info. Please note that Pastor Christian only presides over the weddings of New Philly leaders with occasional exceptions for our sons from afar.

Baby Dedications
Giving birth to a baby and raising that child is a big deal. We at New Philly believe that this responsibility is one that the church community helps to carry. A baby dedication takes place when the parent(s) of a newborn baby invites the church to love, support, pray, and help raise the child in godliness. If you are interested in setting one up, please contact your Campus Pastor via email or approach them after service. Contact info for our Campus Pastor can be found in the “Visit” section.

Community Life FAQ

I am interested in a girl at New Philly, how do I go about pursuing her?
We frown on dating relationships that do not have any covering. It often leads to sexual immorality and does not provide a strong foundation for marriage. So if you’d like to do things with covering, talk to a pastor after Sunday service and ask about New Philly’s Dating Protocol. We’ll gladly provide counsel on how to proceed in an edifying and God-honoring way.

Do you have baby baptism?
We do not conduct baby baptisms, only baby dedications in which we anoint with oil and prophesy/pray over the baby.

Do you require people who received baby baptism to be re-baptized at your church?
It depends. We honor baby baptisms conducted in most denominational churches so long as it is accompanied with confirmation. But the confirmation must’ve been conducted after an individual was personally converted. If confirmation took place before a personal conversion or if there was no confirmation, then we interpret that to mean that you have not been properly baptized yet. For such cases we’d recommend you get baptized.

How can I begin serving on various ministry teams?
The best way to get involved is to talk to the leader or members of a ministry team. They will let you know of openings. Also, check out the page Serve the House.

I have to leave Korea but I plan to come back.
We can place your membership on hold if you’ll be gone for more than 3 months. If you return to Korea within two years, a Community Care Pastor will interview you to see how you honored the membership covenant while abroad. If all looks good, you won’t have to retake the Membership Class.

Baby dedication at New Philly Sillim. Photo courtesy of Allen Nettrour (Sept 2012).